I think its time, since I have seen the name being thrown around a a bit, to shed the full

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I think its time, since I have seen the name being thrown around a a bit, to shed the full light of day on the "NECRONOMICON". Background: The Necronomicon is a book that was first mentioned in the writings of the pulp author "H. P. Lovecraft". Lovecraft was a brilliant horror novelist who made up a whole "mythos" based upon the "Great Old Ones". The "Great Old Ones" were a race of evil beings that had been lords of the Earth Eons ago. Through a powerful magical grimoire called the "Necronomicon" you could summon these "Great Old Ones" and their minions. Lovecrafts stories are often bizzare and *highly* entertaining. They were written in the early 1900's and they still hold up very well today. The gist of the story line is that a race called the "Elder Gods", imprisoned the Great Old Ones in various spots and sealed them in with the "Elder/Eldritch Seal". If this seal is broken or removed from a spot where a "Great Old One" is imprisoned, then that "Great Old One" will be free again to destroy the world. Originally the concept of Lovecraft's mythos was that *all* the cosmic beings, the "Great Old Ones" and the "Elder Gods" were evil and that the best humanity could expect from them was indifference. When August Derleth and his publishing company "Arkham House" got hold of the Lovecraft stories they edited them for the worse. The "Elder Gods" became good guys that had sealed away the "Great Old Ones" to save the world...more or less. Lovecraft wrote many short stories but this same mythology runs through most of them. Another common thread through most of Lovecraft's writings is the grimoire called "The Necronomicon". It is mentioned in *many* of his stories. It, according to Lovecraft, is a book written by the mad Arab "Abdul Alhazred". According to the storyline "Alhazred" was carried off or killed by something he summoned up with the grimoire. Supposedly it is the most evil book ever written, etc. etc. The truth about the Necronomicon: Come on folks!!! It's *fiction*, get it? He was a pulp author, he made it up!!! Lovecraft himself stated firmly that there was *no such book* and that he had merely *made it up*. August Derleth was a good friend of Lovecraft's and stated expressly that there was no such book called the "Necronomicon" and that Lovecraft was never involved in the occult. Now, somewhere in the past 50 years some occultists got a notion into their heads that "maybe Lovecraft was lying, maybe there *is* such a book". Bravo, what a paranoid concept, guys. So many occultists looked all over the world for proof that there was such a book. Well, they never found it. Gee, could that be because there never was any such book? :-). Then, around 1979, a publishing company printed a copy of a book called the "Necronomicon". There is a little story at the beggining about a *mad monk* who had a copy and sold it to an occult researcher. There are many *mysterious* people who brought the book to the surface and they are mentioned *cryptically* in the preface such as "Mr. X" and so on. Well, if you know anything at all about the occult then you will see it for what it is. Further investigation reveals that the book was made up!! It was written by some occultists who were disciples of Aleister Crowley. The "Editor" of the book, whos name is not mentioned, dedicates the book to "The nativity of the poet Aleister Crowley". This is an inside joke among occultists. Another case in point: In the preface the author thanks "The Great Demon Perderabo". Aleister Crowley called himself Perderabo all the time. It was his little joke. Well, the minute I saw this in the dedication of the book then I knew that the whole book was written as a little occult joke and it was fondly dedicated to Crowley. I think ol' Aleister would have gotten a great big kick out of the book :-). So, no, there is no such thing as the "Necronomicon", and that copy of the "Necronomicon" you see on the shelf at your local Waldenbooks or B. Dalton is not some great, dark, magical grimoire, it is nothing more than a hysterical, occult, inside joke. This is why I find it extremely humourous to see these stupid suburban, heavy-metal, head banger, teen agers running around in black robes in the forest preserves, hacking up dogs and cats, and trying to summon up "Yog-Sothoth" or "Cthulu" with their trusty paperback copies of the "Necronomicon" and LaVey's "Satanic Bible". :-) Later, Scott "Archmage" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Princes, the dregs of their dull race, who flow through public | Scott Grant scorn, - mud from a muddy spring; Rulers who neither see nor |AT&T Bell Labs feel nor know, but leechlike to their fainting country cling | Till they drop, blind in blood, without a blow....Golden and |Motto:"No more sanguine laws which tempt and slay; Religion Christless, Godless| Mr. Nice Guy, - a book sealed; A senate, time's worst statute, unrepealed- | No more -Percy Bysshe Shelley | Mr. Clean." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: The views expressed above are mine and not AT&T's or my employer's --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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