To: All Msg #37, May-30-93 02:41PM Subject: Let's Build a Space Ship! Hi. I was hoping tha

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From: Bradley Gould To: All Msg #37, May-30-93 02:41PM Subject: Let's Build a Space Ship! Organization: PANIX Public Access Internet and Unix, NYC From: (Bradley Gould) Message-ID: <1ubd7c$> Newsgroups: sci.skeptic Hi. I was hoping that title would catch your attention. Yes, I do propose that we build a spaceship. And not just a more powerful rocket, (fusion or otherwise). I'm talking about a balls-to-the-wall, full-bore, maximum overdrive, rip up the spaceways, rock-n-roll-it-ship! I'll tell you right now I have no qualifications for my participation in this "project", other than a rabid curiosity and a deep sense of faith in humanity's destiny as a star-faring race. If you share that curiosity and conviction, read on... HISTORY: This idea has grown out of my fascination with UFOs. I have spent a number of years quietly compiling a body of facts regarding sightings, dating back as far as 1549. I have expressly avoided association with MUFON, CUFOS, etc., to keep my research as unbiased as possible. (I must admit, however, that one of my prized posessions is a picture I took of J. Allen Hynek in Brewster, N.Y. shortly before he died.) I believe our planet HAS been, and continues to be, visited by space- craft from other races. I further believe that these races have varying degrees of technological expertise. Some are dirtier (more radioactive), than others. Some prefer robotic investigations; others seem to prefer the "personal touch". (Although even these may be alien "androids", bioengineered to avoid the danger of direct contact, and/or to present a more "humanoid" and thus, less threatening form.) I only have a peripheral interest in CE3K issues, though. Like an Iron-Age Ox Cart driver confronted by a time traveller in a 68' GTO, what I'm REALLY interested in is sitting behind the steering wheel of that sucker! If that means I have to humor the guy with the ignition key, well... THE GUY WITH THE IGNITION KEY ISSUES: Obviously, we don't have E.T. standing before us, dangling a key- chain. However, we DO need to consider those to whom such a project represents a clear and unacceptable loss of control. I don't believe the reduction in manned spaceflights has been due solely to budgetary constraints. It's simply a matter of logistics. America exists solely because it was too costly in the long run to subjugate economically. Our government and business leaders realize that a guy on Mars might not exhibit the same respect for Authority that an Earth-bound citizen with nowhere to run would. Forget someone on Epsilon Eridani IV. Each participant to this endeavor must be in it for the jazz. However, I know there will be property issues at stake here. We therefore need to establish some legally airtight method of individual recognition for any technologies which come out of this project. I think we need to look beyond the US Patent Office. The big-boys have that whole office in their pockets. I also realize we're talking about technologies with obvious weapons applications. We need to establish a secure method of communications to protect this project from the "nihilistic set". I wish we lived in a more just and sane world, but unfortuately we still have to look out for the parasites and sociopaths in high places. ASSUMPTIONS: While we iron out how to proceed, surrounded by the "pragmatists" described above, I think I can suggest some directions in exploring the technologies which have brought these craft to our little blue marble... Based upon the fragments found in Las Cruces, NM I would say we have quite a few technical issues to resolve before we can go a-wanderin'. This is why you will find this same message repeated in a large number of news groups detailed below. The most interesting UFOs to me, exhibit incredible speeds and maneuverability. (The GTOs of the spaceways, if you will.) I believe that these particular UFOs manage to generate a "bubble of relative space/time" different from ours. This explanation would allow the craft to be "relatively" stationary to a given set of space/time coordinates, yet accelerating at incredible velocities relative to another set. By creating such a bubble, two problems are solved simultaneously. First, how do you protect a spacecraft's occupants at high speed from G-forces and cosmic debris impact? Secondly, how do you overcome the inertial mass/energy penalties inherent in velocities approaching and exceeding the speed of light (C)? The only way I can see to create such a bubble is to "suggest" to local sub-atomic entities that they're really somewhere/when else in relative space/time; to "con" them, if you will, into believing they are relative to a completely different set of space/time coordinates. This "suggestive" approach to sub-atomic manipulation is a key premise of Greg Bear's SF novel 'Anvil of Stars'. Greg postulates that there is a "data exchange" which occurs between elemental entities along priviledged channels which may not even exist within our universe. In his book, he approaches the subject from the perspective of communications and weapons systems. I have always thought of it in terms of propulsion systems. How would one generate such a relativity bubble? I think, by looking at this problem as a "perceptual" one. I've always found the Heisenberg uncertainty principle fascinating. I also find Schroedinger's cat-in-the- box problem very interesting. If we could design a self cognizant computer of such positional precision and certainty about it's own coordiates that it could actually influence the Heisenberg plot of subatomic relationships in a local radius large enough to encompass a spacecraft... This "relativity box" would have to be something very different from any other computer developed to date. It would need the ability to so accurately simulate "being" somewhere/when else, that local phenomena are forced to doubt their priveledged channel positional messages and rewrite their own messages to conform to the simulation. It would have to be able to perform this subatomic slight-of-hand with absolutely no human perceptual intervention. The cat MUST stay in the box at all times. Were I a theorist (which I'm not), I would look at achieving a multi-dimensional array of Permanent Standing Wave (PSW) functions to simulate the local relational matrix and then apply another complete set of coordinates for a totally different matrix. I would, furthermore, look at a "holographic" model to describe this matrix. I don't know of a computer capable of coercing sub-atomic phenomena into rewriting their positional data streams, but I DO feel that this is a key technology to achieving the sort of vehicular performance reported by UFO sightings; in the same sense that contemporary computers control the flight surfaces of high-performance jet aircraft; aircraft which would otherwise drop out of the sky like stones. (Please note that the Las Cruces UFO appeared to have crashed during a lightning storm. Could this have been due to computer overload?) Here are the news groups in which this message is repeated: alt.activism alt.cyberpunk alt.dcom.telecom alt.alien.visitors alt.fractals alt.hackers alt.individualism alt.privacy alt.rock-n-roll alt.sci.physics.acoustics alt.society.civil-liberty alt.society.futures alt.society.revolution comp.cog-eng comp.society comp.specification comp.theory.dynamic-sys comp.theory.self-org-sys misc.entrepreneurs sci.astro sci.cognitive sci.cryonics sci.engr.biomed sci.engr.control sci.fractals sci.geo.fluids sci.geo.meteorology sci.materials sci.math.symbolic sci.nanotech sci.optics sci.philosophy.meta sci.physics sci.physics.fusion sci.physics.research sci.psychology sci.skeptic P.S. PLEASE do not send me any E-Mail on CE3K unless you know of an E.T. with detailed blueprints for what we're trying to achieve here. Do NOT send me anything you value as an intellectual property until the legal and security issues have been resolved. If you, or someone you know, is in Public Relations, the media, etc., this could be very helpful in keeping the McCarthy wannabe's opening Coke bottles with their butts instead of molesting honest, hard-working, space cowboys like us. If you know how to set up an alt.newsgroup for this venture, please let me know.


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