To: All 05-Jul-93 01:28am Subject: IRS ARE YOU IN F E A R OF THE I.R.S. ? A V P E L I P A

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From: Earl Shaft To: All 05-Jul-93 01:28am Subject: IRS ARE YOU IN F E A R OF THE I.R.S. ? A V P E L I P A S D E L E E A N R C I E N G YOU NEED NOT TO BE! TRUE OR FALSE ? 1. The I.R.S. IS A GOVERNMENT AGENCY. FALSE. It is a private corporation, incorporated in Delaware in 1933. 2. THE I.R.S. COLLECTS TAXES. FALSE. The I.R.S. collects tribute! Look on the back of any check they have EVER endorsed. It says, "Pay to the order of the F.R.B. (Federal Reserve Bank) to the credit of the United States Treasury". This means that the Federal Reserve is keeping all of the "tax" money that the I.R.S. sends, and is crediting it to the phony "interest" that the Treasury owes the Federal Reserve. Not one dime is spent in the United States! 3. THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS A GOVERNMENT AGENCY. FALSE. It is an admittedly private corporation, privately held by 12 families (one American and eleven foreign). 4. THE U.S. CONGRESS WRITES THE TAX LAWS OF THE I.R.S. FALSE. I.R.S. attorneys write this junk and Congress merely "rubber stamps" it. 5. FILING A TAX RETURN IS MANDATORY ACCORDING TO THE LAW. FALSE. The I.R.S. tells tyou in the 1040 instruction book that the tax is voluntary. They also say it is voluntary in every document they have. 6. IF I DON'T FILE AND PAY TAXES, I WILL GO TO JAIL. FALSE. Sixty million Americans did not file or pay "taxes" with the I.R.S. last year. Call our phone number below and we tell you the story of this media created hoax !! 7. THE I.R.S. IS TOO TOUGH FOR ME TO TAKE ON. FALSE. The I.R.S. is only one person - the one that is contacting you and if you know your rights, you can take that person "on" easily. We train you to know your rights. 8. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT THERE IS A LAW THAT YOU HAVE TO FILE AND PAY INCOME TAXES. FALSE. Phillip Marsh, author of the best selling, "The Compleat Patriot" has been unable in eight years of research, to find such a law. He has now abandoned the search for such a law because the Congressional Research service (the agency which researches the law for Congress) can't find the law either. Ask to see a copy of the letter from Sen. Daniel Inouye (D. Hawaii) which conforms this fact. 9. I LIKE PAYING MY TAXES AND SUPPORTING MY COUNTRY. FALSE. Not one dime of the money the I.R.S. steals from you goes to support this country. Call the number below for the facts !! 10. I UNDERSTAND THE I.R.S. HAS TAX LAWS THAT SAY I HAVE TO PAY TAXES. FALSE. The I.R.S. code is not a law. Furthermore the I.R.S. misapplies every law in the I.R.S. code. The problem stems from the fact that the average "taxpayer" never sees the I.R.S. code. 11. I AM HELPING TO DESTROY THE UNITED STATES BY FILING AND PAYING THE I.R.S. TAXES. TRUE. The money all winds up in this country's enemies hands. Ask for the details of this rip-off. 12. THE I.R.S. IS CAUSING OVER 1000 DEATHS PER MONTH IN THE UNITED STATES. THE I.R.S. IS RESPONSIBLE FOR OVER HALF OF THE DIVORCES IN THE U.S. THE I.R.S. IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THREE QUARTERS OF THE BANKRUPTCIES IN THE U.S. TODAY ! TRUE. Can you afford to continue supporting such a domestic enemy ? DO YOU WISH YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN BE SLAVES ? "MY PEOPLE PERISH (MEANING - TO DIE) FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE" HOSEA 4:6 IF YOU WISH TO HELP SAVE YOUR COUNTRY, CONTACT: ASSOCIATION FOR U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH 213-385-8568 FREE RECORDED MESSAGE (310) 784-4523 AND LEARN ABOUT YOUR RIGHTS !! ASSOCIATION FOR U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH 101 1/2 S. VERMONT AVE. SUIT 113 LOS ANGELES, CA 90004 __ YES, I AM INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE REGARDING INCOME TAX. PLEASE CONTACT ME. __ YES, I WOULD LIKE TO READ PHILLIP MARSH'S BOOK, "THE COMPLEAT PATRIOT". ENCLOSED IS MY CHECK FOR $9 (INCLUDING SHIPPING) __ YES, I AM INTERESTED IN A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. NAME ______________________________________ THERE ADDRESS ___________________________________ IS NO PHONE _____________________________________ OBLIGATION. BEST TIME TO CALL _________________________


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