5/20/90 By Bryon Smith Strange Things are Afoot at the +quot;Circle (R)+quot; O*****[=====

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5/20/90 By Bryon Smith Strange Things are Afoot at the "Circle (R)" O*****[============- -============]*****O One thing that I know for sure is that "you never can be to sure" what is going on and what the truth really is about certain things. Just a few days ago my little sister called me on the phone and said "I am returning your call." I set there for a moment and said "what ?" She said that I had called her that morning just before 8am and that she had just gotten the message and was returning my call. Quickly I questioned myself and recounted all of my actions that morning up to that very moment and I said "I haven't called anyone this morning, in fact I have only been on the phone once this morning and that was to answer a call from the wife, and this is the second time on the phone this morning." Gina didn't think long about what I had said before she came back with a "well it sure sounds like you on the recording and it gave this same number." Well it was my number all right. She played the tape for me and I took a recording of it. Sure enough it was my voice, and I had even give the time of the call and my voice phone number both of which were correct. It was just as if I had made the call, only one small catch, I had not made that call. Her answering machine is computerize and counts the number of calls that come into her office and it had counted that message as a new call. That morning she came into the office before 8am and had 3 messages on the first part of the tape. She listened to them and then reset the tape as she always does every morning. The machine always records right over the top of the last messages unless you tell it to save the message. She left the office for a little bit and came back and checked and the machine said there were two new messages and she played them back. There was my voice as big as life, it gave the time and made mention of our elder sister who is deceased as if she were still alive. This made me think it was an old message, but the tape had been recorded over, it had run several other messages over the top of any old messages that might have been at the start of the tape. If that had been an old message it would have been from last December and that would have made it at least 4 months old. The next thing is that the computer counts all of the calls that come in since the last time they were reviewed and it said there was two new calls which counted "my" message as a new call. The next message after "mine" was from her husband and after it the machine gave the date and time of the call. We noticed that after my message it had not given the date and time after the call but it was my voice that had given the time of the call. This was unusual to say the least. It had counted it as a call, yet had not posted the time and date after the call. It played it and counted it as a call so why didn't it put the time and date after it as it normally does ? Right after that was her husband and it counted the time and date as normal. How could an old message come through an old tape as if it were a new message ? How could the computer count it as a new call and not put the time and date after the call ? The time was right on the money and was given by "my voice." Had I actually made the call the machine would have placed the time and date after the call and there would have been little doubt that I had made the call myself and just "forgotten about it" or perhaps was lying and saying that I had not made the call when in fact I had. The oddity itself indicates that something out of the normal had taken place though and gave certain evidence to prove that I was telling the truth and I had not made that call. The fact that her husband had called right after my "call" had proven very close to the fact when the call had been recorded and it was right in the correct time slot. I told her of a UFO crash that had not been to many days ago at which certain people had gathered to talk about the event. Certain other people were seen and some even talked to others there and later when they were contacted by these people about the crash they knew nothing about it. They said they had not been there at all and could prove it. So how is it these other people swear that they saw and even talked with certain of these other people if they were not there ? And what about the UFO crash ? Did the thing just up and vanish without a trace and with no other "media" reports ? Was it as if it had never actually happened ? If so then what did happen ? So strange things are afoot at the "Circle (R)" and if you see or hear from someone who later says they were not there or had not tried to contact you, and don't know what you are talking about don't be surprised.


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