QUAKE DAY - Minus 7 It's 1:47am, 9/15/92, and we just had a little rock + roller in Hollyw

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QUAKE DAY - Minus 7 It's 1:47am, 9/15/92, and we just had a little rock & roller in Hollywood. It's probably a good time to bring this up, without :@ ALARMING EVERYONE!!! :@ An 8.3 (-/+.5) earthquake is being predicted to occur, between now and September 22, 1992, and epicentered within 100 miles of Palm Springs, California. Lest you Northerners think you're home-free, there's a 7.8 (-/+.4) scheduled for Sonoma County, by September 28th. And a 7.1 for San Diego, by October 14. This information comes from Gordon-Michael Scallion, a clair- voyant living quite safely in faraway New Hampshire. Scallion publishes a newsletter, and therein has reportedly been quite acccurate in predicting the recent Florida hurricane, and other natural disturbances. I have seen his new "Future Map of the United States". It's 22x34, in color, with the new coastline all the way to Denver, plus lots of new islands, and even the resurfacing of Atlantis just east of Miami. [Hey! Our old family deed might be worth something!] Needless to say, this is quite impressive and should be hanging in everyone's bunker or shelter. It includes Early Warning Signs, Migration Regions, Political Changes, Weather Insights, and more - all this for just $11.95. "Not Sold in Stores, Available only through the Matrix Institute, RR1 Box 391, Westmoreland, NH 03467, 603-399-4916" I'm sending for mine, today. Hopefully it'll arrive, before the postperson has to deliver it by rowboat. Can't say I'm entirely unhappy about all this. My ex-business partner (who played the evil, slimey, embezzling, sociopathic producer in my movie) is secretly living in Arleta. Only seven more days, and he could be 50 feet under sea-level. Let the count-down begin. Those of you located near the epicenter/shoreline could probably give any house-cleaning a rest, for a week. Might be depressing to do all that work, just to have a collapsing roof mess it up.


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