To: All Msg #99, Nov-30-93 07:06AM Subject: We Are Not Crazy. Subject: We're Not Crazy. We

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From: Usenet To: All Msg #99, Nov-30-93 07:06AM Subject: We Are Not Crazy. Organization: The Portal System (TM) From: Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: talk.religion.newage,sci.skeptic,alt.paranormal Subject: We're Not Crazy. Well folks it's now official you or I are not crazy if we see a UFO. Here is the proof;.................................................... Respected experts have finally proven it -- people who have seen UFOs or had close encounters with space aliens are just as sane, sound-minded and responsible as other people! New evidence, just released in the November issue of the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, smashes the notion that people who report close encounters with UFOs or extraterrestrials are wild-eyed wackos with over-active imaginaons. They are, in fact, every bit as stable as the general population. Psychologist Dr. Nicholas Spanos and Ph.D. candidatge Patricia Cross from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, ran a scientific study to which they tested the mental health of 40 people who have reported seeing alien spacecraft. Some of the test subjects, in fact, said they not only saw UFOs, but also had actual contact with space aliens. The researchers compared the results of the tests with those of 113 so-called normal people. "We gave both groups a battery of the standard psychological tests that evalute mental heal." Says Dr. Spanos. "There was no difference in the scores of the two groups." Miss Cross said. "We wanted to see if there was any truth to the idea that witnesses to UFO phenomena are psychologically unbalanced. Our study show that they are very normal." Dr. Spanos says that while some of the UFO stories reported by the test subjects can be attributed to planes or hot-air balloons, many of the accounts simply can' be explained away. "The subjects we tested who had repored contact with the aliens weren't attention-starved people with low self-esteem. Most of them were upper- middle class, white-colar professional people who had hesitated to tell others what they had seen for fear that they'd be thought crazy." Maybe now that the Spanos-Cross study has been published, people will feel less inhibited about reporting unusual sightings. "We're only saying we believe these people are telling the truth and our tests prove they are not insane," says Dr. Spanos. Even astronauts have had amazing close encounters with UFOs. .......................................................................... UFO spotters just as mentaly healthy as others, study says The Associated Press NEW YORK--People who think they've seen a UFO appear to be just as intelligent and psychologically healthy as other people, a new study says.... JW So there you have it folks. Your not crazy you just is love, or rather seen a UFO. Source Of Information: WEEKLY WORLD NEWS December 7, 1993 page 29. John Winston


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