Strangely enough, my first encounter with a alien beings was at age 5, that was 30 years a

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Strangely enough, my first encounter with a alien beings was at age 5, that was 30 years ago and I still remember as if it were yesterday. I had always been a loner as a child. At that age, no sisters or brothers and parents that were too busy to pay attention to me, therefore I spent a lot of time in my room. Alone. That is except for Foob. Foob had been around for as long as I could remember. Whenever I wanted a play mate he showed up. Foob was about my size and talked without moving his mouth. He had taught me to talk like that too. To concentrate real hard on what I wanted to say and then send it. It was neat. Foob hadn't been out in the sun much, as his skin was a pale green. I remember he had long fingers and when his hands were down to his side they almost touched his knees. But I really hadn't thought too much about Foob being a strange looking little boy. Just that he was my friend and was always there when I called for him to play. We would sit in my room playing with cars and dolls for hours upon end. Until of course mom or dad came into the room and he would just disappear. I asked him once why mom and dad couldn't see and talk with him and he told me cause they could never learn to use their minds to talk. Foob had strange eyes, the kind of eyes you could stare into and it looked like dark pools of water. They had great big centers and kinda yellow around the dark spots, sorta like a cat, a black cat with yellow eyes. Foob told me he was from, up there, pointing to the sky. That's where he lived. He told me of things that were to come and the changes that had to occur now, at this time, (when I was five) and that I really could help people. If I wanted to. Cause Foob had always been there for me, I told him I would. And the next night, when Foob came he told me he was going to take me in his spaceship and let me see it. Well I had never been in one before and I gladly accepted the offer, knowing that Foob would be with me. One minute he was holding my hand and the next minute we were inside of a white metallic room. The walls extended to the ceiling not in a straight manner but going inward at the top. I laughed at the funny shaped wall and he told me it was the inside of the ship. We walked down a long corridor into another room where a bed was. Foob helped me climb up on the bed and told me to lay perfect- ly still. It seems that I drifted off to sleep, and looking around the room, I saw several other Foobs, all having a wee bit of difference about them and dressed like doctors. Foob told me to lay on my stomach on the bed and I did as was directed. He told me I could watch if I wanted and I quickly said yes. I withdrew from the bed and stood next to Foob, looking at the bed. I saw on the bed a girl, older, much older probably in her teens or early 20's with long brown hair. Foob explained to me that that was me in a few years after I grew up. I watched looking over the girl fascinated that it could possibly be me. But how could it be, I was here and I wasn't that old? Then the other foobs were going around the girl, looking at her, examining her, when this big round some- thing came out of the ceiling protruding downward toward the girl. It was wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. Toward the bottom of the circular thing was a needle. The needle was positioned over the girl's


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