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93-10 (Issue No. 419) ----------------------------------- Find Out Who, |* REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS *| How Many Have In Fact, You |* The New Age Cosmic Newsletter *| You Served? And Really Are. ----------------------------------- How Well? Cosmic Awareness Communications Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 email: alex@spiral.org (subscription information available at end of this file) "Helping People Become Aware Since 1977." --------------------------------------------------------------------------- REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter, published by Cosmic Awareness Communications, Box 115, Olympia, WA 98507, a not-for-profit organization. Copyright 1993 by Cosmic Awareness Communications and the Aquarian Church of Universal Service. Reproduction is permitted, but no alterations may be made without express permission. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as "Channels" for the "Heavenly Father" and expresses itself once again as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of "readings" given, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to *believe* anything, not even Itself, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover through your own channel what the truth really is. Cosmic Awareness will only "indicate" and "suggest." Neither CAC or the Interpreter is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does CAC or the Interpreter necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreter interprets the energies as they are seen in trance levels and are not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreter has no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments, which are entirely the responsibility of the editor. Paul Shockley, Interpreter Avaton, C.A.C Editor Alex, OCR'er and NetPoster Vikki T., Office Manager --------------------------------------------------------------------------- IN THIS ISSUE: 93-10 (Issue No. 419): AIDS and Global 2000 (Part 2); AIDS: What the Government Isn't Telling You; "I will paint you a kaleidoscope of horror..." - Dr. Lorraine Day; The Origin of "Gay-Speak"; The "Glory Holes" in Bath Houses; Saliva Can Carry the AIDS Virus; How Long Before HIV Shows Up in the System?; A Catastrophic Epidemic is Destroying Civilizations; A "Global 2000" Program Condoned by the Government; High Oxygenation Will Kill AIDS Virus; How Older People Are Being Exposed to AIDS; U.S. Government is Promoting the Great Deception; A New Strain of Tuberculosis is Spreading Through Hospitals; AIDS and TB to Reduce Population by One Third; AIDS Is a Politically Protected Disease; Homosexuals Have Tremendous Political Clout; How the Gay Agenda is Entering the Schools: Tell Them AIDS Will Go Away If You Just Use Condoms; The "Politically Correct" Approach to Homosexuality; The Blood Bank Cover-up Continues; Infection Rate of Gays is 40 Times Greater; Dr. Day's Life Threatened For Releasing This Information About AIDS and Gays: Hate Mail and Threats of Acid Thrown in Her Face; Is the HIV Virus Basically Harmless?: Professor Duesberg Says It Is; Is AZT Medication or Genocide?; The Candida Factor in All AIDS Patients; Antibiotics The Main Culprit in Immune System Breakdown; AIDS: The Great Deception and Conspiracy to Entrap, Bilk, Milk and Kill Americans (Cosmic Awareness Presents a History of the Conspiracy); HIV Not the Cause of AIDS; IDS: The Predecessor of GRID and AIDS; The Basis of AIDS is Syphilis; Herpes Genitalia is Syphilis Reintroduced; How Drugs Break Down the Immune System; Chemotherapy: The Death Blow to the Immune System; Center for Disease Control Promoting Death Through AZT; A Program for Curing AIDS; A Program to Rid the Body of Candida Yeast; How to Use Nystatin and Candistat; Asthma, Hypoglycemia, Diabetes Also Relieved; The Four Basic Diseases of Humanity; The 7 New Ways AIDS is Being Introduced to Humanity; How the Public Will Be Sucked Into the AIDS Scam; How To Survive Into the Next Century; The Original Cause of Syphilis; Mercury Poisoning Was Used As a Treatment; How About Dr. Erlich's "Magic Bullet"?; How Syphilis Was Treated In Earlier Times; Use Enzymes if Your Immune System is Weak; Irradiation of Foods Kills the Enzymes; The Future: Passing Gas Could Become a Criminal Offense; The Real Purpose is a Plot to Get You To Your Doctor; Be Most Suspicious of the AIDS Scare; Amyl and Butyl Nitrate: Their Use Quickly Wrecks the Immune System; AIDS Contamination of Dairy Products?; Bovine AIDS; Does the Venus Fly Trap Have Healing Powers?; Much of the Scare is Smoke and Mirrors: For the AMA and CDC, Money is the Bottom Line; New AIDS-like Ailments Sprouting Up; Drug Cartel and AMA Doctors Will Reap Billions; Polio Shots in the 1950s Now Causing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Most Doctors Are Unaware of the Conspiracy; AIDS "Epidemic" is a Myth; Clinton's Proposed Medical Program: Is It Designed to Heal Us or Kill Us?; Alternative Healing Methods Must Be Included; Some Alternative Candida Cures?: Getting Caprycin vs. Candistat Straightened Out; Some Dangers in the Use of Nystatin; Candida More Dangerous Than AIDS; Why Have So Few HIV Positive People Failed to Eliminate the Virus By Oxygenation?; What Protocol Will Eliminate Viruses? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTION: A question from S.S., Rogers, Arkansas. He writes: "I recently read a book called AIDS: What the Government Isn't Telling You" by Dr. Lorraine Day. She was Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital for 15 years. Dr. Day's book is a real eye-opener and I would highly recommend it. In her book you learn: (1) that the AIDS virus is not fragile; (2) that the AIDS virus survives outside the body for days; (3) Why blood on intact skin is dangerous; (4) that the blood banks could have improved the safety of the blood supply years before the AIDS test was available but chose not to; (5) Why the blood supply is not safe; (6) What the government really thinks about the safety of condoms; (7) Why kissing is not safe; (8) the lists from HIV positive children in schools, in daycare centers and in contact sports; (9) the newest information about mosquitoes; (10) What must be done to control the AIDS epidemic. The book is $22.95 plus $3.00 shipping and can be ordered by calling 1-800-574-2437 Would you ask Awareness to comment upon the validity of the information in Dr. Day's book?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this entity, Dr. Day, as one who has perhaps more experience in surgical operations and operating on AIDS patients than any other doctor in the world. The entity has since retired from the profession of surgery because she was well aware that her odds for survival were diminishing as she continued, even with all of the protection gear and careful efforts she made to avoid contact with HIV during operations. This Awareness indicates the entity was one of the first persons to point out the dangers of the nation's blood supplies and was highly attacked and ridiculed, almost losing her job at the hospital, whereby she became a scapegoat for much of the gay community's wrath and hostility at her understanding and statements that the blood supply was being tainted by blood taken from homosexuals in the gay community and that it would result in many recipients of the blood supply in getting AIDS. She particularly concerned herself with the hemophiliacs and the use of blood in operating transfusions because she saw that there was no good screening in regard to blood donations as to who was giving and whether they were tested properly or if even there could be proper testing. The entity especially was appalled to find that some of the gay community was actively involved in bringing gays in for blood donations in the very areas where homosexual behavior was rampant. This Awareness indicates the entity also was one of the first to point out that the HIV virus was capable of surviving for days outside the human body. That even on a flat surface, the HIV virus was still alive after 7 days, which the entity was quick to point out could mean that an HIV virus on a toilet seat or on a kitchen counter or restaurant counter or table could still be spread, even under those casual conditions. The entity also pointed out that the HIV virus on the hands, on the skin could be passed from person to person, if this virus still remained alive after several days. This Awareness indicates that the entity was also made aware of the fact that the natural holes in condoms and in rubber gloves used in surgery were far larger in size than the HIV virus. This Awareness indicates that she pointed out that it was much like a marble being thrown at a tennis net; that it could go through very easily and that the chances of it being blocked by the tennis net were less great than the chance of it passing on through. This Awareness indicates that the entity, because of her counter to the gay community's political agenda and the government's desire to keep the public from panicking, became attacked from many different sources. She was brought to speak on television shows, often to be ridiculed and blasted before she even spoke to people. She was called a "gay basher" and said to be said that she refused to operate on gays when in fact she had a record of more operations on gays and AIDS patients than any other doctor in the country. The hostility toward her was intense. This Awareness indicates that even her own peers in the medical field turned against her publicly, though many would privately and secretly talk to her and agree with her and express their concerns and wishes for her to be victorious in her campaigns to alert the public to the dangers of the AIDS virus. She was most concerned about the care for health workers because she realized that for example, in her own performance as a surgeon she had to reach into wounds where bones were fractured or splintered with her rubber gloves and often she would be punctured by a splintered bone that would go through the rubber glove into her finger. Sometimes she would have to use considerable force to move a bone and thus cut herself on bones or splinters, particularly in emergency situations, emergency operations. And she also recognized that some of her equipment and tools caused an aerosol effect such as power-saws cutting into bones which would create a spray of aerosol blood particles, wherein she realized that the mask she wore really didn't shield her from breathing these particles or getting them into her lungs. She worked on tests to verify this problem, but it created problems for the hospitals and they didn't want to hear about this, and again she ran into much backlash and there was considerable hostility leveled at her for these disclosures. This Awareness indicates the entity is correct about the book being very controversial. It is controversial because this doctor does not throw punches. She is not involved in the politically polite concerns of being politically correct as opposed to being truly clear in her research. She would rather be outright honest and clear in her research than to cater to political forces and this has created much controversy around her work. The Origin of "Gay-Speak" This Awareness indicates the entity coins a term that she refers to in her book called "Gay-Speak." The Gay Speak approach is that you don't say anything that might offend the gay community. It is a takeoff on the 1984 book in which the term Double Speak was used, whereby a term is applied that has a different meaning from what it gives, such as for example, the name Peace Keeper, when referring to a particular type of missile or nuclear weapon. This Awareness indicates that whereas this Double Speak has been popularized to the point wherein most entities understand what is meant by Double Speak, she refers to the new political approach as that which she calls Gay Speak, wherein entities must speak only certain ways when referring to the gay community. It must never imply that there is anything politically or morally wrong with whatever the gay community does, but this entity gets into the nitty-gritty of some of the gay practices in some of the larger cities that helped to spread the AIDS virus. The "Glory Holes" in the Bath Houses She describes the bath-houses and in some of these bath houses that which is referred to as "glory holes," in which the men would place their penis for other men whom they never see to have sex through a wall. This Awareness indicates that her vivid descriptions of these procedures is probably that which is the most offensive to the gay community, and this may be the main reason why there is so much hostility toward her work. This Awareness indicates that she acknowledges that many of the carriers of AIDS are heterosexual. She is quite concerned that because so much of it came out of the gay community and is still being spread from the gay community into the heterosexual population, that it will continue to grow and become still a greater problem as time passes. She thinks that the issue needs to be dealt with very firmly to stop the spread of AIDS while there is still time because if it continues it will be impossible to stop. This Awareness indicates that in her work she uses hard statistics that are found from various sources. She shows that the hemophiliac community or culture has been utterly destroyed because of the spread of AIDS through the blood-bank supplies, wherein these blood banks were not properly monitored, and the source of blood was from those who carried AIDS. She says that these still are not completely secure, for entities can carry the AIDS virus for several years before it shows in the HIV tests. That there are cases of entities who pass AIDS through kissing. This Awareness indicates that the implications are staggering. This Awareness has already mentioned previously that AIDS can be passed through mosquito bites, dentistry and other forms of body fluid contact with various carriers. This entity also shows that AIDS can be passed from blood on skin that has not been broken. The National Basketball Association has recently ruled that no one can be allowed on the floor who has an open cut or blood on them, and anyone seen with blood is immediately ejected from the floor. This is because there is an awareness that AIDS can be spread by contact of fluids. The blood from one, passing through the pores of the skin of another, just as sweat moves through the skin. Saliva Can Carry the AIDS Virus This Awareness indicates she also expresses concern that even peers can carry AIDS and that many people trying to show how fragile the AIDS virus really is, will be photographed holding a child with AIDS or caring for an AIDS patient, and will be told that you can't get AIDS through casual contact, yet she points out that saliva can carry the AIDS virus and saliva can be spread through drinking after each other, or eating after another, or through kissing, or through other means of passing the virus, particularly when, as it has been proven, the AIDS virus can remain alive for up to 7 days on a flat surface in the open air. This Awareness indicates it is an alarming book. It is well documented, much of it from first-hand experience. It is extremely controversial. She was not allowed to print the book through regular publishing outlets and publishes it herself. You can buy it only through her. It will not be allowed on bookstands. This Awareness indicates that entities who want to explore the AIDS situation from all sides should have a copy of this book as part of their research in order to be fair and in order to see the more shocking side of the issue. It is not the kind of thing you will find popularized by a press that helps to make the AIDS issue less of a problem than it actually is. HOW LONG BEFORE HIV SHOWS UP IN THE SYSTEM? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: I've heard it takes a minimum of ten years for the HIV to show up in an entity. If this is true... COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it takes from 3 to 10 years for the HIV to show up. It can take longer for the AIDS symptoms to show up. The HIV simply creates the situation whereby the symptoms of AIDS, the various illnesses and weaknesses begin to allow for the various immune system breakdown to be recognized. This Awareness indicates it is a breakdown of the immune system which is referred to as AIDS and the diseases that follow, anything from cancer to pneumonia are recognized as part of the AIDS diseases, the various diseases that follow because of the breakdown of the immune system. The virus itself can be in the body for several years before it is found in the bloodstream and recognized. Even if one tests for this, it might not yet show. This Awareness indicates that it is estimated that 1 in 4 people in Zaire have the HIV virus. Many of these are children, and these children did not all get the virus from parents who were HIV positive. Many of the children got the AIDS from unsanitary conditions in which the virus was spread, not through sex. A Catastrophic Epidemic is Destroying Civilizations This Awareness indicates that this is an epidemic that is still growing catastrophically, and by the year 2000, many of the people who today do not even suspect they have the HIV virus will begin to discover this and it will become much more recognized as a disastrous disease, in not only the Third World countries which will eventually almost be totally destroyed, population-wise, but in the more civilized and advanced countries also. A "Global 2000" Program Condoned by Government The only hope is that entities will find a way to cure it, for most entities will not be taught how to really protect themselves. The so-called AIDS education programs are more of a farce. It would appear that, indeed, the government is only creating the false appearance of a program to prevent AIDS, and that it is really wanting the AIDS to continue to be spread. This Awareness sees this as part of the Global 2000 program to diminish the population of the earth by the year 2000. However, It sees this as actually taking longer to run its course. This Awareness indicates that by the year 2000, so many entities will have it, that more will be dying from AIDS than ever was projected or imagined; in the multi-millions. This Awareness indicates that there may be some chance of individuals discovering a vaccine, but the AIDS virus is such that it tends to alter itself to survive, so a vaccine may not work. This Awareness indicates that there is already a vaccine available, but it is not being produced or given to the masses. This was created at the same time the AIDS virus was first introduced, and it is being with held until the population is reduced to desirable levels by those who are involved in this Global 2000 project. High Oxygenation Will Kill AIDS Virus This Awareness indicates that up to the present time, the main remedy seen is through the use of increased oxygen in the bloodstream, since even HIV cannot last in high oxygen levels. This Awareness indicates it is extremely hardy to be able to last up to 7 days on a counter-top where oxygen is applied to it steadily for 7 days. It still survives that long, therefore, the high oxygen content in the bloodstream would have to continue for much longer than 7 days to destroy the virus. This Awareness indicates the use of oxygen-inducing substances such as H202 or hydrogen peroxide or EQ02 (which is made from table salt), or ozone, can increase the oxygen in the bloodstream. These have to be used properly, especially H202 which can be extremely dangerous if misused, but it can be effective if used long enough. It can be effective to destroy the HIV virus. The length of time, of course, will depend on how strong the HIV virus is in one's system. If it is not yet strong in the system, the oxygenation of the individual through the use of these substances will not require as long a treatment to destroy the HIV, but if it is well implanted in the system, then one would need to use oxygen-enhancing substances for quite some time to be effective. This Awareness indicates perhaps the most important reason for entities to study the book of Dr. Day is to realize the seriousness of the situation and understand that it is not something you can simply avoid by denial or by turning your face the other way or simply considering it treated or taken care of because you express sympathy for AIDS patients, for there is much more to the disease than being sympathetic. There is much more to the disease than being hostile towards an AIDS patient. You must recognize the need to be helpful, supportive, and yet extremely cautious; that in your concern for the welfare of these carriers that you do not subject yourself or other loved ones to the contamination by these means of bringing the HIV into your own life or into the lives of your loved ones. If you bring it into your own life you almost certainly are going to bring it to your family and loved ones also. This Awareness indicates it is best not to think of it as a venereal-type disease. It is not limited to spread through sexual activities alone, though the sexual activities may be the more common way of spreading this disease. HOW OLDER PEOPLE ARE BEING EXPOSED TO AIDS (U.S. Government is Promoting the Great Deception; New Strain of Tuberculosis is Spreading through Hospitals ) Steve Q. sent me a copy (I already had a copy of Sam Biser's newsletter "Advanced Natural Therapies, Volume 2, number 9, which was the first of two newsletters in which he interviewed Dr. Day, and he had never heard of anything like this and now he's very alarmed and he's putting the information out for his readers too -- and possibly putting his own life in danger because of it); but, there's some interesting stuff in this interview, where it says that AIDS is exploding in the older community, and Sam Biser asks: "So, what you're saying is that my older readers should be concerned." And Dr. Day says: 'Absolutely. They should be concerned partly because they have blood transfusions. The blood supply is safer than it was in 1985, before they developed the AIDS antibody test, but the blood supply is not completely safe and everybody should be given their own blood, and on top of that, older people or anyone may get AIDS without having the HIV virus. Researchers know of at least 100 people who have full-blown AIDS who have never tested HIV positive. They have all of the characteristics of the disease, they have a low T-cell count, they are sick, they have all the opportunistic infections that go along with AIDS. But they don't have AIDS, and this is another whole cover-up. The government says, "It looks like AIDS, it walks like AIDS, it talks like AIDS, but we are going to call it some thing else, and they did, they called it ICL, which is Idiopathic CD4 Lymphocytopenia. Idiopathic means we don't have any idea how they got it; CD4 is the receptor for the HIV virus, and Lymphocytopenia means they have low T-cells. It is generic AIDS. I mean, do you think they are going to come out and say, "We spent billions of dollars putting it down in a black hole; we told you all along that HIV is the sole cause of AIDS. We were wrong. You should throw us all out. You should actually take us all out and hang us." Do you think there is ever a time the government has done that? No, they keep covering up and covering up and covering up. Older people are going to be dying with TB in massive numbers because people in hospitals are transmitting tuberculosis to other people in hospitals." And Biser says: "So older people are at risk because they tend to need more operations?" And Dr. Day responds: "Right. They need more operations, they are much more in contact with health-care facilities and they are going to be dying with tuberculosis in massive numbers because people in hospitals are transmitting tuberculosis to other people in hospitals. In fact, 50 residents at the hospital where I was Chief of Orthopedic Surgery for 20 years, San Francisco General Hospital, in the last year, have turned positive for tuberculosis. One has severe advanced tuberculosis. These are young doctors still in their training." Does Awareness see this tuberculosis spread as urgent as she seems to make it out? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that It discussed the spread of a new strain of tuberculosis some time back, referring to that which was introduced into this country in three different prisons. This Awareness indicates that it is now being spread as indicated by this entity, even in hospitals. The institutions that spread this are spreading it deliberately, but it is a strain of tuberculosis that is spread even through the air, through the breath, and this is what makes it so threatening to the present and future society. This Awareness indicates that between the two, AIDS and tuberculosis, the tuberculosis has the potential for the greater harm in less time, but the AIDS has the advantage of having been introduced sooner and being off to a head-start. AIDS and TB to Reduce Populations by One-Third The two of these diseases are designed to wipe out mass amounts of people, destroying populations in all countries in order to reduce the earth's population to approximately one third of its present number. This Awareness indicates it is a scenario that is quite likely to succeed in its purpose. Entities do need to be extremely careful in regard to both of these diseases. This Awareness indicates the tuberculosis was introduced because it was felt that the AIDS virus was not spreading fast enough. This was because those who were promoting the AIDS virus also did not realize that the ten years required for the HIV virus to show up, and the fear that it was not spreading fast enough was based on statistics which could not pick up on the virus. It is now recognized that it has been spreading, but was undetectable, and that it is indeed creating a very fast moving spread of AIDS around the world. It is most prevalent in Asia, where it got its start later than in other countries. This is because in Asia they were less concerned about its spread until it reached epidemic proportions, and only now are they beginning to concern themselves. The governments in many of those Asian countries still are not concerned about the spread of AIDS in their country. AIDS IS A POLITICALLY-PROTECTED DISEASE (Homosexuals Have Tremendous Political Clout) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In this interview Dr. Day says AIDS is a politically protected disease, and it is being handled as a civil rights issue rather than as a contagious disease and that is because the gays are very powerful. The gays are the ninth most powerful political action community in this country, she says. "They look at any attempt to control this disease with the regular public health measures as an attempt to restrict their lifestyle. They didn't want to get tested, they didn't want to have to tell their sexual partners that they had a deadly disease that could kill them, and they didn't want to tell the health-care workers, and they didn't want to be curtailed in any way." Is that statement correct? That they are actually this powerful a political group? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this became verified during the time of the election, in their effect on the election and in the aftermath following the election in regard to pressures on various candidates, including the president and the gays in the military issue. This Awareness indicates that, by their own admission, they claim to be a powerful force in this country, able to have politicians put into office or taken from office, according to their particular concern about an issue. HOW THE GAY AGENDA IS ENTERING THE SCHOOLS (Tell Them AIDS Will Go Away if You Just Use Condoms) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In this article, she verified what Awareness has given previously, that the AIDS virus can go through the condoms; that the holes in the condoms are 50 times the size of the virus, and Biser asks: "You said there is a gay virus in health care. Now, our readers aren't necessarily interested in politics so exactly how does Gay bias reflect our readers?" And Dr. Day says: "To begin with, the gays want a cure, a magic pill so they can continue on with their promiscuity. This is the gay agenda: condoms, but no morality. They don't want to stop having sex. They just want to make it go away by saying use a condom and then it's okay. In fact, if you read Judith Reisman's book, "Kinsey, Sex and Fraud," you will see that the people who control sex education have a very strong gay agenda. They are telling all of the sex educators to: (1) Don't make a big deal about number of partners, just tell them to use condoms; (2) Make sure they all support the gay causes; (3) Don't ever say that this disease is anyone's fault. In the Los Angeles Public School District the gays are trying to make it against the law to tell sixth graders about abstinence because they say, "Their sexuality must be enhanced" -- fifth graders! This isn't just a 'political' agenda. These are policies that can kill. For example, they want to be able to work any place they want, including in nurseries of hospitals where there are babies born prematurely with underdeveloped immune systems." It goes on and on and on, but my basic question concern the education system. Is this confined to the strong gay community areas like Los Angeles, or is this getting into all of the public school systems? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates essentially it is nationwide, depending on the strength of a community, the strength of the gay community in any general community, if they have enough influence. Part of the effort is to infiltrate the schools and to promote the education as just described. This Awareness indicates that it is at a stage in which one is simply not allowed to speak out against such concerns as AIDS being spread through sexual promiscuity or through gay activities, and that one can only caution about the spread of AIDS by suggesting the use of condoms. The "Politically Correct" Approach to Homosexuality This Awareness indicates that anything other is politically incorrect. There is that which has become politically correct and incorrect in regard to the issue of AIDS and homosexuality and there are certain ways of speaking about these things that are acceptable and certain ways of speaking which are forbidden. Those who speak about these things in ways that are considered forbidden, such as Dr. Day, will be highly criticized, will be treated with extreme hostility and even threatened for her politically incorrect stance. This Awareness indicates that fortunately, the entity's approach is that she is not concerned with being politically correct; she is concerned with doing what is right. She explains that as a child, her father taught her to always do what is right, regardless of whether others like it or not; and she has lived by this principle; and this is what has caused her to become so controversial in a time when political correctness is being promoted by so many. This Awareness indicates she recognizes the spread of AIDS is enhanced by the politically correct approach to the AIDS agenda, the gay agenda, and the ways by which the politically correct people promote these things with out telling the whole truth about the disease. THE BLOOD BANK COVER-UP CONTINUES (Infection Rate of Gays is 40 Times Greater ) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In this Sam Biser article, they cover one other area of the blood-banks. Sam asks: "Have the blood-banks covered up a problem of bad blood?" And Dr. Day replied: "There's no question that they have. In 1982, both the Food and Drug Administration and the Center for Disease Control knew that blood transfusions transmit the AIDS virus. They also had a test for carriers of hepatitis-B that would have screened out most the AIDS carriers, who were almost exclusively homosexual at that time. Eighty percent of gays exhibit the hepatitis-B antibody because of their anal sex. This compares to two percent of the general population. That means these people have an infection rate that is 40 times greater than the general populations. They are walking biological time-bombs. This is not a phobia or prejudice against gay men, this is a medical fact. And these are not my numbers; I got them from the CDC. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this entity is a very conscientious researcher. She has no hostility toward gays, in fact she has numerous friends who are homosexual. She is simply stating facts. She is stating facts as nearly as she can, related to information that she has gathered through hard evidence and research. Entities can dislike the facts that she has gathered, but they cannot honestly accuse her of falsifying these facts. She presents the facts so that you can research for yourself, if you don't like her information. This Awareness indicates that indeed, this entity has done considerably great amount of research and has bent over backward, trying to not offend entities where there was no need to be offensive, but she did not pull punches where truth was necessary. This Awareness suggests that her book as that which stands on her own merit and allows the reader to like it or dislike it, but allows the reader to verify anything she says with evidence and sources that she supplies. This Awareness indicates it is likened unto someone who may not like the message brought by the messenger, but they cannot find fault with the truth of the message. DR. DAY'S LIFE THREATENED FOR RELEASING THIS INFORMATION ABOUT AIDS AND GAYS (Hate Mail and Threats of Acid Thrown in Her Face) FOLLOW-UP STATEMENT: At the end of Sam Biser's first newsletter on this subject, he asks: "When I tell all this to people, I know what their first comments are going to be: If Dr. Day is correct, how come I never heard it from anybody else?" And Dr. Day replies: "Because my life has been threatened. When I was at the University of California in San Francisco, you read my book, you know my job was threatened. Most of the time this kind of intimidation just shuts people up. It's not fun, I have had my life threatened, the gay activists have threatened to kill me. They said they would inject me with AIDS blood in an elevator. They sent me AIDS-contaminated syringes and needles through the mail saying they are going to die and they have nothing to lose. They don't like what I am telling about their irresponsibility to the public; they threatened to throw acid in my face. I had to have armed guards when I testified against the San Francisco Blood Bank. I have gotten a threat from inside the CDC which said, "You are getting too close. Remember Karen Silkwood." But the reason I continue doing it is that nobody is willing to tell the truth." ED's Note: Sam Biser's newsletter, "Advanced Natural Therapies" has been recommended by Awareness numerous times in the past. A one year subscription (12 issues) is $49.95, two years is $89.95. If you want the two issues on Dr. Day and AIDS, ask for Volume 2, numbers 9 and 10. Address: The University of Natural Healing Inc., PO Box 8113, 355 West Rio Road, Suite 201, Charlottesville, Va. 22906. For those who want more info on Dr. Day, you can order her book by telephoning 1-800-574-2437. Also, CAC has a one hour taped interview with Dr. Day, taken from a radio call-in program. Much of what was covered in this reading and more is included in this interview. CAC suggests a donation of $7.00 for a copy of this cassette tape, or a donation of whatever you feel the information is worth to you. Write to CAC and ask for the Dr. Day radio interview tape. For those interested in tracing the recent history of AIDS, the book "And the Band Played On" by Randy Shilts, published by St. Martin's Press in New York, is recommended. This book is about politics, people and the AIDS epidemic, with accent on the bath houses, the gay lifestyle and the impact on the gay community when "gay cancer" was first discovered, which led to tracking down the AIDS virus etc. A very readable and fact-filled book, well-documented without bias. IS THE HIV VIRUS BASICALLY HARMLESS? (Professor Duesberg Says It Is) QUESTION: A question from J.V.T., from Holland, on this subject. He writes: "Is it possible for Cosmic Awareness to comment on Peter H. Duesberg's (professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley) point of view that the HIV viruses (retroviruses) are poor candidates to blame serious diseases on, particularly fatal conditions involving the death of huge number of cells, such as AIDS. He states that the combination of prolonged malnutrition with heavy use of alcohol, heroin, cocaine, antibiotics and so on can lead to complete immune system collapse. Peter Duesberg was present at our international alternative AIDS symposium last year, and stated that the HIV virus is harmless. More and more scientists are now sharing Duesberg's point of view. The official medical establishment claims that the HIV virus is the only cause and none other factors are involved. The question is: Is the virus really that harmless or does it play some role, or has it some effect on the immune system? Whatever it may be, according to my opinion, the best approach is to learn how to improve the immune system. Long-term survivors, some of them over 10 years, the living proofs and examples are of no interest to the medical establishment as this would undermine their brainwashing program to the general public." And he enclosed a batch of articles on this subject. Could Awareness comment about this theory of Dr. Duesberg? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this entity appears to be looking into a new area of exploration that appears somewhat promising. It appears there are connections of the HIV virus that create a common denominator with the AIDS, but that there are other ways in which the immune system can be broken down to allow the immune deficiency to occur, even without the presence of the HIV virus, but this has already been recognized as mentioned in a previous question in this reading. It is seen as quite possible that this entity's further research will help to discover other causes of AIDS, so that it is not seen as exclusively connected with the HIV virus. This Awareness indicates that this continued research should give some further depth of understanding to this situation within approximately 3 years. IS AZT MEDICATION OR GENOCIDE? (The Candida Factor in All AIDS Patients) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: He had one other area of questioning. He sent in some literature, a review about the discussion about "AZT, Medication or Genocide?" Is AZT not a cure for AIDS? Are AZT's alleged benefits not backed up by hard data? Are the drug's known toxicity incompatible with medication? There's a real long report on this subject. Could Awareness just briefly discuss the advantage or disadvantage of this AZT, which the medical establishment claims is the only thing that helps in the AIDS problem? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it does not appear to be a cure by any means and it appears that its main effect is to deaden certain aspects of the disease, reducing pain and destroying some of the symptoms, but not improving the immune system. This would mean that it helps to create a more painless demise, or one that does not feel as painful and that it does appear to have some ability to slow down some of the symptoms, just as chemotherapy can poison cancer cells somewhat, even though the poison continues to also destroy other parts of the entity and other good cells. This Awareness indicates that one of the common de nominators of AIDS is that all AIDS patients have Candida and this helps, or is a major cause of, the immune system breakdown. This Awareness indicates it would appear that as Candida is removed from the system the immune deficiency would be diminished and as the immune system strengthens, the ability to recover would become greater. It would suggest the use of Nystatin and special diets, avoiding sugar, avoiding fermented foods, avoiding cheeses and molds and yeast, and substances containing fermentation and molds and yeast or mildew, such as peanuts, which are usually carriers of mold, such as certain fruits which often contain high amounts of yeast, such as beer and alcohol and such beverages, such as vinegar, blue cheese, Roquefort. All of these things that are associated with fermentation yeast, mold should be avoided. Sugar and sugar products tend to feed yeast and cause it to grow. As these things are diminished from one's diet, Nystatin being used or Candistat being used for approximately one or two months and balanced by the use of acidophilus culture, the yeast will diminish in the entity's body and the possibility increases for recovery as the immune system strengthens. This Awareness indicates the immune system will tend to strengthen as the yeast diminishes; that certain vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and other forms of antioxidant supplements are used, all help to strengthen the immune system. These can be helpful in recovering from the AIDS and HIV virus, and the yeast infection. This Awareness indicates that one reason for yeast infection being so rampant in this society is caused by the antibiotic use of medicine. The more antibiotics used, the more yeast builds up on the body. The body's immune system is broken down in direct proportion to the amount of antibiotics an entity has used, along with the amount of sugar and yeast and mold and fermentation used in the entity's diet. QUESTION: Is there a closing message? ANTIBIOTICS THE MAIN CULPRIT IN IMMUNE SYSTEM BREAKDOWN COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that there is so much that can happen from misunderstanding, when that misunderstanding is applied en masse to processes and systems, and in the case of this society where antibiotics were introduced during World War II in order to save the lives of entities who might otherwise die from injuries that were infected on the battlefield, and where these antibiotics were then applied to life and death situations in the civilian hospitals and found to be almost miraculous in their effects on bringing about healing, and wherein these antibiotics were then prescribed and used with a sense of complete abandonment for everything from a sniffle to gonorrhea, the antibiotics then became over used and began having an adverse effect on the masses, breaking down the immune system, causing the illness to be treated partially, so that the disease comes back stronger than ever because someone didn't take all of their antibiotics, creating new strains of old bacteriological diseases. And whereby doctors began to prescribe antibiotics as a way of protecting themselves from making a mistake in their diagnosis or treatment, thinking that if you don't know what it is, give them antibiotics, so that antibiotics becomes a multi-million dollar industry and whereby these antibiotics are given so frequently that doctors do not even bother to keep track, so that entities can be on antibiotics more than they are off of the antibiotics, and the immune system begins to be eaten alive by the antibiotics, where all the friendly bacteria in the body are destroyed, where all of the friendly flora in the digestive system are killed by the antibiotics, so that entities become constipated and bloated and cannot digest their food, cannot absorb vitamins from their food, and whereby entities develop yeast throughout their bodies, and the yeast begins to eat away at fingernails, toes, skin, hair, etc.; entities become deficient in their immune system, unable to protect themselves. So they run to their doctor to describe their new disease or new frustration, a feeling of tiredness, a shortness of breath, all types of symptoms from asthma to headaches, and the doctors prescribe antibiotics to help them feel better. This Awareness indicates it is a strange society where the medicine creates new diseases and new ills for that society to deal with, a generation or so down the road and keeps going back to the old medicine that started the illness. This Awareness indicates that it is quite tragic that medicine even yet is not understood to where the doctors realize the full effect of being little more than dispensers of drugs from the pharmaceutical companies, agents of the drug dealers of the great pharmaceutical labs and really do not know the principles of healing. (End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given.) AIDS: THE GREAT DECEPTION (Part 2) THE CONSPIRACY TO ENTRAP, BILK, MILK, AND KILL AMERICANS COSMIC AWARENESS PRESENTS THE HISTORY OF THE CONSPIRACY (C.A.C. General Reading, May 17, 1993) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates there is a need to speak further in regard to the issue of AIDS; that there are several reasons for this. For one thing, there is now in the plans or what may be termed in the works, new strains of AIDS to be introduced to the public, because the first three types of strains have not spread fast enough. There is of course, as indicated previously, the plan to depopulate the earth to a great extent using AIDS and other means, from starvation to other forms of biological warfare, as well as regular warfare so that the resources of the earth will not be so depleted by the extreme ever-climbing population of earth. This Awareness indicates that this being a plan referred to by certain world planners as "Global 2000." This has been discussed previously by this Awareness. It also has been discussed or written in literature from the LaRouche group in terms of its publications and books. This Awareness indicates that the idea of Global 2000 is to reduce the population of the earth by the year 2000, to approximately one third of its present population. This began approximately 10 to 15 years ago, and has been implemented in different ways. This Awareness indicates however, it has not had the success in terms of reducing the population that its promoters envisioned. The population continues to climb in spite of the great starvation found in many of the countries, in spite of the spread of AIDS. The number of AIDS deaths are far fewer than even those caused by automobile accidents and pale in comparison to cardiovascular deaths. This Awareness indicates the so-called AIDS epidemic is not an epidemic at all, when compared to other situations, being that the deaths are of such a small magnitude in comparison to the deaths resulting from cancer or heart disease; it can hardly be called an epidemic. HIV Not a Cause of AIDS This Awareness indicates that still it is the center of much focus of attention in the media so that there is a kind of public panic in regard to the concept of AIDS. This Awareness indicates that there are many misconceptions relating to AIDS, one being that there is an HIV virus that causes AIDS. This is false. There are more people with AIDS who do not have the HIV virus in their system than there are AIDS patients that do have the HIV virus. The HIV virus is not directly linked to AIDS. This Awareness indicates there is some consolation in that some of the AIDS patients have HIV virus, but these are fewer than half and to argue the case that the HIV virus is the cause of AIDS is simply out of order. It is like arguing that gnats are the cause of rotten fruit. This Awareness indicates that they may have some affinity, but there is not causal effect. IDS: The Predecessor of GRID and AIDS This Awareness indicates that the concept of AIDS which is promoted as a new disease is in itself erroneous; that in the early '50s there is mention of IDS or Immune Deficiency Disease Syndrome and that this Immune Deficiency Disease being recognized in the early 50's is the same thing as is commonly referred to now as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. This Awareness indicates that it is called "Acquired" because the disease comes after birth, not with birth. It would be congenital if the disease of an Immune Deficiency developed with birth. Then it would be Congenital Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Because it developed after birth it is called Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. This Awareness indicates it is simply a new name for an older name that was coined after certain efforts indicated previously by certain developers of the disease who worked in a way as to bring harm to the gay community at a time when the gay community was beginning to assert itself. This disease was known at the time as GRID, or Gay Related Immune Deficiency Disease. This GRID name was later altered by the Center for Disease Control because the Center for Disease Control was having their funding curtailed under the Reagan administration and there was a fear that unless they could come up with something serious enough to require further research and effort, the Center For Disease Control would be under-funded and many of the people would lose their jobs. This Awareness indicates the Swine Flu project which the Center for Disease Control attempted to foist on the masses had become a debacle and gave them a kind of incredulous reputation. The cancer situation, which had for many years been highly funded in the so-called "war" on cancer, had proven to be most beneficial to the Center For Disease Control and the medical profession in general in that with 17 billion dollars worth of funding per year, the cancer problem had increased many times over in the subsequent years, requiring continued and expanded research money and payments for the medical professions. They needed something similar and GRID appeared to be something that could be useful if it were to be applied somehow to the entire population rather than just the gay community. This Awareness indicates that they then took this disease that was originally targeted to gays by those who were hostile to the gay community and gave it a new name, calling it the AIDS, or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, and put it out as a new disease for which the public should be alerted and fearful of because it was impossible to cure. The Basis of AIDS i5 Syphilis This Awareness indicates that essentially, the so-called GRID disease, from which AIDS was renamed is not a disease in itself, but a combination of various immune deficiency diseases that have been know for many years, for several centuries. This Awareness indicates it consists as its base, of the disease known as syphilis. This Awareness indicates that syphilis is said by some to have come from shepherds having sex with sheep. This Awareness indicates that this as having been a common tale, but there is no substance for this statement. It is also believed by others that Columbus's sailors brought the disease back from America after the sailors had sex with the natives. This Awareness indicates that syphilis is actually a combination of four different stages of disease and developed in part from immune deficiencies of the sailors because of their long journey to America and lack of proper food and diet, and because of certain combinations of viruses and diseases that commingled between themselves and the natives which in turn spread to the sailors and also to the natives by the commingling of these deficiencies, and the energies that resulted. The toxemia of the systems depleted the white blood cell count even further, causing these entities to have what is termed the first stages of syphilis. This disease was thus introduced into Europe shortly after the Columbus voyage to America. This Awareness indicates that in some of the literature it was referred to as "the pox", and in Shakespeare's writings, there are references to the pox, when entities would curse each other saying, "A pox upon you!" etc. Herpes Genitalia is Syphilis Reintroduced This Awareness indicates that what was then known as Stage One of the syphilis disease has been reintroduced under a new name in modern society and is called Herpes Genitalia. This Awareness indicates it is what Herpes in the past decade has become in an epidemic proportion so that entities having this disease thought it to be some thing new. It was simply another version of syphilis in its early stages. This Awareness indicates that essentially the first stage of Herpes Genitalia is identical to the first stage of AIDS, this being sores around the genitals. This Awareness indicates that the second stage of the syphilis disease is that which creates sores on various parts of the body, sometimes referred to as Karposi's sarcoma, or cancer. This Awareness indicates that the third stage of syphilis or neuro-syphilis is also the third stage of AIDS in which the syphilis or AIDS begins to affect the brain and cause dementia, and the entity begins losing control of his brain usage. The fourth stage as that which affects the organs throughout the body and results in the total loss of life. This Awareness indicates that these first stages of syphilis, linked together with some other 28 common immune deficiency diseases that are generally caused or were generally created by the use of drugs breaking down the immune system are under the umbrella term of AIDS. This Awareness indicates that by linking these together, making it possible for these to spread through the syphilis, the new disease was created. This Awareness indicates that it is not in itself fatal, but the use of drugs of a toxic nature to treat it, and the use of practices that are not healthy to help maintain it, make it fatal. This Awareness indicates that it is not actually linked to a virus so even though there may be viruses that would help to cleanse the body through the use of illnesses, these viruses are not necessarily a cause of AIDS. This Awareness indicates that It must explain this more carefully. How Drugs Break Down the Immune System The white blood cells in a body attack anything that is non-self, anything that is not native to the self. The ingestion of food is even attacked by the antibodies of the self, to break down the food, which makes it digestible and thus, energies are taken from the food and turned into energy for the body. These are called enzymes and in some cases, antibodies. This Awareness indicates that when there is a foreign body that does not break down easily, as with a disease of some type, the white blood cells around it attack it and destroy it in a kind of massive suicidal attempt or war, to rid the body of this particular foreign element. The white blood cells do quite well with foreign objects that are introduced to the body, but when toxins such as drugs, either recreational drugs or pharmaceutical drugs are introduced into the body, the white blood cells end up sacrificing themselves in great mass, with very little benefit or result against the toxins of these drugs; therefore, they become weakened and the body has difficulty producing them fast enough to handle all the toxins that may be coming into the body. Thus, as time passes the body's immune system becomes weaker and weaker because the white blood cells are the main part of the immune system. This Awareness indicates the homosexual community has a higher rate of drug use than the rest of society and therefore, they became more susceptible to the breakdown of the white blood cells and the so-called immune system, and often were given other drugs to help them overcome their weakened immune system, which weakened the immune system all the more. Chemotherapy: The Death Blow to the Immune System For a time, the favorite treatment for AIDS was chemotherapy, which, even given to a healthy person would kill over 50 percent of a population of very healthy people. When given to people whose immune systems were already damaged, chemotherapy invariably led to their certain death. This Awareness indicates that eventually, other drugs were developed to be used for AIDS patients and AZT became a favorite. AZT was more toxic than the disease itself and entities taking the treatment were invariably met with the death that is associated with AIDS, whereas those entities who avoided any form of drug treatment for AIDS in some cases survived and are the only entities who survived the AIDS disease. Center For Disease Control Promoting Death Through AZT This Awareness indicates that the Center For Disease Control continued to promote drug treatments which destroy entities even faster than no treatment at all, because these treatments bring in approximately ten thousand dollars a month for the AZT program per patient. This Awareness indicates that this, and also because the Global 2000 planners help to keep propaganda out there to promote the idea that AIDS is incurable and that the only thing valuable is to use the AZT to prolong the life and diminish the suffering. In actuality, it does just the opposite. A Program For Curing AIDS This Awareness indicates that an entity would be better off to fast for a time to get the drugs out of the system and then to begin a program using lots of exercise, lots of water, lots of health-building nutrients in diet and food, and products that are fresh with life-force, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, staying away entirely from drugs, including coffee and teas and also from peppers, particularly the red peppers, which tend to weaken the immune system. This Awareness indicates that of course, rest and exercise both help to strengthen the immune system, getting a reasonable amount of exercise and plenty of rest when needed. This Awareness indicates that staying away from those drugs that are given from pharmaceutical companies which almost invariably are toxic to the body is essential in helping the immune system build itself back to normal. A Program to Rid the Body of Candida Yeast This Awareness indicates that a common denominator in all AIDS cases is Candida yeast. All of these entities have Candida yeast. Candida yeast in the system in large amounts, or to a considerable degree, also indicates a weakened immune system. The quickest and best way to get rid of Candida yeast is to avoid all fermented foods or substances including alcohol, vinegars, cheeses and all foods that are associated with fungus, including mushrooms and Roquefort and blue cheese or dressings, avoiding all forms of mold and yeast such as that which forms on the outside peelings of certain fruit, including peaches and apples. It is best also to avoid too much use of fruits that have high sugar contents. This Awareness indicates that if the fruit is not high in sugar, such as avocados, this will be acceptable. How to Use Nystatin and Candistat This Awareness indicates the avoidance of sugar products is essential, because sugar is food for yeast. Thus, by avoiding the main things, fermented foods, alcohol, which is a product of fermentation, and sugars, the yeast will be starved. There is also a certain substance known as Nystatin which can be used to kill off the yeast very quickly. There is one potential hazard in the use of Nystatin, in that it is itself a drug that weakens the immune system in that the white blood cells will also attack Nystatin, along with their attacks on the yeast. It is as though an ally comes into war and as Nystatin begins to attack the yeast, and the white blood cells, unaware that Nystatin is helping in their war against the yeast, begin to attack Nystatin also, because it is a foreign substance to the body This Awareness indicates however, that in most cases, it would be better to continue using Nystatin to help destroy the yeast, using this for approximately 2 months up to perhaps even 4 months, and then take a break from the use of Nystatin for a period of time, perhaps several weeks or even a month, and if necessary, if the yeast problem has not yet cleared, then start in again. At some point, depending on how much of a problem one has with the yeast, the entity will need to stop using Nystatin altogether and switch to Caprycin or that known as Candistat, the substance known as Candistat or Caprycin goes after the yeast only. It does not attack other bacteria or substances of the body. This Awareness indicates that Caprycin can be hazardous to white blood cells in that they may destroy themselves in trying to destroy the Caprycin, but this may be necessary to get rid of the yeast. There is a delicate balance that cannot be given in a formula because all entities will have different reactions according to their metabolism and according to the degree of yeast infection in the system. This Awareness indicates the thing to keep in mind is that even Nystatin or Caprycin or Candistat, having their role in ridding the body of yeast, also are not all that healthy for the body's immune system and therefore, should be used only as required to improve the system. As the yeast begins to diminish, these substances can also be curtailed. The main need for this information is to recognize that it is important to use diet along with these substances and not think that because you are taking Nystatin or Candistat to destroy the yeast you can go ahead and eat sugar or vinegar or alcohol or fermented foods or mold and mushrooms or fungus type foods. You are better off starving the yeast than trying to kill it entirely by use of Nystatin and Candistat for these things are also hard on the immune system. The starvation of the yeast is not hard on the immune system. It is simply difficult to one's pleasures and appetite, causing them to forego some of their appetite pleasures in order to acquire greater health. Asthma, Hypoglycemia, Diabetes Also Relieved This Awareness indicates that the yeast of course is a greater hazard than the Nystatin or Candistat, and therefore, it is better to use these things than to let the yeast continue. It is important to get rid of the yeast as much as possible, as quickly as possible; that when this occurs, most of your other diseases, ranging from asthma to diabetes or hypoglycemia may also begin to disappear, and many of those other diseases that are related to cancer and AIDS will be greatly diminished because of the increased immunity that develops when the yeast problem is resolved. This Awareness indicates in other words, there are various degrees of diseases which may be termed stages and there are various causes for these diseases, which generally are the result of the breakdown in the immunity system and as the immunity system is built up, the diseases begin to fade away and the body begins to heal itself, but the medications that have been used are often worse than the diseases that they are being administered against. The Four Basic Diseases of Humanity This Awareness indicates that syphilis, cancer, gonorrhea and diabetes are four diseases of humanity and all other diseases are but stages of these, in various stages, under different names. This Awareness indicates that Herpes type diseases, sores, blisters, dementia, et cetera, are results from syphilis that maybe existed in one's grandparents or forefathers. This Awareness indicates that entities' diseases pass from generation to generation creating new forms of disease for the subsequent generations, but they are all related to the four main diseases of mankind. Diabetes relates to hypoglycemia and to types of blood poison, and yeast, and may stem from excessive use of alcohol by an entity's forefathers or ancestors. This Awareness indicates that even cancer is a genetic outgrowth of ancestral syphilis in many cases, and can be treated homeopathically in the same way that one would treat syphilis, to get certain beneficial results. This Awareness indicates in this sense that the four diseases mentioned may also relate back to a central disease of the breakdown of the immunity system. It could be said that Immune Deficiency Syndrome is the mother of all diseases, whether acquired or congenital, whether coming from birth or acquired after birth. This Awareness indicates that the AIDS-related complex which is considered one of the stages of AIDS relates to the second stage of syphilis. The 7 New Ways AIDS is Being Introduced to Humanity This Awareness indicates that It wishes now to discuss some of the new plans for AIDS development. There have been two major forms of AIDS isolated in the last decade: One was that which was introduced mostly through the gay community in San Francisco and California. Another as introduced through mostly blacks from Haiti. This Awareness indicates these two are very much similar, yet there was enough distinguishing differences to classify them as two types of AIDS. The third type of AIDS which is currently being introduced as that which is not spread through sexual practices so much as through touching; that this new AIDS will make it possible for entities to pass the disease through touching, at least this is what is being said. This Awareness indicates that It will have more on this later. The fourth type of AIDS is that which will be said to create the AIDS disease by passing through airborne means: coughing, sneezing, breathing in the vicinity of another, would, according to this method, pass the AIDS through airborne means. Also through the saliva. This Awareness indicates that the fifth form of AIDS which has already been developed but has not been introduced, and the sixth and seventh forms will be spread by odor, particularly fecal odor. Thus, one enters into a public bathroom and someone has not flushed the toilet, and the odor alone would spread the AIDS and the AIDS then would become mass-produced throughout the population and it would be almost impossible to avoid catching this disease. How the Public Will Be Sucked Into the AIDS Scam This Awareness wishes to comment on this whole scenario. If indeed, these seven types of AIDS could be introduced to the public in such a way that the public believes them to be so, then the public would be quickly convinced that they should be checked for the HIV virus which, as has been suggested is not necessarily related to AIDS at all, and may simply be related to a weakened immune system and may be related to a weakened immune system which is weakened because of antibiotics, pollution and other medical drugs or recreational drug use so that entities are convinced that they may have the AIDS virus or may need to get some kind of treatment to protect them against the AIDS virus. Such entities are then susceptible to the medical profession and its "cures." They are likely to run to the doctor to get whatever cure is made available, or whatever protection is made available, and if that protection is another type of drug that depletes the immune system further, and if they are convinced that the protection they received has the potential for warding off the AIDS, even though it was acquired through airborne or through odor or by touching someone, they may still have the concern that they might have AIDS and thus wish to return for further testing or for further treatment. This Awareness indicates that if they receive further treatment for the testing, which indicates there is the HIV antibody which is supposed to protect against the viruses, the idea was that if the HIV antibody shows up, it would suggest there was some kind of AIDS virus that the antibody appeared for in order to fight against the AIDS virus. There has been no proof there is an AIDS virus, and the HIV antibody has thus colloquially and commonly been considered a culprit, when in fact it was an antibody to protect against the AIDS virus. It is now often referred to as an HIV virus, as though it is the cause of AIDS. This Awareness indicates therefore, that the HIV antibody may indeed be an attempt by the body to create some kind of antibody to work against the forces in the body that would deplete the immune system. It may be a kind of mutated protein substance or a substance that is attempting to take the place of the white blood cells to help strengthen the weakened immune system, and if the weakened immune systems continue to develop due to poisonous drugs being given as prescriptions from your doctors, or due to continued drug use on a recreational basis, or due to substances being ingested through the commercial food additives, additives placed in commercialized foods, or through pollution, or toxins in the workplace, then gradually, more and more people will begin to show up with HIV antibodies in their systems, and this will be labeled as an HIV virus by the medical profession, who will then tell you that you have AIDS or are due to have AIDS and therefore, need to take medication; such medication of course being poisonous drugs which will deplete the immune system even further. When the white blood cells race to rid the body of viruses or bacteria, they can do so relatively easily. If they can't do it by themselves they usually put the body into a kind of behavior so that the body does something to burn out these viruses or bacteria, such as creating fevers or sickness, and the sickness or fever gets rid of the toxins in the body, but when entities take medication that is based on poisonous substances as are most pharmaceutical drugs, then these medications are so powerful that the white blood cells are normally killed in great quantity, without getting rid of the toxins in the medication. Therefore, the body becomes weaker, the immune system becomes weaker and the toxins become stronger in the body, and the entity is not only fighting whatever was there before, but is also fighting the poisons, this especially is strong and powerful in the case of chemotherapy, which is basically the introduction of extremely poisonous drugs into the body. The body simply cannot fight both the cancer or illness and the drugs also. How to Survive Into the Next Century This Awareness indicates that therefore, there is likely to be an increase in epidemic of this so-called AIDS, and the more money that is allocated to fight AIDS, the more likely it is to develop into a world-wide epidemic of disastrous proportions. This Awareness indicates that if entities do not buy into the myth of AIDS, do not believe or accept that they need medication because they have entered a public bathroom and have sniffed fecal matter, if entities do not accept the orthodox treatment of AIDS, their chances of survival during the coming years, during the coming genocide through biological warfare, will be much greater. If entities devote their health concerns to good healthy diet and exercise and staying away from recreational and pharmaceutical drugs and using only those supplements that are life-giving and natural, they will be much more likely to survive into the next century. This Awareness indicates that this so-called AIDS disease is manufactured, using certain diseases of the past with new names and labels that can be treated and cured, but not through the toxic poisons that the pharmaceutical and medical profession will attempt to use at extreme cost to the patients and victims. This Awareness indicates that this is the completion of this message at this time; that more information may follow. Questions may be asked regarding this, and that from time to time this Awareness will give further information, even without questions being asked, as energies surface on this topic. THE ORIGINAL CAUSE OF SYPHILIS (Mercury poisoning was used as treatment ) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Maybe I missed it, but did Awareness state what the original cause of syphilis was, back centuries ago? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it was caused mostly from depleted immune systems because of improper diet on the trip to the Americas. The sailors did not have a good enough diet and their immune systems were greatly weakened. There were certain weaknesses, especially in regard to scurvy, and dietary shortages and these became complicated when entities began to commingle with the natives wherein bacteria in the sores of the sailors would sometimes be passed from person to person to create further sores or what may be termed Herpes, so that this bacteria from unsanitary situations began to spread. The greater problem did not develop in America and most of the natives in America did not suffer from any particular result of this intermingling. The greater problem surfaced when these soldiers and sailors returned to Europe and received treatment for their sores in the form of mercury. Mercury was given to them to treat their sores, but the effects of the mercury became worse than the sores that they had acquired, and the depleted immune system became even more depleted because of the mercury and the effects of mercury on their general system. Much of the earlier versions of syphilis were actually mercury poisoning and it became something that could be spread sexually from one person to another through certain genetically created bacteriological or viral energies. This Awareness indicates that in other words, the syphilis was created in part by weakened conditions and unsanitary physical situations and mercury poisoning, and this developed into a kind of natural contagious affliction that could be passed sexually from person to person. HOW ABOUT DR. ERLICH'S "MAGIC BULLET"? (How Syphilis Was Treated in Earlier Times) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Years ago there was a movie out called "Dr. Erlich's Magic Bullet," in which Edward G. Robinson played this doctor, which was supposedly based on truth. I believe he was a French doctor who created this so called cure for syphilis in this movie, which they called "The Magic Bullet". Was there any truth to that? Was a cure for syphilis actually developed, as this was a plague that was going through Europe at the time? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it does not appear that this was developed; that the treatment normally used in the last stages of that epidemic of syphilis was based on causing an entity to sweat heavily, ingest large amounts of water. It appears also that there was sulfur used and some use of herbal tinctures. This Awareness indicates that many of these being in homeopathic amounts of such substances as arnica. There is seen also the use of very minuscule parts of arsenic that was often used in the treatment, using homeopathic amounts, but that essentially, sweats, the use of sulfur and large amounts of water were used in treating the syphilis and that these treatments tended to sweat the disease out of the body. Raising the temperature of the entity to a very high degree, creating sweat tended to kill off the bacteria and unwanted viruses, both of which were part of the disease. This Awareness indicates that in a disease of this type, viruses may be considered in some cases as welcomed, in that they create the fevers and sickness that helps to burn out the disease that attacks the cells. This Awareness indicates that these fevers helped to produce white cells from the bone marrow and these white cells help to rid the body of toxins and negative substances or foreign substances. Use Enzymes If Your Immune System is Weak This Awareness advises entities to use plenty of different types of enzymes to help break down foods in the systems, if the entity believes their immune system is weakened, because the ingestion of enzymes helps to substitute for the body's need to break down the foods when the body could use its energies for other purposes. In other words, food is a foreign object that may be attacked by the immune system in order to make the food break down, and if you assist it by taking enzymes or certain fruit that is laden with good healthy enzymes which is normally the case with papaya or pineapples or apples. Anything that is capable of rotting contains enzymes. Irradiation of Foods Kills the Enzymes If you eat these foods that are high in enzymes, you are helping your body to break down these foods for proper digestion. This Awareness indicates that unfortunately, the increasing use of irradiation, which is designed to preserve foods for longer shelf-life, works by destroying the enzymes in food, so that the food does not spoil and irradiation, destroying the enzymes destroys that which is most beneficial to humans from that food. It is seen that a strong likelihood is that even new methods will be used in the near future for preserving foods for longer periods of time by destroying more of the enzymes in the food. This will create a great depletion in the immune systems of humans, when they cannot get natural enzymes through their diet. It will be possible and valuable for entities to plant their own gardens or pick their fruit from the orchards so that the irradiation does not occur. PASSING WIND COULD BE A CRIMINAL OFFENSE! (The Real Purpose i5 a Plot to Get You to Your Doctor) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In regard to the possibility of AIDS being spread by odor, would this also apply to common flatulence? That this could become a criminal offense, passing wind in public? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. This Awareness wishes you to understand however, that it appears to this Awareness at this time, that all this will simply be a kind of hoax to panic the masses into thinking they may have AIDS and going to the doctors for treatment or evaluation, and in doing so, subjecting themselves to "treatments" that would develop a complete breakdown of their immune system. This Awareness indicates in other words, an entity who has only the AIDS disease might find it easier to cure himself of the disease by exercise, good healthy living, avoidance of any of those things that deplete or diminish the immune system, and a general strengthening of the immune system through proper diet and supplements. This Awareness indicates the entity who chooses to go to the doctor, even if not really having AIDS, might find that there is some depletion in the immune system that shows up as a type of or level of AIDS in the diagnosis. Be Most Suspicious of the AIDS Scare This Awareness wishes to explain something very important here. The definition of AIDS as originally determined had certain qualifiers. There were certain things that determined if an entity had AIDS. A year or two later, it was discovered that there were fewer reported cases of AIDS using these guidelines as definitions, so the Center For Disease Control created new broader guidelines that took in other symptoms so that there would be more reported cases of AIDS in which these other symptoms were included in the guidelines for the diagnosis of AIDS, therefore, more people began to be reported as having AIDS in the following year, using the broader guidelines. This meant that an entity who might have passed through and not been diagnosed as having AIDS in one year would in the next year have been diagnosed as having AIDS, and therefore, that person and many others of his kind, would be classed as having AIDS and therefore needing the treatment of the medical profession, which treatment would of course include AZT or chemotherapy, which are both killers. And when the entity is treated, the entity is killed eventually by the treatment and listed as an AIDS victim. Whereas the other entity who passed through the screening before it was broadened, goes about his merry way and lives his life and may take some kind of lesser treatment to improve his immune system, to build up his immune system and may, in a year or two be back to normal, showing no problem at all. This Awareness indicates this being the case, entities should be most suspicious of pronouncements that the AIDS can be so easily spread through odor or through touch and while being suspicious, should also be cautious in the event that such statements are true, but they should also be most suspicious in considering that these statements may simply be an effort to get entities to rush to their doctor for treatment, which could in fact be unnecessarily fatal to them. This Awareness does not wish to say that the whole thing is a farce and that there is no such thing as a disease called AIDS, for syphilis under any name is syphilis and if elements of other disease are added to syphilis and re-labeled as AIDS, then indeed there is something there that needs to be avoided. Therefore, practicing healthy lifestyle is just as important with the recognition that AIDS is akin to syphilis, as without that realization, and knowing that AIDS cannot be cured by the methods using AZT or chemotherapy, does not assure that one will be cured through more natural approaches, therefore, it becomes important to continue being careful not to take chances and contract AIDS or whatever the disease. It simply wishes entities to become aware that they are dealing with an artificial disease that has greater danger in the "cure," in the medication, than in simply leaving it alone and trying to deal with natural immunity programs for oneself, building up one's own immune system through natural methods. AMYL NITRATE AND BISMUTH NITRATE -- THEIR USE QUICKLY WRECKS IMMUNE SYSTEM FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In regard to the drugs that Awareness indicated help create or further this situation known as AIDS, there's a drug, I believe it is a drug, commonly used by homosexuals to heighten and prolong the orgasm. I believe it is Amyl Nitrate and it goes under such brand names as "Locker Room", and in using this substance, they remove the cap and they inhale, or they sniff it at the appropriate moment. They claim this is safe and has no harmful effects. I'd like to ask specifically: Is this Amyl Nitrate that they use harmful in creating this AIDS situation? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates that Amyl Nitrate, Bismuth Nitrate and Butyl Nitrate, or what is commonly called poppers, used by these entities to relax the sphincter muscle, are extremely dangerous. These drugs deplete the immune system very quickly, breaking down the T-cells and the white blood cells so that the entity becomes very weakened to any of many different types of diseases. AIDS CONTAMINATION OF DAIRY PRODUCTS? (A Waffle From Awareness on Bovine Aids ) QUESTION: A question from J.S., Vancouver, Washington, along this line. "A side note on issue No. 93-6 on bovine AIDS. If that is true, then dairy products like cheese, butter, cottage cheese, etc., yogurt also, are contaminated. Is this true?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this would be in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates however, that it appears the disease of variant species in relation to that which is called AIDS is not interchangeable between the species. In other words, entities cannot acquire feline AIDS, or bovine AIDS if they are human. This Awareness indicates likewise, cats or cattle would not acquire human AIDS. This Awareness indicates that there is in fact, no real evidence that such diseases pass from one species to another under any condition. Nevertheless, it would be wise for entities to be very careful because there is always the possibility of a first time. This Awareness indicates that most milks and cheese and dairy products are pasteurized before being processed further, which would render them relatively safe, even if there were any possibility of the AIDS of bovine animals being passed to humans. This Awareness indicates that a lot has to do with what is meant by bovine AIDS. If it is simply the immune system of the animal having been broken down, that is one thing. If it is however, that the animal is somehow contaminated with a variety of syphilis, which is somehow contagious, that would be a different case, and one to be more wary of. This Awareness indicates that it does not appear that the term "Bovine AIDS" actually implies or includes cattle with syphilis, or contagious disease. This Awareness indicates however, in these modern days, one can never be absolutely sure what may turn up next, especially with the various genetic engineering projects, programs and potentials that could be used in certain circumstances for certain diabolical purposes. This Awareness does not see this as yet having been diabolically used in this regard. THE VENUS FLY TRAP: DOES IT HAVE HEALING POWERS? QUESTION: One last question that may relate to this. We received notice from Vital Health Products of Muskego, Wisconsin, who are instrumental in putting out the H202 information over the years, and various other information for people with AIDS and cancer that's in the alternative medicine school. And they sent this out today, that they have available Venus Fly Trap plant herbal extract, Dionaea Muscipula, and they make no claims that it does anything; they're just announcing that it is available at this time to the trade. It reads: "The Venus Fly Trap plant Dionaea Muscipula is one of several species of carnivorous plants. Our herbal extract is made from fresh Dionaea Muscipula plants and meets the highest standards of excellence. The live plant to finished product ratio is 1.3 and contains 25% pure Dionaea Muscipula extract in a base of special white wine in grain alcohol." Can Awareness tell us what this Venus Fly Trap extract is good for, and whether it could be applied to this AIDS situation? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that It sees that there is some value in this relating to cancer treatment. The details are not seen clearly as to how it applies or can be used at this time. This Awareness indicates that it appears there is some research going on in this regard which may become publicized or valuable in the near future. This Awareness does not see the connection at this time in regard to AIDS, but It sees that if there is a connection with cancer it is probable that there will be some likelihood of its also being transferable to the treatment of AIDS. This Awareness does not see enough in regard to this at this time to give more specific information; that perhaps after some energies have gathered on this, more will be available. MUCH OF THE SCARE IS SMOKE AND MIRRORS (For the AMA and the CDC the Bottom Line is Money) QUESTION: Does Awareness have a closing message? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that you are living in a time when extreme dangers are threatening, but that most of these threats are more smoke and mirrors than reality; that normal healthy intention and lifestyle and the suspicion of officialdom can go far in protecting yourself from these potential threats. Do not buy all that is promoted as the official line, and be very much aware that these great organizations have bottom line interests. This Awareness indicates that as an example, an entity who received a research grant to study AIDS causes began to research the nature of pork as a potential cause of AIDS. Whether the entity is right or wrong doesn't matter, because once the government saw what his research was about, it immediately cut off all funding, preventing him from further research on the grounds that it would hinder the pork industry, if there was a connection. This Awareness indicates that with this kind of overseeing government, wherein entities cannot research areas that might be politically harmful to certain lobbying groups, you cannot expect that they will be fair and honest in their doings regarding truth about anything affecting the public. This Awareness indicates that when you have organizations such as the Center For Disease Control and the American Medical Association dealing with a problem such as AIDS with all of its potential for enormous funding in present and future times, you cannot expect that these large organizations with all their lobbying power are going to be honest or that the government will be honest with the people and go against such organizations. Therefore, it requires that entities be extra suspicious of such entities or organizations when their bottom line is profit, when they operate with so many lives depending on their words, affected by their propaganda and paying into their coffers to have them give information to the masses. It is reasonable to be suspicious of that information when they have an economically vested interest in what they tell the masses. (End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given.) NEW AIDS-LIKE AILMENTS NOW SPROUTING UP (Drug Cartel and AMA Doctors Will Reap Billions) (Excerpt from a CAC Reading, May 17,1993) QUESTION: A couple of questions relating to the last reading. Awareness may have discussed this several months back, but I'll ask it anyway. It's from W.H., San Angelo, Texas. "In one newsletter, Awareness mentioned another strain of HIV that had an origin in Hong Kong. This new strain is apparently easily transmitted via the respiratory tract. As you may have heard, the NIH and CDC are now saying that the ailment that was first mentioned at the last World AIDS Conference which had AIDS-like symptoms, but the HIV virus was not present; was not HIV-related. They say it is caused by a variety of other ailments that weaken the immune system and lead to an AIDS-like ailment. This is very similar to what they were saying about AIDS when it first surfaced, with the exception that at the time they did not know that the HIV virus was causing it. At the time of the World AIDS Conference last year, only six or seven cases existed in the United States or rather had been diagnosed. Now there are a 111 cases of this new AIDS-like ailment. My question is: Is this a mutant strain of the HIV virus?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates in the previous reading, the concept of the so- called HIV virus was discussed. It is rather an HIV antibody and not a virus, and that the so-called HIV virus is not the cause of AIDS. This Awareness indicates that the distortion has taken place gradually, so that people have been brainwashed into thinking HIV is a cause of AIDS, and in fact, HIV is simply an antibody attempting to help fight alien forces in the body. This Awareness indicates that the question relates also to previous information given in the reading earlier today, regarding the different varieties of AIDS which will be promoted as different strains or types, whereby eventually they will have AIDS types that are said to be spread even through odor. This Awareness indicates that this airborne AIDS is already being promoted. The idea is to convince the masses eventually that AIDS is almost impossible to prevent, and convincing the masses of this, they will then introduce a kind of vaccine or shot for entities to take which will serve as a preventative against AIDS, but will require booster shots every so often on a regular basis. This Awareness indicates of course, these are not preventing entities from catching AIDS, but they very likely will be required and most entities will presume they are being protected by taking these shots. The medical profession will make enormous amounts of money, and the people will feel secure and will return repeatedly for shots, which opens the door for the introduction of mass biological warfare so that entities can be given whatever the planners wish them to have in terms of biological shots, for whatever reason. This Awareness indicates of course these shots will not be such as to do immediate damage that will link the shots with the illness that the shots might eventually produce. These shots may, for example, produce cancer or syphilis or some other disease in a distant future of 10 or 20 years, or even more. Polio Shots in the '50s Now Causing Chronic Fatigue This Awareness indicates for example, the polio vaccines of the '50s are producing the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (also called Epstein-Barr Disease or the "Yuppie" Disease) that many entities suffer today. This Awareness indicates that whatever the plan may develop into the future, it is likely that it will benefit the medical profession for many years to come, if they have ill, weak, sickly masses of people throughout the United States needing medical help and not knowing what is wrong with them. This Awareness indicates that this could open the door for endless marketing of the medical professions' and pharmaceutical companies' drugs and treatments, so that the drug cartel, the pharmaceutical drug cartel and the medical profession will thrive for many years to come from the diseases they produce today, and in the near future. This Awareness indicates of course these diseases may not even exist, but if they can create symptoms that can be classed as AIDS or cancer or some other incurable disease or something that is hard to cure, then they have patients who are coming for treatment. This Awareness reminds you that all they need to do is to create the myth of a disease and symptoms that can be diagnosed to fit that myth and follow those symptoms with treatment that adds to the problem, enough to milk the person for all the money they can get out of him or her, even if it means the entity eventually dies. Most Doctors Unaware of Conspiracy This Awareness indicates that It is not intending to imply that all doctors are part of a conspiracy, for many doctors only know what they are told by the higher officials and experts in the field, and they do not question authority. Therefore, they become unwitting tools of these authorities who push this myth of a disease and the medication for treatment onto these physicians, these unwitting doctors. This Awareness indicates that there are experts who know exactly what is going on, but they are not going to tell the masses, and they are not going to tell other doctors, for it would be a highly villainous charge against them from all segments of society. Even those people in highest political office are not necessarily aware of these things, and in most cases do not know of these things, and they work according to information they receive from these so-called experts in the field, who may quite possibly be aware that the information they give is nothing other than promoting a lie, and promoting death to the masses and more money to the profession of healing, more money to the medical experts. AIDS "EPIDEMIC" IS A MYTH This Awareness indicates that it is so bizarre as to be unbelievable to most entities. This Awareness simply wishes those who read this information to be open to the possibility of this scenario and not to simply dismiss it as too bizarre or too insane to be real, for if you keep your mind open to the possibility that this is so, you may find more and more evidence to support this scenario, especially as time goes on and these new stages of AIDS are introduced into society by the experts who tell you that AIDS is becoming more rampant and more easily spread. his Awareness indicates particularly when you hear of entities whose so- called AIDS is not leading to fatalities or is not connected in any way to the HIV virus or antibodies. This Awareness indicates that there have been so many stages and lies to create the myth surrounding the AIDS epidemic, that even calling it an epidemic is a lie, because it is not yet that widespread. You do not hear of a cancer epidemic, yet over seven million people die yearly of cancer and AIDS death still are listed in the tens of thousands. This Awareness indicates that it is amazing how well the press can be manipulated by these entities into blowing the whole issue out of proportion in order to make it a bigger problem than it actually is, in order to spread it by causing entities to seek treatment for something that has been misdiagnosed, and receive treatment from poisonous drugs in order that they might die quicker from the poisonous drugs available to treat the illness. This Awareness indicates that it is as though the entities prefer to die from the poison AZT or chemotherapy than to take the less painful approach and live a longer life without any treatment at all. This Awareness indicates they would be much better off taking no treatment than taking those toxins at ten thousand dollars per month. This Awareness indicates It has begun repeating information It has already given, therefore It suggests the next question be asked. CLINTON'S PROPOSED MEDICAL PROGRAM -- IS IT DESIGNED TO HEAL US OR KILL US? (Alternative Healing Methods Must be Included!) QUESTION: President Clinton is pushing a medical program that would cover every citizen of the United States. Is this program as humanitarian as it appears at first glance, or is it basically a program to ensure that all citizens who are now dropping through the cracks as they say, who cannot afford to go to doctors, that this program will insure that they will go to the establishment doctors? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the medical profession and the CDC authorities who wish to have government funded programs to support their plan which is part of Global 2000, the depopulation plan, are behind much of this effort to get tax dollars to pay for the funding of this kind of medication that basically is promoting the toxic pharmaceutical drugs on the masses, so that they can spread the "cure" much quicker and with greater benefits. This Awareness indicates that too many entities are going to alternative methods of healing themselves, reading books on self-healing, reading of alternative cures and health programs. Approximately one third of the people in the United States have turned to alternative medicine; this between one-fourth and one-third, and this is quite disconcerting to the AMA and those who wish to maintain a control over the masses through medication. Therefore, if they can create a health care program that promotes the use of a national insurance or health care exclusive to medical doctors, which avoids payment to alternative medicine systems, alternative healing or health care, then of course they have won a great battle in the battle for the right to treat the masses. This Awareness indicates that if, on the other hand, there is any freedom of choice of health care practitioners so that in this health care plan presented by the government, an entity has a choice of who to go to and what kind of system to select, whether they can go to chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, allopathic doctors, acupuncture doctors or herbalists, then indeed the health care program would be one that served all of the people. The likelihood is that it will be tailored exclusively to the allopathic medical profession of the AMA and those who work for the pharmaceutical drug cartels. SOME ALTERNATIVE CANDIDA CURES? (Getting Caprycin vs. Candistat Straightened Out ) QUESTION: Vikki has a question here. "Recently Jon Strongbow heard from two sources in the same day that instead of using Nystatin to rid oneself of Candida, a more effective product is Caprycin, available at health food stores. He was told Caprycin has less negative effect on digestion than Nystatin as well. This option and using mega-garlic, which as a natural garlic does the Candida killing as well, and with either option, using acidophilus to re- grow the friendly flora were both said to be better options than Nystatin. Would Awareness comment on these alternative Candida cures? " COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this substance is the same as that which is commonly known under the brand of Candistat, the Caprylic acid: these are all three the same thing. This Awareness indicates that the Caprylic acid is beneficial in attacking Candida yeast, but it is much slower in its effect. You could take the substance Candistat or Caprycin; this as the same. The Caprycin, Candistat or Caprylic acid, for approximately 6 months, to get the same effect of yeast reduction that would occur with Nystatin in approximately one or two months time; however, it is true that Nystatin does harm other friendly bacteria in the system and should not be taken for any great length of time. Therefore, the most optimal approach is to use Nystatin for a period of one or two months, followed by Caprylic acid, or the various brand names it is marketed under, which then focuses strictly on the yeast or Candida, and by taking it after most of the yeast has been destroyed, it then becomes more specific in its destruction of the remaining yeast. Some Dangers in the Use of Nystatin This Awareness indicates that there is also a potential hazard in the use of Caprylic acid, in that as it destroys the yeast, when all the yeast is gone from the digestive tract for example, it begins to eat at the digestive tract itself, and can cause that which appears to be ulcers. It becomes painful in the stomach. This is a sign that you have rid the stomach of any yeast, and should stop using the Caprylic acid. This Awareness indicates that Candistat is more focused on the yeast. It does not destroy the yeast as quickly as does Nystatin, but Nystatin destroys other friendly bacteria as it destroys the yeast, thus, entities after using Nystatin need to use acidophilus culture to rebuild the friendly bacteria. Candida More Dangerous Than AIDS It is not recommended that entities use Nystatin for long periods of time unless under the advice of a knowledgeable doctor who has treated yeast infection before. This Awareness indicates that yeast infections are extremely dangerous. There are people dying from this. It is much more dangerous than AIDS, if untreated, or treated improperly. This Awareness indicates in fact, yeast infections deplete the immune system so that AIDS symptoms easily appear as the disease increases or progresses. This Awareness indicates that all AIDS carriers or victims have yeast infections, and the Candida is a major part of their problem, and that AIDS patients or victims should make great effort to rid themselves of the Candida and afterwards strengthen the immune system with vital foods and supplements. Avoid the use of drugs, pharmaceutical or recreational in nature and get plenty of fresh air and exercise. This Awareness indicates that there are entities who have been told so many things about AIDS and these various diseases that they find it extremely difficult to know what is true. This Awareness indicates that entities talking to their friends about these diseases need to be understanding and very patient in order to get through to them with any new insight, or information. ED's Note: Again, we heartily recommend Eustice Mullin's classic book, "Murder by Injection" - the sordid history of the American Medical Association and the drug cartel which is milking and bilking the public of billions of dollars annually, keeping the masses sick and debilitated, often killing them with their drugs. This book is available from CAC and often has been recommended by Awareness. Please check Book Price Sheet under "Conspiracies". WHY HAVE SO FEW HIV PATIENTS FAILED TO ELIMINATE THE VIRUS BY OXYGENATION? (Excerpt from a CAC Reading, April 19, 1993) QUESTION: J.D. in New York wants to know: "If oxygenation is all that is needed to kill viruses like HIV, why have so very few of the HIV patients who have used H202, EQ02, etc., managed to eliminate the virus from their bodies?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates there have been very few who have used these methods, or who have used them long enough to create the effect desired; that there is in fact very little research on keeping track of who has or who does use the EQ02 or H202, and in what dosage, and for how long, in regard to this virus. If proper records could be made available, it might be shown your question carries misinformation and that there is more success than is assigned by your question. This Awareness suggests that entities who use EQ02 or H202 as properly designated, would keep track of how often and how long they use it and whether any changes occur in their various testing for the immune system. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: The entity who puts out that booklet on H202, Conrad LeBeau, puts out a quarterly newsletter, and I believe that the figures were something like 20,000 different people who do experiment with the H202. Perhaps we could give him that information on EQ02 and see if the figures could be compiled like he's doing with the H202. Would that be worth a try? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative; that entities would need to keep him informed of their use and of any effects through changes cited in testing. That some central testing effects and monitoring needs to be used for evaluating the effects. WHAT PROTOCOL WILL ELIMINATE VIRUSES? QUESTION: J.D. has one other question: "Can Cosmic Awareness suggest an exact protocol that will eliminate viruses completely from the body?" [I think I have asked this question before]. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this is extremely difficult because for one thing, every individual is different and the degree of progression of a particular virus in its overtaking the body is different in each individual. There are beginning stages, there are advanced stages. Entities can only take those substances in which there is a production of high oxygen going into the system, either through the ozone treatments or H202 or EQ02 or some other workable approach, and continue that therapy until an effect is satisfied. This Awareness indicates that in some cases where the virus is too extreme, the entity may never recover. This Awareness indicates that it may be that for some entities, a rampant virus cannot be destroyed, because the body cannot be given enough oxygen to destroy the virus without it having a destructive effect on the body itself. This Awareness indicates the body can only accept so much oxygen before negative effects are felt in the body. This Awareness indicates that in most cases, if the disease has not progressed too far, the use of hydrogen peroxide, EQ02 or ozone therapy, can reverse the virus effect, even to the point of eliminating the virus. There have been reports of AIDS and cancer patients being cured by the use of oxygen therapies. This Awareness is not going to provide a protocol or treatment to be in the form of a prescription for a treatment, for there are laws that would prevent prescriptions from being given by non- physicians and this Interpreter could be imprisoned for such actions. This Awareness will only say that there are differences for different individuals, and that if entities oxygenate themselves long enough, there can be a reasonable effect from the oxygenation which is destructive to the virus. ED's Note: The booklet, "Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy" by Conrad LeBeau, is published by Vital Health Publications, PO Box 272, Hales Corners, Wis. 53130 (Also available from CAC. See book price sheet). This booklet and other information is put out by the International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Foundation (a nonprofit foundation), PO Box 61767, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas 75261. Phone: (817) 481-9772). Also, highly recommended is the book, "Oxygen Therapies," by Ed McCabe, which covers many new ways of approaching diseases such as AIDS and cancer. This book evaluates the many products which produce oxygen in the system and gives the addresses where they may be obtained. This book is published by Energy Publications, RD 1, Morrisville, New York 13408 and is available for $12 plus postage. (Also available from CAC. Please refer to book price sheet). Ed McCabe, a member of CAC, has had his life threatened numerous times for publishing this information END OF ISSUE ---------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Get Electronic Copies of "Revelations of Awareness" by EMail: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- At this time, subscriptions are not available via the net. 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