A Near Death Experience It was the summer of 1964, my junior year in high school, that I d

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A Near Death Experience It was the summer of 1964, my junior year in high school, that I developed a Acute Ulcerated Colitis, I was admitted to the hospital and for 4 weeks I couldn't hold any solid food, I had lost 55 lbs. and was down to a mere 88 lbs. I had lost all will to live, at this time in my life and because of the suffering that I had been thru, I just didn't care to live, I thought death would bring relief. One of the main causes of my diease and the reason it was so acute was the doctors diagnosed it wrong, they thought I had Lukeima. When I finally started to wish that I was dead that night my wish came true. It was about 7:00 pm and as I was laying in the bed suffering, my mother sensed that something was wrong, like she could tell my life forces were dissapating, she came over to the bed and leaned down and ask what was wrong, I told her to go sit down and not to worry that everything was fine, I just needed to rest and be left along, the last few days I didn't even want to be bothered with visitors, like I just wanted to pass away in peace. Anyway about thirty minutes later I felt real calm like I knew that death was coming and it was going to be very peaceful, this feeling was very comforting and believe me it was the first time I felt good in over 2 months. I closed my eyes and just waited for death. I am now going to try to explain the near death experience, remember the following is a discription of events that is very hard to discribe, because there are know words in the English language for such events. Its like trying to describe what the color of yellow smells like compared to the color of blue. As I layed there hoping for death as I stated a very calm feeling came over me. The next thing I experienced was leaving my body. I became a mist leaving at the base of my neck. As the mist raised over my physical body I felt the following sensations in this order. First I realized that I was somehow now the mist and not in the physical body laying beneath me. Second, I felt very calm, good, great, no pain, a complete pure comfort. Third, I sensed that I could control my movements just by will, I could see in any direction just by will. (in other words as I was leaving my vision was 180 degrees up as I floated above my other body I looked 180 degrees to the left but if I wanted to see what was behind me as soon as I thought to see I saw. Fourth, my next sensation was one of slight fear, I wondered if I left the room, could I make it back? where should I go? do I wait? I noticed my mother as she sat on a chair at the foot of my bed, she seemed worried. Now on with the journey: It was at this point that I sensed a attraction from behind me, at will without movement I changed direction of vision and saw a small circle of light ( white light, but not bright) It was somehow without force attracting me towards it. As I willed to be closer I slowly moved toward it. This light was in the corner of room at the ceiling. As I slowly approached the light the circle got larger but never larger than a basketball. When I got right up to the light it opened like a iris of a eye when light is directed upon it. I glanced inside not knowing if I should enter or not, ( I had a slight fear that if I entered I couldn't return, but then Again I didn't know what else to do. Inside looked like what I think a tornado would look like if it was a white one. I could sense that there was no danger in entering for even though the cloud like form was revolving I knew there were no forces (winds, or pulling gravities etc.) As I entered into this tunnel I could see a larger mist shape much brighter than the circle of light that first attracted me. now you must realize when I say brighter it wasn't bright like the sun, for to look at it was very calming, it seemed to be pure engery without any force. As I traveled thru the tunnel my hole life past before me every incident that ever happen. Like I relived every experience all over again. ( though there is no conception of time during this entire journey I would think all this to this point took maybe 1/2 second in earth time. When my life's re-experiences were finised being re-enacted I noticed that I was drawn more to the light at the end of the tunnel. As I was progressing to the end where the white light was I felt the urge to see what was happening behind me. at will my sight was directed to the other end of the tunnel and as I was moving the other end seemed to be closing like the iris or pupil of the eye. It wasn't getting smaller because I was moving away from it it was getting smaller from closing ( the opening which I entered is what I am referring to). I then directed my attention to the larger white mist at the other end of the tunnel, as I approached it, it seemed to be more like a burning bush. Then it communicated with me. It ask if I would like to continue on or if I would like to go back to my other body. (to live again). This was not done in a vocal way, but I could feel the meaning of the communication like it was put in me by teleaphy or something. I was heisitant to make a decision, There was a fear, due to my past life for when it was relived for me I realized that my life on earth had not been spent without a large amount of sin. But I also didn't want to go back to all the pain and suffering that my earth life was providing for me. ( It wasn't just the suffering in the hospital, At this time in my life I never felt loved by anyone and I didn't really have any reasons that looked promising for the future. As I stood there trying to weight the consquences for my decission, I was somehow directed to look again in the rear of my being. ( "The other end of the tunnel ) as my attention was gathered at that end of the tunnel, the opening got larger so large that I could see the entire room of the hospital it was at this point that my mother must have felt my life was gone ( that I was dead ) because she jumped out of her chair grabbed my neck ( physical body ) and started shaking me, crying please don't die, please don't die, she just put her arms around me and if I wasn't dead she would of smothered me then. As I sensed the pain of my mother It was at that time that I made the choice to return. ( one reason was it was the first sign of affection that I had recieved in a long time). The instant that I made that choice, I found myself hovering above my body and re-entering. ( no account of a return trip thru the tunnel ) again re-entering at the base of my neck. As I re-entered my body, I slowly opened my eyes, scared the hell out of my mother, she jumped back, looked at me in astonshiment then threw herself on me again. ( she weighted over 200 lbs at the time ) and started crying with joy. I told her not to worry that everything this time was really alright and that I really needed some rest. Somehow she could also tell because this time I could see the relief in her eyes. The next morning when I awoke I ordered a large breakfast, three eggs, 4 toasts, 3 slices of bacon, milk, organge juice, and a bannana. The nurse said that I couldn't have these items that I was on a restricted diet. the night before my experience I went into some kind of fever and they thought that they were going to lose me then. I told her if she didn't get me any food that I was going to walk out of there, she laughed and said I didn't have the engery to get out of bed, when I jumped out of bed and grabbed her arm, I must have scared her to death. She said she was going to call my doctor. The doctor stated that since nothing else they did seemed to help my condition. ( I havn't held any food solid or liquid in over two weeks ) for her to go ahead that I probably wouldn't eat it anyway. As they delivered the food, I gulped it down and ordered seconds. The bottom line is that after my experience I was cured. I didn't have any pain and I recuprated very fast. One nite as I was roaming the halls ( about 3 days after my experience the night nurse left her station, I pulled my charts and the following notation was written. No more than two days to live. this was noted the nite of my experience. Conclusion: When I had this experience there were no books on the subject and I didn't know other people have had similiar experiences. When the first book came out I read it and here are some of the differences of mine. 1. some people have past relatives meet them at the time of death. to guide them on their journey. 2. My case is the only one that I have read about were I was given a choice. The results of this experience: 1. I have no fear of death. It is the most beautiful experience you can imangine. 2. I have a sixth sense that guides me in my life. 3. I have tried to live a more peaceful life. YOU SHOULD NEVER FEEL SORROW BECAUSE OF A DEATH OF A LOVED ONE. FOR THEY HAVE WENT TO A BETTER PLACE. I HAVE BEEN THERE. ( OR AT LEAST AT THE GATE). iT DIDN'T HELP MY SPELLING A BIT.


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