On 11-15-94 07:22, Ian Wilson wrote to Don Allen IW+gt; I have a record of My Out-Of-Body

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On 11-15-94 07:22, Ian Wilson wrote to Don Allen IW> I have a record of My Out-Of-Body experiences. Here IW> are a sample of the more interesting variety. So did I as a child and teenager, hundreds of times. They were terrifying experiences, which kept me in a constant state of fear. I used to go for days without sleep because the "attacks" would come EVERY TIME I slept. It was a very terror-filled time of my life. I would become paralized, and feel -HANDS- reach into my chest and pull "me" out of my body. I didn't even have the ability to scream. I would hear my ears ring, and my body would "buzz" like a brass bell that was soundly struck. When I would manage to get back into my body I would run screaming to my parents, and they would punish me for "making up lies." The more I put off sleep, the worse the attacks became. I thought I was somehow "bad" or "evil" and deserved these attacks somehow (though I had no belief in gods or devils, even as a child). After awhile, I just suffered in silence. =HOWEVER= eventually I learned what the hypnogogic and hypnopompic states were, and I also learned that other people also suffered from these =DELUSIONS=. While the events are =REAL= in every way to the victim suffering from these attacks, they are =NOT= objectively real. It helped me to deal with the attacks, as they continued into my adult life. I no longer fear them. I also discovered a common vitamin suppliment that will induce Out-of-Body experiences. Two years ago I just happened to mention this to my girlfriend, and she said she had the same experience with the same suppliment. She had been taking the suppliment to counteract some of the side-effects of the oral contraceptives she was taking, but had to stop taking the suppliment due to what she called "Bizarre, vivid dreams" that left her shaken and afraid to sleep. IW> During the release cycle, I was immediatly greeted. So was I, most of the time. Some times I was not alone, but was ignored. Many times I would feel hands on my shoulders holding me up while a lay on my back, as if my feet were lighter than air. Very reciently I was "pulled" out of my body and dragged into an appartment three buildings over (through walls), and when we got there I was asked if I knew who lived there. When I said I didn't, we went back to my appartment and the imaginary beings held a PARTY (of all things?!) in my living room and balcony, while I wondered what the neighbors would think when they heard the noise and saw semi-transparent beings on my balcony. I ordered them to leave, then I wandered back into my bedroom and -dove- into my body. I then sat up, in a pool of sweat, and then walked around my apartment muttering "Oh shit! Oh shit!" for hours afterwards. I had stopped eatting at the time, so that must have contributed to the delusions. Odd what the human imagination can come up with. I was suffering through the down cycle of my chronic depressive neurosies at the time (Dysthemia), which I have had since a child (and still suffer daily from). My mind dreamed up Out-of-body playmates. I was 25 years old at the time. IW> "So, we do have your attention," laughed a female voice. My greeter was also Female, though She sometimes sent other minions to fetch me to Her. Once She sent some beings to come and get me, and one of them grabbed me by the ankle, yanked me out of my body, and dragged me to Her, while I screamed and kicked in terror. I was still screaming when we entered Her cave, and she yelled at the being who was dragging me and said "Are you blind and deaf?! Can't you see he's AWAKE!" She really chewed him out. I was just a kid at the time. Not even a teenager. A few times Lilly (the Woman who lived in Her cave by the Red Sea--- my OBE playmate) would give me a book, and I would read it while Lilly told me to "go back and write it." Then I would wake up back in my apartment and REMEMBER the book in every detail, from every period, letter, jot and tittle. After an hour or so the book would fade from my mind. Ian, let me make perfectly clear to you that your Out-of-Body experiences MIGHT be symptoms of a neurosis, which -MIGHT- be pathological. Have you seen a doctor? I urge you to do so. Delusions are not something to take lightly, or to be entertained by--- in my case, there were life-threatening!


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