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93-03 (Issue No. 412) ----------------------------------- Find Out Who, |* REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS *| How Many Have In Fact, You |* The New Age Cosmic Newsletter *| You Served? And Really Are. ----------------------------------- How Well? Cosmic Awareness Communications Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 email: alex@spiral.org (subscription information available at end of this file) "Helping People Become Aware Since 1977." --------------------------------------------------------------------------- REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter, published by Cosmic Awareness Communications, Box 115, Olympia, WA 98507, a not-for-profit organization. Copyright 1993 by Cosmic Awareness Communications and the Aquarian Church of Universal Service. Reproduction is permitted, but no alterations may be made without express permission. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as "Channels" for the "Heavenly Father" and expresses itself once again as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of "readings" given, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to *believe* anything, not even Itself, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover through your own channel what the truth really is. Cosmic Awareness will only "indicate" and "suggest." Neither CAC or the Interpreter is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does CAC or the Interpreter necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreter interprets the energies as they are seen in trance levels and are not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreter has no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments, which are entirely the responsibility of the editor. Paul Shockley, Interpreter Avaton, C.A.C Editor Alex, OCR'er and NetPoster Vikki T., Office Manager --------------------------------------------------------------------------- IN THIS ISSUE: 93-03 (Issue No. 412): Karmic Debts: Sooner or Later They Must be Paid; Getting off the Wheel of Birth, Death and Rebirth; Suicide Doesn't Solve Karmic Debts; Some Understand Karmic Law but Now Lament Because they Have Karma; Creating New Karma all the Time: Can One Ever Catch Up?; Most Everyone has Karmic Connections with Those Close to Them; Karmic Debt Where Many are Involved; Hanging Out with Alexander the Great and his Cronies; What is the Value of One's Life?; The Karma for Suppressing Cures; Any Karma for the FDA?; Can Old Buildings Have Karmic Debts?; The Sordid Saga of "Captain Coyote's"; Are Guns "Evil"?; An overview of Where Things Stand Energy-Wise; Current Affairs, An Update; The Spread of Neo-Nazi Hatred; Pornography and Drug Crimes; Support Hatch Bill to Soften FDA Abuses; Visualize Russia Becoming More Democratic; Hong Kong May Clash with China; Japan and World Economics Prosperity in Canada; Electronic & Robotics to Change Humanity's Face; The Truth About the Poles "Tipping"; Help Needed to De-Energize the California Earthquake; More Positive Energies Around Today; Two Kinds of Giving to Another; The Robotic Society: Capitalism or Socialism, Who Buys the Products When Robots Obsolete Worker?; The Growing Pains of the New World Order; The Impact of "Global 2000" Scheme; Will a Redistribution of Wealth Occur?; Serious Problems from Sunken Russian Submarine; The Ingenuity and Deviousness of Man; Henry Kissinger on Aliens and the New World Order; How Government Can Block Out Information to Psychics; To What End Do the Conspirators Pillage the Earth?; More on "Global 2000"; All About the "Star Trek" Series; Will Microwaving Foods Cause Cancer?; The Convection Air Oven is Superior for Cooking; Where to Get a Convection Oven for $100; The Homeless and Mentally Ill Problem; Reptoid Sex-Change Surgeons Are Implanting?; Where Did 50,000 Sets of Testicles Go?; Do Reptoids Promote Homosexuality?; Did the Reptoids Create the AIDS Virus?; Are Reptoids behind the Abortions Occurring?; Are Aliens Behind Nintendo-Type Games?; Why the Rash of Ugly Troll Toys?; Why Kids Love Creepy Spider Toys etc.; Why You Should Cast Your Vote; The Gemstone File: At Last it Can be Told; Cosmic Awareness Reviews new Book, "The Gemstone File" by Jim Keith. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- KARMIC DEBTS: SOONER OR LATER THEY MUST BE PAID Getting Off the Wheel of Birth, Death and Rebirth QUESTION: Vikki received a short note from A.F., Daytona Beach, Florida, that needed a response, but we didn't come up with one so I thought it would be a good letter to read to Awareness and let Awareness respond to this lady. She writes: "Dear Vikki, Charles Hampton's book, "The Transition Called Death," says suicides will be earthbound for as long as they would have lived. I believe life is forced on us and it is a curse. One should have at least the right to end the misery, but one does not have any rights at all. There is only punishment. The meanest of all mean tricks is that one has to exist. It does not make one bit of sense for people to exist. Most of them are crude and vulgar and only destroy. There is no mercy. Love, A.F." Could Awareness address that lady, please? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that most of existence on earth in earthbound bodies, in earth experience, is the result of karma, and entities cannot escape karma by killing the body. This Awareness indicates the karma is that which needs to be dealt with. You were given an opportunity to deal with your karma while in the physical body and you can either deal with it directly to pay off any negative karmic debts through life and through the various forms of experience which in many cases are suffering, or you can seek to avoid paying off the karma by trying to make yourself comfortable or through negligence of responsibilities that come up as part of your karmic debt, and you can lament to the gods and to justice that you are being treated unfairly, because the karma you are experiencing is not pleasant. Suicide Doesn't Solve Karmic Debts This Awareness indicates that suicide only compounds the karmic problem, for the entity does not solve any karmic debts through suicide. This Awareness wishes entities to understand that there are some who pay off their karmic debts and by such action they may reach or reap good karma for activities that are beneficial to others, and by helping others, the good karma they store up may give them the appearance and the enjoyment of a more wholesome and pleasant life. This Awareness indicates of course, when entities are totally free of any karmic debt, they leave the physical realm and go into higher vibratory realms so that they can fully enjoy the more blissful states of being. This Awareness indicates that It is always amazed at the lamentations entities can derive from having to pay off any karma. This Awareness indicates that without the understanding of karmic debts, of course entities would have every reason or every right to complain that they are suffering needlessly, but if entities understand that what they are doing and what they are present on earth in their body for is to work off karmic debts, then it becomes very logical and rational that they should experience certain things in life and that if they can pay off these karmic debts they can become free of the wheel of life and rebirth. This Awareness indicates that it is so simple, and yet so few entities are willing to acknowledge that they might owe something, either to themselves or to others, and that their lives were given to them so that they might repay their debts to others. This Awareness indicates of course there are also those who are free of karma, who return to earth to help clarify and assist others in their efforts to alleviate karmic indebtedness. Wanderers Often Take on the Karma of Others These of course, are those referred to as Wanderers, and these Wanderers, having no karma of their own, may take on karma for others and hopefully, others will some day learn to appreciate the efforts of such Wanderers, but they usually do not. They do not usually appreciate the fact that others take on their karma for them, and they simply continue to lament if they have any karma whatsoever, or if they do not receive showers of treasures and blessings for doing whatever it is they do, which is usually nothing of value to others. Most entities want life to shower them with pleasures and treasures, regardless of what they do themselves to earn it, and in fact, most entities may earn negative karma, but expect that they should be paid in positive karma. This Awareness indicates that the entities who enter into life carrying positive karma and taking on negative karma for others, as with those who are Wanderers, these entities do what they can to assist those who have and deserve negative karmic debts which need to be paid off. This Awareness indicates that if you can understand this message, it will be much easier for you to accept what is happening, to work toward paying off any karmic debt you may have, for then you can be free to go into another lifetime, free of karmic debts, where you do not have to experience all the negativity of earth. This Awareness indicates that you then have a choice: whether to return and carry karma for others, or to go on to a more pleasant place for yourself. This Awareness indicates that entities should consider themselves lucky when they have that choice, for they may go on to experience greater pleasure for themselves having no karma whatsoever, if that is their choice. This Awareness indicates however, this does not come until entities have paid off any negative karma that they came to earth to relinquish, and all the weeping and wailing, complaining or objection does not change this. SOME UNDERSTAND THE KARMIC LAW, BUT NOW LAMENT BECAUSE THEY HAVE KARMA FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: I wonder if she would be like some people who have written to us over the years, who reach an understanding of the karmic law and that they are paying off karmic debts in this lifetime which they consider pretty miserable and they get uptight and feeling guilty; they've got something new to worry about. They figure that "In order to be living this miserable life I am living this lifetime, I must have really done bad things in a previous life, and I was an evil person!" and so forth, and so they sort of use that to lament about. How would Awareness address that problem? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates to rephrase your statement, the entity who perceives his or her karma as an invitation of judgment, of guilt; this Awareness indicates it is a judgment of guilt to have karma, for karma is the justice of Universal Law. When an entity is guilty of having wronged another, the guilt itself is registered within the psyche of the entity and the entity knows that he or she has wronged someone, and therefore needs to repay the debt. That is a description of karmic recognition or the karmic reality. This Awareness indicates it simply requires that the entity repay the debt in some way. It depends on what the debt is, and what the entity can do to repay it, and as the entity puts forth an effort to repay it, the karmic debt diminishes. This Awareness indicates that as it is repaid, the guilt the entity may have felt in regard to the karmic debt also subsides. CREATING NEW KARMA ALL THE TIME: CAN ONE EVER CATCH UP? (Law of Karma Does Not Apply to Everything) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Most entities carrying karmic debt, are most of them capable in one lifetime to balance it out, or do the majority of people, even if they do balance it out that lifetime, commit new karma which has to be balanced out in the next lifetime? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates entities are almost always creating new karma. It is very difficult for entities to avoid creating new karma. Anytime you do anything to violate another you have created some degree of karma, depending on the strengths of the violation. This Awareness indicates that the degree of karma created relates in part to the imbalance of a relationship wherein one takes advantage of the other and creates negative karma. The one who is disadvantaged may be able to avoid accepting any karma other than the cause and effect of the situation of itself wherein, for example, an entity is violated and loses something of value, the entity may not himself or herself create any personal karma from it, but they may remain at a loss from having been violated, and that in itself may be perceived as a kind of negative karma, although it is not a debt. It is more of a victimization. Victimization Not a Cause for Karmic Debt This Awareness indicates that the Law of Karma does not so much apply to entities being violated or victimized unless one's victimization becomes a weapon to use against others, wherein one sees himself as a victim, and therefore has a claim against others and uses the victimization to make others feel guilty or to manipulate others; this kind of victimization consciousness may then turn toward becoming a type of weapon to manipulate or psychologically harm others. Most Everyone Has Karmic Connections With People Close This Awareness suggests that most cases of victimization however, are not creators of karmic activity even though one's consciousness may suffer from the victimization. That in a general sense, entities who victimize others are racking up negative karma or debts that must be repaid, even if these are simply emotional debts: someone's emotions have been violated, and you may find that you owe them something emotionally. This can be a kind of karmic debt also. This Awareness indicates that most people whom you meet are tied with you in some way by karmic connection. There may be a need to serve that person, to do something for that person, to resolve the karma that exists or perhaps there is an emotional karmic tie that needs to be resolved. This Awareness indicates that generally, anyone who holds a significant role in your life also holds some kind of significant karmic connection with you. Often the question is: "Which of these entities owes the other in terms of karmic debt?", for sometimes and in most cases, one of the entities is karmically indebted to the other, even if the other does not owe the first any karma whatsoever. This Awareness indicates that on rare occasions, each of the entities may owe the other some kind of karmic debt and they may manage to pay off their debt to each other by working harmoniously together. In still more rare cases, one entity may owe an entire group of entities some kind of karmic debt. This Awareness indicates that It sees for example, an entity who manages an apartment building with many different people in different rooms, may actually owe all of those entities some kind of karmic debt, though each of the entities may be totally separate from the other in the apartment building and have their relationship solely with the manager of the building. This Awareness indicates that the entity or manager of the apartment building could perhaps, hypothetically speaking, owe each of these renters or apartment inhabitants some kind of karmic debt that goes back through a previous lifetime. This Awareness indicates that there is considerable amount of unusual relationship types of situations that come under the heading of karmic situations or karmic debts and it is very difficult to explain all of these karmic debts that entities may rack up and which may slowly be being worked out over long periods of time, even unto lifetimes. KARMIC DEBT WHERE MANY ARE INVOLVED (Hanging Out With Alexander and His Cronies) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: The entity Alexander Thompson is in a sort of situation like that where he has a lot of old entities he's taking care of, and we were discussing this one time, and we thought that it was just old cronies of his that like to hang out from the lifetime when he was Alexander. If this is true, is this common, or is there always some kind of karma going on in a situation like that? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates there is a considerable amount of karma; it is not of an excessively negative nature in connection with this entity and many of those who room in the buildings he manages; the karma being that which relates to himself and many of his old comrades in arms. These entities having served under him as army generals and soldiers are now roomers in his building under his control in terms of the management of apartments and therefore, some of the energies that led them into battle wherein they became victimized by war, are being repaid wherein he provides them with shelter and comfort at a reasonable or low cost. Karma Not Only An Obligation But a Pattern of Attachment Therefore, by comforting them, providing them with low-cost housing, he is working off some karma that came upon him in earlier lifetimes where he used their energy in fighting battles and wars for his own glory and benefits. This Awareness indicates that this is, in part, the karmic quality of the relationship. There is also a kind of karmic loyalty between these entities, and their other life leader, so that these entities can re- experience and express their loyalty to him voluntarily, without a kind of karmic obligation being involved. Karma is not only an obligation, it is also a pattern of attachment that entities may experience when they become attached to another and these attachments linger beyond present lifetime into future lifetimes. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Probably then, most everybody, the children of parents who grow up and they find often that they have to take care of the old folks themselves in their old age, that this is probably a karmic debt they're working off also. Is that correct? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is quite common; that often an entity who spends a great deal of his or her life caring for another might find that in a previous life time, the entity himself was cared for by the other. ED's NOTE: For more information on Alexander Thompson, his college in York, Pennsylvania, and his life as Alexander the Great and his relationship to William Penn and George Fox and how Pennsylvania came to be and its relation to the Constitution of the United States, and later how the Unified States of Awareness came into being during the famous York Convention of 1977, please refer to "Revelations of Awareness" Issue No. 80-17 (Hot Line), $2.00 from C.A.C. Also, please refer to the Peace College Readings. WHAT IS THE VALUE OF ONE'S LIFE? QUESTION: In the mail, about the same time that Vikki received the letter from A.F., she received one from S.R., of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, which I'd like to read in contrast. He writes: "For the readership: How fortunate are we that we have been given this beautiful life, to have so many different experiences in this life! How fortunate are we that we have been given a special recognition by Cosmic Awareness, that we are led to experiences and recognition of what the Awareness Itself Is. And how fortunate are we that we can associate with Cosmic Awareness. This readership: We are the chosen people! I would like to extend a motto to CAC and to all the readership, perhaps to incorporate a reminder in all our newsletters: 'If this world does not benefit from my being here, what is the value of my life?' May Awareness bless CAC and its readership!" I'd like to ask: This statement is also a question, that I'm asking (he wasn't). "If this world does not benefit from my being here, what is the value of my life?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that value is measured according to that force which benefits from the so called value. In your particular question there is an implication that the world needs to benefit from your life in order for there to be a value. This Awareness indicates that this is so from the viewpoint of the world. In order for the world to value your life, it should benefit from your life. This Awareness wishes, however, to also suggest that even if the world does not benefit from your life, there is the possibility that you yourself can benefit from your life, and if you benefit from your life, there would be a value, at least to yourself, if not to the world. This Awareness indicates that it is important to understand value as referring to something beneficial to something else, and when that is understood, you may wish to enhance your value by making yourself more beneficial to yourself and to others in some way. Thus, by increasing your benefits, the benefits you give to your self and to others, you increase the value of your life. VIKKI: That expression sounded to me like another way of saying "How many have you served and how well?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. THE KARMA FOR SUPPRESSING CURES QUESTION: A question from R.Y. about karma, while we're in this area. He was asking about Royal Rife's frequency generator and other devices used in the past for healing and his question: "One thing I do not understand is the question of the karma involved, if any, in so many cancer/virus cures that have been squelched by the medical establishment. Even the persecution of those who have, often at great cost of time, effort and resources, sought out these cures and demonstrated them." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that those entities who squelch cures of diseases or hinder the efforts of others to heal, when those efforts are meaningful, indeed do collect for themselves certain negative karma, particularly when they knowingly hinder the help that is available and block that available help when they knowingly could allow it to get through and do good for others. This Awareness indicates that in many cases, those who would block such help sincerely believe they are doing the right thing. They believe that the so-called help is not real or is not valid or would only deprive the entity from having the motivation to go for other more legitimate help and in their thinking they believe themselves to be doing the right thing, and in thinking they are doing the right thing, they do not rack up negative karma by blocking those entities. They simply develop misinformation and poor judgment. That, in itself, can be a kind of karmic result, for if they show poor judgment in this, then poor judgment may show up as a pattern in their continued activities. ANY KARMA FOR THE FDA? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Is there such a thing as karma dealt to a bureaucracy such as the Food and Drug Association, which is comprised of hundreds of entities, but they continue, year after year, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that nature remedies and devices often do cure people; they continue to fight this. Is there some sort of karma that would befit an organization like the FDA? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that any measurement of karma has to do with the Law of Cause and Effect. The organization that causes certain results or certain effects, creates for itself a pattern and the pattern itself eventually becomes the karma. Even if other forces do not develop into blatant karmic situations, the pattern itself can become the karma which the organization is stuck with. Thus, over a period of years, a group or organization may simply become confined to a pattern of behavior which later may be judged or perceived according to that pattern, and as consciousness changes in its versatility -- as consciousness always changes -- that which is seen as right in its pattern eventually may be looked at as that which is wrong in its pattern. And if the pattern is stuck in a certain mode or way of expression, consciousness, as it is versatile, may look upon that pattern and say: "This organization, this group, is totally out of balance with reality." At such times, the organization's karma then, the pattern which the organization has affixed itself to, then becomes more of an albatross to the organization. In the case of the FDA, which may have obligations to certain pharmaceutical companies, it may become an albatross around the neck of the FDA to find that people recognize it is simply a tool of the pharmaceutical companies. It may find itself being ridiculed or ostracized from society at some point. This Awareness indicates on the other hand, it can become flexible enough to change with the ever-changing consciousness, and it is not fixed as a servant of the pharmaceutical companies, then the FDA could perhaps move into new times, new frequencies, new eras to work with new energies of a healing nature, and survive in transition from the old ways to the new. The FDA could even perhaps become flexible enough to acknowledge a certain amount of value in spiritual healing. This Awareness indicates that it all depends on what kind of pattern, how stuck one is in the pattern, and whether the pattern can be made to flex with the changes and be flexible enough to adjust to new things, to new times and to new ways of doing things. Karma is not always that which comes from a single event. In the case of the FDA, it accumulates over many years as a pattern which may become outdated, archaic, and ineffective. CAN OLD BUILDINGS HAVE KARMIC DEBTS? (The Sordid Saga of "Captain Coyote") FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Is there such a thing as a kind of karma that could exist within inanimate objects, like say buildings? For example, here in Olympia there was a tavern; they built this new tavern called "Captain Coyote's" up on the West side and for many years it was a riotous sort of place, which at one time even showed dirty movies, and then, after the police and the citizens got it closed down, it eventually became a Baptist church of all things. I've noticed this phenomenon before in reading stories from the paper, that some of these buildings that over the years have been used rather anti-socially, find themselves occupied by "do-good" organizations or religious organizations. Is this just coincidental, or is there actually some sort of karma connected with buildings of that type? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it is possible to transmute the energies of some particular place or location from that which is of a negative nature into that which is of a more positive nature. This is not necessarily karma of the building, although it could be such, if you have a broad definition of karma and refer to karma as the pattern or results of certain behavior, and see the building then as having this or that result caused by cause/effect of its use. This Awareness indicates that in a more broad sense, the Captain Coyote tavern would have negative karma as a pattern or would be perceived as having a negative karma, and having undergone a kind of conversion into Christianity, it then becomes a more positive location. This Awareness indicates that you can look at the building allegorically as if you were examining a lost soul that is converted to Christianity. This Awareness indicates that this may be of some value to entities to look at it this way. It is still only a building, but allegorically, it might be of some value to entities to see it as having been converted to Christianity. It is a building that is now being used as a church, when in fact it was once used for more sinister purposes. This Awareness indicates that as far as karma goes, just think of karma as cause and effect in relation to these energies and it is not seen as anything of great significance other than that the building was once the cause of negative effects and now is used to cause or bring about more positive effects. This Awareness indicates entities could, if they so wanted to, write entire books on buildings and their uses in terms of negative and positive uses, conversions, etc., and they could also find buildings that went from being used for good purposes, to buildings that were used for negative purposes, and it could be tied in as related to karma, but it appears to be an exercise in frivolity or trivia to try to make too much of such. Buildings themselves are not sacred. The purpose for which buildings are used may be sacred. Building are not of themselves diabolical, but the purposes for which they are used may be diabolical. Therefore, buildings do not incur karma, except that to which entities attribute to them. There's No Such Thing as An "Evil Gun" In other words, one could say: "This is an evil building!", but the building itself is not evil. It is only labeled as evil. Its purpose may have been used for evil deeds, the building may have been used for evil deeds, giving it the appearance of being evil. This Awareness indicates it is the same with any object. A gun is not evil. Its use may be evil, its purpose may be evil. This Awareness indicates the entity who uses the gun for evil purposes is not able to, in fact, create an evil gun. The gun is an inanimate non-thinking unmotivated creation. It has no motivation of its own, just as the building has no motivation of its own, and therefore, these things cannot pick up karma, but entities using them for ill purposes may pick up karma. ED's Note: In regard to Captain Coyote's tavern, years ago Vikki and her girlfriend used to giggle about "The Chippendales," but would say little to me about them when I inquired. One day I spotted an ad in the local paper that "The Chippendales" were to appear at Captain Coyote's, so on the night they arrived, I surprised Vikki by taking her to Captain Coyote's. She did not know this group was appearing there. It was supposed to be a surprise. However, when we arrived, a young muscle-bulging stud wearing only a black G-string, pulled Vikki through the front door but pushed me back out as I followed her in, much to my surprise. I demanded to know what was going on, and the stud said to me that "no males were allowed to see the performance." I yelled, what kind of a band are you guys, anyway? At that point, Vikki came back out and told the doorman that if I couldn't go in, she wouldn't go in either. The doorman stood firm, so neither of us got to see the show. On the way back to the office Vikki confided that "The Chippendales" were not a rock and roll band, as I had assumed, but rather a traveling company of muscular young men ("beefcake" as she called them), who performed for ladies particularly, and if the lady likes the performance, she is supposed to slip a fiver or a ten spot into the guy's G-string or whatever that slim transparent thing is which they wear instead of shorts. (Vikki assured me she got this information from a girlfriend who had witnessed a performance of these entities). Later this information was confirmed when I caught part of their act on a cable TV show late at night. I muttered that I ought to lay an "anti-discrimination" suit against Captain Coyote's for prohibiting males from attending such a spectacle, but I never bothered to do it. Captain Coyote's was shut down a few months later anyway. When I asked Vikki at the time why would she want to go to a place like that to witness a spectacle of near naked young men prancing around on the stage, she rolled those great blue innocent eyes and shyly and demurely looked the other way, without answering. I guess the ladies hold some secret fantasies us men will never have revealed. Later, having given it some thought, I suspected that "The Chippendales" were probably a bunch of gay young men who had discovered an easy way to make a living entertaining the ladies. (Liberace did the same thing in his own way). Anyway, let's hope so, guys, because "The Chippendales" are still making the circuits (with many copycats as well), getting more famous every year, and probably your wife or girlfriend already has plans to catch their act. AN OVERVIEW OF WHERE THINGS STAND ENERGY-WISE: Current Affairs -- An Update (C.A.C. General Reading, December 6,1992) OPENING MESSAGE: Feeding the Starving in Somalia This Awareness indicates the energies in general at this time appear to be relatively positive in various levels. The main concern on the international level relates to the program for attempting to feed the starving people in Somalia. This Awareness indicates that this is a far better cause and activity than a war in the making, and even though there may be some potential danger in the area which could escalate into violence, the intention and motives are good and wholesome. This Awareness indicates of course this is not something that will become a common policy for the United States in trying to feed the world; the United States simply does not have the means and resources for the entire world, but the fact that it is working in this area is of considerable noteworthiness. This Awareness indicates it is to the President's credit that he has taken this action just prior to leaving office; it is as a goodwill gesture on his part to direct this project in this manner. This Awareness indicates that in general it appears that it will begin the creation of stability in the country of Somalia so that as time passes, these entities can build their own infrastructure and government and eventually heal themselves. It can also serve as an example for future situations of this type. The Spread of Neo-Nazi Hatred This Awareness indicates in terms of the other areas of concern on the international level, the situation in Germany regarding the Neo-Nazi movement there is reflective of that which is occurring in other countries, but it is more focused in Germany, and it appears the German government and the general masses of people are making it clear to the Neo-Nazis that they are not a welcome group with their hate songs and slogans and their motives and actions of violence toward others for not being of the same racial stock, especially, or for being from foreign countries. This Awareness indicates that it is very important that this message gets through to these entities before they begin to spread their hatred to the young people of Germany and start a new form of 4th Reich in that area. This Awareness indicates that the hatred and violence perpetrated by this kind of anti-racial activity or attitude as that which still lives in many parts of the world. It is much like the chicken consciousness of pecking a chicken of a different color of feathers until the chicken is dead. This Awareness indicates that there are many humans who have this chicken consciousness that has not yet been elevated toward the more humane or open level of rationale that is suitable of humans to humans. This Awareness indicates that many of these entities think of themselves as preserving a "pure stock", as protectors of some genetic interest or genetic type. That it is like the main chicken of a flock who decides that all the other chickens should have red feathers because he has red feathers, and anyone having black or yellow feathers or white feather should be driven from the flock and if possible, destroyed. This Awareness indicates that it is puzzling to this Awareness that anyone could have this kind of consciousness who perceives themselves to have any intelligence at all. That to want to destroy something because it is the wrong color, or from another location, another country, having a background as in the case of Germany, the three people who were Turkish in their nationality, as being viewed as people who should be fire-bombed; it is truly puzzling to this Awareness that humans could have this kind of mentality, when they were given brains to think rationally, and the ability to evolve toward caring and compassionate beings. This Awareness indicates that it is fitting that if these entities can't be trained or developed to be compassionate, that they at least be controlled by laws and governments to withhold their violent reactions to those who have different colors of hair, or skin or different nationalities or religious beliefs. This Awareness indicates that it appears this is a problem that will continue however, for the rest of the century, and that with good fortune and hard work, by the turn of the century this will have diminished greatly so that all entities will have less prejudice to deal with in their meetings with other cultures and other people. Pornography and Drug Crimes This Awareness indicates that the other area of concern that is still a major world problem relates to crime, especially crime related to pornography and drugs, and that these will continue being a problem until there is a concerted effort by all governments of the world to put an end to the extreme expression of this behavior. This Awareness indicates this especially in regard to pornography involving children and especially in terms of drugs involving the hard and dangerous drugs, those drugs that cause entities to behave in criminal and violent ways. This Awareness indicates that It does not see a clear solution to these extremes, except through the gradual and consistent and persuasive efforts of the masses of all nations to bring these areas into control through law and order. C.A.C and Aquarian Church to Resume Routines This Awareness indicates that on a more local level, it appears a steadiness and regular consistency of activity and routine settles over Cosmic Awareness Communications throughout 1993 and beyond, giving this organization a routine setting that allows it to function and serve its membership well throughout these times. This Awareness indicates the Aquarian Church appears to be approaching a time when its own stability becomes more solidified. The problems that have erupted from the Interpreter's involvement with his ex-partner are those that will be concluding soon, as the two trials will be concluded during this and next month. The criminal trial for his ex-partner begins next week, and the civil trial between the Interpreter and his ex-partner is scheduled for the end of January 1993. It appears that there will be a necessity for perhaps two or three months thereafter while things get sorted out and settled in, but that by Spring, the Aquarian Church activities can become more solidified and routine also. Support Hatch Bill to Soften FDA Abuses This Awareness indicates that the potential for the health products that are sold through the Aquarian Church as being jeopardized during the month of May; this appears to be not so strong as earlier indicated. There is an effort by Senator Warren Hatch to produce a Bill that gives entities a choice of health care approaches and which gives the entities opportunities to use the kind of herbs and vitamins without harassment from the FDA. This Bill appears to be that which will meet much resistance and lobbying from the pharmaceutical companies, but which stands a very good chance of passage if enough entities rally in support of the Bill, and this does appear to have a great deal of support around the country from people who want to keep their vitamins and food supplements for their healthcare needs and nutritional needs. This Awareness indicates that therefore, this also looks promising in this coming time. There are a few areas wherein some of these supplements may be individually attacked and possibly even removed from the market, but that generally speaking, most will remain available for the people. This of course could change, in the event the masses are not vocal enough in their demand for the right to their food supplements. This Awareness indicates that this kind of thing will always be with you. There will always be those vested interests who try to promote laws that stop others from using or having this particular freedom and who must instead draw on their own special interest or product, and therefore the need for eternal vigilance in a free society is always critical and necessary. You cannot simply win a battle and then stop worrying about the future because you have won your right. You must continue eternally, throughout your life, to protect those rights that you have. This Awareness indicates however, that at the moment, in a general sense, these things appear to be more favorable than unfavorable. Visualize Russia Becoming More Democratic This Awareness indicates the situation in Russia under the leadership of Yeltsin has gone through much difficulty and strain and there is now a slight improvement for the entity, a reprieve whereby he may have some time to regroup and may manage to keep things progressing, but this entity will need more time and more help if he is to hold the country together as is. This Awareness indicates there are strong forces that would like to return to Communism, there are powerful forces that would like to tear away any fabric of democracy and freedom, and will do so by any means possible. It is important that entities visualize democracy and a healthy economic situation moving into Russia as a stabilizing factor, so that this country can become a good ally of the United States and so that along with this activity of alliance, the other satellite nations around Russia join in. This Awareness indicates that this appears to be in the works for the remainder of 1993, after Clinton takes office. It appears to be of a priority concern of this entity to assist in whatever way is possible to help solidify the democratic and freedom movements in Russia. Hong Kong May Clash With China This Awareness indicates that in terms of China, there is a potential trouble spot seen as Hong Kong comes under the domination of the Chinese government. The Hong Kong area has long been a very powerful expression of capitalism in its most extreme form, wherein these businesses in Hong Kong will find it most difficult to yield to control from Peking in terms of their conducting business under dominion of the Peking government, and in their resistance it could lead to a potential clash between the mainland and the Hong Kong area. This Awareness indicates at the same time, the Chinese government wants the benefits and wealth that Hong Kong can generate and therefore, may be willing to make sufficient compromises to allow the Hong Kong businessmen to continue their operations. It is likely this will be the final outcome, but that the operations will be curtailed or controlled enough that the Peking government gets a cut, either through excessive taxes or through other means of control of the money system. This Awareness indicates either way, Hong Kong will suffer somewhat. The Chinese government will benefit most from the relationship that develops. This Awareness indicates that It has already discussed the scenario in the Middle East, and sees Israel as needing to put forth an effort to work with its neighbors, while at the same time holding steady in terms of its own security so that the neighboring countries do not perceive Israel as becoming weak. This Awareness indicates that as long as Israel remains strong, and is able to compromise on humanitarian levels in a way that shows it to be in control rather than in an appeasement mode, it appears the stability in the Middle East can be strengthened, and the neighbors will remain respectful of each other. It appears there can be diminishing of hostilities in this area, particularly relating to the Palestinians and Israeli conflict. Japan and World Economics This Awareness indicates that in terms of world economy, there is still seen considerable diffusion and confusion in bringing the European community together which may result in some further confusion in regard to the economics of the various countries, so that there is no particular or dramatic presentation when these countries attempt to come together in 1993. This Awareness indicates the first year or two appear to be years of struggling while adjustments are made whereby different countries have their own individualistic approach and the general community does not gel properly. This Awareness indicates that there does appear to be a general and very slow and gradual improvement over the next two years in this area however. The countries that are more ready to cooperate with each other will benefit the most from the efforts to move into a European community. This Awareness indicates that Japan has long enjoyed great prosperity, often at the cost of the environment and of trade disputes between themselves and other nations. This advantage that Japan has had, wherein these kind of mild non-violent violations occur are seen as not being as effective for Japan during the coming four year period; that there will be some curtailment of profits from this kind of non-violent violations. The trade wars, or trading conflicts between Japan and other nations will not be controlled entirely or to the same advantage that has served Japan so well in the past decade. Prosperity is Seen Returning to Canada This Awareness indicates It sees prosperity beginning to increase in Canada on a regular and steady basis as Canada becomes more stabilized in terms of its internal and foreign affairs during the next six years. This does not mean that it will fail to continue after six years, rather It is only looking at a particular run of energies that appear to extend for six years. Thereafter, a change in energy may occur, but it does not appear to be negative, it appears rather to be a kind of leveling off and stabilizing of the nation's economics and political atmosphere. This Awareness indicates the problems in Quebec in regard to government controls have had a re-stabilizing effect on all of Canada's governments, creating uncertainty among the people and particularly disruptive of the economics of the various provinces but this is now becoming more stabilized and this will affect the growth in the economies. This Awareness indicates that Eastern Europe is busy digging itself out from the hole it found itself in with the collapse of Communism, and each of these countries, by their own efforts and by some assistance from foreign countries, gradually pulls itself up out of the hole during the next ten years to become relatively healthy countries wherein each has something of value to give to the rest of the world in exchange for goods and services that are needed by each of the countries and a trade relationship develops between these various countries and the rest of the world which is healthy for all. This Awareness indicates in South America, there is seen a quiet and somewhat calm but steady growth in terms of economies in such a way that no major focus occurs, yet a steady incline of growth and prosperity begins to develop over the coming years of this last decade of this century and stability in most of the South American and Central American governments becomes more prominent during this cycle. Electronics & Robotics to Change Humanity's Face This Awareness indicates that in terms of scientific and other social developments it is a time in which a new era is starting. This Awareness has mentioned previously an era of electronic development, including robotics, and in this new electronics and robotics era, a totally new age for mankind emerges which will be in full bloom by the middle of the next century, much in the way the Industrial Age came upon humanity from the early 18th Century and became in full bloom in the 19th Century; likewise this electronics and robotics industrialization will change the very fabric and face of humanity's evolution on Earth. There will be music, there will be entertainment for all people throughout the world, there will be robotics as a way of manufacturing to take the heavy lifting off the backs of humans. There will be electronics, communications and information exchange through electronics, through computers, through other forms of electronic equipment, some which have not yet been invented, some which have not yet been standardized or which have not become part of the social fabric. This Awareness indicates that within 25 years, the digital television phone will be common, wherein entities can see each other as they talk to each other, or, if they choose, they can turn the image off and talk to each other without the visual contact. That it appears the year 1993 will play a major part in initiating this new Electronic Age into manifestation, but it will continue to develop and grow for at least 50 years and then will continue its expansion infinitely beyond that. Within 50 years, it will have become a major factor or place in the realm of human experience, just as mechanics has become so in your present experience. This Awareness indicates that this has been a brief overview of energies that are seen at present in regard to the general human condition and in regard to affairs of international concern and in regard to private or more localized concerns and energies of 1993 in preparation for the coming century. The Truth About the Poles "Tipping" This Awareness indicates there is still one other area that is part of the overall situation and that has to do with nature itself, particularly regarding earth changes and the potential for earthquakes, and weather patterns. This Awareness indicates that It still does not see the danger of extreme droughts that were prophesied several years ago for this time, but there are likely to be minor periodic droughts and perhaps even some minor food shortages in various places. This Awareness indicates that the earth changes that many have predicted in regards to a tipping of the poles has still not occurred. This Awareness does not see this as occurring in the manner that has been prophesied. It does see the potential for a very slow, very gradual tipping of the Earth, which is in actuality a cyclic thing that has been occurring over time, and in its latest situation has been occurring since 1933, the very gradual tipping of the poles, which will lead to a maximum of 23 degrees off center. This, of course, is a cyclic movement that occurs relating to the changes of the earth on a continual basis where the poles tip 23 degrees over long periods of time, then go back to the center and tip 23 degrees in the other directions. This has been occurring for eons of time without any interruption or flipping as many have prophesied. It does not see this sudden flipping of the poles or distortion that is alleged to be ready to create havoc on the earth, It does see a potential for major earthquakes in various parts of the world and has already discussed some of this. Help Needed to De-Energize the California Earthquake This Awareness indicates that there still appears to be some potential for the earthquake in May that has been discussed; It would like to see this de-energized, or focused upon in such a manner that the energy diminishes between now and May to alleviate or to greatly modify the intensity of such an earthquake. This Awareness indicates that entities in focusing on this with the intent of de-energizing the earthquake will help to pacify the energies that could result in such; that if enough people can focus and seek to pacify this energy it can have an effect. There are many other factors also involved. If the general attitude of the masses at the time is crystallized on some hostility or negativity, this can add to the potential for the earthquake. If the general attitude of the masses is of a light happiness, a joy; this can help to pacify or negate the potential of an earthquake. This Awareness will watch this energy as time approaches and attempt to inform entities of the increase or decrease in potential. More Positive Energies Around Today Than in the Past: More People Are Helping People This Awareness indicates the overall and general energies of mankind at this time is that which is most positive and encouraging, when viewed in comparison to energies of the last century or previous centuries, for there are many people today who are much more tolerant of diversities, are much more tolerant of the differences between themselves and others. If their neighbor appears to be somewhat Communistic, they do not dream of ways to hurt their neighbor, they simply question his judgment and perhaps even enjoy a healthy debate or conversation with the entity regarding such matters. This Awareness indicates that most people tend to have a more willingness to trust each other than was common in the last century. In the last century entities trusted each other only if they were of the same culture facing an enemy or potential threat. They would then rely on each other and knew they could trust each other in the event the enemy threat closed in on them. Today entities don't have so much the same motivation. Their motivation of trust has more to do with a desire to become friends, a desire to avoid loneliness, a desire to get to know their neighbor or their friend a little closer. This Awareness indicates that more entities today are willing to let go of things, a certain amount of possessions in order to help others. This occurred in the past century, but it was usually caused by a need to stick together in hard times and not from just the affection or desire to help another person. The general affection today of helping others is not shared by everyone, but there are a great number and high percentage in society who will do things for others without any fanfare, without being coaxed or persuaded. The Two Kinds of Giving to Another They simply perceive a need, and know they could help, and step in and do it, and this kind of giving of self is almost unique to this century, in comparison to earlier centuries where entities gave to protect their own kind, the neighbors, their friends, but did not give simply out of love or simply because they saw a need. This Awareness indicates there is a subtle distinction there. When you give to protect your own kind, it is related to a common pact that entities share, based on their personal identities and attachments to the group, whereas, if you give simply because you see someone who needs it, there may not be a common attachment involved. The only thing involved might be that: "This person is truly hungry," or, "This person is truly in need and I have more than I need. I can afford to give this person something without it hurting me at all." This Awareness indicates that this kind of giving is the more spiritual of the two. If you give because you are American or white, or of a certain religion or group, and that person is also part of your group, then you are not really giving to the person as much as you are giving to the promotion of your group. You are giving to the promotion of your religion, your race or whatever. This Awareness indicates that if you give to an individual, and you give to that individual willingly and without regard for a mutual or common denomination, an individual may not be your religion, the individual may not be of your race, the individual may not be of your nationality, but the individual has a need and you have a means of helping fill that need, and so you give, and therefore your gift is more spiritual than the one that fills the need because he was one of your group. This Awareness indicates that these generalities are being presented to give entities a general overall view of where things stand energy-wise at this time and during the coming year. It should be noted that there is always, in any generality, unique and detailed differences that do not conform to the general picture that has been presented. THE ROBOTIC SOCIETY: CAPITALISM OR SOCIALISM (Who Buys the Products When Robots Obsolete Workers?) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In regard to robotics, and what Awareness was seeing into the next century; it seems like all these countries that are getting so-called "democracy", that this seems to manifest as a Capitalist type of free enterprise, and as you look down the road with robotics and these new technologies coming in and you look at the past history of the capitalistic type of economics, it seems like more and more human beings are going to be thrown out of work and replaced by robots and so forth. Does Awareness see the same problems occurring down the road that the free enterprise system in the past has created? Huge multi-national corporations and so forth, and eventually easing the little man, the worker out; does It see this trend continuing, or is there going to be a new socialism type of economy spring up that takes into consideration all these millions of people and all these countries that do need to work to support their families and so forth? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that if you can visualize a small enclosed society, this to represent all of society in a kind of metaphorical way, in which there is, for example, a small community with one big factory; that no one can leave this community in this hypothetical example, and no one in the community is able to work outside to bring in money from elsewhere, so that the entire community is dependent on the factory. The factory symbolizes all work places, with all types of jobs and energies or monetary sources. Now, this factory has decided to lay off its employees and install robots. Everyone from the assembly line worker to the secretary is replaced by a kind of robot. The assembly line worker is replaced by an arm that screws on the bolt where he worked and replaces him in his job. The next assembly-line worker is replaced by a robotic arm that installs the windshield on a car, and so forth. All of these robotic activities conducted in such a way that the vehicle is assembled without being touched by human hands. It comes off the line as a "kosher" vehicle. This Awareness indicates that the secretaries who normally answer phones are replaced by recorded voices and the information that is exchanged is exchanged by computers, from one computer to another, so that there are no people working in the factory, and in fact, no people working in town at all. The factory is producing vehicles. It cannot ship them elsewhere because this hypothetical place is closed off and there are no other markets to buy the vehicles, so the people must be the market, and the people have no money to purchase, thus the factory organizers or owners have one thing to talk about: "We have a product but no market. What do we do? How can we keep this product being marketed without a profit? How can we keep this going if we have no opportunity to sell our product?" This Awareness indicates the entities have a choice. They can either make it possible for the people in the community to have enough money to buy the product or they can close up shop, shut down the robots and all of the activities, and join the people in the ranks of the unemployed, or they can decide to overhaul the economy so that the entire world as they know it in their community receives allotments which allow them to buy or sell amongst themselves, even if they do not work in the factory. Remember, the factory symbolizes all places of employment. Therefore, by creating this welfare state in which the entire population is on welfare, the entities within that state can afford to spend "x" amount of money for a vehicle. The producers of the vehicle can either sell to them or decide they want more money for their vehicle. If they want too much, the buyers do not buy; they hold on to their money to buy a used vehicle that someone else later discards, or they get along without the vehicle. Whatever the case, supply and demand create the market price and if the manufacturers have a supply but there is no demand because the people have no money, have been unemployed or are working at some menial job in which they do not earn enough to purchase, then supply becomes excessive to the demand and must drop in value. A thing is only valued if it is in demand. The worse thing that could happen, has happened in this hypothetical robotic society, in that the demand is not there and the supply is excessive. The only thing left to do is give way to a reduced cost. Reduce the cost and give away the excessive supply, or increase the demand by giving those who are in need of money, some means of obtaining the money to purchase that which is in excessive supply. The Growing Pains of the New World Order This Awareness indicates therefore, it doesn't matter in the long run whether entities lose their jobs and go to work for peanuts. Eventually it will all balance because of this law of supply and demand. It matters temporarily, it matters in certain areas of the country, while things are being balanced out. It matters when the entity is out of work in this area and doesn't have the money to meet the demands in order to get to the supplies, but gradually, over a long period of time, as things begin to balance out, the Law of Supply and Demand puts things back into perspective, back into balance. This is the growing pains of the New World Order in terms of the economic factors. This growing pain that entities feel occurs because things are not in balance for them at the moment. Eventually, things will balance and the question may be: "Can entities survive the thrashing and turmoil before the balancing occurs?" There may be many entities who are out of work for long periods of time, who lose their assets, who lose their homes, and thus suffer considerably, but gradually, over long periods of time, the entity who has a seven dollar per hour job instead of his 15 dollar per hour job will find prices coming down to meet the amount he is able to pay, for not only is he out of this $15 per hour job, but so are all of his friends, and therefore, the supply side cannot charge the high prices since the more menial jobs take up all of the marketplace and no one has the huge amounts necessary to buy the product. Since they are earning so much less, the product must be devalued to meet the demand, to meet the amount entities can afford to pay. This Awareness indicates the difficulty lies in the transition between the one kind of marketing situation and the other, where entities have less money to buy with and the products are made by robots. It is possible the robots will make the products cheaper, and therefore they can be sold cheaper, and entities can afford the cheaper price. It is possible the robots can make the products of higher quality for a cheaper price, and entities can obtain with a cheaper price a higher quality vehicle. This Awareness indicates it is also possible the robots will do a botched job, a worse job on the vehicle than would a human. It is more unlikely however, for the robots can be programmed with greater precision than a human can maintain on a regular and steady basis since humans are more flexible, since humans tire, since humans become distracted. A robot is never distracted, it never tires, it only breaks down when it has moved beyond its endurance capacity. This Awareness indicates that if one takes the long view, which is what many of these planners do, they see the robots as being the answer, not only to producing less expensive products, but also to relieving the masses of workers from their long labors, hours, so that they can have more leisure time, and in the final analysis they expect the masses to have some kind of pension, welfare or payment from some source, even a government dole allotted to each individual that allows the entities to have certain benefits, certain purchases within reason that makes the production of the robots available to satisfy the demands of the masses. The Impact of "Global 2000" Scheme This Awareness indicates that of course there is the other factor, that of population control, and the AIDS and tuberculosis and other diseases and famines and wars designed to reduce the world population by at least half and more likely one-third of its present population by the year 2000 is still also part of the overall plan, and when this overall plan has run its course and the population has been decimated or diminished excessively and the robots are in place, then they see the potential for a kind of paradise on earth for those who remain. This is a general overview of the thinking of many of these world planners. This Awareness is not condoning or seeking to promote this plan, It is simply explaining what lies behind much of the events that you witness or will witness in the future. WILL A REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH OCCUR? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: So, in the long run, there isn't really redistribution of wealth, or any of the Utopian type of societies that writers of the past have written about. It's going to be more or less a refinement of what we have today. Is that correct? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that, in a sense, it will be like a redistribution of wealth, but in another sense, you are correct. This Awareness indicates that if entities no longer need to work at the factories and have leisure time, they have then been given something of value. Thus they are wealthy in that respect. If entities can have the good things in life without having to work so hard to get them, they are more wealthy. They have gained more for less. This Awareness indicates that the redistribution of wealth may not be the proper term, for there can be the destruction of mass numbers of entities as the diseases and biological warfare and other warfare and starvation take their toll on the masses and leave an earth that contains one-third of its present population, and if the factories are then filled with robotics to do most of the work, this one-third of the remaining population would be perceived by many as being much more wealthy and benefited in an earthly sense, in a materialistic sense than before the changes had occurred. This Awareness indicates, of course, if this were to happen, two-thirds of the Earth's population would have been destroyed in order to get this redistribution of wealth and therefore, it is as though they were stolen from in order to leave these survivors wealthier. This Awareness indicates that it could however, end up with the survivors enjoying a life of greater leisure, less difficulty in terms of occupation and work, and it could leave them also with the rewards that come from factories which were created on the backs of billions of workers throughout the century, most of whom have long departed the plane, and whereby these factories now work with very little supervision to serve the masses. It also leaves the people in control as having fewer people to govern and therefore, more able to govern them in the way they choose, in the way that satisfies their need for governing others. SERIOUS PROBLEMS FROM SUNKEN RUSSIAN SUBMARINE QUESTION: The Soviet nuclear submarine that sank off the coast of Norway in 1989, according to authorities, now is leaking radioactive Cesium from its damaged reactor, and very soon it could leak deadly Plutonium. Plutonium is one of the most toxic substances known. A single speck inhaled will kill a human, and Cesium also is carcinogenic and accumulates in humans and animal tissues. This submarine, which went down with 42 Soviet sailors, is on a ledge 6,000 feet below the surface in one of the world's most productive fishing grounds. And it sounds like the Russians or Americans don't really have a clear-cut solution to stopping this radiation, but they're working on it. Does Awareness see this sunken Soviet sub creating any significant damage, particularly to the fish that are caught in that area, or to the water itself? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates It does see this as being a serious problem that will increase throughout the next month and perhaps years, unless some satisfactory solution is found. It does not see a solution to the problem except possibly through some scientific device or perhaps of an alien origin that can help to neutralize the Plutonium. It does not see this as something that can be handled in the usual fashion having divers go down and plug it, or extract the Plutonium, for more satisfactory disposal methods. It sees this as being a problem that will not go away easily, and in the meantime, many fish will be made toxic and the toxicity will enter the food chain and many people will suffer from this. It suggests that entities avoid many of the products from Norway oceans as these may contain radiation filled fish, or polluted fish from these radiated waters. This Awareness indicates It sees there are scientists working on this concern which may in time produce a solution. It does not see the solution clearly having an acceptable end. This Awareness indicates It sees there is a method by which the submarine may be dislodged from the ledge to fall deeper into the cavern and then be covered over by the cavern through explosive techniques that allow the ledge and canyon walls or cavern walls to fall and bury the submarine. There is considerable hazard involved in this; that it might rupture further the contaminating elements, and might not actually bury them deep enough to keep the contamination from further leaking. This Awareness indicates that the covering of the submarine with sand dropped from the surface would require enormous amounts of sand, but is another option or potential solution. This Awareness indicates It does not see that there will be any clear way of retrieving the Plutonium and other radiating material to dispose of it elsewhere; it would be excessively dangerous to attempt such. THE INGENUITY (AND DEVIOUSNESS) OF MAN COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the ingenuity of man to create instruments of destruction or to find ways of undoing such creations is admirable and should be recognized, for mankind is capable of great things, both terrible and wonderful. Therefore, even this problem with the sunken submarine should not be viewed as insurmountable. It is seen that a solution will come. The ingenuity of man will find a way by which this becomes neutralized. At least for some time to come. Often, man only deals with the immediate urgencies and leave long-term problems for future generations to solve, which could be the way of dealing with this problem at this time. This Awareness indicates that the ingenuity of man has a capacity for great things as well as devious things. By leaving disasters and problems for future generations, man expresses his deviousness in a very ingenious way. (End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given.) HENRY KISSINGER ON ALIENS AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER (How the Government Can Block Out Information to Psychics) (CAC General Reading, October 11,1992) QUESTION: T.N, in Ventura, California, writes: "Henry Kissinger stated at the annual Bilderberg conference which was held this year in Evian, France, shortly after the L.A. riots, "Today, Americans would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order -- tomorrow, they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing that every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being, granted to them by their world government." And Tom says: "I think this statement says it all: we can soon expect some global threat from beyond, either a false alien invasion or a false killer asteroid attack which will cause the world to unite in one panicked mass under a one world government, a New World Odor. SETI begins in October and it will be very simple for the government to announce that they are receiving intelligent signals which are coming from an armada of space craft heading for Terra. This is a plot straight out of a 50's sci-fi B-movie but with enough "credible" scientists attesting to its validity, a terrified population could be fairly easily swayed into accepting a martial law state." Now he didn't have any questions on that, but I did, particularly about Mr. Kissinger making that statement. What was the purpose and how much does he know? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the entity knows enough to make such a statement. The entity knows that these things are part of a planned scenario. This Awareness wishes to make clear however, that scenarios are often planned without being implemented. As the entity Ross Perot mentioned in the debates: "There are plans all over Washington that are never acted upon." This Awareness indicates however, it is something to consider in the conditions that are potential for this time period; that an October Surprise of a potential alien threat could in fact occur along such lines as mentioned by Kissinger in his statement. This Awareness does not clearly see this occurring, but it does appear to be something which cannot be ruled out. Government Can Block Psychics From Prying This Awareness indicates there are ways whereby events can be planned and blocked so that the Interpreter is not able to see these things. This is somewhat difficult to explain but it is a fact that there is a kind of psychic protection that the government can use to prevent psychics from tapping into Top Secret plans so that even if a psychic or an entity who has ability to see into other places or other areas, it is possible for the energies to be blocked in a kind of psychic stealth program. This Awareness indicates that such occurs occasionally with those plans that are protected by government Projects and programs which are considered Top Secret. For this reason this is not clearly foreseeable through this Interpreter. This Awareness indicates that though this Awareness may see these things from another perspective, it cannot be seen clearly through the present Interpreter therefore, the Interpreter is locked out of any clear news on this. This Awareness indicates that occasionally the energies may weaken at some point, which may allow the Interpreter to view this with greater clarity. If this occurs, the information may become visible at some future time. This Awareness indicates at present all that can be suggested is that it is a potential to occur, even prior to the election within this month. If it does occur, it will be sudden and on the news all over the world so that it will be the focus of everything, overriding the election entirely, leading to a declaration of emergency and may even cancel the election. This Awareness indicates, however, as previously suggested, it is not seen clearly that this will be the case. It is seen as a potential. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Is this screen that Awareness mentions that prevents psychics from tapping in to certain plans, is this something new, or has this been around quite a while? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is a protective screen that has been learned about by those who have worked in the psionics field for the government whereby they can protect certain things from being pierced. It is much like protective rituals that one might use in protecting oneself from negative forces. To wrap a project psychically, to protect it from being viewed or seen or witnessed psychically, has been used for approximately 15 years with improvements developed, especially during the last decade. This Awareness indicates that it came about in this country after it was discovered that the Soviet Union was very deeply involved in psychic research or psionics and had developed the means of spying through the use of psychics. This Awareness indicates that it has also been a policy of this Awareness to prevent the Interpreter from having the ability to view areas that are unauthorized in terms of government secrecy unless those areas have been released elsewhere previously. This Awareness indicates that It has done this for the protection of the Interpreter and others working with this channel. It does not want this channel to be used as a spy or to be able to spy into things that are secret, that are classified by your government as secret. If the information has been released. elsewhere and it is thus no longer secret, then this Awareness will usually allow the information to be tapped or seen through this channel. Even that may depend on whether there is a danger to the Interpreter or others in repeating or reviewing the information. This Awareness indicates that as far back as the 1970s, entities were asking questions on UFOs and other topics that were at the time Top Secret. Had the information been disclosed so that the Interpreter could channel such information, it probably would have been extremely dangerous to the channel and to the people assisting the channel. This Awareness indicates that once information is released elsewhere, and the danger is no longer intense, there is little reason to continue to withhold the ability to tune into these areas. This Awareness indicates that speculation on what may be is not the same as disclosing what is, and therefore, to discuss the October surprise of a potential alien threat is not the same as disclosing such a thing. This Awareness indicates that it is not clear to this entity, the Interpreter, and this Awareness will not make it clear as to whether such an event will occur prior to election. TO WHAT END DO THE CONSPIRATORS PILLAGE? (More on the "Global 2000" Scheme) QUESTION (VIKKI): We know the money families and power brokers are smart, sharp people with good minds. How can they have such a huge blind spot in their thinking that they cannot see that the only logical conclusion and future for the world, if they succeed in raping and pillaging the planet, will be a sterile dead place that wouldn't be able to support life, including their own? This would compare to the Easter Island example, as Awareness described, a dead world, with piles of money, and to what end? How can they be so blind?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that these entities do not intend to bring the earth to the point of no return in the action of their pillaging. They only intend to pillage enough to gain total control, or enough control to satisfy their assumed needs and to have as much power as they can grab, and they intend at some point to make sure the general earthly population, the population of humanity is diminished enough to where they can control it with complete ease. This Awareness indicates that people generally do not think of the ultimate end anyway. They think only in terms of having more power. These entities are not so much interested in more wealth, as in more power. The wealth brings them power. There comes a time when wealth is not enough and power is the real goal and they are willing to lose wealth if they can gain power, and there comes a time when these entities recognize that real power for them can only come when any potential threat to that power is eliminated. Thus, it requires that also those who might eventually be a threat to them should be eliminated. Therefore, the pestilence, the diseases, the starvation, and all that would destroy the masses who might rise up against them must be used to defuse this threat. Therefore, they indulge in projects such as Global 2000, and projects that bring them more power and more control. They also indulge in projects that weaken their nearest competitor and engage in such competition with their competitors that they often fail to realize the dangers they are creating to the very environment in which they live. This Awareness indicates that once they realize the environment and its effect on them is a threat, then they begin to focus on improving that environment and turn all of their power toward controlling the environment to suit themselves. This Awareness indicates that they do not really want to destroy the environment without some other place to go with an equally good or better environment prepared for them. ALL ABOUT THE "STAR TREK" SERIES QUESTION: A question from M.B., East Hampton, Connecticut. Actually, there's several questions. I'll read the statement: "Is Star Trek, both the old and the new show, based on truth? Did Gene Roddenberry channel this information or did someone else connected with the show? Are the actors and actresses on the show chosen for a great reason? Please give general comments on why the show was brought into existence and general information around it. Why was it brought into existence now?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it was created for television ratings and for entertainment purposes. It was based on the ideas of certain individuals that the people of the United States and the world were ready for space movies and it was designed to motivate entities into putting more money into space programs to inspire the masses into a more space oriented society. This Awareness indicates that it came into existence during the decade that Kennedy suggested would put a man on the moon. In fact, it appears that the first Star Trek episode occurred near that time of the moon landing, and from a production view it was timely because of that, and it turned out that because of its time slot the show was not the big Neilson rating success advertisers had hoped for, mostly because it appeared in the evenings, when entities had finished their week and wanted to go out and celebrate, and therefore, did not have time or opportunity to watch the Star Trek shows. Thus after several years it was canceled, but the reruns kept playing, and the people who had missed it the first time around watched with great pleasure the second time around, and as Dr. Beter once remarked, "When your space program doesn't work, you substitute for a space program on television or in the movies." Thus, Star Trek, the Star Wars trilogy, began to substitute in the minds of the people whose satellites have been crashing or failing to launch and the people feel that they are still progressing scientifically and moving into the space age. This Awareness indicates that the second generation Star Trek sprung into life as a result of the fact that the old Star Trek wouldn't die, and instead it had given birth to Star Trek movies, and therefore, there must still be a craving in the consciousness of entities for more space shows. This Awareness indicates that at this time, there are plans for even more space programs to be put on television during this fall because of the success of Star Trek, the Next Generation. There are approximately 4 space programs or shows to satisfy the cravings and imagination of the people who have lost faith in the NASA programs because of the extreme cost and poor technology in the efforts to move into space. It takes a considerable amount of time to actually move from a terrestrial society to a space society. It cannot be done in a decade. The projects of moving into space, of building space platforms, of traveling to planets, is an ongoing exploration that may take centuries, and if entities have fantasies and fiction telling the story, it becomes inspirational and allows them hope and a willingness to support the effort. This Awareness indicates that on the bottom line, it is a television show that makes money for its sponsors, plays well to the audience, serves as good entertainment for the people, and on another level it helps to inspire the masses to move toward a future society that works in space pro grams, and is willing to pay taxes and appropriate money for those space projects. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Some people wonder, since the recent and untimely death of Gene Roddenberry, if the quality of the new series will deteriorate. Does Awareness see that being a likelihood? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the entity created an inspiration for writers and for the technicians and many of these entities having worked with him, developed their own understanding of his way of seeing and developing story-lines so that even if there is a change, the story-line and the quality is not likely to become depleted in his absence. It is much like a coach building a very good team and then dying. Even though the coach may die, the team has not lost its skill under the coach and it may still need someone who can coordinate all those members of the team, but the skill that they have still remains ready to work with the new coach. WILL MICROWAVING FOODS CAUSE CANCER? QUESTION: Another question Vikki has: "I just read a review of a study of blood after eating microwaved vegetables and milk, reported from a Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and University Institute for Biochemistry, Environmental Biological Research and Consultation. The article reported and measured effects of microwave irradiated food on man, and shows changes in the blood of test persons indicative of an early pathogenic process similar to the actual start of cancer. This was in all food that was heated, defrosted or cooked in a microwave oven with a highly significant association between the amount of microwave energy and its effect. Since this article appeared in a paper selling health products, the motive of those presenting this report are in question. Would Awareness please comment on this possible hazard?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that approximately 10 years ago, this Awareness gave some warnings about the danger of microwave ovens as affecting the molecular structure of the foods cooked. This Awareness indicates that these have not yet been improved, and it appears that the effect on the human body is only now being recognized. This Awareness indicates that while it results in these changes in blood of the people who ingest the microwave foods and appears pathogenic in its effect on the blood, it is not as extremely dangerous as it would appear. However, it should be recognized also that some individuals who are already inclined toward cancerous conditions or who have cancer in their hereditary background or who have a weak immune system, will be more likely candidates for the cancerous condition if they have used the microwave methods of heating food than if they had not. This Awareness indicates that, in other words, it enhances or increases the chances of getting cancer even if it does not in itself cause cancer to occur. This Awareness indicates likewise, the frequency of use would be another factor. If an entity cooks every meal in a microwave oven, this would be more hazardous than if it is used infrequently. The Convection Air Oven is Superior for Cooking This Awareness indicates there are other forms of heating, not quite as quick as microwave, but which do not carry any such hazards. The convection air oven, for example, as that which heats through the circulation of hot air around the object being cooked, is much faster than an oven; almost as quiet as the microwave, being perhaps twice as much time as the microwave on some foods. In some cases, almost the same time as the microwave on other foods, and in other cases, perhaps three or four times as long in cooking other foods, but in all cases, about half or less the time needed in cooking with a regular electric oven. This Awareness indicates it appears the circulating air also browns the food just as in a regular oven; even that of foods such as chicken, wherein the microwave oven does not brown the chicken, but leaves it pasty white. This Awareness indicates that the food is tastier. This Awareness suggests that entities may wish to reconsider the kind of oven they wish to cook with. These ovens often are referred to as rapid air ovens or convection ovens. It is something relatively new on the market. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: I've seen their television ads in the wee hours of the morning which are very convincing, but they act like they've invented the device and they want something like $250 or $300. However, I've seen recently, in a mail order catalogue, a similar air oven, not particularly that brand, which was selling for about a hundred dollars. COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates that between $100 and $150 is not unusual. This Awareness indicates the Interpreter can send an address whereby such an oven can be purchased for approximately $150. This Awareness suggests this be sent to the editor for publication and that if there are others for other prices they also be included along with this reading when mailed to the membership, for those who are interested in further research. ED's Note: By printing time, my efforts to wrench the rapid air oven information from the Interpreter has met with failure. He has it, but he keeps forgetting to bring it with him when he comes up for the monthly sessions. However, I have just located an even cheaper price, only $100 plus free shipping, from COMB Corp., 720 Anderson Ave. St. Cloud, MN 56395. These guys put out an excellent mail order catalog with some real bargains in nationally advertised merchandise. Write or call them for a free catalog. Toll free 1-800-328-0609. You can order the convection oven, the very one I saw on TV selling for $299, for only $100 plus free shipping. Ask for Item No. H8548-7859 .They will give you more info too, if you ask. THE HOMELESS AND MENTALLY ILL PROBLEM QUESTION: A question from L.B., Clarksdale, Arizona. She writes: "I've heard your invitation to the readers for questions, but it was only on tonight's McNeil/Lehrer News Hour that I really felt qualified to pose a worthy question, and it is this: A large segment of the reporting and discussion was about mentally ill humans that are homeless. Different reasons were given for the lack of help to them -- no housing, no custodial situations, no money to help them. It seems to me as I looked at the samples presented and listened to the talk about medicating them if they had a home, apparently someone would see to it that the mentally ill person took the medicine. I wondered just where my compassion was taking me. (1) To allow the mentally ill to do his own thing, find his own way, at least he is free of the restraints us law-abiding tax-paying citizens sweat and strain under, (2) dose them up with all the concoctions the labs turn out since World War II, and it only makes zombies out of them. I am a retired RN and have experienced this warehousing of humans. So my question Awareness is: What am I not understanding about this human situation? I understand this is my first physical embodiment on this planet, and I'm not all that bright myself, for instance jokes and cartoons don't register on my meters at all. To me, it seems possible these are people who don't fit into our civilized society as it has evolved, and why do they seem attracted to busy cities?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the society has a certain concept of the norm, or the normal person, the average person, and it is built around serving the average person. The societies in their development often treat those who are out of the ordinary in extraordinary ways, either incarcerating them or putting them out of society, away from the norm. This Awareness indicates that this society in which you find yourself has recently found itself with a money shortage so that many of the services which have been provided for social purposes are lacking. Many of the services and institutions that were used for housing the mentally ill are running out of money, have not been given the usual appropriations, or the expenses are rising so there is now the policy of releasing these entities back onto the streets when the money supply for housing them is reduced. The most normal of the mentally disturbed are assumed to be capable of surviving on the streets, and if they appear to be harmless in their relating to others, they do not see any reason why the entities can't be put back into society. But these entities, though harmless to others in most cases, may not be able to ready take care of themselves. Even with the prospect of taking medications, many of these entities are not responsible enough to take the medications on schedule or to even keep track of their medication, and therefore, they may begin to move out of the better area of their behavior and back toward more mentally disturbed actions. Therefore, the mentally disturbed who are released on the street often act up, do not use their medication as instructed, and do not fit in society as expected. This Awareness indicates it is a problem that is likely to become worse until the funds are restored for taking care of these entities, or until there is some other alternative, where these entities can go to be cared for. Heavy Metals in System Often Cause Schizophrenia This Awareness indicates in some instances, a good healthy diet would help to stabilize the entities and the mental disturbances for some of these entities is related to imbalances in the diet. This Awareness indicates that much schizophrenia in this society is the result of an imbalance or lack of Vitamin B-12. There are some instances where entities are mentally disturbed because of toxins and heavy metals in their system, and were these heavy metals removed, or were these toxins removed, the entitles would improve. In other words, some of the mental problems are caused by physiological disorders, but since most psychiatrists are not trained to study the connection between the physiological and mental condition of an entity, this is not likely to ever be diagnosed and the entities may continue to be seen as mental cases. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: So the question of whether to drug or not drug gets down to individual cases, is that correct? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates that for some entities, the use of drugs helps to improve on the symptoms. For other cases, the use of the drugs may actually lead to a cure. For still others, drugs do nothing, or do little, and vitamins or minerals may do more, and for still others, the treatment of toxins or of heavy metals in the system might alleviate the problem. Still for others, the problem may have been caused by traumas and emotional problems that could be relieved through counseling and psychotherapy. REPTOID SEX-CHANGE SURGEONS ARE IMPLANTING? (Where Did 50,000 Sets of Testicles Go?) QUESTION: Someone by the name of Angela Douglas, out of Ormond Beach, Florida, who has a business called Artistic Creations sent a couple of unsolicited statements which have a ring of truth, but I suspect there's something here that could be fantasy also. Anyway, I'm going to run this by Awareness before I throw it out. It's called "Reptoids Involved With Sex-Change Operations." And it reads: "Reptoid aliens were associated with sex-change surgeons in California and New York as part of an experiment by them to learn how to control the behavior of humans and are believed to have taken the testicles of the thousands of men who underwent sex-change surgery to female for unknown reasons. Over 50,000 men in America have undergone sex- change operations. Most also receive silicon implants to create artificial breasts and others had implants of silicon placed in other parts of their bodies. These could also be Reptoid implant devices. One transsexual has disclosed that one of the Reptoid aliens revealed itself to her. The Reptoid had some means to disguise itself completely as another human transsexual and was associated with the human transsexual and was associated with the human transsexual for four years. The Reptoid had been associated with a sex change surgeon in California for many years. In addition, there is now growing suspicion that Reptoids are immune to AIDS and released AIDS to kill off most of humanity by the year 2100. At present experts say around 50 million people world wide by the year 2000 will be dead or dying from AIDS and up to a billion will have the incurable disease by 2100." Does Awareness see any of this information as being factual? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears there is some factual information in this; that it is presented in a way that makes it sound as though the Reptoids are everywhere in hospitals, however, that is simply the way the questioner has implied the information and that is totally in error. The Reptoids generally stay out of the public sector and only work within areas that are prescribed for them as in underground laboratories and with medical personnel who are sponsored by government or corporate authority to be involved in experiments that include Reptoid participation. This Awareness indicates that in reference to the use of the thousands of testicles; that this does appear to be an area which would be used by Reptoids in their experiments. In reference to the concept of AIDS killing off a billion people within one or two decades; this does not appear to be of any real accuracy or correctness. AIDS and TB to Increase It appears rather that the number would be greater, for within one or two decades, a billion or more people will be added to the population, so that even if one billion were killed off by AIDS, the population would remain basically the same or grow even more. This Awareness indicates that it appears that if the plan is to kill off one billion people through AIDS then it appears there would be some other program to kill even more through some different disease. Perhaps through the TB or through a different kind of AIDS. This Awareness indicates there are seen projects that would use tuberculosis, whereby the TB could be spread through breath, with a greater and more difficult strain that is nearly incurable to create an epidemic. This Awareness indicates that recently, there was a case of bubonic plague in Arizona, that there has been reportedly a new strain of AIDS coming out of Hong Kong that is spread by breath through airborne germs. This Awareness indicates that these may be new attempts to increase the death rates to bring down the population, even faster than anticipated with the present AIDS project of the Global 2000 program. DO REPTOIDS PROMOTE HOMOSEXUALITY? (Did the Reptoids Create the AIDS Virus?) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: She enclosed something else I'd like to check out. She says: "A Reptoid who has rebelled against his Reptoid masters has revealed that many Reptoids are disguised as humans and is exposing the Reptoid plot to kill off as many humans by AIDS as well as reduce the number of humans born by promoting homosexuality, lesbianism and abortion in hopes that fewer humans would be born, but resistance to homosexuality, lesbianism and abortion by most humans forced the Reptoids to create the AIDS virus and release it to kill as many humans as possible and also scare humans from having sex. That's helping to lower the birth rate as well." Does Awareness see any truth at all to that statement? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this appears to be based on some kind of presumption on the part of entities who are involved in research without real data. It appears that much of the basis for this has no substance, but that the entity has gotten her information from elsewhere and did not make up the information herself, and it appears also that there Is a certain degree of truth, though it was not based on evidence or factual data obtained from any source. It is more like speculation that happens to be relatively accurate. This Awareness indicates that the questionable area as that which relates to the Reptoids creating the AIDS virus, if that was the implication, for it does not appear that this was created by the Reptoids. It appears in fact that the AIDS virus was created by humans and that the Reptoids could actually be harmed by the AIDS virus in the event they were to participate in the ingestion of contaminated blood. ARE REPTOIDS BEHIND THE ABORTIONS OCCURRING? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In relation to abortion, is there any connection with Reptoids and the promotion of abortion? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this appears to be in the negative. This Awareness suggests that the Reptoids, working with their Grey counterparts, the Zeta Reticuli, have their own programs and agenda for gathering fetuses and children, as has been discussed before, through the abduction process and the breeders. This Awareness indicates the term "breeder" is a term the aliens use to describe women who are used for breeding children. These women do not actually give birth, as the children are taken after three months in the womb and are then raised outside the womb in a kind of incubator. This Awareness indicates that these aliens use different women for this, and the woman can produce many children each year for them. The child simply disappearing after two or three months in the womb. There have been cases wherein the woman, being pregnant, would go to her doctor and discover that she was no longer pregnant; that the fetus was totally gone from her. These programs for bringing children into the world for alien use as being conducted in part by a kind of joint venture between the Zeta Reticuli and their Reptoid masters. The purpose being to produce half-breeds or mutants. These mutants will eventually be brought to the surface of the Earth to mix with humans, but this could be many years away. It would be likened unto a time when the Neanderthal and the Homo-Erectus walked the Earth together, or the Cro-Magnon and the Neanderthal worked together until the New Being took its full place on the Earth as the New Creation. ARE ALIENS BEHIND NINTENDO-TYPE GAMES? QUESTION: A question from D.L. Fair Oaks, California. I believe Awareness has touched on this area before, but I'll ask it anyway. He asks: "There are a handful of video game manufacturers; one major one in your state of Washington called Nintendo, whose primary target is to the youth market. Aside from entertainment, many game themes revolve around Good versus Evil, Magic, Reptilian creatures and so forth. Is there any connection, positive or negative, to the alien agenda, regarding this activity?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears the company simply has an understanding of what fascinates children and this Awareness indicates that over the past two decades, children have shown a strong interest in reptiles from dinosaurs to Ninja Turtles. This Awareness indicates that the interest in Godzilla as another influence on this company's thinking in regard to its video game and the concept of good and evil, in a simplified form as that which appeals to children, who by nature begin to think in polarized ways, almost as soon as they can talk. This Awareness indicates that the entity who created the game simply had a psychological understanding of what appeals to children in their concept of struggle and used this to create games of conflict in the video fashion. It does not see that the entity had any connection with or intention to be connected with any alien agenda or project or message or purpose other than to create an entertainment that would make children buy the game. This Awareness indicates that many of the games are written by others outside of the inventor of the game or in some cases, even outside of the Nintendo company itself and are brought in through the purchase of the idea or program which may have been that of a private individual who sold the game to Nintendo. WHY THE RASH OF UGLY TROLL TOYS? (Why Kids Like Creepy Spider Toys, etc.) QUESTION: I have noticed that this year the mail order catalogues are full of troll toys, electronic talking trolls. One says: "Press my tummy. I giggle and say "Hug me." There is a Sleepy Troll bedside lamps and there's millions of various troll-like toys, most of which are really ugly, and I don't see what appeal they would have to children. Is there any sinister reason why the market is flooded with this type of toy and novelty at this time? I mean many of these are truly disgustingly ugly. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it is not seen so much as sinister. It appears to be an effort by toy-makers, at the suggestion of psychologists, that by creating ugly creatures as playthings for children, it helps the child to overcome fear of monsters and creepy things and ugly things. For the child, it allows them to feel more courageous, that those things which might have frightened their parents and older generation, the child can simply pick up and hold and play with, such as the plastic or rubber spiders, the imitation snakes, the ugly demonic trolls and creatures that have monstrous and hideous faces. The children simply love these things because it shows them how brave they are at first, and once they become used to the creature, they feel a kinship, as though that ugly little doll were really their friend. This Awareness indicates that it does indeed help the children to become less polarized toward differences so that the child in seeing someone who is out of the ordinary, is not so frightened and can accept the entity easier than in earlier days when the child had only handsome and beautiful dolls and models. This Awareness indicates that a child coming across a person who is not the beautiful model or doll-like creature they are used to, could feel fear, especially if those ugly type creatures are always associated with bad things in movies or in the stories, and the child might be frightened by some old man who looks like a troll in one of the stories the child has read, and the child might develop an hostility toward the old man, simply because of appearances. This Awareness indicates that from a psychological point of view it would be healthier if the child did not Judge the old man by his looks but could judge the old man by the content of his character so that the child learns appearances are not as important as character and behavior In other words, these trolls may be contributing to helping a generation of children grow up without unfounded fears or prejudices. This Awareness indicates that is the more positive side of the situation. On a more negative side, if indeed there is to be a time when the alien entities present themselves to humans, the children will be conditioned to accept their differences, much more easily than will the older generation. The older generation will be quite frightened and probably hostile toward the aliens because of their appearance, much moreso than the younger generation, which will wait and see what the behavior of these entities is to be. WHY DID SO MANY POLITICIANS NOT RUN AGAIN? QUESTION: A question from J.K. in Bradford, Massachusetts. "Why are so many Senate and Congress members deciding not to run again in the November '92 election? Is there a common thread, and/or is there reasons not known to the public?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that many of them have been exposed through the Senate banking and post office scandals which brought out their names as having kited or bounced checks and as having misused the postal system for sending advertisements and messages for their campaign without proper payment and proper authorization for such mailings. That this is in reference to the postal authority which allows them to have free mail for purposes relating to their need to communicate with constituents and their various people, but not for personal reasons or for blatant campaigning. This Awareness indicates that these things, along with the banking activity which has exposed many of them in regard to their bounced checks, has exposed them to much criticism if they were to run again. Also, many of the perks or rewards associated with their occupation are being highly criticized and many of these entities may have other skeletons in the closet which they expect will be brought out. Some of these entities do not expect to be re-elected because of these exposures or the threat of other things being exposed, if they were to campaign for re-election, and therefore, they prefer to drop out rather than being kicked out. This Awareness indicates in other instances the entities may simply be tired of the work and may feel that they can make a better living outside of Washington without going through all the hassles and public exposure of being a Senator or Congress person. This Awareness indicates that there seems to be a move on to throw out those who have been in the Senate or House too long, and many of these entities just don't expect to be re-elected or expect the election to be too difficult for them, or in some cases, they do not feel themselves as being effective in their job. WHY YOU SHOULD CAST YOUR VOTE CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that it is that time of year where the people are being asked to elect new officials. This Awareness indicates that most entities take this quite seriously and vote with a strong desire to do what is right in terms of voting for the right individual and for the right issues. This Awareness indicates there are some entities who do not believe their votes will have any impact and who thereby excuse themselves from the election. This Awareness indicates that in previous elections, this Awareness has suggested that some of these elections were rigged through the voting booth or the counting mechanisms and that in many cases it would not matter what one voted because it was already predetermined who would will win. This Awareness indicates that in this upcoming election, it appears that the situation is more volatile and uncertain this time, in that there can be greater than ten percent disparity in the polls and the voting. The difference between one candidate and another can be affected if the voting is close to make it appear that one candidate has received the greater number of votes than the other, by shifting one out of every ten votes away from one candidate to the other. This Awareness indicates that if the actual number of votes are greater than ten percent for the one who has the greater amount, even if the one who trails had the advantage of a cheating count, it would not be enough to put the entity in over the one who had better than ten percent. This Awareness indicates there is also another factor that entities cannot know who is really being favored in these counts. It is possible that the voting may not be affected by any cheating in this election. It is possible that there is no great reason for anyone to cheat. This Awareness indicates that in the previous elections, the voting booths, being controlled by the Rockefellers, may have served the Rockefellers. In this election, it does not seem that the Rockefellers have as much concern about which candidate to elect, and therefore, it may simply be left to the people, and thereby your vote may count more at this time than in previous elections. This Awareness suggests that it appears to be important for each individual to get out and vote for issues and for individuals and for the presidency, so that you can at least know that you have done your part, even if others may fail to do their part, in selecting the best people you know and selecting the best issues you can choose and vote for. THE GEMSTONE FILE: AT LAST IT CAN BE TOLD (CAC General Reading, November 18, 1992) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates the recent book which has been received here at Cosmic Awareness Communications, "The Gemstone File," as that which the members of this organization have been waiting for quite some time. This Awareness indicates this book as being a condensation of the complete "Gemstone File," which is approximately 1,000 pages in length; this book being brought down to less than a fifth of that number of pages, condensed for more quick and concise reading. This Awareness indicates for those who are most intrigued or interested in the background and setting relating to the Kennedy assassinations, including that of Robert Kennedy, this would be a source of information available nowhere else. This Awareness suggests that this gives the details and the information that has never been otherwise made public. There are things that might shock you in regard to this situation, particularly the Mafia/Kennedy connection. This Awareness indicates that also, the situation following, relating to the Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne situation of the auto accident, where the automobile went into the river. This Awareness indicates that there is much here that has never been fully exposed. It is said in the book by the author of the condensed version that the information is a hoax, however, this Awareness indicates this was stated only to keep the entity's life from becoming jeopardized in his expose of the Mafia involvement in this and other political intrigues. This Awareness has spoken about some of this previously, but never in the detail available in this Gemstone File. This Awareness suggests therefore, entities who wish to get to the heart of the matter once and for all should find this most revealing. This Awareness indicates that once the information is available to you, you will begin to recognize many of the events in history that add to the substantiation of the material in "The Gemstone File," lending credence to it. It becomes next to impossible to doubt the information when you begin to study all that is made available. This Awareness indicates that this is a small book, easily readable, difficult to put down and packed with great detail and concise information with names and interlocking with political and public officials along with the Mafia parties and individuals involved in the intrigue. This Awareness indicates it too will help to bring together many of the various scenarios that have been presented or offered in the past in various books or television exposes relating to the Kennedy assassination and surrounding events. It will add enough to where those things that you have previously heard or read will be seen as fitting into the puzzle that is presented in its complete form in this "Gemstone File." This Awareness suggests that this is a source of information that will unlock and reveal the hidden factors of the Kennedy assassination which have been a mystery to many for many years. Once this is explored and understood, most of the mystery will have been revealed and questions will have been answered. This Awareness indicates of course there are some who are not interested in this topic and these entities have little or no use for this kind of book, but there are many who still wish to have further information. This Awareness is not likely in the future to refer to the Kennedy assassination, but will refer back to this book and information for those who request any new questions relating to this. ED's Note. This new book ,"The Gemstone File," is edited by Jim Keith and dedicated to Mae Brussell and published by the IlumiNet Press, Atlanta, Georgia. Also available from CAC. Price: $16.45, which includes postage. (Not yet listed in our catalog but we do have it in stock). 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