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From: Jack Sarfatti To: All Msg #46, Jan-26-93 01:08AM Subject: New Physics, Healing, Paranormal Organization: Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link From: (Jack Sarfatti) Message-ID: Newsgroups: sci.physics,sci.skeptic,alt.paranormal, theories, I am being paid a significant amount of money to write this by an influential European corporation. If you want to make corrections,suggestions etc. with no monetary compensation from me,feel free to do so. I will include opposing points of view in footnotes with your names if you like. All I can say is that this document is going to be translated into Spanish, French, Portuguese,Russian, Hindi and will be read by some of the most powerful people (politicians, CEO's of multi- nationals etc.) in the world who are about to set up a satellite based multi-media world wide university in which I have been asked to play a major role with major funding. This is no joke! I have been told that I am a "super star" in some powerful circles that have decided that traditional universities are "brain dead" and that something new-age is needed. On the Mind-Matter Interaction by Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D. The connection between mind and matter is not a problem restricted to philosophy and theology. It is a problem for new physics. Indeed, it may be the fundamental problem for the new post-Einsteinian physics of quantum connectivity beyond the confines of space and time. The new physics is the telepathic physics of "The Force" without force portrayed in the film "Star Wars". It is the Physics of Destiny. It is the source of meaning. It is the generator of existence in a universe of purpose uniting Man with God. The new physics provides the beginnings of a paradigm for wholistic medicine. It provides ideas on how disease develops, how drugs work, how electromagnetic machines influence health, how the body influences the mind and how the mind influences the body. Today we use our fingers to type messages into a computer. This is changing rapidly. We already have programs that respond to our voice commands. We are beginning to develop programs coupled with sensitive electromagnetic detectors that allow computers to respond to our tiny eye movements. Soon the computers will respond to the electromagnetic radiations from our brains that correspond to our thoughts. The computer will obey the commands of our unvoiced thoughts. It will work both ways. The computer will be able to generate thoughts, feelings and experiences directly into our conscious and unconscious minds without audio and video outputs. This new "psychotronic" technology will, like any new technology, have the potential for healing and harming. How is the new physics different from the old physics? The basic difference is in that complex of connected ideas represented by the words: "signal", "communication", "information", "meaning" and "value". Old physics assumes that causes are always before their effects, and that the only way to transfer information is by moving matter or radiation. New physics permits causes to be after their effects under certain condition. When an effect happens, the several causes of that effect are both in its past and in its future. There is also a third possibility. A cause of the effect can be faster-than-light in Einstein's "absolute elsewhere" of that effect. New physics also says that there are two modes of information transfer. The first is the old physics mode, in which the information is transferred by a carrier within Einstein's unified spacetime. The carrier is either radiation or matter in motion (e.g., a radio or TV signal, a sound wave packet, a courier etc.). The second mode of information transfer is telepathic, clairvoyant,psychokinetic and precognitive, alien to old physics but familiar to prophets, mystics, poets and artists. It is communication on the "nonlocal" quantum connection "beyond spacetime". There is no single direct carrier of matter or radiation moving directly from sender to receiver. There are, however, two indirect connected carriers moving from a third "source" to sender and receiver, respectively. Under certain conditions called "delayed choice" the sender of information can be in the far future of the receiver of that information. It is in this sense that we think of The Force without force or "La Forza del Destino". The Princeton University Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory under the former Dean of the Engineering College, Robert Jahn, claims that the human mind has this "precognitive remote-viewing" ability. The "skeptics" (e.g., former Scientific American columnist Martin Gardner's Committee to Investigate Claims of the Paranormal), who only believe old physics, claim that Dr. Jahn is misinterpreting is results with bad statistics. However, a late station chief of the American Central Intelligence Agency assured me that he had used "remote viewing" very successfully in covert operations inside the Soviet Union during the peak of the Cold War. If Martin Gardner's real motive is to hide the reality of remote viewing for reasons of "national security", then he would naturally wish to debunk it. The American Army has published positive reports of "psychic warfare" in several professional journals like Miltary Review and Signal. The gossip is that Martin Gardner and the arch-debunker, "The Amazing Randi" take psychic phenomena very seriously. That is why they came down so hard on Uri Geller because they believe him to be an imposter - a stage magician in psychic clothes. It is certainly true that Randi can do everything that Geller can do. It is also true that Geller fails rigorous tests set up by other stage magicians. On the other hand, I saw topologically intricate twisted metal allegedly bent by psychics in Brazil that is very puzzling. The reader should form his own opinion. As a scientist, I do not have an opinion on the reality of psychokinetic metal-bending at this point in time. We must be more precise about telepathic information transfer on the quantum connection. The quantum connection was discovered by Einstein in the early 1930's in his debate with Bohr on the completeness of the new quantum mechanics of quantum jumping electrons (in atoms, molecules and crystals) emitting and absorbing photons. Both electrons and photons, under certain experimental conditions, behaved like tiny particles, while behaving as spread-out waves under different incompatible experimental conditions. All quantum particles obeyed the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. This principle asserts that observable properties of the particle like its position and its momentum were incompatible. That is, an increase in the precision of our measurement of one property would decrease the precision in a simultaneous measurement of the other incompatible property. This was something new, not found in Newton's classical mechanics of gravitational or electromagnetic forces causing particles to accelerate (i.e. change speed or direction or both). Einstein thought about a simple molecule that split into two atoms that flew away from each other in opposite direction. He showed that the Heisenberg uncertainty principle for one of the atoms could not be true unless there was a real quantum connection or an "action at a distance" between the two atoms. This long-range connection was qualitatively different from from the known long-range forces of gravitation and electromagnetism. The known forces weaken with increasing separation between the two particles. Quite the contrary is the case for the quantum connection which persists undiminished with increasing separation in either space or time. Einstein called this "telepathic" and "spooky action at a distance". Quantum mechanics seems to open the door to a precise mathematical voodoo, i.e., embracing or "entangled" quantum "wavefunctions". An experiment by Alain Aspect at the University of Paris in 1982 on a pair of photons emitted in opposite directions by a calcium atom shows conclusively that such a theoretically predicted faster-than-light quantum connection is real. There is a "loophole" that must be plugged when more efficient photon detectors become available. To really be sure the photon detectors must be at least 83% efficient. Aspect's detectors are considerably less efficient. However, the extremely good agreement between the experimental data and the theoretical curve of standard quantum mechanics makes most experts quite confident that the loophole when plugged will not overturn Aspect's result. We must however be clear that Aspect's discovery is not sufficient to establish the factuality of useful faster-than-light communication in which the quantum connection is a communication channel. A communication channel means that we must be able to encode a message at the sender and to decode it at the receiver. In Aspect's experiment it is easy to encode the message but it is impossible to decode it by observations at the receiver alone. One must compare or "correlate" the observations from both the receiver and the sender in order to decode the message. This, unfortunately defeats the purpose. On the other hand, this observed quantum connectedness may be vital in understanding the coherent behavior of complex living systems. There is little doubt that a deeper understanding of the webs of quantum connectivity between widely separated spinning electrons on DNA and enzymes will lead to more effective medicine in the battle against disease and aging. It will also lead to a new psychotronic nano-technology interfacing mind to machine including new healing therapies. to be continued (the above is one evening's work). Admiral Sarfatti Star Fleet Academy Star Fleet Command Presidio San Francisco Federation of United Planets. ============================================================================ From: Jack Sarfatti To: All Msg #65, Jan-26-93 10:43AM Subject: New Physics,Healing & Paranormal 2 "White Paper" Organization: Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link From: (Jack Sarfatti) Message-ID: Newsgroups: sci.physics, theories,sci.skeptic,alt.paranormal,,alt.alien.visitors,a t.magick,alt.pagan Continuing part 2 of my paid for "intelligence analysis" on the impact of New Age Paradigms on the future of medicine, new marketing strategies, new politics, etc. etc. for a high level consortium based in Luxembourg,Geneva,London and Paris. Your (unpaid) comments, criticisms will be included (if of value) in footnotes. I am striving for a balanced objective presentation. The behavior of tiny spinning electrically charged particles, mainly electrons and protons (i.e. hydrogen bonds), fundamental to the quantum mechanics of our bodies, obeys new laws of chance. The new feature, according to the late Genius, Richard Feynman, is the "coherent superposition of alternative histories". In the old physics, since all causes were before their effects, the Newtonian laws of motion could, in principle, predict the precise future behavior of single particles given complete information on the initial causes. The Heisenberg uncertainty principle says that complete information on the initial causes is not possible in principle. The fundamental reason is that intial causes in the past are not enough to predict the behavior of the particle as it evolves in time. Future "final causes" or purposive "teleological" karmic influences also co-determine the intermediate behavior of the particle from its preparation to its detection. The Feynman "history" is a description of the possible motion of the particle (or field) from its preparation in the past to its detection in the future. Each possible alternative history, each "separate reality" for the particle (or electromagnetic field) is described by an "amplitude" which encodes the entire "action" from past to future in a point on a circle of an abstract space of pure mathematical thought called "the complex plane". All of quantum mechanics, both standard and my new non-standard version, can be summarized in two laws: 1. Given a set of indistinguishable alternative histories, add their arrows and then "take the square" to compute the probability of that indistinguishable set. 2. Given a set of distinguishable alternative histories, "take the square" and then add these squares to compute the probability of that distinguishable set. A word on what it means to "take the square". The Feynman amplitude for a possible history of any quantum process has a "retarded" form that propagates information forward-in-time from preparation to detection and a "conjugate" or "advanced" form that propagates information backward-in-time from detection to preparation. "Taking the square" means multiplying the forward-in-time amplitude by the backward-time-time amplitude. When several indistinguishable histories coherently superpose (in an interpenetration of separate classical realities that has no analog in the old physics) we have "loops in time" between interfering separate classical realities or parallel universes. The chemical bonds in which spinning electrons bind atoms into molecules could not exist without these quantum loops and time which are essential to manipulate the healing process by electromagnetic machines in the coming new medicine. Poincare discovered that there is an inherent classical uncertainty in the old physics of complex systems quite distinct from the quantum uncertainty of new physics. The old physics uncertainty is called "chaos" using the mathematics of "fractal attractors in phase space". It applies to attempts to predict weather, stock market prices, heart beats, neural web activity (e.g. brain waves) brain waves and many other kinds of complex measurable phenomena in the human body essential to medical diagnostics. The relation between classical chaos and quantum connectivity is not at all understood by any one today. The late David Bohm came closest in his "nonlocal quantum potential" approach to quantum mechanics. It is a topic of great importance for biophysical and psycho-physical research. It is also important for the design of the next generation of parallel-processing super-computers with switching hardware in the .35 micron or smaller scale. Quantum phenomena involve chance (i.e. probability) in a new fundamental way which is not the same as our intuitions based upon rolling dice, or playing card games. The conservation of probability is fundamental to all science. That is, if we know all the ways something can happen, then the sum of the probabilities for all the ways must add up to 1. In standard quantum mechanics, the conservation of probability is expressed by a mathematical condition called "unitarity of the time evolution". The mathematics of unitarity erects a formidable barrier against useful communication on the nonlocal quantum connection. Unitarity prevents the decoding of the message by observations at the receiver alone within the standard quantum mechanics. However, I have recently discovered that unitarity while being sufficient to ensure conservation of probability is not necessary, at least in the special case of the connected particles with "entangled" wave functions. There appears to be a weaker mathematical possibility that I will call "weak nonunitarity" that still conserves probability for the alternate behaviors of the receiver and for the sender separately. This breaking of the unitarity barrier in a new non-standard quantum mechanics which is minimally different from standard quantum mechanics may permit the local decoding of the message at the receiver. This approach as well as others is essential for the further progress of new physics applications to healing and supercomputer design. Brian Josephson, a Nobel Prize Laureate in physics at Cambridge University thinks that complex living systems, which unlike inorganic matter are not in thermal equilibrium, break the unitarity barrier of standard quantum mechanics by some new principle not yet understood. ============================================================ From: Jack Sarfatti To: All Msg #93, Jan-27-93 12:28AM Subject: New University - Call for Faculty and Students Organization: Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link From: (Jack Sarfatti) Message-ID: Newsgroups: sci.physics, theories,sci.skeptic,alt.paranormal,alt.conspiracy,alt.pagan,alt.magick,alt.ali n.visitors, Please post to other conferences. Interested parties, faculty and students, forward CV. Degrees will be granted. to : Press Release For More Information, Call: {Glossary "ContactInfo"| (415) 885 5194} For Release {CreateDate \@ "h:mm AM/PM"|5:11 PM}{Glossary "Zone"| ES} {CreateDate \@ "MMMM dd, yyyy"|January 26, 1993} VISIONARY PHYSICIST, DR. JACK SARFATTI, APPOINTED TO SCIENCE BOARD OF WORLD UNIVERSITY Start of Press release ACADEMIE UNIVERSITAIRE LIBRE MONDIALE ---------------------------------------------------------------------- WORLD UNIVERSITY The European Community Parliament is looking for an ideology of cultural unity for the twelve countries separated by languages and many other differences. A Scientific Board of top quality scholars coming from both the "Exact Sciences" and "Human and Social Sciences" is now being established by Dr. Paul A. Gerome of Geneva, Switzerland. Dr. Jerome received his Ph.D. under Levi-Straus. He is now in San Francisco speaking to scientists who are potential faculty enroute to Los Angeles, Hawaii and Japan. He will return to San Francisco on Feb 20, 1993. The first official act will be an International Conference using multimedia and telepresence. The recording of the Conference will be broadcast by satellite. The Scientific Board members will define the new hybrid sciences and give them names. The second act will be the creation of a detailed script on multi-media CD ROM of the available knowledge on these cross-border disciplines and a computer programme for students. In addition, a document will be produced to define the further researches to be realised under the direction of each hybrid scientist who will be receiving grants. These grants will be used to create more television programs and interactive computer programs and to broadcast the information on these hybrid sciences worldwide through satellite channels. More information will be forwarded through E-Mail, Internet and Fax to whomever contacts us and applies. We are a private non-profit organisation settled in Paris. The operational company is settled in Luxembourg. The video-audio-book publishing company is settled in Geneva. The Headquarters are in London.


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