328-1027 Davie St. Vancouver, BC V6E 4L2 1 January 1994 Editor, Vancouver _Sun_; At the be

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328-1027 Davie St. Vancouver, BC V6E 4L2 1 January 1994 Editor, Vancouver _Sun_; At the beginning of 1993, "Column One" carried not one, but two articles listing predictions by three soothsayers on what would happen during the upcoming year. I saved these articles; Let's see how the soothsayers did. ----- Christophir (sic) and Chrystell (sic) Regan, a.k.a. the Aquarian Chrystal (sic) Connection, predicted the following: "The federal Liberal party will be returned to power with a minority government, possibly led by Gordon Wilson after Jean Chretien's health forces him to pass the reins." As we know, Gordon Wilson is now an MLA without a party, and the federal Liberals were returned to power with a MAJORITY government. "Kim Campbell will have a tumultuous year until April, and in August may hop to another political party." Kim had a tumultuous year, all right, but all of the tumult was after April. Despite Kim's defeat, she's still a Tory. "On March 6 or thereabouts, the Dow Jones index in New York will drop considerably, affecting markets in Canada negatively." Didn't happen. "The real-estate market will slowly keep building until the third quarter, when there will be a large increase in construction in the Lower Mainland." The "large increase in construction" didn't happen. As for the first part of this prediction, in the 48 years since World War II, the real-estate market has gradually increased during 45 of them, so no extraordinary perception was necessary to make this prediction. "There will be less cross-border shopping, with a possible three-percent tax cut for buying Canadian-made products." Where's that three-percent tax cut? "Bill Clinton will have to send the American military into Iraq to completely purge Saddam Hussein and his administration." Didn't happen. "The U.S. will implement universal health care." Not in 1993. "There will be good snowpack until the end of April, keeping skiing and winter tourism strong. The summer will start off with crummy weather, but should smarten up by August." Wrong on both counts. "The former Soviet Union will successfully trade mining and resource interests for badly needed wheat." Wrong again. "A new, very effective liquid medication to fight AIDS will be unveiled in France." Wrong again. "In August, Diana, Princess of Wales, will be caught in an extramarital affair with a Greek man." Nope. "Somebody will be injured falling off a horse." Probably. "Charles will be physically unable to be king." He's unable to be king because his mother is still alive. "Fergie will buy into a chain of British bookstores." Didn't happen. "Madonna will take the next logical step in her shock-value barrage of self-promotion by going whole-hog into porno movies." No, she went into expensive porno books instead. ----- Tarot card reader Norma Cowie made the following predictions: "There will be a federal election in the fall that Brian Mulroney will lose." As we know, Mulroney retired before the election. "Canada's least-wanted politician will then embark upon a career of writing books that attempt to explain why his policies were good ones." Trudeau and Diefenbaker also wrote books after they retired. Not a very bold prediction. "In March, a financial scandal will rock the provincial government." No, it didn't, and not in February or April either. "Bill Clinton will have a big shock in the middle of the year as he finds out that implementing his campaign promises can be difficult with lobby groups and the civil service around." Clinton is intelligent and well- educated; I doubt that Clinton's problems with the budget came as a "big shock". "Bryan Adams will have another big hit song, but with a new, different sound." Adams didn't even have a small hit song. "Prince Charles will get a king-size amount of bad press for doing everything wrong, but Princess Di will come out smelling like roses." Prince Charles got little press of any sort, and Diana was chased into semi-retirement. "The Canucks will make it all the way to the playoffs, though the final outcome is unclear." The Canucks were in first place at the time that this prediction was made, and they only had to finish fourth to make the playoffs. I refuse to give Cowie credit for this one. "Pavel Bure will begin being plagued by knee problems." Wrong. "The (B.C.) Lions will do poorly this year." Wrong again. The Lions had a winning season, which was a major improvement over 1992. "There will be changing faces on Vancouver city council, but Gordon Campbell will not be among them." Half-credit on this one. There was a lot of turnover on city council, but Campbell is now leader of the Liberal Party of B.C. "Pee Wee Herman will have a career comeback, shooting straight to the top." If this happened, I didn't notice. "Bill Vander Zalm will not re-enter politics." He got one right. "Elvis will still be dead." That's two. ----- Psychic Alan Harmony made the following predictions: "A space shuttle will collide with another object on re-entry and burn up in the atmosphere." Wrong. "On June 26, the first of three earthquakes will strike the Lower Mainland, creating tsunamis that will destroy much waterfront." Wrong again. "A volcano will appear near Chilliwack, followed by another mountain exploding, and a third erupting in a short period of time." There already is a volcano near Chilliwack. It's called Mount Baker, and it's been there for a long time. It didn't erupt during 1993, however. ----- So, the score for the Regans is 17 incorrect predictions. The only one they got right was the one that somebody, somewhere, would fall off a horse. Cowie had two and one-half correct predictions out of twelve, but one of the correct predictions was that Elvis is still dead. Harmony was oh-for-three. British Columbia has serious problems in land use, economics, and education that readers of the Vancouver _Sun_ should be told about. Canada will have serious budgetary and constitutional problems to deal with in 1994. I hope that the _Sun_ will devote at least as much space to these problems as it does to people like the Regans, Cowie, and Harmony. -- *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Robert Broughton Robert_Broughton@mindlink.bc.ca


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