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93-11 (Issue No. 420) ----------------------------------- Find Out Who, |* REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS *| How Many Have In Fact, You |* The New Age Cosmic Newsletter *| You Served? And Really Are. ----------------------------------- How Well? Cosmic Awareness Communications Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 email: alex@spiral.org (subscription information available at end of this file) "Helping People Become Aware Since 1977." --------------------------------------------------------------------------- REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter, published by Cosmic Awareness Communications, Box 115, Olympia, WA 98507, a not-for-profit organization. Copyright 1993 by Cosmic Awareness Communications and the Aquarian Church of Universal Service. Reproduction is permitted, but no alterations may be made without express permission. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as "Channels" for the "Heavenly Father" and expresses itself once again as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of "readings" given, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to *believe* anything, not even Itself, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover through your own channel what the truth really is. Cosmic Awareness will only "indicate" and "suggest." Neither CAC or the Interpreter is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does CAC or the Interpreter necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreter interprets the energies as they are seen in trance levels and are not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreter has no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments, which are entirely the responsibility of the editor. Paul Shockley, Interpreter Avaton, C.A.C Editor Alex, OCR'er and NetPoster Vikki T., Office Manager --------------------------------------------------------------------------- IN THIS ISSUE: 93-11 (Issue No. 420): How The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Was Staged and Where He Went Thereafter: An Attempt to Get the Holy Body of the Divine Back Into Harmony With Its Many Parts; Sooner or Later, Cosmic Awareness Will Offend All Religious Groups: Today It Explores Christianity and How the Crucifixion and Resurrection Were Staged; Catholicism: How Truth Can Be Offensive; Some Messages Were Blocked By The Interpreter; How Suspended Animation Works; What Occurred After the Crucifixion of Jesus?; The Jesuits Were Behind the Inquisition; Oak Island Treasure Shaft Contains Holy Relics; CIA and Jesuit Catholics Are Linked; Quarrels Within the Holy Body Are Not Necessary; "He Walked The Americas": Is the Book An Accurate Description?; The Entity Jesus Was Really Apollonius of Tyana; Creating the Name Jesus For the Role of the New Christ; Visions of Krishna in India Explained; The Roman Soldier's Description of Jesus: How Valid is This Famous Description?; The Truth Often Hurts; When the Kids Keep Returning to the Nest; During These Depression Times: A Message For Older Parents; Help the Graduate Can Give to Parents; Those Millions of Jobs Lost to Downsizing: Will The Economy Ever Absorb Them Back?; Global 2000 and the Homeless On the Streets; What You Can Do About the Homeless; People Living in Cars: Get a Street Address; Will the Homeless Accept the Mark?; Does the Pentagon Believe Scallion's Map?; A New Strain of Tuberculosis Now Testing in Prisons; New Incurable Strain of Hepatitis Now Loose: Fast-Spreading New Infection Now Greater Than AIDS; Use EQO2 To Keep Immune System Strong; Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Produce Natural H2O2; SDI "Star Wars" Program Is Canceled: Two Factions in MJ-12 Working Against Each Other; Is Society Solely Responsible for Violence?; Is There a Genetic Connection That Creates Criminals?; Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: The Karma Involved; Drunken Mothers Who Give Birth to Misfits; Will a New Sun Be Created?; Will Meditation Help Keep You Younger?; Is a Mantra Really Necessary?; How Does One Contact Ramtha?; Photon Belt Information: Five Days of Blinding Light and Darkness Didn't Happen; More On Those Highly Touted Non-Events; A New World Order Scenarios With Christ Returning; The "I Am America" Map; Do Not Energize Earth Changes Or They Might Happen; The Tipping of the Poles: Why It Can't Happen; Some Earthquakes Triggered By E.L.F Waves; What Will Happen in October 1996?; A Real Space War With the Aliens Is a Possibility; Will Florida Be Inundated?; Viewing Consciousness As Liquid Light; The Density Change in 2012 and The Deep Sleep; How Suns and Stars Were Created; Cosmic Ley Lines in Space; The Influence of the Sun In Early Religions; The Frequency of Life Forms; The Christian Cross An Abhorrent Symbol; What is That Large Object Orbiting the Moon?; What is That Large Object Orbiting Mars?; More on Alternative 003. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- How the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Was Staged, and Where He Went Thereafter An Attempt to Get the Holy Body of the Divine Back into Harmony With Its Many Parts.... SOONER OR LATER COSMIC AWARENESS WILL OFFEND ALL RELIGIOUS GROUPS: TODAY IT EXPLORES CHRISTIANITY AND HOW THE CRUCIFIXION AND RESURRECTION WAS STAGED (C.A.C. General Reading, March 17) COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that in your presentation of your newsletter, there are certain statements made in regard to this Awareness which are made to imply special qualities and special status that would appeal to the masses. This Awareness suggests that you might consider adding also a brief additional line: "Likely to offend every group at one time or another." Essentially, this Awareness has at one time or another addressed -- or will address -- just about every group, in terms of describing or discussing the group, either specifically or generically and there are some things that each of these groups is likely to find unflattering, even though much also can be flattering to them. This Awareness suggests that this may help entities who read the material to realize that It is not singling out any group for criticism, or as carrying some kind of flaw. This Awareness has described certain things relating to Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Moslems, all of the various religions. It has not addressed many of the lesser-known religions and they could be offended that they have been ignored. This Awareness indicates that there are also flaws in many of these lesser-known religions that could be discussed along with their better points. This Awareness indicates likewise, in terms of political bodies, bureaucratic bodies, national and cultural organizations. This Awareness has essentially, from Its beginning, in expressing what It sees as truth, expressed things that can be recognized as offensive to entities who want to think of themselves as perfect and flawless. This Awareness does not pull punches in describing things. It attempts to be as tactful as possible, except when individuals are being hurt. It may be quite blunt in trying to express protection for those individuals. This Awareness indicates It does not particularly spare a culture or a religious body from criticism because to this Awareness, organizations, cultures, roots, do not matter much, but individuals matter immensely. This Awareness indicates if by criticizing group activities It can help to protect or enhance the rights of individuals, It will do so, but many individuals belong to those groups, to those cultures, to those religions and organizations, and feel offended when this Awareness criticizes the group, religion, organization or culture they belong to. This Awareness indicates when It speaks of culture, It also includes the concept of race, for there are many different cultures based on race, and on sub-cultural levels within races or nationalities or particular locations on the planet earth. The Aborigines of Australia would be classed as a particular culture. Likewise, there are many different cultures in the black race in Africa. There are likewise various cultures even in communist China. Each city in the world may have a slightly different culture. Therefore, the word "culture" in this usage includes all the groups that are joined together for some common denominator that is shared within that particular culture. This Awareness indicates that if It takes a swipe at your culture or something It sees as not being to the best interest of individuals, It does not intend to denigrate anyone, It simply wishes to lift the rights of the individuals higher. Some Jews Were Offended About Zionist References This Awareness indicates that in defining Zionism, some time ago, It apparently has had some effect of offending Jews, even those who are not Zionists. This Awareness indicates that It is speaking of Zionism as a political body that is intent on world conquest, and not as a group of Jewish people exclusively, for It sees Zionism as not exclusively Jewish; there are people who are not Jewish who are still Zionists. Therefore, It must wrestle with entities' misconceptions and can offend entities by speaking of something that the entities do not perhaps correctly understand and through that misunderstanding, they feel an offense, as though they had been attacked personally. This Awareness indicates there are many entities of the Jewish faith who also have renounced Zionism. This Awareness indicates that It doesn't wish to renounce any individuals or even the individuals making up Zionism. It simply warns that the concept is somewhat dangerous. This Awareness wishes now to switch to another topic, because It does not wish this to become another issue for entities to become offended about. Catholicism: How Truth Can be Offensive This Awareness indicates that It can also switch to the concept of Catholicism to continue on in this discussion about offending potential cultures. This Awareness indicates for example, It has spoken of certain aspects of the Catholic religion. It happens that in many of these questions, It has been somewhat defensive of the Catholic religion when questions were asked about the Catholic religion. This is in part because this Awareness recognizes that the questioner himself has some personal hostilities toward Catholicism and therefore, this Awareness does not wish this personal hostility to carry through into the readings and be broadcast as a message from this Awareness to indicate Awareness is hostile towards Catholics or toward the Catholic religion. This Awareness does wish however, that It could give the full expression and truth in whatever question is asked. In some cases there are hesitations when speaking of either Jewish or Catholic or racial issues, and issues of religion, wherein this Awareness recognizes that truth can be offensive to entities who have their beliefs in regard to their culture, their religion. Some Messages Were Blocked by the Interpreter This Awareness indicates that because the Interpreter himself is of a Protestant background, he feels more comfortable in allowing the messages to come through that are critical of the Protestant position, if this truth seems important in the readings. This Awareness indicates that therefore, he allows this Awareness to give the truth as it may apply to Protestant messages without any particular concern as to whether it would be too offensive to Protestants. This Awareness indicates the entity seems to allow this to flow more easily than for example, messages that might be directed toward Catholic or Jewish or Moslem comment on these philosophical or religious teachings. This Awareness indicates that there was quite a time before the entity could even allow this Awareness to bring through information relating to the deeper areas of the Christian religion as taught through Protestant and Catholic sources, particularly in regard to the origins of the Christian religion, but this area eventually broke through and the Interpreter did not block the messages from coming through; this in regard to the activities in Rome in which the Christian religion was brought together for the use of the Roman empire and the church. This Awareness indicates that there are still certain things in this Christian religion that have not been published in these readings or which have not been admitted through the church and this relates to those messages that have come through certain books, particularly that of the book "Holy Blood, Holy Grail." This Awareness indicates this in regard to the family of Jesus and of his movement after the crucifixion, wherein the entity experienced suspended animation on the cross and was brought down and appeared to be dead. How Suspended Animation Works This Awareness indicates that It wishes to explain how the suspended animation is effected and how it works to give the appearance of death. This is still practiced by some entities in India, wherein through deep breathing exercises and meditation, entities can fill the body with oxygen so that the bloodstream is saturated with oxygen and when it is saturated with oxygen, the heart and the breathing activity no longer have to do their work. The heart does not have to pump blood to the brain to give new oxygen to the brain because all of the blood in the body by this time is saturated with oxygen, therefore, the heart can slow down and stop moving. This Awareness indicates that this process is taught through the meditation called Kriya Yoga. Kriya Yoga has been taught in the United States through the Self-Realization Fellowship teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda. This Awareness indicates that in Kriya Yoga, the breathing action occurs over a period of time with each breath carrying more oxygen into the body than is expelled, until the body is highly oxygenated, so that the blood throughout the body is filled with oxygen, and when this occurs, the heartbeat has been gradually brought to a halt. If there is no heartbeat and is no breathing, no energy is being expended and no more oxygen needs to be brought in, the entity can lie in suspended animation for up to approximately as long as 30 days. Some may even go longer, but most in the early stages of this development of the suspended animation will stay in for minutes or hours at a time. Masters of the art can stay for days or weeks or even months without breathing. This Awareness indicates there is no pulse, there is no heartbeat, there is no breath going in or out, and the entity appears dead. This Awareness indicates occasionally you may hear of someone who comes back to life suddenly, such as at their funeral, or someone who looks in the coffin at an entity during his funeral ceremony and the entity's eyes suddenly focus, or he moves or looks and the people seeing this, realize he is alive, and occasionally these entities are brought back to life. There is no known understanding of how it happened, but the entities were still alive. The embalming process, which is required in many countries now, tends to have made this a more infrequent occurrence. Once the blood is exchanged for embalming fluid, there is no likelihood of the entity coming back to life. This Awareness indicates however, that in third world countries, where embalming is not practiced, and in ancient times, when embalming was not practiced, these entities might still be alive, with the appearance of death. What Occurred After the Crucifixion of Jesus Thus, it was with the entity Jesus at his crucifixion, and he came back to life and this was called The Resurrection. This Awareness indicates that these entities then moved, after that experience of the crucifixion, as a family, along with Mary Magdalene who was the daughter of Joseph of Aramathea, through France and on up to England as described in the book "Holy Blood, Holy Grail." This Awareness indicates that at a later time, this became the motivation for the creation of the Knights Templar, and this Knights Templar became a protector of the Holy Grail. But the Grail was not a cup: it was the blood of the family, in a genetic sense, the carrying on of this holy family in its generation and descendancy. This Awareness indicates that there are books out about this in a kind of underground networking or recognizable form of structure which the church has long sought to keep subdued and to destroy in terms of any evidence or any exposition. The secret organizations, particularly those that came out of the Knights Templar, which includes the Rosicrucians and the Free Masonry organizations, have sprung from these earlier groups of people who were dedicated to the protection of the Holy Family as it moved toward England, and later toward America. The Jesuits Were Behind the Inquisition This Awareness indicates that it was mostly the Jesuits who were set about to destroy these energies of the Holy Family to keep them from surfacing, because the very action of the information coming out would be detrimental to the dogmatic myth or structure promoted by the church. This Awareness indicates the Jesuits were essentially behind the Inquisition, and there is also even today, a threat of destruction to entities who bring out this information. This Awareness indicates It does not wish to go into any of this deeply at this time, but to point entities to the books that are available for entities to research in this area if they so desire. Oak Island Treasure Shaft Contains Holy Relics This Awareness wishes also indicates that the deep shaft on Oak Island in Nova Scotia is not, as some suggest, a hidden treasure from Captain Kidd, but was brought over by those protectors of the Holy Family and put deep into the ground, and you will discover, eventually, as these things are brought up, that they are holy relics, and tools, crosses and so forth, and gold and silver of great wealth, controlled originally, or acquired originally by the Templars and those who were helping the Holy Family. These things came over approximately at a time some where between the 5th and 10th Century A.D. This Awareness indicates of course, by this time, the Holy Family was not the same family that left Israel or the Essene community, but was comprised of its descendants. This Awareness indicates these entities went through Canada as French Canadians and certain entities eventually moved down into the United States. This of course, over a period of a thousand years of the families' descendancy. CIA and Jesuit Catholics Are Linked This Awareness indicates that it should be understood that the Jesuits are, for the church, much as the CIA is for the United States government, and that there is a connecting link between the CIA and the Catholic Church, even though this link is thin, it has ties that are often useful. There are also connections with the Mafia between these, as though they were cousin organizations, much like brother/sister organizations, but more like cousins. This Awareness indicates that in Its discussion of offending entities by disclosing information, It does not wish to offend individuals, for It holds all individuals as precious souls or cells of the body of God. It sometimes is concerned about the organs or organizations of the world that operate without regard for the individuals that make up those organizations or wherein the organizations do not work in harmony with each other within the body of God. Quarrels Within the Holy Body Are Not Necessary This Awareness seeks at this time to point out certain truths which will help this entire body to come into harmony and balance so as to function as a whole, as a Holy Body of the Divine, without aspects of its organs or organizations being at odds with one another, or trying to be the leader of all other aspects and organizations of this Holy Body. This Awareness indicates that when every organization or every organ of the Body of God wants to be seen as absolute, powerful, right, and wants to do so at the expense of others, making them weak, wrong, and unclear, then there is a conflict in this Holy Body between the various parts, the organs of the body. This Awareness wishes to see this balance out, so that the souls and cells of the body, the organs and organizations, the cultures, move into greater harmony with the understanding that all are necessary, all are worthy, all have a part to play, and they do not need to quarrel and fight with each other over such things as race or religions or cultural differences or national differences, or even the genetic blood lines of a family. This Awareness indicates that obviously It has found still another way to offend many entities; It will continue to find still more. This Awareness indicates that It is not motivated to offend. It is motivated to expose the truth as it is, when it is possible to get the truth out. This Awareness indicates the Interpreter is not always willing or available for such exposition and on occasion, on precious occasions, this Awareness can release certain information when the Interpreter is open to such release and when the membership and subscribers appear to be open to such release. It is largely a matter of timing. Truth can come out slowly, like the fruit growing on a tree. If it is rushed, if it is picked too early, it is green and bitter and unacceptable. It must come when its time is right. This Awareness indicates that for many years, entities asked questions on UFOs and their relationship to man, and this Awareness held back information for two decades, then It began to give the information in a period of two years (1989-1990), and entities began to withdraw their subscriptions for receiving so much information on UFOs. So, this Awareness then stopped giving information on UFOs, and some entities began to object that they weren't getting enough information on UFOs. This Awareness cannot please everyone, no matter what it does. This Awareness indicates once on a rare occasion, It may please someone. This Awareness indicates that this is what it is all about. This Awareness indicates that if you feel offended by the messages given today, that it is completely understand able. It is the kind of message that would be offensive to many entities who have strong beliefs, and this Awareness indicates that It completely understands. It is regretful to offend, but It is pleased to give information that may be eventually understood. It hopes to give more elaborate and detailed information in this regard at some future time. It is not likely to give such information for quite a number of years, but this Awareness suggests you begin with the book "Holy Blood, Holy Grail," if you wish to study this further, and from there you will find other sources of information. "HE WALKED THE AMERICAS": IS THE BOOK AN ACCURATE DESCRIPTION? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In reference to the Holy Family in America, there's a book by a man, I believe his name is Hansen, richly illustrated, called "He Walked the Americas," and it purportedly traces the journey of Jesus down through North America from Asia, and down into South America, and they reproduce photos of hieroglyphs and all sorts of ancient architectural structures and so on, sort of like Sitchin, to back up what they claim. How truthful is this book? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears the entity did move in this direction at a time, that after the entity went to England, the entity did eventually arrive on this continent and spent approximately three years traveling the continent This Awareness indicates that there is much in the book that touches on this journey, but there is also much that is in error in the book you speak of. The writer pieces together fragments of evidence that does not actually belong in the book, but which appear to belong in the book. The entity is not seen as coming across from Asia. This Awareness indicates it appears that this is an error in gathering evidence and relates to similar evidence that can be mistakenly used, relating to another teacher or person having left a trail of his wanderings. This Awareness indicates that in other words, some of the entity's information is correct and belongs to the story of Jesus in America, but some of it is in error. The Entity Jesus Was Really Apollonius of Tyana This Awareness indicates also it should be understood that the entity Apollonius of Tyana is the one entities speak of when they speak of Jesus; that the name Jesus was added later, and applied to the story that was created for the New Testament. The Apollonius entity was the one who was essentially the character, the real-life character. The New Testament story was based on the story of Apollonius. The name Jesus (Awareness pronounced this as "hey-soos") or Jesus is a name that was attributed to this character's story by the priests under the directorship of Constantine in the 3rd Century, when he directed that the church priests of Rome come together and create a Holy Universal Roman Church. The word "universal" in Latin being the same as the word "catholic." This Awareness indicates that there was a family of Rome deeply involved in the writing of these documents that became the New Testament; that this information has been given in previous "Revelations of Awareness" readings and the documentation of the families' work in writing the New Testament is available through an organization in the state of Washington, the address of which can be provided by CAC. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Is that the one where one family from Italy purportedly wrote the books in the Bible? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates that this was essentially an attempt to create a Roman religion that would counter the Hebrew or Jewish religion of the time, which the Romans could claim as their own religion; that it was recognized during these times the importance of having a mythical body of knowledge that held people together as a cultural group or to help meld them or mold them into a unit. Religion was seen as a way of population control and Rome had been relying on both Hebrew and Greek mythologies which were more or less causing them to be a second-rate culture without an identity of their own and therefore, not being cohesive or unified, the various sects and religions in Rome were about to tear the country apart. Creating the Name of Jesus for the Role of the New Christ Constantine saw the need for a unified or catholic religion. The word "catholic" meaning "universal." This Awareness indicates that after the religion had been compiled in such a way that it brought all of the various sects or religions together, everything from Krishna to the Helios philosophy or religion, Helios being sun-centered with 12 signs that became the "son" and his 12 disciples, and the Krishna religion which taught of a virgin birth, bringing Krishna to India, born of the virgin to bring hope to humanity and being hanged for his efforts, but rising and continuing after his death. The works of Apollonius of Tyana being also brought in. The question was: "What shall we call our hero of the story?", and many of these priests decided to call him Zeus, for Zeus seemed to be the most fitting of names. It referred to the planet Jupiter and Jupiter meant one who gives all forms of blessing and bounty, but there were those who objected and said "Zeus is a Greek name; we don't want Greek Gods running Rome." And so they went back and discussed further and after many various considerations, they settled on the word Jesus (Awareness pronounced this as "hey-soos") which later became Jesus. Jesus was a common name that meant "Neither He nor She." It was a neutral name, and they felt this would be good to have a name that is neutral. Then they decided to put a title on Jesus and chose the word Christos, the Christed one. There were many Christos. There was the Babylonian named Crust (sp?). There were other entities through history that had been Christed or Chreestod (phonetic sp). The word Christos meaning "One who is crowned with Divinity." And they decided to call this entity Jesus the Christos, or the Christed One, meaning the man had a title of a Christ. This Awareness indicates that it is likened unto saying "John, or George the Prophet, or Michael the Doctor." The word Christos was a title, not a last name. It has only become associated as a last name down through the ages because of People's misunderstanding, thus, the original term was Jesus the Christos, or Neither He Nor She, the Christed One. This Awareness indicates this name added to the story, and the story was complete and gave the Roman Empire its mythology, which could be used to hold the people together and to make them strong and unified under a spiritual umbrella. Visions of Krishna in India Explained This Awareness indicates that many entities will say: "But what of the fact that entities the world over have seen visions of Jesus, or visions of Mary, the mother of Jesus?" This Awareness indicates that likewise, in India, entities see visions of Krishna. Entities tend to visualize and to visualize things they have been taught to believe in. If, for example, you were taught that a circle with a smaller circle, and still a smaller circle or dot in the center was the face of God, and you saw this dot with two circles around it, and felt this was the symbol or circle, or the face of God, at various times in your life, when you are under stress or in certain situations, you might visualize this symbol. It might simply come to you from your subconscious as a message from the subconscious to look at God, to think of God, or to visualize God, or to say "God is with you!" This Awareness indicates if on the other hand, someone had painted what they perceived to be Jesus as a man of dark skin, colored black, and a wide nose, much as many black men would be, and you had never seen the picture of Jesus that has become commonplace, based on the artistry of someone who felt inspired to paint his picture, if this were the picture you had to represent the entity Jesus, you would not see the vision of Jesus as represented from the picture, you would see the image that had been given to you over periods of time of the black man as representing the entity Jesus, because you would have been taught this is what Jesus looks like. This Awareness indicates that likewise, in India, entities see Krishna according to the drawings and paintings of Krishna that have been part of their culture. Krishna generally is seen as blue in color. This Awareness indicates that your visions tend to come from your subconscious, according to what you have been programmed to believe. This Awareness indicates that there is no indication or history or photographs or pictures depicting the face of Apollonious of Tyana, so you cannot really know how accurate the image of Christ in relation to this entity might be, so you are stuck with images that you have been shown and taught to be the images of Christ, the Christed One known as Jesus, or Neither He Nor She. This Awareness indicates that it is not so much a question of what the entity looks like anyway, for you are not to worship graven images. You are to worship the Christ, the Christos. This Awareness suggests that this refers to the annointment that comes from the Divine, the Christ Consciousness, or the vibration of Christ, the vibration of God, the frequency associated with the Absolute Divine. That is the true Christ. This Awareness suggests that a last question be asked. THE ROMAN SOLDIER'S DESCRIPTION OF JESUS: HOW VALID IS THIS FAMOUS DESCRIPTION? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: There is circulating around a description, a purported description of the entity Jesus, written by a Roman soldier, who either knew him or had him in confinement back in those days, and this ancient letter was handed down through families through the ages, and the description of Jesus, I believe it was long flowing blonde-like hair and beautiful features and so on, we published at one time, years ago on Christmas, and I was wondering if Awareness sees that letter as being authentic as a description of this composite known as Jesus? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this as in the negative. It appears to be a counterfeit or hoax created several hundred years after the events described in Biblical writings. THE TRUTH OFTEN HURTS QUESTION: Does Awareness have a closing message? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that truth often hurts, yet truth also makes entities free. It is important that entities accept what they believe to be truth and to keep their minds open in regard to things they hear or read, to discover whether there is truth that can be useful. It is not asking that you believe what this Awareness has given, It is asking that you keep your mind searching, open, willing to consider, able to think without having your mind already made up. This Awareness indicates as It has given before, the mind is never really thinking until it turns to question everything it knows. (End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given.) ED's Note: The reading Awareness referred to about the family in Italy that wrote the books of the Bible, this reading has not yet been published. However, if you wish to research this information, we suggest you send $5.00 for a paperback book (postpaid), from the Abalard Reuchlin Foundation, P.O. Box 5652, Kent, Washington 98064. This book traces the Pisos family in Italy which actually wrote the books of the Bible as we know it today. Awareness has confirmed the information is valid. If you don't want to part with five bucks, send them a SASE and ask for their free brochure on this book, called "The True Authorship of the New Testament" by Abalard Reuchlin. In regard to the book, "Holy Blood, Holy Grail." the authors are Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln, who also wrote "The Messianic Legacy" and these books are published in paperback by Dell, a division of Bantam Doubleday, 666 5th Ave., New York, NY. 10103. These books are available in your local bookstore or can be ordered by them. CAC has also ordered a carton of "Holy Blood, Holy Grail' and these should be available to the membership by time you get this reading. Price: $5.95 plus postage. There will be more forthcoming regarding Apollonius of Tyana, and we suggest those of you who wish to further research the Jesus myth, to read "Apollonius the Nazarene," by Dr. Raymond Bernard, an underground publication verified by Awareness and available from CAC for $6.00 plus postage. More on Apollonius can also be found in the book "Antiquity Unveiled," also available from CAC. Please refer to Book Price Sheet under Books Relating to Jesus. WHEN THE KIDS KEEP RETURNING TO THE NEST During these Depression Times: A Message for Older Parents (Excerpts from a CAC General Reading, June 18, 1993) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that in these modern times, in these times of difficult economics, this Awareness wishes to address certain entities in the older generation regarding their own needs and the needs of their children; this under certain circumstances, whereby many of these younger generation have come to rely on their parents for help. This Awareness indicates that It wishes to address the delicate balance involved in this kind of relationship, whereby the entities seeking help from their parents because of the difficulties in terms of making their own way in life leads them to go back to the security which they always had at home, whereby they take it for granted that their parents will help them in their present time of need. This Awareness wishes to suggest that parents be understanding of their children's needs, and wherein it is appropriate and possible to be of help as much as is reasonable and possible, to attend the financial needs of your children with the understanding that it is the difficult times that affect entities. This Awareness indicates however, that if you find you cannot help yourself and still help your children, you may wish to weigh this obligation against the realities of your own needs and make a choice. This Awareness indicates It is simply suggesting that you not have a hard and fast rule that, "After my children are 18 or 21, I will no longer help them. They are old enough to take care of themselves." This Awareness indicates that sometimes a little help from their parents will be sufficient to get them through their difficulties while they get back into their own momentum. This Awareness indicates that It also wishes to point out that a parent who is too lenient, too generous to the children may become likened unto the enabler of alcoholism, one who enables the alcoholic to continue his alcoholic lifestyle and the entity who financially supports the child in such a way that enables the child to continue being the burden on the family, or on others may be encouraged by parents who are too generous, and therefore this may be acting as an enabler to help the child avoid his or her responsibilities. This Awareness indicates there is also the other side of the situation wherein parents in some instances become dependent on children and wherein there are many parents who have not planned or do not have opportunities for retiring in comfort and therefore need to rely on their offspring for some kind of help in continuing their golden years. This Awareness indicates that all of these things require that entities be both generous when necessary, caring and compassionate, and also that they become firm when it appears that their compassion is being used without much effort on the part of the one to whom they feel compassion, to better their own lives. There are many times when entities become so used to receiving help, they don't make the effort to help themselves. This Awareness suggests that in these modern times of economic hardship, it is important that all entities work for themselves and for each other, in accordance with that which is reasonable behavior with compassion and understanding for the various situations involved. HELP THE GRADUATE CAN GIVE TO THE PARENTS FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: There are reports out now that all these tens of thousands of people graduating from the high schools and from the colleges, the majority of them will not find jobs, and that these young people are going to go back to live with Mom and Dad again, so the same would apply in this case to the graduates? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates that even though these entities may find compassionate parents who let them live at home after graduation from night school or college, it is still critical that these entities get out and search for jobs or search for ways whereby they can make their own living. This Awareness indicates that it may be that even if they are living at home and can't find outside jobs, they can be of some service to their parents, helping around the home or doing things to bring in money for the family. This Awareness indicates that these things happened in the 1930s during the time of the Great Depression, where entities might need to live with family members after they had already broken away from such and entities would return to live with the family in the old homestead or in their home in the city. But when this occurred, during most cases in that time, there was enough responsibility shown by entities whereby, rather than trying to live off of someone for free, they would do work around the home, around the farm, or wherever possible, to make things work better for everyone involved. There was not the idea so much at the time of trying to get something for nothing simply because "These are my parents, so I have a right to live off of them," as is often the case today. This Awareness indicates also, during those times, parents were quite compassionate with the out-of-work children and would let them come home, whereas many parents today simply are hard nosed about "Once the child leaves, they're on their own and I will not let them back into my home!" This Awareness suggests that entities learn to be flexible and compassionate toward their friends, their loved ones, their relatives, if for no other reason than the tables might turn in a few years and you might need to have help from them. This Awareness indicates, of course, this is not the proper reason for showing compassion. This Awareness indicates that it appears the economy is improving very slowly. It will continue to improve, but there are still many who suffer as though there were no improvement at all, and these entities need to be recognized and addressed and cared for wherein possible. THOSE MILLIONS OF JOBS LOST TO "DOWN-SIZING": WILL THE ECONOMY EVER ABSORB THEM BACK? (Global 2000 and the Homeless on the Streets ) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: From what I've read, the corporations claim that in order to survive into the new century with world competition, that all this so-called 'down- sizing' is absolutely necessary and in a case like Boeing, which has a tremendous influence in this Puget Sound area, has started to lay off some 30,000 workers before the year is out; this devastates an area like Seattle and these people who have bought homes and might have been paying on their homes for 10 or 15 years, and then suddenly they're out of work and Boeing has said these jobs will not come back, regardless of whether or not the economy improves, and the same thing applies to all of the corporations who have down-sized and have laid off or discharged literally millions of people. My basic question is: What are these people to do when the bank that seems to have no mercy in this case threatens to foreclose when they can't make their monthly payments and they're going to find themselves out in the streets and living in their cars and in little tiny RV trailers in the parks? There are all kinds of horror stories, even around here, of hundreds of families living in cars, and they go into the state parks and live there 3 or 4 days until they're ordered to move, and so they'll move to another park. Does Awareness see the slowly improving economy ever going to absorb these people back? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it appears the situation will get worse, rather than better. This Awareness indicates that it also appears that in the coming years the various diseases that have been engineered in the bacteriological warfare programs, including AIDS and the new tuberculosis and the others that are yet to come, will take out many of the individuals who have been part of the mainstream of society in the past decades. Many of these homes that are being lost or other homes that are held by entities will in the future be lost due to either lay-offs from work or through illnesses that take too much of the entity's income, so that gradually, as the population of the world diminishes, those that manage to survive may end up having ownership or use of many of the vacant homes. Entities may have two or three homes in different parts of the country or may have certain homes that they can live in alternately. This Awareness indicates if it goes into the One World Government, the New World Order, entities in a particular area will remain in that area, will not be allowed out of that area, so that each region of this North American continent will be shut off from other regions as far as being encased or enclosed so that the population does not wander around from place to place. This is seen in the future. This Awareness indicates that it will mean that some entities have more than enough to live on because so much of the population will have been lost through disease, starvation or other means of eliminating the population of the world. This Awareness indicates that the hardships that entities begin to experience through the loss of their jobs also takes away their power. It takes away their voting right, because they have no permanent address. That means they cannot protest what is happening to them, and those who still have their homes may not concern themselves with the ones who are homeless, even as this has already been demonstrated. Few entities who are still employed and have their homes really show much concern about the homeless, even though those homeless people may, a year or two back had been in the same situation, with a home and a job, and looking very smug in their security. This Awareness indicates that if entities cannot learn by watching the problems that others have, by seeing how easily your privileges, your rights, your benefits are taken from you, and how quickly you can be relegated to the caste of "no class" in society, then if you cannot see this, you are not likely to attempt to do anything about it while you have any position or power of vote to do so. What You Can Do About the Homeless This Awareness indicates that still also there is the question whether your vote would really help at all, because one never knows when one votes whether the entity going into office will remain loyal to his or her promises after to the election. This Awareness indicates that it appears the entity who cares about what is happening will need to do more than simply vote, will need to write petitions, write letters and voice strong opinions to those who have been elected in an effort to get them to do something about the situation, and if enough people do so, it is possible that many of these things will be properly attended to. This Awareness indicates there are still entities in the government who read letters from their constituents, who read and take action when pressed to do so by enough people. This is because they know that their position depends on voters and when these voters write them and insist on certain actions being taken, they recognize that their failure to follow through on these recommended actions can lead to the loss of these voters, and that each voter who writes may represent many more voters who don't take the time to write. To People Living in Cars: Get a Street Address This Awareness suggests that entities who live in their cars should have some permanent address, even if it but a box that is rented from one of the many private postal box rent shops, whereby you can select or rent a post office box by the month from a privately owned company that does such. It is possible to rent a post office box, but post office boxes are not always accepted in every state as an address for individuals to use as a voting address, but these privately-owned box rental companies have basically a street address with the box number as an addition so that you could, for example, say "1512 Duncan Street, Suite No. 32," wherein Suite No. 32 is actually a box number at the business which rents these boxes, or you could say "Apt. 32," whichever is your wish. This would appear to be a street address that could be used for your voting address. This would allow you to collect mail, to have a regular address for certain needs when a street address is necessary. This Awareness indicates that some entities who need food-stamps or welfare checks or who need a street address for voting rights can use this kind of street address that is in fact a box at a street address business. This Awareness indicates this may come in handy at some time, particularly when looking for a job where you need to have an address that appears to be your home address. This Awareness indicates that many times, employers will not hire a person if they do not have a home address, and if you are already on the streets without a home address and you can't get hired, it becomes impossible to get a home address. This Awareness indicates that you may also need a telephone before getting hired, and you may consider getting a telephone answering service. This Awareness indicates that, essentially, you must find ways to stabilize your lifestyle through the use of help from others who provide similar types of stabilizing methods. If you cannot get a job without a phone or a home and you cannot have a phone or a home without a job, then perhaps getting a solid address from a box rental company and a telephone number from a phone answering service can provide you with that which is required from the job you seek. This Awareness indicates obviously, the better way would be to move in with someone and share their home with them if they are so inclined and compassionate as to allow your presence in sharing their home. This Awareness indicates also, It wishes to point out that sometimes when people are down and out, they tend, rather than being appreciative toward those who help them, they tend to become more demanding. Their ego is weak because they have such low self-esteem and rather than expressing true appreciation, they turn and make demands, or if things are not going quite right and someone laments or complains about what they are doing, they may take affront to the criticism and because their self-esteem is low, they turn and fight back, delivering a string of foul language or hostile remarks or such to the person who is actually trying to help them. It is important for entities to understand that this kind of ego protection is hazardous to the relationship and that the relationship at such a time is in a very fragile state, and that entities need to pull together during critical times rather than trying to show how important they are and how low the other person is because of his or her behavior. This Awareness indicates in other words, the child who moves back in with the parents may find himself or herself being highly insulted and criticized because the parents want to switch back to treating the child as a small child, and the child may find himself or herself being challenged by parents who are obviously not respectful or who are looking at the entity with a lack of respect so that there is a mutual hostility that begins almost immediately. This Awareness suggests that entities attempt to avoid either of these, whether you are a parent or whether you are the child seeking help from the parent. Neither has to let pride and self-esteem or ego concerns enter into the relationship. WILL THE HOMELESS ACCEPT THE "MARK"? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Does Awareness see these homeless entities and those others who are trying to survive outside the system, as being willing victims of the New World Order when it comes down with the Mark and so on, or would they be more likely, having lived outside the system, to form more of a cadre of entities who could guide and teach a lot of people how to survive outside the system who do not want to take the Mark? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the latter appears to be the more likely route for these entities, but there will also very likely be programs which would invite these entities to come in for food or for shelter which would require that they have the Indenti-chip put into their hands or forehead and many of these entities would do so just to get greater comfort from the food or shelter that is offered. ED's Note: For more information on this diabolical scheme to depopulate the world, please refer to 'Revelations of Awareness' No. 93-10, Special Report on AIDS and Global 2000; $3.00 from CAC. DOES THE PENTAGON BELIEVE SCALLION'S MAP? QUESTION: There was an interesting question brought up by the current Acres U.S.A. publication about the Scallion script. And they ask: "Did Gordon Scallion script the military base closings or is it mere chance that 27 of 31 bases slated for phase-out would, if left open, end up underwater if Scallion's map of the reconfigured U.S. ends up close to reality? Does the government have its own earth changes timetable and planning agenda, and if so, is it simply going to save its hardware and let the citizenry be damned?" Acres U.S.A., PO Box 9547 Kansas City, Mo. 64133, a monthly newspaper for New Age farmers, includes the latest technology in psionics, organic farming, how to survive in these economic times. These people know the Beast scenario and what Big Brother is slowly bringing down on us, and they advise their readers accordingly. Highly recommended! COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness suggests the first part of the question be repeated. QUESTIONER It's referring to the Gordon Scallion script and the map that he's hawking which shows about half the United States underwater due to land changes and so forth before the turn of the century. (Question is repeated). COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears that most of this was a matter of chance; that the bases being mostly on the coastal areas happened to coincide with areas that were also seen as earthquake centers according to Scallion. This Awareness indicates that it does not appear that the government has a great concern for this entity's prediction though it is aware of the information the entity has put forth. ED's Note: Neither do we. This editor has always said that Scallion is full of hot air (to put it tactfully) and is using fear tactics, under the name of "spiritual advice," to bilk the gullible out of their money. Just because someone can channel or has "visions" is not proof of anything spiritual. It could just as well be of demonic origin, whether the entity knows it or not. NEW STRAIN TUBERCULOSIS NOW TESTING IN PRISONS QUESTION: A question from C.L. He writes: "I just heard that 900 of the 4200 prisoners in Pennsylvania's Greaterford Prison tested positive for exposure to tuberculosis. Is this part of the plan to get the new tuberculosis strain around?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this is in the affirmative; that this began in prisons. It was introduced into the prisons as an experimental action, spread among prisoners It has more recently been released into hospitals and particularly spread among older people in nursing homes and hospitals with the intention that these entities spread the tuberculosis to visitors, mostly family members, when they come to see them. This Awareness indicates that as it is spread into hospitals, it is met by entities who are already weakened and whose immune systems may be unable to counter the tuberculosis. This Awareness indicates that it will then be spread out into society. It appears it will also go through many of the schools and other institutions before it strikes the greater public in the job places and when it goes through the schools of course, the children will take it home to the rest of the family. NEW INCURABLE STRAIN OF HEPATITIS NOW LOOSE (Fast-Spreading New Infection Now Greater Than AIDS) QUESTION: We just received a report from the local hospital. It's sort of interesting. I hadn't heard this one. I'll read it. It's about a new hepatitis. Four Million Active Cases--New Form of Hepatitis on the Rise: People are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of blood-borne diseases. However, Hepatitis C (HCV) is one of the fastest-growing infectious diseases, yet is little-known by the public. Most people have heard of Hepatitis A, the kind that is transmitted through fecal material. Hepatitis B (HBV) is a viral infection that is passed by contact with the blood of an HBV carrier. Recently, however, physicians have been noticing a new, frequently fatal, virus that was originally called "non-A, non-B" Hepatitis. In 1990 a test was developed to identify antibodies in the blood which work against HCV but didn't necessarily prove the patient was infected. Now physicians can test for the presence of actual Hepatitis C RNA. There are currently about 4 million active HCV cases in the U.S., which makes this infection larger than AIDS. Approximately 100,000 to 200,000 new cases are recorded each year. The fastest-growing HCV population is among intravenous drug users. Non-drug users could possible be infected by exposure to sharp objects contaminated with blood that have not been properly sterilized. There have also been several suspected cases of husband and wife passing the virus by sharing a razor blade. So far, there is no conclusive evidence proving sexual transmission. For people infected by HCV, the odds are 50/50 they will never develop "B active" disease. Of those who do, most take years to show the effects. However, approximately 20 percent of those who develop an active infection will die prematurely due to cirrhosis of the liver. Today, the only treatment available is the drug Interferon, but it only has about a 15 to 20 percent cure rate. HCV infection generally does not present any symptoms to the patient. Routine blood chemistry tests performed during physical exams can show if you have been exposed to the virus. If such tests show a positive result, discuss a liver biopsy and possible treatments with your physician. Could Awareness comment on this new type of hepatitis? Or is this one of the diseases It has mentioned before? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it appears to be another weapon in the biological warfare arsenal; that it appears there will be many of these different new diseases or new versions of old diseases introduced as entities move closer to the year 2000. This Awareness indicates that much of this is based on the recognition that antibiotics have become so widespread in use that they have hindered and weakened the immune system of entities so that by strengthening certain aspects of bacteria or by weakening the system through excessive use of antibiotics coupled with bacteria, the body becomes less resistant to any form of foreign invasion and viral attacks have greater effect, even when bacteria are not the concern. Use EQOZ to Keep Immune System Strong This Awareness indicates that these new viruses, when attacking a weakened immune system can be devastating to the entity, even though the entity's weakness is from bacteriological problems. This Awareness indicates that one thing entities should keep in mind, with regard to any of the viral infections, is that viruses cannot live in a high oxygen environment. Therefore, the use of EQO2, which is a kind of substitute for hydrogen peroxide, can be of great value in that it helps to oxygenate the system. This Awareness indicates that droplets in water can help to increase the oxygen in one's system so that the viruses cannot get a good hold on one's system. This Awareness indicates that some entities have questioned whether EQ02, which is made from table salt, is not the same thing as Clorox, and if so, they perceive that it would be toxic. This Awareness indicates that it would be toxic as well as corrosive because those are the qualities of Clorox, however, this Awareness indicates that EQ02 contains no Clorox. The chlorine is taken out in the process and therefore, it is not corrosive nor toxic, but it is strong and should be used according to directions. It is not to be used without caution. This Awareness indicates if used properly, it is a safe alternative to hydrogen peroxide. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Produce Natural H202 This Awareness indicates there are also other ways whereby entities can introduce oxygen into the system through the use of fruits and vegetables, particularly vegetables, which produce hydrogen peroxide in the system. This use of vegetables to produce hydrogen peroxide is that which, because it is of a natural creation, is beneficial and carries no risks as with the commercially bottled liquid hydrogen peroxide. SDI "STAR WARS" PROGRAM IS CANCELED (Two Factions in MJ-12 Working Against One Another) QUESTION: A question from JD in New York: "The Time Magazine, May 24th, 1993, issue states that Defense Secretary Lee Aspen declared the Star Wars SDI project "dead," after 30 billion dollars had gone into it. Ask Cosmic Awareness why it was dropped then if it was deemed so critical to defense against an ET invasion." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears the MJ-12 group has decided to terminate the project because they want to cooperate with the invaders rather than to make war against them. The Clinton administration has been given considerable amount of information about all of this, but there is also much that they have not been given. They are given information that the MJ-12 group wants them to have. This Awareness indicates that there are two factions in the MJ-12 group, one seeking to get information out to the public as quickly as possible and preparing for conflict with the invading aliens, the other seeking to work with the aliens in helping them follow their agenda in exchange for technology and a place in the New World Order, or whatever is their agenda by that name. This Awareness indicates that the amount of money already spent on the Star Wars appears to have satisfied the needs of those who pressed for this in accordance with the present assessment of the situation. This does not mean the present assessment is correct. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: It doesn't mean either that in the future the Star Wars program could be reactivated, does it? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that research has already been done and certain weapons have already been created. These are capable of being deployed. This Awareness indicates that with this recognition, further Star Wars research is not seen as being critical. It appears rather, that there is a greater concern for finding some solid base for the economy, for with a totally weakened economy from over-spending, the nation could be incapable of any form of self-defense. This Awareness indicates therefore, certain choices have to be made regarding some of the more expensive projects of the government; the collider in Texas and the Star Wars program both are among those things which appear to be unnecessary in terms of the hard economic realities of the times. There are also other areas that are likely to be cut, including further work and research on the Stealth technologies. IS SOCIETY SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR VIOLENCE? (Is there a Genetic Connection that Creates Criminals?) QUESTION: In the current Time magazine, April 19th, 1993, their lead story is an article called "Seeking the Roots of Violence." I'll read the first paragraph: "It's tempting to make excuses for violence. The mugger came from a broken home and was trying to lift himself out of poverty. The wife beater was himself abused as a child. The juvenile murderer was exposed to Motley Crew records and Terminator movies, but do environmental factors wholly account for the 7-year old child who tortures frogs, the teenager who knives a teacher, the employee who slaughters his work mates with an AK-47? Can society's ills be responsible for all the savagery that is sweeping America, or could some people be predisposed to violence by their genes?" That was the question. The article, of course, didn't answer the question. It said they're beginning to look into the genetic aspect, but it would be another 10 years before they know anything for sure. Could Awareness answer that question? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates there is much more in the genetic factor than has been previously been acknowledged. This Awareness indicates this has been given as far back as in the Cayce readings wherein the Cayce readings discussed the role of heredity as being far more important than acknowledged even in the early part of this century. This Awareness indicates that it is not only hereditary that some of these things occur, but that the combination of genes between parents can sometimes create a genetic hold that is different from either parent so that neither parent perhaps can have any inclination to commit a crime whereas the offspring of the genes from the two parents might bring forth a child or individual that is more inclined toward criminal behavior. This Awareness indicates in other words, you can't actually blame the parents genetically for the genes of the child, at least not without considering that the child's genetics are the result of two parents and not just one. This Awareness indicates that combination can create a set of genes that is unique to itself. Likewise, two parents may have several children and one of the children have the genetic inclination toward criminal actions, while the other children may not have such inclinations, even though they come from the same parent This Awareness indicates this is because the children of the same parents do not always have the exact same patterns of genes as the other children. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Is it possible in the future through genetic engineering, that when they pinpoint genes like that they could inject a gene or something to counteract that tendency? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. This can be developed, along with the development of other ways whereby altering the genes can prevent certain health problems that would otherwise develop in time within the individual. This Awareness indicates that there is a program being researched relating to studies of the genetic codes of illnesses, wherein researchers look for genetic patterns that are associated with the development of diseases and illnesses that would develop within the genetic structure of an individual in order that these genetic patterns can be used to pinpoint the genetic cause of a particular disease. There is much classification of this in this research so that already approximately one-third to one-half of all diseases have been genetically tracked and coded, and as this is completed over the next several years, the scientific community will have enough of the genetic codes for almost all diseases. This Awareness indicates that once this is completed, there will also be a number of areas which will either be continued in the research or which will have already been uncovered in the research relating to behavior patterns, such as criminal behavior, whereby these behavioral pattern will also be known, categorized and recognized genetically and the work then in overcoming the genetic pattern or altering the genetic pattern will begin, whereby humanity can be changed so that tendencies toward illnesses or criminal activities or other behavior can be modified as more desirable traits are created and emphasized in the genetic coding of an individual. FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME: THE KARMA INVOLVED (Drunken Mothers Who Give Birth to Misfits) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: On the TV program 20/20 some time back they did a story on fetal alcohol syndrome and the kids that result from this were misfits and they did not know right from wrong, and they call it an unfixable problem, and most of these kids were adopted. They look normal enough as babies, but as they grew older, got into school and so forth, they become incorrigible, getting into all kinds of trouble, violating others, usually ending up in jail and so on, and not seeming to understand right and wrong. My question is: Are the mothers of these children born of fetal alcohol syndrome, women who were even drunk when they gave birth; will these mothers pay karma for this or are they simply vehicles for entities who come down to learn lessons and who knew and programmed themselves to be born brain-damaged? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the mothers experience some degree of karma. It may be variant according to the premeditation or the knowledge of the mother as to the error being committed, but the very action of giving birth to a child who is brain damaged or otherwise unhealthy because of the mother's negligence produces a problem for the mother, who either takes care of that child and thereby suffers the consequences of her own acts to some degree, or who fosters the child off onto society and continues to neglect the child as occurs in some instances. In either case, there will be appropriate karma involved when an entity's behavior results in problems for another. In this case, an entity's behavior, resulting in the difficulty of the child to be normal, can either cause hardship for the mother, if the mother takes care of the child or can cause hardship for whoever does take care of the child, or if the child is aborted, the karmic implication of that abortion can also be effective in hindering the mother's life, or soul development. WILL A NEW SUN BE CREATED? QUESTION: A question from G.M. He writes: "I attended 2 days of Bill Cooper's workshops in Trenton. Cooper discussed the Galileo headed towards Jupiter and how it is really a plutonium bomb that will be detonated in Jupiter's atmosphere in December 1999, thereby igniting the gaseous atmosphere to fulfill prophecies of a new sun already to be named Lucifer. Cooper says to view 2001 and 2010 and see the truths depicted there. (I assume he's referring to the movies). The binary suns will cause the polar caps to melt and fulfill prophecies of no more darkness and the moon won't be visible." He asks if Awareness would comment on that. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates there is seen validity in this attempt to create a sun out of Jupiter. The real purpose being to heat Mars to make it habitable; with the sun and certain other activities directed to Mars to create an atmosphere, it would then become habitable for life forms and for vegetation. This Awareness indicates there are certain activities that must occur on Mars to create the atmosphere needed. The atmosphere would also need a sun to be closer. The sun of your solar system is gradually becoming smaller over periods of time and those planets further out are not receiving enough heat to allow them to become habitable without assistance. Thus, the concept of creating a sun out of Jupiter, even though the sun would be quite small in size; the concept of creating that extra heat for Mars would solve the problem. The problem, however, might be shifted to Earth where the polar caps will melt and raise water levels, flooding many of the shoreline cities and diminishing the land mass considerably and possibly heating the Earth, making it more difficult to inhabit. This Awareness indicates there are other things to consider: the Reptoids and Zeta Reticuli enjoy the heat and would benefit from such an event on Earth of having a binary sun to increase the temperature on Earth. The humans would need to have a cooler place to live. Thus, with proper luck, Mars might become inhabitable and Venus also might become a planet that could support life systems. These are all things that have been studied carefully and many entities are working on this concept of creating two other living planets for humanity. WILL MEDITATION HELP KEEP YOU YOUNGER? QUESTION: I clipped an article called "Meditation: It Boosts Age related Hormone, Study Says." and I'd like to read a bit of this and ask if this is valid information. It says: "Looking for the fountain of youth? Consider meditation. A new study suggests people who meditate regularly have levels of an age-related hormone "comparable to non-meditators five to 10 years young," says Dr. Jay Glaser, Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center for Behavioral Medicine and Stress Management, Lancaster, Mass. The study, in the current Journal of Behavioral Medicine, was done with researchers from the Orentreich Foundation for the Advancement of Science, Cold Spring-on- Hudson, NY., and City University of New York. It focuses on transcendental meditation, or TM, the most widely practiced type of meditation in the United States -- 0.5 percent of the population or about 1.2 million people. It involves sitting quietly with eyes closed, thinking of a "meaningless sound" called a mantra for 20 minutes a day. Just sitting quietly is not enough; focusing on the mantra "functions as a vehicle for taking awareness to a state of consciousness which is devoid of thoughts, emotions and perceptions," Glaser said. The desired mental state "can best be described as restful alertness," and has nothing to do with religious contemplation or concentration, which he said "have given meditation a bad name." Researchers measured levels of the hormone dehydroepiandosterone sulfate -- DHEA-S. Made by the adrenal gland, it's "the only biochemical substance in the body that changes in a systematic way with age," Glaser said. DHEA-S levels peak in the early 20s, then decline. Men with high levels have been shown to have less cardiovascular and coronary disease and lower mortality rates; women, less breast cancer and osteoporosis, he said. Researchers measured DHEA-S levels in the blood of 423 meditators and 1,252 normal, healthy, non-meditators who consulted dermatologists for cosmetic reasons between 1980 and 1986. Subjects, ranging in age from 20 to 81, were grouped into five-year age ranges; meditators were compared with non meditators in the same age range. After ruling out the effects of diet, obesity and exercise, researchers found DHEA-S levels for meditators were higher for women in all age groups. The levels also were higher in all but one age group for men over 40. Men under 40 showed no real difference, Glaser said, probably "because they have extremely high levels anyway, and there's not much room to go up." Glaser said he thinks it's not "the sitting of meditation alone," that account for the higher DHEA-S levels -- it's that meditators learn to approach the daily hassles of life with "more calmness, more tolerance, less physiological reaction to stress." Could Awareness comment on that information? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the information is correct from beginning to end; that the act of meditating helps an entity to center his or her consciousness so that he or she can handle stress factors more effectively without feelings of disorientation of anxiety. This Awareness indicates that the entity becomes more calm and more in control of self, in control of consciousness, and this helps the entity to exist in a manner that is harmonious from inside and looking outward towards the world, so that the entity can deal with problems in his or her life with a calmness that comes from deep within. This Awareness indicates that the common feelings of anxiety that entities experience when there are stress factors in their lives can be reduced or nullified by this kind of meditation: the quieting of the self from within. This Awareness indicates its effect is to make it more possible to deal with situations without the excitement and frustration and adrenaline "fight or flight" syndrome being kicked in to handle the stressful situation. The entity simply turning inward and quieting the self creates an atmosphere for making decisions that is deeply grounded in harmonious emotional levels and thought patterns that are not triggered by anxiety or disoriented approaches. This Awareness indicates that when one is off- center, decisions generally are created from emotional anxieties. When one is centered, decisions tend to come from harmonious attitudes and are more likely to be proper for the situation. IS A MANTRA REALLY NECESSARY? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: These benefits I assume would also be for those who meditate, who use other methods, without mantras, would it not? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the use of the mantra is simply a way of hooking the mind onto something which is relatively meaningless so that the mind does not focus on other things that might create emotional anxieties. This Awareness indicates you can, if you wish, instead of hooking the mind to a mantra, which is a sound or imaginary sound, you can focus the mind on a symbol. You can focus on a triangular symbol, for example, or diamond shape, or circular symbol, or something that allows the mind to be attached so it does not have the opportunity to jump around and think about things. This Awareness indicates that by hooking the mind to a symbol, an image, or a sound or a name, the mind then is less inclined to think about concerns it might normally have to deal with. For example, an entity might have had a particular event happen, a near accident or an argument with someone earlier in the day, and if the entity goes home to meditate and does not have a focal point for the mind, the mind is going to flash back into that event that created some kind of emotional turmoil or disturbance and in flashing on that disturbance, the meditation will not be one of harmony, but will instead a replay of the troubling incident. This Awareness indicates that this then ceases to be come a meditation and simply becomes a thought-provoking replay of the incident that was troubling, and the entity might even become more agitated rather than more relaxed and centered and harmonious. HOW DOES ONE CONTACT "RAMTHA"? QUESTION: C.A., in Pocasset, Mass., writes: "I would like to know if one could contact Ramtha without a channeling expert. I think I have, but I'm not sure, or I am cracking up. Can you help?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that any entity can contact any vibration by attuning to that vibration. If you have become obsessed with the vibration of Ramtha, you may simply attune to that vibration that you associate with as Ramtha and feel the vibration and by remaining attuned to that vibration, you may reflect from that vibration and get an impression of the Ramtha response to your question. This Awareness indicates that many entities attempt this with various Saints or Deities. There are many who attune to the vibration they associate with the Christ and attempt to become one with that vibration and holding to that vibration, may ask questions and get a reflection from that vibration and assume it is the Christ speaking through them. This Awareness indicates that this is not necessarily the entity speaking through them. It is their interpretation of the entity's response to their question, based on the vibration they feel is the entity. Likewise, in your case, if you attune to the vibration of Ramtha, as you perceive it to be, you can get the expected response from what you perceive Ramtha to indicate in response to your question, but it is not necessarily the same Ramtha vibration that originally spoke through the entity J.Z. Knight. This Awareness indicates that it still may have value and validity in terms of the message being given. This Awareness indicates again, the message may not be that associated with the vibration that the entity J.Z. Knight attuned to in her channeling of Ramtha. This Awareness indicates that an entity, for example, might bring together 20 different channels to channel Ramtha and each of these channels is likely to get a different vibration of Ramtha, or a message from Ramtha that is giving different information through each of the channels. Does this mean that your Ramtha is the same simply because it is using the same name, or is it that each Ramtha is a different vibration because each channel attunes differently to a vibration which it perceives to be Ramtha? THE PHOTON BELT INFORMATION (5 Days of Blinding Light and Darkness Didn't Happen: More on Those Highly- Touted Non-Events) (CAC General Reading, August 12, 1992) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates the solar system is moving through a particular space in which there is that which is called a photon belt. There have been some suggestions that this would create periods of extreme blinding light; also there have been some suggestions of five days of darkness when all electricity would be neutralized; polarities would be neutralized. This was said to be due by July 25th or near that time. This Awareness indicates the time has passed for some of these deadlines; however, though the events have not yet occurred as prophesied by some groups in their newsletters, it does not mean that the potential has totally passed. The time period for this kind of event is a much longer window than some have indicated and appears to last into the month of January, 1993, so that any time between the July date and throughout the month of January '93, the potential for an effect from the photon belt is possible. This Awareness indicates that it is not seen by this Awareness as being a probability for those predictions given to occur, wherein blinding light or days of darkness would result this time, but this Awareness wishes to call attention to the possibility so that in the event it does occur, as suggested by some, entities who have not heard of this will be somewhat prepared mentally and psychologically. This Awareness indicates the suggestions given indicate that the polarization of things on earth would be neutralized by this photon belt as it contacts the electromagnetic energies of earth to the point where all electricity of earth would cease to be, all batteries would become inoperable, which means that automobiles and travel devices would not be able to function if they rely on a battery. Of course, wind-powered vehicles could still be used. Solar vehicles would most likely by neutralized, as they make use of polarized energies. The water systems of towns would be neutralized because the pumps work on electricity and the electricity in cities would not be working, so that the water systems of towns would be inoperable. Sewage systems would perhaps also be nonfunctional after a period of time, but since the time would be limited to approximately five days, according to the predictions, the sewage systems would not necessarily in all cities have had time to back up before the electricity would come back on and make them workable again. This Awareness indicates that, of course, telephones would be unworkable. All your electric devices in your homes would not work. Candles would become your only source of light; candles and flames and matches or oil lamps. This could occur for five days, according to these predictions. This Awareness indicates also, there are some who suggest that the five days of darkness might only be a part of it, or that rather than darkness, there would be five days of intense light, which would be blinding in nature, and these entities suggest that you get welding glasses to wear, to keep from being blinded, so that at least one person in the household has welding glasses available, so as to be able to walk around and see things while others cover their eyes with blindfolds to keep from being blinded. Even closing the eyes would not prevent the light from blinding the entities according to some of these predictions. A New World Order Scenario with Christ Returning This Awareness indicates there is one publication on this situation that suggests that U.S. government agencies know all about this and are prepared to take advantage of it, whereby as it occurs, they will pretend that it is related to the Second Coming of Christ and will create in the sky, in various places around the globe, holographic images of Jesus the Christ coming down from heaven with the admonition that he is returning to bring his Kingdom on Earth, and it is suggested by this group, that the purpose of such manipulated staging of events is to get all of the people to willingly go along with the New World Order in the belief that Jesus is behind it, and thus take over the world without having to fire a shot. This Awareness indicates that this group believes this is the scenario being planned and taking advantage of the photon belt and the passage of the earth through this photon belt. This Awareness indicates It does not see this as a reality. The photon belt is seen as a reality, and It does see that there may be some effects, but It does not see these scenarios as being predestined or as being planned during these times to come. This Awareness indicates that It does wish to give this information because this Awareness cannot at this time see into the future clearly enough as to assure without a questionable doubt that these things won't occur. This Awareness does not see this occurring, but energies in future times are always in a state of flux. This Awareness has always said the future is not fixed, and in this case, the future is not fixed, and the energies as of this time do not appear to support these predictions. However, it is worthwhile for entities to be aware that these predictions are being made, have been made, and there are some entities who are expecting unusual events to occur because of this passage of the solar system through the photon belt, between July of '92 and January of '93. The "I Am America" Map This Awareness indicates along another line of similar consideration, there have been a number of spiritual or metaphysical groups that predict earth changes in the coming few years, and one such group has presented a map of earth changes. The map is titled: "I Am America." It is a map purportedly showing the future North America continent after great earthquakes have occurred. It shows water having come into areas up to the present states of Nebraska, from the south and having flooded much of Arizona and New Mexico, some of Texas; indicating that this area, along with other shoreline areas have become part of the inundated lands of the nation, and that the nation will be approximately one-half the land mass of today. There are many entities who, because they can see these maps with their own eyes, and because they have been drawn with great care and detail, believe this is going to occur. This Awareness indicates that It does see a potential for the Western shoreline to alter somewhat, and for certain changes in the Eastern shoreline, and possibly somewhat along the Mississippi River and Great Lakes area, to a very minor degree, with perhaps less than one tenth of the land mass being altered or lost to water or sea erosion. It does not see the immense loss of land mass that is presented by the "I Am America" maps, which are selling at many of the metaphysical bookstores, or though metaphysical organizations. This Awareness indicates that It does not see the tipping of the poles occurring within this century, as many have predicted. It does see weather patterns changing, and air currents of the jet stream taking different patterns and altering some of the weather patterns, and It does see some changes due to earthquakes that may, in some cases, alter the present-day maps by less than 10 percent of the land mass. This may occur during this decade of the Nineties. This Awareness indicates of course, It does not, again, wish to imply that the future is fixed, It simply suggests that the energies at present may not support these predictions that have been made in regard to these great earth changes. This Awareness suggests that just because the maps are created to show the land masses and the maps are detailed, and names are presented on the maps of new cities and new territories, or new names for old territories, does not make it so. Do Not Energize Earth Changes or They Might Happen It is still imagination at this time, and this Awareness suggests that you need not energize these earth changes just because someone has drawn an image for you to energize. This Awareness indicates in a universe wherein every thing appears and disappears every four quadrillionths of a second, and whereby the Law of Inertia has its effect through the sustenance of consciousness itself, so that consciousness carries the next moment from the past moment and each succeeding moment is the result of the previous moment; if entities begin to energize vast changes in the material reality, and if the mass of consciousness joins into such mass-energizing, these events and predictions could gain momentum, and with the help of the mass energizing effort of mass consciousness, could come about. It is feasible, however it is unlikely to occur because there are not that many people who can agree on anything that is so outside of the mainstream of thought. Therefore, it is unlikely to occur and it is relatively safe to predict these things will not occur. This Awareness suggests how ever, that it is not an impossibility, because if such a concept should gain momentum, if these maps become accepted by vast numbers of people, and if over decades the majority of people begin to expect these earth changes, then consciousness can energize such earth changes and can help to bring about the alteration of present reality into that predicted reality. This Awareness indicates It does not see this happening, and does not recognize in the consciousness of entities a desire to see so much tragedy to warrant that kind of energizing. The consciousness of the masses does not thrive on that kind of energizing, because of the tragedy that would be involved for so many. This Awareness indicates there may be a growing of energy sufficient to create a hint of such change and this may be the energy behind the earthquakes that will occur on a smaller scale. This Awareness indicates that in manifesting new reality, often entities only get a small portion of that which they energize, because the energies are not strong enough for the full manifestation. In other words, an entity may be energizing for a Rolls Royce, and perhaps have only enough energy to get a toy model of a Rolls Royce and may end up with that toy model, rather than the real thing. The "Tipping of the Poles": Why It Can't Happen This Awareness indicates likewise, entities may energize the tipping of the earth's poles and great destruction on the earth of many of the land masses, but if these energies are not sufficiently strong enough for the events to be manifested, the energies that are presented in consciousness may result only in some obscure earthquake occurring somewhere that changes the water level of shorelines in some obscure place, which would utilize the energy presented, because it was insufficient for the full tilt of the earth itself. This Awareness indicates that much of the concept of the tipping of the poles of the earth originated in the Edgar Cayce readings and became part of the metaphysical folklore over years. It should be understood that the poles have been gradually tipping since approximately 1933, in a manner that is almost undetectable and that, in fact, this is a common pattern of the earth for these poles to tip periodically. The changing or tilting of the axis, moving very slowly, relates in part to that which has to do with the changing of the positions that represent the poles in terms of their shifting to align with the earth changes of the various ages; the ages of the astrological signs, the Age of Pisces, the Age of Taurus, Aries, Aquarius, etc. These are patterns of the tipping of the poles. This Awareness indicates that these patterns are in constant movement for earth and it is not the kind of flip that so many entities envision when they speak of the tipping of the poles or the tipping of the earth. This Awareness indicates there is, however, another aspect, in which the flipping of polarity occurs on earth, and these polar flips leave recorded energies for archaeological discoveries from ancient past, and may occur in future times, whereby the polarity of electric or gravitational energies may be reversed to cause a reversal of electromagnetic energy in certain areas or fields associated with the earth in its gravitational or electromagnetic qualities. This Awareness indicates that this could even possibly occur because of the movement through the photon belt, and if this occurs, it does not necessarily mean that the poles will tip during that period of time at a rate any faster than they have been tipping since 1933, which is very, very slowly, almost undetectably slow. This Awareness indicates that if you were to view the motion of the poles from the North Pole, to watch this tipping, it would appear likened unto a figure eight, where the North Pole goes slowly downward to approximately 23 degrees and makes a loop, coming back toward the center, and then another loop down 23 degrees, creating a loop on the other side and back toward the center so that there is a figure-eight, which encompasses 23 degrees of earth tilt, over a period of 26,000 plus years. This Awareness indicates that It has previously suggested that a major earthquake is due in California around the spring of 1993, with the date early in May as being the most probable time for this occurrence. This Awareness indicates that as the future is not fixed in this precision or precise degree, this should not be perceived as an absolute date. It is a strong probable time. The energies could occur earlier if certain other forces are brought in to play on these energies which are building so that it could be prematurely activated, or it is also possible that if these energies are weakened between now and that time, that the event could be delayed. This Awareness indicates however, that as of now, the energies appear to be still suggesting of that time as an approximation, a close approximation. Some Earthquakes Triggered by ELF Waves This Awareness indicates that in terms of these earth energies that build up to be released as earthquakes, it is possible for interference in these energies; that earth quakes can be created artificially by focusing ELF waves, the Extremely Low Frequency waves into certain areas on fault lines, or as occurred in Southern California this spring of '92, by setting off underground nuclear explosions. This Awareness indicates the ELF frequencies were used in the area of Northern California for the earthquake near Eureka in that northerly coastal town. WHAT WILL HAPPEN ON OCTOBER 1996? (A Real Space War with Aliens a Possibility) QUESTION: Along this line, a question from F.M., Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. He writes: "I use the pendulum a lot for answers to everything I'm curious about at times. I got to asking about my time of passing over, and I asked about family and friends. It seems that October 1996, is a critical time for things to terminate. Maybe Awareness would comment. Also, this seems to coincide with the time of prophecies -- the Mother Shipton, Nostradamus, and various psychics. I know the earth needs a good cleansing, and soon, if we are going to survive at all. I'm getting well up in years now, and trying to understand Awareness's teachings and help others as much as possible. I want no karma to go with me, when my time comes to pass over to a much better place. What is going to happen during October 1996? " COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness suggests the location of this entity be repeated. QUESTIONER: Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears the time of 1996 and 1997 will be a time when much of the misdirected energy on earth comes into focus, and meets its nemesis, its opposing force. This appears to be a time when extraterrestrial forces will converge on earth. It may be a time of space war in the real sense, not a fake invasion. This Awareness indicates that as far as the questioner's particular time and events in this time period, this Awareness sees the entity as having some personal needs to attend having some activities which he wishes to complete. It does not see this as a time which requires the entity to pass over, but as a time where the entity can become highly effective in terms of living a meaningful life of action and purpose, during that time period. The entity can be most helpful to many who are in great need. This Awareness indicates that this of course requires that the entity put forth much focus, not only on personal survival, but on the concerns and needs of others and how he can be of service to them. This Awareness indicates if the entity does have a willingness to help others during that time, It sees the entity's life being extended by several more years, perhaps even an entire decade, well into the next century. This Awareness indicates that if the entity tires of life, loses interest in doing anything more for others, then the entity is likely to succumb to the effects of a meaningless existence and may choose to pass over during that time period. This Awareness indicates it is a matter of his choice. WILL FLORIDA BE INUNDATED QUESTION: A.B. of Jacksonville, Florida, asks about earth changes. He says: "I recently finished reading a book predicting Florida to become the next island state along with Hawaii in 1993. When does Awareness see Florida being flooded?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears this area may actually become larger and rise to higher elevation as areas off the shoreline tend to rise more from the ocean. It is part of the area in the Bimini area which will rise, and to a lesser degree, some of Florida may rise, and some of the land now underwater may rise. It does not see this area as becoming an island. VIEWING CONSCIOUSNESS AS "LIQUID LIGHT" QUESTION: In regard to the photon belt information, a question from B.A. She writes: "The enclosed info is from a small subscription publication called "Orrotron" in Vilas, North Carolina. They are very in tune with the times, and put out much info of a worthy nature. I wish to ask a general question for Awareness, if a similar question has not previously been submitted. It is as follows:" And then she submitted a quotation from this newsletter which I'll read: Every 25.000 years our Solar System completes one orbit around Alcione, the central sun of the Pleiades, a constellation at a distance of approximately 400 light years from our Sun. In 1961, science discovered a photon belt which encircles the Pleiades at a right angle to its orbital planes. Our Sun, and Earth with it, is entering this photon belt between now and the year 2011. This photon belt is the cosmic "trigger force" to shift humanity from 3rd level into 4th level density, from Separation into Oneness. Thus, the magnitude and beauty of this event Earth is preparing for defies any description. Earth and humanity are aligning for its birth into Christ- consciousness -- the union of Starlight with Matter -- the marriage of Spirit with separated Selves. As the night transforms into a new day, so is the Age of Darkness giving way to the Age of Light. It is the greatest event ever to grace the Earth and her children. Terms such as the New Age, Superconsciousness etc., are but different labels for one and the same occurrence. It is the "End Time" of the prophecies, for time as such shall cease to be. Aging, ailments and sorrow shall be no more. To partake of this grandest of events, man must be aligned with its energy. Humanity, as such, is governed by false perception, the adherence to the frequency of fear, the result of which is literally an upside down perception of life. Only that which is aligned with Light can partake of Light, thus those not aligned with the cosmic current of energy flow -- the Divine intent -- shall sleep the long sleep. It is the purpose of this material to develop the magnificent tool of true perception, with which we align ourselves for the birth into the dawn of a new day in creation, the Age of Love. As the chrysalis is the bridge between the caterpillar and the butterfly, so is true perception the bridge between 3rd level and 4th level density, between Separation and Oneness. The Universe with all its beings, in seen and unseen dimensions, joins with us in the greatest of all celebrations, the jubilance of rebirth into light -- the dance of the Gods. For where Earth, and we as her children go, is the fulfillment of the soul's ancient cry: "We are coming home!" That's the extent of what she said (it's pretty flowery), and the question is, is the information valid? And please expand on this concept if possible. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that there is energy of a belt that is in the path of the movement of the solar system, and it may be referred to as a photon belt or belt of light. This Awareness indicates that the earth enters this sometime between now and January of '93, and upon entry, the polarizations will be affected. Whether they will be affected as suggested by some in the sense that entities will experience blinding light or days of darkness is questionable and doubtful. This Awareness sees this more as a kind of spiritual energy a kind of liquid light that affects consciousness. For those who have a consciousness that can adjust to higher frequencies of love and light, it will be a time of blissful joy. For those who are embittered, hostile and greedy and very grounded in negative energies, it will be a time in which they experience great weakening. Those who are involved in that which associates itself with darkness, and demonic energies of joy in seeing the suffering of others, will find themselves out of place, out of time and out of energy. Their lives will simply be likened unto a clock running down for lack of energy in the battery. The polarizations will weaken, and they can not find energy to motivate themselves or to gain any momentum in their pursuit of negativities. The Density Change in 2012 and The Deep Sleep This Awareness indicates that as it begins some time between now and January, it continues to have an effect through the year 2012, and by 2013 energies will have created such a change in polarities on earth that physical matter, especially among living things will be on a different dimension. The vibrations and frequencies of the more highly evolved entities will have risen to be imperceptible, invisible to those who would remain in present vibration, and wherein it speaks of the Deep Sleep, this appears to be a reference to the entities who remain locked in present vibrations, so that they do not follow into those higher vibrations of life and love, into that higher dimension, into which this solar system shall move. This Awareness indicates that it appears that even as there have in the past been souls who were locked into rocks and stones, this may occur again during this time, if these souls do not respond to the higher vibrations and rise into these new frequencies of Light and Love. Think of Consciousness as Liquid Light This Awareness indicates that entities need to begin thinking of consciousness as a kind of liquid light, liquid in that it is everywhere flowing and light, in that it is a vibration that is of such speed and intensity that it is alive and sensitive. This liquid light is the Life Force. It is bliss in its higher vibrations, and it is vitality, and entities who understand this and attune to it experience these things. This Awareness indicates that during the coming years as the earth passes through this belt, it is much likened unto a movement of transition from 3rd dimensional reality into 4th dimensional reality and approaching a 5th dimensional reality. This Awareness indicates that words are not adequate to fully explain the changes that will be experienced; they can only hint at these events and experiences. This Awareness indicates however, that It does not see this as a time of fearful transition, for those who are willing to flow with vibrations of love and unity. For those who want to hold on to separate and self- importance, these entities may run into many difficulties, forcing them eventually to either let go of their self-centered ways, or to succumb to forces too powerful for them to deal with. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: The Bible makes a reference to the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Is it referring to those entities who will remain locked into the present vibration when the transition in 2012 occurs? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this Biblical reference could be applied to this situation, but considering that the Biblical verses were written some 2,000 years ago, one cannot say for certain that this was what the writer referred to at the time, although it is fitting to the circumstances. HOW SUNS AND STARS WERE CREATED (Cosmic Ley Lines in Space ) QUESTION: P.R., of Reading, Pennsylvania, writes: "In relation to ancient times, I get the picture that this original religion was centered around the sun, which is the nucleus of our solar system. The energies that give life to our planet come from the sun. The energies that give life to the sun, come from other stars. What is the role played by stars and suns in the big picture? I do not believe that the people that lived then were sun worshipers; they degenerated into sun worshipers. In the beginning, they used the sun as a focal point, a symbol for God. What better symbol for God than the life-giving sun? Can Awareness comment on this?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears there was a time when entities understood, and this understanding may have come from extraterrestrial knowledge, that a central sun in the galaxy, a central sun emitted energy along certain lines. This Awareness indicates that these may be compared metaphorically to the so called grid lines on earth, but that these lines, in actuality, are in space, as ley lines or grid lines of space. They are not the same exactly, as grid lines or ley lines on earth, but they are divisions of light in a crystallized universe of that which is known as space, in a similar way that a diamond might be cut so that its facets reflect lines of light through the center, even though those lines have no absolute reality in terms of crystallized shapes within the center of the diamond. It is as though the shape of the universe reflects certain energy lines that compare closely to grid lines on earth, and these energy lines do not follow particular symmetrical patterns, but follow patterns based on energy strengths and light and at certain points where these lines cross each other, energies escape, and those energies in escaping form. This Awareness indicates this is very difficult to put into words. Those energies escaping from these lines of force in the universe become bright energies of power that are seen as suns or stars and some of these build up in the sense of growing light. This Awareness indicates that these appear to be likened unto minuscule particles that build and build and build as light escapes from these lines which cross in space and when these energies have built enough force, the force itself becomes likened unto a sun or fiery energy field which can become fluid or floating in appearance. It is not as though it is absolutely fixed in one spot. Gradually, these energy fields can move much in a similar way that ball lightning moves, and these energy fields can continue to pick up energies and convert them into light. It is like a black hole occurring or being capable of drawing in energy and converting it into explosive light to create that which entities perceive as stars and suns. Each burning sun or star has a magnetic field which draws energy to it, which it then converts and burns as fiery light. This Awareness indicates that it becomes a furnace in space burning those energy particles that are trapped by its magnetic core which is of such intensity that it is likened unto a black hole, but which once turning the energy into a compressed force, causes it to explode into a fiery mass, and thus, as a flame burning in space, or that which you call a star or sun. This Awareness indicates that these many stars and suns make up galaxies, and the many galaxies become forces and powers in the universe. This Awareness indicates that these are created in part out of the ley lines of light or crystalline fractures in space, in the crystal clarity of space where lines of energy touch and yet keep a kind of form, which allows those energies to emit from the edges a power of minuscule particles. This Awareness indicates it is like two pieces of glass or two prisms touching each other so that there is in fact a cut between them, but upon looking from the edges, these cuts are not clearly visible, and entities can see through the prisms of glass or crystal without seeing the cuts clearly, yet out of these cuts and edges of a diamond-shaped creation of prisms, energies may be escaping, where these cuts come together or cross or have edges. This Awareness indicates that these are the edges from which the energies feed suns and stars. THE INFLUENCE OF THE SUN IN EARLY RELIGIONS QUESTIONER: He was talking about ancient times and the original religion was centered around which is the nucleus of our solar system. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the people in forming their earlier religions saw that these energies which created the sun, which created the stars, which created the light in space, were energies from the Divine Mind or consciousness, and that these energies have been stepped down in terms of lowering the vibration rate, much in the same way that frequencies of a high nature can be reduced to lower and lower frequency levels. The sun being that which represents stepped-down frequencies from Light energies that were so much higher that they would be invisible to the eye. This Awareness indicates that these higher frequencies actually representing or being the frequencies of creation, whereas the frequencies of the sun being those that are the result of creation and likewise, serving as creation energies of still lesser' frequency levels. Thus, the sun creates on earth certain life forms and feeds those life forms by its vibration, but the sun itself is fed by higher frequencies and those frequencies in feeding the sun must be slowed down to match its needs. The sun's rays also being slowed down to match the needs of plants and animals in their life form requirements. The Frequency of Life Forms This Awareness indicates of course, there is no such thing as a life form having a particular frequency, for all life forms have a multiplicity of frequencies. The physical body, bones, the emotions, the attitudes, the mental body, the astral body; all of these operate on different frequencies. The spiritual body operates on still higher frequencies. The Life Force and the love an entity may have may be of vibrations higher than those which come from the sun, and the sun is but a symbolic representation of these higher frequencies known as the Creator or God or Divine Life Force. That which is liquid light is the Creative Energy of the universe. It is consciousness. It is Divine Awareness, and this is of a higher frequency than the sun's rays or brilliance associated with the sun, but the sun can serve as a kind of symbol for that higher light. The Christian Cross An Abhorrent Symbol This Awareness suggests therefore, that entities have used the sun as a symbol for the deity because it helps to convey meaning and understanding. This Awareness indicates that in a similar way, Christians have used the cross to symbolize Christianity, the teachings of their Lord, yet the cross itself is not of a vibration that should be worshipped. In fact, it is seen as having been an instrument of death and could be easily abhorred as something horrible to witness. This Awareness indicates that it is simply a matter of how one wishes to convey a concept. Words convey concepts, but symbols are often more clear in their meaning and thus, using the sun to symbolize the Creator can be much more meaningful to an entity than using a word or name. This Awareness indicates the use of the word "God" as it has evolved over the centuries still carries for most entities a picture of a human-shaped male-gendered being, when most everyone knows that if God really exists, the Creator is not in the shape of a male human, or of the size of a male human, or symbolized correctly as a male human. The Creator God of the Universe has to be something capable of creating the universe and no one of a human form could possibly create the universe as it is, yet entities still have their symbolic ways of conveying concepts and though the human form of an anthropomorphic god is still accepted by most entities who have a concept of the sun as a symbol for god may even be seen as more barbaric and less sophisticated than those who do believe in the man-shaped god which is more popular. This Awareness indicates however, that the solar god is far more logical than the man-shaped god, if you want to be logical and technical about the symbol used for the Creator. CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that as energies of this approach to the photon belt become more clear, this Awareness will give further information; that there are many energies to be seen and experienced and these energies are not yet formed or have not yet been touched by the approaching photon and earth encounter, but as the energies are en countered, entities may experience some unusual and unheard of energy fluctuations or experiences. If the unusual occurs, you may recall this information and discover that it could be associated with the approach of earth and the photon belt so that it does not become a total shock or unknown to you and you may find that you have an understanding of some degree of the psychological or spiritual or physical phenomena that you encounter. This Awareness indicates that, of course, these energies will be experienced in a feeling level and in psychological levels moreso than in physical experiences and you may find yourself wondering what is happening to you psychologically and you may not tend to easily associate your psychological experiences with the photon belt. Keep in mind that the photon belt and energies associated with this are energies of light and that the kind of light referred to is that which carries with it aspects of consciousness so that your consciousness is likely to be affected moreso than your physical experiences. (End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given.) ED's Note: For more information on the photon belt, please refer to 'Revelations of Awareness' issues 92-11 and 92-12; $3.00 each from CAC. For more on earth changes and predictions, please refer to issue No. 93-6 "California: Last Call) $3.00 from CAC. For more on the density change in 2012, please refer to issue No. 93-2 "Will We See the End of the World?"; $3.00 from CAC. WHAT IS THAT LARGE OBJECT ORBITING THE MOON? QUESTION: There is a videotape taken by a Japanese astronomer through his telescope that clearly shows large objects, perhaps a couple of miles in diameter, in orbit around the moon. Are these space stations, and if so, are they of terrestrial/human manufacture or are they from somewhere else? In short, if they were terrestrial, whose are they? The Russians? United States? Argentina? Great Britain? Inner Earth? And if they are extraterrestrials, the Greys? The Pleiadians? or do they belong to some one else? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this appears to be space stations that were placed there by Russian cosmonauts and it appears that one is of Russian origin, the other of American origin; that these date back to the late 70's. This Awareness indicates that this having to do with joint bases on the moon. WHAT IS THAT LARGE OBJECT ORBITING MARS? (More on "Alternative 003" ) QUESTION: One other question: "A few weeks ago on the Larry King Show on CNN, a gentlemen showed a clear photograph of a large pencil-like object in orbit around Mars, near to one of the Martian moons. The object gives every appearance of being of artificial construction. Its size is approximately 15.5 miles long, by one mile in diameter. This photo was allegedly among the last photos transmitted to earth by the Russian Mars probe that mysteriously went dead a couple of years ago. Is this a genuine photo, and if so, what is the object that it shows?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this appears to be some kind freighter being built in its orbit, carrying and storing supplies and the craft is being added to on a regular basis. This Awareness indicates that this relates to that which is called "Alternative 003," and which is being supplied in part from the moon, which in turn is being supplied from the earth. This Awareness suggests entities study that project known as" Alternative 003" for further understanding of this. ED's Note: For more information on "Alternative 003", please refer to the following 'Revelations of Awareness' newsletters: 82-22 "Alternative 3' and 'Alternative 4': An Explanation"; 88-06, "More on 'Alternative 003' and Colonizing Mars"; 85-15, "'Alternative 003' Spaceship Moon"; 86-13, Alternative 003: Are Our Leaders Aware of this Program?; $3.00 each from CAC. END OF ISSUE ---------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Get Electronic Copies of "Revelations of Awareness" by EMail: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- At this time, subscriptions are not available via the net. 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