Monday, January 2, 1989 Idaho Rancher hit by mutilation of Cattle................ Malad Ci

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Monday, January 2, 1989 Idaho Rancher hit by mutilation of Cattle................ Malad City, Idaho Bizarre cattle mutilations--in which the animals repoductive organs have been cut away- don`t intimidate rancher Tom Williams, although such incidents frighten several of his friends. Williams, who owns a cattle ranch about ten miles south of Malad city, has lost two animals to mutilation in the past couple of years. The most recent one was killed last month about a mile from his home. He and others suspect the animals organs are used in a Satanic cult rituals. Mutilations have been occuring in the area for about ten years. There have been news reports in the past of such occurrences, though responsibility has never been fixed. Friends ask whether he and his wife are afraid to live "where crazies come down to mutilate cattle". About two years ago, one of his cows was killed aboutone-eighth of a mile from his home. A circular incision was made on its stomach and the animals heart, entrails, ears and a tail were taken. The next year, Williams kept an extra close eye on his livestock and nothing happened. This year after he relaxed his guard again, he lost an animal. Reported mutilation incidents share some similarities: The animals didn`t struggle, no footprints were ever found around the animals, there was no blood around the cuts and the incidents usually happen a couple of weeks after halloween. On the same day Williams found a dead four hundred pound Hereford steer, his neighbor Rex Daniels lost a 1200 pound registered Hereford cow that would have calved in the spring. In the morning, Williams went to feed his calves as he always does and spotted a dead one lying on the ground about 200 yards from his mother in laws house. At first he thought that it might have bloated, but when he saw the precise incisions and missing genitals, he knew the cattle mutilators had struck again. Williams contacted law enforcement officials. They took samples of meat and hide, and after lab testing, he should know in a couple of months what killed the animals. He suspects the calf was shot with some type of poison to kill it instantly. A pin hole was found on its right hip. "There were no bullet holes and virtually no marks that you could see". Both mutilations must have been done quickly by some experts, he speculated. "Someone understands what they are doing, they`ve done it before". All the cuts were made with such a sharp instrument that hair on the animal was literally cut in two, Williams said. I`ve skinned and butchered a lot of cattle he said; and "I can`t even cut a hide or leather that perfectly, someone had a steady hand". This was reprinted from the Idaho Statesman of January 2, 1989


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