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93-07 (Issue No. 416) ----------------------------------- Find Out Who, |* REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS *| How Many Have In Fact, You |* The New Age Cosmic Newsletter *| You Served? And Really Are. ----------------------------------- How Well? Cosmic Awareness Communications Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 email: alex@spiral.org (subscription information available at end of this file) "Helping People Become Aware Since 1977." --------------------------------------------------------------------------- REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter, published by Cosmic Awareness Communications, Box 115, Olympia, WA 98507, a not-for-profit organization. Copyright 1993 by Cosmic Awareness Communications and the Aquarian Church of Universal Service. Reproduction is permitted, but no alterations may be made without express permission. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as "Channels" for the "Heavenly Father" and expresses itself once again as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of "readings" given, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to *believe* anything, not even Itself, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover through your own channel what the truth really is. Cosmic Awareness will only "indicate" and "suggest." Neither CAC or the Interpreter is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does CAC or the Interpreter necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreter interprets the energies as they are seen in trance levels and are not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreter has no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments, which are entirely the responsibility of the editor. Paul Shockley, Interpreter Avaton, C.A.C Editor Alex, OCR'er and NetPoster Vikki T., Office Manager --------------------------------------------------------------------------- IN THIS ISSUE: 93-07 (Issue No. 416) The Goddess Energies: Feminine Power, How It's Really Supposed to Be Used; Does a Woman Give Up Her Power When She Falls In Love?; Getting Masculine and Feminine Power Straight; The Male and Female's Greatest Asset; The Concept of "Red Knighting"; The Male Ego is Man's Greatest Weakness; Women Who Talk of Power Only Alienate Men; Why "Equal Rights" Creates Such Great Conflict; The Greater Role of Women; The Failure of the Macho Woman; Nurturing Can Be Long Hard Work; Woman Must Often Be the Conscience of Man; Women Who Ignore the Male Ego May Get Hurt; Some Women See Men Like a Cowboy Sees His Horse; The Great Destructive Force in a Relationship; Asking a Question Could Save a Marriage; Why Must the Woman Always Be So Careful? Why Can't She Speak Out Any Time?; Men Need to Confront the Pain Created By Their Father; The Secret of What Women Want Most From Men; "How Did Your Day Go?": Why Men Don't Answer; Surface Has Only Been Scratched on This Subject; Never Overlook the Value of a Hug; Preparing Humanity for the New Dimension; Some Predictions For Coming Years; The End of the World in 2012 Might As Well Start Here; Will Our Constitution Be Preserved? More on the New World Order; The Alchemical Route to Development; Meditation and Love of Something is One Way; The Confessional and Other Religious Rituals; "Captive Spirits" and How to Release Them; Freeing Oneself From Lucifer Entrapment; The Peril's of Being a Servant of the Rational Mind; Will There Be a New "Sacred Book" For This Age?; The "Knowers of the Way"; The Polar Shift and Other Dire Predictions; The 2012 Dimensional Shift and the Aliens; Great Vibrational Changes After Jupiter Becomes a Sun; Are Alien Agreements With Humans Valid?: There Are Many Ways to Make Agreements; Accept No "Debts" to Aliens From Prior Lifetimes; Prayers for Electronic Pollution; What's Happening at the Monroe Institute?: Out of Body Spies Being Trained for Future Wars; Getting Rid of All Those Blocks: Cosmic Awareness Addresses the Gathering; Your Subconscious is Still Roman Catholic; Your Subconscious May Be Punishing You For Being Naughty; Learn to Contact Your Subconscious With a Pendulum; How to Rid the Body of Fat and Cellulite; Will Pinhole Glasses Really Help the Eyes?; Is Fiberglass as Dangerous as Asbestos?; Psychotronic Illusions Created in Russia: More on the "Second Coming" of Christ; Weeping Statues, Healing Waters, and Other "Miracles" Occurring: What Is the Cause of All These?; Who Was Topiltzin or Quetzalcoatl?; "We The Arcturans": Are They Really Our Friends or Are They Just Impostors?; The Cosmic Awareness Book Review; Why Many Corpses Are Not Rotting in Graves; Modern Mummies Being Created Through Food Preservatives; Enzymes and Fasting Will Remove Preservatives; Will Preservatives in Your Body Retard The Soul?; Time to Clean Out That Body! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Living together in Peace...(Continued) THE GODDESS PRINCIPLE: DOES A WOMAN GIVE UP HER POWER WHEN SHE FALLS IN LOVE? GETTING MASCULINE & FEMININE POWER STRAIGHT AND WHY "EQUAL RIGHTS" WITH MEN WON'T WORK QUESTION: A question from C.C. Awareness has gone into this subject several times, but she quotes a part of an article that might open up some new territory. She writes: "Has Awareness discussed in past issues about Feminine Consciousness? And she quotes the following: "Power comes from Mother Earth, from women, and women truly do know. Men, on the other hand, are born into the world and are told, "It's a man's world," but they know they don't know. They've come to learn, but when everybody tells them they should know, they build an ego around them to deal with the fact that deep inside, they know they don't. It's difficult for them and for women, and nobody understands because nobody's out there teaching. So here you have a man with an enormous ego trying to pretend he knows, when in the reality he is subconsciously looking for the Goddess, to teach him how to live. So he meets a woman and starts testing her. She falls in love, and, as is so often the case, gives over her power to him. At this point he's subconsciously infuriated because he wanted to understand power from her. He becomes angry and difficult with her and probably tries to destroy her. I can understand why he feels the way he does. The woman is confused. What she needs to do is back up and learn how to take her power as a woman. Then she is ready to go into a relationship where she can love without giving away her power. Until she has an identity that is not predicated on a male figure, she will give it away every time." (From an interview with Lynn Andrews in the magazine "Body, Mind and Spirit.") Then she adds: "Let's hear about the Goddess Principle and how to be beautiful, extraordinary feminine women instead of becoming like middle-class men. Without the power of women we can't bring balance back onto this planet. We're seeing a Patriarchy that's doing a kind of death dance, trying to usurp the power of femininity everywhere. lt isn't one man, one person or one government; it's an energy field, that like everything else on earth that has life does not want to die. It isn't evilness, it's an imbalance. One of the main barriers in my relationship right now is of his wanting to be the "boss." He doesn't know! I would sure like to learn more about the Goddess. Would Awareness please expand on this?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that there is much distortion in the concept of feminine power and much distortion in the idea of masculine power; that much of this is built strictly around prejudice. Those who promote the concept of the Goddess and feminine power are generally prejudice toward the feminine point of view, and those who promote the concept of a masculine God, a know-it-all God, are generally prejudiced toward the masculine view, and each of the sex representatives, male or female, finds arguments to assert its own validity and value over the other. This Awareness questions whether the negative or positive aspects of electricity are greater because of the negative or the positive charge that circulates through the wires, or do they not both have a dependency on each other for their own power? Neither has power without the other. This Awareness indicates the power of the female to create a relationship or to break a relationship with the male is equally as great as the power of the male to make or break relationship with the female. The Male and Female's Greatest Asset The male aspect, generally represented by men in a relationship, tends to think in terms of its own strength in solving problems, this in terms of physical strength, whereas the female strength lies in her nurturing ability. The ability of the female to nurture to bring comfort, is her greatest asset, whereas the ability of the male to use physical strength for protecting the female may be his greatest asset in the relationship. The female generally tends to go for the male that appears to be protective and a provider of her needs, and the male tends to go for the female that can bring him the greatest comfort, and this Awareness indicates that the problem for many men is that they see and seek women for comfort and expect women to comfort them, even when they have self-destructive behavior. They look for the woman to substitute the role of the comforting mother, and yet they may bring on much of their own self-destructive experience to such a degree that the female tires of having to patch up the man's ego or his body or his personal needs because of his own self-destructive tendencies. The Concept of "Red Knighting" This Awareness indicates that this relates to the concept of "Red Knighting," wherein the male tends to go out to do battle, and upon being wounded, comes back home for comfort. The battle may be in the business world, the battle may in the tavern, in brawling with street fights or gangs or whatever, and the female often falls into the role of comforting the wounded warrior of his battles and scars. This Awareness indicates that in the role of the female selecting men who battle in negative ways against forces that are not necessary for him to battle, or assisting the man in these negative battles, she finds herself comforting the entity who is fighting a losing battle, and in this way she gives away, through her poor selection, much of her strength to the loser. This Awareness indicates the man may appear and talk big, but may become a warrior in the negative sense, fighting things that are of little value, tilting wind mills or fighting against odds that are too great and have no long-term meaning, so that battles won are of no great importance other than to give the entity's ego a feeling of self-importance at having defeated another windmill or won in another street fight or out-argued someone in a tavern or out-drank someone in the party. This Awareness indicates that these various egocentric competitions of men that have no value other than to promote the man's ego and self- centeredness are often the central focus of the female comforter who selects poorly her warrior. The warrior that fights the positive battle may fight against inadequacies within himself or injustices in society, or may fight to improve the lives of his family or of his neighborhood, or may fight against poverty or sickness or other ills that befall humanity, and may help to develop or to create or to maintain behavioral patterns, social patterns or structures and activities that bring benefit to others, and those females who then can comfort this type of warrior, who can nurture this type of warrior, may find that their choice is much more meaningful than comforting the entity whose only claim of value is that he has proven himself and his ego is still intact. The Male Ego is Man's Greatest Weakness This Awareness indicates that the male's ego is his greatest weakness, the idea of self-promotion is of such little importance, and yet is so widespread among men that it has become a social phenomenon. The self-centeredness of men in efforts to achieve recognition for their own egocentric pride and self-glory does so little for humanity, and does such great damage to others, that it is the most damaging aspect of the male personality, for this kind of egocentric male who feels the urge to be important may select a mate over whom he can dominate and may even find himself fighting with babies and children because they challenge him and he wants to prove himself boss over them. It is this kind of egocentric male that is commonly associated with the abuse of children and abuse of wives, wherein he uses bullying tactics to prove his manliness and dominance. This Awareness indicates a truly strong male does not need to prove to the child that he is boss, does not need to strike the child, to beat the child or to beat the wife with physical powers and to abuse these children or wives. This Awareness indicates the truly strong man can relate to these entities on levels that they can understand so that they want to be cooperative or so that through compromise and reconciliation they can mutually agree on bargains struck between them to behave or do certain things that is satisfactory to both. This Awareness indicates that the role of woman is strongest when she can coax from the man his needs and feelings without offending him, without giving him the feeling that she is prying into his mind and feelings simply to use what she gathers against him. If she can get him to express himself, because he has the need to express, and she is an open and willing vessel to hear his needs, she then has control of the situation, because her receptivity is what he needs her for. Women Who Talk of Power Only Against Men Man needs woman to be receptive to his need for expression, and woman needs man to be expressive in a manner that is positive and constructive. This Awareness indicates that woman is in her glory when she can be receptive to the man in such a way as to bring out his positive and constructive expression. She is at her worst when she brings out his destructiveness either by blocking his expression or by causing him to express himself in a distorted way that is destructive to herself, to others, to the family, to the children, to the man. This Awareness indicates that generally, the woman can be easily fooled into attempting to play the masculine role and thinking that she is strong if she can manipulate and make demands and ultimatums to cause her man to yield to her power, and when she does this, when she take away his power and emasculates him and causes him to feel inferior to her, she thinks she has control, but she can never have control through this method because the man will either leave or will rebel. The man will never stay with that kind of energy for long. This Awareness indicates that women who talk about having power generally tend to be the type who alienate men and bring out the worst in them. Women who have nurturing qualities, ability to inspire and to direct, through their inspiring abilities, to inspire the man to express himself in a positive way: these are the women who have true feminine power and who can stand behind the expression of the man, or control armies of men to do their bidding, not because they have intimidated man, but because they have inspired man. Why "Equal Rights" With Men Create Great Conflict This Awareness indicates that in this sense, women have to some great degree in recent times, failed in their obligations toward men, because they have focused excessively on equal rights with the idea that equal rights means equal behavior, and they do not have the same qualities as men. They do not have the same assertiveness as men, and when they attempt to be as assertive as a man, they often run into obstacles from men who resent them, and they create conflict for themselves and for men that leads to greater trouble than the efforts were intended or were worth. The Greater Role of Woman This Awareness indicates the greater role of woman is to nurture and to bring out the gentle side of men, to teach men love, to teach men to be sensitive, to teach men to care, to bring out the feminine aspects of men rather than to try to bring forth a battle from their man. This Awareness indicates that the role of woman also is to channel the assertiveness, aggressiveness and power of men toward some kind of constructive expression, or something that manifests as a way of living. This Awareness indicates that when women understand this kind of role, they will have a feminine power that uses the energies of men in a way that helps to bring out the best in them, and also a way that allows the men to be of greater service to women, for men can very willingly dedicate their lives to serving their women, willfully and desiring to do so, if the woman inspires them and gives them support in their need to express themselves constructively. The woman can also serve in the role of conscience for men. Men often lose sight of what is just and fair, and women tend to be able to recognize, because of feminine compassion, what is just and fair in relationships, and therefore, they can serve by helping to keep the man's focus on what is just and fair. They serve as a kind of conscience for men. The Failure of the Macho Woman This Awareness indicates the woman who tries to become a macho woman, a woman expressing masculine qualities, loses her strength as a woman, and becomes equal to a weak man, for weak men tend to overplay the macho aspects of their expressiveness. They become negative in their expressions, trying to prove themselves manly, just as men try to prove themselves to be manly. It would be much more beneficial for women to accept the qualities that come naturally to them, a quality of being nurturing in nature, to nurture, to give nourishment and encouragement, and in this kind of nurturing attitude, women become more powerful in their expression, because men need that nurturing. This Awareness indicates a hungry man needs food, if he is hungry for food. A hungry man needs a woman if he is hungry for the woman who nurtures him. This Awareness indicates that few men are hungry for women who compete on a masculine level with them, especially when that masculinity is of a negative and critical and hostile and competitive level. This Awareness indicates therefore, when you think in terms of Goddesses and power of women, make sure you have your principles of male and female energies clearly understood. NURTURING CAN BE LONG HARD WORK (Women Must Often be the Conscience of Man) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Sometimes, in a relationship for some people I know, it seems like maintaining a nurturing stance requires continuous focus and effort and hard work. Is this supposed to come easier after awhile, or am I missing something there? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates there are times in which the woman must play the role of the conscience of man and must call things as she sees them, and in this sense, there may be that kind of confrontation that can be given. It does not necessarily need to be expressed in such a way as to create antagonism and fights or belittlement toward the male. This Awareness indicates that this too can be quite difficult for the woman, for many women who seek to dominate the male by letting them know exactly how stupid they are or how inept they are, or how foolish they are, will find that they have harmed the relationship greatly in such assertions and may find themselves on the blunt end of a punch or verbal attack. Women Who Ignore the Male Ego May Get Hurt They may find themselves receiving hostile blows by indignant male energies from a bruised ego. This Awareness indicates you may say: 'Well, who cares about the male ego?!" This Awareness indicates that you do not need to protect the male ego, but the male ego is there, and the entity who has a fragile ego will protect his ego, even at the expense of hurting a woman, and especially if he cares about the woman's opinion. This Awareness indicates that it is a question of whether you want to be battered for bruising male egos and get your kick from having bruised the ego and received punishment for doing so, or whether you want to find ways of living together so that the male ego is not an issue and your own expression develops in such a way as to help the male ego evolve beyond the need far its protection. This Awareness indicates that women can help men to grow out of the immaturity associated with a fragile ego, if they wish to do so, or they can simply condemn the man and say that he is foolish and that he has a stupid ego, and whatever else they wish to say about him, and they may decide they would just as soon live without him in their lives. This Awareness indicates that many women have taken this course, and that is their choice. Other women desire some kind of meaningful relationship that gets beyond the battle of the sexes, into that which has been called love, and partnership or marriage. This Awareness indicates that in getting to this level, entities may wish to find ways of relating in spite of the differences that exist between male and female counterparts. This Awareness indicates that the woman who can make the male feel like he is alright, while at the same time letting him know that there are certain things he is doing that bother her, wherein she expresses her needs to him in a way that he understands and wishes to help, so that she, in expressing her needs, appeals for his understanding and help, the entity can get the man to do almost anything she wants with such a technique, with such appeals: "Would you help me? Can you understand what I need here?" Men always want to help the helpless, the one who needs help. Men always tend to want to be important to the woman who asks for help. This Awareness indicates if your need is for understanding, if your need is for physical help men generally tend to want to respond if they feel their help is appreciated, if they feel that they themselves are appreciated. But if men are nagged at, insulted, put down, implied as being stupid or not worthy, they tend to rebel and want to look or go elsewhere, to get somewhere else, away from the one who makes them feel less valuable. Some Women See Men Like a Cowboy Sees His Horse This Awareness indicates that there tends to be a quality in many women to make a man feel like less than a man, to make him feel like a non-person, and many women do this because they feel they are gaining control over him, and that gives them a sense of security to have control over their man. This Awareness indicates the Interpreter has often expressed that women tend to look at their men the way cowboys look at their horse. They love their horse, it serves them well. They keep it under a tight rein, and if it ever gets out of hand they would as soon get rid of it and get a better horse, and there are many women who have a similar attitude toward their husbands. As long as the husband serves them well, they will love their husband and take care of his injuries or wounds, nurture and feed the husband, just as the cowboy would care for his horse. This Awareness indicates that there is some truth to this, with some women. It is not true in every case. In many cases, the women have great love for their husbands and are willing to do much for them; that as a general rule, women expect husbands to play a certain role, and husbands expect women to play a certain role. The most common role men want from their wives is that of the woman who nurtures, who attends their needs, much like that of a nurse. This Awareness indicates the most common role that women want from their husbands is that of a provider and protector, much the way their father should have provided and protected them as they were raised from childhood. This Awareness indicates that there are exceptions, and that no single rule applies to cover all individuals, but in a general sense, these qualities, this understanding of the roles of the sexes can be used to better understand your spouse and what is expected of you. This Awareness indicates that when entities step away from these roles, they threaten the marriage, in most instances, where these roles are the expected roles. This Awareness indicates that if the man cannot provide or cannot protect the woman, the marriage, at least in her perception, may be in deep trouble. If the woman cannot or does not appear to have the willingness to nurture and care for the man, then the marriage, the relationship between them as far as the man goes, may be headed for disaster. This is the general formula. It is not absolute in every sense or every case, for there are many kinds of relationships and some entities have different values. In some cases the female has greater earning power than the male. In some cases the male has more of a tendency and inclination to be nurturing and caring for the female, and the female has greater ability to provide and protect. This Awareness indicates that there are always exceptions. The Greatest Destructive Force in a Relationship Perhaps the greatest destructive force in a marriage comes when the male is unable to express himself verbally and therefore, because of that inability or lack of opportunity to express himself verbally, resorts to physical expression and becomes violent toward family members, either spouse or children. This Awareness indicates that a secondary hazard to marriage may occur when the male is not given the opportunity to express himself directly, verbally and clearly in a direct manner and therefore resorts to indirect verbal expression and becomes hostile and violent in a verbal sense toward his wife or children. Such entities can mentally destroy the peace and harmony in the family by things that are said and ways of saying them. This Awareness indicates that in such cases, women generally have the power to alter this kind of expression, if they so choose, by creating the opportunity for the male to express himself freely in a verbal sense. So long as the woman seeks honestly to hear what the man is saying, or what he feels, it becomes possible for the man to express his feelings, but if there is any inclination that the woman is not truly interested in the man's feeling or is simply seeking to get his feelings so that she can have something to argue against or something of a weakness in him to manipulate, the man will not express his feelings directly, but will resort to those physical or verbally abusive expressions. Asking a Question Could Save a Marriage This Awareness indicates that as long as men cannot with ease express themselves to their wives, they will also become more tempted to find other females to whom they can express themselves, and this often leads to infidelity. Many men who cannot express themselves to their wives will turn to a secretary or to a co-worker or even to prostitutes to whom they can talk about their deeper feelings without fear of ridicule or without fear of having their words used against them. This Awareness indicates that the wife who understands and cares about the feelings of the man, who truly cares, has the power to hold the family together and in harmony, and to keep love alive. This Awareness indicates that, occasionally, a spouse will be totally unreasonable and out of character, the character normally being more reasonable, and an entity seeing the spouse behave in a way that is out of character and unreasonable may recognize in that behavior that the spouse is troubled by something and may simply by asking: "Is there something wrong?' or "Is there something that is troubling you?", may open the door for this entity's expression so that the energies that are troubling the entity do not spill out in other directions that cause conflicts between the spouse and his mate, simply because he could not express or did not have an opportunity to express what was truly troubling him. This Awareness indicates that many times an entity is preoccupied with a problem and will lash out at some statement or something that is said by the spouse that has nothing to do with what is really troubling the entity, and then the entity will become embroiled in an argument over the way each other is responding or reacting to their statements. An argument can follow and build when the actual problem may never be discussed, thus, if an entity acts in a way that is out of character or out of the norm, it is good to ask the entity: "Is there something troubling you?" or "Are you angry at me?" This Awareness indicates that this can allow the entity to discuss the other problem if he or she wishes to. This Awareness indicates of course, if you have areas that you are not compatible with and the other entity is troubled by something in an area that he knows would lead you to quarrel with him, then he may not wish to discuss or to acknowledge that something is troubling him for fear that it would lead to an even greater fight between you. This Awareness indicates that often, fights will flare up suddenly in ways that are unexpected, whereby you do not realize you are moving into a fight until it has already occurred. If there is an opportunity to recognize that you are suddenly in a battle or argument, you may help to bring the situation around quickly, by simply saying: "Hey! What are we doing? I don't really want to fight with you! I love you!" This Awareness indicates that those few words can totally disarm the energy that led to the fight so that you may both flash and look at what is happening with a fresh view, and the energies that started can end as suddenly as they began. WHY MUST THE WOMAN ALWAYS BE SO CAREFUL? WHY CAN'T SHE JUST SPEAK OUT ANY OLD TIME? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: I guess the only thing left on this is that it doesn't seem fair that the woman has to always be so careful in her expression while the male can dump anytime. It seems like she should be able to speak without pre-checking every utterance without risking the relationship, at least some of the time. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is so, but the fact remains that in most cases, the woman is smaller in size and in challenging a being who is larger in size, and in so challenging is risking the potential of being struck or of being hurt, and that risk must be considered. This Awareness indicates that, in many cases, the woman is larger than the man and can thus bully the man if she so desires, and in some cases that Is the way relationships are. This Awareness indicates that It is not speaking of what is the right way or the wrong way in terms of ethical rightness or wrongness. It is speaking of the nature of men and women. It is not saying that men have the right to blow their tempers and take out their temper on women. It is saying that men do this, and if women want to have power in a relationship, they can have the power best by using the nurturing qualities they carry naturally, and by speaking carefully and knowledgeably in such a way as to not offend the stupid male ego. This Awareness does not know how to put it any more clearly than that. This Awareness indicates it is simply a matter of practicality. It does not say you should or should not do this, It is suggesting that this may save you much problems in your affairs with men and that more harmony can occur when men and women better understand each other. This Awareness indicates that if It could, It would put men over Its knee and paddle them, but It cannot do this. It cannot make men more mature simply because they should mature. Men Need-to Confront the Pain Created by their Father This Awareness indicates that there are also problems that men have which cause them to have the weakened ego that needs to constantly be protected by their macho image of themselves, and this is another matter that needs to be understood at some time. This Awareness suggests the entity Robert Bly, the poet, as one who has researched deeply into this and can provide much insight for men to seek to better understand their own needs, for men have a need to confront their father figures in order to free themselves of the put-downs they have received from their fathers, the hurt and pain their fathers have given them, and in order to overcome their dependence on women for comfort, and have overcome their hostility toward their fathers for being put down, belittled and degraded, they then can become more mature and self contained. This Awareness indicates that whereas men have always run to women for comfort, it has put them in a position of dependency and weakness and there is a certain degree of hostility toward women because the men have been made to feel inferior to women in that they need comforting from them because they cannot deal with their own pain. This Awareness indicates that once men deal with their pain, confront the source of their pain, which is generally their father, in the sense of the greater pain of their lives, they then are free to relate on a more even level with women; not as a beggar or dependent of women, but as an equal being, and therefore they do not have the need to protect their little fragile ego. This Awareness indicates that once they truly feel themselves equal to women, they no longer need that ego centered protection or to express themselves in a macho way. They can be free as an equal partner to the woman, and can be a truly mature individual in relationship with her. THE SECRET OF WHAT WOMEN WANT MOST FROM MEN FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: I recently read an article in "Penthouse" magazine called something to the effect of "Secrets Of What Women Want Most From a Man," and the article had nothing to do, as I recall, with a sexual relationship. It had to do with what most women secretly wanted most, but they couldn't communicate to their spouse. I believe the first one on the list was that she wants to be treated as an intellectual equal. She wants the man to respect her for something other than just her body; that she wants desperately for him to respect her mind and that sort of thing, and I believe the second one was she wants desperately for him to express his deeper feelings to her. Now, I ask this question because Awareness indicated a few moments ago that men will turn to their secretaries and even to prostitutes to express their deepest feelings. Why is this, when if this is true, that this is the number two thing that women want from their spouse, that they would have to go elsewhere? Is it because they feel threatened? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates that many wives will listen only to enough of their husbands' expression to find something to object to and will hear a sentence or two and then find a way of objecting to what was said. At such point the man usually ceases to say anything further. If the woman could listen to everything the man wants to say until he has said everything he wishes to say, if she could listen in a way that encourages him to speak his mind completely, and if she can do this in a way so that he does not feel she is going to turn it around and attack him with it, or use it against him, then he will express himself. This Awareness indicates that he will not express himself if he feels it is going to hurt her or anger her, or if he feels that she is going to take the information and turn it against him, and this Awareness suggests that in most cases of marriage and those feelings that entities generally develop when there are problems in the marriage; in most cases, the women do tend to turn the man's expression against him, even before he can get his full expression out, and therefore, he bottles up his feelings, resents her and closes off the conversation or talks about something tot ally different than his own feelings, and this creates deeper resentment and blocks in the relationship. This Awareness indicates that women have less difficulty in this regard. They find it easier to express themselves than do men. Men find it very difficult to express their feelings. They would rather take action than discuss what they feel, and thus, the men often go somewhere or do something or if they are cornered and neither leave nor do something, they may take physical action and become abusive in a physical sense because they are not able to express themselves verbally or actively in some other direction. "HOW WENT YOUR DAY?": WHY MEN DON'T ANSWER (Is She Itching to Put Him Down?) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Another one of the things in this article that women supposedly want from their spouse but don't receive is a discussion of what went on in the spouse's day at the office, and that the average man, according to this article, comes home and the wife will ask him: "How went your day? What happened today?" and he would grunt and say "Oh nothing!", and sit down and start to read the paper, and she desperately wants him to just start a discussion going and explain how his day went. Does a man withhold this information, if this is true, for basically the same reason he does not disclose his feelings to the wife? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that in some cases this is so. In some cases the man simply feels his day was boring and does not wish his spouse to see how boring his day was. If the man's job was simply to put together certain pieces of machinery, what can he say about it when he has done this for eight hours, or what can he say about the job wherein he has made phone calls talking about different deals or different arrangements or something of this nature which has not culminated in any kind of fruition? This Awareness questions whether would it be of an value for him to tell her that: "I talked to Mr. Jones, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Hinkle and several other people regarding insurance policies for their company but so far none of these people have purchased anything. I might get some kind of response at a later time from them when I call them back and give them further information." What can it give to her that will make him feel that he has been successful and make her feel proud of him? She either wants to know what he has done so that she can praise him or so that she can criticize him. At least, that is the way he sees it. This Awareness indicates if he does not feel that there is anything worth praising in his daily work, he is not likely to give her information for it would either be boring to her or show him as being inept in his job or make him appear to be dull and unimportant in what he does. This Awareness indicates that therefore, he would rather not speak or talk about it. This Awareness indicates that generally, when a man is highly successful and does something successfully that he is proud of, he will voluntarily tell his spouse about it. This of course depends on whether or not the spouse takes such information, asks for further details in order to find something to criticize or to find a way of belittling the action which the man is proud of, and this occasionally occurs with some spouses. This Awareness indicates the man, for example, may have a success in some endeavor and tell his wife about the successful endeavor. She may then ask him further questions and when he explains further, she may simply sum it all up by saying: "Oh, well, that's no big deal." This Awareness indicates that if this occurs several times, the entity is not likely to repeat the error of explaining his successes to his wife. This Awareness indicates there are often wives who enjoy making sure that their husband does not feel proud about anything he does. This Awareness reminds you that the woman who can inspire the husband, the woman who can make her husband feel that he is worthwhile in his positive expressions, this is the woman that has a true understanding of her greater power and can make the man become more than he would otherwise be. This Awareness indicates that it also goes the other way too, for the man should be able to express to the woman how proud he is of her in her accomplishments, and should be able to inspire her to greater activities than she would otherwise be able to accomplish. This Awareness indicates it is not simply a one-way street; that not only can women inspire men and nurture them, men can nurture and inspire women. Not only can men provide and protect women, women can also provide for and protect men; that each has different ways of doing this, and this is healthful in a relationship for both parties to take on these roles together. SURFACE HAS ONLY BEEN SCRATCHED ON THIS SUBJECT (Never Overlook the Value of a Hug) CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that relationships between men and women are so complex that this has but scratched the surface, but within this information there is much that can be useful if entities will simply consider and apply those things that relate to their own relationships; give it a try. This Awareness indicates that especially remember to put the value of a hug for the child within each other or within the family as a means of solving many of the problems that occur when the child expresses its frustration. Give your spouse a hug when your spouse is frustrated, or give your child a hug when your child is frustrated and see what happens. Make it sincere. This Awareness indicates that if it does not work, you do not have to do it again, but be cautious that you do not hug your spouse and upon being rejected become angry at your spouse, for the hug would then appear to be but a manipulative action. If your spouse becomes angry because you hugged her when she was frustrated, it may simply reflect that her feeling of her frustration cannot be settled by a mere hug, in which case, you may wish to ask for more information as to what the problem is, and let the entity talk about it and see what can be done to solve the difficulty. This Awareness indicates that whether it be a spouse or child, each may act and express the emotions of the child in the same manner and simply by caring for the feelings of the others is the first step in solving these emotional disturbances and bringing them back into harmony. (End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given.) ED's Note: For more information on this subject, please refer to the following "Revelations of Awareness" newsletters: 84-05, The Role of Women; 85-10, Women Hold the Power; 86-06, Women Once Superior in Size and Strength; 90-14, Women Can't Change Men's Behavior; $3.00 each from CAC. PREPARING HUMANITY FOR THE NEW DIMENSION (Some Predictions for the Coming Years) (Excerpts from a reading given at the 10th Annual Friendship Gathering at Marietta, Ohio, June 29, 1991) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates there are many energies here coming from many different backgrounds; these energies reach back much further than entities here realize. This Awareness indicates that each of you is like a root reaching back into time, into space, into other lifetimes, beyond other lifetimes into streams of consciousness that come down from antiquity. This Awareness indicates that not only do you bring these energies which you are presently aware of as yourselves, but you bring energies that are part of you which have long been forgotten. This Awareness indicates this total accumulation of energies comes with each of you to this circle to contribute to this gathering to this event. This Awareness indicates that it is from all this energy from so many places, from so many experiences, that makes the collective force that goes into this event. The End of the World in 2012 Might as Well Start Here This Awareness indicates that this event can be anything that entities wish it to be. The event can be that which sets the stage for a new beginning. It can be a landmark occurrence that helps to prepare consciousness for changes that are to come. This Awareness indicates that it can be just another event. It can be a significant event. This Awareness suggests that since there is the choice, it may as well be a significant event. This Awareness suggests this event may be seen as a starting point for the changes that are to occur in Earth consciousness during the next 20 years. This Awareness indicates that this will lead up to approximately the year 2012, which then becomes a new significant time for human experience, as the old begins to fall away, and the new begins its appearance on Earth. This Awareness indicates that It has discussed previously that figuratively speaking, 2012 will be the end of the world as entities have known it. This is figuratively speaking because it is an action of transition rather than an action of suddenness, and the transition is that which begins already at this time, or at any time you choose. This Awareness suggests that it may as well be at this moment as any other. This Awareness indicates that in the transition, there will be considerable change that occurs in consciousness there have been many discussions in regard to these changes, in regard to consciousness itself, in regard to the way by which consciousness can alter and undergo changes, and there have been many discussions as to how entities may merge with the changing of consciousness so as to blend with the changes rather than confront the changes in an offensive and clashing manner. This Awareness indicates there is no value in clashing with the changes that are in the making for these changes will come regardless, and that those who can flow with the change will find it much easier; similar to that of a boat going down rapids, wherein the passengers steer the boat along with the water rather than trying to turn against the stream. This Awareness indicates that major years in which dramatic change will be felt are 1992, 1995, 1997, and 1998, after that there can be others; these are not so clearly seen at this time. This Awareness indicates that the year 1992 will see the unifying of Europe; the very strongly motivated political forces attempting to put their stamp on consciousness because of certain dreams and plans of world conquest centered around the date of the Columbus Discovery of America in its 500th anniversary. There will alterations in terms of Hong Kong and China. There will be the great potential of the recognition of the alien presence on earth by officialdom, and there will be many changes in regard to various individual countries, cultures and groups, including religious groups, ethnic groups, wherein these entities vie for their place on the stage; that they might have their moment in time. This Awareness indicates that following this will also be economic crisis; that there are already the beginnings of this economic crisis in the making. This Awareness indicates that the year of 1995 will see other events occurring that may be highly traumatic for many of the countries, this in regard to the rise of "superpower-individuals" in various countries and states wherein these entities have more power than is decent. This Awareness indicates that during the years between 1993 and 1994 there can be much turmoil for some entities while others coast along with relative ease. This Awareness indicates the year 1997 is that which may produce or bring about the possibility of new alien aggression on this planet. It may also bring in those beneficial forces that are protectors of humankind; the energies at this time are difficult to read in regard to this situation, as there are forces that are preparing for and against those who would attempt to assist humanity. This Awareness indicates that in regard to the time period of 1998, most of this turmoil will have been settled and a new orientation will be in the making; that it will then carry entities into the next century and prepare the consciousness for its new dimension. This Awareness indicates that the new dimension will be that which the Australian Aborigines have often referred to as "The Dream Land," this as being a time when the mind and imagination come together as one, creating moment-to moment, collectively and individually, whereby entities recognize the art of creativity in regard to that which has been termed "reality." This Awareness suggests that the questions which have been energize may now be asked. WILL OUR CONSTITUTION BE PRESERVED? (More on the New World Order) QUESTION: Awareness some of; this is partly answered already, but I will read the question: "The United States of America was formed on spiritual principles; it seems that these are now eroding. What does Awareness have to tell us about the preserving of our Constitution?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the Constitution as that which will receive its greatest threat as the New World Order encroaches; that there are those who seek to replace the Constitution with a New Constitution that does not consider the people as having authority, but considers only a government with authority over the people. It be comes a Constitution of "people management" or "herding the crowd." This Awareness indicates that while this is a great threat, there are many entities in high places of the government who are not so easily "herded" by those who would herd the crowd into the pens. This Awareness indicates that many of these entities will go along so far and no further, and there is very likely to be a revolution at some stage. As to how this will result will affect the future of humanity on this globe, much of it will depend on timing, much will depend on individuals and their response to what is occurring. This Awareness indicates that the people of the United States have had a long history of freedom, and while they can be sometimes easily led by propaganda and slogans, they are also very protective of their freedoms. When they see these freedoms being removed, slogans and propaganda begin to lose value. This Awareness suggests you not feel alone in wanting to see the Constitution preserved, for there are many who may not even understand the Constitution or the nature of the freedoms granted, but when the time is right, these entities will suddenly come alive and realize what is occurring; much as did the students in Tiannamen Square. This Awareness indicates the question of course is whether or not it will be enough and soon enough. It is for this reason that entities need always to be watchful and to spread information; that the more information made available to alert entities the greater the chances that freedoms will be preserved. THE ALCHEMICAL ROUTE TO DEVELOPMENT (Meditation and Love of Something is One Way) QUESTION: In a general way, what are some of the more effective ways that one can pursue in their advancing along personal paths of development? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that It has previously indicated that there are three paths of personal development. It wishes at this time to reiterate: There is a path of suffering. When entities suffer enough, they progress spiritually. This is the slower path of the three. This Awareness indicates the path of service is a much quicker path. When entities give service to others, they progress much more quickly. The third path is the quickest path: it is the path of alchemy. This Awareness indicates that alchemy in this sense is described as the path that changes consciousness. That wherein an entity receives an "Aha! ", receives enlightenment, receives understanding, experiences some kind of transmutation transformation or conversion; or wherein an entity suddenly becomes reoriented through ritual, or through some experience that is of an unusual nature, the entity's consciousness undergoes sudden change. This Awareness indicates it has been said that "magic" is the ability to change consciousness. This Awareness indicates that this is also alchemy. The changing of consciousness is a way by which an entity may skip far ahead on the evolutionary path and become an enlightened being much more quickly than on the other two paths. This Awareness indicates that there are many different techniques, rituals, efforts and disciplines to lead entities into this kind of alchemical enlightenment. Meditation, properly done, is one of the many ways of alchemical evolution. This Awareness indicates that the simplest and most common way that entities alchemically progress is found in the power of love. An entity may simply fall in love with someone. It does not even have to be a person: it can be a small dog. There are many entities who are in capable of loving persons with great intensity because they are inhibited by their own fears, or their own aberrations in regard to others, but they are capable of loving a dog, or a cat, or an animal, and they give this affection freely to that animal. This Awareness indicates that most entities in this gathering have gone beyond this level and can love individuals; the question is: How much of yourself can you give to the welfare of another? This Awareness suggests that if you find some limitation, you might look about for someone who is more receptive to your love, whom you give without fear of rejection, to whom you can love unconditionally. This Awareness indicates the child is the perfect candidate for this kind of unconditional love. The younger the child, the easier it is to give unconditionally of yourself. This Awareness indicates that there are so many precious children who need love from adults, who prize and value and crave attention from adults, that if you can find it in your time, in your lifestyle, to occasionally give of yourself to some child, this can have a profound effect on your capacity to love and to love others as well. This Awareness indicates that in this action of giving more and more of yourself in love to one who craves and needs such attention, you will find yourself becoming an ever more loving person. You will also find that love which goes out from you being returned through the eyes of another, and you will find a certain kind of self-love developing as a result of this. This Awareness indicates that this may be the simplest and easiest form of alchemical evolution for entities on the spiritual path. Meditation is another way whereby entities can evolve spiritually, providing the meditation is on a trusted object or representative of Divine Being. Thus, by meditating on the Divine Light, by meditating on any being whom you feel represents the highest and Best of Divinity -- and by meditating this Awareness refers to focusing and not wandering about, not letting the mind wander about, but by focusing and loving that Divine Light -- this can be another form of devotion and love that develops entities spiritually through an alchemical action. The Confessional and Other Religious Rituals This Awareness indicates of course, there are also Development Classes that this Awareness has given as useful rituals, experiences, and techniques that can have alchemical effects on the evolution of the soul. This Awareness indicates that most religions have certain alchemical actions at the heart of their religions, which alters the individual to bring about the evolution of the soul; Christian conversion, the Catholic baptism and similar rituals are some of these. This Awareness indicates that for other rituals, such as the Catholic confessional, it is similar to that of a Christian conversion in the fundamental sense, wherein an entity confesses the sins and seeks forgiveness. This Awareness indicates that in the Catholic conversion, the priest intercedes in behalf of the Deity; in the Protestant version, the Deity intercedes in the life at the request of those who assist in prayer for the individual. This Awareness indicates that these are some of the alchemical ways whereby entities experience very rapid soul growth and alchemical evolution. Whether they are lasting will depend on how the entity receives the experience afterward. "CAPTIVE" SPIRITS: HOW TO RELEASE THEM QUESTION: A couple of topics have been touched on during our meeting today, that are of planetary concern. The captive "spirits' bound on Earth need to be released so that they can free themselves into the astral plane and beyond. Would Awareness please comment on that? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that these so-called "captive spirits" are those who are bound only by their own conditioning; that this is part of the "free will" principle. That an entity who is told: "Do not step out of this circle!", and who remains in the circle in an obedient manner is hardly captive except by his own will. It is by his own free will that he remains in the circle. This Awareness indicates that one may say, "Well, he is conditioned, or hypnotized, or coerced into staying there by fear of what might happen if he steps out." This Awareness indicates that if this is the case, then he is by his own free will allowing fear or coercion to dictate his experiences. This Awareness indicates that It could free such entities, but they would not learn from the experiences that they have been provided with as learning experiences, and they would find themselves again at some point back in the circle because someone told them, "Don't step out of this circle." This Awareness indicates that the entity who decides, after some time of being imprisoned by the circle, that "I am not going to stay here any longer," steps out of the circle and discovers that he is free, this entity can no longer ever again be entrapped by the circle. FREEING ONESELF FROM LUCIFER ENTRAPMENT (The Peril of Being a Servant of the Rational Mind) QUESTION: The second part of the question: "Although the Luciferian experiment ended, many are still influenced by the structures of the past. Is there anything we can do as a group in helping this to be ridden from the plane?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the Lucifer is manifested on this plane at this time as the rational mind. The rational mind, essentially the structural mind, is that which reflects Luciferian energies. It also creates structure that reflects Luciferian energies It can also be used to free entities from those energies. The way out of Luciferian entrapment is through the rational mind being utilized to free entities. This Awareness indicates that the rational mind was created for entities as a tool to be used to extend their abilities and their creative capacities, but it became so significant to them that it wanted to become their master and entities let it. Thus, they became servants of the rational mind. This Awareness indicates that as servants of the rational mind, they became enslaved by it, and thus were under Lucifer's power. This Awareness suggests that you learn to use these energies, and not let them use you, and that you teach others how to use these energies without being used by them. How many of you would want your computer telling you what to do on a daily basis? This Awareness indicates that this essentially is what happened to Lucifer; that entities gave themselves to him, to his rational mind, and let it rule their lives. WILL THERE BE A NEW "SACRED BOOK" FOR THIS AGE? (The "Knowers of the Way") QUESTION: It has been suggested and some people are curious about: Will there be a New Divine Revelation for all humanity in some sort of new "sacred book"? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the "sacred book" of this age will be the individual. Each individual becomes a "sacred book", a "revelation." This Awareness indicates that along with these Divine Revelations that walk as New Beings on this Earth, will be many things written spoken and presented to enlighten others. There will be many gurus and teachers, there will be many children pointing the way. There will be many masters pointing the way, and many of these entities will point in the right direction. There will be some who will discern those who are pointing in the right direction and follow in that direction, and in so doing become "Knowers of the Way, and will go back and help lead others in the right direction. This Awareness indicates that there will be some who write books, some who make tapes, some who video, some who film, some who sing, and some who dance, -- in the right direction. This Awareness indicates that there will be New Testaments or Bibles, but they are not necessary. THE POLAR SHIFT AND OTHER DIRE PREDICTIONS (The 2012 Dimensional Shift and the Aliens) QUESTION: How will the coming changes in the Earth's frequency shift affect the interactions with the extraterrestrials and other negative entities like the Deros? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the question is not specific as to what is meant by the Earth's shift. There are many who see a polar shift. This question may refer to a polar shift, but this Awareness does not see a polar shift and interprets the question as referring to vibratory shifts. This Awareness wishes to back up briefly. There has been a polar shift occurring since 1933. It is very slow. It is so slow that its effects are hardly noticeable in terms of weather or other conditions, this is known in science. This Awareness indicates that this is natural for the planet Earth. It moves in a pattern that allows the North Pole to tilt to 23 degrees, and then begins moving back in the other direction, and this occurs repeatedly over many years. This Awareness indicates as for a sudden and disturbing shift of the axis which some have predicted, beginning with Edgar Cayce, wherein the seas would flow over the lands, mountains would be covered with water, and so forth, this is not seen as in the near future. This Awareness indicates that it assumes the question refers to vibratory shifts in consciousness and sees that these changes in consciousness will have an effect on the alien presence. The effects of the vibratory shift being such as to give humans a higher frequency and vibration, so as to allow them to have telepathic communication with aliens in such a way that aliens begin to perceive them as "super-beings.' The aliens in fact having implants to allow their capacities, will see the human telepathic abilities as being superior to their own, and this will give them a new respect for humans. This Awareness indicates that there can become a greater affinity between these entities and the humans. Great Vibrational Changes After Jupiter Becomes a Sun This Awareness indicates that this may occur after the turn of the century, and after the change of Jupiter into a sun. This Awareness indicates that it appears the planet Jupiter will become a second sun, bringing about a binary sun for the solar system which will then contribute greatly to the changes in the vibrations on this planet and in the relationships between humans and aliens. It also will give humanity the means of creating Element 115, the element used in alien spacecraft, to bring about fuel for Earth interstellar travel. This Awareness indicates that already the physicists involved in these studies understand how the craft can move at a speed faster than light. It is based on gravitational forces, the realization that space is not empty, but is filled with gravitational energies which can be bent, and the bending of these energies, much like bending Jell-O in a bowl, is such that a ship can, through the manipulation of certain vibratory rates, attune to an area at a great distance, and by vibrating at the same frequency, can bend space, and then project by holding onto that distant frequency and letting go of the present frequency (or local frequency), can teleport through space to that other place. This Awareness indicates that this is a movement beyond the speed of light and this is the way by which these craft can transverse the speed of light, can move through space at greater speeds than the speed of light. This Awareness indicates that by the use of Element 115, which can only be created in an atmosphere of binary star systems, the Earth can become an interstellar ally or participant in space travel. This will occur during the next dimensional jump, particularly after the year 2012. ARE ALIEN AGREEMENTS WITH HUMANS VALID? (There Are Many Ways to Make Agreements) QUESTION: Is there really an agreement on some level between all parties concerned in cases of the very negative encounters that people seem to have either with earthbound or ET's? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that there are various ways whereby entities can agree. There is an action whereby an entity can make an agreement without full understanding of what is being agreed upon. There is an action whereby an entity can agree to something, thinking they will somehow get out of it and not have to pay the consequences of their action. There is the action whereby an entity exchanges something in return for something else and feels a commitment to honor the agreement, and there are actions whereby an entity agrees by not objecting. This Awareness indicates that if someone walks up to you and says, "I'm here to poke your finger and draw blood," and you don't object, you have agreed even if you do not say anything. This Awareness indicates that if you allow the entity to poke your finger without objection, have you not agreed to the request? This Awareness suggests that if on the other hand, you say, "No, you're not poking my finger, I didn't ask you to, I don't know who you are, I don't know what you're doing it for, I don't believe you are a doctor!", then you are voicing your objection. And if the entity persists and grabs you hand and pokes your hand, then you have been violated. But if you allow the entity to poke your finger simply because he says he is supposed to do so, or that you should let him do so, then you have agreed to it. Accept No "Debts" to Aliens from Prior Lifetimes This Awareness indicates that in some instances, there have been agreements reflected from past life experiences whereby entities having come in contact with these so called "little elves" or little Greys, the Zeta Reticuli or others, have given these entities some kind of benefit, and in their next incarnation, the "little elf", or Grey, or alien, may "look up" the entity and abduct the entity, often as a child, and condition the entity for the action of repaying that which was bartered for in the previous lifetime. This Awareness indicates the problem is entities have no way of knowing in this lifetime whether they agreed to the abduction and experiments or whether the alien is simply telling them that they have an agreement which they must keep. This Awareness indicates that it is suggested that entities not allow themselves to be bound by any type of debt owed from one lifetime to another, unless it is something they themselves clearly recognize and clearly visualize or saw without someone else, especially the person who claims the debt voicing to them. This Awareness indicates in other words, if the Interpreter were to tell you that you owed him a debt from a previous lifetime and were to convince you that you needed to pay him to get out of any karma, the Interpreter could rack up a lot of money if he could convince you of this scenario. This Awareness indicates there are many entities who surprisingly do this kind of thing in suggestions, especially among those who believe in karma who imply to others that they owe something to them from previous lifetimes. This Awareness indicates that by this kind of reasoning, you could justify any violation to another, saying that: 'Well, this person did it to me in a previous lifetime! " This Awareness indicates that this is not acceptable. This Awareness suggests that you not be bound by debts from another lifetime; that if you feel an urge to give to someone, if you feel an urge to assist someone, then you may assist them according to your own personal urge. This Awareness indicates at this kind of giving is different from that which comes as an obligation of debt through guilt by suggestion. This Awareness indicates that there are also entities who, in the case of alien abductions, believe that they are doing something for humanity, particularly where the aliens inform them that they are assisting humans in these experiments, and that the data gathered from these experiments will be used in the future to help humanity survive, and entities will sometimes yield themselves for alien experiments, to give these entities glandular substances or whatever for their experiments. This Awareness wishes entities to understand that these aliens offering this kind of assistance are not being truthful. They themselves are on the verge of extinction, and need human glandular substances to survive, and are willing to mutilate humans, to take substances from children, or from innocents in order to preserve themselves or to experiment, or to create clones, using such substances in the process. This Awareness indicates that it is not your duty or karma to preserve these aliens and their civilization when they have themselves genetically engineered themselves to the brink of extinction. If you choose to do so let it be by your own choice, not by guilt, or sense of duty. PRAYERS FOR ELECTRONIC POLLUTION? QUESTION: I'd like to combine two questions here, please. A question has arisen about the pollution with electromagnetic forms, ELF and water, etc. etc., and the question centers around: Are there devices or are there counter-means such as the Tesla watch and ELF cocoon and the various devices that are on display here that would be of assistance in helping this, or the second part of it is: Can this be done with affirmations and prayer and visualizations, etc. to eliminate the pollution? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that there are certain limitations to visualizations and prayers, but the limitations are those that entities create for themselves. This Awareness is reminded of the entity who allowed the car to drive until all oil was out, and the motor burned up, and the rods broke through, and then the entity began to pray for the automobile to be healed. This Awareness indicates if that entity had enormous power of prayer, he might have been able to heal the engine -- the rods being put back in place, and the metal being taken out of the oil and restored to the chambers -- but this is more of an impossibility than possibility. There are certain limits to prayer as to what can be done. This Awareness indicates that if conditions are still such that it can be affected by prayer and the entity's ability to pray is of such power as to alter reality, for reality is only that which is accepted in consciousness, then things can be changed. This Awareness indicates that electronic pollution being affected by prayer is not an impossibility, but this Awareness suggests that if you find an entity that can do this consistently, in a manner to keep the electronic pollution free from your area, you should advise the entity of other purposes for such prayer power, because the entity would have such enormous power in other areas that could be much more effective. This Awareness indicates that It does not see an effective approach in using prayer to rid electronic pollution. This Awareness indicates that electronics to counter electronics is seen as more effective and less costly in terms of energies. It can be reasonably effective; It does not see that this is 100% effective. This Awareness indicates that mind over matter through prayer can be powerful for some entities who have mastered prayer but to do it for keeping an area free of electronic pollution would require ongoing unceasing prayer and it would be economically impractical in terms of time and money, when an electronic device, even an expensive electronic device designed to do so, could be employed to free up the one who prays, for other activities of prayer, for other uses of the prayer. WHAT'S HAPPENING AT THE MONROE INSTITUTE? (Out of Body Spies Being Trained for Future War) QUESTION: A related question: Awareness, would you care to comment about the work that is being done in the Robert Monroe Institute in Virginia, which deals with the training for out-of-body and if it's for other things, would you care to mention lt, please? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this as dealing with soul travel and the study of the soul as it relates to the physical body, and is collecting data and information that can eventually be duplicated as kind of scientific research of that which might normally be termed "psychic science" or "metaphysical sciences", and this can have, in the future especially, some very important implications as it becomes applied in schools, dealing with these topics, whereby entities may be trained in out-of-body activities. This Awareness indicates that this can also -- as with every new discovery -- be tapped into by military-minded people for use of spying and psi-war projects. his is the negative side of the project, that it can be misused. This Awareness indicates that It does not see this as yet happening, but It sees this as a strong possibility in the near future, that entities will be sent there to study the techniques and then taken elsewhere to teach these for military purposes to create "out-of-body spies", entities who astralIy project into the enemy headquarters and planning rooms and secret places to spy on their enemies while out of the body. This Awareness indicates that this has already been done, but that the Monroe Institute as perfecting techniques and much will be taken from this for military purposes in the future. This Awareness indicates that it does not appear that there is anything that can be done about this other than to recognize the misuse of another otherwise beneficial technology. This Awareness indicates that the future wars will rely heavily on psionics and psychic technologies. Ed's Note. There is also an alien connection with the Monroe Institute as explained in "Revelations of Awareness" 92-09, Weird Goings On at the Monroe Institute; $3.00 from CAC. GETTING RID OF ALL THOSE BLOCKS (Cosmic Awareness Addresses the Gathering) QUESTION: Awareness, there are a great variety of people in attendance at this meeting. Many have gone to considerable extent of hardship of time and travel and expenses. They are here because they have chosen to be here some for the first time and others regularly. Would Awareness in the closing remarks, give them some words of acknowledgment and encouragement and direction with their lives since they've made this commitment? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that in coming to this circle, from your many lifetimes past, from your roots, from your various sources, from your many experiences, and bringing all that to this moment; this Awareness asks you to look deep within to discover Who, in Fact, You Really Are. This Awareness indicates that each of you in looking deep within at your present life, your past experiences of this life, and your previous lifetimes, and the streams of consciousness from which you came: are all of that and more. For you are also the future inertia of those energies of the past that are moving in the present and the future toward your destinies. This Awareness indicates that you are those who have certain freedoms of choice in the moment but only moment by moment, and many of these choices are based upon your past conditionings. And what you bring to this moment, and these choices that you make, being based upon those conditions and conditionings of your past are all in the next moment, subject to what you were taught and what you believed in the previous moment. Your choices are not your own until you free yourself from those past conditionings. Your Subconscious is Still Roman Catholic This Awareness indicates that this moment, as with every single moment, can be a moment of freedom whereby those conditionings of the past need no longer apply to you. Uncle Willie's admonition of you as a child needs no longer be energized. Your father's judgment of you in some childhood incident no longer needs to be recognized. You may be free of those judgments. This Awareness indicates there are many entities 40, 50, 60 years or more of age, still being conditioned by judgments of their parents when they were 10 or 5, by misconceptions or misunderstanding from the parents, or by values the parents held 50 years ago, when in fact, the parents might have changed their values had they survived to present time. This Awareness indicates that you need to ask yourself, "Are my values, my values? Or am I still being haunted and feeling guilty over my parent values? And would my parents, if they were alive today, hold these same values of theirs which now haunt me?" This Awareness indicates that there are many entities who were perhaps Catholic or Protestant as children, who are haunted by fears of Hell or condemnation, even though they have left their childhood church, no longer subscribe to the beliefs, but the subconscious is still Catholic or Protestant, and thus, the entity seeking to express in some new philosophical expression, finds the subconscious constantly blocking distorting, or subversively hindering his or her actions without understanding why. Your Subconscious May Be Punishing You for Being Naughty This Awareness indicates that most entities who have childhood background in a strong, rigid religion, who have consciously left that religion will still have subconscious values subscribing to that religion, unless they have done deep work on themselves in contacting their subconscious to determine whether the subconscious is still Catholic or Protestant or whatever, and perhaps is at war with them over religious values. This Awareness indicates if you find yourself having difficulties with your present beliefs and constantly being thwarted in your life, it may well be that your subconscious is punishing you for not being a good Baptist, or Nazarene or whatever. This Awareness indicates therefore, that it is important that you look at your roots and understand Who, in Fact, You Really Are. You are the total of your past and present experiences, your past and present beliefs, and this Awareness suggests you look also at these past beliefs and ask yourself, "Have I really thrown them out, or are they still haunting me?" This Awareness suggests that it may be necessary for you to have a good talk with your subconscious, explaining how you consciously got to where you are in your new philosophy, and asking it, step-by-step, to follow you in your thinking in such a way that it clearly understands and acknowledges, and hopefully even agrees with you. This Awareness indicates that it can be done. Learn to Contact Your Subconscious with a Pendulum If you wish feedback from your subconscious, you may use the pendulum to ask it if it understands, letting a movement in one way or the other signify "yes", a movement different to signify "no", and thus, carry on a conversation with your subconscious until it is in agreement with you. For you cannot be spiritually oriented if your subconscious is pulling one way, and your conscious the other. You may think you are "New Age" or something else, but if your subconscious is still back in the values and worships of the "old" ways, then you are a house divided; your house has two masters, and they are not serving one another. This Awareness indicates that for entities to become integrated as one, consciously and subconsciously, when two are gathered together -- conscious and subconscious -- there then also will be the Higher Consciousness. The Higher Consciousness comes to play, to assist, to work with the entity who is integrated consciously and subconsciously. If you are not consciously and subconsciously "married," entwined in your sacred temple, then your Divine Self is not able to penetrate the temple to serve you in Its Highest Capacity. This Awareness indicates that it is something to work on, and you can best do this by talking to your subconscious, getting answers from it in whatever way is easiest for you. You can either listen to the "still small voice within," or you may use a pendulum, or some other means of contacting your subconscious, and asking "yes" and "no" questions , questions that require an answer of "yes" or "no." This Awareness indicates that this can be one of the most important things that you could do for yourself as an individual to become integrated and whole, and this cannot s be overemphasized. ED's Note: One of the best books on how to operate a pendulum is "Psychometric Analysis" by Max Freedom Long. This book is permanently stocked by CAC. Please refer to Book Catalog Price Sheet. For more information on "weeding your garden," how to make peace with your subconscious, please refer to the Cosmic Awareness Spiritual Development lessons, particularly those 12 lessons in the Sea of Scorpio. HOW TO RID THE BODY OF FAT AND CELLULITE QUESTION: A question from E.M. She writes: "I have a question that I feel many of your female readers will find interesting. What causes a body to store up fats, fluids and wastes in lumpy bumps, pockets on the legs, hips buttocks and so forth? They use the term cellulite. I've read that poor diet, poor Lymphatic circulation, glands, hormones, all contribute to this problem. Diet, exercise and massage are usually prescribed, but don't seem very effective. Also pills, creams, etc., don't seem to work. What in the realm of herbs, vitamins, diet and so forth, blood purifiers, Lymphatic cleansers, does effectively allow the body to purify itself and restore normal balance to these areas? There must truly be an answer that works. It is not normal 'fat', as it can blow up overnight several inches or go down a lot, only to return. From a stand point of purifying my body and being the healthiest I can be, how do I cleanse these pockets of waste out of my system? Many thanks from me and many other women." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that guar gum, taken on a daily basis over a long period of time can be helpful. This Awareness indicates there are also certain fat burners that can be helpful; these are found at health food stores. This Awareness indicates that the avoidance of white flour products and sugar products will assist in this; that excessive use of carbohydrates in the diet will often lead to increased cellulite. High fiber diets are more beneficial, preferably fresh vegetables and especially greens, rather than starchy vegetables. This Awareness indicates that the avoiding excessive use of commercialized foods such as canned foods having high amounts of salt and MSG and other additives; this will also be helpful. This Awareness indicates that protein diets with greens and few carbohydrates can help one to lose weight and to lose some of the cellulite in the system. This Awareness indicates that there also is an influence from Candida yeast which can aggravate this problem and avoiding many of the substances that feed Candida yeast, and using Nystatin and Candistat or Cryostatin to eliminate the yeast and using caprilic acid in what ever brand name, along with Nystatin to eliminate the yeast can be beneficial. This Awareness indicates, of course, good digestion is beneficial, so that the food one ingests leaves the body quickly, to keep the liver free and clean, and to eliminate waste within the body as quickly as possible. The use of fruit pectin is helpful in this regard, and the use of acidophilus culture is beneficial in keeping the digestive tract open and flowing. WILL PINHOLE GLASSES REALLY HELP THE EYES? QUESTION: Several people have written in since we published information on pinhole glasses, and they want to know: Can pinhole glasses actually improve your eyesight, and if so, permanently? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is in the affirmative; that they can be effective if entities wear these quite frequently. If they are only worn once in a while they are not likely to have a permanent effect. This Awareness indicates that the action tends to force the eyeball to correct itself, to focus more accurately and this strengthens the muscles over a period of time so that it can continue focusing better even when the glasses are removed. ED's Note: More on these glasses In issue 87-06, $3.00 from CAC. These pinhole glasses are made of plastic and priced from $40 on down. I have seen them in various mail order catalogs for $9.95. Don't pay the higher prices. IS FIBERGLASS AS DANGEROUS AS ASBESTOS? QUESTION: Some time ago there was a program on TV, "20/20," I believe, with this man Richard Munson, who's a researcher for the American Lung Association, making a case for fiberglass poisoning. He says that the air currents stir up fiberglass dust and distribute it throughout the house, and that the newer and finer fibers in fiberglass are similar to asbestos and pose a real threat to Americans. They had other people there who said doctors say fiberglass may cause itching and coughing, but it is not lethal, and it is nothing to get alarmed about. Yet there are high rates of respiratory cancer in a town, a very high rate in a town near the Johns Manville plant which makes the fiberglass; this, Mr. Munson argued as his point. Could Awareness clarify whether fiberglass is a danger or as much of a danger to entities as they found asbestos to be? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that there is a greater danger to fiberglass than is generally acknowledged. It does not appear to be as high as that of asbestos, but that there will come a time when entities will become aware of the dangers of fiberglass. It does pose risks. This Awareness indicates that in homes in which fiberglass is used for insulation, where it is tight and not exposed, and the vents do not stir up or go through areas that contain fiberglass, it is relatively a safe environment. The dangers would come when fiberglass is exposed, or wherein entities work long periods around fiberglass. This could pose a health risk. This Awareness indicates that in some cases where fiberglass is stored, as in a basement, and children play in the area, and fiberglass particles break off or are scattered throughout the room, this could be harmful to the children. This Awareness indicates that any storage of fiberglass should be within plastic bags or some safe covering wherein particles cannot be stirred to fly around in the atmosphere. PSYCHOTRONIC ILLUSIONS CREATED IN RUSSIA (More, on the "Second Coming of Christ") QUESTION: On a television program called "Sightings," of November 20th, 1992, they had a segment in Russia regarding the section called the "Triangle," where many UFOs were reported, strange lights and so forth, and they said the top secret Psychotronic experiments that created illusions were being made there. That is the first time that I've heard of these illusions being created other that what Awareness has mentioned before. Is this the same type that It has referred to in the past that is being created there in Russia? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates that this is the same technology used in creating some of the visions of giant Mother Mary's and other beings in certain areas wherein they wish to affect the masses either through religious symbology or otherwise. This Awareness indicates that it is also the same technology that will be used in the future to mesmerize and to program the masses into a certain way of behavior and action. Thus, for example, if the image of Christ were put forth by these Psychotronic imagery machines or devices throughout the world in various lands, photographed by television cameras in various places and shown around the world on television, it would tend to make the masses assume it was truly and unquestionably the Second Coming of Christ. This Awareness indicates it would be a way to control the masses, especially when the Christ begins to tell them what they should do. This Awareness indicates that it would be very impressive. It is liken a giant hologram that appears as a reality, unexplainable except in terms of the Biblical descriptions that were prophesied so that 99.99 percent of the people would assume it was one and the same Second Coming and they would undoubtedly obey whatever directives were given. This Awareness indicates it would be a most powerful weapon or tool for herding the masses into the One World Government programs. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Have certain factions in Russian been in cahoots with the United States and other countries in this regard? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: All along, or just since Russia fell apart? COSMIC AWARENESS: This as all along. This Awareness indicates the Rothschilds have had great influence in Russia from the very beginning of the Communists, even before that. WEEPING STATUES, HEALING WATERS AND OTHER "MIRACLES" OCCURRING: WHAT IS THE CAUSE OF ALL THESE? QUESTION: A question from J.D. in New York that might apply here. She writes: "Recently there has been a vast increase in Christian vision apparitions, so-called "miracles." Saintly men have materialized in religious gatherings, preached and vanish. Hitchhikers speak of a Second Coming and vanish from a speeding car. Crosses of light appear in bathroom windows. Christ-like figures, Madonnas and angels appear in clouds visible to airline passengers, on TV screens and in photo graphs, unexpectedly. Weekly we hear of wells springs, shrine-waters, etc., with remarkable healing properties. Virgin Mary statues blink, wink, turn their heads and weep salty tears or blood which have remarkable healing properties. What is the cause of all this?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates a great deal of it is gullibility and falsehoods and also hope and deception. This Awareness indicates that there are some apparitions and situations of real sightings. By apparitions this Awareness means images that appear from interdimensional levels based on faith and visual perception by people who witness the apparition. One cannot deny that some apparitions exist. Most of these are false. Most of these are contrived to give some kind of false sensation or belief to others. Only a few, perhaps 3 or 4 percent of those reports have any substance, and those with substance are apparitions that only certain entities might see because their mental states are in such a condition that they are allowed to see or capable of seeing. This Awareness indicates that there are certain drugs that entities can take which alter their mind and allow them to see apparitions. There are certain ways by which some entities minds become altered or different from the norm that allows them to see apparitions without using drugs, but these natural and drug-induced visions work much on the same principle: a change of chemistry within the mind or brain of the viewer, that allows the entity to see or draw in or create or manufacture an image that is made available or projected from the viewer into his or her environment. This Awareness indicates that this kind of thing is not new. It has been the subject of writings for centuries. When Shakespeare wrote of Macbeth, there was the vision of Duncan that appeared and there have been visions throughout history which people speak of. There have been sightings by individuals wherein they described seeing the devil appear to them or seeing an angel appear at their bedside. There have been many kinds of visions. There are energies, apparitions that come through from another dimension when a person's mental state is just right; that these are real. There are many of the reports that have substance in terms of these sightings and apparitions. This Awareness indicates that most are fraudulent when reported, and many others are drug-induced. There are so many people now using various kinds of drugs that they hallucinate or see things and many of these hallucinations from drug-induced visions are also reported. It combines to give the appearance, because the reports are published, when in the past they might not have been. There were times in the past when such a report would never be considered worthy of newsprint, whereas now there are so many types of newsprint that there are a number of tabloids that would love to print such stories. This Awareness indicates that it is no longer difficult for entities to get such stories printed. Not only that, it is easy to get paid for such stories, even if the stories are make-believe. So long as they appear to have some potential for truth and the newspapers will accept such stories, even with out a great deal of evidence, most tabloids do not bother to check the validity of this kind of story. They either print it because they like it, or they don't because they don't have room or it isn't written with enough interesting material to suit their readers. This Awareness indicates that it is not seen as a kind of increase in supernatural occurrences; it is seen more as an increase in the reporting of supernatural stories which have, in most cases, little basis in reality or little basis in truth. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: The Psychotronic illusions referred to previously have little or nothing to do with these weeping statues and so forth? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative; that these tend not to be related. This Awareness indicates that the Psychotronic devices are being held back for future use. They have been used sparingly in the past, in tests to see what kind of effect might be possible from their use. This Awareness has spoken of these things previously. ED's Note: For more information on holograms, please refer to "Revelations of Awareness" issues 91-11, Some of the Physics Involved in the Crucifixion; 88-06 Psychotronic Warfare; 85-16, The Mystery of Weeping Statues and Crying Paintings; 81-16, Mother Mary and Other Archetypes; 80- 30, The Second Coming of Christ: The Maitreya Scenario; 90-16, More on Maitreya; $3.00 each from CAC. WHO WAS TOPILTZIN OR QUETZALCOATL? QUESTION: R.J., Gilroy, California, has a question. He writes: "I am presently researching ancient Aztec culture for a book I am planning. I became fascinated by the Fray Diego Duran's "Book of the Gods and Deities in the Ancient Calendar." I don't agree with much of what Fray Duran had to say, but I find his line of reasoning most interesting. Who was Topiltzin, the one called Quetzalcoatl? This revered person appears to be from a culture totally alien from the Indians who occupy ancient Mexico. In appearance, he was a white man with a brown flowing beard. Duran assumes that Topiltzin was an apostle sent to teach the Indians by God. Some say he was St. Thomas. Would Awareness explain who was Topiltzin?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this entity is seen as being one from the Pleiadian culture: that there were at this time visitations from the Pleiades to entities on both hemispheres of the earth. This Awareness indicates that there are many occurrences down through history in which human culture has been influenced by extraterrestrials. This has been reported in mythologies and in carvings, writings, pictographs, in different ways by these cultures. Through your Biblical recordings, through earlier writings of different cultures, the visitations have often been recorded. In some cases, they occurred without recording. This Awareness indicates that it is because of these visitations that the natives of Central and South America, upon seeing Cortez, presumed he was a god, who had returned, and opened their arms to greet him. This Awareness indicates that Quetzalcoatl was also such a being from another place who came to help establish and maintain a civilization, even as on the European continent there were visitations of extraterrestrials who helped to establish and maintain civilizations, especially in the Tigris and Euphrates valleys. This Awareness suggests the entity read the works of Zechariah Sitchin, especially that which relates to the South American continent, this in The Earth Chronicle the fourth book. ED's note: The 4th book is called "Genesis Revisited". CAC permanently stocks the Sitchin books as well as Bramley's "Gods of Eden" and others of this nature which Awareness continually is recommending. Please refer to Book Price Sheet for current prices. "WE THE ARCTURANS": ARE THEY REALLY OUR FRIENDS OR ARE THEY JUST IMPOSTORS? (The Cosmic Awareness Book Review ) QUESTION: A question from B.A. in Florida. She writes: "I neglected to include my new question relative to another book, "We, the Arcturans," by Dr. Norma Milanovich, and to ask Awareness if their message is valid. I very much liked the book's contents. My hesitation is their appearance, from a drawing in the book is so much like that of the Zeta Reticuli that I wonder! if they are claiming the Arcturans, to be the saviors or gods, as we have been warned about, etc. Also, the response to the abduction query was rather vague and unsatisfactory to me. I would like to have Awareness comment on the volume in general, and the Arcturans as a civilization, their original input with this planet from its beginnings. These beings are from the 5th Dimension." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that these appear to be allies of those Vegans and Pleiadians, and of humans in general, and that these entities are, generally speaking, beneficial in their motives towards humans. This Awareness indicates there are some areas in the book in which confusion exists. The entities are very cautious about relating information on the Orion or Zeta Greys and any link they themselves have with these entities. It appears that there has been some historical link in the past with these entities, but that this link is no longer a bond, and that the appearance, the similarity in appearance is all that remains of this link. It was a kind of genetic link, but was broken when the Arcturans shifted into permanent 5th Dimensional residence. This Awareness indicates that they have very little contact at all with the Zeta Greys or the Orion Greys. This Awareness indicates however, there are some among the Orion and Zeta Greys who would on occasion attempt to pass themselves off as Arcturans. This Awareness indicates that entities need not worry about getting confused, because the Arcturans do not manifest in physical form and anything in physical form is not to be recognized as Arcturan. They would be impostors. This Awareness indicates it is not that they can't manifest in physical form; they could do so for very limited periods of time, but it would take enormous amounts of energy and there is no reason for them to do so. Their influence from the 5th Dimension as that which manifests as energy influence and they do not see a need to become physical to exert that influence. This Awareness indicates they might show themselves in a kind of vision or dream-like state, but would not have reason to become physical in this reality. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Is the book then "We, the Arcturans," by Dr. Norma Milanovich basically valid, and should it be recommended to the membership as a book to read in this area? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative; that the book is generally valid and of high quality. There are some areas that may cause questions or confusion, but in general most of the book is clear and generally valid. It does answer many questions. This Awareness indicates there are areas which the book may also raise questions about in regard to past human history, for much that is in the book covers certain information that has not been fully explored, and may not be seen as connecting with other information that has been given. This Awareness indicates that the Arcturans have had an influence on the human situation on earth prior to the activities of the entities Enlil and Enki, and in some cases, subsequent to those. This Awareness indicates however, that in general, most of their influence was prior to the human ancestry of Enlil and Enki's influence and came somewhat after the initial development of the souls of human entities, around the time of the original creation of the Lyran, Pleiadian and Vegan civilizations or species. Many of these early humans were still in their rudimentary soul levels and had not been fully formed at the time the Arcturans had an influence on the human soul creations. ED's Note CAC does not stock this particular book, but it is available m most book stores or they can order it for you. At present time, we try to stock only those books that put more light on the alien presence on this planet and the extreme threat this is presenting. There are many books now available which concern life on other planets which vibrate at a higher rate than does our planet Earth, however, fixating on such information, however interesting to the mind, can easily divert the entity from the crisis at hand on this planet which needs to be faced and dealt with right now. For more information on Enlil and Enki, please refer to "Revelations of Awareness" 91-14, Enki's Greatest Gift to Man: The Gift of Thought; 91-16, The Enlil Create the Reptilian Prototype of Man; $3.00 each from CAC. WHY MANY CORPSES ARE NOT ROTTING IN GRAVES (Modern Mummies Being Created by Food Preservatives) QUESTION: A question from P.N., Ft. Lyons, Colorado: "The people who have eaten so much food that contains preservatives, that the body is almost completely preserved when they die, will their soul stay in that body for eons of time, until the body decays, as in some of the Egyptian mummies or what happens to the soul? The American people are eating so much preservatives added to their food all the time, and some undertakers admit that they get bodies that are already preserved when the person dies. I am very interested in knowing what Awareness has to say about this?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that preservatives tend to create a situation in which the body does not decay normally, and is preserved, much as would an undertaker preserve the body so that the life forces in the body are somewhat trapped and yet, during the lifetime, are limited in their ability to move or function. This Awareness indicates the greater problem appears to be that by using these preservatives which counter enzyme activities, the food and nurturing substances that enter the body cannot be easily digested because preservatives destroy the enzymes and the enzymes are necessary in digestion. Therefore, the body does not get the nutrients out of the food because the enzymes are not available to digest the food. This Awareness indicates that it should also be understood that certain types of diseases rely on enzymes to break down the flesh of the body and the preservatives therefore counter certain of these diseases, thus, the Herpes sores that were prevalent in the '70s could be countered with the use of BHT, and certain preservatives, but this also had its negative effect in that too much BHT hinders the digestive efforts of the body so that the entity using it excessively cannot get nutrients from the food that is eaten. This Awareness indicates, therefore, the entity who wishes a truly healthy body needs to free himself or herself from diseases that eat away at the body and then use enzymes that help to digest foods and receive sufficient nutrients to allow the body to rebuild and repair any damaged cells that may occur in the body. This Awareness indicates that the rebuilding of cells through the proper nutrients alone with the enzymes that help digest the nutrients will be a way of restoring natural health, but there may be some entities who have certain viruses or diseases that need to use the BHT preservative to counter any particular sores that are caused by enzymes working through the viruses and diseases and therefore, by having these excessive preservatives in the body for that disease, they limit the digestive benefits of the food they enjoy or intake. Enzymes and Fasting Will Remove Preservatives This Awareness suggests that it becomes a kind of vicious circle. The process would best be handled by ridding the body as much as possible of the disease that breaks down the flesh and giving the entity proper enzymes so that the nutrients of their diet feed the body. This Awareness indicates that specific types of enzymes can be beneficial in this regard, helping the body to break down the foods and nutrients and even by having excessive enzymes one can help to rid the body of the excess in preservatives. Also, fasting can help rid the body of preservatives. The fasting also helps to rid the body of the viruses. Also, oxygen in the blood helps to rid the body of viruses, thus, certain substances such as the SOD catalysts can help to rid the viruses from the body such as the Herpes virus, to allow this to be removed or reduced and then the nutrients increased and the enzymes increased in the body so that the body begins to replace cells, rather than just preserve cells. The replacement of cells as a movement and direction for a healthy body is the key. The cells being processed, eliminated and replaced with good nutrient and good enzymes to break down old or dying cells, to rid the body of these old and dying cells so that new cells can come in and replace them, while at the same time eliminating toxins from the system and eliminating preservatives from the system. The preservatives are of little value to good health because they are more like stuffing an animal or bird in order to make it remain in its appearance rather than to keep it alive. The cell is stuffed to keep its appearance, with preservatives, but it loses its vitality and life in the process. This Awareness indicates that by ridding the body of these preservatives and instead replacing it with healthy enzymes to break down the old cells that have little vitality and replace them with new cells that are vital; thus increasing the energy level and vitality of the individual. The health then gradually improves. It also increases the ability of the cells to receive nutrients from the food that is ingested. WILL PRESERVATIVES IN BODY RETARD THE SOUL? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In regard to that part of the question about a preserved person who dies and whose body is filled with preservatives, will their soul stay in that body for eons of time, or perhaps some aspect of it, she might have said? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that portions of the soul will be tied to that body for many years to come, one could say eons of time. It is essentially the same thing as mummification, in terms of tying the soul to the body. A good portion of the soul will go on but a great portion will also be stuck with the body unless the body is cremated, in which case, it is then destroyed One could also put some kind of enzymes into the body to help it rot or self-destruct more quickly, but as long as the body is intact and the cells are holding themselves up, portions of the soul are trapped within these cells. This Awareness wishes to also suggest that when a soul is thus held by a body, being mummified or entrapped in a preserved manner, that soul cannot fully integrate into a new being or new body or new individual. It may only be able to take the part that is free of the old body, thus, a soul may be split between a mummified body and its new living body so that it is not complete, which makes the soul that is in the new living body somewhat retarded, and this may occur immediately into the next life of the individual, or it could extend beyond the 1st life into the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th or more depending on how long it takes for the rest of the soul to leave the body that it inhabits as part of the mummification or preservation process. Thus, embalming holds part of the soul back, and the mummification holds part of the soul back. Sending forth a soul that is essentially retarded, not complete in its development so that it having perhaps already developed considerably, will be spirit and begin a new experience, further behind than it was in its previous lifetime. TIME TO CLEAN OUT THAT BODY CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that entities will find that if they have been using foods with preservatives in them and they stop using these foods for awhile, and begin to clean out their bodies through anything from laxatives or body cleaners of various types or from fasting or particular diets that avoid certain types of food, that they will also begin to feel more energy as the preservatives leave their body. This Awareness indicates that Vitamin C, in large doses, can be helpful. That Metamucil can be helpful in cleansing. That especially the SOD catalyses such as is available through the Goodship; these are particularly valuable in cleansing the body from preservatives. This Awareness indicates K-Lonic is beneficial in cleaning out preservatives and other toxins. This Awareness indicates that any way of cleansing the body will help to remove these toxins and preservatives and will give you greater energy; and the use of enzymes, both digestive enzymes and the SOD catalysts, all of these are especially beneficial in giving you the new nutrients that come in the foods you eat. This Awareness indicates that without proper enzymes, you do not absorb the nutrients of your food and there fore, you are continually hungry and tend to overeat and this helps to create, for many entities, obesity or gaining of unneeded weight, and these extra pounds tend to deplete the energy and add room for more toxins. This Awareness indicates that by using digestive enzymes, and also the SOD catalysts, one can find their health generally and gradually improving, day by day, week by week, on a yearly basis so that their lives become more vital, the cells throwing off the preservatives become more alive, and the entity enjoys greater health and longer life. The greater health includes greater mental health as well, and greater emotional health, for as one's general health improves, one's overall health also tends to improve. ED's Note: for more information on the products mentioned and how to cleanse the body for good health and long life, please refer to "Revelations of Awareness" 92-02, Age Reversal and Good Health; $3.00 from CAC. Also recommended is the booklet, "Fasting and Nature Cure"; $3.00. In regard to cremation, most mortuaries can either do this or direct you to one that does; however, many of these are run by crooks, who will say that by law you must buy an expensive casket to put the corpse into before they will light a match to it. This is usually pure bull, and those who fall for that bull are usually unaware the casket it removed before the body is cremated. In this manner, the funeral parlor operator can tell the expensive casket to another sucker. If there is a law that states the corpse must have a box of some kind, these people by law are supposed to show you the cheapest box available for this purpose. If they refuse, you should notify authorities. If you look in the Yellow Pages of the phone book, you may discover your city or area has a non-profit organization you can join which will haul you away when you die and see to it your body is cremated and the ashes disposed of as you have designated. For 50 years there has been such an organization here in Western Washington called the "People's Memorial Association", 2366 Eastlake E., 409 Areis Building, Seattle, Wa 98102. You might contact them and ask if they know of a similar organization in your area. How it works is that you pay a onetime fee of $10, which covers you and your family for their full lifetime. At the time of death, they guarantee they will come get the body if it is within 100 miles of the crematorium and cremate it for a price of about $400, no strings attached. When they first started, the cost was only $65, but inflation has pushed it up. $400 with no sales pressures is probably a better deal than you will ever find with the local funeral parlor, but check it out anyway and be sure to ask lots of questions. Awareness has stated many reasons, many times why It suggests entities be cremated rather than buried in the ground, and this reading on possible mummification is yet another. Take care of it now, put copies of the contract with your will, In case you don't think you will be able to make it to the year 2012 when you will be moving into the 5th Dimension, probably physical body and all. The Roman Catholic Church in particular has, through its programming, condemned the process of cremating entities; they have their own occult reasons for this, and unless you are firm about this and get it in writing, your Catholic friends and relatives may try to supersede your wishes and stick you into the ground where your mummy may take centuries to deteriorate. The best prevention is to have a good lawyer draw up your personal will and have your instructions clarified as to exactly how you want your corpse disposed of. END OF ISSUE ---------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Get Electronic Copies of "Revelations of Awareness" by EMail: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- At this time, subscriptions are not available via the net. 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