Tim Ikeda timi@mendel.berkeley.edu ( Tim Ikeda) +gt;I would like to hear some thoughts abo

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Tim Ikeda timi@mendel.berkeley.edu ( Tim Ikeda) >I would like to hear some thoughts about the supposed "Full Moon Effect" >that we sometimes hear about. **************************************** Warning for the impaired: Farce ahead.* **************************************** Perhaps the only major Full-Moon-Effect I've encountered is a mysterious reduction in the probability that I'll stub my toe at night when venturing outside in my bare feet to throw the trash out. More mysteriously, the magnitude of this effect appears to be inversely proportional to the density of cloud cover. These observations lead me to conclude that a new paradigm which transcends even the newly-archaic holistic world-view, might be required to embrace the implications of my discovery (The traditional "Western" reductionist, life-hating approach to studying physical phenomena is completely refuted by this work, incidently). ********************************************** Warning for the impaired: Farce in progress. * ********************************************** My irrefutable hypothesis is that some sort of energy-manna-guiding force emminates from the moon's surface only at the time when both edges of the moon's disk are illuminated by the sun's radiation. Although evidence is scant (but will be forthcoming if I remain uncensored by the prevailing CULTURAL ELITISTS, who seek to retain their dwindling domination over an unsuspecting public), I am absolutely convinced that the transverse solar neutrino flux sets up a harmonic standing-wave from each edge of the moon's disk. At the focus of this "yin/yang" wave (ie. the earth surface), special transcendental perturbations split open the fabric of space-time (which I will henceforth refer to as "SPAM" for SPAce-tiMe). The resulting disembowelment of SPAM draws the attention of the UNIVERSE-MIND (the core consciousness of the universe formed as the by-product of non-linear, non-local, interactive quantum potentials), which then permits sentient beings to tap into its pan-galactic database (better than a Rolodex(tm)). As a result of this temporary sensory enhancement, I am better able to avoid obstacles in my path. Clouds, or rather, the water molecules within them act to diffract the energy, changing the effective focal-length of the beam. Admittedly, further work is required to assess the interaction. Two additional lines of evidence support this claim. 1) This phenomena cannot be attributed to standard electromagnetic explanations because wearing a wire-mesh faraday cage over my head did not diminish the effect. As expected from the cloud diffraction model, inserting my head into balloon full of water (No easy task!) completely eliminated the full-moon effect. In fact, my toes were stubbed multiple times before I passed out. 2) A channeler linked to the spirit of the late Dr. Richard Feynmann knocked once on the table while conferencing with the world-renowned expert in quantum physics. This signified that the late physist's spirit agreed with me. ***************************************** Warning for the impaired: End of farce. * ***************************************** Hope this helps. ----------------------------------------------------------------- More complex: A study Cecil Adams quotes (in his *very* excellent _More of the Straight Dope_, page 338): "They found that the moon accounted for no more than 3/100 of 1 percent of the monthly variation. ... So how do we explain all those cops and emergency room nurses who believe in the lunar effect? Easy. Nobody notices when there's a full moon and nothing happens -- you only notice when something *does* happen. In other words, heads I win, tails don't count. Case closed." David Anderson


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