Date: 06-17-91 10:44 Subj: On Cattle Mutes.. Hi Folks, The following came off of the UseNe

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Date: 06-17-91 10:44 From: Don Allen Subj: On Cattle Mutes.. Hi Folks, The following came off of the UseNet newsgroup "alt.alien.visitors" Subject: Cattle Mutilations, the final word ... Date: 14 Jun 91 23:51:29 GMT I recently spent some time with Linda Moutlen-Howe, who is the public world's leading authority on cattle mutilations. She began her study in the late 70's and early 80's. The first thing she did was to show beyond any doubt whatsoever that this phenomenon was NOT done by Satanists. Specifically, she interviewed a wide variety of Satanists all over the U.S. and showed them photographs and the evidence that she had collected. Without exception, they all said that they did not do anything like this, they had not seen anything like this and did not know who might do this kind of thing. They did admit to an occasional chicken, pig or lamb. But what, pray tell, would they do with the reamed out anus of a cow? Indeed, this is a worldwide phenomenon, with about 20,000 to 30,000 in the U.S. that we know of so far. After determining that it was not the work of some group or "cult" such as the above, she turned her focus elsewhere. In many cases, the animal was found in snow and without any tracks around it at all. It was as if someone/something had dropped it there from the air. (What group of "cultists" use helicopters?) In almost all cases, all the fluids were missing, the skin around the mouth, the eyeballs and skin around the eyes, the anus and the genitals were also gone. Linda took skin cuttings from the areas that were lacerated and brought them to a medical surgeon and medical laboratories for examination. The results were that the cuts were made by what could only be described as a laser of some sort. The surgeon (M.D.) was unable to duplicate the incision on some test tissue. The assessment was that we (earth humans) do not currently have the technology, laser or otherwise, that could create such a series of cuts. Basically, the speed at which it must have happened is 3 to 10 times as fast as any known laser. I guess the final nail in the coffin, so to speak, is the eye witness accounts. I was shown video of interviews with Ranchers whose cattle were mutilated and telling what they saw and how it happened. They were on their ranch, looking through binoculars at a UFO that had landed, and out came the proverbial grey aliens, who somehow zapped the cow, and levitated it up a ramp to their silver vehicle. They next they saw of the cow was the standard mutilation. There are many such eye witness accounts. There has been some discussion as to whether this has happened to humans. I spoke with Linda about this. She said that in her dozen or so years of investigation that she had never come across such a case. (This is a relief.) Although, I did chat with a gentleman who used to be a police officer in the midwest, Don Ecker, (he is now married to Vickie Cooper, publisher of UFO Magazine) and he DID see such a thing. When he tried to investigate it, the highest authorities in the Federal government that he could find got back to him and told him that, for his own safety, he should forget the whole thing. Basically, what he learned was that the F.B.I. was covering up any information regarding any inquiries on any kind of human mutilation that is similar in nature to the above cattle mutilations. While I spoke with Linda, a FedEx pouch came in with close-up photographs of the latest mutilations in Virginia, which had happened 10 days before. It is continuing .... Linda has published the only definitive book on the subject: "An Alien Harvest", ISBN 89-091260, $50.00, with photos. In 1983, on HBO, she produced "UFOs: The ET Factor". In addition, she has several videos on the above topic: "A Strange Harvest", 1 hr, $30 or 80 min for $50, or a Booklet $15. And, "Earth Mysteries: Alien Life Forms", a TV documentary for $30. Linda may be reached at: Linda Moulton Howe P.O. Box 538 Huntington Valley, PA 19006-0538 215 938-7869 She is a professional television producer and author. -----------------


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