12 January 89 Case: Southeastern Idaho Mutilation of two cattle... Investigator: Mike Fidl

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12 January 89 Case: Southeastern Idaho Mutilation of two cattle... Investigator: Mike Fidler-Asst.State Director of MUFON... Case report by: Don Mason-Idaho State Director of MUFON.... Sheriff`s Report as follows; Nature of incident; dead calf Incident number; 1988-739 Reported by Tom Williams Date/Time 11-11-88 1145 mst Officer assigned 387-England Details: This morning Tom Williams found one of his Herford steers dead in the field of his "mother-in-law", Mrs.O.Hughs. He had been keeping several head there and feeding them there. The last time he had been in the field was 11-10- 88 to feed the animals. The animal was laying on it`s right side and had a bloody froth at the mouth, blood on the ground and on the anus. The anus had been cut out along with the mamary organs. The animal was a steer about two years old. I took the following pictures: #4 facing north of the stomach #5 facing west hind quarters #6 facing east closeup of head #7 & 8 close up genital area #9 & 10 anus close up # 11 & 12 possible needle tracks in meat and hide. With Larry Jindrich, (Fish and Game officer #508) assisting me we took flesh and blood samples. There were no other exterior marks on the animal other than the cuts on the anus and the mamary glands. There were no broken bones or holes in the hide. When in the process of taking a flesh specimen Jindrich noticed what looked like a needle track in the right rear hip. I took pictures of this area. We took a two inch deep by about four inch square piece of flesh from this area. Also we took a piece of hide that covered this area. Williams gave me a large shringe to collect a blood specimen. I took the sample from the neck area after Jindrich cut the area open to find a vein. Both areas that were cut open showed signs of brusing before death. It is possible that the animal had been roped around the neck by the signs of brusing in the cut we made. When we opened the carcass on the right hip there was brusing showing on the very rear part of the carcass. I do have photographs of this. I was able to collect about 18 mls of blood. The blood is labeled #1, the flesh is labeled # 2, and the hide is labeled #3 . On packaging I requested to look for signs of sedative and/or poisons. The evidence will be taken to the lab in Pocatello. There was no signs of struggle. It had rained during the night and the other animals had trampled out what tracks there could have been. The only house that was occupied at that time was Mrs. O. Hughs. Williams told me he had talked to her and she had not seen anything. There is one other house in the area with windows facing the scene, but was unoccupied at the time .. NOTE: Dr.Ipsen the veterinarian told me that when a animal bloats it causes hemoraging in the head, neck and shoulders. Signed: B. England investigating officer ........................ REPORT # 2 ....................................... Nature of incident: Dead Cow incident number: 1988-745 Location: Samaria Officer assigned:B. England Received by: Bernice Weeks (dispatcher) Date/Time: 11-12-88 1726 mst Details: After my day shift on 11-12-88 I was contacted at home by sheriff`s dispatcher. She told me another mutilated cow had been foun. It belonged to Rex Daniels of Saint John. His cows are in the field just north of rancher Tom Williams place. It is about a mile from the road where the dead cow was found. There are three ways to get down to the field. One is to drive down Tom Williams driveway, the other from the road is about a mile and a half to the west of Williams driveway. The only other way is just north of Samarea, a lane that goes down behind Williams house. The road ends about a half mile before the place the cow was found. From this road to walk to the place the cow is, there is Skunk creek and a canal about seven feet wide. Rick and Lynn Higley found the animal sometime on the 12th, they have cattle in the ajoining field. I went to Dr.M.Ipsen`s the veterinarians house and picked up some needles and shringes. I asked him if he wanted to come over and see what was the cause of death. He followed me over to the field and assisted me. The cow with tag # 209, was laying on her left side, belly facing to the north. The right side of her mouth and cheek had been cut away. Looking at the cut, the person making it had to have pulled the lip out and cut through the hair down through the skin. The anus and vulva had also been cut out. The outer portion of the "lips" had been cut out in a hollow type circle. The only other damage I could find was that behind the hocks on the back legs showed some blood. On closer look there was no signs of rope marks. There were several little points that had been bleeding. Dr. Ipsen told me that these could have been made by "heel flys". They lay eggs on the hock, and when the egg hatches the larvae burrow into the animal at that point. Daniels told me that the cow walked on the very back portion of her feet, and this could explain the bleeding. I noticed that her hooves were long and they did show signs of walking that way. After taking pictures I cut open the neck and took 25 mls. of blood. The blood in the veins was clotted, but the serum (sample) did come out. I took a skin sample from her right hip, and under this I took a flesh sample. These samples will be tested for some kind of sedative or poison. There was a couple of drops of blood between the hind legs, down about a foot from the vulva. I looked for any other signs of bleeding and could not find any besides out of the nose and where the portions of her body had been cut, and on her heels. The cause of death is still unknown at this time. The cow was a five year old carrying a calf to be born in May. Her sire is "EXPLOSION". She was also a herford. Mr.Daniels estimated her value around $ 1000.00, aside from the profits of future calfs. She was a registered herford. The cuts around the anus closely resemble those made on Tom Williams steer that from the signs was killed and mutilated the same night, friday the 11 th of November 1988. The following are the pictures I took, # 12 facing south-stomach of cow including the Williams residence. # 13 facing east of the head, # 14 facing north of cows back, # 15 facing west of cows rear end, # 16 & 17 close up of head, # 18-19 close up anus-vulva area, # 20-21 blood on heels (could be heel flys). People who live in the general area are Ralph Hughs, to the west. Dave Mills who lives to the south on the road, and Tom Williams who lives to the south about 3/4 of a mile away. These houses have a view of the field the cow is in. The last time that Daniels saw the cow was about a week ago. The cow had not received any inoculations since early summer. Daniels has no idea of who would do this. NOTE: Dr.Ipsen told me that when a cow dies and bloats it will cause hemorages in the neck, head and shoulders. When I cut open the neck there were signs of hemorage in the neck muscles. Deputy B.England Investigating officer ....................INTERVIEW OF TOM WILLIAMS & REX DANIELS....................... The investigation and interview was done by Mike Fidler-Asst.State Director of Idaho for MUFON. The two sheriff`s reports and the interview was compiled and typed by Don Mason, State Director of Idaho for MUFON (computers-on-line). In talking with Tom Williams, he added the following information. On the steer of his that was mutilated that they did see where a nine inch triangle was cut out of the steer, that ran from scrotum to the belly, with the point of the triangle pointing towards the throat. One of the things that Tom and Rex Daniels both noticed was that the coyotes wouldn`t bother to come into the carcasses or near them.They being ranchers for many years have always found that when a steer or cow dies in a field that the coyotes will always come in for the "feast". Both ranchers remarked that they thought it was strange that the animals didn`t hardly bleed and that the cuts made in them was done with very much skill. Tom Williams stated that it had rained the night before he found his steer and that he saw no human foot prints and only a few hoof prints from some of the other cattle. Rex Daniels said; that when Rick and Lynn Higley found his cow that they didn`t see any foot prints or vehicle tracks in the area and when Rex went to the seen all he could find was the two sets of prints that his neighbors had made. Tom Williams said that about two years before at about the same time of year he had another steer that had been mutilated in much the same way and that at that time he had noticed there was no tracks around the carcass or foot prints, and that the sheriff`s office was never able to determine the cause of death. After that incident Williams kept a close eye on his stock up until the later part of this summer. He did state that this type of incident does occur every so often in their area and that no one has ever been seen doing such things. Williams and Daniels after talking to the Deputy (England) feel that it is being done by some kind of a satanic cult group and the deputy bases this on the fact that they found a triangle marking on a highway overpass not to far from where the ranchers both live. Williams did say that the deputy sheriff took hide and flesh samples and sent them to a lab to be analyzed for any type of seditives or poisons and that they lab report won`t be back for about six weeks. According to Daniels, the Veterinarian that was present with the deputy at the scene told him that it didn`t appear to him that the cow had been poisoned or drugged, but that something that he might not be familar with could have been used. At this time both Mike Fidler and myself (Don Mason) are waiting for copies of the


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