Robert Sheaffer California's Doom (the details), Film at 11. Some 1993 +quot;Predictions+q

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Robert Sheaffer California's Doom (the details), Film at 11. Some 1993 "Predictions" from the Fox-TV show "Sightings", January 8, 1993 (highlights). Attributed to Nostradamus: Peter Lorie, Author/Publisher, said, "We believe that at 7:05 in the evening, on the 8th of May, 1993, there will be one of the largest earthquakes ever to hit California. That it will spread during an 11-minute period, when the quake will actually continue, all the way up the coast, on the Andreas fault, and that it will start a major disaster on the American continent." [The screen shows a map having an earthquake radiating outward from Los Angeles, to San Francisco and beyond.] Psychologist Terence Sandbek, PhD [of the Sacramento Skeptics], said that Nostradamus wrote in "very obscure quatrains ... you can read anything in it you want to." A book was shown, "Nostradamus, The End of the Millenium, Prophecies: 1992 to 2001" by V.J. Hewitt and Peter Lorie. [Possibly published in the U.K., Lorie speaks with a British accent.] Lorie says: "What we did in our book was to actually discover a code, a numerical and grammatical code, which actually is quite tricky to begin with, but once you get the hang of it it's quite simple, which decodes the quatrains and makes them much more fascinating than they are in fact on the face of it." [i.e., these authors alone have discovered the "hidden meaning" encoded within Nostradamus' quatrains!] On the screen, from Lorie's book, as he speaks: "Verse X.74 decoded: L'Amerique apres Roi Charles et Jeux Olympiques...." An elaborate "translation table" of dates and numbers is shown. Supposed meaning: "Beginning in 1992 and ending in 1993, the coronation of King Charles and the Olympic Games will be followed by a great earthquake triggered off by a shifting in the sea...." Richard Nolle, astrologer, predicts a terrible year, the kind you will put on a T-shirt, "I survived 1993." He predicts terrorist attacks around Feb. 2, also in August & early October. A major earthquake in the western U.S. probably around February 8, or March 6, or April 6, plus or minus 3 days. Arch Crawford, Wall Street astrologer. Sees a stock market high late in April, then a "very devastating" May-June period, which may be another crash, "the worst I've seen in a long time." Erika Cheetham, author and "Nostradamus expert," predicts an earthquake on the west coast of unprecedented magnitude, on May 21, 1993. Jeanne Avery, astrologer, predicts that 1993 will "not be an easy" year. The Uranus-Neptune conjunction spells big trouble. The stock market will be in trouble February/March. Major "earth changes" will occur around Seattle, or Utah, or Portland in May. Explains that "earth changes" might be floods, hurricanes, disastrous weather, or maybe earthquakes. She also sees the stock market in big trouble at that time, and some "terrible rumblings" in middle eastern countries. Bill Clinton will have a "fabulous" term. He will make a "wonderful" president. He has four years ahead with very few difficult aspects. He will be a "fabulous leader." Robert Sheaffer Jan. 26, 1993


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