This post contains three articles by James Randi about the progress of the geller case fro

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This post contains three articles by James Randi about the progress of the geller case from the geller-hotline mailing list. Send mail to '' to join this list and receive these updates from Randi and others involved automatically. Those wishing to contribute monetary support to Randi's defense should send a check to: James Randi Fund c/o Robert Steiner, CPA P.O. Box 659 El Cerrito, CA 94530 Checks should be made out to 'The James Randi Fund'. From James Randi, Feb-08-92 -=========================- I've just mailed out some 300 thank-you-and-update cards to all those who've contributed to The Fund as of Dec. 31st last. A new batch will go out as soon as I get a new mailing list. I just returned from Budapest, where I made a one-hour TV Special. I was invited there by "World of Nature" (I'd give you the name of the magazine in Hungarian, but as you know this system doesn't allow you to print any language but English, since it can't produce accents! How, I wonder do the French use such a system???) their leading science periodical. I used excerpts from a Hungarian TV show on Geller, six of his miracles, and I replicated them by simple tricks. I believe that there may now be a certain amount of doubt in that country about the claims made by Mr. Geller that he has psychic powers. I'm told that Geller's lawyer has now asked for an extension of the Feb. 29th deadline for his deposition. He may not get it. In Hungary, I also came up with some VERY interesting discoveries about the Geller legend. I'll tell you anon. The TV producers were threatened with legal action by a lawyer representing The Other Side, as we expected. It seems that lawyers are now summoned every time I sneeze.... The response to my request for scientists who would officiate at a test of Mr. Geller's powers, has been very good. I even have three prominent parapsychologists willing to serve. That is, of course, if Mr. Geller will agree to demonstrate his powers under proper scientific conditions. Don't hold your breath. All for now. JR. =========================== From James Randi, Feb-15-92 =========================== The tentative date for Mr. Geller's deposition (now to be held in Washington) is now set for March 2nd to 4th. Whether it will REALLY take place, we aren't sure. I'll keep you informed. Geller has now announced that I will also be sued in Hungary, from whence I have just returned. His lawyer there listed a long set of my comments from my book, The Truth About Uri Geller, as if I'd stated them in Budapest. Mr. Geller, who has also, within the last few days, also threatened the Bay Area Skeptics and Nature Magazine with lawsuits, has taken to the law as a means of silencing everyone who displeases him. I do hope that the BAS will not panic at this latest move by Geller. We can't afford him any victories of any sort, and making the skeptics run scared is certainly a triumph for him. I'll be speaking at CalTech on March 22nd for the newly-forming Los Angeles Skeptics (replacing the Southern California Skeptics). Anyone in that area can contact director Michael Shermer at (818) 794-3119. Skeptical groups and individual skeptics wishing to encourage the LAS at their inception, can fax Michael at the same number, or write him at 2761 North Marengo Avenue, Altadena, CA 91001. I've been somewhat embarrassed at the fact that my essay for TIME has been bumped ahead repeatedly. If Clinton and breast implants hadn't interfered, it would have been published by now. I still expect it "shortly." Sigh. ============================== From James Randi, Feb 19-92 ============================== Subject: A delay... Geller's lawyer has asked for a delay in the deposition. Now, it will probably (?) take place "later" in March. That's the best information we have. Do you guys realize that we can't send accents on Compu$erve??? My foreign friends need those accented letters so their language will make sense, and CS assumes that everyone who uses the system will automatically speak English! What gall! Nature magazine (UK) ran a bit on the case, erring in that Florida was claimed to be the site of the deposition. Wrong. UG immediately sent angry, threatening letters to the editor, and even wrote his retraction for him. Sigh. Maybe you can help me. I'm looking for the very first instance of UG having actually done the spoon trick. On the record, that is, not just some claim he made. He tried to do it at SRI in 1972, but failed. Any other dates, guys? All for now. JR


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