Front Page: autumn 1991 SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES What a difference a year makes! When we bega

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Front Page: autumn 1991 SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES What a difference a year makes! When we began publication last year, many of our free trial-subscriptions were greeted with angry rejections. Copies were returned to us marked REFUSED, and letters were received call- ing The Skeptical Review "junk" or "trash." Even phone calls came from people demanding that their names be removed from our mailing lists. Some compliments were paid, but they were few and far between, and only a frac- tion of those who had received free subscriptions paid to continue them. This year brought a dramatic change. As we prepare this final article for the last issue of 1991, we still receive negative letters, but the positive ones far outnumber the negative. On a typical day, the mail will bring letters from new readers ordering back issues and from old readers suggesting names to add to our mailing list. Subscription requests will come from people who heard about TSR from this relative or that friend. Sometimes these recommendations have crossed the country from one side to the other. Just recently a profes- sor of philosophy and religion at a university in Mississippi wrote and said, "I do not know how my name got on your mailing list. But today I received a copy of The Skeptical Review, and I think it is superb. Please keep my name on your mailing list." Sometimes we even get phone calls from people looking for help as they try to find their way out of the mess that religious fundamentalism has made of their lives. The last such call came from a Baptist who, after embarking on a plan to study the Bible and really come to know what was in "God's word," become disillusioned at the inconsistencies he had found in it. He called The Freedom From Religion Foundation, and Dan Barker suggested that he contact us. He is now on our mailing list. We would like to share with you more of the communications like these that we are now receiving, but to do so we would have to sacrifice space that we need to discuss the inerrancy issue. Your letters indicate that you like what you are seeing in TSR, so we will continue to try to bring you the same kind of articles. We have never solicited financial help, but some have included contributions with their subscription payments and orders for other materials that we publish. We appreciate the help and see it as a definite indication that we are attracting readers who consider The Skeptical Review to be a worthwhile enterprise. Still there are those who object to what we are doing, especially former friends and associates who knew us when we were deeply entrenched in the absurdities of Bible fundamentalism. They continue to write to express their dismay at what they are reading and their personal disappointment in us. They rarely attempt to refute what we say in our articles; they concentrate on reminding us of what we once were in an apparent effort to arouse feel- ings of guilt. Our position, however, is that one should never feel shame or guilt over taking a stand for truth, and we believe that we have the truth on our side. The Jews at Beroea were once commended because they "searched the scriptures daily" to see if the things Paul was preaching to them "were so" (Acts 17:11). We present the same challenge to readers who think that we have drifted off into a terrible apostasy. Check to see if we are right. We don't just make wild assertions; we document every major point we make with specific scripture references. So when we say that scripture x contradicts scripture y, you have the opportunity to verify what we are saying. Search the scriptures to see if what we are saying is so. That's all we are asking for--a fair hearing. 1 ******************************** FREE SUBSCRIPTION: A free one-year subscription to The Skeptical Review can be obtained by writing to P. O. Box 617, Canton, IL 61520-0617. 2


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