How To Contact Good Type UFO. Subject: How To Contact The Good Space People. People are al

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How To Contact Good Type UFO. Organization: The Portal System (TM) From: Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: talk.religion.newage,alt.alien.visitors,sci.skeptic Subject: How To Contact The Good Space People. People are always asking how to make sure that you are going to contact the good type of space people and not be invited to come to lunch. One of the best ways is to learn how to send and receive telepathic messages. When you finally learn how to do this then you can look at the space craft of space person and bring that information or picture that you see with you eye, into your third eye (pineal gland) and then bring the information down into you stomach near your belly buttom and let it roll around a little. As it is rolling around get a feel for it and figure out whether it gives you a good feeling or a bad feeling. A woman would call it her woman's intuition. A man would call it a gut feeling. If you don't get a good feeling, don't fool around with that sort of space person. You may already know that I think very highly of Edgar Cayce. Here is some information about him;....A mysterious blue crystal helped one of the world's greatest psychics make amazingly accurate predictions - and it can give you the same eerie power! Edgar Cayce, an early 20th century seer who forecast the Great Depression, both world wars and the fall of communism in Russia, use a magical stone called lapic lazuli before he went into his trances, and author reveals. And you can pick up one of these power-packed stones at a crystal shop at a reasonable price - lapis lazuli goes for a mere $4 an once, says parapsychologist Brad Steiger. "To achieve this enhancement of psychic awareness, the crystal can be worn as a ring, pendant, earring, bracelet, ankle or even as a stone on a belt," Steiger explains. "Lapic lazuli helps an individual tune into psychic vibrations that surround all of us." Cayce, who earned the title of America's Sleeping Prophet, once confided that his psychic abilities were enhanced by the stone, which is composed of the minerals calcite, pyrite and lazulite. He also felt it helped him diagnose physical ailments, even before they appeared, allowing him to recommend effective ways to halt the problem in the tracks. "Some were modern folk cures, others were treatments from past epochs and ancient cultures, such as Greece and Rome," Steiger says. "Many were later discovered by the formal medical community to be effective therapies." Cayce attracted as much attention for his methods as he did for his prophecies. "For his readings, he'd enter a self-induced hypnotic trance while holding a handfull of lapi luzuli crystals," Steiger says. "He claimed he tapped into a Universal Mind for his information. Dr. Franklin Ruehl. JW So there you have it folks. There's more to come on this later. Stay tuned. Source of Information:January 26, 1993 Examiner. page 4. John Winston. ======================================================================== From: Usenet To: All Msg #113, Jan-27-93 06:33AM Subject: How To Contact The Good Type Space People. Organization: The Portal System (TM) From: Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: talk.religion.newage,alt.alien.visitors,sci.skeptic Dear Folks: At the present time I am conducting some ESP experiments with a few people. I would like to have each person contacting me to have a piece of Lapis Lazuli to consentrate their thoughts with. If you can't get a piece of it please contact me by E-mail and I'll send you a piece of it. Last night I had a dream or Astral Journey about going aboard an Astral Taxi constructed by the space people. Some of you may have been there with me. We had our favorite meals and were taught for quite a while and a good time was had by all. John Winston. Who is this person All? He seems to always have a good time?


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