THIS EXOTIC WORLD The world of the really true believer is rich indeed. It is populated no

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Organization: University of Nebraska--Lincoln From: (edgar pearlstein) Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: sci.skeptic ------------------------------------------------------------------ THIS EXOTIC WORLD The world of the really true believer is rich indeed. It is populated not only by ordinary humans and animals, but also by devils, fairies, elves, "little people", gnomes, trolls, sylphs, leprechauns, ghosts, imps, poltergeists, and nine kinds of angels. There are, in the appropriate locale, the Abominable Snowman, Big- foot, Susquatch, Yeti, werewolves, vampires, and the Loch Ness monster. Dead people live again through reincarnation, or through voodoo magic. Chanelling and seances enable us to communicate with those dead people who haven't been revived or reincarnated. Sometimes the dead will visit us directly as ghosts. One has to be careful of many things: the evil eye, voodoo curses, possession by devils, harassment by imps and poltergeists, and in some cases the curse of an Egyptian mummy. There are bad witches who might cast spells over us, but good witches can prevent or stop them. We should beware of strangely-acting people when the moon is full. Don't fly or sail into the Bermuda Triangle, or you are almost certain to disappear. There seems to be nothing one can do to prevent abduction to a flying saucer. We are assisted in keeping our health through the wearing of special crystals and copper bracelets, by sleeping under a pyramid- shaped canopy, and by Chakra cleansing. If these things should fail, though, Kirlian photography gives diagnosis of ailments, and they can be cured by psychic surgery, vibratory color healing, faith healing, or time in an Orgone box. In order to get an advantage in a competitive world, we use telepathy, psychokinesis, precognition, ouija, and the third eye. Biorhythms, the phases of the moon, and astrology give us good day-by-day guides. Dousing and levitation are sometimes useful skills. We orient our furniture in a way that helps assure good luck. For enlightenment on our selves, we have out-of-body experiences, glossalalia, astral projection, soul travel, and altered states of consciousness. We uncover our engrams through dianetics. And we can consult a graphologist or phrenologist. For formal learning we need only run some "subliminal" tapes while we sleep. We are subjected to, and make use of, various rays, energies, vibrations, auras, ectoplasms, and lines of force. Often these can be focussed by objects that are shaped like a pyramid. Current areas of scholarly study are UFO "entities", the lost continent of Atlantis, Chariots of the Gods, weeping statues, the face on Mars, and spontaneous human combustion. It isn't yet known whether the "men in black" are space cops from another dimension, CIA operatives, or what. We get access to The Wisdom of the Ancients through organizations like Eckankar and the Rosicrutians. Personal "spirit guides" will help us if only we would listen. For important decisions, and information about the future, advice comes through a myriad of techniques: astrology, automatic writing, card reading (ordinary and Tarot), cynaramancy, geomancy, I Ching, necromancy, numerology, ouija, palmistry, pyramidology, and tea- leaf reading. The four-hundred-year-old predictions of Nostradamus are very useful, as are the contemporary ones of Jeane Dixon. For one's pessimistic moments, there is an abundance of predictions of earthquakes, tidal waves, and the end of the world. Edgar Pearlstein, Professor of Physics, University of Nebraska


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