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+------------------------------------------------------------+ | - MUFONET COMMUNICATIONS GROUP - | | ----------------------------- | | - ASTRONET BBS NETWORK - MUFONET BBS NETWORK - | | ---------------------------------------------- | | | |[Note: the following article is provided by "NM MUFON News" | |Volume 1, #9 - September 1993. NM MUFON News, PO Box 2786 | |Corrales, NM 87048. 12 issues = $12 subscription. | | | |Editor - Carolyn Duce-Ashe, PO Box 2786 | | Corrales, NM 87048 (505) 897-7075 | | | |Producer - Debby Stark, 611 Lead SW. #918 | | Albuquerque, NM 87102 (505) 242-6258 | +------------------------------------------------------------| | Permission granted for public cross-posting | +------------------------------------------------------------| | | | WHAT IS HAPPENING? | | ED DAMES' "BIG EVENT" AND THE MARS OBSERVER | | | |by Carolyn Duce-Ashe | | | |The final week of August proved inhospitable to New | |Mexicans and "aliens" alike as thunderstorms and flash | |floods drenched most of the state. Despite the weather, | |several MUFON field investigators and myself sat in a truck | |near Chaco Canyon watching the cloudy skies for most of the | |night, Saturday, August 28. (Of course, Chaco was just a | |guess as to the location of Site Two; northern New Mexico is| |a huge area!) We saw some interesting ground lights, between| |downpours, but saw nothing "alien" as far as we could tell. | |The beautiful pink-red sunset had promised better. | | | |Ed Dames had told me that the predicted "Event" would | |happen the last weekend in August when I talked to him by | |phone on August 23. He also said at the time that the | |malfunction of the Mars Observer was "directly linked to the| |Event." More on the Mars connection later in this article. | | | |I survived the wet weekend and by the middle of the | |following week was beginning to wonder if I would indeed | |hear from Dames, who had said he would keep me informed. | |There had been no worldwide announcement of any "event" | |other than the usual wars, disasters and depressingly | |familiar goings-on of life on this planet. (Here in | |Albuquerque, a section of the Alameda Bridge dropped a | |foot--reminiscent of John Keel/Mothman, but probably a | |coincidence.) A paradigm shift sure would be great about | |now, I thought. But hoping for a change hadn't made it | |happen. And researchers were calling me from all over the | |country asking for the latest news. | | | |Then, at 9:30 p.m. on September 2, Ed Dames called to | |explain the situation. | | | |According to him the "Event" had happened, despite the | |weather, but the "announcement" would be delayed for 5 or 6 | |weeks. He said that there is much more going on than anyone | |can imagine and it's incredibly beautiful! The timing of the| |"announcement" crucial; it will be made by a very high | |authority, one of three in the world--an important world | |figure, trusted and recognizable to all and "higher up than | |President Clinton." | | | |He said he is working with some contacts within MUFON "who | |will be told." As for Debby and I, he added, "You're my | |neighbors," and "We're all in this together in New Mexico." | |He thanked the NM MUFON News staff for the accurate job of | |reporting we've done to date and assured me, your editor, | |that he was telling me as much as he could, since it was | |"not his job to announce anything, " that the announcement | |must come from higher sources, someone who the world would | |trust and believe to announce "strange things." | |When I asked him to elaborate on the nature of these | |"strange things," he said that "the average person would be | |scared to death" to see what's happening. Regular people | |want contact, but when the real thing happens, it can be | |more frightening than they can imagine and unpleasant | |personal physiologic reactions can occur. He added that the | |situation was very scary and very serious and "the alien | |hybrids desperately need to be taken care of." | | | |I said, "So it's happening now--" "And will be going on for | |quite some time," Ed confirmed. "This is just the beginning | |of a series of events...You have my word that things are | |happening." | | | |Regarding the recently defunct Mars Observer, Ed said that | |the malfunction was "directly related to the 'event' since | |Mars is key in the martian/alien/New Mexico scenario that | |has been ongoing for millions of years." Last year Ed Dames | |predicted that the Mars Observer would be lost or interfered| |with when it arrived at Mars, and he told officials at NASA | |at that time. A researcher I know says that he heard Ed | |Dames make that claim last year. According to Dames, he is | |now working on the problem with people at JPL in Pasadena | |and the U.S. Air Force. NASA, he says, "is arrogant and | |won't tell the truth... but the Air Force knows what is | |going on." Several years ago the Russian Phobos II | |spacecraft mysteriously failed to respond to orders, as, | |more recently, did the NOAA-13 polar-orbiting weather | |satellite. And now the Mars Observer is defunct and it's due| |to alien intervention, according to Dames. | | | |Will we ever really know what is going on with the Space | |program? I hope so. Presumably, this will be part of the | |information included in the "announcement" when it is made | |(around the middle of October?). | | | |Editorial Opinion | | | |Why is Ed Dames going out on a limb with this alien/Mars | |stuff? Concerning this, Ed said he would rather not be doing| |this but that the "Transcendentals" are in charge and | |"calling the shots" ! He admitted he's had his "nose to the | |grindstone" and he's "bloody in the face" from being too | |close to it all. And he confided that right now he'd "love | |to get out of this" because there's been a lot of risk... | |"but it's a labor of love...I wasn't prepared for the purity| |and innocence of the races we are dealing with--it's just so| |wonderful and beautiful," he said. | | | |Well, so now it seems we must continue to wait to see what | |happens. Personally, I'm willing to be patient, but many | |people I know are fed up with waiting for the "Big Event." | |There have been so many disappointments throughout the | |years--and hoaxes and disinformation abound in the UFO field| |(skies). What we need is PROOF, but, for now, we only have | |Ed Dames' word to go on.... So, anyway, stay tuned! We'll | |report more in next month's newsletter. | | | |=END= | +------------------------------------------------------------+


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