Just heard a plop at my apartment door. Upon investigating, found a 44 page! tabloid newsp

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Organization: CRS Online (Toronto, Ontario) From: dan.mckinnon@canrem.com (Dan Mckinnon) Message-ID: <60.44425.4286.0N187174@canrem.com> Newsgroups: sci.skeptic Just heard a plop at my apartment door. Upon investigating, found a 44 page! tabloid newsprint (11" X 15") flyer from the Natural Law Party, with their platform, etc. The bio on Doug Henning (candidate in my riding of Rosedale) constantly refers to him as "Dr.". Upon reading, I find that "Dr. Henning recieved his doctoral degree in the Science of Creative Intelligence from Maharishi European Research University, Switzerland." I will be looking at it later, if I can, - it tends to make one's eyes glaze over. Henning talks of "my dear Canadians and my dear Canada". "Our national life will be in harmony with Natural Law, and every Canadian will enjoy peace, happiness, and prosperity" Later on - "The Natural Law Party is the only party that has proven scientifically its ability to fulfil this supreme aspiration and create a government that functions in accord with Natural Law, which is the will of God." The thing is full of small print, and here is a part of what I found when I looked up The constitution of the universe" (as revealed by modern science and acient vedic science): "As with the structure of the Ved, the Lagrangian of the superstring can be seen in various stages of unfoldment. The most compact presentation of the string dynamics is provided by the ten-dimensional formulation of the heterotic string (L^10). IN addition to the purely bosonic modes associated with the abstract spacespace-time arena in which the string moves, the mathematics reveals precisely eight fundamental fermionic degrees of freedom intrinsic to the string itself - the unique solution allowed by mathematical andquantum-mechanical consistency of the theory. THese eight fundamental modes of the string correspond, in Vedic terminology, to the eight Prakritis - the fundamental qualities of the unified field of consciousness. As in the structure of the Ved, these eight fundamental nodes admit three interpretations corresponding to Rishi (Observer quality), Devatat(dynamism quality), and Chhandas(observed quality), consistent with the quantum-mechanical structure of the theory: (1) Each of the fields ( capital Psi with superscript of i=1...8) above defines a particular perspective in abstract Hilbert space(Rishi), i.e. their eigenvectors form a basis in Hilbert space which can be used to expand and interpret any other state. (2) Each of the fields(Psi^i=1...8) is an operator (Devata) which creates and destroys specific states in Hilbert space (3) each of the symbols (Psi ^i=1...8) also denotes a particular vibrational mode or state (Cchandas) in Hilbert space, created or destroyed by its corresponding operator. With these three interpretations afforded by the qauantum principle, one obtains the identical 3 X * = 24-fold structure corresponding to the first richa (verse) of the Rik Ved." Wow! I wonder if Jack Sarfatti was a staff writer! Oh, here's something at the bottom of page 8: MAXIMUM COHERENCE IN BRAIN FUNCTIONING DURING YOGIC FLYING Has a picture of three flers in mid hop, chart of heart rate & EEG showing that there is a peak at the moment of "lift", and some more bafflegab underneath such as "Yogic flying demonstrates perfect mind-body coordination and is correlated with maximum EEG coherence, indicating maximum orderliness and integration of brain functioning." Now, get this, in next sentence : " Even in the first stage of Yogic flying, when the body lifts in a series of short hops, this practice produces bubbling bliss for the individual and generates choherence, positivity, and harmony for the environment." On opposite page is a photo of a crowd with White House in far background, captioned "National Demonstration Project for A Group for A Government - when 4,000 Yogic flyers gathered in Washington, D.C. during June-July 1993, violent crime decreased by 25 percent below predicted levels and U.S. governmental achievements improved." In section under health care are charts showing reduction of cholesterol, optimization of brain function, lower blood pressure, increased intelligence, and improved health through Maharishi Ayur-Ved. Under defence: INVINCIBILITY FOR CANADA There is a picture of a bar magnet and field lines under MEISSNER EFFECT, and comparison of ordinary conductor & superconductor. Then a drawing of Canada protected by the "Maharishi Effect Creating an invisible armour for the nation" Well, there's more about the many areas of government, & a lot more about "physics", too. I've liberated some extra copies. I'd say there is text equivalent to over a 100 page paperback in here. If you want a copy: It weighs about 125 g, meaning it will cost $1.35 to mail inside Canada ,$2.10 to the States, and $4.75 foreign, first class. Please Email me if you want one, and I will send you my snail mail address if a copy is available. I will take 2$ U.S. in bills, for simplicity, from Americans, or a couple of 1.44 disks (for IBM PC Clone) full of general skeptical articles/material (excepting The Skeptical Review which is only Bible-oriented) and will mail before recieving compensation. Am also looking for Fractint v18.2 and hi-res scenic (up to 1024*768 pictures*256) of nature, or skeptic-related (such as purported UFOs/crop circles etc.) Overseas a money order or 5$ in U.S. or Canadian bills only, in advance. (I will reserve a copy). I have 6 copies to send out. dan.mckinnon@canrem.com


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