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93-12 (Issue No. 421) ----------------------------------- Find Out Who, |* REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS *| How Many Have In Fact, You |* The New Age Cosmic Newsletter *| You Served? And Really Are. ----------------------------------- How Well? Cosmic Awareness Communications Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 email: alex@spiral.org (subscription information available at end of this file) "Helping People Become Aware Since 1977." --------------------------------------------------------------------------- REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter, published by Cosmic Awareness Communications, Box 115, Olympia, WA 98507, a not-for-profit organization. Copyright 1993 by Cosmic Awareness Communications and the Aquarian Church of Universal Service. Reproduction is permitted, but no alterations may be made without express permission. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as "Channels" for the "Heavenly Father" and expresses itself once again as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of "readings" given, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to *believe* anything, not even Itself, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover through your own channel what the truth really is. Cosmic Awareness will only "indicate" and "suggest." Neither CAC or the Interpreter is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does CAC or the Interpreter necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreter interprets the energies as they are seen in trance levels and are not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreter has no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments, which are entirely the responsibility of the editor. Paul Shockley, Interpreter Avaton, C.A.C Editor Alex, OCR'er and NetPoster Vikki T., Office Manager --------------------------------------------------------------------------- IN THIS ISSUE: 93-12 (Issue No. 421): The Web of Conspiracy (Part 13); The New World Order: It's Later Than You Think; The Coming Civil War in the United States: The Government vs. The People; It's Inevitable Once the Government Tries to Confiscate the Guns of Its Citizens; The Failure of Schemes to Get Guns Turned In; Clinton Administration Favors Gun Control; Street Gang Members Now Being Trained; Street Gangs Authorized to Loot and Pillage; Somalia a Practice Run For Disarming a Population; U.S. To Be Divided Into 10 Regional Governments; A New One World Religion Will Reflect Masonry; Many Christians Will Oppose New World Order; Can Our Constitution Be Compromised?; If Invaded, Forget Calling 911; How Will Moslems Accept the New Religion?; Pass This Information On To Others; Will Ross Perot Have Any Influence?; Will Clinton Back the New World Order?; Will the L.A. Trial Create Riots?; The Economics of the New World Order: How to Survive When It All Comes Down; The Classes of Society Under the New World Order; An Electronic Chip to Be Planted in the Hand of Entities; The Mark Creates Boils and Separates the Soul; Men Will Rebel When Wives Are Taken to U.N. Brothels; The Satanic Hierarchy (Part 2): How the New World Order Programs the Masses For Gun Control and Deals With Christian Organizations and Groups That Threaten It; The History of the Branch Davidians; Davidian Leader Vernon Howell a CIA Agent; David Koresh Escaped Fire as Planned; Waco Scenario Was Planned 3 Years Earlier; Christian Evangelists Pose a Real Threat to New World Order; By 1996 All Guns Will Be Confiscated and Indenti-Chips Implanted; Neighbors Will Be Told It's a Drug Raid; Closed Military Bases Being Converted to Prisons; Friends and Relatives Also May Be Taken to Camps; Indenti-Chip To Be Implanted By Needle; Sinister Electronics Put In All Cars Since 1987; Satellites Can Stop All Automobiles Dead In Their Tracks; The Satanic Hierarchy Includes Many New Age Groups; B'nai B'rith Rituals Work With Rothschilds; One Reason Bush Did Not Get Reelected; Clinton May Favor Rothschilds; Coming Soon: A Bill to Spot the Traitors in Congress; More "Crazed Gunman" Incidents To Be Staged; How to Avoid the Mark of the Beast; How the Identi-Chips Will Be Implanted; How Many Will Avoid the Numbering System; Randy Weaver Acquittal and Waco Investigation: Will This Set Back the One World Planners Any?; Many Patriots in Navy Know What's Going On; George Bush's "Warning" and the Tailhook Scandal; "The Grail," Most Secret of All Organizations; New Weapons Tested During Waco Event; The New World Order (Part 3): The Countdown Begins; Only 5 Months At Best Before the Closed Down Bases Become Prisons; Some Police and Militia Being Informed of The New World Order; CIA and Other Agencies Are Preparing For Civil War; The Super-Wealthy May Be Hanged For Treason; Very Little Time Left to Get the Word Out; Mass Murder Will Be Worse Than World War II; Government Will Hand Over Power to FEMA; They Will Come and Strike In the Night; Entities Will Remember Waco With a Nod and a Yawn; How About Those Bankers Being "Unwitting Victims?"; Making a Pact With the Devil; You'd Be Surprised Who Is In the Satanic Hierarchy; The Fundamentalist Christians Understand the Scenario and They Believe "Satan" Is Behind It All; Many Want Out and Risk Their Lives to Do So; Why "Operation Hot August Night" Didn't Happen On Schedule; Computer Bulletin Boards Need the Info Now!; How to Spread This Information Far and Wide; Our Freedom Is Worth Dying For; Will the Human Race Be Extinct In 12 Years?; How Do the World Planners Protect Themselves?: Don't They Drink the Same Water etc. As We Do?; There Is Hope For the Future; The Mark of the Beast (Part 4): If One Is On Certain Medications, Can the Mark of the Beast Be Avoided?; Once Injected Into the Body, the Identi-Chip Can't Be Removed; Reject the Chip and You Lose All of Your Worldly Possessions; The Alien Connection: When Hitler Met With the "Supermen"; Would Stopping the Pills Be Suicide?; The Evils of Too Much Cortisone; Suicide As An Alternative to Taking the Mark; Another Reason To Create Mass Unemployment; Reasons For Implanting Children Will Be Used By Officials; Government Agencies Already Using the Beast System; An Underground Economy Will Evolve; What Will Occur on January 11, 1994?; Foreboding Astrology As Planets Conjunct; Is "Judgment Day" Coming in January?; Is TV Programming Us For The New World Order?; Why Are Various U.N. Troops Being Featured So Often?; How to Counteract The New World Order; Ask Your Local Police: "Whose Side Are You On?"; New World Order Another Form of Communism; The Progressive Steps to Taking Over the Country; How About a Huge Billboard Near Washington?: Ask If the New World Order is Committing Treason; That Program to Vaccinate the Children: It Has a More Sinister Side In the Future; Belief in God is Now Considered a Mental Illness; Spate of TV Crime Shows Designed to Create Gun Control; Lessons of Somalia To Be Used In U.S. To Get the Guns; Another Scenario: Chinese Hoards to Invade the U.S.; George Washington's Prophecy May Come True; The Treasonous Families Behind the New World Order; Canada Will Fall Quickly After the United States; The Window of Opportunity Is Very Brief; What is Killing the Navajo Indians?: More on the "Global 2000" Genocide Scheme; The New World Order (Part 5): The Way Out; These Are Momentous Times; The End of An Age; The New World Order Religion Will Change Many Minds; Staying Spiritual As The New World Order Comes Down; The Importance of Spiritual Energies In Your Life; Do Bar Code Scanners Pollute Food?; More on Food Irradiation; Why Extra Enzymes Are Needed; FDA Destroying Hope For Alternative Health Care; The Last American Flag. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ED's Note: In the past 2 months. Awareness has given considerable information on the New World Order, much of which is urgent. Rather than spoon this all out over several issues, we have taken what we feel is the most urgent of the information and put it into one special report. Although some of the information is redundant, we feel it is all important since each time, new information is added. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The New World Order: (Part 1) The Coming Civil War in the United States: The Government vs. The People It's Inevitable Once the Government Tries To Confiscate the Guns of Its Citizens (CAC General Reading, June 15, 1993) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that it appears almost inevitable that before the New World Order is set up, there will be a kind of civil war in this country; that it will be unlike the Civil War prior to 1865; that it will be more subtle in that the war will be fought between the government and UN forces and groups of individuals. This Awareness indicates that it will not be a group of individuals organized from the top, but rather individuals that organize as a kind of grass-roots backlash opposed to the imposition of New World Order standards and laws and oppressive force used on the masses. This Awareness indicates that it will begin in earnest when the efforts are put forth to round up arms from the masses. This Awareness indicates there are approximately 70 million handguns owned by citizens of this country, of those 70 million, approximately one in seven will choose not to give up their arms and instead to resist the takeover of the country, which means approximately ten million entities of a civilian nature will become a rebel army, opposing the four or five million member police force and UN forces that would round up the guns in this country. This Awareness indicates that many of these rebels will be of the Christian faith; these entities becoming very much educated and concerned in regard to the nature of the plan for the New World Order. This Awareness indicates that there is some data on efforts conducted previously to round up guns, both in Indiana and in Chicago. The Failure of Schemes to Get Guns Turned In This Awareness indicates that during these attempts to get citizens to turn in their guns, there were considerable efforts to give forth the impression that only crooks have guns and that if you had a gun it implied you were involved in drug dealing, and therefore, there was the attempt to use this argument to get entities to turn in their guns so they would not be classed as drug dealers. This Awareness indicates that a few entities turned in their guns, but by and large the majority did not, and in fact, the majority of people began purchasing more guns to the point where the suppliers were unable to meet the demand for more weapons. It became a lesson to those who would disarm the masses, that this approach only stimulated more sales of guns. The sales from this still are occurring. Therefore, the attempt to intimidate entities into surrendering their guns through this kind of coercion and the impression that they are criminals or drug dealers was not only ineffective, but created a backlash which caused more guns to be purchased by more entities, by individuals who had not previously owned guns. This Awareness indicates that the One World Government planners have a genuine terror of the fact that the masses own so many guns in this country. It is one of the major hindrances to the promotion of the New World Order. This Awareness indicates that most entities know that while Bush as president promoted the New World Order, he was not one to promote the denial of guns to the masses. He did in fact state numerous times that he opposed anti-gun policies Clinton Administration Favors Gun Control This Awareness indicates that it appears the Clinton administration as being reversed from this, and while the Clinton administration may have certain oppositions to some of the Bush administration's New World Order plans, it appears to be in favor of the removal of guns from society. It is argued by those who own guns that when you disarm a society of the right to bear arms, it becomes a police state, whereby only the police have the arms. This Awareness indicates in fact, a document advocating the abolishment of the right to bear arms and the argument to turn in all weapons was introduced in several of the states to try to present it as efforts to abolish gun ownership and this document was lifted word for word from 1939 Nazi documents denouncing privately owned guns in Germany prior to World War II. This Awareness indicates that when the guns have been taken from individuals in this country, entities then expect to see their rights taken, the Constitution put aside and the New States Constitution initiated (see back issues for details about the New States Constitution), and other laws put into effect which would enslave this country. This Awareness indicates that these are the concerns that many entities have and these are reasons why so many entities will refuse to give up their weapons and why a civil war is bound to follow. This Awareness indicates however, it is not a civil war that will be organized by rebel officials although there may be some who will try to so organize. This Awareness indicates rather, it will be small groups of ten to twelve individuals per group, made up of family and friends who have been associated for many years and can trust each other totally, so that they have a small unit which is capable of networking with other such small units, but which do not have a central leadership that could be overtaken, destroyed or manipulated in order to destroy the entire movement. This Awareness indicates that in other words, when there is the effort to look for leadership whereby the masses of rebels could be destroyed by cutting off the head, they will discover that there is no head and that the masses of small groups who cannot be penetrated by spies or agents, even if they were to be penetrated, very little damage would come from such penetration. Street Gang Members Now Being Trained This Awareness indicates there will also be a time wherein in the house to house searches for weapons, these officials will employ street gang members who have been specially trained to work with law enforcement personnel. They have already begun bringing these street gang members into training. They have begun organizing these entities to work with government officials. This began after the Los Angeles riots, whereby these entities will become part of the forces that will be used in various neighborhoods, to do the house to house searches. Gangs Authorized to Loot and Pillage These entities essentially are considered as cannon fodder, whereby upon entering a home, rather than having their own police shot at by the home- owner, it will be the street gang agent who will be shot or who will do the shooting. These entities on the front line will enter the home, they will be motivated to enter those homes by promise of having anything in the home they want. In other words, they will be officially authorized to loot and pillage. Their main purpose will be to find guns, but they will also have the authorization to loot and pillage an take whatever they wish from the home. This Awareness suggests that these entities will of course meet with some resistance from some entities, and this may call for further efforts by those forces to back-up the efforts in terms of any particular home. This Awareness indicates that there have been numerous cases or situations in which some of these tactics have already been practiced. One was the house in Philadelphia which ended in the bombing of the building of the Rastafarians. This Awareness indicates that another was the Branch Davidians, wherein this became a practice situation for many of these entities in going into homes that were, or might be defended by arms. This Awareness indicates that in the latter instance, there was considerable surprise in that it was not as easy as had been expected. This Awareness indicates that the future efforts to enter homes, search homes, find the guns will automatically lead to the entities having guns hidden in their homes being taken for interrogation. The entire family will be taken by helicopter to various places designated for interrogation. The men and women and children will be separated, each being questioned. This Awareness indicates that this is the plan whereby they might determine whether an entity or group of entities pose a threat to the New World Order. Of course, the guns are not returned, even if it is determined that these entities do not pose a threat. This Awareness indicates also, much of their belongings may be taken in the process and not returned. This Awareness indicates that this is the plan, but may not be the reality. Keeping in mind that ten million gun owners in the country, facing half that many law enforcement entities, may have other plans, may promote other efforts and may stage situations that are different from the plans of the New World Order. Somalia a Practice Run for Disarming a Population This Awareness indicates that Somalia is another practice area, whereby entities are being used to serve as guinea pigs for the testing of techniques for disarming a population that may be employed by UN forces in these future civilian sweeps. This Awareness indicates that the employment of street gang individuals and also foreign mercenaries so that your own local associates, neighbors and police force are not directly involved in the front lines of the conflict, looting, and house to house searches, allows the plan to have a more cold and dispassionate approach whereby friends are not confronted by friends, neighbors are not put against neighbors, but foreigners or outsiders are the intruders in your home, and they have fewer qualms about taking whatever steps may be necessary to subdue you or others in your home. This is the approach that will be emphasized during this so-called civil war, and they will be quick and ready to follow their orders. And there will be others who are quick and ready to defend themselves, their families and the neighborhood. U.S. to be Divided Into 10 Regional Governments This Awareness indicates that in this planned effort to create a New World Order, once the United States has been subdued, it will be divided among the ten regions that have already been established for regional governments, and the state lines will be dissolved and the governors of the states will be dissolved and replaced by regional governors who will be appointed rather than elected. This Awareness indicates that there is an effort, or will soon be an effort, by certain entities to add an amendment to the Constitution to fix the state lines as permanent boundaries. If this is accomplished, it will certainly cause the New World Order considerable headaches in their efforts to reorganize the United States and to turn it into its various ten regions. This Awareness indicates that this is something to watch for. This Awareness indicates also that once the United States is, if it is, divided into the ten regions, it then is under the dominion of the United Nations and the Constitution of the United States is dissolved and replaced by the New States Constitution, (which many of you know of through Dr. Beter's earlier taped messages). When this has been accomplished, all other nations will quickly follow into joining the New World Order. A New One World Religion Will Reflect Masonry This Awareness indicates that the New World Order will also seek a One World religion which will basically reflect Masonry in its inner or esoteric forms. The new One World Religion will essentially be akin to that which is referred to as the various types of metaphysics from the works of Alice Bailey, Rosicrucians, Free Masonry, the Lucis Trust (which was originally the Lucifer Trust), and the esoteric aspects of the many different forms of religions and of Gnostic orders ranging from Church Universal Triumphant, Unification Church, the Jehovah Witness, and the Mormon Church. This Awareness indicates that most of these, including the metaphysical churches of Jewish descent and Eastern philosophical churches, and those that spring from those various churches have aspects of a Free Masonry part or center or ritualistic quality that has come down through the ages as a single religion or Gnostic type order. This Awareness indicates that by "Gnostic," this refers to secret society information that was originally given from Babylonia and Persia, handed down to the Hebrews and later incorporated into various other religions as a kind of esoteric central hidden teaching. This Awareness indicates that even some of the heart of Christianity is Gnostic in its nature, however the majority of entities in modern day Christianity would argue that their faith is totally unique, new, and separate from these esoteric centers of other philosophical and religious orders. Many Christians Will Oppose the New World Order The Christian religion is based more on faith and belief in the personage of Christ, of Jesus as the Christ, and sees itself as distinct from other religions, while the other philosophical teachings of the various forms of mysticism or metaphysical or gnosticism or Masonry see the Christian religion as a reflection of the inner qualities of the older basic religion, modified by concepts associated with the Piscean Age; the Fisher of Man, the need for faith and belief in the Christ, or in the personified Christ as Jesus. This Awareness indicates that it is because the Christian individuals see themselves as totally distinct from these other religions and therefore, see themselves at odds with these esoteric teachings that they would be most unwilling to participate in the New World Order, and this will be a strong element of conflict. In regard to the new religion, the new emerging religion; it is hardly new, since it is thousands of years old and comes from the teachings that date back to the earliest signs of civilization. This Awareness indicates that in reference to the works of Zechariah Sitchin, this goes back to the times in that which was known as Ur and Sumeria, wherein the alien visitors to earth set up certain religious teachings and messages for the established priestcraft, and these priests controlled religion for the masses down through the ages, and this eventually evolved into what is now the Free Masonry and the various metaphysical messages and groups. The Christian religion carries some of these elements. The concept of Masonry links closely with the Kahuna teachings in Hawaii which in turn reflect the Christian messages of Jesus. Of course, Kahuna meaning carpenter, or mason, and Jesus being a carpenter as that which reflects this tie. This Awareness indicates It sees no great conflict between the esoteric or hidden Christianity, the messages of Jesus and the so-called New Age churches, but these conflicts are magnified by those within the Christian churches to the point of being irreconcilable. This Awareness indicates that it is this that may be the major cause for the civil war that will follow, and it is quite possible that the result of this misunderstanding will work to the betterment of humanity, for it is quite possible that the conflict will lead to at least enough of a compromise so that individuals can learn to live together, allow each other to have their own beliefs and their own understandings rather than war over philosophical ideals and religious concepts. Can Our Constitution Be Compromised? There is of course the question of the Constitution of the United States, the question being: Is it possible to compromise the Constitution? To give up some of it; if so, what part would be given up? Shall one give up the rights to free speech and expression? The rights to bear arms? The rights to freedom of religion? This Awareness indicates there are so many aspects of the U.S. Constitution, that if any part is given up, all of the human freedoms are threatened and may be lost. This Awareness indicates that of course the ideal would be for the whole world to embrace the U.S. Constitution, to take on the qualities and values exemplified in the U.S. Constitution so that human rights and protections become law in all countries, but this does not appear to be the agenda of the New World Order and it appears that the intention is to eliminate the U.S. Constitution. It appears also that the intention of the New World Order is to eliminate Christianity; that this in reference to organized Christianity, and these appear to be intolerable conditions. That there should be the protection of all religions and the protection of all aspects of the U.S. Constitution, but this Awareness indicates these things will be settled during that which is seen as an upcoming civil war which will take place before this century closes. The timing is not seen as exact at this time. It will not be likely to occur until those entities pushing for the One World or New World Order feel comfortable in their intent and method of removing weapons from society in general. If Invaded Forget Calling 911 FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In regard to the street gangs that would invade the homes of the citizens, would it do any good at all upon such attack to call 911, and tell them your house is under attack by street gangs? Would they come to your assistance? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is negative; that the 911 as much like that which occurred to the entity David Koresh, who attempted the same approach, when being attacked by the ATF forces. This Awareness indicates you must understand that some of those entities wearing the ATF forces uniforms were entities from street gangs who had been trained for these special forces maneuvers in the Davidian group attack. This Awareness indicates that these entities being hired and trained by federal agencies for this purpose would not be stopped by calling 911. It would be likened unto calling the police about police attacking your home, for these entities are authorized or will be authorized at the time by the police and federal agencies. Most entities will not know they are ex-street gang members. They will likely wear those black stocking caps with the eye holes to prevent themselves from being recognized, which is simply another way of hiding their faces, much like one who would attack at night, except that during the day they cannot be seen as individuals because they are covered with a street mask, a ski mask with eye holes to hide their true identities. It is a substitute for breaking in at night. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Then They would not wear U.N. uniforms? COSMIC AWARENESS: These entities would not necessarily wear UN uniforms. The local police, by this time, will have become federalized. There is already talk about a federal police force. This Awareness indicates that UN troops will be from foreign countries, trained as mercenary troops. Many of these entities were already trained in part during last summer in the state of Montana. These were British troops. There were also Tibetan troops and also some German troops in the training programs. There were also some Canadian troops involved too. This Awareness indicates the Tibetan troops are known as Ghurkas. How Will Moslems Accept the New Religion? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In regard to the religions, how are the Moslems going to accept or take this. They are supposed to comprise the majority of entities in the world I believe. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that many of these entities will also object. Many however will participate, depending on the extremism and the particular type of religious expression. This Awareness indicates that the Sufis and some of the various New Age type groups that are reflective of basic Moslem teachings will become acceptable and many of the Moslems will embrace some of the expanded teachings from the more metaphysical Moslem religions. This Awareness indicates that on the other hand, there will be many who do not, and much conflict can be expected from these entities. Much resistance and rebellion can be expected from these entities, similar to that among Christians. There will be Christian organizations that will quickly embrace the new religious orders. Others will resist with great ferocity. Pass the Information On To Others FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Awareness, this is a really grim scenario. Does It have any advice on what entities could do now to hopefully head this situation off? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness does not see this as a grim scenario. This Awareness has indicated that the majority of guns held in this country outweigh the number of guns held by the government and police forces, and that the groups of individuals forming small cells or groups can best be effective from a grass-roots movement rather than from a leadership level, or centralized or organized position. This Awareness indicates that if this Awareness began to attempt or show entities how to organize, it would, in effect, jeopardize the outcome, for if entities began to organize, growing into cells that grow into groups that grow into greater organizations and armies, there is then someone in charge and that someone is in jeopardy. This Awareness indicates that It does not see this as being in the future, nor does It see this as being to the advantage of the masses. This Awareness indicates that as many times as this Awareness has addressed various issues, it appears the approach of passing the word as that which has always been suggested. Will Ross Perot Have Any Influence? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Ross Perot is gathering an immense number of people into, I'm not sure whether it's an organization or what it is exactly, but you send him $15 and he sends you newsletters and invites you to these TV forums he puts out and so forth. Does Awareness see Ross Perot as being a positive force in helping to prevent this from coming down? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this could be a positive force, depending on how many entities influence the entity Ross Perot. If the majority of entities push this entity in a particular direction that is helpful to humanity then this will be of a positive value. If the majority push the entity into a different unhealthy position or direction, then it will not be of a positive nature or direction. This entity simply tends to represent the masses that have lined up behind him. This Awareness indicates that he is not necessarily taking a stand or lead on anything without being influenced by the masses he represents. This Awareness indicates there may come a time when he chooses to influence those masses so that they in turn represent his viewpoints. This Awareness indicates that at present time he seeks only to represent them in their viewpoints. Therefore, those involved behind this entity must express their viewpoints and opinions and have some influence through the entity himself. Will Clinton Back The New World Order? QUESTION: Right now, President Clinton is coming under fire from almost every aspect of the media, and the politicians for waffling on issues and changing his mind and backing off and so forth. Does Awareness see this entity as being pushed into a situation where he would go along with this program in the near future? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the entity as one who already has indicated his allegiance to this issue in that he has given more troops to Somalia and to the Yugoslavian situation, which are both part of the activity of strengthening the UN's role in world affairs and an effort to convince the people of the world that the United Nations is in control of world affairs. This Awareness indicates that the entity has already indicated his allegiance to the United Nations in this regard. This is all part of the New World Order scenario to have the UN controlling all of the conflicts of the world, borrowing troops from various nations to do so. Somalia and Yugoslavia today, tomorrow the United States. Will the L.A. Trial Create Riots? QUESTION: I believe it is in August that this entity who bashed in the head of the truck driver during the riots last year is coming to trial; this being a black man. Does Awareness see the court decision on this creating another potential for a "Hot August Night" scenario? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this appears to be quite likely, not absolutely certain, approximately 6 on a scale of 10 that this will create a major disturbance. QUESTION: Is there anything else we should know about this before we move on to another topic? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates there is likely to be other information in the future as things progress; that this is sufficient for the moment. (NOTE: This issue contains much more information about this later on.) CLOSING MESSAGE OF THIS READING: The Economics of The New World Order: How to Survive When it All Comes Down This Awareness wishes to comment on the scenario It previously gave in regard to what It termed the civil war. This Awareness indicates that even while this is occurring there appears to be the potential for things to remain relatively placid, relatively peaceful, that the conflicts between the entities trying to force a disarmed society and those trying to keep their arms is not seen as being as violent as entities might expect. It appears that it will be much like two societies existing simultaneously and to some degree ignoring each other. This Awareness indicates that on the one hand there would be the economics of the New World Order. On the other hand there will be those who do not go along with the New World Order and who will be shut out of the economic system. These entities will in turn create their own economic system of bartering, trading or using other means for exchange. This Awareness indicates the new money that will be introduced to the New World Order, centering on a blue colored script approximately having six times the value of the current money, will be at the heart of one society. The other society will be shut out, but more or less left alone, so long as they do not wave flags or become too noticeable. This Awareness indicates that the secret of survival out side of the New World Order society is not to make waves and not to draw attention to self. Do not be outstanding. This Awareness indicates that this alternate society will be basically ignored until it becomes a nuisance to the New World Order. This Awareness indicates that in this sense, whereas entities will expect or would expect and be let to believe that if they do not go into this New World Order they will be left to starve or will be executed or classed as criminals and hunted down, this is what they would like entities to believe, but it is seen that they will be more or less ignored so long as they do not draw attention to themselves. The Classes of Society Under the New World Order Therefore, the alternate or rebel society will be cast out, or dropouts from the major society, but have the potential for continuance and survival and a reasonable degree of freedom, even with economic hardship. This Awareness indicates that it will likely result in the society that comprises those referred to as rebels eventually becoming the lower rung on a caste society. The higher officials of the society being at the top, the technocrats being below that. The workers or specialists in the work fields being third down. The masses and consumers being fourth down and the untouchables or lower class of society, the drop-outs, being the fifth level down. It is seen as likely to become a kind of world caste society, similar to that of India today, with those on the lower level having few or no rights in the higher levels of the society An Electronic Chip to be Implanted in the Hand of Entities This Awareness indicates that there is seen that strong potential for each entity to receive a chip in his or her hand, or in the forehead. This chip is more than an identifier of the individual. The chip would contain all of the information available about the entity. In fact, it would contain approximately 400,000 bytes of information on each individual and would list also all of the entity's past records, family relationships, studies, activities, health information, what the entity buys, what the entity reads, etc., all according to what occurs when the entity passes the chip over the scanner at supermarkets, so that a running, continuous record occurs and adds more facts and information to the entity's ever-growing data base of information. This chip is that which would be put on the right hand or on the forehead because it is seen as being comprised of a lithium battery, and the lithium would be activated by heat, and the right palm and the forehead are the two areas of the body that have the right kind of heat for the lithium batteries. The Mark Creates Boils & Separates the Soul This Awareness indicates that wherein you have been warned in the Book of Revelation against this, it also speaks of entities who have this "Mark of the Beast" as eventually suffering from boils, the boils all over their bodies, and they cry out for rocks and heavens and mountains to fall upon them for they are suffering from these boils. This Awareness indicates this is the result of lithium leaking from the batteries and the chips failing to function properly, which will occur in due time because of certain changes in earth's atmosphere that disrupts the chips. This Awareness indicates that this will, of course, be one reason why entities would prefer to avoid receiving this mark. The other reason being that it totally disrupts the entity's connection with his or her soul, so that the soul becomes separated from the body. The soul is that which is the spiritual side of your emotional body. This Awareness indicates that when this occurs, you will find it extremely difficult to maintain any semblance of a spiritual connection with God, of a spiritual aspect in your life. This Awareness indicates in other words, it would be better to end up on the lower caste level for the duration of the New World Order than to experience the lithium chip that eventually creates boils all over your body and which separates yourself from your soul. Men Will Rebel When Wives Are Taken to U.N. Brothels This Awareness indicates that this society is not seen as that which will last for any great duration; it may last to the end of the decade. It does not see it lasting much beyond that time. It appears that somewhere in the early formation of this society before it is even completed, enough of a backlash will occur whereby entities will totally rebel against the New World Order. This particularly will occur when wives and children are separated from the men, and in many cases, the wives and children are taken into brothels, exported into other countries for use by UN troops. This will stimulate extreme reaction from men all over the world to rebel against the New World Order. This Awareness indicates that this, and other programs of the New World Order, will lead the world in a great revolt so that the New World Order will not ever really get solidified on this plane. Elements may become solidified, but the total program will fall apart and will be brought together along totally different lines whereby many of the freedoms that entities experience under the U.S. Constitution are then spread throughout the world, and a new spiritual world community emerges. This Awareness sees this coming after the turn of the century. It appears this will also have some help from Pleiadians and Vegans and others from outside this planet. (End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given.) The Satanic Hierarchy (Part 2) How the New World Order Programs the Masses For Gun Control and Deals With Christian Organizations and Groups That Threaten (CAC General Reading, July 13, 1993) QUESTION: Awareness, we're here to begin a series of CAC general readings. Does Awareness have an opening message? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates there are a few areas that may now be brought forth; the energies having cleared. This Awareness indicates that it is important to understand that when there is a great deal of extreme agitation, some of the deeper energies cannot be easily brought through to the Interpreter. This Awareness indicates that when things calm down on the surface, often these energies can then be seen more clearly, the energies that lie in deeper waters of consciousness. This Awareness indicates that several things that are kind of like missing pieces of the puzzle for readings that have been previously given are now being shown more clearly. The History of the Branch Davidians This Awareness indicates that the Waco situation needs some clarification. This Awareness indicates that this relates to the history of this group which goes back to its origin as the Seventh Day Adventists organization, wherein in 1930's a writer for the organization warned about the coming events, including that which was to be the New World Order. This Awareness indicates that this organization continued on for a time and in the early 1940s, when World War II began, had broken from the mother church and needed to seek conscientious objector status for its members. This created a new organization. The reason being because the Seventh Day Adventists church did not sponsor its station or did not give its official recognition to this branch. This Awareness indicates that the branch then became autonomous or unique and separate from the Seventh Day Adventist church. Davidian Leader Vernon Howell a CIA Agent This Awareness indicates that still later, another split in leadership occurred wherein the entity Vernon Howell took control of the church. This Awareness indicates this entity Vernon Howell being a CIA agent, along with six others working with him, wherein they often appeared to be hostile toward one another, took over the church or group, because it had published information warning about the Last Days and the New World Order, and the entity Vernon Howell was commissioned to become the new leader of the church, so as to lead to its destruction. This Awareness indicates there are other branches of the so-called Branch Davidians, in different areas of the country. The purpose of Vernon Howell was to bring down this group so as to discredit all of this branch, its teachings, as well as to undermine and cast discredit on all Evangelical Christian teachings relating to the Last Days, the Book of Revelation. David Koresh Escaped Fire as Planned This Awareness indicates that Vernon Howell is known best by the name of David Koresh. This Awareness indicates that this entity, contrary to reports, did not die in the burning of the building, but he and his assistants who worked with him escaped and are still free to continue in other activities for the agency to which they belong. This Awareness indicates that the effect of this is not seen so clearly in the United States, because in the United States people generally recognize the differences between one group or another, but it is extremely effective in Europe and other parts of the world, whereby most entities perceive the Branch Davidians as representing the fundamentalist Christian position in general, thus they see all Christian fundamentalists as being in the same ball park as the David Koresh group, which was made to appear to be far more absurd in its teachings than it was in reality. This Awareness indicates that while the entity steered the organization toward an appearance that its leader was a type of megalomaniac, a child molester, an immoral and false messiah, the church, prior to this false prophet and double agent, had some strong convictions and information was being presented that informed entities of the nature of the coming events in the world, and of the New World Order in general. Waco Scenario Was Planned 3 Years Earlier This Awareness indicates that many of those agents who were killed in the initial attack on the building were set up to be killed so as to help use this event as a situation that could later be pointed at as reasons for disarming the public. This Awareness indicates that this operation was planned approximately three years in advance and it was not a sudden spontaneous or haphazard event. This Awareness indicates the activity was planned out from start to finish, and very few mistakes were experienced, even though it was made to appear that mistakes were made. This Awareness indicates the fact that ambulances were not present was intentional, in order to make the crisis more severe, so that the injured ATF people that were injured or died in the initial attack would create casualties and would give the impression that the ATF didn't really expect trouble. This Awareness indicates that when ambulances are in attendance at football games or other sporting events, one has to question why they were not in attendance at this situation. This Awareness indicates that the situation will be used in the future to argue that guns should be taken from the masses so as to make it easier to enforce the law. It will also be used to discredit and deny credibility to Christian organizations and groups, for these are the organizations that will be most threatening to the New World Order. Christian Evangelists Pose a Real Threat to New World Order This Awareness indicates that these prophetic Christian organizations generally look for the players to appear for the Book of Revelation to transpire in its prophecies and they tend to grab the pieces to fit the scenario of the Book of Revelation, and in so doing, tend to expose much of what is going on in the world. Thus, they are seen as a threat. This Awareness indicates that these people, the so-called Christian evangelists, in particular, and the fact that there are 70 million registered firearms in the United States, are the two greatest threats to the New World Order and its agenda. This Awareness indicates that this Awareness indicated "registered" owners of firearms. There are actually approximately 50 million more firearms carriers who do not have their guns registered. There are approximately three million police and militia and military agents carrying guns to enforce the New World Order, thus, if one-tenth of those who carry guns were to turn against the enforcers, it would be totally overwhelming; an army of citizens that would overwhelm the enforcers. Thus, the plan is to rid the country of its firearms before attempting to take over for the New World Order. This Awareness indicates there is part of this plan to use the gang members, and by joining these Bloods and Crips and other gang members together, to work for the law enforcement agencies, these entities will be the ones who are hired by the agencies to enter into the homes and to take the patriots and their weapons, confiscate the weapons of gun owners and to kidnap the patriots, when the time comes for this event to occur. By 1996 All Guns Will be Confiscated & Identi-Chips Implanted This Awareness indicates this is seen as an undetermined time at the moment, but it could occur at any time when these planners believe it would be possible, more likely after a gun law is passed, designating the people turn in their weapons. This Awareness indicates that it could be any time from later in 1993 to approximately 1996. By 1996, it is intended by these planners that this country be well under control with guns removed and masses branded and implanted with identi-chips. This Awareness indicates that to take these guns, they realize that many of their agents will be killed in the process of raiding homes for weapons, and for this reason, they have selected to use the gang members as front- line cannon fodder, to use these entities to go into the homes while their paid agents of the SWAT teams wait outside. And these entities who enter into the homes have permission to shoot and kill, to loot, to steal, to take anything they wish from the home, as their payment for their job being done. What these entities do not yet know is that as they round up the patriots and loot their homes, when all of these patriots have been rounded up, they themselves also have their name on the list of those entities to be exterminated, for these entities are also seen as undesirables in the New World Order and they are not seen as having a place in the New World Order, so when their usefulness has been completed and they have done their dirty deeds, then they too will be exterminated. This Awareness indicates that this essentially is the nuts and bolts of the plan to round up patriots and to get rid of opinion leaders and anyone who might be in opposition to the New World Order. Neighbors Will be Told It's a Drug Raid In front of the home being raided, a helicopter will come down, pick up all persons in the family and take off, and go to one of the many prisons, or prison camps in the country, depositing these entities inside, and then returning again to the next town or city, where homes are being attacked. This Awareness indicates the Waco situation was more or less a practice for this, a dry run for this operation. Considering it was a fortified building, it was perceived as being a good test, to see how well it could be carried out and how well it could be done without giving the appearance of something sinister or something illegal being perpetrated by the government. The idea of the attack on the homes will be promoted as part of the drug enforcement program, and those patriots will be called drug dealers, and the neighbors will be told that it was a drug sweep in their community, whereby the entities were involved in drug dealing and thus, were taken away as part of the drug enforcement program. Guillotines From France Going to U.S. Prison Camps This Awareness indicates that some time back, a ship unloading cargo in San Francisco dropped a bundle of crates, and workers on the dock were shocked to see that those crates contained guillotines. The overseer of the unloading, when asked about the guillotines, simply replied, "Get out of here! Forget you ever saw that!" This Awareness indicates that particular load of guillotines was heading to some of the many different prisons, concentration camps that have already been established. The state of Oregon having a concentration camp with guillotines in the areas of Christmas Valley. This Awareness indicates that these guillotines were shipped from France as part of an extermination program for the future. Closed Military Bases Being Converted to Prisons This Awareness indicates that you are familiar with the recent closure of some hundred and seventy-nine military bases. Many are led to believe that this is intended to save money, and many of these bases were originally state-owned property, but the bases are being closed for military purposes and still held open by federal control and agencies. The purpose being to convert them into prisons and concentration camps. Friends and Relatives May Also be Taken to Camps This Awareness indicates that these will take a minimum of approximately four to six months to be converted, which will allow that much time before this operation could begin. This Awareness indicates that it may be longer before such an operation of picking up the patriots of the country and taking them to the concentration camps actually occurs. When it does occur, the friends and relatives of the patriots are also likely to be taken so that no one is left to tell what happened. This is patterned in part after the manner by which Russia was taken over during the Russian Revolution so that there were few who could or dared to speak of what really occurred in the Russian Revolution. Identi-Chip to be Implanted by Needle This Awareness indicates that the identi-chip that will be implanted in the hand or forehead of entities will be implanted with a syringe or needle. It is so small that it can pass through a needle used for injection into the hand or into the forehead. The reason for the right hand or forehead being used is not to match with the prophecies of the Book of Revelation, but because the right hand and the forehead are areas of the body that can be used with a scanner and also which have sufficient heat to keep the tiny lithium batteries of the identi-chip charged up. This Awareness indicates these lithium batteries are activated with a certain heat level, which the hand and forehead can deliver. This Awareness indicates that the identi-chip is capable of holding almost a half million bytes of information and will record and give back information on everything an entity does from birth through death, including whatever the entity buys, whatever the entity reads, or purchases to read, so that at any time, the identi-chip can be used to monitor the inner secrets of an individual This Awareness indicates that this is not the same thing as the Mark of the Beast, although it well could be. The so-called Mark of the Beast will be a kind of product code symbol as used on products with the lines of code. This is a kind of brand on the people, wherein each will be individualized with just enough information to identify the entity, at any of the more common screening devices. This Awareness indicates that this is the so-called Mark of the Beast and the identi-chip is a far more sophisticated device that can be used to give detailed information on all levels about the individual. This Awareness indicates that along with this, there is another consideration that entities need to be aware of. Sinister Electronics Put in All Cars Since 1987 There will be an effort to get rid of all cars prior to 1987, because at that time, in some cases prior to 1987, the automobiles were being equipped with computers in their electronic systems that contained far more than is necessary for running the car. This Awareness indicates if you notice, the earlier electronic ignition systems were quite small, approximately the size of an old battery, approximately one inch by four inches square, whereas the new electronic ignition systems have grown larger and larger as time has passed, and you will also realize that most electronic instruments tend to become smaller and smaller as time passes. The reason the electronic ignitions system has grown larger over the years instead of smaller, is because more and more information, more and more components have been put into this, as material or technology, to read and control and be used for monitoring not only the car, but also who the owner is and to affect the automobile at some future time. Satellites Can Stop All Automobiles Dead in Their Tracks This is in reference to certain electronic devices that can be put along the highway to read these electronic components in your automobile, so as to know whose automobile is where at any particular or given time, its speed, and also this device can be used by satellite systems to shut off all automobiles in a particular area, so that they all cease to function at once in a particular area, simply by the satellite sending out a signal that corresponds to your electronic components in your automobile. This Awareness indicates that in other words, whereas entities can be forced into poverty situations by having gasoline cut off, they can also be put into similar crisis levels, simply having their automobile made ineffective, and an entire economy of a city can be stifled instantaneously from the flip of a switch or signal to a satellite overhead, which in turn shuts off all of the automobiles down below. This Awareness indicates that it is all part of the so called "All-Seeing Eye," wherein there is not only the seeing of the eye, but also the control of the masses by that all-seeing eye. This Awareness indicates that most entities thinking of the all-seeing eye on the design of the pyramid on U.S. money think it represents God, but instead it represents the all- seeing eye of the organizational structure on earth, which has been called by many names, and which consists of many groups; everything from Masonry through the Illuminati, and is perceived by the Christians, the fundamentalist Christians in particular, as the Satanic hierarchy. The Satanic Hierarchy Includes Many New Age Groups This Awareness indicates that the Satanic hierarchy, of course, includes most New Age organizations, according to the Christian perception, and in some cases this is more or less correct, if you accept the labels used by these fundamentalist Christians. They tend to label everything that is not part of their own accepted or selected group as being Satanic, and in this sense, there is some flaws in the way they view things. This Awareness indicates that essentially however, there is much which these entities see that can be recognized as having a basis of truth, if you do not get too caught up in terminology. This Awareness indicates that the so-called Satanic hierarchy includes, for these entities, all of the organizations that have been linked with or tied in with the Rothschilds, the Masonic lodges and the Illuminati and its various sub-groups, and all of the Rothschild organizations or those that are controlled or influenced by the Rothschild organizations, and tend to include many of the metaphysical groups. B'nai B'rith Rituals Work With Rothschilds This Awareness indicates that one thing needs to be understood, that the B'nai B'rith, which has its offices very close to the Rothschild controlled bank in England, are influenced by the Rothschilds and the rituals for the various metaphysical organizations often come from the Masonic lodges and these are put together in the B'nai B'rith groups, in connection with the Rothschild influences. This Awareness indicates that the idea being that if entities follow similar rituals, they are subconsciously controlled by those who control the rituals. This Awareness indicates that these of course being seen by the fundamentalists as Satanic rituals, would imply that these lodges, these metaphysical groups are under the control of Satan. This Awareness indicates that all of this may help entities to understand where the fundamentalist Christians are coming from and why they are perceived as a tremendous threat to the New World Order. One Reason Bush Did Not Get Reelected This Awareness indicates that the Rothschilds essentially have control over most of the political and monetary facets of the world. This Awareness indicates that one reason why George Bush did not get reelected is because he offended the Rothschilds. He made a statement in September of '91 that he could wipe out the deficit easily, if he wanted to, and that he might do so. His means of doing it would be to stop all incoming oil products from outside the United States, thus, he would in effect, shut off British Petroleum and Arab oil and simply start using oil generated within the United States or as originating from United States sources of oil. No doubt this would include the oil produced by Zapata Oil Company, which he once headed, and probably also his oil fields in Bahrain and the various oil fields in Texas that were shut down because it cost more than foreign oil to produce. This Awareness indicates at any rate, the threat of cutting out British Petroleum, the BP stations, was enough to cause the Rothschilds to deny their support to Bush, and in fact, to prevent him from winning the election. Clinton May Favor Rothschilds This Awareness indicates that considering the entity Clinton, this entity as a Rhodes scholar and Rhodes as being promoted and backed by the Rothschilds, would suggest the entity was a person who would cooperate with the Rothschilds. This Awareness indicates of course, the Rockefellers also have their influence on this entity, and while the Rockefellers have a kind of competition going with the Rothschilds, the Rockefeller empire is no real match for the Rothschilds. This Awareness indicates if it comes down to a real conflict between the two, the Rothschilds have the assistance of not only those who among humans are tied in with them, they also have the Reptoids and the Greys to work with them, whereas the Rockefellers can count on some entities in the United States and also Russia and also the Nazis, to work with them. This Awareness indicates that there may well come a time when these entities shall clash. The Rockefellers would prefer to keep the Constitution in effect, whereas the Rothschilds will attempt to destroy the United States Constitution in order to create regional governments, ten regional governments. Coming Soon: A Bill To Spot the Traitors in Congress This Awareness indicates that there will be in the near future, this appears to be approximately 90 percent likely, a movement or Bill to create an Amendment to the Constitution that fixes the boundaries of the states within the Constitution, so that the states, in the United States, will become part of the law, as they are presently defined, so that entities cannot change these boundaries and still abide by the Constitution, which is still the law of the land. In doing this, it will smoke out those people in Congress and in the House of Representatives who are working toward the New World Order and the design or the effort of destroying the U.S. Constitution and creating a New States Constitution, which redefines the United States into ten regional districts. This Awareness indicates that once it has smoked out or shown who is who in this conflict, those entities who vote for the Amendment to define the states' boundaries as part of the Constitution, will be seen as the true Americans as being loyal to their oath of office, and those who vote against this Amendment will be seen as traitors, and thus, by this kind of definition, there will come a separation of the two, so that the enemies of patriotism can be clearly defined. This Awareness indicates it will also have the effect of causing many of those who are intimidated to support the New World Order and the New States Constitution, it will cause these entities to think twice about their loyalties to the New World Order and the New States Constitution, and many of them will change their allegiance and begin to work to restore the strength and power of the U.S. Constitution. This Awareness indicates that the one major thing that keeps this country from being taken over, that keeps the New World Order from taking place immediately, is the fact that so many entities in the United States still carry weapons, and many of these entities are still aware of the concepts which this country has been based upon through the Constitution. More "Crazed Gunman" Incidents To Be Staged This Awareness indicates that there will be a concerted effort to re- educate the masses into giving less and less credibility to the U.S. Constitution and to persuade the ownership of guns is a bad thing and that the public should turn over their guns to make a more safe world. This Awareness indicates in order to do this, they are likely to stage more situations in which entities are shot by mad and crazed gunmen. Most of those situations that have occurred have been staged by entities who were set up either through deep mind control programs or who were staged to commit these acts of violence simply because they were already susceptible to being mentally unbalanced and had someone who pushed them into that form of antisocial behavior. By creating situations in which entities are killed by the use of guns, particularly guns with large ammunition clips that appear to be designed to accommodate the killing of many people, such as the semi-automatic handguns, the public is gradually turned away from thinking of guns as protective tools and more into thinking as violative tools and it becomes more and more desirable to rid everyone of guns, except of course for the police and for the various agencies; the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms groups and the IRS, and perhaps your state tax department, and perhaps the people who enforce welfare laws, and perhaps other agencies, as the government might see fit, when entities' arms have been taken, so that your bureaucrats carry weapons in order to enforce their positions and the tax collectors carry weapons in order to collect their taxes, and your police carry weapons in order to carry out their duties and you and your neighbors all comply, just as did the masses under Adolf Hitler. This Awareness indicates that it might be thought-provoking to realize that one of the documents being promoted in favor of gun control which has had a popular effect in this country already, originated in the 1930s in Nazi Germany, and word for word, in translation was copied for these present times in the United States. This Awareness indicates that you are living in very dangerous times. This Awareness cannot tell you what you should do. It can only explain to you the circumstances and the situations in regard to what is going on, and you will need to make your own determinations. This Awareness does wish to say however, that in regard to the identi-chip, when this begins to fail, and the lithium begins to leak out into your body, it will create boils and sores that will be extremely painful. This has been described in the Book of Revelation, wherein entities would cry out for the mountains to fall upon them. How To Avoid the Mark of the Beast This Awareness indicates that likewise, this Awareness wishes to point out that whereas in the Book of Revelation it speaks of those who take the Mark as losing their soul, but this Awareness suggests that the child, the individual who does not comprehend or understand or who is forced into taking the mark will not lose their soul. It becomes a matter of choice, but those who choose without understanding or those who are forced into the acceptance of this brand will still keep their soul, even though they may eventually undergo many hardships before being freed of it. This Awareness indicates that entities may ask: "What is there for us to do to avoid all of this? How can we fight?" This Awareness indicates obviously, you cannot buy enough weapons to defend yourself against these powerful forces, against this rule that is being forced upon the earth. There is no point in trying to fight it with weapons. Such weapons are tools of the Dark Force. This Awareness indicates there is one force that is more powerful than all of the weapons. That force is faith in the Divine, and as long as you hold your faith in the Divine, none of these lesser forces, the bullets, the helicopters, none of these things can truly touch you. They may rip your body, but they cannot touch you, your true self. This Awareness indicates that it is very important for entities to develop faith and it is very important for entities to understand the power and the nature of faith. This Awareness indicates that with proper faith you will be moved into areas of safety. This Awareness suggests this is related to the concept of energizing. Entities are familiar with energizing something, wherein you put your faith or your energies into promoting something. This Awareness indicates that as you pour your energies into this, you are essentially saying, "I have faith in the outcome of this." This Awareness indicates that the more you put your energies into it, the more you demonstrate your faith in the outcome, in the purpose of your venture. This Awareness indicates even when things become uncertain, unclear or difficult, you still pour your energies into it and you still express your faith in the outcome, knowing that the Higher Forces are looking toward this and knowing that when the Higher Forces want you to turn a different direction, you will know it is time to quit. You are not doing it out of sheer personal determination. You are doing it because you are attuned to the Higher Forces, to the Divine Forces, and in your attunement you are directed to pour your energies into it. This Awareness indicates often there is the temptation to look at what is happening and to say, "I'm not going to hold my breath for this." This Awareness indicates that is the time you should be saying: "I'm holding my breath that this will happen." The only reason entities say "I'm not holding my breath for this," is to let others know that they are not gullible or that they are not counting on something that seems to require a miracle, which would imply that they are above the need to have such help. This Awareness indicates that there is nothing wrong with saying: "I'm counting on the Divine Forces. I'm holding my breath that this will happen." It is not less macho to hold your breath in anticipation for something to happen, nor is it more macho to state that you aren't holding your breath for this or that to happen. This Awareness indicates that faith requires entities to assess and to give their trust to something higher than themselves, and if you cannot give your faith and your trust to something higher than yourself, then you have no faith other than faith in yourself, and anyone who is realistic knows that faith in yourself is limited, regardless of who you are and how great you are. This Awareness indicates that faith in the Divine is limitless, for the Divine can create things that happen, can change things, can make things happen in nature or in circumstances that go beyond anything one can do on a personal level. This Awareness indicates that further questions may now be asked for this reading. How Indenti-Chips Will Be Implanted: Beast Implant Successfully Tested in New York QUESTION: In order to implant the masses with these identi-chips, won't doctors have to be in on this scheme? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this will be done in a way whereby entities perceive rewards and protection for these injections. They will be protected in that anyone who is lost or who is misidentified can prove themselves, can prove who they are with their identi-chip, and they must be made to see that this is extremely valuable. This Awareness indicates that this would be, for example, extremely valuable if there were an invasion or a question of whether you have a right to be in this country or questions of who you really are and whether you really have any good identification or right to remain in this country. There would also be a benefit if you could only receive payment by revealing your identi-chip. This Awareness indicates that in New York recently it was advertised that entities could receive this chip in their hand and be paid $25. This was promoted as part of a social program or social experiment. There were only so many identi-chips to be given out at $25 each; the area by 9:00 in the morning at opening, was packed with several thousand entities ready to have the chip implanted, to get their $25. This Awareness asks: "What would be the effect in an economic crisis if entities were told that they could receive the equivalent of a thousand dollars or two thousand dollars per person for getting this chip and that the payment would be electronically given to them through their bank and they could extract it by using this chip?" This Awareness indicates that there are very few who would not accept this offer. This Awareness indicates this has been mentioned in 1979 in reference to the Gathering Storm and readings related to that topic, but it is somewhat difficult in that the identi-chip will be easier to use than the credit or debit card as was previously discussed. This Awareness indicates the debit card is likely to come first and the identi-chip to follow. It is likely that money will be taken from circulation, probably within 5 years, and the debit card introduced along with credit cards, and that after these have been accepted and entities have their various card numbers, it is likely that all cards will be merged into one card, so that entities do not have multiple credit cards, but will have only one card, and only one number, and later the argument will be: "People can steal your card! We have to have a way to mark you and your identification so that no one can steal your number and use of your good credit!", and then will be the time for the identi-chip to be made available. Merchants will be instructed not to accept the cards after a certain date, to use only the identi-chip, and if entities do not have this, they will not be able to purchase. This Awareness indicates that the intention of the New World Order is to have all entities in all countries using the number and all economics being centered around the number by the year 2000. In order for this to occur, it would appear that those third-world countries would follow after the more technologically advanced countries, so it would appear that most of this effort will have been completed within three to four years before that year 2000 in those more technologically advanced countries. How Many Will Avoid the Numbering System This Awareness indicates that It has discussed the plan. This Awareness indicates that It wishes also to add the practicality of this plan being carried out is much less likely and in greater likelihood you will witness two cultures: one in which the structure using this planned technology develops and grows and is implemented; at the same time a kind of sub- culture will develop in which entities come together, make things, produce things, and trade with each other without getting involved in the numbering system. This Awareness indicates rather than entities being search out and arrested and killed for not taking the number, it is more likely that these entities will simply be ignored and treated like lepers or homeless people, treated like outcasts of society. This Awareness indicates that whereas there may be laws that anyone not having the number is considered a criminal, and entities are intimidated into taking this number, it is also likely that instead of there being punishment inflicted on so many entities, they will look the other way and let the sub-culture develop along different lines. This Awareness indicates this is not too unlike today's society in which there are those who are within the tax system and there are those that are outside the tax system, the so-called "underground economics." This Awareness indicates that this is more likely to occur, so that entities are not intimidated by the threats that will be made in the early transition period. This Awareness wanted entities to understand the more practical side, the more likely side of the situation. This Awareness indicates it will be approximately 8 years before this entire system collapses and things move into a different direction so that the outcasts can then become part of a totally new and more free society. Randy Weaver Acquittal and Waco Investigation: Will This Set Back the One World Planners Any? Many Patriots in Navy Know What's Going On; FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: A number of surveys lately have shown that the average American is probably more frightened by the United States government than anything else. The other day a jury acquitted Randy Weaver of murder and stated that it was pretty obvious that he was set up by the FBI and these U.S. Marshals. Weaver's attorney Spence now wants to prosecute the Marshals and the FBI agents involved on murder charges, and he said he would do it for free! Also, the country is demanding that this Congressional Committee that supposedly is going to investigate the Waco, Texas tragedy; they all seem to smell a rat; that there's even editorials stating the government has come down way too hard against its citizens, etc. My basic question is: Are these incidents going to set back some of the New World Order plotters, and will it raise consciousness in America high enough that people will be more aware of what these planners are doing to them? George Bush's "Warning" and the Tailhook Scandal COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that last year, George Bush was taken by helicopter to a particular place in the Western United States, by Navy officials, and was warned to cease in his diabolical plans or he would be dealt with through impeachment proceedings as a traitor. The entity was told this with his back to the Grand Canyon, where he stood only a few feet from the cliff. He was told it in a way that was extremely intimidating to him. Upon return to the White House, the entity began weeding out various people in the Navy. This also was linked to the so-called Tailhook Scandal whereby it was used to get rid of certain individuals that the entity perceived as a threat. Within a matter of hours, many of the top officials of the Navy were removed from their offices. This Awareness indicates that it was assumed that he had gotten rid of those who might threaten his efforts. This Awareness indicates however, that this was only a removal of some of the entities in the higher echelons of the Navy and that there were many more in lower levels who know what is going on. The Navy, more than any other branch, is very much aware of what is occurring in the deeper conspiracy levels of government, and there are many in the Navy, through Naval intelligence, who are in communication with others in other military branches, so that if these events reach a certain point, where the Constitution is truly threatened, these military forces will not hesitate to act. This Awareness indicates it appears that there will be many officials who change their position because they see the tide turning, and it appears that there is a considerable amount of fear among those who are promoting these traitorous efforts to subvert the Constitution, and it appears that as more people awaken and express themselves and become cognizant of what is really happening in this country, they will, rather than give up their guns, buy more guns and that the entire situation may turn around, whereby these plotters become trapped. It appears that there are already many forces that are aware of what is occurring, who could bring out the truth publicly, but who are simply biding their time, holding back, waiting for the right time to expose the conspiracies. "The Grail": The Most Secret of all Organizations This Awareness indicates there is that which is the most secret of all secret organizations and is known as The Grail, and this organization is that which works closely with the Divine Forces to prevent these Dark forces from ever really reaching or holding their power on this earth. This Awareness indicates that if you look at medieval Christianity and the interpretations or definitions given during those times, you are likely to recognize a similarity, whereby the Grey aliens in today's UFO phenomena equate to Medieval concepts of demons and demonology, and whereby the Reptoid aliens in today's UFO phenomena, correlate very closely to images and pictures and diagrams and descriptions of the so-called Devil. This Awareness indicates that one might just as easily use these terms today to discuss these aliens in the UFO world, and they would not be too far off in having the same general philosophy as presented by the Medieval churches some 200 years ago or more. This Awareness indicates that the introduction of certain diseases in those days by demons, creating the Black Plague, for example, could correlate very closely with the aliens of today who create AIDS and other demonic diseases. The words change, the names change, the titles change, the places may change, but the activities remain very much the same. It is this that is meant by the old adage: "The more things change, the more things stay the same." The changes are in the names, in the places, in the faces. The same old thing occurs in the general way of events and methods of events. This Awareness indicates for example, you hear today of people who are doubles for another person, and it all seems so new and unusual, but these things occurred far back in history, where kings and leaders had their twins, their duplicates, their doubles. It is not new, but the names for these things have changed and the faces have changed. QUESTION: Thank you. Does Awareness have a closing message? COSMIC AWARENESS: New Weapons Tested During Waco Event This Awareness indicates that another purpose of the Waco event was to test certain new weapons. One such weapon being an infrared scanning device that can be flown overhead by airplane or helicopter, in such a way that it penetrates through the roof and into the room where entities reside, to locate the placement of entities and also to listen to their conversations, whereby the infrared can transfer sound from the conversations in the room, just as wires can transfer telephone calls. Another weapon used was a laser device that shines upon a window and uses the window as a kind of diaphragm such as in a speaker, to listen to what is being said inside. Another weapon was that of using the telephones as receivers so that they could be used to pick up conversation, even when they were on hook. This Awareness indicates in this manner, the entities knew at all times what was going on inside. This of course helped them to know the locations of their agents, including David Koresh. This Awareness indicates that also it should be understood that the use of the tear gas blinded the entities inside even though a statement was made that tear gas doesn't affect the eyes. This is like saying smoke doesn't affect the nose. The very purpose of tear gas, in fact, as its name implies, is an effect on the eyes so that an entity cannot see; the purpose of the tear gas in this situation was to blind the entities so that they could not escape when the fire started, so they could not find their way around, so they could not even see what was happening until it was too late. It was intended that entities should die in this, just as the Jim Jones situation was set up for entities to die. The idea being that if enough of these things happen, the masses will turn against Christians and the situations will call for stronger government measures to deal with these cults and groups and individuals so that when eventually the groups, individuals, and so called cults are attacked, the masses will be used to it and will consider it part of clamping down on the negative elements of society: the drugs, the child molesters and the deviants of society. This Awareness indicates that homosexuality is no longer considered by society as deviant behavior, but Christianity is quickly becoming a target for such labeling. It is something to ponder, to think about, as these entities are systematically defamed, by situations such as the Jim Jones and David Koresh situations. (ED's Note: For more on this subject, please refer to "Revelations of Awareness" Issues No. 91-5 (The New World Order, Part 1); 91-8 (The Moonlight Scenario); 91-2 (Prelude to War in the Middle East); 92-1 (The Cosmic Awareness Forecast for 1992),92-12 (Operation Hot August Night). Also suggested is William Cooper's underground book: "Behold a Pale Horse," which contains much information on the New World Order and its planners, and it also includes the full text of the New States Constitution which is planned to replace our present Constitution. The New World Order (Part 3) The Countdown Begins: Only 5 Months At Best Before the Closed Down Bases Become Prisons "If this plan is allowed to be carried out, there will be mass murder in the United States that will make World War II pale in comparison" -- Cosmic Awareness (C.A.C. General Reading, July 15,1993) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates the planners for the New World Order might appear to have great power and great energies directed toward the completion of their plans, to the point where entities could become quite discouraged and feel helpless and hopeless in regard to the future. This Awareness indicates that even some of the information given by this Awareness regarding those plans, if not seen from all sides, could make entities feel somewhat discouraged and uncertain about the future. It is clear that these entities will want to destroy the Constitution of the United States and to impose a new set of laws on the masses. This Awareness indicates however, that it should also be clear that in order for them to do so, the people who work for them will have to first violate their oath to the Constitution, which they gave when they took office. Many of these entities as politicians, having pledged to the oath of office their allegiance to the Constitution, and when these entities change and pledge their allegiance to the New World Order, or to the United Nations, they are essentially guilty of treason. These entities are aware of this. Their only hope is that they can get by without being caught, until they set up the New World Order and destroy the Constitution to which they had sworn allegiance. This Awareness indicates that in the meantime, there are many entities who are being made more and more aware. The people of this nation in general do not trust their government, and more and more entities are questioning what is going on. They are open to learn what is really happening: "Why is the government acting so oppressive here and there and in these various ways? Why are there so many strange crimes? Are they really, as some indicate, sponsored by government agencies in order to get rid of the guns in society? In order to make the masses turn against the right to bear arms? What is really going on here?" There are a great number of people in this country asking these questions. It is also occurring in other countries around the world. Many of these countries look to the United States for examples and leadership, and they see what is happening in this country and are concerned. This Awareness indicates that the people of this country want to know about the New World Order, and they are not being told. Most do not understand it and they simply wonder what it is. This Awareness indicates that some of the entities have read books. The Pat Robertson book has been read by many thousands of people, and they have a certain understanding of the New World Order as seen by Pat Robertson and his many researchers, and there are others less known who have also written about this New World Order, and people are beginning to question whether it is something they want. Meanwhile, the New World Order is slowly being put together piece by piece, and time is running out, but while this is happening, more and more people are waking up and questioning: "What is this New World Order? Hitler spoke of it in the 1930s, Bush spoke of it, and now we hear about it under Clinton. What is this all about?" This Awareness indicates that even now there are organizations around the country that are preparing ahead of time to counter the plans and programs of the New World Order. There are those who attempt to inform the masses of what the New World Order is, and what they can do to prevent this from coming. Some Police and Militia Being Informed of The New World Order There are even those who write to all of the police force and militia in the United States, giving them a description of what they will be required to do, and asking them: "Who's side are you on? Those who will violate the Constitution, the law of the land, and commit treason against this law, or those who will stand up and defend the country, according to its law and its general purpose of protecting the masses?" These entities are also told of the inside and hidden plans of the New World Order, how it will get rid of half of the population on earth, and enslave the remaining half, for the elite super-wealthy families. This Awareness indicates that many of these militia and police officers who read this material will begin to question whether they want to be used, or whether they want to defend their country and their people. This Awareness indicates that likewise, the many entities of various groups, particularly the Christian groups and the patriot groups, recognizing that it is coming down on them especially, and they will be the first to go if it comes down, these entities are beginning to prepare themselves. This Awareness indicates that likewise, many of those agents working for the New World Order in the lower echelons who will be the front-line forces to go into homes, to arrest people, to kill people if necessary, are beginning to learn that they too will be terminated when their job is done; they too will be eliminated from society. They will be killed along with the Christians and patriots. This Awareness indicates that they are beginning to question whether they want to participate in this scam against the masses. This Awareness indicates that it is spreading across this country in whispers, in papers, in pamphlets, in talk, in communications, and many of these papers are going into computers and across the world, through bulletin boards, electronic means, through FAX machines, through telephone conversations, so that gradually, slowly, entities are waking up. They are awakening each other, and there are an enormous number of people who do not like what they are hearing, and it should be understood that those promoting the One World Government are a limited number of families of the super rich, and when they discover how many people there are that are waking up to what is happening, they are not going to sit back and let things occur, simply because some official from FEMA or from the CIA or from some other government agency gives a directive, gives an order for everyone to come forth and bring their guns and surrender to the New World Order. CIA & Other Agencies Are Preparing For Civil War This Awareness indicates some time ago, It spoke of a time wherein there would be a revolution in this country -- a civil war. This Awareness indicates that this is not only recognized by this Awareness, but agents of your government also know this will occur. Agents within the CIA have mentioned this, and these entities are aware that the movement toward this New World Order is not going to be smooth. There is the preparation for civil war in these agencies. The question is whether entities will be disarmed before this occurs, or whether they will act to protect prior to the disarmament of the people and thereby have greater numbers than those who would do the fighting for the super-wealthy families. This Awareness indicates there are many within the government agencies who are not happy with what is planned There are many in the military and in the police forces who are very disturbed by these planned events, and as they begin to read and hear more of what is in the works, they will become even more disturbed and their allegiance may turn around quickly and they may, instead of promoting the New World Order, they may find themselves defending their friends and relatives against that New World Order. This Awareness indicates it is not settled by any means, simply because some super-wealthy families want to rule the world through their control of money and want to secure that rulership by totalitarian means and manipulation. It does not guarantee that they can do so. It is simply another effort along the historical path of humanity wherein someone seeks the opportunity to rule the world, as have many tyrants in the past, who have all failed to do what they set out to do, for freedom is something that entities all prize, and very few entities will willingly give up their freedom, even for security when it comes right down to doing so knowingly. This Awareness indicates the more entities know what is going on, the less likely they are to surrender to that which would take away their freedoms. This Awareness indicates that It is telling this so that entities will understand that though you are moving into a time of intense change, that time may erupt into intense conflict, civil war, and it may also be a time of great liberation. For these entities who plot this takeover are also vulnerable. They have their names, they have their addresses, and many entities know exactly where they are, where they live, and they are vulnerable in their efforts, in their ambitions, and may find themselves caught in a trap of their own doing. This Awareness indicates that as mentioned previously, there are others in between who work as servants or stooges for these super-wealthy. Many of these do so out of fear, out of fear that they may be terminated if they do not cooperate and therefore, they vote or act according to the dictates of those who sponsor the New World Order. This Awareness indicates however, that these entities also are vulnerable to being classified as traitors, at least under the present law, and until the New World Order is set up they are vulnerable as traitors when they do anything to destroy or harm the United States government or fail to carry out their allegiance to the people, or violate the laws of the government, of the people. This Awareness indicates that therefore, the Bill which will at some time in the near future seek an amendment to the Constitution requiring that the state boundaries be fixed, when this Bill is passed or voted on, entities need to watch carefully to see who votes for it and who votes against it, for this will tell which entities are voting according to the Constitution and which are voting according to the regional government plan for a destruction of the United States and a new constitution based on the Rockefeller plans that were created in that Santa Barbara research facility called the New States Constitution. The eleven million dollar research sponsored and directed by Tugwell, paid for by the Rockefeller Foundation and designed to substitute for the United States Constitution as the New States Constitution, was promoted as a kind of exercise in politics, but for eleven million dollars and many years of work, and the attention which was given to it, and its continued presentation and preservation and use as a potential for new programs and structures, wherein some of these have already been implemented, such as the ten regional governments placed in and around the United States to be administered by appointees; this is all out of the New States Constitution created by the Rockefellers and Tugwell, from the University of Chicago, and it is the intended plan for governing this region of the world, in this New World Order, and the states that now make up the United States would be dissolved and ten regions or Soviets would be substituted. This Awareness indicates that when this vote for a Constitutional Amendment suggesting the lines of the states, the borders of the states be entered into the Constitution as now placed, the borders as now placed be entered into the Constitution as fixed, as part of the law; those who vote for this will be seen as the patriots; those who vote against it will be seen as the traitors of this country, and it is quite possible that the whole scenario will then be nipped in the bud, so to speak, whereby the entities are seen for what they are, and the traitors will be identified and the patriots in government will be identified. The Super-Wealthy May All Be Hanged For Treason This Awareness indicates that in this way entities begin to sort out who is who, and whether or not they are fulfilling their obligations in accordance with the law of the land, or whether they are preparing to sell the people and the nation for a handful of bribery, for 30 pieces of silver, for allegiance to Mammon, for a reward, for treason. This Awareness indicates these entities will be as guilty as anyone who sold secrets of the U.S. government to enemy agents, even moreso because their crime would be of such greater magnitude. It will come to a time wherein entities, seeing these situations separating, defining themselves, will have to act, to move in a way that is no longer con fused and muddled by the deceptions that have been for so long covering the eyes of the people. The illusions and misrepresentations of various leaders, the sell-out by various leaders of your countries will be come clear, and entities will begin to see things for what they are and the truth will come center stage as entities redefine that which has been hidden by those deceptors, those deceivers, those black magicians, and promoters of the big lie. Very Little Time Left to Get the Word Out! This Awareness indicates that until these things happen, It suggests that entities simply keep their eyes and ears open and tell it like it is to as many people as you communicate with, spreading the word to awaken the masses. Get the word to the churches, to the police, even to those who are involved in the New World Order programs. If you can, let them know that they are being watched, and there will be a time of decision, wherein entities will need to take a stand on one side or the other. It is also important to get the information to people in the military, in the militia, in the news media. This Awareness indicates the more the information is spread now, the more it will continue to spread between now and the time when this New World Order cracks down on the masses, in its attempt to promote itself. Only 5 Months Left Before Closed Bases Become Prisons This Awareness indicates it appears there is at least four to five months before anything of this nature will be done. There could be quite some time following, but at least four or five months, because it will take that long for the military bases to be converted to prison camps for the patriots and the Christians and those who would oppose the New World Order. Mass Murder Will be Worse Than World War II This Awareness indicates the more entities who are made aware of the situation before that time, the less the chance of mass murder in this country to those patriots and Christians. This Awareness indicates it will be, if carried out according to plan, with people doing nothing, it will be far worse than anything that occurred in World War II. Those will be seen as minor incidents in history, compared to that which will occur in this decade, if entities do nothing. Government Will Hand Power to FEMA This Awareness indicates that the plan is for the government to turn over the power, the decision-making power, to FEMA so that no one individual such as the President can be blamed for what occurs. It will be seen as a nameless face, a nameless bureaucracy carrying out these destructive activities against the masses. They Will Come and Strike In the Night This Awareness indicates if the plan by these world planners is put into motion and no one does anything, the intention is to let this occur in a low key manner whereby entities are picked up by helicopter and SWAT teams and taken away very quickly from their homes so that the neighbors hardly know what happened, and they are told: "Go back to sleep. The man was a drug dealer and we had to arrest him. Everything is all right." This will be happening simultaneously throughout many cities at once in a state and it is likely that these entities will go from state to state with very little publicity in the activities so that the local police will be in a position whereby they have a hands-off policy and the neighbors will not know what's happening and will be shocked to discover that their neighbor was involved in drugs, and the entities taken will not be heard from again, and the news will have nothing about it on the news media. Entities Will Remember Waco with a Nod and a Yawn It will be done quietly with very little attention being given. This Awareness indicates the reason for giving great attention to the Waco incident is that they wanted the nation to be aware of this activity because it is an example. It is a pattern of things to come so that when it happens in a neighborhood, the neighbors will say: "Oh! Just like the Waco thing, except they didn't burn the house." And they will understand and they will feel safer, because the drug dealer has been taken away, or has been killed. This Awareness indicates that it is important for entities to understand that these plans are only as implementable as people are cooperative, and if entities are ignorant and cooperate the plan will work. If entities are alerted ahead of time, and if entities are aware of what is going on, these plans will not work, and also, if entities are made aware of the leaders, the people behind these schemes of New World Order conquest, then the people in those special positions, pulling the strings, will not rest easy, for there are still five billion or so people in the world and there are only a few thousand in those super-wealthy families, and this means that there are millions and millions to one in terms of how lopsided the power is when viewed by numbers. The only way these entities have so much power is because the masses have let them have the power, and they have kept the masses in the dark and hope to do so until they can disarm them and somehow set up hierarchy systems that keep them enslaved. This Awareness indicates that these super-wealthy families would like to see the world's masses working for them and are planning to destroy half of the earth's population, two and a half billion people, through famine, AIDS, other diseases, abortion, war, starvation, and other means possible. This Awareness indicates that anyone with any sense of decency or self- esteem will recognize that these people are not suitable for rulership over the masses. They do not know how to care for others, if these are their goals and intentions. This Awareness indicates that there are many books and many sources, mostly from their own words and plans to indicate their intentions. These are not simple statements fabricated by this Awareness to alarm entities. You can find information from the statements of these people through the Club of Rome, through the various leaders of political fields and through psychological and educational leadership so that it becomes clear what their motives and intentions are. You do not have to -- and you should not -- take the word of this Awareness or anyone else. You should research this for yourself. How About Those Bankers Being "Unwitting Victims"?: Making a Pact With the Devil FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Some years back, in a reading Awareness gave about the Illuminati and tracing it back for eons of time, and was referring to the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds today being "unwitting victims" of these energies and plots, it seems to me that as this New World Order scheme is progressing that these entities, among others, could no longer be considered unwitting victims; that they must be very much aware of what they're planning to bring down on the masses. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it is much likened unto that story of The Devil and Daniel Webster, wherein Daniel Webster's client had so many problems he could only see his way out by making a pact with the devil. This Awareness indicates that is much the way it appears some of these entities get involved in these energies. They sell themselves, they prostitute themselves, they give themselves to the Dark Force, to the negative side, or in the terms of Christianity, they give themselves to Satan or to Lucifer, whatever you wish to call it, in exchange for some temporary earthly reward or power, and once they have done so, they are then the victims and subjects of that force. They may have thought, unwittingly, that they could make a deal and then break it when they got tired of the way things progressed, and then discovered that indeed, once they had made their deal, they could not get out. It is much likened unto the secret societies where entities get involved and have to do something that would cause them to be subject to blackmail by the organization, so that they cannot get out of the organization with out being exposed for their misdeed, and therefore they are trapped and must then follow orders from the organization or face the consequence of having themselves exposed for some illegality or felony or some terrible behavior and action they want to keep hidden. This Awareness indicates once in awhile you hear of some individual in public life who is exposed for some thing that he has done, or she has done. Sometimes these entities are exposed because they wanted out of the secret hidden government or Satanic hierarchy system, and because they wanted out, they did things or spoke or acted in defiance of their orders, and therefore, they were exposed publicly and their character assassinated so that they were dishonored publicly and a character assassination was applied instead of a physical assassination. You'd be Surprised Who's In the Satanic Hierarchy This Awareness indicates that these entities sometimes felt it better to suffer the indignities of such character assassination than to stay in and serve in the structure, the Satanic hierarchy in which they were involved. This Awareness indicates there are actually quite a number of people coming out of that Satanic hierarchy here and there, and when they do, they tell things, they tell what they know, and all of this gets pieced together and there are entities around the world who have much information. There are entities who know the names of the leaders in the Satanic hierarchy. They know what they have done, what they are planning, and many of these are people you would not suspect in your wildest dreams of being part of the Satanic hierarchy. Some of the heads of religions, some are the heads of religious sects. Some have served as heads of religions and have passed on in the last century or in centuries before, but their churches still continue to serve in the higher levels those wishes and directions given by the Satanic hierarchy. This Awareness indicates that there are many energies involved in the Satanic hierarchy to subvert and capture, to use and manipulate all kinds of organizations and structures from religious to political, to municipal, to Federal agencies and bureaucracies, all for the purpose of gaining greater power for the Satanic hierarchy which is essentially the New World Order as it is being set up and created under the United Nations. Many Want Out and Risk Their Lives to Do So This Awareness indicates that entities are now beginning to come out with information not simply from those levels which they themselves perceive, according to their beliefs, but which they receive straight from the mouths of entities in those hierarchy systems who recognize the error in what they have been doing and who want out and are willing to risk their lives to get out. This Awareness indicates that this information is gradually being released here and there, through different entities who are turning against their former allegiance and leaving the Satanic hierarchy. This Awareness indicates that it is a very rapid transition. It is going with momentum and in the end, this Awareness sees a totally different scenario from that which is perceived by those who think the New World Order will be the next civilization. This Awareness indicates it will have its moment, its very brief moment, and then those entities who are in control will be shuffled off into ancient history, as mere names, and they will be no more a threat to the peace and happiness of entities on this plane. This Awareness indicates from the view of the Dark Force, they are doing great. From the view of the higher spiritual forces, they are heading into a trap which will expose them for what they are, and from this trap, they will not escape unscathed. They are essentially being given enough rope to hang themselves. Why "Operation Hot August Night" Didn't Happen on Schedule: Computer Bulletin Boards Need the Info Now! FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In reference to informing the masses, in a recent discussion with the Interpreter, he said that he had heard that within a matter of hours after CAC released the Hot August Night information last summer, it was put into computer bulletin boards and networks and literally went around the world within minutes, and he suggested that because of this action, the Hot August Night scheme may have been called off or postponed. If this is so, then it would appear that computers could be a very powerful new weapon against the New World Order planners, and much more information should be directed to these networks, to spread this information far and wide. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness suggests that it should be done quickly and without great shouting and attention. After all, these entities can shut down local bulletin boards very quickly. You do not want to call too much attention to the action. You simply want to use them. This Awareness indicates that within four minutes of the message being put on one of the networks, it already appeared in other places around the globe, in Japan and in Europe. This Awareness indicates there were entities from Japan seeking more information, and those entities who had planned the Hot August Night scenario found themselves very much exposed. How to Spread this Information Far and Wide This Awareness indicates that FAXes to various countries can also be beneficial in getting information spread quickly. This Awareness indicates the Japanese are very open to this kind of information and they tend to have many bulletin boards to spread information. This Awareness indicates also that the more local UFO bulletin boards are a good source of or target of such information. Religious channels and bulletin boards and churches are also good at spreading such information, particularly those of the Evangelical types. The entity Pat Robertson and his organization need to be given as much information as they can willingly accept, for they can sort through this and pick out things that they may add to their collection of information. They also can share other information with entities that can have some benefit in helping to spread information back and forth. This Awareness indicates that sending such information to people in Congress alerts them that the people are aware of what's going on and it will help to influence them when it comes time to vote so that they recognize their vote is being watched, so that they realize they cannot do things in secret that would eventually enslave the masses they represent. This Awareness indicates that in other words, if you were in a place of political significance and you received information from some of your constituents that warned about a plot to take away their freedom and they wanted to know where you stood on this issue, wouldn't you feel quite uncomfortable in siding with those who would take away their freedoms? Wouldn't you rather commit yourself to the needs and issues concerning the constituents? Or at least, wouldn't you feel torn between the two pressures: those from above and those from below? It would be very difficult for you to vote strictly and easily to do something that would tighten the noose around your constituents and those who have put you in your position of political authority. This Awareness indicates that this is the power that individuals have in this country. It is much greater than power held in many other countries. If you will recall there were even certain names given in that Hot August Night material, that left some very significant people feeling quite vulnerable, and it made it impossible for them to carry off the plan without everyone who had seen the messages knowing exactly who was behind the events. Therefore, the events were called off. This Awareness indicates that entities have it much better at present, because there is time to get more information out, spreading it far and wide. There is also time for entities to research the names and addresses of those who are proponents of the New World Order, and to list these names and addresses on bulletin boards, networks, and in publications and in chain letters, or talk about these on talk shows. The people, by the Constitution, do hold the power, and can influence the vote and can influence leaders, but once this is lost, and entities are put under the New World Order, they will have no say, and will have no position of power to assert any influence upon their leaders. They will simply be like the people in Auschwitz, or any other concentration camp, where they are forced to obey the authorities and compete with each other for some ration of food or give their ration away in order to save the lives of their loved ones. Our Freedom is Worth Dying For This Awareness indicates that there will be no opportunity for fighting back once this freedom is lost. The only opportunity is to prevent its loss, and it may be that many entities will lose their lives in the effort to prevent the loss of freedom, but the loss of life for freedom has happened before and it has preserved freedom for many millions of people. It has created a dream for many millions of people and these millions of people who have lived with freedom owe the future generations the same right and the same opportunity to be free, and if it takes their lives to help preserve that freedom, they do willingly give their lives for the freedoms they have had which were given to them because others before gave their lives for freedom. This Awareness indicates no one is free until others are free, and to the degree that others are free, you are that free also. Will The Human Race Be Extinct in 12 Years? QUESTION: A question from J.W. in Tucson. "I have read that in as soon as 12 years, the human race could be extinct due to pollution and plagues and so forth. Could Awareness please comment on this?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this could occur, but that the human race is resilient and could and probably will survive. It is very much unlikely that pollution and plagues will totally destroy all life on earth. There are many remote areas that are so far away from pollution that the little amount which reaches is not seen as being life threatening. Therefore, some life is likely even under the worst scenario, to continue. This Awareness indicates that even if humanity is not made extinct, pollution is still a problem. It depletes the quality of life; it needs to be dealt with in a reasonable and methodical way. This Awareness indicates that obviously it is important to reduce the pollution and improve the quality of life. This Awareness indicates the so- called plagues that threaten humanity are AIDS and other diseases, many of which are artificially created as biological warfare against the population in an attempt to reduce the population of earth, and these things will run their course, but it does appear that it will be limited and not fatal to all of humanity. This Awareness indicates that the new field of healing, which this Awareness has spoken of: the chondriana and life-crystals can serve as ways by which entities may restore their life, their immune systems, their vitality, regardless of these threatening diseases. This will become more available in the near future, particularly if the super-powers of the world do not find ways of preventing these healing methods from reaching the masses. QUESTION: A question from J.M., Los Angeles. "I find myself asking the same question that I asked several years ago: Don't the world planners get their food, water and air from the same place as the rest of us? If they're killing me, they're killing themselves and their children too, are they not?" How Do The World Planners Protect Themselves?: Don't They Drink the Same Water etc. As We Do? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that many of these entities have filters or other water-purifying devices. This Awareness has mentioned before the devices that are being used in Europe to create pure water from polluted water. This Awareness indicates they also, in many instances, have already been vaccinated for some of the life threatening diseases that others fear. The AIDS virus, before it was released, already had a vaccine for those who are considered above the rest of the people so that they could be immune to that dreaded disease. It is not so simple to think that they are caught in the same hellish situation as the masses. They have control of the biological warfare mechanisms so that they protect themselves before they release these plagues on humanity. They have their homes insulated against negative forces before they release those negative forces on others. They have certain respect for the need to keep the environment relatively safe for themselves, thus, if things become too extreme or threatening to them, they simply call forth for an environmental conference or meeting and call the world nations and planners together as occurred in Brazil two years ago, where they find ways to reduce the pollution to a more acceptable level. In other words, they regulate how polluted the earth will be in accordance to what is necessary to them to enjoy their lives. This Awareness indicates that it is not like they walk through the streets of crime-ridden city and eat foods that have been tampered with by additives and chemicals that are known to be harmful to the body. Indeed, they have their own cooks, their own particular type of doctors, etc. The Queen and her family don't use medical doctors, they use the homeopathic doctors in England, and so it is with the super-rich. They have their own means, their own lifestyle, and it is quite safe environmentally compared to that of most entities out in the world. There Is Hope For the Future This Awareness indicates the scenario of the future can be viewed as bleak, or it can be viewed as being a time to use hope and faith of the highest degree, for during such a time, hope can keep entities going, and faith can show them how to progress. Discouragement or depression can be very energy- depleting. This Awareness indicates that with hope and faith entities can have greater energy to accomplish, to survive and to spread the prospects of a lasting harmony and peace for future generations. This Awareness indicates that if indeed, as it appears likely, civil war breaks out, if indeed, as it appears likely, a conflict between people who seek freedom and those who would enslave should come to be in the next years of this decade, then indeed there is great reason to hope and to have faith that these freedoms which entities have for so long enjoyed in this country can be shared with the rest of the world in a new world that is free from excessive greed, from excessive control, excessive power and desire to dominate, whereby entities develop more compassion and more desire to share with each other, not only the good things of life, but the good feelings and experiences of life. (End of Reading. The Law of Gratitude is given.) The Mark of the Beast ( Part 4): (CAC General Reading, June 17, 1993) If One Is On Certain Medications, Can The Mark of the Beast Be Avoided? QUESTION: A question from J.J., Janesville, Wisconsin. "Some background may be of interest. I was born in Denmark during the Nazi occupation. The doctor who delivered me held his position at the time because of his politics. He was a Nazi. He earned the nickname of "the Butcher," because of all the patients he lost. The Nazis had a doctrine that if you could not survive natural childbirth, you had no right to live. I was too big for the birth canal; my mother and I barely made it. I was born black, dark blue, and strangled on the umbilical cord. Apparently, my thyroid was damaged from that, precipitating my present condition. The intrusion, increasingly, of Nazi-like policies in this country has been particularly grievous to me. I have made it a personal mission to educate people about what is going on around them, even to the point of getting obnoxious sometimes. I am a naturalized citizen and I have come to take my oath of citizenship quite seriously, but it grieves me to see how few Americans even grasp the meaning of their own citizenship. I am concerned about what I personally can do to avoid the Mark of the Beast when it gets to that point of imposition, if imposition of it becomes demanded. While I am otherwise quite healthy, I have significant endocrine deficiencies which require replacement therapy. One of those hormones is hydrocortisone, which, if I am suddenly without, my body is agonizingly drained of energy and I am at risk of heart failure. This condition has been stable for over 30 years. In Oregon, I had gone as long as 7 years without seeing a doctor because I had not been sick in that time. In Phoenix and Los Vegas, I was required to see one every 6 months to get my prescription. The doctors would barely ask me how I felt before granting them. I considered this extortion. I'm sure the same tactics will be pressure to accept the Mark. I don't understand yet what physically intact people can do to survive when the Mark gets imposed without accepting the Mark?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness wishes to explain that those who have the Mark forced upon them, such as children or entities who are incapable of resisting the Mark because of force will not experience that which is the separation of the soul. This Awareness indicates it is the entity who willingly takes the Mark that is in danger of losing his or her soul. This Awareness indicates that it is to be understood that the so-called Mark is not as harmless as some once it was thought to be in terms of its physical nature. It is not simply a laser mark, or a mark that can be read by laser, it is not simply a bar code. It will be a chip that will be embedded in the hand or the forehead, and it will operate from the heat of the body. It will have lithium batteries that are heated by the body and thus, recharged by the heat so that they are intended to be more or less indefinitely charged. This Awareness indicates the lithium batteries, if damaged, as will occur in most cases after some time, will leak into the system causing toxins within one's body so that an entity may begin to develop the boils as described in the Book of Revelation. These boils being from all over one's system caused by the leaking batteries from the chip. This Awareness indicates that these leaking batteries and the radiation involved in the chip as that which will create extreme pain for many entities who accept the Mark as this begins to have its effect when the batteries and the chip begin to grow old and begin falling apart. Once Injected Into the Body, the Identi-Chip Can't be Removed This Awareness indicates of course, there will be entities who will try to take these out, but in the process of trying to extract these chips, they will also damage the chips and cause the same kind of toxic release so there will be many who will suffer from this in physical sense as well as in the spiritual sense. This Awareness has discussed this briefly in an earlier reading, that those who do not take the chip are likely to become outcasts in society, much like the untouchables in India, but this will be far better than accepting the chip and the consequences spiritually and physically that follow. Reject the Chip And You Will Lose All Worldly Possessions This Awareness indicates of course, this will mean that many entities will lose their worldly possessions if they do not accept and take the chip, the Mark. It is a choice that entities will be required to make at some point. It is part of the New World Order programming and planned population control. This Awareness indicates that many entities who have lived through the Nazi Germany scenario will recognize similarities as these programs are brought down upon the masses, and they will not go for the scenario as easily as those who do not know what is occurring or do not wish to challenge the powers that would impose a totalitarian state upon its people. The Alien Connection: When Hitler Met With the "Supermen" This Awareness reminds you that in his writings, Hitler described having met what he termed the "Superman." The entity was referring to aliens, particularly the Greys. Having met with one of these entities himself, he was highly impressed. lt should be understood that these technologies from alien powers helped the Nazis to build many of their weapons. This Awareness indicates that recognizing this, and the fact that the Nazis after World War II became some of the first to secretly pioneer space, these entities being on the moon long before the American moon landing, and having UFOs before the American and British were able to build such craft, whereby many entities reported seeing UFOs with Nordic blonde-type occupants that spoke perfect German. It should be recognized that these entities of that time were being assisted in their efforts at social controls, the controlling of people, and that these same alien control systems will be part of the establishment of the New World Order, whereby similar techniques will be employed to move masses of people into regimens of slavery as occurred in World War II, except it will be much more refined and much more widespread in its attempted establishment. This Awareness does not mean to say that it will be successful. Keeping in mind that there are ten million civilian troops with guns in this country, it may not be as simple as planned to take over the United States in such a manner as Hitler took over Europe. Would Stopping Pills Be Suicide?: The Evils of Using too Much Cortisone FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In a case like this man's medical situation, if there doesn't seem to be an alternative, not taking the chip would almost be like suicide. Would this be one of the situations of force? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this would be a kind of coercion, a situation in which the entity would receive less karma or receive little or no karma, but the entity may still prefer to avoid the chip, and to take his chances. This Awareness indicates that there is some indication that the reliance on cortisone is hazardous to this entity's health. Cortisone is that, which like antibiotics, is a strong catalyst for creating yeast in the entity's system, and it can, over time, lead to extremely dangerous situations for the entity because Candida yeast, becoming prevalent throughout the system, or chronic throughout the system, can be fatal in time. It would be beneficial for the entity to study alternative medical processes to find some alternative to the use of cortisone for his situation, just in case this is cut off or in case he needs to stop using for other medical reasons. The side-effects of cortisone may not be to his long-term benefit. This Awareness suggests that he should explore Naturopathic medicines and herbal medicines, vitamins, minerals and other areas through advisors in these fields to see if there is some alternative for his particular condition. This Awareness indicates also, dietary studies could be of benefit in the event he is somehow cut off from his present medication. Suicide As An Alternative to Taking the Mark FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In reference to suicide, A.A. of Prescott, Arizona asks: "If things come to the worst scenario, should one commit suicide before accepting the Mark? For me it would be easy: just stop my medication. Please ask Awareness about this aspect of suicide. I enjoy life on this earth, but I think keeping my soul unmarked is important. Are there any other alternatives?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it is not seen as being likened unto a choice of suicide or taking the Mark; it is seen more as likened unto being officially informed that you must take the Mark in order to receive certain benefits, and much in the way that children are told they must be inoculated if they are going to attend public school. This Awareness indicates that it is very likely there will be other mass programs of such nature where by the government informs entities they must receive vaccinations against this or that type of plague or illness that is a threat to society, similar to that which occurred with the polio vaccine in the '50s and '60s. This Awareness indicates that of course, entities will voluntarily go into the clinics to receive their vaccinations and have it on their record and they may be asked to present evidence or proof of this at some future time in order to receive some benefit. Another Reason to Create Unemployment It is very likely that they will be told at a time when there is an economic crisis that: "In order to receive some government dole, such as a debit amount in your bank account, you will be allowed a certain amount of credit from the government if you receive this chip in your hand," which will allow them to keep track of your economic and social standing. This Awareness indicates that this is likely to be introduced as something that will lead entities to voluntarily accept the Mark. This Awareness indicates that already this has been attempted in New York City, whereby entities were paid $25 to be involved in an experiment whereby they would receive this chip placed in their hand. It is placed in their hand much likened unto a vaccine needle; it is so small it can be injected. This Awareness indicates that entities were lining up and fighting each other to get involved in that project and to be paid $25. This of course was during a time when entities needed $25 very desperately. You can imagine how it might be if this were on a wide scale nationwide level at a time when more money was being offered and jobs were even more scarce through out the nation because of some economic crisis. This Awareness indicates it appears that approximately three thousand people were given this chip at that time and indeed, it was an experiment. Basically, it was a test for this system. Reasons For Implanting Children Will Be Used By Officials This Awareness indicates there are also frequently situations whereby agencies will speak of the need to protect your children from abductions and so forth, and there will be the offer to give these children some kind of chip that will make them so that they can be found, regardless of where they are. These chips are such that no matter where an entity is, no matter where an animal is that has such a chip, they can be found in a matter of hours. The satellites overhead can locate them and the location allows patrol cars on the ground to drive to that location and further zero in on the entity so that a dog transported thousands of miles away could still be found, just as easy as if it were only around the corner. This Awareness indicates that these chips will contain total information about a person, from childhood up to present, and continue to add to that information as the entity lives from day to day, purchasing magazines, reading material, food or receiving health treatments, medications, etc. All of this will go into the chip as an entity moves in and out of business transactions at stores, health clinics or libraries, book stores, record or music shops or whatever. All of the information gathered will be readable from satellite and transmittable from there to any office seeking to research the entity. This Awareness indicates there is already in place a system for data base information on almost every entity; this is a software program that is used around the world by most countries in their computers. The system is known as PROMIS. Government Agencies Already Using Beast System It appears that this system can collect the data, alter data, and read data on any individual by those forces, the intelligence agencies that use the system. It is used by NSA, the CIA and the FBI in the United States. It is used in other countries and anything one country has on its citizens can be read from any other country, so that it becomes a worldwide network for information relating to individuals that purchase from credit cards. Anything having to do with their banking, their purchasing and their health and medical records; anything that goes on any record for computer purposes can be tapped by various agencies, either private or governmental. This Awareness indicates that when the chip is placed in entities' hands or foreheads, the information will become even more automatic and easy to acquire, because it will automatically be sent to these mainframe computers as soon as entities make a purchase at a retail terminal. This Awareness indicates that when the New World Order is fully in operation it is most likely that cash will be taken from society and only paper or electronic records of business/economic transactions will be recognized or legal. An Underground Economy Will Evolve This Awareness indicates of course, there will always be the drop-outs, the outcasts, the ones who do not participate, ant these entities will find ways through barter and through collective flea markets and trading places to exchange valuables from one person to another so that some underground type of economy will begin to emerge among these entities. This Awareness indicates there will also be such entities who will pass the rumors among these entities to claim to be infected by highly contagious diseases, such as might occur in a leper colony, whereby these entities will pretend to be AIDS positive or have the incurable strain of TB so that officials will stay away from them and will avoid their culture, will try to avoid having any contact with them. This will be a way of keeping themselves apart from the established police force so that they can survive without being bothered. It may be effective for some time. Other techniques and efforts may also be implemented as entities find the need to change in order to survive. This Awareness indicates that it has been said that "necessity is the mother of invention," and there will be sufficient chaos for many of these entities to invent, to devise ways to survive in the New World Order without necessarily being part of the establishment. This Awareness indicates there will also be many entities who will willingly, clearly join into the New World Order with great enthusiasm, and these entities may find it exactly what they have always dreamed of, and they may find this to be perfectly fine for them. Such entities are always present when there is change, and they go along obediently with the changes that are put upon them, as occurred in Nazi Germany among many of those who were part of the ruling class and who did not resist any thing that was being perpetrated on the masses. This Awareness indicates these entities got along by going along with the official line. Of course, that is not always the proper direction, as was demonstrated in Nazi Germany, but for some entities it worked out well for them. This Awareness indicates that it appears there will be greater problems for those entities in the coming scenario, for once they receive that chip, there may be no way to turn back and undo the problems that will follow for them. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: If that all comes down, would it be too late at that point for the barter centers and the sharing favors type thing that Awareness gave information on some years back? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it is never too late for entities to start innovating, to respond to needs that occur. In fact, it may not be possible to start putting together such programs until there is the absolute need for such. These things are likely to spring up at such times as the need becomes urgent. What Will Occur on January 11, 1994?: Foreboding Astrology As Planets Conjunct QUESTION: A question from J.M., in New Jersey. "On 11th January, 1994, seven planets: Mars, Venus, Neptune, the moon, the sun, Uranus and Mercury will form a close conjunction and configuration, between 17 degrees and 25 degrees Capricorn. The questions: The year 1984 was expected to be a very negative one, but it was not so bad after all. Is this non-manifestation of negative energies in 1984 going to manifest in 1994?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that these planets moving into conjunction emphasize the sign they are in and its qualities. This Awareness indicates that this sign of Capricorn represents big government. It represents old traditions and it represents the oppressive teacher. It also represents that which is called the taskmaster; one who stands over another with a whip. This appears to be a kind of oppressor, and the planets Mars, Uranus, Neptune, suggest negative experiences at that time. The planets Venus, the Sun, the moon, do not have great negative connotations, but would suggest the public, young people, and the spiritual or characterization of the masses will be effected. This Awareness sees this as a general time wherein some major event that begins shaping the influence and direction of humanity could be launched. This Awareness indicates that whatever occurs in or around that time may be a significant trigger for a major change in the affairs of humanity. It could set off a new era, a new type of government, a new kind of social movement. This Awareness indicates that it could be quite a serious and influential conjunction of planets. This Awareness indicates that you can, considering information this Awareness has given regarding the coming events, you can apply the aspects and recognize that many of these things that have been discussed may be triggered at that time by these aspects, by this conjunction. Is "Judgment Day" Coming In January? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: He had a follow-up question, that: "In that conjunction of 7 planets in January of '94, could it mean Judgment Day would be starting to manifest upon humanity and planet earth in general, and particularly in the USA?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that It does not grasp what entities mean by the words "Judgment Day." There are so many meanings for this, so many entities have different meanings for it. It is not a term that is clear. This Awareness indicates that every day can be classed as Judgment Day. Every moment can be a Judgment Moment, or there can be what entities would like to describe as a particular day in which somebody judges somebody else, or somebody judges everybody else, and that can be called Judgment Day. This Awareness indicates that it is likely to be a day of reckoning, a day of importance where things can happen. It is not seen as the end of the world, it is not seen as a time when everybody will cease to function. It is simply seen as a time when extreme and powerful energies will manifest and have an effect on heads of states, on governments, on tradition, and on the things that are ruled by Capricorn, including mining, railroads, governments, teaching, and older people, so that these areas may be particularly affected by the influence of that conjunction. This Awareness indicates that it does appear that it could well be a time based on the astrological energies, when the New World Order could make its statement, where it could set up its rule or initiate its control. This Awareness does not see this as being absolutely clear from these aspects that this is what will happen. The aspects could also work against these powers, these authorities, just as well as they could be used by these authorities and powers. This Awareness indicates that something pertaining to the militia or military or police, as represented by Mars, something sudden, unusual, explosive or disruptive, revolutionary, as represented by Uranus, and something deceptive, confusing, chaotic, as represented by Neptune, is to be expected on the negative side, and it may involve youth, as represented by Venus, and strong attention and spiritual factors as represented by the sun, and affecting or involving the public, as represented by the moon. This Awareness indicates that this could even relate to earth changes, but it is not seen as likely to be that kind of expression. It is more likely to be a social and consciousness earthquake, an earthquake in society and consciousness, and is likely to affect governments around the world and heads of state. QUESTION: In regard to the New World Order, a question from P.W. in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He writes: "I have noticed on cable TV programs, a lot about the elite troops of the world. First one was Germany, then one about Great Britain troops, then the Aussie troops and last week, the Greek's special forces. At the end of two of these programs the statement was made to the effect that these troops would "help keep the peace in the New World Order." Is this programming to get people gradually used to the idea of a New World Order, and special forces?" And he asks other questions: "What can we do to counteract this thing? Does copying and distributing fliers really do any good? Why not everybody in CAC pool money for one big huge billboard near a big city, about the New World Order, and the question: Is it backed by our Constitution? That type of thing." Is TV Programming Us For The New World Order?: Why Are Various U.N. Troops Being Featured So Often? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the various troops and the concern as to whether this is to condition the masses to accept the New World Order; this is in the affirmative. Also, the action is to get people used to seeing other troops from other countries because when these troops are brought in to help ensure control in the various countries, they will be brought in from foreign countries mostly. The United States military leaders will be in charge of the German troops, therefore they can direct the German troops wherever they may be sent. It is likely that some will be sent to the United States. This Awareness indicates that each of the other countries will have their own special forces allocated to one of the other selected countries so that no forces will be in or with their own people, in their own country. The reason for this is that if they are directed to shoot, they won't be killing their own countrymen. How to Counteract The New World Order This Awareness indicates that you cannot expect to raise an army; you cannot use physical force. There is no way that you could expect to win, therefore, that is out. This Awareness indicates there is only the option of warning people prior to the D-Day of the New World Order. Once the day has begun, and you no longer have guarantees from the Constitution, you will have no right, no way whereby you can speak to others, to rally others, to get others to respond to the urgency. Therefore, if you are going to do anything at all other than cower at the time and pray that they do not destroy you and your family, the only thing you can do is to alert more and more people prior to the takeover and inform them as much as possible as to the full extent of what you know about what is coming. This Awareness indicates that yes, it does have an effect when entities can speak, can alert others. The "Hot August Night" information that went out caused a complete change of plans. It went around the world. Other countries picked it up, and it became so well-known that the perpetrators of the plan had to back off, had to pretend it wasn't even in the works. In this way, it would leave those who said the action was coming looking foolish, because nothing of the sort transpired. This Awareness indicates they considered it a victory to have simply gotten out of trouble before trouble started, and yet, at the same time, it was also a victory because it stopped the action. This Awareness indicates that you cannot stop the action once it starts, for the plan is too well prepared. It is much easier to stop an invasion of an island before it is invaded, than after the invasion begins. This Awareness indicates that if, for example, it became clear that a certain island was going to be invaded, and everyone on the island was alerted and the lights were blaring and the island appeared well-prepared, the oppressor, the attacker, would think twice about the invasion, particularly if they knew that the people on the island had more weapons and more fire- power than they, for the element of surprise is key to any kind of tactical invasion. If the tactical invasion is perpetrated against the people of a country and those people are well-armed, and have greater numbers of arms than the force that would oppress those people, and those people then also become educated as to what is planned for them, there is a formidable resistance to the oppressors' plan. Ask Your Local Police: "Who's Side Are You On?" This Awareness indicates if you understand this, you don't have to be told further what to do. All that is required is that entities spread as much information as far, as wide as possible. Contact those people of influence, contact the police, asking them, "Who's side are you on? Are you loyal to this country, or are you against this country?" New World Order Another Form of Communism This Awareness indicates that essentially, the New World Order is just another form of Communism being imposed on the world. This Awareness does not mean this in a way that sounds like some right-wing fanatic, but it must be understood that Communism began with payments from certain bankers to Trotsky to train troops in New York, and money was sent to Lenin to fight in Russia, and these were efforts to create a Communist state in Russia. The Communist state in Russia was allowed to continue until recently, and while it is said that it failed of its own nature, and fell apart, this Awareness suggests that also it was part of the long-term New World Order plan, and the same people who financed it in 1917, or their heirs, are financing the New World Order and pushing for its imposition on the rest of the world, and it will be much like, and follow the same patterns that were used in taking over Russia. The Progressive Steps to Taking Over the Country This Awareness indicates the first thing is to take away the arms of the people so that they are unarmed. Next is to take away any means of organizing and communicating so that they cannot form groups, or large armies. The next thing is to make them vulnerable. If they are homeless, or if they are without food, they are subject to mass control and manipulation. The next thing is to get rid of the opinion makers, the leaders, the Christians; the Christians because they have certain principles and beliefs and values that they do not wish to compromise and patriots, and by getting rid of patriots, they will have eliminated any major resistance to the New World Order and they will be able to tell the remaining people what to do and they will do it. Many will do it for reward, others will do it to avoid punishment. This Awareness indicates therefore, the only time to do anything is prior to the takeover date, and the only thing you can do is alert the masses, attempt to persuade the police to stand by their allegiance to the Constitution, to the values of the country and to the protection of the people against the people who would destroy this country in order to rule the world for themselves. It is simply an old game played with new methods of someone trying to rule the world, because he, she or they are so ambitious and have so little respect for other and they are so wealthy that they can buy or frighten or destroy any who interfere with their plan to rule the world, and the question you may wish to ask is: "Are you going to work with them, or with the people of earth? Are you going to commit treason or are you going to abide by the law of the land and your allegiance to the Constitution and the country you have sworn to uphold?" This Awareness indicates there could be an ironic twist, whereby the people who promote the New World Order may themselves in the end find themselves in the concentration camp with the guillotines that they had set up for the masses of patriots and Christians. This Awareness indicates that it is an idea that could cause them to ponder on their future fate, if this idea were also spread. This Awareness suggests that entities need to communicate with police, with the army, with all the military, with those leaders in Congress and the Senate, with community leaders, church leaders, and with any who might have influence over others, including the media, and people in the entertainment fields. This Awareness indicates the more entities who are contacted, the more who will switch their allegiance to represent the people and the country to which they belong. This Awareness indicates that when those who would enslave the rest are no longer a threat, then a world government for the people, of the people, a world government by the people, could be established. But who needs a world government to order the masses around under a domineering leader that has only ambitions for self and little compassion for others? How About a Huge Billboard Near Washington?: Ask If The New World Order is Committing Treason This Awareness indicates that a billboard would be of great alchemical value, considering the fact that the New World Order's first concern after the confiscation of weapons is to get rid of the Constitution. This Awareness indicates that it is an action that would put the horse in its right place, at the head of the carriage, so that entities would see that right now the Constitution is the law of the land, and the New World Order is a violation. This Awareness indicates it would be interesting to see if such a billboard would be allowed to stand for any length of time. This Awareness indicates that it would be beneficial to give it a try, to find out the expense, but entities should recognize that it will not be welcomed by those promoting the New World Order. As long as it is being considered, you might also want to ask the question: "Are those who promote the New World Order guilty of treason?", just to get that question out into consciousness, and to help intimidate some of those who would destroy the Constitution and replace it with some totalitarian system known as the New World Order. That Program To Vaccinate the Children: It Has a More Sinister Side in the Future QUESTION: A question from F.G., Ocean Shores, Washington. She writes: "There has been a really big push to have all the children vaccinated. Thought I heard or read that other things can be added for some kind of control in these vaccines. Now on the news is polio. Will there be a big push to have polio shots in order to get the rest of the population vaccinated? Also, TB, and again, maybe a control in it too, a control over the people. Of course, it may be just a rumor, but maybe Awareness would comment on this rumor of adding anything to vaccines and have the children had this?" she asks. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this was the way AIDS was spread in Africa, through the hepatitis B vaccine that was given to so many entities in Africa. This Awareness indicates that there is also another purpose in these programs to inoculate all children. It would open the door for files to be gathered on every child in America from birth until death so that everything that is reported about that child would be on record somewhere. Belief in God is Now Considered a "Mental Illness" Not only the record of the vaccinations, but all other kinds of information as well, such as parents and their indoctrination of values to the children which can be simply a kind of instilling the child to believe in God. This Awareness indicates that essentially this has already been determined by a certain New World Order psychologist, to be a sign of mental illness and it was also stated in some of the literature given by educational psychologists that teachers should be aware that all children who believe in God or who have a patriotism to the nation or to family are in essence, mentally ill. This Awareness indicates that once these things are placed on the child's health records, then the child becomes susceptible to the state laws that might be designed to take the child from the parents so that the parents can no longer instill these mental illness diseases or ideas in the child's mind. This Awareness indicates that as these files for children's inoculations are established so that every child in America is traced by their shots and information is gathered on every child in America, and as these children grow older, the information gathering process can expand outside of the field of health to include work, and relationships and behavior and likes and dislikes and all the education and activities the entity has participated in so that gradually, over a period of the next 50 years, every person will have his or her record held by government bureaucracies available to all other government bureaucracies. This Awareness indicates that this is the more subtle and hidden reason for this program to inoculate all children. It appears many administering the vaccines believe it to be altruistic and a concern for the welfare of the children. This Awareness indicates it is nothing of the kind. This Awareness indicates in regard to the concept of the billboard, it is best to act in a manner that is relatively low key so as not to draw great attention too soon, for you do not want your Cosmic Awareness Communications organization to targeted as was the Waco group. This Awareness indicates that wherein this could be done without drawing great attention to your organization, that is one thing, but wherein it draws attention to your organization, this would be quite a different matter. This Awareness indicates It sees that your Cosmic Awareness material goes to many individuals; that there are seen at least two entities who work for government agencies to monitor what people are writing and saying in regard to the New World Order, and that your organization in sending to these entities, is being watched and monitored. Spate of TV Crime Shows Designed To Create Gun Control This Awareness indicates that at the same time, time is short and things must be done if this country is to survive. People need to know that the main thing that has held off the setting up the initial attack of setting up the New World Order is the fact that they have not yet confiscated the guns of gun owners in this country and that is why you are seeing so much crime televised. It is designed to cause the masses to demand guns be confiscated. There was an effort to make it appear that entities who had guns were involved in drug dealing. This back-fired, and only led to more purchases of guns. Therefore, the government, at this time -- this Awareness is not referring to the people as the government, but the bureaucratic levels of government -- are in a kind of quandary, trying to find ways to get the masses to surrender their guns. Lessons of Somalia To Be Used In U.S. to Get the Guns If necessary, they will create a civil war, and bring in foreign troops and have them confiscate guns from houses, going from house to house. The whole Somalia practice is a kind of experiment to see how well this can be done, how well this can be accomplished, to find out what problems they run into in the confiscation of guns in that country, and the lessons being learned there will be applied when these foreign troops are brought into this country, to confiscate guns. Another Scenario: Chinese Hoards to Invade the U.S. This Awareness indicates that if by chance the people of the United States are able to prevent the New World Order takeover, it will not be an end of the problem. Following that you can expect a future invasion from China onto the shores of this country. This of course directed by the Rothschilds. This Awareness indicates that it is a part of fulfilling the vision told by George Washington of seeing this country completely together and seeing Chinese hordes coming from the West and East and having a celestial battle near the Rocky Mountains, whereby Divine Intervention stops the Chinese hordes and drives them back. George Washington's Prophecy May Come True This Awareness indicates that many have read this dream of Washington or vision of Washington and have wondered whether it had any true prophetic value. This Awareness sees that it is quite a likely scenario, if the Rothschilds do not get their way. However, this Awareness suggests that it would follow quite some time after the United States has reestablished its own understanding of what it is and has weeded out the traitors from its midst and therefore, it would be a more cohesive, a stronger nation, ready to deal with that situation. This Awareness indicates that It would prefer to see entities working to convert those who would be traitors back to loyal patriotic Americans or back to serving the people rather than seeing them at war with these entities. This Awareness indicates however, you cannot force an entity to change, and if an entity doesn't change and becomes a major threat to the basic values of your society, wherein your lives or the lives of your friends are threatened, you have the right to defend yourself. This Awareness suggests that if you can, prior to violence, initiate a movement that frightens your adversary into dropping his plans; that is an even better solution. This Awareness indicates there are many in the military, many in the militia and police force who are not in favor of the New World Order. Of course, there are also many who do not even know what is going on and will simply follow orders. This Awareness indicates that is why you must pass information far and wide as quickly as possible. There is at least four months in which to pass such information. After that, it is not clear, because it will take at least four months before the military bases can be turned into concentration camps. Of course, there are already concentration camps set up in many states; 13 in the Western states and at least a dozen in the Southern states. This Awareness indicates that these could house people, but masses would surely find out when people began disappearing without a trace. This Awareness indicates that it is likely that there is at least four months before the operation will begin and it is during this window, this time, that entities need to alert each other, to alert everyone within sight or sound or telephone or mail range, or bulletin board or network or FAX machine range. The Treasonous Families Behind The New World Order This Awareness indicates the main families behind the New World Order are the Rothschilds, Kuhn, Loeb, Lehman, the Rockefellers, Sachs, Warburg, Lazard brothers, Israel Mose Seaf, Goldman, Schiffs, Morgans, Schroeders -- there are approximately 13 major families and their relatives and offspring. This Awareness indicates the entities being those who own the Federal Reserve Bank and there are also others who are individuals in charge of secret societies. This Awareness indicates that also entities who are in charge of certain bureaucratic agencies of the government. This Awareness suggests that entities compile lists of these names, the people in charge of the Council on Foreign Relations and those who are members of that group; also the Bilderbergers. This Awareness indicates that by printing the names of these many entities, it can help to cause them some concern because they do not have any way of knowing how many masses of people are reading the material, how many masses are aware of who they are and therefore, they may wish to seek some kind of way out or to create some action that shows they are not part of the scheme to enslave the masses. It will have a slight effect of intimidating to some degree, particularly if many of the masses awaken before it is too late. This Awareness indicates that once the action is triggered, if enough people are awakened, they may have a chance of awakening those who would have otherwise been skeptical. This Awareness indicates however, the likelihood is that most awakening will occur prior to the triggering of the actions designed to set up the New World Order. Canada Will Fall Quickly After the United States Goes This Awareness indicates that in relation to Canada, as the United States goes, Canada will follow within days. There will be similar confiscation of properties and arms or people may be picked up in Canada for what is perceived to be a threat to the New World Order. This Awareness indicates that the same will follow in other countries in due time. The Window Of Opportunity Is Very Brief CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness did not intend to get so deep into this. It does not wish to frighten entities, nor to jeopardize entities by giving too much information. This Awareness indicates however, the urgency is so great and the time is short and the opportunities are present whereby entities can defuse the energy and this opportunity will not last, and therefore this Awareness suggests that the lives that are saved by the actions that may be taken during this window of opportunity are greater than the risks involved. (End of Reading. The Law of Gratitude is given.) What Is Killing The Navajo Indians?: More On the "Global 2000" Genocide Scheme QUESTION: A question from J.M. in New Jersey; a number of people have written about this one: "What is the cause of the recent outbreak of the mysterious disease in Southwest USA which is so deadly? It's attacking the Indians down there in New Mexico." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that first entities need to look at certain facts. If you were to seek a place in which to present a controlled experiment, the experiment being to create a new disease, and you wanted to see how it spread and how effective it was, there are several ways you could do this without asking entities to come in to your clinic. You could do it at a prison, as in the case of the new strain of tuberculosis, or you could select a place such as an Indian reservation, which is basically shut off from the outside world, or could easily be quarantined, and if the disease you sought to create were to be spread by rodents, you could use the Indian reservation so that the rodents could have their effect without it seeming unusual. This Awareness indicates that if the rodents, kicking up dust and certain minute particles, could be made to carry the disease, it could serve as a test for this method in other expressions, whereby dust could be used as a carrier for some disease. This Awareness indicates it appears that the mice, certain mice were selected to be carriers of a certain type of advanced flu-like disease and through dust and dander and minute particles, the spread of this flu could be tested. This Awareness indicates that you will recall previously, this Awareness spoke of four advanced types of AIDS that would eventually be released into society, one of which would be spread by the touch of entities, the other three by smell of fecal matter. This Awareness indicates that this dust carrier as being part of the experiment to find a way to spread the various other germ warfare toxins. If it can be perfected, then it will be unsafe to breathe dust for fear that it may carry disease of some deadly nature. This Awareness indicates that indeed, any kind of disease could be used in such a carrier so that entities who have the disease would easily carry it to another, simply by the dust on their clothes or blankets or through sneezing or coughing. This Awareness indicates it simply appears to be an experiment in an attempt to find another form of disease carrier. It was not really expected to make so much news. The intention was to experiment quietly in this small Southwestern reservation with little fanfare or notice, to collect data and information without it being so highly broadcast. (See "Revelations of Awareness" No. 93-10: Special Report on AIDS and Global 2000.) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: If certain mice are carrying this disease, would this then necessarily spread to prairie dogs and cats and dogs and other creatures in the area? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is part of the question and part of the experiment, to see whether it spreads to other creatures and how quickly. (For more on this biological warfare, see "Revelations of Awareness" No 93- 10: AIDS (Part 2) What the Government Isn't Telling You. The New World Order (Part 5): The Way Out These Are Momentous Times: The End of An Age The New World Order Religion Will Change Many Minds QUESTION: J.M. in Los Angeles wrote a letter, and it ended with the following paragraph. He wasn't asking a question, but I am asking Awareness to comment on his statement. He writes: "I am one of those who is far more interested in what's really happening in the world, what's happening with the secret government, those who think they own this world. We are at the end of an age. These are momentous times. We need to be kept abreast of what's happening. Spiritual information is of little practical value. What we need to know spiritually is (1) Who we are, and (2) what is our purpose in life. Awareness can't tell us that. It must come from within. It's called awakening." Can Awareness comment on that statement? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that entities need to look within to discover their own purpose and to discover who they are. This Awareness has suggested that entities have certain purposes, but not every entity has exactly the same purpose as every other entity. This Awareness indicates that you are all part of this Awareness. You are all elements of the Divine Consciousness, and in knowing this, It suggests that you are all capable of attunement to the Divine Consciousness. More than that is difficult to say because you are all individuals, having your own personal intents and destinies. This Awareness indicates that your purposes may differ from one another, but your general purpose on earth is to learn and share with others that they might learn, and a learning environment requires a certain degree of harmony and generosity whereby entities can share with each other. This Awareness indicates that it is true that entities are living in a most critical time. Any transitional change in human evolution is critical and the present time is a time wherein you are approaching a major change in human evolution. In part, government and politics are on the verge of change. Religion is on the verge of change. Indeed, the congress of religions meeting in Chicago this year is designed to define the New World Order religion of the next century. This Awareness indicates that this is very threatening to many entities, for it tends to take away freedom of religion when someone defines the New World Order religion. This Awareness indicates that you're living in a time when people take control in such a manner that it threatens your values and your life and your future view and vision of the world, wherein even your past history may be changed in the textbooks of tomorrow so that things which were most precious to you no longer have record in historical documentation. No Record of the U.S. Constitution Will Be Found This Awareness indicates there may come a time when the Constitution of the United States cannot even be found in libraries, cannot be found in historical warehouses or information in museums or in any of the archives, for there may come a time when all traces of the Constitution and its various guarantees of freedoms will be seen as politically dangerous, and entities in control will not want others to realize that such a society as the United States ever existed. Staying Spiritual As the New World Order Comes Down This Awareness indicates there are strange times upon you. It is good to be aware, to know who you are, what your purpose is, and where you are going. This Awareness indicates that it is true that no one can really give you these answers. This Awareness attempts to give entities answers to many things and keep them informed of the many things going on behind the scenes and in some ways to promote the spiritual aspects of life so that entities have something of a permanence, so that they can cling to certain permanent concepts and values, for these are indeed truly important when everything else is falling apart. The Importance of Spiritual Energies in Your Life This Awareness indicates that the need for spiritual energies in one's life may seem impractical in a time of chaos, but if one's identity is shattered by chaotic events, one can lose all sense of self, all sense of sanity and all sense of knowing what direction to take, but if one has a spiritual foundation in one's life, all the chaos cannot cause one to lose his or her identity, or his or her sense of purpose and direction. This Awareness indicates therefore, It continues to promote and speak of spiritual things, for these have great meaning to entities. You are not simply a body. You are not simply thought and emotion. You indeed do have a spiritual body as well, and that spiritual body is the greater aspect of your true self. Do Bar Code Scanners Pollute Food?: More On Food Irradiation QUESTION: J.M. also sent in a question here, with a reprint of an article. It doesn't give the source, called "Is Your Food Killing You?", and it gives ten different areas such as polluted water, and manufacturing losses due to short cuts in mass production, the use of petrochemical solvents and preservatives and so on, and the ninth one is rather interesting, irradiation. "Many of your foods are irradiated to provide longer shelf life. (Awareness has gone into this in detail in the past). The electronic bar code scanner at the check-out stand also irradiates the food, destroying the nutritional value of food and decreasing the nutrients necessary to maintain good health." And his question is: "Regarding the enclosed article: "Is Your Food Killing You?"... I would like to know if it is true that the electronic bar code scanners give off radiation that irradiates everything that passes over them?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that these bar code scanners use laser technology, beaming a line of light which reads the bar code. It appears that there is some energy carrying radiation through these technologies, but it does not appear that this is of a strong amount. It is likened unto what would occur if you passed a sandwich across the monitor on your computer: just enough radiation to touch it would not irradiate the food. It does not appear to be a serious concern. However, the radiation used on fruits and vegetables in the super markets has an intention or effect of destroying the enzymes for the enzymes in the food is what makes the food spoil, and this irradiation of these foods preserves the food by killing the enzymes in the food so that it doesn't rot on the shelves as quickly. This Awareness indicates the problem for humans is that unless the human has enough enzymes within his or her stomach to digest the food, the food provides no enzymes for its own digestion when eaten and most humans as they age, especially, begin to lose more and more of their own enzymes, and unless they can supplement their diet with enzymes that would digest the various foods that are eaten, the foods will not be properly digested. This Awareness indicates this is one reason why so many entities are suffering from obesity and from digestive problems. This Awareness indicates that the obesity is because entities are not passing the food through properly and is building up and blocking the movement of the food through the digestive system. Why Extra Enzymes Are Needed This Awareness indicates that entities can buy certain enzymes, the papaya enzymes are good for general digestion. Pineapple enzymes help to digest beef and other meats. Fruits and vegetables generally contain enzymes but not if they have been irradiated. Therefore, you can no longer count on a good diet from the four food groups because the fruit and vegetables one eats may not be doing much for you. This Awareness indicates that many of the foods still have some enzymes. That you can generally spot foods that have been irradiated. They do not ripen well, and the foods often have black spots on them, such as little pepper-marks or zit-marks, little black circles or dots from the size of a dime on down. This Awareness indicates that even papayas which are famous for their enzymes, when irradiated, which is quite common, will sit on the store shelves or vegetable bins and remain hard and not ripen so that when you bite into their flesh it is like eating a raw vegetable rather than a papaya. They have little flavor, they do not gain a mushiness as they sit and age. Instead, they simply dry out with age. FDA Destroying Hope For Alternative Health Care This Awareness indicates that in the near future, entities will find this to be a greater and greater problem, finding enzymes to supplement their diet, for that will also be a step by the FDA, to take enzymes off the market and supply them only through the medical doctors by prescription. This Awareness indicates most of you already realize that there is a movement on at present to remove all vitamins and nutritional substances from health food stores and from the market and make these available only through the AMA doctors by prescription after one has an office call to pay for. Thus, you pay for your office call of $30 to $70 and then get a prescription from the doctor to purchase your Vitamin C, or Vitamin B, or whatever. This would mean that your vitamins can run you easily a hundred dollars or more per bottle. This Bill being introduced in mid-June of this year, was supposed to have been introduced a year before, but it is now introduced and is intended to allow it to take effect around the end of 1993, perhaps as early as mid-December. This Awareness indicates that once this is in place, once this Bill has been passed, it will not be undone. It is likened unto Humpty Dumpty, wherein all the King's horses and all the King's men cannot put Humpty together again. This Awareness indicates that this will totally destroy entities' hope for alternative health care and entities will be strictly dependent on the American medical profession for their minor health needs. This Awareness indicates it would also wipe out homeopathic medicines and herbal medicines, making them all part of the American Medical Association prescription drug arsenal. This Awareness indicates that it is a way whereby a society's use of nature, a society's use of herbs can be restricted, whereby the society is forced to rely on the medical profession for the simplest approach to healthy diet and lifestyle, or health care. This Awareness indicates that it is true that you may still have the option of searching for foods that contain some of these vitamins that you need, but most of these foods do not have sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals unless you indulge in enormous quantities. Thus an entity who might want a large dose of Vitamin C because of a cold could find himself having to eat an enormous amount of citrus fruit in order to get the necessary Vitamin C. This Awareness indicates that it will be a serious problem for many entities and health will deteriorate throughout the United States because of this for most entities cannot and will not be able to afford prescriptions to allow them to have these simple healing foods and herbs. CLOSING MESSAGE: The Last American Flag This Awareness indicates that these most unusual changes that infringe upon entities' rights are all coming together at approximately the same time as part of that New World Order, wherein entities will find themselves entering a new order of totalitarian control and the more it is in place and the more levels of it get in place, the more difficult, the more impossible it will be to get out of the circumstance and structure. This Awareness indicates the structure is being implanted on your society a piece at a time but very quickly in many different ways: economically, health-wise, through religion and through social and political means, and also through law enforcement changes that are occurring throughout the land. This Awareness indicates that for example, even military situations reflect the imposition of the changes and structures. The soldiers who fought in the Gulf war often placed the United States flag on their shoulders to show that they were fighting for the United States, not just for the UN. All those entities who put flags on their shoulders to show that they were fighting for the United States were transferred out. They did not want these entities to be seen or to represent United States' interest. They wanted this to be a United Nations war. This Awareness indicates that when the time comes for the shift, all the flags and the shoulder patches expressing the loyalty to the United States will be removed and UN patches and flags will be presented to replace them. This Awareness indicates that this is an implication of the control over your military and your police forces by the New World Order through law enforcement and because these things will be under the jurisdiction of the United Nations and your country will no longer have any law. This Awareness indicates it has been said that as long as an American flag flies, America still lives, but when that last flag is taken down, your America will no longer exist. END OF ISSUE ---------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Get Electronic Copies of "Revelations of Awareness" by EMail: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- At this time, subscriptions are not available via the net. 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