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93-08 (Issue No. 417) ----------------------------------- Find Out Who, |* REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS *| How Many Have In Fact, You |* The New Age Cosmic Newsletter *| You Served? And Really Are. ----------------------------------- How Well? Cosmic Awareness Communications Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 email: alex@spiral.org (subscription information available at end of this file) "Helping People Become Aware Since 1977." --------------------------------------------------------------------------- REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter, published by Cosmic Awareness Communications, Box 115, Olympia, WA 98507, a not-for-profit organization. Copyright 1993 by Cosmic Awareness Communications and the Aquarian Church of Universal Service. Reproduction is permitted, but no alterations may be made without express permission. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as "Channels" for the "Heavenly Father" and expresses itself once again as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of "readings" given, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to *believe* anything, not even Itself, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover through your own channel what the truth really is. Cosmic Awareness will only "indicate" and "suggest." Neither CAC or the Interpreter is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does CAC or the Interpreter necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreter interprets the energies as they are seen in trance levels and are not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreter has no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments, which are entirely the responsibility of the editor. Paul Shockley, Interpreter Avaton, C.A.C Editor Alex, OCR'er and NetPoster Vikki T., Office Manager --------------------------------------------------------------------------- IN THIS ISSUE: 93-08 (Issue No. 417): Why Only Talk About The Negative Aliens? Why Not Tell Us About The "Good Guys?"; More Flesh for the Skeleton (Part 19): 40 Million Walking Time Bombs; A Brief History of the Evil Draconians; Too Many Movies and Channels Err About Aliens; 40 Million Are Implanted By Aliens in U.S.; Aliens Tend to Avoid the More Intelligent Humans; What Aliens Look For in People to Abduct; "Praying to the Lord" to Ask for Protection; Why Awareness Plays Down the Good Aliens; Anatomy of a Typical Alien Implant: Second Thoughts About That Ringing In the Ears; How Aliens Read Your Psyche From a Photograph; Where Are These Alien Implants Manufactured?; More on the "invisibility Packs" Used By Aliens; U.S. Government Beginning to Understand Alien Physics; Monitoring Implants: Where Does the Information Go?; How Aliens Can Create Bad Luck and Blocks For You; Why Rudolf Steiner Described the Asuras Instead of UFOs; Could All 40 Million Implants Self-Destruct?: Many Humans Are Time Bombs Ready to Ignite; Will a Geiger Counter Detect Implants?; Did NASA Photos Discover Alien Cities?; How Many Types of Aliens on Earth Today?; The Many Different Types of Spacecraft and Their Uses; Why Did Awareness Warn Us About Cigar- Shaped Space Ships Back in 1979?; Why Awareness is Highly Concerned About Aliens; Those Cute Little Guys With the Big Eyes Are Evil Predators; Nuclear Reactors in Cuba: A Threat to the U.S.?; Does the U.S. Have Plans to Invade Cuba?; Should You Make Your Kids Pay Room and Board?; Should Your Kids Call You By Your First Name?; A Meditation For Healing Mother Earth; How to Clean Out the Mucous and Toxins in the Intestines; The Mystery of the Crystal Skull; The Mysterious Rock Found in Washington State. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- MORE FLESH FOR THE SKELETON (Part 19) 40 MILLION WALKING TIME BOMBS WHY COSMIC AWARENESS WARNS US ABOUT NEGATIVE ALIENS BUT PLAYS DOWN THE MANY "GOOD GUY" TYPE ALIENS ON OUR PLANET (C.A.C. General Reading, October 19, 1991) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that there are a number of entities who express concern that this Awareness has focused on the negative aspects of the alien phenomenon, of the UFO phenomenon, and has not given extensive attention to the positive aspects of this phenomena and point out that there are many of these aliens who are good beings and are being maligned and misjudged or falsely labeled by this Awareness. This Awareness indicates that It wishes to point out that It recognizes these entities as being creations of the Universal Consciousness, as having within them a spark of decency, in some cases, high intelligences and other qualities of value. This Awareness indicates that It is communicating mostly in these messages to humanity during its great time of need, for this planet is becoming a pawn in a galactic conflict which may determine the future of the human race or its eclipse and annihilation. This Awareness indicates that the planet is not designed to harbor great masses of alien beings who want total domination along with the human species, except if the human species is subjugated, as are cattle subjugated by humans for domestic purposes in the food chain, or as servants and slaves to a master race. This Awareness indicates that It has been very careful in giving information regarding these entities, not to suggest that these entities are less righteous than humans, but to suggest that their culture is different and their values are different from those of humans. It has been careful to indicate the facts rather than preferences in regard to one species over the other. This Awareness indicates that It must admit however, that It has some greater favoritism toward humans because of their youth as a species and potential in that even though they are still struggling to discern and develop a greater spirituality, at least they are moving in that direction, while many of the alien civilizations have reached their highest development and are moving more in a general sense toward a demented or declining spiritual direction. This Awareness indicates that it has been pointed out that there are some of the Greys who are quite highly developed and have a good rapport with humans and this is true. There are others who are extremely hostile and have absolutely no respect for humans who would as soon destroy humans as humans would destroy leaves, this in their own terms and attitudes expressed. A Brief History of the Evil Draconians This Awareness indicates that this of course is not limited only to those known as the Greys, but also there are certain among the Reptoids or reptilian types who have certain spiritual qualities, who are highly evolved mentally and emotionally, moreso than others. This Awareness indicates that the vast majority of these entities have expressed through the ages contempt for humans and expressions of violence toward humanity and toward others throughout the galaxy. It is for this reason that the Draconian sector of the galaxy has long been viewed with abhorrence and fear. There are few who dare go into these areas. Even the word Draconian, meaning from Draco, or the Dragon sector, has, down through history, caused entities to recoil from its energies. This Awareness indicates the "Book of Revelation," in speaking of the dragon, is referring to those forces or energies from Draco; that the constellation of Draco originally was called "Dragon" and was shortened so that the word could better fit on the maps. It became abbreviated to Drago, and later changed to Draco. This Awareness indicates that legends from early human history refer to these reptilian types with a kind of abhorrence, seeing the Reptoid equated with evil. This presumption or expression may have been extreme in these early writings, but it did reflect the attitudes of the people who were in contact with these entities. This Awareness indicates that there were, of course, in some areas and some sections of the earth, those who may have developed a kind of worship for these lizard people, but if so, it was based more on a fear of reprisal than on actual love for these entities. This Awareness indicates that most records of such societies in which the lizard type people are held in high esteem have been lost through history and there is little remaining to suggest much of a culture holding these entities in high esteem or devotion. This Awareness indicates that the records of early history of this planet are very sparse. Only by collecting items from archaeological digs and careful analysis is it possible to find even remote references to these entities, and these do not give a clear and obvious information. The works of people such as Zechariah Sitchin in collecting and compiling information and putting together the information with hand-me-down documentation from different cultures puts together much of the puzzle relating to man's early origin on the planet and the connection between the various extraterrestrial species that were present at the time. Too Many Movies & Channels Err About Aliens This Awareness indicates that should be understood that while there are always exceptions in any species, that even for example, the lion may be tame and may be friendly to humans, the vast majority of lions encountered may be quite dangerous and it is better to err in warning entities to avoid contact with lions than to encourage them. It is better to err in warning entities about the alien Greys and Reptoids in the sense of their threat to humans than to encourage them. Humans are already given too much encouragement by some of the movies and channels who have long hoped, pretended and fictionalized friendly aliens coming to earth. The aliens encourage this type of attitude toward themselves. They would like to see entities devoted to them, and worshipping them as Gods, and as higher beings, for the entities then have easier access in controlling humans if humans trust them, and yield to them in a devoted way, much as a dog faithful to his master, and will permit himself to be used in scientific experiments so long as the master feeds him and pets him occasionally. This Awareness indicates that many of these Greys experimenting on humans think of them as scientists think of the animals they are experimenting with in laboratories. This Awareness indicates that it is better for the dog to be paranoid of the human than to be too trusting, especially if the humans involved are into scientific experiments with the dog. It is likewise better for the human to be paranoid of the aliens than to be too trusting, particularly when aliens are abducting humans and putting them through experiments. 40 Million Are Implanted by Aliens in U.S. This Awareness indicates that approximately 40 million people have been implanted by aliens in United States alone. This Awareness indicates that in Clark County, just south of here, aliens have been recently abducting humans, including children, running them through the process of implants at a rate of up to 80 per day, five days per week. This Awareness indicates this is an enormous operation. It goes on in many different places, periodically moving from one sector of the country to another, often several places at the same time, and over the years accounting for approximately 40 million people being implanted. This Awareness indicates that these implants may have the purpose of tracking individuals or for controlling individuals or for causing individuals to act in certain ways when the implants are triggered. Aliens Tend to Avoid the More Intelligent Human The concern is that the humans are not being informed participants; they are being forced participants into this abduction implant operation. This Awareness wishes entities to understand that you are not likely to be implanted or abducted if your intelligence is more highly complex than the average person because the aliens do not like to deal with highly intelligent people in general, although they quite recently abducted some intelligent people for experimental purposes to determine how they can best control these entities in a future scenario. This Awareness indicates that for the most part they prefer abducting entities who are more easily controlled mentally and who can be persuaded to see them as deities or as God's angels, which many entities accept readily. This Awareness indicates that such entities are easier to control. The complex entity, the entity whose mind is skeptical, whose mind is questioning, whose mind thinks more complex concepts is not as easy to persuade and therefore, these entities try to avoid such entities. What Aliens Look for in People to Abduct The aliens, in seeking to locate a potential abductee, may fly over an area using a ray that reads the vibrations of an entity to determine whether this entity would be compliant to their domination, or whether the entity would object to their domination and this can have an influence on whether the entity is accepted or rejected for abduction. This Awareness indicates of course there are also other factors such as whether the entity in previous lifetimes has had some contract with them, or is in agreement with being abducted from a subconscious level. Most agreements with aliens are on a subconscious level and reach back into previous lifetime agreements. This Awareness indicates that entities who wrap themselves or their loved ones in White Light are not normally targets for abduction but just the fact that an entity claims Christianity does not exclude them from being abducted. "Pray to the Lord and Ask for Protection!" If the entity, however in claiming Christianity or a spiritual doctrine, actually is convincing to the aliens, and holds that doctrine in high esteem, the aliens tend to back off and allow the entity freedom. This Awareness indicates an example being a 5-year-old boy recently abducted by aliens, given an implant who was told by his mother that if they come again: "Pray to the Lord and ask for protection!" This Awareness indicates the aliens coming to this entity, found him, and he began to pray the Lord's Prayer. They asked him to stop. He told them: "You said you were Christians, so why don't we pray to Christ together?" The aliens then agreed and the boy began praying the Lord's Prayer again. The aliens began mumbling along with him, but quickly stopped, then asked him to stop. The boy again stated: "But we are praying to God. We are praying the Lord's Prayer. As Christians, this is good for us. We should pray together!" And he began again for the third time, the Lord's Prayer. During this third prayer, the aliens simply faded away and left. This Awareness indicates that this occurred in the area of Clark County, and the entity discovered the power of his own prayer. This Awareness indicates that likewise, there have been others who claimed to be Christians, but who did not demonstrate this clearly to the aliens and were therefore not considered as not being true to their God. The aliens, of course, are not in the same framework and do not hold Christianity as a valid religion, but they do see when an entity has a strong faith that cannot be shaken, and they want entities who can be bent to worship them so that they can be more easily controlled. This is in reference to the Zeta Reticuli Grey types. This Awareness indicates that these entities being singled out, because they are the most notorious for abduction and implanting of humans at this time. Why Awareness Plays Down the Good Aliens This Awareness indicates there are some Zeta Reticuli Greys who are quite friendly and honest in their dealings with humans. These entities however, are not likely to be out abducting entities, are not out abducting humans. Therefore, you are not likely to be a potential for confronting such an entity. This Awareness prefers to warn entities of the negative aliens and go overboard in that direction than to be negligent about such warnings and allow entities to be caught, abducted, implanted, and possibly harmed or mutilated by such aliens. You have nothing to worry about in regard to the "good" aliens, and therefore, this Awareness has not emphasized the good aliens, as some entities would have wished, but you do have much to be concerned about in regard to the negative aliens. This Awareness reminds you, of course, that even with the negative aliens, there are ways to avoid such encounters, and that many people who encounter these entities are treated in such a manner as to have the encounter erased from their memories, and therefore, they do not experience great trauma, of if they experience any trauma, it is stimulated from a subconscious level which they cannot attribute to alien abduction without some jogging of the memory. This Awareness indicates that you must however consider that with an estimate of 30 to 40 million people in this country having received implants, there are quite a large number of abductions that have gone on over a period of 40 some years. THE ANATOMY OF A TYPICAL ALIEN IMPLANT (Second Thoughts About That Ringing in the Ears) QUESTION: In reference to implants, Valdamar Valerian, of Leading Edge Research, sent me a booklet called "Orion-Based Technology: Mind Control and Other Secret Projects," by 0.H. Krill, and it has a lot of revealing information, but one of the things it has is an actual illustration, a cutaway illustration of a monitoring and control device. They call it the spherical biological monitoring and control device, SBMCD, and it looks sort of like a digital clock or watch. If you open it up, and it says it has the following components inside of it: a self-destruction device will destroy the SBMCD if access is attempted without frequencies necessary to open the 3 mm module; a neural stimulator delivers a phased voltage beam directly into the nerve endings in the brain; cortex phase transducers on either side of the main lobe oscillate several micro-volts of direct current stimulator to the brain; auxiliary data storage unit maintains over 10,000 micro silicon wafers, each integrated by direct lead to the micro-positronic simulated brain center, providing instant access to information on call; central power nucleus where energy is generated by the decay of a small amount of Strontium 90 and particles are distributed to the entire unit through a unique direct flow of charged electrons in fluid nutrient base of a consistency similar to hemoglobin; internal/external sensor capable of detecting low photon levels of light ranging from ultraviolet to infrared; a multi-band micro-transceiver; and auditory sensors. I'd like to ask Awareness if that information is valid, and if so, this seems to indicate some of the possible uses of this device on the 40 million that have been implanted with it. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this is in the affirmative; that it is also used for monitoring entities without a device, and that this can be used to read the consciousness of entities. It cannot be used to influence entities unless they have been implanted with a control device. This Awareness indicates that if they have been given an implant, particularly the type that is placed up through the nostril into the brain by the optic nerve, such implants allow this instrument to have a greater effect in influencing and controlling the entity. That the instrument is capable of reading the energies and consciousness of an entity who has not been implanted; that such readings that occur most commonly are felt or sensed by an entity and accompanied by a kind of ringing in the ear that is different from the normal ringing in the ear that many entities might experience, in that it seems to be a ringing on the side of the head, not just in the ear itself, and it may last for 10 to 30 or more seconds as the entity's consciousness is being assessed and read. How Aliens Read Your Psyche From a Photograph This Awareness indicates that this can occur from a great distance. The entity having the instrument may be aboard a ship high in the sky or may be observing a photograph of an area which includes the place an entity lives, and the entity can be read from the photograph using this instrument. For example, if your home is in the photograph, taken from high up in the sky, an entity could sit at a desk with this instrument over the photograph and read your consciousness from that photograph of your home and you would hear or feel the ringing in the ear and monitoring on the side of your head. Generally this is felt on one side, but not on both sides at once. WHERE ARE THESE ALIEN IMPLANTS MANUFACTURED? (More on the "Invisibility Packs" Used by Aliens) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: This description of this particular implant seems like a really super high- tech type device. Do the aliens have a factory or something on this planet, where they're turning these out by the millions, or are these manufactured on their own planet? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it appears that these devices are being created on earth at this time; that earlier devices were brought here from their home planet, but that they now have construction sites on earth whereby implants and such devices are built and created for their use to save them from having to make trips back to their home planet. This Awareness indicates that it appears your government has acquired some of these devices, but has not learned yet how to make the devices so that they actually work. This Awareness indicates that likewise, the invisibility packs which the aliens use for entering into homes in their abduction of people, whereby they can come into a home and pluck a person through the ceiling and into the ship, using these packs which they wear on their back; this pack also has not been understood in terms of technology well enough to be built by your government though the government has several of these in its control, in its hands. U.S. Government Beginning to Understand Alien Physics This Awareness indicates that there is becoming a rudimentary understanding of the alien technologies that will eventually lead to their understanding of these devices; that the rudimentary understanding of the alien technology as that which comes from experiments and study of the alien spacecraft. They are beginning to understand from the spacecraft a different kind of physics involved and this will lead to their future understanding of these devices and the technology involved. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Since the aliens, through duplicates, now control a lot of the major corporations, as indicated by Awareness previously, is it possible that some of these corporations, perhaps in Silicon Valley, above ground, are manufacturing these devices the aliens use, particularly the implant, using human labor, or are these being developed in underground type factories by aliens exclusively? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it appears that these are being developed underground by aliens exclusively; that it appears the corporations that have been controlled tend to be those which originally cooperated in the construct of the underground facilities used by the aliens. MONITORING IMPLANTS: WHERE DOES THE INFO GO? (How Aliens Can Create Bad Luck & Blocks for You) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: When the aliens monitor individuals who are carrying these implants, does this information go onto a computer or some similar type device? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears as a possibility for the information to be placed in a computer, but that it is not necessarily the case. The device may pick up the vibrations of an entity's consciousness at a particular moment, but if the vibrations do not appear to be of significance to their purpose, it may simply be released and not stored. It is like an entity seeking information to put into the computer and not putting everything that is found, but being selective as to what is input and what is left out. Those entities who are on a strong spiritual evolutionary path are of little value to the aliens, except that they are often concerned that these entities may become troublesome to them in the future, and many of these entities who are evolving spiritually at high rates will be monitored and read to determine their future potential toward the alien agenda. If they appear to be a future threat, the aliens may attempt to throw negative energies or road-blocks in their spiritual development or to hinder them in some way so that they do not develop as quickly. This Awareness indicates that it is for this reason that many entities who are spiritually evolving keep running into what appears to be road-blocks and bad luck. Things will be working for them, and suddenly, some bad luck strikes and they get nowhere. It is because these aliens do not want these entities to gain sufficient position and power to in any way cause them a threat in their agenda. This Awareness indicates that they, being able to see some distance in the future, by reading an entity's consciousness, can see what an entity's potential is in regard to their plan for a New World Order, One World Government and connecting the earth to the confederation, and therefore, they may take action based on their discoveries from reading the entity's consciousness to hinder the entity's future progress. They are not able to absolutely stop the entity's growth if the entity remains determined. They may only hinder. This Awareness indicates they are unable to see everything in regard to the future. They can only see up to a point, and beyond that they are unaware. This Awareness indicates that the entity who remains steadfast in an effort to develop spiritually and overcome any energies these entities may throw in front of them, but the entity who does not have strong determination to continue in spiritual development can be thwarted and stopped by the energies which those entities may put forth in the path of this spiritual pursuit. Why Rudolf Steiner Described the Asuras Instead of UFOs This Awareness indicates that this is particularly referring to those negative types of the Zeta Reticuli and Orion forces or aliens that have been referred to by Rudolf Steiner as the "Asuras," the Archangels of Evil, in his terminology. The Asuras, representing the servants of the Ahriman forces. This Awareness indicates that it should be understood that the Greys are, of themselves, extremely weak beings, but with the technology available to them, they are a highly formidable force and these entities equate to the forces Rudolf Steiner spoke of when he talked of Ahriman's followers, the Asuras, and the demonic forces that kept him in power. This Awareness indicates that, essentially, these are much the same, but Rudolf Steiner at the time did not wish to describe UFOs and people from other places in the galaxy because he was ahead of his time, speaking on topics that were far out of the mainstream of thought and were he to discuss flying saucers and little men from other places in the galaxy, no one would have taken what he said seriously. His discussions being given in a metaphysical framework allowed him to be taken seriously in terms of concepts having symbolic and spiritual meaning. The entity was actually speaking of reality and tangible forces in the universe but speaking of them in ways that appeared metaphysical rather than practical in order to have his message acceptable to the people to whom he spoke. COULD ALL 40,000,000 IMPLANTS SELF-DESTRUCT? (Many Human- Are Walking Time Bombs Ready to Ignite) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In reference to these implants, in this illustration, one of the components is a self-destruction device and will destroy the SBMCD if access is attempted without frequencies required to open the module. Does this mean that lt is possible that the aliens could have all of these individually, or even simultaneously, self-destruct and because it is implanted in the entity, that this would kill the entity who had the implant? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates that it also suggests that these self-destructive implants could be used and triggered to make the entity a walking bomb with the Strontium 90 and other components involved the entity could in fact be a human weapon for the aliens to ignite. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Then it seems obvious that if the aliens have taken the pains to implant some 40 million people in this country alone, that they definitely have some sinister motivation behind this whole thing. Is that correct? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that is obvious; that the term sinister as that which is relevant to human view of the activity. From their point of view, it is not seen as sinister. Their attempt is to gain domination of the planet and the people so that they can perpetuate their own civilization and race on this planet, since their own planet is dying, and therefore, for them it is simply a matter of practical takeover, much as the European whites in coming to the American continent saw the natives of the continent as savages and therefore, felt they had the right to claim the land and push the savages out, mostly toward the West, until they were ready to expand further West themselves, and keep pushing the natives further and further out of their new-claimed territory. This Awareness indicates there is not much difference except in regard to scale and the characters involved in the scenario. WILL A GEIGER COUNTER DETECT IMPLANTS? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: With these implants containing Strontium 90, I assume that this would register on a Geiger counter. My question is, would the use of a Geiger counter be another way entities could detect an implant in themselves? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears this or something similar could be used to determine this. This Awareness indicates that approximately one or two years ago, a tabloid article came out discussing a camera that was built and designed to pick up radiation and that a picture was taken from this camera in an airport and that many of the entities in the picture had glowing halo-like energies surrounding their heads. This Awareness indicates that this camera as picking up these implants. This Awareness indicates that the article made an assumption that these entities were aliens on our planet who looked like humans. This Awareness indicates that in a symbolic sense this could be accurate; that these were entities controlled by these implants or by these aliens, though most were human themselves. ED's Note: this tabloid article, along with a photo of these aliens, and the response from Awareness can be found in "Revelations of Awareness" issue No. 90-14; $3.00 from CAC. DID NASA PHOTOS DISCOVER ALIEN CITIES? QUESTION: Speaking of cameras, the "Weekly World News" of August 27th, 1991, ran a story that said a new planet has been discovered and it is inhabited, and they showed "stunning top secret photos" that revealed city roads and intelligent life. It says, briefly: "American space officials were furious when British scientists announced the possible discovery of a new planet on July 25 because they found it in 1973, know that it is inhabited, and have the photographs to prove it. That's the word from astrophysicist Clayton Fields, who obtained top secret pictures of the planet from NASA sources and flatly states that the strange new world is dotted with cities and supports life at least as intelligent as our own. "NASA officials were stunned by the British announcement because they discovered the planet themselves in 1973 and wanted to tell the world about it when they thought the time was right," said Dr. Fields, of Los Angeles. "Their great fear is that the premature announcement will cause a world panic, of course, and as legitimate as that concern might be, it is a risk we have to take. Mankind is not and never has been alone in the universe," he added. "We are just one of many intelligent life forms that have evolved in this vast and fertile breeding ground called space." Dr. Field 's report is sure to send shock waves around the world as scientists try to make sense of conflicting information that is now being g published about the planet, which is 30,000 light-years from Earth, orbits a neutron star and has been code-named X- 23DF by NASA brass. Not surprisingly, the space agency has clamped a Kremlin-like shroud of secrecy over its own files and studies of the planet. But the photos obtained by Dr. Fields definitely appear to be NASA issue and clearly show cities on the surface of X-23DF. "My sources say the pictures were transmitted from a secret planet-seeking telescope that was launched into space in 1962 and is still sending back images from deep space today. The photos aren't sharp enough to tell us much of anything about the life-forms that built the cities. But computer enhancement of the images brings out buildings and roads to indicate the civilization is much like our own. I'm sure that NASA has tried to communicate with the inhabitants of X-23DF but I don't know if they've been successful," he added." That was the gist of the article. I'd like to ask Awareness if this is one of the fantasy stories they often plant, or is there truth to this story? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears the story is based on partial truth and partial fantasy; that a planet was indeed discovered at 30 light- years away; it was announced recently. It was discovered earlier as indicated. However, the photographs themselves appear to be fake. This Awareness indicates that this in accordance with the energies perceived in regard to this story. It appears to this Awareness that the photographs are photographs taken of a city on earth or cities on earth, rather than from a telescope in space. HOW MANY TYPES OF ALIENS ON EARTH TODAY? (The Many Different Types of Space Craft and Their Uses) QUESTION: A question from J.D. in New York. "In UFO sightings, a vast variety of different types and models of flying saucer-ish vehicles have been sighted as well as cigar- shaped and miscellaneous other shapes. Even Billy Meier was shown at least three different Pleiadian models. Why the great variety with individual models? Are there many ETs in our skies with many different saucers in their flotillas. For that matter, how many different ET civilizations are or have been in our skies currently, say in the past 60 years, and how many are basically physical, etheric and so forth?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears there are approximately 150 known types or named types of alien species; that these in reference to species that have been named by investigators for governments. It appears that approximately 100 are of physical form and approximately 50 of these as etheric, or intangible, types. That there are of course more that have not yet been named or categorized or even discovered. This Awareness indicates that the entity John Lear speaks of 70 different types of aliens; this in reference to certain military documents, government documents relating to aliens that were classified up to a certain time, but it is incomplete and the 70 species refer to tangible beings or terrestrial types of beings wherein there are now closer to a hundred such tangible types. That those which are classed as ethereal types are generally invisible to sight, but may be present in terms of frequencies or vibrations. Some might even seem like they are invisible blobs or creatures having no features, but having a consciousness and concepts which influence or affect entities in much the same way that a so-called demon might inhabit an entity's body and be removed through actions of exorcism. These type of beings of an invisible nature can also be classified as aliens, but of course are a different type of alien being and such beings are part of the other 50 types that have been categorized by certain officials in the government agencies dealing with these matters. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: This wide variety of spaceships; do these indicate, like the cigar-shape for example, as against one of the Pleiadian ships, does this indicate the intelligence or the technology of these various civilizations? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it appears more to be reflective of the purpose for the spacecraft, just as you have frigates, barges, carriers, battleships, motorboats, cruisers, fishing boats, passenger liners; each having a different function and each being built for that function, giving it a particular shape. The craft used by aliens tends to have a particular shape for a particular purpose of craft. The cigar-shaped craft being much like that of a freighter as a ship that carries cargo or holds large objects. In some cases, the cigar-type ship becomes a mothership or a kind of flying hanger. This Awareness indicates that the different shapes relate to different craft. The types of craft have to do with their purpose. There are of course other variations that have to do with the particular culture and age of the craft, the culture owning the craft and the age of the craft, but major differences are more related to the purpose of the craft in terms of the type of craft being used. WHY DID AWARENESS WARN AGAINST CIGAR SHAPED SPACE SHIPS BACK IN 1979? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In 1979, when Awareness released the original UFO information, It warned entities to avoid cigar-shaped UFOs. What was the purpose at that time of these cigar-shaped UFOs? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that these craft were and still are being used by the Greys; that the use of these cigar-shaped crafts, particularly at that time, were used for different purposes, including cattle mutilation and the experiments that were associated with the genetic engineering projects. The abduction of cattle and the meat processing plant in the cigar-shaped UFOs is an indication that these craft belonged to lower forms of extraterrestrials, not of the more highly evolved types, such as the Pleiadians and Vegans. Therefore, this Awareness warned entities to avoid contact with these aliens using the cigar-shaped craft. ED's Note: For more information on this, please refer to "Revelations of Awareness" Special Report issue 79-25, The Secret of the UFOs; $5.00 from CAC. WHY AWARENESS IS HIGHLY CONCERNED ABOUT ALIENS (Those Cute Little Guys with the Big Eyes are Evil Predators) CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that the overall picture associated with the UFO phenomena as that which is highly complex. There is no simple explanation. There are some good entities, there are some bad entities in every civilization, and for those who object to the concerns this Awareness has expressed in regard to the "bad guy" aliens, because their dreams and hopes of some angelic host of cosmic beings that would come and rescue humanity from its own ineptness is threatened by this negative discernment of the alien presence, because of this expression, many entities are disturbed and do not like the information that this Awareness has given. This Awareness indicates however, that they cannot easily dismiss the multitudes of testimonies given by entities who have been abducted, who have undergone experimentation, or who have witnessed the alien mistreatment of humans, or the many who experience periodic abductions and the removal of eggs or sperm for alien purposes in a manner that is never clearly explained, or which goes on month after month, year after year, creating the question: "What are these entities doing anyway?" This Awareness indicates that there is a need to know. When you become, and when thousands become, victims of a near-invisible predator who experiments in such a manner as to wipe out your memory of your having played guinea pig for them, how can you feel at ease with such a predator? This Awareness indicates that when the host of a country, of a planet, becomes the object of an experiment by the intruder, surely there is cause to question the motive and purpose of the intruder rather than simply to sit back and worship these little guys, who look so cute, because they have big eyes. This Awareness indicates that it would be unkind for this Awareness not to inform entities of the potential and realities in regard to this UFO phenomena. It would be unkind for this Awareness to repeat the hope and dreams that these "little guys" are here for your benefit, when in reality It sees these "little guys" experimenting with humans in order to further their own race and purposes by blending human genes with their own to create a new half-breed race of beings which they may join or use to conquer the planet and to further their own purposes. This Awareness does not particularly enjoy offending those who would like to have the view of a world that is the most perfect of all possible worlds, but if that is metaphysics, then metaphysics is nothing more than naivet and illusion, and this Awareness suggests that entities try reality for a change. (End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given.) NUCLEAR REACTORS IN CUBA: A THREAT TO U.S.? (Does the United States Have Plans to Invade Cuba?) QUESTION: In regard to nuclear power, J.K. wants to know "Why is Cuba building Soviet-type nuclear reactors when they are proven unsafe? Is there a threat to Cuba, the USA or any other country because of this situation?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that these are the more archaic types. Some have been built in the United States that are of similar archaic design. They are being built in Cuba because that is the extent of their technological capacity. They are, to some extent, a danger in that if there were a melt- down as occurred at Chernobyl, the radiation would be closer to the United States and would be more likely to blow in upon the shores of the United States. Thus, they are indeed a threat. These nuclear plants are not intended to be a threat, but by their very nature, the fact that they are of a poor design makes them a threat, even as Chernobyl was never intended as a threat but became one. QUESTION: He has another question. Actually, there are four questions. "Is the United States government planning to take any military action or invade Cuba now that the Soviet Union has dissolved? If so, for what reason, and/or purpose, and if true, when would this likely happen and exactly what office in government is responsible for initiating this action?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is not a question for this Awareness. That this Awareness does not get involved in disclosing military plans and operations of your government in this kind of exposure. This Awareness has discussed the alien situation and has exposed some information in that regard, this being more of a cosmological type of information, and part of a greater discourse. The discussion of aliens and their place in the scheme of things required going into some depth of disclosure in regard to their intentions, purposes, and what defenses are available against those that would perpetrate a takeover of this planet. Thus, this Awareness did disclose some information regarding the approaches considered against incoming alien craft or planetoids, but this Awareness does not wish to discuss detailed plans of a military nature of man against man. It does not see this as a strong plan. It does see that there are contingency plans available for this kind of invasion, but these contingency plans are always being created for every possible situation and scenario so as to be prepared if the need comes to draw up or bring out such a plan. This Awareness sees rather that the Cuban situation is likely to unravel itself and that Castro's programs are likely to self-destruct because of lack of financial support from the Soviet Union. This country has been dependent on Soviet help from the time Castro first took the country over and only recently has Russia and the Soviet Union been unable to continue supporting Castro's regime, and therefore, it must either survive on its own or succumb to the consequences of a system that has not proven financially capable of supporting itself. Therefore, the likelihood is that a hands-off policy will be sufficient to let it self-destruct, even as the other Communist countries failed economically to produce the results of their promised claims. It is likely that within the next two years, Cuba will be seeking trade and seeking help from Western countries in order to survive economically. It will attempt to patch up relationships with countries in the Western hemisphere and also it is seen that many of the policies of Castro will be overturned by a public that demands something more practical and something more productive and the policies of Castro, when failing, will very possibly lead to his own downfall. THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PARENTS AND CHILDREN Should You Make Your Kids Pay Room and Board? (General Reading, June 24, 1989) QUESTION: J.W., Dunnellen, New Jersey, writes: "For a long time, I seem to have been at odds with members of my group and others, as to whether or not children, presumably over 18, who are working and living at home, should pay board. I feel that they should, whether or not their parents are in comfortable circumstances and do not need the money. It is a matter of principle with me, and I feel very strongly about it. However, most of my friends feel that it is working a hardship on their children in these times of high costs of living. I even feel that when a child is unemployed, living at home with money in the bank, they should still pay board. I also feel that parents who don't agree with this are being taken advantage of and making their children selfish and dependent, as well as not making them face up to their responsibility. Am I wrong? There are probably a lot of facets to this question, and while I don't always agree with Awareness, I do value the comments, as I am one who seems always to be seeking truth, and CAC seems to be the best source that I know of." COMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is a situation which, in its ultimate sense, becomes a personal matter, one of personal choice. This Awareness suggests, however, that in determining what your personal choice might be, you may wish to consider different facets. This Awareness indicates that much will depend on the individual situation; much will depend also on the children's approach to life, their attitude, their situation, and what they wish to do with their earnings, and whether or not they are spending their earnings unwisely, or for frivolous purposes, and simply taking advantage of their parents' congeniality. This Awareness indicates if you are enabling them to refuse to mature, it might be best to consider this and do something that would lead to more quick maturity for the child. This Awareness suggests also, however, that there are certain situations in these times that are different from times twenty years ago, in which jobs for young people in many cases were easier and proportionately paid better, even though the prices were lower, proportionate to the cost of living. This Awareness indicates that in times of the present era, where it is so difficult for young people to get started, one might wish to give them some kind of break to help them get started; but do so with a kind of direction, so that they are not just being enabled to continue being a dependent while still working and getting paid a wage which they blow on their own gratification. This Awareness suggests for example, one parent might feel that the child should pay board as good training and as a lesson in balancing one's budget, and a parent might feel that this was good for the child. Another parent might feel it was necessary for the parent to receive the extra wages for expending extra costs of living on the child. Still another might feel that they would like to give the child a break and have the child start putting money in the bank as a savings for a future down payment on a home. This Awareness indicates that an entity living at home for five years, putting rent amounts into a bank, could stash up a large amount of money for a down payment on his or her own home, and some parents might feel this would be the best gift they could give the child. But if the child simply spent the money on running around and having a good time, the parent would not really be doing that much good for the child, and would be enabling the child to live a frivolous life, a wasteful time in his or her life. This Awareness suggests therefore, that you consider these many different facets and think about what you are doing in behalf of the child, as well as consider your own personal needs; but to create a rule of thumb that would apply in all circumstances is not practical. QUESTION: Question from J. W., sent in several years back: "Awareness, would you please comment on the idea that children would retain their innocence and natural goodness if their parents and other adults did not corrupt them with their own cruelty and lack of understanding and lack of true morality." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that there is, indeed, a certain degree of corruption that can affect a child from the parental behavior, particularly if that parental behavior is of such a morality or such a nature as to be a corruptive influence on the child. This Awareness suggests, however, that to assume that a child will naturally grow to be a loving and beautiful person without any form of parental guidance is also an impractical notion, for children can be quite savage in their natural inclinations. This Awareness indicates that without guidance from a parent, or someone, the child can become almost anything; and if there is no parental guidance, and they simply have guidance from their peers, then it's very easy for children to be corrupted by their own peers, and by examples they see on television or elsewhere. This Awareness suggests therefore, that the guidance that children see in terms of their role models is of utmost importance, and that if parents want to help guide their children in the right direction, it is important not only that they, themselves, serve as role models for the kind of person they would want their child to become, but also that they assist the child in selecting other role models in literature, in film, in society, which likewise serve the proper mold for a heroic or courageous or admirable character, as a model for the child. This Awareness indicates that it is equally important to shelter the child, or help the child stay away from those influences which would corrupt the child's approach to thinking, or to help the child discern the error in the ways of such role models as would corrupt or exhibit a corruption of human dignity. QUESTION: From S.K: (There are several questions in this; I can go back and ask them specifically) "I wonder if Awareness would discuss the relationship between parents and their adult children, what is a healthy relationship, how can the child deal with a judgmental, dominating, or possessive parent who behaves destructively in the name of Love. How much does one owe to their parent, and when is one justified in terminating the relationship? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that when an entity is a child, or when an entity is an adult child, the best relationship to have with a parent, the best relationship to cultivate is that of a friend. This Awareness indicates that there will be those parental-child overtones, but this Awareness suggests that you cultivate, if possible, the approach of the friend. This Awareness indicates that this, in fact, should be the basis for all of your relation ships, even that with your mate: first be a friend, then be a mate; first be a friend, then be a child; first be a friend, then be a parent. Let the friendship be the first and foremost part of the relationship, then let the other aspect be secondary. This Awareness indicates that in terms of the domineering parent, one who oppresses the child, or even the adult child, if one does not feel that one can be a close friend to that domineering parent, one should extract the energies of the relationship to the degree that feels comfortable. In other words, you may wish to stay away for some time, and when you feel like going back and seeing your parent, then go back and stay until you become uncomfortable. When you feel a discomfort in relating, it is time to go. This Awareness indicates that while you are there, be a friend. Don't let yourself be caught in playing the role of the child, or giving too much credence to the parent. Instead, emphasize the friendship. This Awareness indicates if you find yourself being caught in the domineering and victimized role playing, it is time for you to depart. This Awareness indicates, of course, there are situations in which entities living together do not have the opportunity to always leave the scene. If they live in the same house as parent and adult child, they may find themselves in greater degrees of parent-child relationship, and friendship levels may be harmed or diminished because of this. This Awareness indicates that even there, the relationships can be helped if you think more in terms of friendship with your parent, than falling into the role-playing of parent-child interaction. This Awareness indicates that to some degree, this can never be avoided, for the parent has established over many years a certain standard of behavior in relation to the child, and demands a certain standard of behavior from the child, and it is hard to break these patterns and this kind of relationship. This Awareness suggests that for this reason, it is quite common, and is suggested that entities break the pattern by separating from their parents when it is convenient and not too stressful or harmful to either party. This Awareness indicates that the separation may be on a temporary basis, whereby the entities come back together at later times for various periods of relationship, either short time or long-term relationship. This Awareness indicates that in either case, you should determine whether or not you are relating in a beneficial and harmonious manner that helps each other, or if the relationship is destructive to you and to your parent. This Awareness suggests that you think of these as the co-creative relationship in which you both assist each other, or the codependency relationship in which you both depend on each other, sometimes to your own detriment, and to the point where you don't feel yourself to be your own, in charge of your own life sufficiently to enjoy your life. In the co- dependency relationship, you must make changes to assist in breaking this pattern of interaction that sets up bondage on each party. This Awareness indicates that if you cannot break that pattern together, then it becomes important that you create areas in your relationship wherein there is greater independence and greater separation. The separation of entities should not be seen as something negative. In some instances, it can be a time of positive growth for both entities, and the separation of two entities in terms of space is not the same thing as psychic separation. Entities can live very closely together and be psychically separated to the extreme, or they can live very far apart and be quite close in terms of psychic and emotional attachment to each other. This Awareness indicates, therefore, you not confuse separation with spatial separation, but think in terms of the psychic separation. This Awareness has suggested entities avoid energizing concepts of separateness. It is referring to psychic separateness and not to physical separations. Physical separations often bring people closer together, or can bring people closer together in their hearts, and in their psyche and love for each other; for as they get away, they can see things more clearly. This Awareness suggests, however, that the physical separation can also cause entities to become interested in other things to such a degree, that even though they may hold someone dear in their heart, they may lose any kind of interest in returning to see the person because their interests are taken up with other things. This Awareness indicates there is the phrase "out of sight, out of mind"; there is also the phrase "absence makes the heart grow fonder." Both of these cannot be, and yet, both of them are true in their own peculiar way and under certain circumstances. This Awareness indicates that absence makes the heart grow fonder when entities are reluctantly separated. But one out of sight, who has no great attachment to the entity, may quickly put the entity out of mind as he or she becomes involved with others, or other interests. Thus, both of them have their truth. This Awareness indicates that there are also the truths that "familiarity breeds contempt," and when entities are too close together and find themselves psychically apart they may start feeling contempt for one another. This Awareness suggests that all of these things have certain degrees of truth and need to be understood. For if you live close together with someone whom you are psychically opposed to, then the contempt can grow to the point where you are separated psychically, even though you are physically together and this can develop a kind of entrapment that is unhealthy for both parties. This Awareness indicates that love is a strange thing, whereby entities seldom have pure love and seldom have pure hate, they generally have a kind of love/hate tug of war. The thing you love the most often you hate the most. And sometimes, this tug of war can take many different turns, and you cannot always know how it is going to end up; or if it even ends up at all, for it may continue again and again and again, after breaking up again and again and again. This Awareness indicates that in the relationship between parent and children, there are the seeds being planted for future relationships that entities have with their mates. So that wherein you have difficulties with your father, for example (especially if you are a female), you may have similar difficulties with your husband. Likewise the young man who has difficulties with his mother, or may have some certain relationship with his mother, will have a similar relationship, or expect a certain type of relationship with his wife. This Awareness indicates that entities often tend to attract as mates those people who reject what they conceive as the best qualities that remind them of their most favored parent, or the qualities that fill in the gaps that they, themselves, have missing. So, that, for example, an entity who is shy and quiet may be attracted to one who is loud and boasting. This Awareness indicates that this attraction is often termed and considered as the concept that opposites attract. This can lead entities together to seek the opposite in order to fill in the gaps one feels is present in his or her personality. It generally also leads to the future problems which the entities will experience. This Awareness indicates what wherein entities are too much alike, they often become bored with each other after a short period of time. This Awareness suggests that the best relationship that entities can have with one another is not to think so much in terms of mates, in terms of parents, or children, or all of these different role-playing relationships, but to establish friendships. You can establish a friendship with a very small child, or with a very old person. And the friendships for each individual will be based on a different set of interests particular to that person's interests and your own, wherein you have certain mutual interests that you can talk about, or you have certain areas which you establish in your relationship that provide you with something in common during the future times, such as, perhaps going on a trip together, and this trip, then, provides you with something in common that you can later reflect back on when you are together. This Awareness indicates the best way to strengthen friendships is to establish common bonds, common experiences, things that you can reflect on together in your communications and in your relationships with one another. This Awareness indicates that this is basically what ties people together -- their common experiences and bonds. Should Your Kids Call You By Your First Name? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In making friends with one's adult children, should they be encouraged to call their parents by their first name? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this could be quite helpful if both parties feel comfortable. This Awareness suggests that it would be beneficial in the establishment of friendships to use the first name basis, rather than the labels Mom, Dad, and son or daughter. This Awareness indicates that as long as an entity, even if the entity is quite old -- say 65 years old -- addresses his father, who is, say 85 years old, as "Dad" or "Papa," that entity is going to always feel subordinate in the child-parent syndrome. This Awareness indicates if both parties feel comfortable with this, it can continue. It shows a certain kind of respect for the parent. Is it necessary for the parent to maintain that position of parenthood, even when the child is much older, and is no longer a minor? This Awareness indicates that it would be an entirely different relationship if the 65-year-old and the 85-year-old could walk down the street as 'Mutt and Jeff," or "George and Homer," and appear to be friends, rather than "Pop and son." This Awareness indicates it's a question of which the entities prefer. In some cases, entities would prefer to keep the established relationship of father and son, others might find it more comfortable treating each other as equals, as friends. This Awareness indicates that many children, when their parents get quite old, begin treating their parents as though they were children, and the roles get reversed so that the middle-aged child treats the older parent in the same way that a parent might treat his or her child. This Awareness indicates that this parental role being reversed at that point can lead to some very difficult situations for the parent. There are many cases wherein the parents are actually abused by their children. This Awareness suggests therefore, again, the concept of a friendship would be more healthy in such relationships. All relationships will thrive and be healthier if they are first viewed as friend ships, and then, secondary relationships brought in as subordinate to that friendship. This Awareness indicates there is perhaps an exception in the role of the "boss" and the employee. For in some cases where it is important to maintain a kind of order in terms of authority, the role of the "boss" being coupled with the role of the employee, both being friends first, boss and employee second, can be somewhat, in some situations, unsettling to any hierarchy system that might otherwise be set up. This Awareness suggests, of course, most hierarchy systems are more artificial than necessary. There are, however, some necessities in having a kind of hierarchy system, in that, as a general rule, whoever has the liability, or whoever has the expertise should have the authority. And in such cases, the hierarchy system is based on the authority that accompanies the expertise and the liability. This Awareness indicates, of course, also seniority plays a part; whoever arrives first is the host, and whoever arrives second is the guest. If one is in one's home, they may host the guest. The homeowner is the one who has the greater authority. The same is true in terms of a job; the one who has worked longest, all things being equal, would by assumption, have greater authority and expertise in the job; and therefore having seniority, would have more authority than the new person. This Awareness indicates this is not always the case. One may work at a job for many years, and a new person might come in who has been trained in some other job or some other training field, who then enters in as a superior over that person, having a greater knowledge, greater wisdom, or greater expertise in the field. This Awareness indicates that all of these things, of course, change the dynamics of the relationship and need to be considered. But even in these kind of relationships, the establishment of a friendship between entities can, within bounds of mutual respect, be very beneficial in helping things to move more smoothly. This Awareness indicates the friendships which do not have sufficient formality of respect to one another may deteriorate the relationships that are important in such situations, so that friendships can be harmful. This Awareness suggests that as long as friendships and mutual respect are together, even the hierarchy relationships can benefit. It is the friendship that is used to usurp another's position that might threaten a hierarchy relationship. This Awareness indicates that this is an important consideration in some relationships such as military or corporate establishments. A Meditation For Healing Mother Earth QUESTION: A question from J.W.. "Lazarus suggests we can have an intimate and mutually rewarding relationship with planet Earth by recognizing it as not an inert rock, but a living being following involved cosmic laws, as the law of Cosmic Awareness, the Law of Thought. Lazarus seems to incorporate the Law of Thought, Law of Suggestion and Law of Description and Law of Co- creation in one simple exercise that it suggested would yield tremendous benefit, namely, sit in a meditative stance, eyes closed; visualize a ball of light above your head; let that ball, or a beam from it come down through you so you are skewered on the light; as you exhale, you visualize the ball of light plunging miles into the Earth, bearing your love energies and good wishes; as you inhale, visualize the Earth returning the ball of light along the same beam you sent down with its energies and good wishes and vibrations. You multiply the potency of the exercise by sending your astral or etheric double to Maccu Piccu, in Peru, or the Great Pyramid, Mount Shasta, or whatever of the Earth's stronger energy exchange vortices you wish to use, and suggest that your etheric double is mimicking your meditative energy exchange meditations simultaneously as you are doing in the physical." Does Awareness commend this for the CAC readership? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this can be most helpful form of meditation. That many can enjoy and benefit from the fruit of this meditation. That it can have profound effects on the psyche of entities as well as on the biosphere, or that which is the collective consciousness of the planet. This Awareness suggests that entities may wish to practice this meditation, that it is, indeed, richly rewarding. How to Clean Out the Mucous and Toxins in the Intestines QUESTION: A question from J.B.: "What is the best system for cleaning out the mucous and toxin build-up on the walls of the small intestine. You can eat the greatest food in the world, but if the nutrients are not able to be properly absorbed in the small intestine, they won't be doing you much good." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness suggests that generally, the excessive mucous in a system is brought on by excessive use of wheat, milk, and carbohydrates, especially the sugary foods. This Awareness suggests that excessive sugar, excessive use of wheat products, and of homogenized milk can, for many people, create excessive mucous in the system. It is not always the case; it depends largely on how well the entity's system handles these products. This Awareness suggests, however, that the use of acidophilus culture can assist the entity's dieting and cleansing of the intestines. This Awareness suggests that by curtailing the excessive use of the carbohydrates mentioned, using acidophilus culture, and by eating more green and fresh vegetables and fruit, the system can be cleansed considerably. This Awareness indicates that bulk fiber such as is found in flax seed and oat bran and similar grains, even the products of corn, especially including the kernels, all these things can help to cleanse the intestines. This Awareness suggests that certain amount of diatomaceous earth taken internally can also be beneficial, a teaspoon in a glass of water, stirred up, taken to assist in cleansing out parasites and also cleansing the intestines. This Awareness suggests that the use of flax seed and psyllium seed is also seen as beneficial. Psyllium seed is available in that product known as Metamucil and other similar products. This Awareness suggests that there are, of course, the colonics that many entities advocate. Some entities consider these as dangerous, others consider them as lifesavers. The careful and proper administration of colonics can be beneficial, providing an entity is reasonably healthy and does not receive any infection from the way the colonics are administered. This Awareness suggests that considering the nature of AIDS, this form of cleansing carries some new risks which entities need to consider. This Awareness indicates that the same may be said for the use of enemas: if used by different people in the same context, enema bags can carry AIDS virus just as could needles of drug users. Therefore, one needs to consider this carefully. This Awareness indicates along the same line, entities need to be careful in regard to dental work. The suction tubes placed in the mouth of one patient should be well cleansed before being put into the mouth of the next patient, particularly where there can be bleeding during the dental work. The Mystery of the Crystal Skull QUESTION: A question from J.D., in Ohio: "In 1924, a skull made of quartz crystal was found in British Honduras. It is reputed to have unusual powers, sometimes good, sometimes not. It would almost be impossible to duplicate such a sculpture, even with today's technology. It is said to be as perfect as an anatomical scientific model, with the exception of having no suture marks on the top. Some New Agers feel it has the power to heal and is a storehouse of information. Would Awareness inform us how to tap into this crystal computer, and also give a brief history of this skull, which has been called the world's most mysterious artifact?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates there are several of these skulls in the world today, that have been discovered. This Awareness indicates that these were created in Atlantis; that these were created with lasers being used to carve these skulls under precise and carefully-controlled scientific and artistic systems. This Awareness indicates that they serve as a kind of communication device that was used to communicate between ships and bases, whereby the entities having the frequency of a crystal skull could tap that frequency and attune it to another crystal skull, so that they both were on the same frequency. An entity present, looking into the eyes of the crystal skull, could mentally speak to the person to whom he or she wished to communicate at the other end of the connection, who, in turn, would be looking into the eyes of the crystal skull before him or her, and sending messages back to the first person. This served them both as a tool for telepathic communication. This Awareness indicates that these tools do not, in themselves, have power, but have the frequency and vibration that allows entities to project certain thought forms into them, which in turn can be picked up by others who touch, look into, or communicate with these skulls, so that they feel some kind of power emanating. The power that emanates actually is coming from previous viewers of such skulls, those who have projected psychic energy into the skulls. This Awareness indicates that in some cases, these skulls collect large amounts of psychic energy from many different persons, and it can be picked up and received by an individual who is sensitive and receptive, and may feel as though it were a powerful energy or force. This Awareness indicates essentially, the entity staring into the eyes of the crystal skull would look until he or she could see the face of the other person superimposed over the skull. At that point, they would know they were in psychic contact with the individual. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: I believe I read somewhere once that the CIA or the Pentagon had one of these crystal skulls or confiscated one for study or for some kind of use as a military weapon. Is there any truth to that? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this does appear to be so. There was the study to determine what use they had and whether it could be of any value. This Awareness indicates that it does appear they realize they were used for telepathic purposes.. This Awareness indicates that the value of the crystal skulls for telepathic purposes is that it serves as a tool for enhancing one's ability. It is not that it is required to have a crystal skull in order to telepathically communicate with another, but the crystal skulls do enhance one's ability. It is like a crystal ball. For example: if one wishes to stare at a spot in space, looking for the future, one can do so, but if one has a crystal ball and stares into the crystal ball, it becomes easier to focus and to see the future in that manner. This Awareness indicates it's simply a tool, it is not a device for doing so; it is a tool to help the mind function in certain principles or activities with greater efficiency. The skull it self has no particular power. It is that which is projected on the skull that gives it a purpose and value. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Is that sort of similar to such modalities as the Tarot cards and other psychic tools? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates that Tarot cards do carry certain patterns with them that have rudimentary meanings. They can be taken literally by an entity, in which case, the manner of shuffling is what determines the outcome if one reads the literal interpretation of the cards. But when one has practiced and used these cards for many years, or for great periods of time, the shuffling of the cards and the layout of the patterns on the cards begin to have less importance, and the psyche of the individual becomes more meaningful in reading the cards wherein the entity, for example, may lay out 20 cards, but the mind of the entity gravitates and flashes on different scenes in the layout and picks up from these various scenes the image, the meaning, the symbol here, there, and there, and gets an automatic message, which another entity who is more of a novice would not see at all, and might wonder where the reader perceived all the information. The novice might sit and analyze all the cards in their relationship to one another, and see something of a different nature which might still be valid, but the entity who has had years of experience might grasp something of a somewhat higher importance, and see a more refined or more accurate message. This Awareness indicates that like wise with radionics machines. The mind plays an important part in the discovery of meaning. The machines are secondary to that message. This Awareness indicates all of these things work on the principle of quantum physics, where the mind of the observer affects the outcome of the layout or experiment. The Mysterious Rock Found in Washington State QUESTION: J.D. has one other question: "The television show "Unsolved Mysteries" had a show about a rock found in 1988 in Tumwater Creek in Washington State near the Canadian Border. This rock had mysterious symbols, and the people who found it suddenly had immediate success. Things just started falling into place for them. Would Awareness tell us about this rock, and also, I would like to know if such good luck will come to someone who keeps a copy of the symbols in their home." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this rock appears to have been that of an ancient Indian tribe that has long been extinct. This appears to have been in association with Indians who traveled in a southern direction. This Awareness indicates that it appears that the carvings were placed there approximately 700 years ago. This Awareness indicates that it appears these carvings were not, nor was the rock, so much the bringer of good luck, but rather that the entities' cycle, which comes about in terms of one's horoscope and certain cycles, reached a point in which the entities were to begin experiencing good luck, good fortune. This Awareness indicates the finding of the rock was part of that good fortune. This Awareness indicates, however, that it does appear that the symbols of the rock, when used by individuals with the story being told that the rock and the good luck accompanied each other, can serve as a trigger to influence an individual's subconscious into believing that the symbols can bring good luck; and in so acting as a suggestion, have an effect of helping to bring good luck to entities. This Awareness suggests that in this sense, it works much like the placebo which the entity believes is a cure-all for his ills, or the good luck charm which an entity may believe in as bringing good fortune, and as long as the entity carries it, focuses on good fortune and therefore energizes good fortune, and to that extent, enjoys good fortune. This Awareness indicates that the mind expecting good fortune tends to get it; the mind expecting difficulties and ill fortune tends to draw that to them. Therefore, it can serve as a suggestive force to bring good luck if it is marketed or promoted properly, with the right kind of suggestions. This Awareness indicates that it appears it already has taken on the legend or aura of good luck from the stories that have been told, and this, in turn, is energizing the symbols to bring good luck. (End of Reading; Law of Gratitude given.) END OF ISSUE ---------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Get Electronic Copies of "Revelations of Awareness" by EMail: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- At this time, subscriptions are not available via the net. 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