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93-09 (Issue No. 418) ----------------------------------- Find Out Who, |* REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS *| How Many Have In Fact, You |* The New Age Cosmic Newsletter *| You Served? And Really Are. ----------------------------------- How Well? Cosmic Awareness Communications Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 email: alex@spiral.org (subscription information available at end of this file) "Helping People Become Aware Since 1977." --------------------------------------------------------------------------- REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter, published by Cosmic Awareness Communications, Box 115, Olympia, WA 98507, a not-for-profit organization. Copyright 1993 by Cosmic Awareness Communications and the Aquarian Church of Universal Service. Reproduction is permitted, but no alterations may be made without express permission. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as "Channels" for the "Heavenly Father" and expresses itself once again as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of "readings" given, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to *believe* anything, not even Itself, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover through your own channel what the truth really is. Cosmic Awareness will only "indicate" and "suggest." Neither CAC or the Interpreter is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does CAC or the Interpreter necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreter interprets the energies as they are seen in trance levels and are not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreter has no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments, which are entirely the responsibility of the editor. Paul Shockley, Interpreter Avaton, C.A.C Editor Alex, OCR'er and NetPoster Vikki T., Office Manager --------------------------------------------------------------------------- IN THIS ISSUE: 93-09 (Issue No. 418): More on How Karma Works; Getting the Concept of Karma Straight: Jesus Healing the Blind Man; Not All Handicaps Are Karmic In Nature; Ways Karma Can Be Lessened or Transmuted; Why the Masochistic Approach Should Be Avoided; The Concept of An Eye For An Eye; Ways To Prevent Accidents From Occurring; Earthquake Update; The Mysterious Oregon Earthquake; Fireballs Sighted in Molalla; The Strange Deaths of Bruce and Brandon Lee; An "Alien Nation" This Summer?; Alien Announcement Still On Schedule; We May Not Have Seen the Last of George Bush; A Plot to Turn TV Sets Into Video Cameras?; A significant Conjunction of Planets; A New Electronic Age Is Being Born; The Here and Now Is Where It's Really At; Challenging the Credibility of Cosmic Awareness and the Interpreter; The Waco Affair; The Interpreter's Lawsuit; The "Miraculous Water" Used In Europe; Damage Control Continued; A Dialogue With Cosmic Awareness: Is The Interpreter Only "Pretending" to Channel Cosmic Awareness and is CAC In On The Scam?; Good Questions Are Badly Needed; The Various Levels of Trance; High Weirdness at CAC: About Those Current Events Questions; Some Entities Simply Expect More; Should the Interpreter Take a Break?; Why More Good Questions Are Needed; Another Accusation Is Leveled: This Time a Conspiracy Between the Interpreter and the Editor?; Concerning Conscious Channeling of Cosmic Awareness; Krishnamurti and His "Speaker"; It's Easy To Knock or Condemn Others: Beware Of Building Your Case On a False Premise; Can 144 Meditating Entities Save the Rain Forests?; By Mail or By Magic; The Dangers of Using Multiple Hypnosis; How Can Viruses Be Eliminated From the Body?; Will Dire Things Occur in 1995? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- MORE ON HOW KARMA WORKS: GETTING THE CONCEPT OF KARMA STRAIGHT (Jesus Healing the Blind Man ) QUESTION: A question in relation to clarifying how karma works, by P.C., of Clearwater, Florida, who is in a quandary about an excerpt from a personal reading that we published about karma, and he quotes where Awareness indicates the following: "This Awareness indicates that much of your present experience in this lifetime has been the working off of certain karmic debts from previous lifetimes. This Awareness suggests that the exact events of your abandonment at a young age is a duplication of a previous action in a previous lifetime, wherein you abandoned another at a young age; that this abandonment as a repercussion or a karmic reaction to the same situation and the same entity being involved who was previously abandoned." His question is, that in the Bible, in the Gospel of John, Chapter 9, and he quotes: "And as Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth, and his disciples asked him, saying, "Master, who did sin; this man, or his parents that he was born blind?" referring to karma and reincarnation, and Jesus answered: "Neither has this man sinned, nor his parents, but that the works of God should be made manifest in him." So his question is, why did Awareness indicates through Jesus that it was not karma that one man was born blind, yet indicated that the man abandoned at a young age was due to his karma? He would like this clarified. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that in the Biblical situation, this was an action whereby the entity Jesus accepted this as an opportunity for demonstrating the potential for healing even that which is of a very unlikely situation, whereby a miraculous healing would be necessary for such a curing of blindness. That his statement that neither the parent nor the entity had sinned, but rather that the entity was blind in order for this healing to be demonstrated; this Awareness indicates that this as meaning that the entity had been in compliance with the event of healing, and apparently knew before being born blind that this was to be healed in this manner; this as apparently an agreement prior to birth, whereby the entity would accept blindness for a period of time, knowing that at the proper time healing would occur. Not All Handicaps Are Karmic in Nature This Awareness indicates in the other situation, the entity as experiencing a karmic repercussion from previous lifetime activities. This Awareness indicates It does not wish entities to assume that every illness, every form of disease or every type of handicap is karmic in nature, for this is not always so. That in some instances, this can come about through negligence on one's part, or negligence from the action of another, or this may also come about through violence on the part of another. That an example of this may be in situations whereby certain chemicals or drugs are used by a mother and a child is born with certain deformities or handicaps because of this drug which the mother assumed to be alright; the child not being aware of the danger, or not being able to affect the situation, and in some cases even the pharmaceutical company producing the drug not being aware of its potential danger. That in such a case, this may be considered as accidental. This Awareness indicates however, that even in accidental experiences, a pattern is set, and that pattern may be called karmic in a broad sense of the word. This Awareness indicates that karmic does not necessarily mean that something has been imposed as punishment; the term karma as simply meaning cause and effect; that there is a cause and this is the effect; the effect is the karmic repercussions of an earlier cause. This Awareness indicates that too many entities assume that when the word "karma" is spoken, it is synonymous with the term "punishment"; therefore many entities take the attitude: "Well, that's your karma, or that's your punishment." This Awareness indicates this is not necessarily so, although karma can include a kind of punishment, that in most cases punishment is not even involved. This Awareness indicates that approximately 20 to 25 percent of the karmic patterns are of a punishing nature imposed by the entity through his or her own guilt feelings for actions committed against others; that the remaining karmic patterns may have nothing to do with punishments or violations of others, but may simply be patterns which have been developed over years of misbehavior, years of misuse of energies, years of wrong thinking or years of relationship in certain types of behavior or activity or associations, or may be from accidents which occur, or from situations which have left traumatic patterns on the consciousness of the entity. This Awareness indicates in the Biblical situation, the entity being blind from birth was not suffering that blindness as a punishment for wrong committed previously, but rather was suffering from certain situations which resulted in the blindness, and that the entity Jesus in healing this entity through mutual consent and understanding, brought forth a change in that pattern which had occurred from prior to birth. This Awareness indicates that the use of the word "karma" may be synonymous with the term "cause and effect". WAYS KARMA CAN BE LESSENED OR TRANSMUTED (Why the Masochistic Approach Should be Avoided) QUESTION: Here is another question on karma from G.C. of Huntington Beach, California. He writes: "In a chapter in Yogananda's "Autobiography of a Yogi," Babaji burns the back of his disciple with a hot brand, and said he saved him from dying in a fire of which his karma had called for. Could Awareness explain this, and also if it's possible that an entity in a similar action could impose upon himself something similar as a freeing action of karma?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this action as related to the Law of Correspondence, whereby one action is taken on a microcosmic level or on a minor level, to substitute for an action on a larger or macrocosmic level. In this particular instance of the use of this Law, the entity is claimed to have been given a minor burn in substitute for a fatal burn. This Awareness indicates that this is a possible means for dealing with certain karmic energies, yet this Awareness does not recommend that entities begin attempting to wipe out the karma of others by appointing themselves as agents for inflicting macrocosmic punishment so that the entity can avoid what is supposed to be an upcoming or forth coming macrocosmic punishment. This Awareness suggests that whereby an entity feels oneself to be in need of great punishment, whereby one feels oneself to be guilty and unworthy of living, often a lesser punishment of a physical nature, emotional nature or a spiritual suffering, this can have some value in changing the consciousness of the entity in eliminating certain feelings of guilt. That this assists, that this is used by many entities and is associated with that known as masochism. That too often, however, this masochistic approach is nothing more than a karmic pattern whereby the entity in accepting certain punishments for imagined guilts, imagined violations of others, or for violations which are of a rather insignificant level; this kind of masochistic attitude can become a pattern in the consciousness of an entity so that they continually punish and violate themselves more than is appropriate, even from that point of view. This Awareness indicates that essentially, it would be better to become aware of any karmic violations which have occurred and to take constructive action in a society or toward those who have been harmed to make repayment for the debt owed, if not for the entities who suffered at your hands, then at least for others, so that others might benefit in equal or greater degree than those who suffered from your previous actions. The Concept of An Eye for an Eye This Awareness indicates that to simply begin punishing yourself, gouging out an eye because you have accidentally or in a rage gouged out the eye of someone else, this does not add any constructive value or greater harmony and peace and happiness and joy to the earth plane, it simply is a selfish way of assuming that since you have gouged out your own eye, all is equal. This Awareness indicates the concept of an eye for an eye is absolutely ridiculous. This Awareness suggests that by cutting off your own hand because you have violated another, or by cutting off your hand because it has sinned, this is absurd and ridiculous as an approach for bettering things on this plane. This Awareness suggests that constructive actions which serve others as being of much greater value, that the path through suffering is a very slow and tedious way to develop spiritually; the path through service is much faster and much more valuable to others; the path through alchemy whereby one changes one's consciousness and becomes more reconciled, and therefore more capable of giving even greater service -- this is the quickest path. This Awareness suggests that for those who do not have the understanding or means of alchemical development, the path of service will be the more efficient path for entities to follow rather than to move through suffering and punishment for their errors. This Awareness indicates, however, that within the question asked, there is a certain level of meaning which can be understood and of some value when understood. This Awareness indicates that if entities recognize that a particular event is about to occur, and this event could be potentially grave or hazardous or dangerous, entities may take an action whereby the event is produced on a minor scale, whereby the energies of the major event then have been diminished or discharged. This Awareness indicates an example of this may be wherein an entity realizes that great intensity is approaching, and the energies are building toward a great confrontation; that wherein these energies are allowed to continue to build, the confrontation could be of a violent level. However, wherein entities wish to discharge this energy, they may choose to have a preliminary and artificial event occur, whereby the energies are discharged. For example, two opposing gangs may be building toward conflict or violence; that those observing this, wishing to discharge the energy on this, may make some kind of arrangement whereby, before this energy has built any further to points of explosive violence, certain types of lesser conflict may be artificially created, such as a boxing match or a verbal match or a discussion of differences, to allow the energies to be discharged between representatives of these two opposing gangs. This Awareness indicates in this manner, certain forces can be discharged so that when the time for the major event occurs, the energies will not be there for the disruption which had been anticipated. This can also be beneficial in certain geophysical levels whereby earthquakes can be artificially created by triggering small discharges to avoid the gigantic discharge. This also may apply to individual relationships, whereby entities continually let off small amounts of emotional steam rather than building for a great climactic argument and blowing on the emotional level. Ways To Prevent Accidents From Occurring This Awareness indicates that in terms of accidents, such as energies leading toward automobile accidents or other types of accidents, particularly wherein entities are feeling a kind of death wish or a type of subconscious desire to be punished; these energies for accidents may begin to build. That wherein this occurs, often it may be discharged through a minor collision or minor accident or a minor dispute. Or on a different level, other than the physical accident level, this may occur in terms, for example, of an emotional conflict or misunderstanding, which may be termed an "emotional accident." This Awareness indicates that these are simply ways whereby certain energies can be discharged. This Awareness indicates in reference to the last example, occasionally entities who are on a collision course for a physical accident, may change their thinking and determine or decide that they do not really wish to die or to be physically harmed, but because the energies have been set in motion, the energies will continue to move. This Awareness indicates that these entities having these energies in movement, but now realizing that their situation has changed and they are again happy to be alive, such entities may transmute that energy which is in movement, to another level whereby instead of the physical accident, it may become something different, such as a physical cold or a temporary illness, or the emotional misunderstanding with another entity, or a pain in a particular part of the body, or perhaps simply missing an important meeting with another entity, or losing some thing of a value. This Awareness indicates that the transmuting of the energy which was in motion occurs because the attitude has changed and the entity is now putting forth positive energies which causes the declination or the down- turning energy to change its course and begin to rise toward more beneficial heights; and this change of energy, the change in the direction of this energy creates the new event, the alternative event. This Awareness indicates all of this can occur on an unconscious level without the entity even being aware that an accident was impending, that the accident had been avoided, and that the new experience which appears spontaneous or accidental, had its origin in previous thoughts of self- destruction or despair or some other attitude. This Awareness indicates that these so-called "accidents" which entities often experience in physical, emotional or in health levels, generally originate from thoughts and attitudes which are often triggered by relationships with other entities. This Awareness indicates that these also may be termed as karmic patterns, the attitudes being that which create the pattern of action which follows. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: It seems in the example of strong polarities, such as the opposing gangs building a conflict, and having an earlier boxing match or small scale altercation, that these smaller altercations appear to sometimes add to the fire, rather than cool it off. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this in the affirmative, that this can become the triggering action if the energies have already been created which are simply waiting for ignition. This Awareness indicates however, that wherein these energies have not yet built to that point, they may be headed off or balanced out so that they do not occur, by some form of recreational action, conflict or verbal communication, a confrontation on a verbal level, or in some other way catching the energies early and balancing the situation before it has time to build to that climactic situation. ED's Note: For more on karma, please refer to the following "Revelations of Awareness" newsletters: 77-13, Karma: How it is Determined; 77-07, Karma Maintained Even When We Have Forgotten; 80-02, Karma: Much is Only Suggestion and a Belief of Guilt; 81-17, Karma and Grace; 82-20, Karma & Grace: Bypassing the Divine Justice of the Universe; 90-10, Karma of Aliens and their victims; 88-11, Karma: An Explanation; 81-10, If Karma is Running, Is a Healing Possible?; 92-17, George Bush Working Off Some Karma; 84-18, Karma Involved in Healing Others; 81-17, Can One Take on the Karma of Others?; 85-02, Karmic Causes of Asthma; 78-26, Earth Needs a Karmic Cleansing; 91-16, A Karmic Connection with Everyone You Contact; 79-05, Karmic Debt: How to Help; 81-25, The Longing for Incest in Karmic Families; 79-28, Karmic Garbage; 78-39, Karmic Implications Depend on Motives; 86-07, The Karma of Spirit Communication; 85-09, Karmic Law and the Killing of Insects; 88-05, Karmic Repercussions of Genetic Engineering; 81-15, Karmic Tendencies are Psychic Imbalances; 93-03, Karmic Debts: Sooner or Later They Must be Paid. $3.00 each from CAC. EARTHQUAKE UPDATE (Excerpts from CAC General Reading, May 17,1993) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates the earthquake of the area of Bishop, California, which occurred today as that which this Awareness had referred to previously as occurring shortly after the middle of May. This earlier as having been mentioned in the earlier part of May and later being indicated as diminishing considerably and moving into a different time, after the middle of May. This Awareness indicates that the energy as having been depleted considerably from what it was seen in earlier readings, and it appears that this alleviates much of the stress at this time, this being a 6.0 earthquake on the Richter scale, causing it to be considered as a strong quake but not the so-called "Big Quake." This Awareness indicates however, this size of quake alleviated much of the intensity of the fault lines in the area so that even though there is still great stress in these areas, the Great Quake energies are not seen as being so stressful after this diminishing action, this 6.0 quake. This Awareness indicates however, that It still sees the potential for a strong quake in the future, even though much of the energies have been defused by this 6.0 quake. It is likened unto energies of a collapsed building, wherein there may be stress on certain beams that would cause further breakage if energies were to continue pressing, but wherein certain other portions on other places collapse, it may alleviate some of this stress in those which held the greatest stress, thereby making it less likely to occur so intensely. This Awareness indicates it is much the same with stress factors underground, wherein these fault lines hold great stress in pressing against each other and whereby a small quake in a certain area occurs it can alleviate some of that greater stress on the larger fault lines. This Awareness indicates it appears this is what has happened at this time and much of this has been diminished over the past year in terms of not only consciousness, but also in terms of the earth frequency shift that occurred in April. This Awareness indicates there may be some further earthquakes in the near future in that general area, but it does not appear that the future quakes will be of such great intensity as previously indicated. THE MYSTERIOUS OREGON EARTHQUAKE FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Last month there was a 5.6 on the Richter scale earth quake in Oregon that was centered near Molalla and Mt. Angel which has done a lot more damage, they have found out in retrospect, than it normally would for an earthquake of that figure. Molalla happens to be near Colton, where the Interpreter used to have some property, and the entity Ed Nelson at that time told me that underneath that property, there was a large alien base. If this is true, did that quake, if it was a quake, have anything to do with an underground alien base in that area? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the entity Ed Nelson as having distorted the facts considerably, not so much because he intended to but because he just couldn't keep things quite straight. This Awareness indicates that there has long been rumored in the UFO community to be an underground UFO base in the Colton area, this appears to be approximately 3 miles south of Colton, whereas the Nelson property was approximately 2 miles northeast of the Colton area. This Awareness indicates the area three miles south of Colton, or approximately 3 miles south and east of Colton, as the epicenter of the quake; that this has been said to be near Scott's Mill, which is approximately 10 miles south of Colton and whereby Molalla and Mt. Angel are both more toward the west and south of Colton. This Awareness indicates that it appears that this was not a natural quake, but was triggered by an underground explosion. There were many entities in the local area who even described it as an explosion underground that began before the earth started shaking. This Awareness indicates that also, it should be recognized that approximately this time a year ago, many entities were reporting UFO flap in the area of Molalla, and many UFO investigators went to the area and some investigators reported having seen UFOs in the area. "Fireball" Sighted in Molalla One local person described seeing a small craft going down the main street of Molalla. This Awareness indicates that this description was more like the description of a fireball rather than a UFO. It was small in size, approximately 3 to 5 feet in diameter. This Awareness indicates that other residents in the town also reported similar sightings of such fireballs and UFO craft. This Awareness indicates that it was rumored by some entities in the area that there was a base in the direction of Colton to the east of Molalla and south of Colton and that it was a hotbed for UFO activities. This coincides with the epicenter of the earthquake in the news reports which placed it as being three miles south of Colton. This Awareness indicates that this was indeed an underground bombing of the UFO base and that it was not a natural phenomenon but an artificially caused earthquake. This Awareness indicates also that the great amount of damage done was largely due to the rolling action of properties that were not built for earthquake resistance. Many of these buildings being close to a hundred years of age. Many of these being brick buildings that were not reinforced with steel or any other forms of reinforcement. This Awareness indicates that some of the buildings in Newburg, approximately 70 to 80 miles away were damaged considerably with portions of roofs falling in, in some cases walls, bricks from the sides of walls exposing rafters and rooms inside buildings were cluttered and laying in the streets. There were also damages to some Portland buildings and also to a bridge in the McMinnville area. This Awareness indicates that most of the damage done appears to have been done closer, such as in the area of Molalla and Silverton and Mt. Angel. THE STRANGE DEATHS OF BRUCE AND BRANDON LEE QUESTION: A question from M.T., New Bedford Mass. She writes: "What's the real Brandon Lee story? Many people loved Bruce Lee's martial arts movies over 20 years ago and were shocked to learn he died in such a mysterious way. To have history repeat itself all over again only with his talented son dying under suspicious circumstances, and also at the height of his career, many would like to know the real truth about both men. Was there a karmic debt connection between them and the source that arranged for their early demise? Or what was the situation?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it appears that this was related to certain Asian martial arts groups which were essentially determined to keep their styles and martial arts secrets from falling into the hands of non-Asians. This Awareness indicates that there was a great hostility toward Bruce Lee for teaching his martial arts to whites, blacks, and other races, and particularly when he defied those of the other schools of martial arts who taught the Chinese and Asians in their classes. This Awareness indicates that there was also a similar hostility when Brandon Lee began to express himself in a similar way, and the entities, feeling that he too would become a powerful force in Western culture, and therefore should be stopped before he began to gain influence. It was believed that if he could be stopped before he gained influence, he would not have so much of an impact on Western society. It was hoped that the great interest in martial arts in the West that was triggered by Bruce Lee would have died down with his passing and that the prevention of Brandon Lee from reinitiating that interest would allow it to gradually subside, so that the martial arts as practiced by certain of these secret schools could remain in their own culture. This Awareness indicates, in other words, there were some who did not like the fact that Bruce Lee took his martial arts out of the Chinese culture and spread it to the Western world through movies and through teaching of the style, and these same entities who destroyed Bruce Lee, in seeing Brandon Lee's rapid rise in the same direction, wanted to make sure that he too would not rise to become an influence in the promotion of this martial arts experience or movement in the Western world. This Awareness indicates it is perhaps difficult to understand, this kind of jealousy in guarding these secrets, but for these entities it was almost like having a secret religion. It was so extremely sacred to these entities that to have someone expose it so that blacks and whites, who tended in their minds to look down on Asians as inferior, were met with great hostility when it comes to having their own most secret treasure given away to these blacks and whites. It was as though the only thing that the Asians in America had that made them feel special was their unique martial arts abilities, and skills, and to have one of their own give this away was extremely frustrating to these entities. This Awareness indicates that even Bruce Lee felt the prejudice from many of the whites and felt it most deeply when the idea that he had and shared with his friend for making a movie, a television series called Kung Fu, when this Kung Fu was accepted on television, but when he as the person in the story was rejected and replaced by David Carradine, he felt a kind of agony of despair, because of the prejudice against Asians in the United States. If you can understand his frustration in this situation, you can perhaps understand the frustration that many of the other Asians in the United States felt when seeing their sacred martial arts being promoted openly to Americans of various races and these entities going after the martial arts, not with respect for the Chinese culture, but simply with a greed to gain the power that was available through the martial arts techniques. This Awareness indicates that many of these entities were extremely hostile to Bruce Lee for doing this. Bruce Lee, on the other hand, was simply trying to better his position in life. He saw America as a land of opportunity until he was bitten by the racism, which he felt when Kung Fu was given to David Carradine. At the time he then returned to Hong Kong and would likely have stayed there with his people had it not been for further movie offers that came to him and had it not been for his family returning to America. This Awareness indicates the entity, being 32 years of age at his death, was still quite a young man, had not fully learned nor comprehended the effects of his action on his own people, particularly on the martial arts teachers and masters from China, who guarded their secret martial arts movements and programs very carefully, as though they were sacred and holy to them. AN "ALIEN NATION" THIS SUMMER? QUESTION: A question from T.G. Santa Monica, Cal. He writes: "Once again, thanks for all of your great work in getting this timely info out. I love the input Awareness gave on the Scallion material, putting it into a more realistic perspective, and keep the alien info coming! (Now here's his question). I heard just today from a friend who works with Linda Moulton Howe, author of "A Strange Harvest," that she had just been informed by a government insider that the "Alien Nation" scenario could be revealed in August. Could Awareness comment on this possibility, and if so, would they be referring to the Greys or the Reptilians?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that It sees this as a possibility. It does not see this as a strong indication. This Awareness indicates that the reference to the Alien Nation scenario, wherein aliens would live among humans appears to be related more to the half-breeds that have been created over the years, and many who are now in their adult life. This Awareness indicates that this is seen as that which may be introduced at some time as a way of conditioning the people to accept hybrids. This Awareness indicates that such entities would pass themselves off as being from other planets, rather than as offspring of human/alien genetic and inter-breeding experiments. ALIEN ANNOUNCEMENT STILL ON SCHEDULE (We May Not Have Seen the Last of George Bush) QUESTION: Earlier this year, Awareness indicated that it seemed to appear that come this fall, the long awaited announcement of the aliens would occur. Does It still see this occurring in this fall of 1993? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this appears still to be an energy centered on the period of October, November or December; that this was earlier scheduled as a time frame prior to the election but was changed. There appears to have been a problem between George Bush and the Rothschilds, wherein they had a strong disagreement or whereby Mr. Bush did not follow the expectations or demands of the Rothschilds, and whereby his survival depended on him getting out of the Presidency. This Awareness indicates however, in getting out of the Presidency and turning the country over to Mr. Clinton, he did not completely let go of control. The entire cabinet and staff of Mr. Bush moved to Texas to be close to him. Also, it appears he still has control of that which is called MJ-12. These entities are not finished. At least, not in their own minds. They consider themselves as still having control of the country or being in a position to retake control of the country. This Awareness indicates it is not seen clearly that these entities have as much power as they perceive themselves to have, but time passing may reveal elements that are not yet clearly seen and this entire scenario may have some relationship to alien energies and forces that are not yet introduced on the stage. A PLOT TO TURN TV SETS INTO VIDEO CAMERAS? QUESTION: A question from B.B. in Portland, Oregon. Awareness has covered this some years back, but I'll read the question because there might be an update. He writes: "In the latest issue of the Sedona Journal, an entity named YHWH briefly laid out a plan by the military power brokers to create an electromagnetic pulse wave that basically turns TV sets into video cameras and that this plan will be implemented by August. The entity also indicates that this electromagnetic pulse wave will have negative effects upon populations. Will Awareness please comment on this possible plan, the time frame and the type of effects on populations?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is not seen as something that is presently in effect. Whether it will be in effect in August is not seen clearly, but it appears doubtful. This Awareness indicates however, that it does appear there is an interest or effort in this direction. It would not be effective with the TV set turned off or unplugged, even if it were effected to work as planned. This Awareness indicates that it does appear that there is some technology that theoretically is capable of doing this, but the technology does not appear to have been completed as of this time. This Awareness indicates that the question appears to be an important question, but needing to be re-asked at a later time, when more has been developed in this regard. This Awareness does not see this occurring in August. A SIGNIFICANT CONJUNCTION OF PLANETS (A New Electronic Age is Being Born) QUESTION: One question from M.P.T., Bellevue, Washington. She writes: "Did you know that there is a conjunction between Uranus and Neptune this year that occurs only once in about 175 years? This year, it is in Capricorn, hovering around 19 degrees of Capricorn. First time on Feb. 2, 1993, second and third times, August 19th through October 24th this year. In this last period, the conjunction stays within a half degree for 67 days, an incredibly long time for any aspect to continue. But this one is major muscle and we will see amazing things: an increase in UFO sightings, with probably some verified landings too, with everyone on the planet dizzy, not just from the energies, but also from the necessity of accepting or rejecting new, weird and unacceptable things with much stress and illness as a result. In fact, you might want to run this info by Awareness and ask for comment." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is correct in regard to the conjunctions mentioned; that the previous time this conjunction occurred opened the door to what was called the Industrial Age. This Awareness indicates that this particular time appears to be such as to open the door to what may be called the Electronic Age. It however, is more that what Electronic Age influences have already been witnessed. The Electronic Age will be seen as just beginning, and that following this time period will be so many new electronic discoveries, that gravity itself will be altered or understood so that it can be reversed and used or the creation of anti-gravity. That electronics can eventually be developed to alter life forces and vitalities and energies. This Awareness indicates that essentially, the use of electronics will create totally new realizations and recognition of energies that allow interdimensional travel and frequency being drawn from one dimension to another, in such a way as to make the world into a totally different place of living. This Awareness indicates it is too difficult to go into complete detail; it would be as difficult to explain the Industrial Age to one who has never seen it. Going into an Electronic Age which finds medicines and energies and healing devices now based on electronic frequencies instead of drugs and herbs, to change entities with frequencies and vibrations, to educate entities with frequencies and vibrations so that information is passed into the aura and brains of others by simply electronically zapping them: these things are incomprehensible at this time, but it appears that this conjunction is symbolic of the opening into this Electronic Age. THE HERE AND NOW IS WHERE IT'S REALLY AT CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates the nature of change is such that entities continue to move from moment to moment, always seeing and feeling apprehension or anxiety in regard to the future. This Awareness indicates some entities cling to the past, to hold onto precious moments and precious memories. This Awareness indicates that even the glimpses into the future and past, precious as they may be or frightening as they may be are of little consequence in comparison to the Here and Now, and this Awareness suggests you always, remember that your existence is not so much in the past or in the future as it is Here and Now, and suggests that you always and ever give great attention to the presence of Here and Now, for what you do Here and Now affects what happens in the future. This Awareness indicates the past is that from which you can draw energies, memories, experience know ledge so that you deal correctly and effectively with the Here and Now, in order to influence the future to your liking. (End of reading; The Law of Gratitude is given) CHALLENGING THE CREDIBILITY OF AWARENESS AND THE INTERPRETER (CAC General Reading, April 19,1993) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates in recent times there have been numerous questions relating to the credibility of this Awareness and of the Interpreter; this began with a question or letter sent by an entity regarding the Rodney King message which was given previously by this Awareness, in which the questioner stated that Awareness did not mention the fact that Rodney King had a previous conviction prior to the beating by the policemen. This Awareness indicates that her observation was that this Awareness was unaware of this and simply got Its information from watching the news or television through the Interpreter; that it was presented as if to say that this Awareness would not have considered the beating unjust if It had known that Rodney King had a previous conviction. This Awareness indicates that it is and has been established in your sense of justice, in your law, in all fairness, that when an entity has already paid for a crime, that the entity cannot be charged for the crime again. If you owe a traffic ticket and pay the traffic ticket, the police do not come back and ask you for further payment on that same traffic ticket. This Awareness indicates that to beat a person because they have had a crime previously which has been paid to society is not justification for the beating. This Awareness indicates that therefore, previous criminal action or previous arrest has nothing to do with the present situation for which an entity is being stopped or arrested for, and therefore being irrelevant, it does not need to be brought up in evaluating whether the treatment at present was correct or not. This Awareness indicates that these things may reflect on an entity's character, but the courts of law generally do not allow them to be introduced in regard to evidence as to present behavior, unless it is reflected by a pattern, and if there is a pattern that shows as previous arrests, it may be introduced as possible evidence of likelihood for that type of behavior. This Awareness indicates that to re-punish the person for previous behavior is called double jeopardy, and for a policeman to decide to re-punish the entity without the person having any representation by a court of law, by an attorney or through any legal means of justice, puts the policeman in the position of being judge, jury and executioner. This Awareness indicates that therefore, the charge that this Awareness, by not bringing up Rodney King's previous conviction, when It spoke of this incident, was incompetent in Its answer is not well-founded. The Waco, Texas, Affair This Awareness indicates a second similar charge was stated that this Awareness did not, in the question relating to the incident at Waco, Texas, did not mention the fact that the SWAT team members who were killed in the raid were killed by friendly fire, or that the Constitutional rights of this group were being violated, is similar in the sense that the question asked of this Awareness at the time was not aimed at "who is right or who is wrong" in this situation. That was not the question to which this Awareness addressed an answer. The question was: Why is the government so intent on getting these people out of the compound and making an arrest? and this Awareness responded to that question, giving an answer to that with a brief overview of the government's viewpoint or position on the matter. It did not address who was right or who was wrong, or whether Constitutional rights were being violated, because this was not the question. This Awareness indicates that It sees a necessity to call attention to this for otherwise, entities will begin writing letters in regard to other things that are perhaps omitted from messages this Awareness gives which they come across and wonder why this information was not previously given and questioning whether Awareness has any credibility at all. This Awareness indicates that it could reach the point where this Awareness would be expected to give no information if It does not give information that is not in the news. This Awareness reminds you that in the years past, this Awareness has given many messages that are not in the news and entities write in asking: "Where's the evidence for this? I haven't seen it in the news anywhere and I watch the news and read the papers constantly. Why haven't I seen this on Tom Brokaw or Peter Jennings' news reports?" This Awareness indicates that in reference to the Waco stand-off, a tidbit of news that you have not seen in the press is related to the entity Koresh's attempt to interpret the scrolls of Revelation, of the Seventh Seal in particular. This entity has chosen this action in part to give himself some kind of credibility, because he is seeking a movie contract for his story, and it has to have a logical purpose and acceptable ending, and if he can persuade the press and the public that he is doing something great for humanity, such as interpreting the 7th Seal, then this will be a kind of cherry on the sundae, a crowning of the event. This Awareness indicates that his attorney is not only seeking some kind of resolution for the entity, but is also being used in an attempt to get someone to form a contract with him for the rights to the story. The entity is seeking two million dollars for this, to give the rights to the story for a movie script, and does not intend to come out until the movie script contract is completed. This Awareness indicates that there have been some nibbles at the line, but nothing solid has developed as of yet. ED's Note: At 5:00 A.M. on April l9, 1993, exactly 6 hours after this reading was given, the Feds attacked the Branch Davidians complex with tanks, after planting canisters of flammable gas and tear gas. The building exploded in fire, immolating 88 human beings, including 17 children. On May 23, four days later, NBC featured a 2 hour movie called "In the line of Duty: Ambush in Waco," which starred Tim Daly as David Koresh. The blurb stated: "You know how it ended, see how it all began." The movie, according to reviewers, was "tasteless and exploitive." It was Sweeps Week and NBC hoped it would help its ratings. The Interpreter's Lawsuit This Awareness indicates that in regard to this Awareness giving information relating to the Interpreter's lawsuit which some entities objected to as not being suitable for the pages of the "Revelations of Awareness," this Awareness wishes to suggest that for the past 5 years, this Awareness has gradually, carefully and slowly directed the Interpreter along a path that will lead to this situation wherein money could be brought to the Aquarian church and Cosmic Awareness Communications to further spread these messages. This Awareness indicates that it is very ironic that entities would object to this in that they, as New Age or metaphysical members or subscribers to a New Age magazine, have a kind of aversion to donating to these organizations, particularly to the Aquarian Church. The Aquarian Church received approximately $178 a month for several years from 6 donors out of 600 members. This Awareness indicates this is not something to be proud of, and it is for this reason that this Awareness decided if the Aquarian Church were to grow at all, it would have to find a source outside of the membership who were relatively non-supportive. This Awareness indicates that as a result of these poor donations, the Interpreter had to rely entirely on Cosmic Awareness Communications for any income to help support his church, through giving readings to this organization. This Awareness indicates that It began moving the Interpreter through different paths to make contact with certain entities which led to a contact with the entity Jack Holden, which in turn led to a situation in which the Interpreter is now half owner of 60 percent of a diamond mine and at the end of the month should become a 60 percent owner of the mine. All has worked out as this Awareness has directed things to go. The trial will not take place in the usual sense. The Interpreter and his lawyer will appear unopposed. The lawyers, working for his ex-partner, have all quit, and the ex-partner is now a fugitive and is not going to appear to oppose the claims and conditions of the suit. This Awareness indicates that this does not mean that the Interpreter will suddenly become rich. He has already had entities wanting money from him. Incidentally, these are entities who have never contributed anything to the church previously, and the entity does not have any money to give at this time. A diamond mine is not something that you can take to the corner drugstore to buy even a cup of coffee. You have to convert it some way into liquid spending type of money. The mine will be put into a stock company, stock will be issued in exchange and stock will go up in value and then can be sold and liquidated under certain SEC conditions and rules. It is not something that happens overnight. It is an ongoing process. This Awareness indicates that entities who have objected to hearing about this will hear no more about it; that this will be the last time this is discussed in these readings or in any other manner in this publication. ED's Note: The Interpreter does not like this idea, so he has put together a 2-page letter which recaps the entire trial and brings up to date what is occurring on the diamond mine venture. Essentially, it restates what Awareness has stated in previous issues of the news letter, up to the trial date of April 28th, which you all very successfully energized. In 15 minutes, the Judge gave the Interpreter everything he had asked for, 60 percent of the mine stock. The letter also explains why the ex-partner Holden was not a crook until proven guilty, which he later was, and how the Interpreter perceived his actions up to that point. What happens next is outlined in the letter, which explains as Awareness just did, that it will take many months before any hard cash is realized, and that CAC members should not stop supporting CAC under the mistaken belief that we are rolling in diamonds and newfound wealth. A copy of this 2 page letter from the Interpreter is available to any who send a stamped, addressed No. 10 envelope to CAC, PO Box 115, Olympia, WA. 98507. (Write: Attention: Vikki T.). Further updates will be forthcoming. The "Miraculous Water" Used in Europe This Awareness indicates that there is one other matter this pertaining to the water that was mentioned in a previous reading, which was apparently seen as of no value. It wishes to clarify one factor: that the water is used and has been used in Europe for approximately two years that it comes in two forms. In the heavier version of the water, it is capable of cleaning lakes and rivers and is being used now in Canada to clean a polluted lake. This Awareness indicates that this heavier version of the water as that which the entity Benjamin Creme referred to in Tlacota, Mexico, which was the subject of a previous reading at a time approximately one to two months back. This Awareness indicates that you will be hearing more about this water in the future whether or not it appears to have any meaning at this time. This Awareness will not promote this water, or discuss this again, as it apparently is an issue that offends some. Therefore, rather than be offensive, this Awareness will try to comply to the wishes of entities as long as It still has a voice and channel to work through. It will try to be cooperative to the criticisms and wishes and seek to find information that is not in the news before giving any information on situations that are current or in the news. ED's Note: Most of the information on the Tlacota water has not been published. It is part of the alien agenda that could possibly come about later, when the "Second Coming of Christ" scenario is sprung. Right now, Benjamin Creme is crediting his "Lord Maitreya" with "miraculous" healing in various places in the world, including Tlacota, Mexico, with water he evidently has blessed. The whole thing, in fact, is a scam intended to mislead entities into believing this Maitreya is creating miracles, when, in fact, the water is created by new technology utilizing magnets and other things which alter the vibrations of the water and is now being used in Europe, as indicated, to clean lakes and rivers of pollution etc. This Awareness indicates that questions for this reading may proceed. FOLLOW-UP STATEMENT: Well, one thing about products like this water, until it's been proven that something like this actually works, (we went through this with the D-Cell and Fantazia water etc.), people just bombard us with inquiries wanting to get this stuff, and with endless questions that they expect us to answer about it. Evidently, the Interpreter read the editor's comment. I didn't think he read our news letter very often, but that was mainly the reason for the editor's comment, that we didn't want to get a lot of people writing in, because somebody's got to answer each one of those letters. The only thing we can tell these people is what we know that it's not available yet. It's in Canada and so forth, and so what we would like in products like this is to publish information when they are available and from whom, and tell these people where they can get it, or who to write to, so they won't bombard us with letters. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that It would not have discussed the water, except the question that was asked required an answer, and this Awareness looked for various answers to the question and the water became the most obvious way of dealing with the problem being asked about although It began Its response by saying it was not yet available in this country, but was available in Canada. This Awareness indicates that there is often a problem of when there is no clear present solution and entities want something now. This Awareness reminds you of questions that have been asked in the past, such as: "How can I grow a new leg?" This Awareness indicates that there is nothing available at present time for entities to grow a new leg, but it is not an impossibility in the future, and therefore, when a question is asked: "How can I grow a new leg?" this Awareness does not have the option of limiting it to the present time and saying, "That is impossible," for it is possible under certain conditions in the future, but if this Awareness discusses these future situations and potential inventions, it does not necessarily mean that you can go out and do it now. This Awareness indicates that when this Awareness answers such questions, It generally looks first at the more practical, then the possible, then the near impossible, to find if there is any potential for making the impossible become possible, for as you can see, airplane flight in the time of the Roman Empire would have been impossible, for they did not have the tools and equipment and industry, the technology for building airplanes, but you can also see that what was impossible in the time of the Roman Empire, becomes possible at the time of the beginning of this 20th Century. This Awareness indicates therefore, the impossible at one time can be possible at another time. FOLLOW-UP STATEMENT: In reference to the diamond mine, the thing about information like that is that people take it in the wrong way: it's hard enough coaxing donations out of them to pay their dues to keep the organization going, and then when we start talking about all these millions in diamonds, a lot of people leap to certain conclusions that aren't at all practical, and we are getting letters. I don't know if donations are actually down. Are they Vikki? VIKKI T: I think so. FOLLOW-UP STATEMENT CONTINUES: ...because they think we are swimming in this new found wealth and we no longer need to ask for donations and that sort of thing, and so this is rather disturbing and we would like to keep that sort of information played down, and if and when the money materializes, then announce it. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it is good to clarify this to your membership. This Awareness indicates that it was also a consideration for the Interpreter in regard to his own Aquarian church, that the Interpreter realized that he could speak of it because they were getting no support anyway, and if the support that was being sent dropped off, it would be negligible in any case and he was tired of getting responses from people who accused him of this, especially when the entity asked for donations, because things were running so much in the red...he would get letters from certain of his members saying: "I am afraid to open my mail anymore, for fear you'll be groveling for money!" This Awareness indicates that one or two letters of this type hinder any further requests for help, and therefore, the church simply cannot seek from its membership any support without risking further insults. Therefore, the entity felt it necessary to go elsewhere, seek from some other source, and this Awareness worked to move things in such a way that the entity would not have to endure such insults from his membership. This Awareness indicates when this occurred, the general membership support dropped off to approximately 6 regular donors who donated from $5 to $60 monthly, and the general account being approximately $170 per month was helpful, but not sufficient even to cover the cost of printing for a mailing. This Awareness indicates that naturally, the entity, when the time passed and mailings were not being sent forth, had to explain why, for many were writing in wondering: "Where is my mailing? Why have I not received my mailing?" This Awareness indicates that the entity had to explain that he was involved in this other activity, lawsuit and business activity in such a way that took much of his time, but did not want to explain that he was totally out of money for such a mailing to occur. The entity became shy of mentioning the need for the church to have any assistance from its membership. He began thinking that it was his karma to pay for running the church himself and trusting that this Awareness would help him do so through the ventures in Africa. This Awareness has been indeed helping, but things move slowly on your earth, especially when large energies are involved. This Awareness questions whether the entity's dedication to the Aquarian Church is of any real purpose or value if the members of the church are not interested in giving it their support, but the entity seems to feel that if he can ever get things going well, perhaps new membership will enter, who find the material of value and perhaps, lt can begin to grow and develop along the lines he has envisioned. The entity is not seeking to duplicate the work of Cosmic Awareness Communications. He is not even really interested in putting out a regular newsletter. That became a necessity because there was no support for the church, unless some thing of the form of a newsletter was being sent out. The entity was more concerned about creating an organization of service, giving development classes, training ministers, giving healing lectures and teachings and schools so that the healing techniques that this Awareness has taught could be passed and shared with others, giving information on health and diet and other things that improve the lives of entities, and setting up various clinics, healing clinics and trade centers and so forth. This Awareness indicates that this was the vision the entity held for the Aquarian Church; that this is a partial vision of the Aquarian Church, but that it has been totally limited and ineffective due to a lack of support and a lack of money. Therefore, this Awareness is working to bring that money to the church from outside sources. If indeed, It has to utilize the energies of a man who is a crook, then It does so as long as the Interpreter is not involved in any activity that is illegal or crooked. In fact, all that this man has done to or for the Interpreter was to take his energy, time and money, attempt to blame him for some of his own misdeeds of which the Interpreter was never suspected or never accused because it was clear that he was not involved in any such misdeeds and the man worked certain deals, but never followed through to pay off the investors. The Interpreter, on the other hand, is seeking to finish one of the deals that was promising, namely the diamond mine, and use the money from this to help repay some of those people who lost their investments to his ex- partner, and to bring money in to the church, to Cosmic Awareness Communications and to the World Peace University and the Windsong School and the various projects of the Aquarian Church. This Awareness indicates that this essentially is the overview of the situation and It does not need to bring this subject up again in the future, but it was necessary to clarify for the question was: 'Why didn't Awareness inform the Interpreter he was dealing with a crook?" This Awareness indicates that It was guiding forces to bring about a circumstance where the Interpreter became an agent to help capture the crook and to help bring energies to use for good things and to help repay those who had been cheated by the crook, and It is continuing to work in this direction, guiding the Interpreter as such. IS THE INTERPRETER ONLY "PRETENDING" TO CHANNEL COSMIC AWARENESS? (Is C.A.C. in on the Scam?) QUESTION: As long as we're into this, we've got a few letters. I might as well read them. Well, several, Awareness just answered, people asking why Awareness allowed him to get into contact with this man, knowing that he wasn't totally honest. We can pass that one. This one from A.J. Geiger. I'll read it. I didn't answer this letter, but it's sort of interesting and covers areas that quite a few others have written about. He writes: "I am no longer interested in being a member. Back in the 1970s and 1980s, Awareness gave information on a large variety of subjects. I joined because I wanted that kind of information. Now there is very little being given except information about aliens, plus philosophical discussions. I'm not interested in either one of them. I also liked Avaton's monthly newsletters. He put some pretty good information into those. But except at Christmas, he doesn't write those anymore. I'm just not interested in the stuff that is being published these days. Incidentally, I hate to be the one to disillusion you, but in my personal opinion: There is no spiritual being named Awareness being channeled by Mr. Shockley. I think there was back in the days of Ralph Duby and in the earlier days of Mr. Shockley. But I think that like Ramtha, Awareness "moved on." I think that when Mr. Shockley lost Awareness, instead of admitting it, he began faking and pretending to be in trance and to channel Awareness. I think he is a very widely read person (especially in books about the aliens) and has a photographic memory which remembers everything he reads. I think he is answering the questions himself from his own memory and scholarship, and when he is asked a question he doesn't know the answer to he weasels out of it by saying, "The energies are too weak to pick up information on that." I have read several hundred of Edgar Cayce's readings and never once did he ever say anything like "The energies are too weak to pick up information on that." Cayce always picked up the answer to the question. On several occasions Awareness has said things like, 'This Awareness cannot understand why people would do things such as that." Or, "It is not clear why that occurred." An omniscient spiritual being, a source of all knowledge, would never make statements such as those. He would know why. In my opinion, the reason information was given on a great variety of subjects in the old days and it is not being done now is that in the old days a spiritual being named Awareness was being channeled, and now Mr. Shockley is giving the answers himself and he cannot give information which he does not possess. Either you two are in on the fakery and are unwilling to give up the business, or you are not in on it and are being fooled like everybody else. If you try to talk me into renewing my membership, you will be wasting your time. I'm through with it. Sincerely, A.J. Geiger." Does Awareness have a response we can send this entity? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the entity is unaware of certain facts: that the entity Ralph Duby, in channeling Awareness in many of the messages, asked for entities to go forth and energize a topic for several weeks and then come back and re-ask the question. This was quite common during the Ralph Duby channelings. This Awareness indicates that the Cayce readings were done somewhat differently, wherein entities would sit around energizing and the messages would be taken by hand, written down by a stenographer and there was time for a dead space for answers to be looked at more deeply before a response. When a tape is running and you have only until the end of a certain amount of time, the readings generally pace themselves at a faster speed, and therefore, you do not have the same time to look deeply at some question or certain energies. This Awareness indicates that there are different levels of trance readings. That it is true that there were more deeper levels reached in the past, partly because the questions that entities sent in the past were on certain topics that needed deep looking. This Awareness indicates that in recent times, there are fewer questions; that the questions that are sent in often relating to topics that have already been covered and discussed, or topics which have little depth of value or purpose. Also, the Interpreter, in the past several years has experienced some health problems because of the diabetes and fluctuating sugar-levels, and finds some difficulties in remaining in trance level for one and a half or two hours at a time, and also some of the readings in the past were only 45 minutes to an hour in depth. This Awareness indicates that there may have been some change in the levels of energy held by the Interpreter, who is now 60 years of age, and was 40 years of age when he started the channeling. Twenty years ago the Interpreter had a great amount of energy which is lacking now and this can affect the depth of trance level, the aura of energy available. The Interpreter has repeatedly discussed the fact that he would eventually have to quit doing readings when he felt they were not of the proper quality, for he has never been happy about doing a reading that was not of the right quality. This Awareness indicates that up until the present time the entity has perceived the readings to be of reasonably high quality. This Awareness indicates that the readings have been less frequent in order to keep the quality high. There were times when the entity would do as many as six readings in a day. Now the entity only does two. This Awareness indicates that he has completely quit doing personal readings, especially after one entity sent in questions asking that Awareness tell him what his worst quality was, and when this Awareness informed the entity that his worst quality was that he expected more from others than he did from himself, the entity became furious, sent the tape back to the Interpreter and told him that it was a reading for himself, not for the entity. From that time forward, the Interpreter has been blocked about doing any readings for individuals. This Awareness indicates that the entity does not want to do readings if they are not truly from this Awareness, if they are perceived as not being from this Awareness. This Awareness suggests that if it is commonly believed or held that the Interpreter is not doing readings from this Awareness, then It is time for the Interpreter to move into another direction. It is time for this Awareness to move into a different expression or to leave this plane, and allow Its messages of the past to have their effect. Good Questions Are Badly Needed This Awareness indicates it is simply a matter of whether entities agree with this evaluation of this entity, or whether they wish the messages to continue. However, this Awareness suggests also that It has been giving messages for some 20 years, and has covered so many topics and so many have been covered in depth, that there are not too many areas that can be questioned about without becoming redundant, and therefore, that may be also part of the problem. If entities can come up with good questions, they might receive good answers. This Awareness indicates also, that it is not the intention of this Awareness to entertain people in their quest for one-upsmanship information, which is in part what many entities seek from this Awareness. They seek to be one up on their fellow friends and associates by having inside information from this Awareness that others don't have. The real purpose for these messages is to inform entities of the nature of life in all its aspects and of the spiritual expressions and nuances that are necessary for a healthy spiritual growth. If this has already been done, and much of it has already been given in previous readings, then this Awareness has no further need to continue giving messages. This Awareness indicates that many entities send questions relating to topics that are in the news, and have little or nothing to do with spiritual growth, but have more of a tabloid flavor, bizarre interest or nature, and these questions are but designed to satisfy the mind in its quest for information that can never be satisfied. This Awareness indicates however, there are also other questions pertaining to living, pertaining to spiritual growth and development that have yet to be asked. This Awareness indicates that in all these questions that are asked, occasionally this Awareness gets information through, mingled with other questions, to allow entities to have something of value, to their soul growth and development. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Would Awareness tell us what level the Interpreter is in now and since the beginning of this session? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this is seen as approximately 7 and 8 on the scale of 10. THE VARIOUS LEVELS OF TRANCE FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: When It gave the information on the trance states some years ago, I believe It listed 10 to 12 as the areas where the best information would come through. (NOTE: Issue 81-13, The 13 Levels of Trance; $2.00 from CAC) COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the levels of 11 and 12 were levels that whereby It is giving information on a visual form, but where it is difficult for the entity to speak; that these were areas in which the entity could occasionally slip to see something very deeply, clearly, and then slip out into levels of 9, 10, 8 or 7 in order to describe those deeper levels. This Awareness indicates it is a fact that those deeper levels of 11 and 12 are not required for questions such as this and therefore, this Awareness does not push the entity away in order to perceive what is already perceived. It can perceive the response and situation to reply to the question without putting the Interpreter into an intensely deep trance. This Awareness indicates these deeper levels, such as 11 and 12 are so deep that the Interpreter loses contact with this Awareness and more or less goes to sleep, or goes into a level of non-identity. This Awareness indicates that some questions require that kind of depth, but those deep levels are only necessary for moments; that there can be a moment of touching such a level in which insight comes flashing in and the entity then goes into a more shallow level in order to describe the might that was recognized or seen. This Awareness indicates that this Awareness is that energy or insight that presents Itself to the Interpreter as a flash of information or knowledge that is described and discussed through the Interpreter. This Awareness indicates that in some instances, insight can come in a particular reading which allows information to continue describing that insight for several readings following. The Interpreter David Worcester used to explain that he had an experience while at Big Sur in California which allowed him to see everything he needed to see to do all the readings he did thereafter. In other words that insight from that one reading in Big Sur gave him the information that allowed him to respond to questions for several years when he was trancing thereafter. This entity was able to pinpoint earthquakes in terms of time and space. The present Interpreter has not had that kind of level of insight in regard to earthquakes, but the present Interpreter has other levels of insight. Insight is the look toward this Awareness, looking inward and seeing the messages presented by this Awareness through visual pictures, symbols or some times words or even one level at a time. This Awareness reminds you that the voice is that of the Interpreter, interpreting these insights which this Awareness gives to the Interpreter. STATEMENT BY QUESTIONER: Well, if its any consolation, we had a spurt of letters that prompted some of these comments by the editor, and it usually related to current events information, and it did seem like there wasn't anything new, the insight by Awareness. The people are used to sort of a cosmic view of behinds the scenes, not a shallow view or some thing... High Weirdness at C.A.C..... ABOUT THOSE CURRENT EVENTS QUESTIONS (Some Entities Simply Expect More) COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the entities are used to conspiracies and are expecting conspiracies behind every bush. This Awareness indicates that It could continue to point out conspiracies if this is really what entities want, however there were many entities who did not want any more conspiracies and classified the organization as being quite strange if everything that comes through is related to conspiracies. This Awareness indicates there is even a book out called "High Weirdness By Mail" which defines the Cosmic Awareness Communications organization as a "conspiracy organization," "highly paranoid," and filled with "bizarre information, purportedly from God." This Awareness indicates this is a rather bizarre definition, but if this is what entities want, It can continue along this vein, dealing in conspiracies, trying to find something weird behind every headline. This Awareness indicates it is really nothing more than a desire to know something that others don't know in order to make yourself feel you are more important than you are. This Awareness indicates that It has already covered the important conspiracies. There are only a few more in the area of religion that are significant or important enough to be discussed. It is hardly of any great value to discuss a government agency's conspiratorial attack on Noriega or any other individual when you already know that these things happen. You already know why they happen. You already know what agencies are behind these things. If you have read the information this Awareness has given in the past, you generally know all of these major conspiracy agencies or who are behind these agencies. Therefore, why continue to seek information from this Awareness every time an agency does something that makes news? It becomes redundant or unimportant. You know it's happening. Why is it necessary for this Awareness to define the players every time a scenario is enacted? This kind of information is temporal, and has no lasting value. The information this Awareness wishes to give is information that will be of value 50 or a hundred or two hundred years from now, as much as today. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Personally, it would be all right with me if we never published any more current events stuff, but the problem is every time we request the membership to please send in some questions., we're running out, about 80 or 90 percent of the questions they send in will relate to current events and so it is a dilemma for us... COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it is a dilemma for this Awareness to answer current events information in a way that satisfies all of the entity's desires for some thing of a conspiracy type nature to come out of every current event that occurs. Entities want to make a mountain out of a molehill and if this Awareness cannot do it for them, they are displeased. This Awareness indicates it is much like in an earlier Ralph Duby reading wherein entities spent three or four readings discussing the merits of honey. After about four readings, this Awareness indicated to them that there is only so much you can get out of honey. SHOULD THE INTERPRETER TAKE A BREAK? (Why More Good Questions are Needed) FOLLOW-UP: Yes, well, after we received a handful of these critical letters, Vikki and I, we were discussing it, and we checked out the situation with Sam, whose channel is dubious at best, since he's been saddled with his kidney problems and this dialysis; he says the Tarot indicates that the Interpreter is basically the same channel he's always been, he can get into the same levels that he always has gotten into, except at this particular period of time, he finds it very difficult to really let go because of personal problems, health, and energies he's putting into his business ventures, and he suggested, well, he told us "we're throwing our money away if we pay for readings at this time"...well, we don't believe that. He suggested that the Interpreter should have a vacation or something from doing readings for a month or so, and it looked like when he came back to doing them for us he would get into these more significant levels. Well, I went back over readings that were given back through the 1980s and the 1970s that are not yet published, and I spent several hours going through them, and I could not find, personally, any difference in the level of information given in those days than in the levels and information given in most of the readings that we are currently doing, particularly when we're getting into significant subjects, of a philosophical nature, or a personal relationship type thing. So, I'd like to ask Awareness specifically If what Sam says is basically true, if we could arrange for the Interpreter to take some time off and somehow fund him would this create any improvement at all in later readings? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it is questionable. This Awareness indicates that it appears the issue is not so much, although it may appear to most that it is a problem with the Interpreter, to this Awareness it is more of a problem of topic. The topics that have served as an interest to entities appear to have been exhausted over 20 years of readings. This Awareness indicates that for ten to twelve years, entities were haranguing about wanting information on UFOs. Eventually, when this information did come forth, for approximately two years, the information coming forth was welcomed by some and met with hostility from others. This Awareness indicates that in the past, many entities welcomed information relating to the conspiracies found in government, the Trilateralists, etc. Others were hostile to it. Robotoids, Synthetics Concentration Camps and Reptoids In the past, entities met with information from this Awareness regarding synthetics, and were hostile to it, until Dr. Beter became vocal about Robotoids and then spoke of the synthetics himself, and with the substantiation of Dr. Beter's information, entities began to consider that perhaps Awareness was correct in Its discussion of synthetics. Yet, there were still many who dropped out because they could not accept such nonsense. This Awareness indicates there were entities who stayed with the organization relating to the absurdities of the synthetics and Robotoids and found it to be acceptable and believable after all the clarification was given to both Dr. Beter and to this Awareness. This Awareness indicates that after this passed, after discussions of the conspiracies relating to government plans, concentration camps which are now openly discussed in various books and articles in various right-wing publications, people have eventually accepted that there are concentration camps in the Western part of the United States. This Awareness indicates that after these things in time have been proven correct, entities are hungry for more of the good old bizarre, unbelievable, weird information. This Awareness indicates It has given you most of the weird unbelievable information. It has already given you information regarding the Reptoids. It is simply a matter of waiting to witness these entities until they are ready to show themselves. This Awareness indicates that the only area of bizarre, weird, unbelievable information that is still not brought out relates to concepts and areas of religion and this would be too offensive for many entities to discover some of the things that have gone into forming and creating the various religious beliefs and dogmas, and this Awareness is not ready to give this information until the masses are ready to accept it. Therefore, this Awareness suggests that entities could focus their questions on things relating to soul growth, relationships, or whatever, but not to expect this Awareness to bring out another conspiracy to parade around, until It sees that people are ready. ANOTHER ACCUSATION IS LEVELED (This Time A Conspiracy Between the Interpreter and the Editor) QUESTION: We've received a series of letters from an entity named Walter Sarafin, Clifton, New Jersey, who claims he's a minister of Awareness. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the entity, approximately two years ago, renounced his ministership, renounced any connection with the Aquarian Church or CAC, and has been hostile to both organizations since, without really explaining why, although he does continually denounce this Awareness as phony, Paul Shockley as phony, and Avaton as in conspiracy with Paul Shockley, and the entity also has some feud going with Leonard Donsbach and another entity, Jim Bedenbaugh, as well as Tom McQuay. This Awareness indicates it appears this entity as being hostile toward something that he has come across in his relationship with Leonard Donsbach and Jim Bedenbaugh, and has taken a similar attitude as the previous questioner, that argues the Interpreter is phony. This Awareness indicates that accusing another of being phony is the easiest thing in the world to do. Presenting some kind of evidence other than just opinion is not so easy. This Awareness indicates that anyone can bad-mouth another, and there are many entities who get their kicks in putting others down, because it makes them feel bigger. As Yogananda stated: "Some people can only feel big by chopping off the heads of others." This Awareness indicates that the entity's concern may be expressed with this understanding, that he is and has been hostile for quite some time, renouncing his association but not going away. He continues to hang around to complain and to argue and try to put people down. . QUESTION CONTINUED: In one of the letters he sent me personally, he writes: "You have openly been accused by myself of your attempt to take over and control Awareness through CAC. You and the Aquarian Church ministry have remained silent, stubbornly resisting the resolution of this matter to this date. You have an obligation to the Aquarian Church ministry and also the members and readers of CAC to either prove or disprove this accusation. Silence on your part as well as the Aquarian Church ministry will be considered a clear admission of your guilt." Well, I wrote him back and told him I didn't know what he was talking about, and... COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the entity continues to be vague in regard to his accusation, even though it is expressed with hostility, and very strong in its expression. Continue. QUESTION CONTINUED: I answered the entity and he didn't respond, but he sent something to Jim Bedenbaugh who sent me letters, and I asked him what was going on, and to spell it out, and in one letter Jim Bedenbaugh...well, I'll read this to see if there is any substance to this. He writes: "Third, in regard to channeling, and I know you've been in it for some time, however, it's important to understand that in fact the energizer/questioner is just as important as the channel, and what may be described as a two-way street. All of this you know, but if there is buried in the subconscious mind of either the energizer/questioner or the channel, then that information can and does color the information received, whether by one or the other, or both." Right, now this is the area, he's getting into the area that I asked him about. He had written me before saying that the past-life relationship between me and the Interpreter was a karmic thing and this was interfering with the readings. He says, in response to my letter where I asked him to explain, he says: "Now as to the relationship between William Penn and George Fox, this was likened to a heavy-light relationship or a red/purple relationship. This is not to point a finger at anyone in any way however. The energies can be seen for What Is. Not to make a judgment, because judgment is the beta mind as is the alpha, beta, theta, delta waves. The mutual mind-set of both the channel and the energizer/questioner must be, to be of the highest form, neutral. The question arises and you may ask this directly to Awareness if you wish: Is there a karmic relationship between the entity known as George Fox and William Penn? If the relationship has some karmic ties, then how much does it affect the information which comes through, again, remembering that Awareness does not point fingers or make judgments. We are taught, as in the case of Walter Sarafin, to treat them as an ill relative, for in fact All is One, One is All. Now if this does not answer your question, please let me know." He says he's sending me White Light, so evidently he seems to think that because of the past-life relationship of myself and the Interpreter, that there's some karmic problem involved which is interfering with the trance levels. Does Awareness see any validity to this? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the entity assumes the work "karmic" means something negative. This Awareness indicates there is both the good karma or karma that is of a positive nature and bad karma, or karma that is of a negative nature. The two entities he speaks of, yourself and the Interpreter, having been together in a previous lifetime for some movement of energies at that time which was indeed quite strong, created a bond between the two of you and that can carry over into future lifetimes, just as mother and child may carry energy from one life time to another through the bonding that occurs between them. It does not necessarily mean that there is a negative karma that creates a problem in their bonding relationship. This Awareness indicates in the situation pertaining to William Penn and George Fox, these entities were close associates. Close associates don't always agree on everything, and there can be some disagreement between them without it being a negative karma that carries through from one lifetime to another. This Awareness indicates that the Interpreter and yourself at present do not always agree on everything. This Awareness indicates that the entity's statement that the energizer's subconscious mind can have an effect on the reading through the Interpreter is true in most channelings because most channelings do not set aside mind, emotion and feeling. If the Interpreter did not set aside emotion, then your subconscious emotions could have an effect on him. This Awareness indicates there was a time when the Interpreter did a reading for an entity who came to his home from Toronto, Canada. This was back in 1973. The entity attempting to get certain information from this Awareness and had his own way of doing so. The entity asked a question, then stood up, spread his hands over this Awareness, trying to get a certain response to his question. After the reading concluded, he was very distraught and asked the Interpreter: "Why is it I could not contact your mind while you were in trance? Why is it I could not influence you?" The entity was unaware that the Interpreter set aside mind, emotion and feeling to go into trance. This Awareness indicates it is the same with the energizing; that energizers can send energy and even if they seek to get certain answers, as does Jack Katchmar in his questions, this Awareness is not influenced by those efforts. This Awareness indicates that even in some of your own questions to this Awareness through this Interpreter, regarding the Catholic Church, which you must admit, you have some hostility toward, this Awareness does accept your hostility toward the Catholic Church and generally, It is compensating for the hostility by ignoring it and answers the questions without any regard for the hostility that is felt from your questions. You understand this. You know this to be true. This Awareness indicates that this is what Mr. Bedenbaugh is concerned about and does not understand totally. The entity Sarafin apparently thinks that you and the Interpreter are in some kind of collusion or conspiracy and cannot properly allow for this Awareness to come through because of certain opinions that you hold which influence the Interpreter when he is in trance.* This Awareness indicates that it does not affect this Awareness in Its response, nor does it affect the Interpreter when the Interpreter sets aside mind, emotion and feeling. This Awareness indicates that the Interpreter never goes below level 5 on the scale of one to ten and therefore, is never involved with mind, emotion and feeling. Were the entity to go to a more shallow level, such as level 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6, then these entities' presumptions would have some merit, but because the entity is not even in trance at one through five, and would not speak unless deeper than six, the entity, the Interpreter, never allows your subconscious energies to influence him or this Awareness through him in any way. This Awareness indicates there was a time when this Awareness indicated that a certain question was of too shallow a level to be classified as accurate according to the energies of the trance. That one time was many years ago, and this Awareness pointed it out and it was taken from the reading before publication. Everything else that has come through this Interpreter from this Awareness has been in levels deeper than level 6. This Awareness indicates that this particular question at this time is coming from a level between 8 and 9. If this becomes important, this Awareness will describe what level the Interpreter is in at the time of each question. * ED's Note. Busted again! It's true, every once in a while when asking questions on the Catholic Church, and Awareness is making positive remarks about it and its history, I have asked follow-up questions that try to change the subject and get into areas such as the Inquisition. The reason for this I was told once in a reading, is that the Catholic Church burned this Editor at the stake a couple of times in the past, and evidently it still smarts a little. Also, according to the history books, George Fox had little love for the Catholic Church. He was instrumental in passing "The Act of Toleration" which permitted all religions except the Roman Catholic Church and the Unitarians to worship as they pleased. Oddly enough, during this present lifetime I was drawn to the Unitarian Church here in Olympia (before I discovered the Awareness Movement) and attended their "church" for about 4 years. I finally left because, during discussions, if I mentioned the word "God" they drew back and looked at me as though I was some kind of nut. I wonder if that stint with the Unitarians was somehow balancing out that karma I must have created with the Act of Toleration. CONCERNING CONSCIOUS CHANNELING OF AWARENESS QUESTIONER: That won't be necessary. One other thing this entity Walter Sarafin keeps writing about is the channeling of Leonard Donsbach. He writes: "Awareness channel has now been established, anchored in the East Coast in Lenny Donsbach 's home in Patterson, New Jersey (this is dated March 9th of this year). He now channels Awareness directly and in full consciousness. "Paul Shockley will connect with Lenny, Jim Bedenbaugh and others as he moves from trance to full conscious channeling himself. This is the next stage of Awareness or Christ Consciousness which will be gradually channeled by other ministers of Awareness. It will be through Lenny that you will connect with your own Christ Consciousness, not myself," he writes. Could Awareness comment on that? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the entity Paul Shockley and David Worcester have both already experienced full conscious channeling. It also was accomplished through Ralph Duby. This Awareness indicates that in fact, Ralph Duby once remarked to someone that he did not need to go into trance to get the answers to their questions, but would do so if they desired. The person became curious and wanted further information as to what he was speaking of. He explained: "People tend to accept it better if I lie down and give the answer than if I am standing." This Awareness indicates that the entity David Worcester found the same thing to be true, although he quite frequently went into conscious channeling during his years as an Interpreter. The entity or Interpreter Paul Shockley has done a considerable amount of conscious channeling using his word processor and computer, which he enjoys doing when he cannot find time or space or energizers and feeling a need to channel some message, because it is quicker than using a tape recorder and transcribing from the tape recorder onto the word processor. Rather, he will simply type directly into the word processor as he sees the insight from this Awareness while sitting before the computer. This Awareness indicates he also can channel through voice, if that is appropriate in the proper setting. This Awareness indicates the entity Dan Spivey also uses a computer for many of his channelings, including many of his personal readings that he has done for entities. This Awareness indicates that it is generally a deeper reading when an entity lies down; the level of the reading is deeper from a lying down position in most instances. That this is in part because in the prone position, there are no pressures on the spine or on the body in the same way that are felt when one is standing or sitting and any distractions, such as pressures from sitting or standing, those pressures tend to be distracting and to hinder or affect the focus. It is a matter of focus, focusing and keeping the mind, emotions and feelings totally out of one's consciousness, to allow the Awareness to have a vacuum into which It speaks, or conveys messages. Krishnamurti and his "Speaker" This Awareness indicates the entity Krishnamurti gave all of his lectures from a conscious mediumship level. He would stand before the pulpit and tune in to the 8th chakra above his head and began to speak. He referred to the chakra above his head as "the Speaker," and would sometimes say to the audience, before answering a question: "The Speaker says," just as this Interpreter uses the phrase "This Awareness indicates." Children and Drunks Often Channel Awareness This Awareness indicates that also, because there are capabilities for people to channel without lying down while conscious, it is to be recognized that many children will say things occasionally that are from this Awareness, and also that many people who are mentally blank or vacant will sometimes channel messages from this Awareness along with other less noble or spiritually attuned messages. This Awareness indicates that David Worcester used to discuss how many people on skid row seemed to have the capacity for channeling very high level information, even when they were drunk or in a kind of stupor. That if you listen to them carefully, there were things you could learn of great quality and value. This Awareness indicates that when the mind, emotion and feelings are placed aside, and the consciousness is blank, this Awareness has an opening to give insight to an entity. IT'S EASY TO KNOCK OR CONDEMN OTHERS (Beware of Building Your Castle on a False Premise) QUESTION: Does Awareness have a closing message? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that there are many temptations that entities face in all levels of life, whereby they have opportunities and choices, whereby they may look at someone and say: "What an ugly nose he has!" or whereby they may look at someone and says: "He certainly looks like an evil man!," or whereby they can form countless opinions based on their feelings, assumptions, first impressions or low-sugar moods, or hypoglycemic or splenic or bilious feelings, so that a chemical Imbalance within their own system or a psychological imbalance in their own mind or a judgment imbalance in their value system allows them to judge somebody, and form an opinion based on false premise, a premise with no substance, whereby they come to a conclusion and judge the person as being inept, wrong, evil, corrupt, or whatever. This Awareness indicates that others who hear this opinion, wherein someone says: "Oh look at that ugly girl!", others who hear this, will look to see what an ugly girl looks like, and when they see her, they'll say: "Oh, so that's what an ugly girl looks like. She looks like any of the girls in my class! How do you know she's ugly?" The person will give an opinion. "Well, it's obvious! Look at her!" And the entity will look again and conclude: "Well, I guess that's an ugly girl! I hope I can remember what an ugly girl looks like." This Awareness indicates that once an entity points a finger of accusation and condemnation, others around tend to accept it, sometimes without question, sometimes without objection. It is therefore very important that entities question whether they are really accusing someone from a proper premise from facts or from real knowledge or just from opinion based on some mood they happen to be in, or from some false information they assume they have that others don't have, for it is very easy to start a movement to condemn someone, to run someone out of town, to slay the innocent because you are suspicious that they are possessed by a demon or something and you can rally others into the same kind of thinking, if they do not have some way of finding out for themselves. This Awareness indicates that if you choose to not believe how gullible people can be or how suggestive they are, how easily influenced by suggestion, then try it. Just go out and look at someone at a distance and say: "That person is insane!", and find out how many of your associates believe you. You will be surprised. They will assume you know what you're talking about and they will believe the entity is insane. It does not have to have evidence or proof. It just has to have an accusation. This Awareness indicates anyone can accuse anyone of anything. That is why courts of law do not hang people or execute people simply by accusation. This Awareness indicates that it is important for entities to question these accusations, especially when you yourself are the one accusing someone, to make sure that your accusation is not simply fallacy or suspicion, but has some kind of suggestion of evidence, some proof of evidence. This Awareness indicates it is often tragic what an accusation can do. This Awareness indicates it appears the entity Walter Sarafin has been accusing for several years without knowing what he is talking about, without understanding certain realities about bonding and karmic connections If he has assumed, as it appears, that the Interpreter and the energizer have a karmic connection and are therefore causing this Interpreter to misread information, then this entity is assuming completely in error, and though he may think he is an authority on the matter, he simply does not understand there is a difference between entities who channel spirits and entities who channel this Awareness, for you cannot channel this Awareness with mind, emotion and feeling as part of your consciousness, but you cannot channel spirits unless mind, emotion and feeling are part of the channeling process, and it appears the entity Walter Sarafin operating his presumptions from an assumption that mind emotion and feeling are part of the channeling and therefore the subconscious of an energizer could in such case affect the reading. This Awareness indicates that, in other words, the entity has wasted two years of his life on this aberration trying to prove something that is based on a false premise. (End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given.) CAN 144 MEDITATING ENTITIES SAVE THE RAIN FORESTS?: QUESTION: There was a little discussion last night after Awareness gave that reading on manifesting new realities and things, and the Interpreter put forth the possibility that if a person, or say 12 people were hypnotized deeply and given the suggestion that they were to manifest something or create something, that it was possible that they might be able to do this. I took this a bit further with the concept Awareness had mentioned years ago, that 144 entities in harmony and agreement could do wonders or even change the face of this plane, I believe, with the example that if the rain forests now being removed with great rapidity, and it doesn't look like they're going to stop it, that by the year 2000, if there's no longer a rain forest and life itself is threatened because of this: if 144 people could get together, or maybe more, maybe 1000 or so many 'x' number of people, with a single intent in mind of re-manifesting, recreating that rain forest, is this a possibility? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it is a difficult way of trying to create a result, if you're thinking of this in terms of "Shazam!", the rain forest now reappears, as magic, from the meditations of this 144 entities, for even 144 entities attempting magic does not make the quality of their belief any stronger than any one of the entities, and if none of the entities can imagine to the point of knowing in terms of a strong belief, that the rain forest will suddenly reappear if none of these entities can have that kind of absolute certainty, then the faith isn't strong enough in group or in any one for it to appear in this manner. By Mail or By Magic This Awareness indicates however, that 144 people getting together, doing some kind of ritual to save the rain forests, could have the effect of creating some kind of seed-planting in the earth's biosphere computer or that which might be called a higher plane, the plane of Essence, and this in turn could begin having its effect on mass consciousness, and in affecting mass consciousness, could lead more and more people to speak out, to cause, naturally, through social pressures, a changing of the policy so that the rain forest would not be depleted, destroyed. Or 144 persons could get together and start letter-writing campaigns to Congress, to presidents, to leaders of various countries, asking that they do what they can to stop these rain forests from being destroyed, or 144 persons could get together and start campaigns to raise money to buy up rain forests for permanent reserve. There are ways, whereby entities could by getting together help to preserve these forests. Whether one does it through magic or whether one does it through letter writing and personal influence, or through books, teaching, speeches, protests, whatever the means; if the results come about, that is what counts. This Awareness suggests that you not become fixated on trying to create proof of magic, or proof that something can be manifested out of thin air. Society isn't ready for that yet. This Awareness indicates that even if 12 people were to get together to try to manifest something, even if they were hypnotized and did manifest something, it would not create a great change in society or the world, and it might cause some disturbances in the psyches of the individuals involved. The Dangers of Using Multiple Hypnosis This Awareness indicates that there have in fact been certain experiments wherein multiple hypnosis has been used, wherein one entity being hypnotized would then assist in the hypnosis of a partner, and that partner would then help to assist in deepening the hypnosis of the first person, and that first person would again help to deepen the hypnosis of his partner, so that they gradually went down deeper and deeper, feeding on each other's minds, going deeper and deeper into trance, likened unto climbing down a ladder together, and in this manner these entities reached extremely deep levels. It is a dangerous action, and entities not knowing what they are doing could get into considerable trouble. This has been done by professionals in controlled situations, with unusual or astounding results, whereby these entities under deep hypnosis could express changes that would be normally impossible. This Awareness does not recommend that anyone try this or do this; that only those who are professionals and understand from the body of knowledge that has been accumulated for this kind of action should be involved in this kind of thing. This Awareness indicates it is very easy for hypnotists and subjects in this kind of experimentation mode to develop karmic consequences of a negative nature if they do not fully understand what they are doing. There have been efforts in the Awareness movement already by certain entities who attempted to hypnotize groups of students in a kind of mass-hypnosis whereby these attempted to use this as a sort of development class technique and the results led to unpleasant consequences for many of those participating, leading, for example, to divorce of one couple, to breakup and emotional difficulties of another, and causing the group to fall apart, and no longer relate to the Awareness activities. Even the hypnotist is no longer active in the Awareness movement. This occurred approximately 15 years ago. HOW CAN VIRUSES BE ELIMINATED FROM THE BODY? QUESTION: A question from J.J. in New York City: "Can viruses like Epstein-Barr, Herpes, CMV, HIV, etc., be eliminated from the body, and if so how? If not, what regimen would minimize their ill effects?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that almost all viruses die in high oxygen environments and therefore, if there is a considerably high amount of oxygen in a person's body the viruses are likely to die quickly. This Awareness indicates that this was the basis, a few years back, for many entities using and promoting the use of Hydrogen Peroxide drops. The danger of using Hydrogen Peroxide drops is that it can create problems with the blood vessels where oxygen releases in the blood cause the blowing up of blood vessels so that they may break in a kind of balloon-like fashion causing death. This Awareness indicates also Hydrogen Peroxide is known to release free radicals in the system and free radicals in the system can bind their oxygen molecules or atoms to others, causing molecules that are not beneficial to the body. These can become cancerous or otherwise. This Awareness indicates therefore, it was developed certain alternatives to Hydrogen Peroxide; the use of chlorine instead of peroxide through a chemical formula made from sodium chloride, or salt, creating that which is called EQ02 was developed, and that puts oxygen into the bloodstream without the dangers that are associated with Hydrogen Peroxide. This Awareness indicates there are also other substances, certain enzymes, such as the SOD catalysts that produce enzymes in the human body which can help to increase the oxygen in the system as these enzymes break down the foods and substances within the human body. This Awareness indicates that K-Lonic is also another substance that can help to enhance the oxygen level within the body. There are many other types of antioxidant substances that increase oxygen in the body: Vitamin E, Vitamin C; these are effective. The water which the questioner is familiar with from Mexico also has a similar action of adding oxygen to the body, and these things wherein oxygen is added destroy viruses of all kinds. This Awareness indicates there is also benefit from Citricidal, the grapefruit seed, in destroying viruses, that it is an anti-viral substance; anti-viral as well as bacteria substance. ED's Note: for more info on these products, please refer to "Revelations of Awareness" No. 92-02; $3.00 from CAC. Your health food store has these products or can order them for you. WILL DIRE THINGS OCCUR IN 1995? QUESTION: Another question from G.M. "Cooper also mentioned a nuclear detonation in a major U.S. city to be blamed on Arab terrorists. He believes it will be either Los Angeles or New York City and believes signs say New York. Nuclear fallout and explosions astrologically fall under Uranus and Pluto. Transiting Uranus will conjoin the Pluto in the U.S. horoscope three times in 1995, which seems a very likely year for this disaster. Would Awareness comment on that please?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness sees this as a possibility. The energies of astrological nature can be shifted because there are other meanings available. If consciousness can vibrate at the level of higher, more altruistic frequencies, these lower events will not occur. This Awareness indicates that Pluto represents the masses also, and if Uranus, which represents everything from sudden explosions and radiation and surprise and the unexpected; if Uranus can vibrate to its highest frequency level, which is altruism, then an altruistic public or altruistic mass of consciousness would be the result of such conjunctions. More likely, consciousness will not be at that stage and something more sinister and difficult will occur. It may be related to earthquakes, nuclear explosions or upheavals of some nature. It is quite possible that it will be nuclear in nature. END OF ISSUE ---------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Get Electronic Copies of "Revelations of Awareness" by EMail: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- At this time, subscriptions are not available via the net. As hard copies are OCR'd by SPIRAL, they are cross-posted these Usenet newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors alt.conspiracy alt.paranormal talk.religion.newage Cosmic Awareness FAQ (when it becomes available) will be periodically posted to the above, as well as to: news.answers talk.answers Back Issues Lists, which include the topics discussed in each newsletter, are periodically posted. If you need a Back Issue list or a particular electronic issue of Revelations of Awareness, send e-mail to alex@spiral.org. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the fact that there are more than 500 30-page newsletters (that's about 15,000 pages of information set in 9-point type), most are not OCR'd at the present time and exist only in hard copy form. (All 1993 issues exist electronically.) It is quite a tedious and time- consuming project. If the issue you seek is not available electronically, you can order it from CAC at the address shown below (cost is $3 for each issue). 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