At the beginning of each year, the Nation Enquirer publishes an article that reveals the p

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At the beginning of each year, the Nation Enquirer publishes an article that reveals the predictions for the upcoming year from what they call `leading psychics'. Below is a list of their predictions. I do not believe that any of the predictions came true. My own prediction for 1994 is that these same psychics will make many more predictions that won't come true. * Florence Vaty * o `Cheers' will end with Sam marrying Carla. o Madonna will be arrested for skiing naked in Utah. o Potato starch will become an inexpensive fuel leading to a boom in the economy. o Rob Marrow will survive for 12 days by eating berries after an airplane crash in Alaska. * Clarissa Bernhardt * o 14 American POWs from the Vietnam War will be released in Cambodia. o Axl Rose will marry a pregnant Brooke Shields. o Space derbis will crash in Lima and kill many of Peru's leaders. * Maria Graciette * o Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, and Peter Jennings will all be fired and replaced as an attempt to attract younger viewers. o The FDA will find that Bill Cosby's hot sauce causes stomach cramps. o Tom and Roseanne's radio show will become one of the most popular shows ever. * Judy Hevenly * o Jay Leno will be fired and replaced by Kathy Lee Gifford. o Whitney Houston will become a dancer after losing her voice. o Burt Reynolds will coach a high school football team. * Barbara Donchess * o Paula Abdul will dump Emilio and marry Arsenio. o Bill and Hillary will separate. o Dan Quayle will become an assistant golf pro in Indiana. o A car-jacker will be beaten to death by citizens in Virginia City, Nevada. * John Monti * o Fergie will pose nude for Playboy. o A cure for AIDS will be discovered in crabgrass. o Tim Allen will lose a finger on the set of his show. * Irene Hughes * o Stedman Graham will marry the pregnant Oprah Winfrey live on her show. o An earthquake in Las Vegas will scatter bills and coins from the casino's into the street. o Steven Segal will subdue terrorists during a hijacking of an in- ternational flight. o Angela Lansbury will leave `Murder, She Wrote' and write mur- der mysteries. * Shawn Robins * o Ross Perot will return to GM and develop a successful electric car. o Aliens will be discovered on an asteroid with the Hubble Tele- scope. o Martina Navratilova will be artificially inseminated with sperm from John McEnroe. * Micki Dahne * o Princess Di will design clothes. o Dolly Parton will undergo emergency surgery for a potentially fatal ailment. o Disney World will be paralyzed by a major blizzard. * Leah Lusher * o Barbara Walters will quit `20/20' and fall in love with Donald Trump who will then dump her for a younger woman. o A boxing Kangaroo will break Mel Gibson's nose. o La Toya Jackson will marry an Arabian prince.


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