I recently finished reading a book entitled +quot;Many Lives, Many Masters+quot; by Dr. Br

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I recently finished reading a book entitled "Many Lives, Many Masters" by Dr. Brian Weiss, a PhD in Psychiatry. He comes across as a reputable doctor. He is the head of the Psychiatric Department at a hospital in Miami (I believe this is right, I can look up his exact credentials, as described in his book, if anyone is interested.) In any event, the book is basically a case history of one of his patients who, through hypnosis, talks about past lives, none of them famous, BTW, usually fairly ordinary lives and sometimes depressing. What is interesting about the book is the patient's descriptions of what happens to her 'between' her lives. While in this state, she is able to reveal things (about the Doctor's life, for example) that she just plain wouldn't know about it, like his father's Hebrew name, and the fact that the Doctor had had a son who died only weeks after he was born, due to a rare congenital heart defect, among other things that I can't remember right now. At the start of the book, he describes himself as a scientist trained in the strict sense of the scientific method and a former skeptic concerning what he is about to describe. But after going through what he went through, he has no doubt that reincarnation is real. So unless this author is just plain lying, or his patient was some kind of phenomenal con artist, what could be the explanation for something like this? I'd appreciate all comments, but especially those from people who have read the book. BTW, it's an easy and fairly short (about 200 pages) read. _________________________________________________________________ Robert K. Lockstone : robert@vnet.ibm.com : IBM - Boca Raton, FL "All things are possible except skiing through a revolving door."


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