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Organization: The Portal System (TM) From: John_-_Winston@cup.portal.com Message-ID: <91253@cup.portal.com> Newsgroups: talk.religion.newage,sci.skeptic 93-02 (Issue No. 411) ----------------------------------- Find Out Who, |* REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS *| How Many Have In Fact, You |* The New Age Cosmic Newsletter *| You Served? And Really Are. ----------------------------------- How Well? Cosmic Awareness Communications Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 email: alex@spiral.org (subscription information available at end of this file) "Helping People Become Aware Since 1977." --------------------------------------------------------------------------- REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter, published by Cosmic Awareness Communications, Box 115, Olympia, WA 98507, a not-for-profit organization. Copyright 1993 by Cosmic Awareness Communications and the Aquarian Church of Universal Service. Reproduction is permitted, but no alterations may be made without express permission. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as "Channels" for the "Heavenly Father" and expresses itself once again as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of "readings" given, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to *believe* anything, not even Itself, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover through your own channel what the truth really is. Cosmic Awareness will only "indicate" and "suggest." Neither CAC or the Interpreter is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does CAC or the Interpreter necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreter interprets the energies as they are seen in trance levels and are not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreter has no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments, which are entirely the responsibility of the editor. Paul Shockley, Interpreter Avaton, C.A.C Editor Alex, OCR'er and NetPoster Vikki T., Office Manager --------------------------------------------------------------------------- IN THIS ISSUE: 93-02 (Issue No. 411): Will We See the End of the World?; 19 Years from Now in the Year 2012 Something Strange Will Occur; The Alien Agenda: The End of the World; More Flesh for the Skeleton (Part 17): Creating the Half-Breeds from Human Sperm and Eggs; How "Handlers" Collect the Eggs; The New Half- Breeds are Described; The Many Uses for Alien Implants; A Move to Discredit Cooper and Walters; Alien Contingency Plans by U.S. Government; A Transmutation of Earth to Occur in Year 2012; How Aliens Will Relate to the Dimensional Change; Will the New Earth Have Forests and Rivers, etc.?; The "Dream Time" of the Australian Aborigines; Will Physical Death Exist on the New Earth?; Will Everyone Find Themselves Younger?; Will Ancient Forests etc. Exist?; Will Everybody Go Into the New Realm?; What About the Global Conspirators?; Will an Alien Presence Exist on the New Earth?; Will World Consciousness Raise for this to Occur?; A Biblical "Armageddon"?; How the Book of Revelation Might be Fulfilled; Things That Lurk Beneath the Surface; Don't be Disturbed, Just be Prepared; Is the World in for a Good Cleansing?; The Nature of the Higher Vibrations; Will Competition Exist in the New Dimension?; What About Alien Enslavement?; Moving From Density to Density: Will 2012 Be "The Millennium"?; What Part will "Good and Evil" Play?; Will Earth Enter the "Astral" Level?; Mind Over Matter to Become the New Science; Will Entities Transcend Physical Death?; How Does Celestria and Hades Fit in?; The Parallel Universe that is Coming; Looking at the World Through a Microscope; Understanding Reality Without the Senses; Ask and You Shall Receive: Sometimes!; More on How Manifesting Works; Why Many Fail to Make Servants of the Gods; The Roman Catholic Church and Conspiracies: Is the Pope Really Behind all This?; Roman Catholic Regimentation: How Big a Role In the New World Order?; Catholic Church Condemns Meditation; Getting Dreams off the Ground. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- WILL WE SEE THE END OF THE WORLD? 19 YEARS FROM NOW, SOMETHING STRANGE WILL OCCUR THE ALIEN AGENDA: THE END OF THE WORLD (MORE FLESH FOR THE SKELETON: Part 17) CREATING THE HALF BREEDS FROM HUMAN SPERM AND EGGS: ED's Note: This first reading, given in August, 1990, was not published at that time for two reasons: (1 ) For the most part, it duplicates similar information given by Awareness at that same time, and (2), it leads into the beginning of the information regarding the Fourth Density, or the End of the World as we presently know it. There was enough heavy information being given at that time that the CAC staff decided to hold back on the "End of the World" information until things settled down and particularly, when we could ask more questions about it and then be able to present the entire scenario in a form that would make sense and not be too alarming to most entities. There are a number of books out now on this subject and quite a few "channelers" continue to put out information about this dimensional change which is coming in approximately 17 years. Some of these "channelers" relate this phenomenon to "kindly" aliens, namely the Zeta Reticuli, and to the so-called "Rapture" which manifests in various disguises, depending on who is "channeling" the information. This editor has read quite a bit of this stuff from others and for the most part is highly skeptical. The Awareness version actually makes much more sense, and we hope we have gathered enough information on the subject by now that you will feel the same way. -- Avaton (C.A.C. General Reading, August 9, 1990) QUESTION: Awareness, we're here to start a series of CAC general readings. Does Awareness have an opening message? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the movement of energies at this time is such as to indicate the beginning of the closing of the window which opened in February in regard to releasing information connected with UFO alien activities. This Awareness indicates that the window is not closed at this time; it is in the process of being closed. It appears the policy that is developing is that which would create an excessive number of items and information leaks and conflicting stories which would be of such magnitude as to cause mass- confusion in regard to any information being given in the UFO field. It is as though a purity of information was released briefly, and to counter, a flood of disinformation follows to add to the confusion; that this will become more clear as time passes; that the disinformation begins to muddle the clarity of what has been given. This Awareness indicates that essentially that which has been given as being relatively pure. There have been some areas that have need of clarification to some extent. (Ed's Note: Awareness is referring to those newsletters that released a flood of information regarding the aliens and their purpose on this planet released in 1990, beginning with issue No. 90-2, and those following. See the Back Issues List for more information on the specific topics covered.) This Awareness indicates that in earlier messages through this Awareness, through this channel, the Zeta Reticuli were referred to as having an insect base. This is not the totality of the genetic base of these entities. There is also some genetic throwback to plants and also to reptilian genes; that humans also have some throwback to reptilian genes. This Awareness suggests however, that humans have a preponderance of genes from those beings that are other than Reptilian, that are associated with Pleiadian and Sirian types; this coming from a realm other than the physical realm, but which manifests into the physical realm, and represents the energies from a more divine or etheric quality of being. This Awareness indicates in other words, the human contains both the Reptilian as well as the genes from a more Divine source; that it is what has commonly been thought of as the God-type energies. The Reptilians also have a spark of this, but it has been for so long neglected in their species and their Reptilian genes so predominant that this is essentially lacking in their species. Why the Aliens Harvest Sperm and Eggs of Entities The Reptilians from Zeta Reticuli are even moreso lacking due to the cloning process by which they have reproduced themselves for so long. This Awareness wishes to comment on some of the more recent developments in regard to the alien situation, that of the abductions and the harvesting of eggs from human females and sperm from males. This Awareness indicates that in the past, sperm was taken from males in considerable quantity for experimentation in an effort to find out what was present in human males that allowed reproduction and how this might somehow be reintroduced into the Zeta Reticuli race. It was finally discovered that it had been so long removed from their race and because they had more or less, through cloning, had rid themselves of the emotions and astral body, they found it impossible to reintroduce the reproduction system to their own particular race, and the next attempt to prevent the race from dying was to consider creating a half breed between the Reticuli and the humans. These attempts have not been as successful either. This Awareness indicates that in more recent efforts, they have experimented with the creation of half-breeds between the Reptilian types and humans and have been successful in this effort, using female eggs, eggs taken from abducted females and the offspring of Reptilians, the effect being that of tall human Reptilian half-breeds. These entities are to be used to interface between humans and Reptilians who are not pleasant looking to humans. The half-breeds have a more acceptable appearance. Some of the half-breeds see humans as being quite ugly in appearance and are shocked to see what their own parents look like. They do not generally allow half-breeds to ever bond or have any meaningful contact with their own mother of the human type, preferring to keep them separated. The New Alien Half-Breeds Are Described (How "Handlers" Collect the Eggs) They do, however, allow them to see humans who are not related to themselves; this is to prevent psychological problems with these half- breeds in regard to their own parent or mother. This Awareness indicates that the half breed types are taller, because of the influence of the Reptilian genes and are cold in terms of their body heat; these entities being described as cold, likened unto the cool that comes from standing near an open refrigerator door. The skin is quite cold, like that of a cadaver. The aura is also cold. The skin having very fine scales, like that of a scaly human. This Awareness indicates that these entities have no hair, and therefore wear wigs. They have recently, in contacts with humans, described themselves as Pleiadians in the belief that humans will accept Pleiadians as their friends. In most cases they have been successful in such deception, and the majority of those who produce eggs for the aliens do so on a regular basis. In other words, the aliens collect monthly and have a small number of persons from whom they collect on a regular basis. Generally it is from a mother and if the mother has daughters, when they become capable of producing eggs, the aliens will then collect from them also. This can be done within the home of the individual or aboard ship, either choice, according to that which the humans prefer. Most of these donors recognize the need for secrecy. The aliens have what they term a "handler." Each egg donor or female who is used for producing eggs for the aliens has her own handler, and the handler is always the same, one whom the entity comes to know, and the entity can, if she so chooses, move to the space ship and travel around for some enjoyable trip and then be returned to her room, or if she prefers, they will take the egg from her at her own domain. Egg Breeders Believe They Help Humanity This Awareness indicates this is done with instruments that take only approximately two minutes in time. This Awareness indicates that the mental capacity of these donors is such that they generally are quite naive, and generally quite docile and believe they are contributing something to society and to humanity by working with these entities. They are led to believe that what they are doing is of great benefit to humanity. Some are informed that they will produce offspring for the survival of the planet, because the planet is dying. Others may be informed that they are creating a new race of humans that will have greater immunity systems, greater intelligence, a new being which leaps from the present level of evolution into one which is much higher. Another may be informed of still a different purpose, but each is led to believe that this purpose is for the good of humanity, and that it is a great spiritual honor to be used in this manner. This Awareness indicates that these entities also have been, in almost every case, been implanted with implants, so that they in speaking with others can be used to monitor others, or their words can be heard by their handlers, even when their handlers are at a great distance. Monitoring Only One Use of Implants This Awareness indicates that these entities put the implants near the back of the ear. The implants are for hearing through the ears of the entity and the implant in the optic nerve is for seeing through the eyes of the entity, much like in the movie "Total Recall." This Awareness indicates that these entities can also be tracked by these implants. This Awareness indicates that there are also techniques which the government has developed based on alien technology for implanting entities and in some cases, these have been used to monitor entities who have contacts with the aliens; that these have not been as highly developed by government agencies as are those of the aliens'. A Move to Discredit Cooper and Walters This Awareness suggests that there are efforts at this time to create muddled information in such a manner as to make credible voices seem less credible so that doubt and suspicion is cast. This particularly in regard to the entity William Cooper and also to the entity Walters, who has produced the book "The Gulf Breeze Sightings." This Awareness indicates that you must remember that when it is a field in which the entire approach of subject matter is already suspect, such as UFOs, one does not need to prove that an entity promoting the theory or concept of a UFO is actually deceiving the masses. One only has to create the suspicion that the entity has been deceptive. In the case of Ed Walters, there has been the accusation that a small model of a UFO was found in the rafters of a house in which the entity previously lived. Entities who look at the picture will see it was made from paper plates and does not look at all like the ones shown in the photographs. This Awareness indicates that it is no proof whatsoever that the entity falsified the photographs, and yet it casts doubt or suspicion that it might be possible to create a model that would look like those of the photographs. Also there have been efforts to duplicate to some extent, double exposures, to suggest that the entity could have taken a picture of the model and then taken another picture on the same camera in the sky to create the double- exposed photograph of a UFO in the sky. This Awareness indicates that this has been demonstrated but they have not demonstrated how one could take such a picture with double exposure and place it on a road in which there are trees behind, a light beaming down from the UFO onto the road, and the trees not showing through in the double exposure, not showing through the craft, as would occur in a normal double exposure. This Awareness indicates that, in other words, they are simply attempting to create some suspicion by indicating the possibility of duplication of some of the less impressive shots of the entity's camera. They also introduced an entity, a young boy, who claimed that Ed Walters wanted him to testify that he had seen a UFO when in fact, he was using double-exposure films to hoax the UFO story. That by bringing this young boy in to give such testimony casts suspicion on Ed Walter's character, making it look as though he deliberately has been attempting to create a hoax story, even to the point of hiring or asking someone to witness that he had been with Ed Walters when a UFO was seen. This Awareness indicates that if you look carefully at what is going on here, you will see that the entity Ed Walters had a series of approximately 65 photographs in the book. He also had witnesses in the area who testified as to having seen UFOs in the area. There were over 135 entities testifying that they had seen UFOs in this period during this time frame and in the area, and that when they had seen the pictures in the book, they testified as to which type they had seen. This Awareness indicates his credibility in his story was strongest in the area of pictures, and also in the area of witnesses who verified that they too had seen UFOs in the Gulf Breeze area. These were credible witnesses, including entities from the town council, including police officers and other citizens of the area; 135 persons or more who came forward in stating these things. Therefore his two greatest strengths were the pictures and the witnesses. The efforts to tear this entity's credibility down, to destroy his book or the credibility of his book, if put into the hands of one who wants to do so, would lie in the attempt to discredit the pictures and the witnesses. But rather than trying to discredit the witnesses, if one can simply cast suspicion on Ed Walters by getting some one to testify that Ed asked him to witness and it was all being done as a great hoax, this then would automatically imply that the whole thing was a hoax. In the effort to do this, they never brought up any further mention that there were 135 other witnesses besides this child who testified otherwise, and there were never any further efforts to explain the credibility of these other witnesses. Now, had this child been brought under the kind of scrutiny that Ed Walters is being brought under, they might have attempted to question the young boy's credibility as a witness. This Awareness indicates that it is an obvious and blatant attempt to discredit Ed Walters, using an entity whose credibility is at best questionable because no one knows anything about him. There is also that effort to create a model similar to that of the image in the pictures. It is obviously impossible for that model to have been used in these pictures. If anyone wishes to examine to see how these models would be used by use of double exposure, it would be impossible to do such as was presented in the book in some of the more complex pictures such as the spacecraft hovering above the road. The Real Reason Why Ed Walters is Discredited This Awareness indicates that this is just the beginning and a way by which these entities hope not simply to destroy the credibility of Ed Walters and his book, for that is not what is at stake. What is truly at stake is the fact that the book was being made into a movie for television, a mini- series to be played next year, and these entities do not want this to occur, and therefore, they are attempting to discredit Ed Walters before the movie is made, before it can be presented on television in a mini- series, for then it will truly have a powerful impact on the people of the United States. This Awareness indicates that this is what is really at stake in this effort to discredit Ed Walters; that the effort to discredit William Cooper is best shown in the way by which the entity's information is being muddled. There are not only efforts to assassinate his own personal character, there have been duplications of his material released en masse in which the material has been deliberately altered so that he is saying one thing in one of the publications, the original, and an altered text in other copies of his material is being sent out to give misinformation to other entities. It is as though one were to write the Declaration of Independence and send it out to the masses only to discover that people have been rewriting it and muddling it so that there were various versions of the Declaration of Independence being sent out, and in some cases, of course, those versions that were not authentic would be creating more mischief in behalf of or for the originators of the information, making them appear to be flaky or inept. That this is one of the attempts or efforts to discredit William Cooper. Other attempts are to indicate his personality and character as being questionable. There are many different ways whereby when a concerted effort is used to discredit someone, the entity can be made to look or appear as a con artist, even when they are courageous and honest individuals, such as these two entities. Anyone Can Be Accused of Something This Awareness indicates that it can happen to anyone, and when and if it happens, it is very difficult for entities to discern the truth. That often entities think that: "Well, when there's smoke, there's fire. If someone is making an accusation, there must be some truth in it." This Awareness indicates that this is not necessarily so. Anyone can make an accusation, just as anyone can walk up and hit someone. It does not have to be that the entity who was hit deserved it, nor that the entity who was accused deserved being accused. There are often motives that have nothing to do with the action of the individual. An entity who is telling a truth when entities are trying to hide that truth, may be seen as a threat to those entities. Therefore, they feel they have a right to make an accusation or to hit, to strike, to do anything to keep that truth from coming out or from being accepted, and even though the entity who gives forth a truth is doing so in all sincerity, even at the risk of his life. Even though this entity may be giving the truth at the risk of his or her life, if there is someone there saying: "It's all a lie! It's all a lie! This person is a fool! This person is crazy! " and so forth, it casts suspicion, and if entities do not want to believe the truth anyway, because it is too bizarre or too frightening, then indeed, they will prefer to follow the words of the one who accuses the entity of trying to defraud and mislead the masses. This Awareness indicates that whether or not the movie based on "Gulf Breeze Sightings" will ever appear is at this time very questionable. There is a lot at stake. There is a need for this kind of information to be released. There is also a book by Bud Hopkins that was made into a movie and this too has not yet been released, even though the movie has been made. This Awareness indicates that there is a question whether or not this information can be covered up again, now that it has been partially released. There was, of course, the intention to release this by the government agencies, to release information about aliens, but to do so in a certain way: the way the agencies wanted it to be released. But entities such as William Cooper released the information just ahead of the planned schedule, and it was not in keeping with the way the government wanted the information released. The Strieber book as that which is more suitable, showing the government to be an all-caring overseer looking out for the people. Even though these aliens were abducting people, it gave the impression that the government either was unaware of any violation or disapproved of any violation and was taking steps to prevent such violations to humans, whereas others who release information recently have suggested that the government became aware of alien violations to humans, but has not wanted the humans to realize this is occurring. This is not the scenario that the government wants people to hear about, for understandable reasons. This Awareness indicates that because of these various outlets of information that are now flooding into the media and into the public, there has been a concern that too much is being released out of the control of the agencies and the only way to gain any kind of control is to flood everything with more information at this point than can be investigated and to allow the information to be so overwhelming from so many sources and in such conflict with other information that no one knows what to believe. Alien Contingency Plans by U.S. Government Meanwhile, those who are giving good information are to be made suspect, such as Ed Walters and William Cooper. This Awareness indicates that the other aspect of what is occurring recently has to do with the area of the alien/government relationship, in which certain agencies of the government have begun formulating plans and activities to deal with the alien menace which they now recognize to be a factor; that some of the aliens have not been living up to their agreements in that they have, for one thing, mutilated humans and therefore, pose a threat to the security of the nation and earth, and therefore, plans are being formulated to deal with the aliens in a direct way, even while there are also other plans being formulated to work with these aliens or some of the aliens if that becomes a more viable option. This Awareness indicates that it is perceived that the alien threat is serious enough that action by the government may be necessary, and if this becomes a necessity, that these actions may be done covertly without the public ever even knowing that such a situation ever transpired, and for this reason, if the entire UFO question, situation, scenario and activities can be muddled and confused, no one will really know what happened and may never need to know if the government can covertly deal with the situation to the satisfaction of humans on earth. This Awareness indicates that this appears to be a present stage of thinking and the present state in regards to the alien situation. That there is some question as to whether there will be much or anything of significance available for release in the near future for it does appear that the window for disclosing information is being closed, and unless there is further change which could easily occur, it does appear that if this window closes, it may become more difficult for entities to know what is occurring until there is the official announcement of the alien presence which may not occur for several years. This Awareness indicates that it does appear that approximately 1992 will be a time when such announcement will become more pronounced, either in action or in fact. That many of the stories being released in regards to aliens will be disinformation to cause confusion and muddle the waters so that there are so many conflicting stories, unless one is aware of the overall scenario, they will not be able to know what to believe or what is true and what is simply fantasy. This Awareness indicates however, you have received considerable clarity in the past several months through the Cooper material, through information given by this Awareness, and through Ed Walters' information. Bud Hopkins gives good information, and the book, "Alien Magic," by Hamilton, which includes the work of Jason Bishop on the underground base in Dulce, New Mexico, which is a compilation of writings from other entities; these are sources that are credible and can give a good clear overview of the UFO situation. Also, this entity Stan Deyo 's book, "The Cosmic Conspiracy," and the book, "Alternative 003," offer information that relates to the future plans and activities that may occur. A Transmutation of Earth to Occur in Year 2012 This Awareness indicates that some of you may have noticed in some of the UFO literature, indications that the earth would not survive past the year 2012. This has a bearing on the alien plans for the earth and is essentially a timetable for the changes that are occurring in regards to the earth's suitability for human life as you presently know it. This Awareness indicates that at such time, if things continue as they appear to be moving at this time under the program of the aliens, at such time there will be a major transmutation of the planet earth and life on earth will cease to exist in its present terrestrial materialized density and will move into a higher different type of density. Entities moving through the transition will not necessarily experience any pain or sudden realization of having died. They will simply realize they are different, that they are not the same. They will have the ability of mind over matter, and they will continue to exist on another frequency that will carry on much the same inertia or the same time-lines as they presently experience. This Awareness indicates that were one to be able to remain in dense form through that transition period, one would perceive that life had ended, but none will be able to do so. They will follow along with all the rest into a new time-line, a new frequency level. It is as though one jumps into a new dimension, a new realm, a new kind of existence, but taking with them the memories and associations so that there appears to be a continuity. There will be considerable changes in the consciousness of the entities involved in this transition. This Awareness suggests you may refer to this as a kind of quantum leap in consciousness. HOW ALIENS RELATE TO THE DIMENSIONAL CHANGE (Like Stepping In and Out of Sleep) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: How do the aliens fit into this quantum leap in consciousness? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is something different, and that it has much to do with the effects the aliens are having on the ecology of the planet. They are not concerned about the depleting of the planet of its life-giving oxygen and such; they are aware that it does not actually cease in terms of life; that it will cease on this particular time-line, but will leap into another life in a different dimension. It is likened unto a world in which this is but an example. Assume there is a world in which life ends, except on the astral plane, where it continues on exactly as before. This Awareness indicates that there are octaves in terms of vibrations and leaping from one octave to another is a possibility and this is how entities often change from one existence to another. They do not even know necessarily there has been a change, as when one goes to sleep, one does not simply decide mentally: "Well, I am now asleep. Five minutes ago I was awake, but this is sleep; that was awake." They simply step into another realm of existence, the sleep state, and totally forget the other realm as though it were not real, and likewise, stepping back from sleep into the real realm of awakeness, they look back on sleep as though it were not real, it was just simply a dream. That likewise, when entities shift from one frequency to another, the consciousness focuses in on that new frequency. The old frequency is forgotten, or barely remembered, with great effort. This Awareness indicates that it appears the aliens desire this other frequency realm. It appears it will leave the earth more suitable to their own needs, if it is hotter. That this is not seen to them as anything of a great serious nature, for they are capable of moving into higher realms in their space travel during the time-warp activities. Wherein they move from one place in the universe to another, it is accomplished through a kind of a time-warping, a time/space warp, and to do so requires that they move into other frequencies, thus, for them it is much likened unto going to sleep and waking up. Therefore, it is not seen as anything of great significance, as one might feel about life and death. It is a greater sleep than your daily sleep, but it is not seen as the sleep associated with death. WILL THE NEW EARTH HAVE FORESTS & RIVERS, ETC? (The "Dream Time" of the Australian Aborigines) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Will this new frequency have the same attributes that we have on earth, for example, the forests and the rivers and so forth? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. There will be similarities. This Awareness reminds you of the Aborigines of Australia speaking of the "Dream Time," which was a time before all of these things occurred, the present reality. The "Dream Time" in their reference is that which is the next parallel realm in which entities may transfer. It is simply a change in vibration in consciousness. The physical realities will appear much the same, even the maps and locations on earth will appear much the same. This Awareness indicates that if you were, for example, at present, to step into the astral world and begin traveling around, you could find yourself astral traveling to the Pacific Ocean, to the various places along the Pacific Ocean or some other location, and you could see these places in your astral travels, even if you have not yet been there, so that when you later travel by body, and physical vehicle, you could recognize that you had been there before, in your astral traveling. This Awareness indicates that you simply shift into a different dimensional frequency and go to the same areas and visit those areas in a different frequency. Anyone in their physical form at the place when you are visiting in your astral body would not witness your presence unless they had special sight, but you would still have been there in a different frequency, thus, two bodies can inhabit the same place in different frequencies without interfering with each other. This Awareness indicates that likewise, this can occur in various ways so that life can exist on a planet such as Venus which is uninhabitable to entities who are in physical form from your earth, and life can exist on Mars or Jupiter where temperatures might not be acceptable to persons in your physical forms, but in astral bodies, or other etheric forms, different vibrations, the temperatures there would not even be a problem for you are not there experiencing the physical realities. You are experiencing a different level of reality altogether. WILL PHYSICAL DEATH EXIST ON THE NEW EARTH? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Will there be such a thing as physical death on that new realm? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is more or less negative; that it is possible, depending on how you wish to describe the word, for death simply means change, and nothing ever remains forever the same, so there will be changes that occur to entities. Entities will be able to transmute from one realm into still another, and that may be perceived as death, depending on how entities view it. This Awareness indicates that it does not become a serious thing as is experienced on the physical plane because the physical plane incorporates so many levels of existence, that when one physically transpires, it hits so many levels at once that the entity feels a complete disorientation and those who witness this entity's translation from one living being into that of a spirit, see it as the end of the entity, for the body quickly decays. This Awareness indicates that in higher realms, this is not so sudden, so extreme. Bodies will tend to fade, more likened unto those changes that occur in fictional movies, such as Star Trek, wherein a body begins to fade out, or can come back if so willed. This Awareness indicates that entities have more control over life and death in those other realms, it is not so highly polarized as on the earth plane where you either are alive or you are dead. In the other realms you are able to move toward dissolvement or move toward greater materialization of self, and you may move from one plane into another more easily, thus, you have mind over matter. This Awareness indicates there are of course Yogis on earth at this time who are able to do such, to dissolve their bodies from one plane and teleport to another, but this is not commonly demonstrated or broadcast on your network news to demonstrate this possibility. It is much more difficult on the physical plane to do this because of the extreme in polarity of the atoms and molecules that make up matter, material things. WILL EVERYONE FIND THEMSELVES YOUNGER? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: When this new frequency occurs, will older entities, 80 or 90 years old, find themselves younger, or will they find themselves sort of dissolving into yet another frequency? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates they will be able to move more towards a more harmonious age in terms of their form. This Awareness indicates age means nothing in this time zone. It is more a matter of balancing the vibrations of the molecules to their optimum and in so doing, they would take on the appearance of middle age, or youthful middle age. This Awareness wishes to restate that this time given of 2012 is not an absolute end of the world as you know it. It is the time table of the aliens in their plan and their efforts to move changes on this earth plane. It is their time table. It follows the Fatima prophecies and the Fatima prophecies are basically those time zones of the alien plans for the future. This Awareness does not wish to indicate to you that this is the absolute future. It is what the aliens have planned and may occur unless there is sufficient change and energy to alter the future of the alien plans. WILL ANCIENT FORESTS ETC. EXIST? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In reference to this new dimension, it has been stated, for example, that by the year 2000, or 2012 at least, all of the ancient forests on this planet will be gone, the giant redwoods and so forth. In this new dimension, will these ancient forests or something, a replica of them or something similar, exist? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this will not be an exact replica of all that has been in the past before changes were created; that many of these ancient forests, these trees are entities who have been locked into forms for thousands of years, and while enjoying their rest as a tree, will express themselves in new ways, even in new shapes. There are already, in the next realm, energies that form hillsides, mountains, trees, streams, colors, clouds; things that are of a decorative nature to life, and they have their life. They may be thought of as entities, but they are not replicas, and they are not astral bodies of trees that have been cut down. There will be differences. There will be energies, but the requirements for life in other levels differs from the requirements for life in the physical plane. Even in the next realm there will be conflict in terms of values, wherein some entities will value this, others will value something else, and will feel that there is a conflict between their values. These conflicts will be diminished somewhat from what are often experienced on the physical plane. The physical plane being simply a much more highly polarized existence; that if you were to equate the use of a magnet with a thousand times the power on one plane, than as the magnet on another plane, and each magnet pulling on the polarities of each plane, you can understand how one plane would have much greater density in terms of polarities and the clash or differences would be much greater than the one which is a thousand times less. This Awareness indicates that this is but an example to help understand the difference between the physical reality plane and other planes of actuality based on less density. Those other planes have a different flux of consciousness and matter; consciousness being stronger than the images that accompany the ideas; whereas on the physical plane, the ideas, such as the tree and the rock, the ground, the planet: these things generally have a greater abundance of energy than does the consciousness that perceives them. On the other levels it is the reverse. The consciousness has greater power over the images or ideas, the forms have less power and the mind has greater power. WILL EVERYBODY GO INTO THE NEW REALM? WHAT ABOUT THE GLOBAL CONSPIRATORS? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Will entities go en masse into this new dimension or will some go elsewhere? I was thinking specifically of those entities who would enslave people and the One World Government conspiracy and so forth; will they all move in with their same trip? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears there will be a movement that may be termed "en masse"; it is like water going through a strainer or sand going through a screen, wherein all doesn't go in at once. Each particle passes through in its own time, but not all simultaneously. There will be a transition period that can take some time. This Awareness indicates that in regard to the idea of the conspiracy elements, these entities at that time will be seen as having been used for a particular purpose. They will no longer have power. They will have the recognition that they were used, that their own greed let them be used and that others have benefited from having used them, for they will be able to take nothing with them that they have gained. This Awareness indicates they will not even see that they have done anything of value. They will perceive that they have contributed to the destruction of the planet, and will hold considerable guilt for their action and this they will carry with them, whereas others, whose conscience are clear will simply enter in to the next realm with a kind of wonderment: "Well, what have we here?" This Awareness indicates these entities who have conspired and raped the planet and led to the transition will perceive themselves as having really messed up everything because they were so attached to the physical realm, and now it is gone. They have blown it. It will be for them as though they had destroyed everything they had worked for, and they will enter in to the next realm with considerable regret, guilt and feelings of failure. It will be as though they have to start over in terms of building their self-worth, since their self-worth is built on their ability to accumulate and amass control and power. WILL AN ALIEN PRESENCE EXIST ON THE NEW EARTH? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In this next dimension will there be an alien presence or an alien adversary to deal with? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates there will always be alien forces; those things which are alien to what one is. It may take the form of beings, it may take the form of concepts and ideas. This Awareness indicates that in all levels of existence, there are oppositions, until one reach absolute unity with all, and then it is only a state of mind anyway, and when one exists from such a state of mind to deal with reality of any level, one again encounters oppositions, for oppositions accompany all polarity, and reality is made of polarities. There can be no such thing as any realm of reality or actuality without some degree of polarity, polarity implying oppositions. The state of mind of non-polarity can exist on any level, even on your earth plane level as a way of experiencing an ascension, allowing the earth to fall away, and an attunement with the absolute Divine Creator. When you cease to recognize polarity, seeing yourself as positive and negative all as one, or that which may be termed neutral, then you are attuned to the Absolute, but to do so requires that you have no desire, you even have no desire to move, you have no desire to experience or to think, and therefore, most entities only tolerate that oneness for a brief period of time in meditation, which is good for feeding the soul from the Divine, and after so much of the fill-up of the Divine energy, one leaves the meditation, steps back into the polarities of reality and actuality levels, and goes on about their business experiencing positives and negatives, oppositions, and likenesses. This Awareness indicates that if in your reference to alien forces you are referring to the Zeta Reticuli, these entities do not enter in to these realms for a permanent stay. They do not have astral bodies or etheric bodies. They enter only when involved in space warp/time warp travel, through their mechanisms and ships, to travel by attuning in to higher frequencies through the devices, the mechanical devices of their ships. They enter in to these higher frequencies and then exit onto the earth plane, elsewhere. WILL WORLD CONSCIOUSNESS RAISE FOR THIS TO OCCUR? (Growth Does Not Occur Except With Adversities ) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In the past Awareness has indicated that the only way, as I understood it, the planet could evolve into a higher consciousness, a higher frequency, was by entities becoming aware and raising their own consciousness. Is Awareness saying that within the next 22 years that enough entities and the world consciousness will raise to this level by their own bootstraps so to speak, or is there going to be, as prophecy has often stated, a holocaust that will make the change for them? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that essentially it is a combination of this; that no one really grows without adversity. One who is totally satisfied does not need to make an effort to grow or develop anything. There is often adversity created when an entity sets a goal to accomplish something and the entity, in setting the goal, may only do so because of a present conflict with himself. An entity who is totally happy has no reason to set goals, but an entity who wants something out of life will set a goal, and in setting the goal there becomes obstacles and conflicts, and it is through the struggle toward the goal that entities develop their talents, their skills, their potentials. This Awareness indicates when there are conflicts imposed upon an entity, the entity can react to these by becoming more negative, less cooperative, more hostility, more primitively, or can react in a manner that reflects an inner growth, drawing upon themselves for greater spiritual strength to overcome the difficulties. Thus, one grows or one sinks from one's adversities. This Awareness indicates that adversities simply serve as a kind of stimulus to force one to do something to develop or to lose whatever has been developed. That therefore, in this situation regarding the future, entities can expect there will be adversities that help lead humanity into higher levels of consciousness. A BIBLICAL "ARMAGEDDON"? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Adversities, yes, but will there be something like the Biblical Armageddon, that will take care of the rest? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this may be perceived by some as a reflection. It will not be as described in the Biblical scenario as that which is a kind of poetic description, a metaphorical description, and that it can be applied to what will occur, and many will do so. Others will simply see the occurrence as being totally unrelated to Biblical prophecy. This Awareness indicates it is likened unto if an entity prophesies, such as one throws cards or sticks or stones and says: "I see you are going to have bad luck next week on Thursday!", the prophecy can hardly go wrong for you are likely to have bad luck every week, on every Thursday, on every Monday, every Tuesday, every Wednesday, every Friday and every Saturday and Sunday as well, and if you are looking for bad luck on Thursday, you will find it, just as you would find it if you were looking for bad luck on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday or Sunday. How the "Book of Revelation" Might be Fulfilled This Awareness indicates that those who are looking for the scenario to occur from the Book of Revelation, will find similarities in future events that can be equated to those things described. There may be a need in some instances to stretch the imagination. Some things will be similar. This Awareness indicates that there will be some things which can symbolically be seen as fitting. For example, in the Book of Revelation where it speaks of scorpions with stings in their tails and things of this nature, entities may see this as ships that fire guns. Is that what "scorpions with stings in their tails" actually means, or is it simply the mind looking for something to hook together symbolically to find a meaning, to prove that the Book of Revelation fits in this situation? This Awareness indicates that if one were to set out to write descriptions of the future and were to write exactly in the terminology that one thought the future would hold, one would most likely error considerably, but if one were to write about the future in terms of symbols, such as saying there will be flying things that cause pain, there will be entities who ride in the darkness who bring bad news; there will be those things that come forth and bring a great wonderment. Nothing said so far can be contradicted in regard to future events, because every thing is so broad and vague that it can be applied to any future time and be accurate. And to describe that there will be a monstrous creature that comes upon man, this too can be said in such a manner as to be accurate in any future situation because the creature doesn't even have to be human or doesn't have to be animal. It can be some kind of concept, they can say that the creature was the drug problem that came upon humanity, or the creature was the AIDS problem. This Awareness indicates that by using symbology, one can make predictions that are accurate in regard to the future, and the accuracy may have nothing to do with foreseeing the future. It may simply be that the terminology and the symbols can be applied to the future. This Awareness indicates that much of the Book of Revelation is of this nature. It can be applied to any situation. Those who witnessed World War II will see that the Book of Revelation applied excellently to the situation describing the rise of the Beast. This Awareness indicates that it is not the first time; that the Book of Revelation has been seen as having been fulfilled at least five times since it was first put into the New Testament, and that in a lesser degree it has been fulfilled even more frequently. This Awareness indicates it will no doubt be fulfilled many more times. THINGS THAT LURK BENEATH THE SURFACE (Don't be Disturbed, Just be Prepared) CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that while things are in a state of great transition, there are things under the surface that lurk and swim and threaten, that are not brought to the surface to frighten the masses. It is likened unto sitting on a calm sea in your sailboat, enjoying the summer sun, the cool winds, the pleasant life. This Awareness does not wish to disturb this peaceful scene. This peaceful scene is that which the governments of your world like to preserve. The policy of your government is: "Don't rock the boat! Don't disturb the masses. Let the masses rest. Keep them asleep. Don't tell them about the aliens. Don't let them know about the sharks under the water. Don't tell them of any sea monsters down there. Let them enjoy the surface of the waters, the summer sun, the breeze." This Awareness indicates that Its purpose is not to rock the boat, to disturb your peace of mind. Its purpose is to let you know there are things under the surface that are dangerous, that threaten this calm scene, and Its reason for letting you know about these things is so that if this surface is ever disturbed, as it may well be, you will have the advantage of knowing what the disturbance is, and what the danger is, and what the nature of those beings are who lurk beneath the surface. It does not wish to create panic, to disturb your peace. It wishes only to inform, to help you be prepared, to be aware, so that you can respond with intelligence when and if a disturbance comes. It does not want you to panic and paddle your boat and run around tipping over other people's boats out of your fear. If you float over and talked to your neighbor, saying: "Oh, I hear there are sharks under the water here. I understand there are aliens under New Mexico in the Dulce base." If you do so calmly, without panic and fear, you can spread information. You can show them documents, you can show them tapes, you can give them information. Without creating fear, tell them: "Don't be disturbed, just be aware," and this way entities, if something occurs, are prepared, and if you are prepared psychologically, your chance of survival is ten times greater than if you are totally caught off guard and do not know what is going on and are totally confused. IS THE WORLD IN FOR A GOOD CLEANSING? (The Nature of the Higher Vibration) (Excerpt from a CAC General Reading, Sept. 25, 1991) QUESTION: A question from M.D., Fairfield, Iowa. "Many spiritual organizations speak of a coming New Age in which spirituality will flourish and the many problems our society is faced with today will give way to peace, freedom, love, happiness, etc.. For example astrologically, we are entering the Aquarian Age, which is supposed to embody these values. The Transcendental Meditation organization refers to the coming age of enlightenment during which we are to experience "heaven on earth." The Book of Revelation speaks of the millennium, during which the forces of darkness will not be allowed to be active on earth. I am having difficulty reconciling all of this with the Cooper material as well as the messages from Awareness which make it sound as if the human race will soon be enslaved by an alien race whose members are concerned solely with their own survival at whatever cost to us. I realize the earth is overdue for a good cleansing and that we all may have to endure a few years of chaos and turmoil while the old structures are removed to make way for something better. But what about the 21st Century? Would Awareness please comment on whether there is a real possibility that there is to be no New Age as it has been defined, or will the situation with the aliens eventually be worked out so that the New Age, which so many of us have looked forward to, will eventually manifest. I hope you will consider printing the answer to this in an upcoming newsletter." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness suggests that It has given the year 2012, or thereabouts, as a turning point whereby the old world fades away and a new world begins. This Awareness indicates that in another way of expressing this new world will be on a different frequency level. The different frequency level will be of such extreme change so as not to include the frequencies associated with present-world energies. It is as though the old world comes to an end, and a new world begins at that time. Essentially, it is as though the vibrations shift into another realm or dimension. This Awareness indicates that prior to this occurrence, there are seen energy shifts that will be disturbing to many. In some levels, these disturbances will be but the preparation for the new world. This Awareness indicates that when this new time comes, the energies that entities feel are those which will be of a radiant energy, allowing entities to feel each other's vibrations and frequencies so that when one suffers, others suffer with them, so that when one experiences pain, others experience the pain through the vibratory frequency that they share. This Awareness indicates it becomes likened unto a sympathetic vibration and entities begin to recognize that they must protect each other from harm in order to protect themselves from harm. This Awareness indicates that this is the nature of the higher vibrations; that no one can suffer without all suffering to some extent, and as this begins to develop on this plane, it becomes the impetus for a new philosophy, a new idea or spiritual awakening for humanity. This Awareness indicates that this then begins to affect the very nature of human behavior toward one another and from this arises a new kind of relating and civilizing of the masses to create a "new Word," a new world, a new type of expression. It will become a spiritual awakening for humanity, a spiritual order based on compassion and concern for each other. In Regard to Violence, Fascination Will Become Compassion This Awareness indicates that it appears that the beginnings of this kind of energy will be felt prior to the year 2013, and will gradually grow during the interim to that time and thereafter will intensify and become more and more prevalent. The experience entities feel, the rush of energy and intense interest that entities receive from the entertainment field by watching violence such as in movies and television, will continue to play its part between now and then, but will gradually begin to subside, the closer entities get to this new frequency, for entities will find themselves unpleasantly enduring the observance of violence rather than getting high or getting excited at watching violence on screen. This Awareness indicates that this too will tend to reduce actual violence in society as entities find it more and more difficult to accept and watch passively as violence occurs. This Awareness indicates that more frequently, entities will put their energies into helping to curb violence and help those who are in need, those who are hungry, those who are in need of protection and assistance. The compassion that begins to develop will become more and more notable as entities approach this time period. This Awareness indicates there will come a time when entities may have a kind of neutral feeling in watching the suffering of others. This neutral feeling may endure for a short period of time, but gradually the entities will cease to feel neutral and begin to feel compassion. This Awareness indicates that this is part of the transition from the movement of fascination with the sufferings of others toward that which is compassion for the sufferings of others. WILL COMPETITION EXIST IN THE NEW DIMENSION? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Everything presently seems to be based on competition. Will the competitiveness of mankind move into this new dimension, or will it remain on the old Earth? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that much of this competitiveness as that which has been promoted through your cultural history and tradition, and this is seen as that which will likely begin to take on a major change in the mid- 90's as certain events occur that cause entities to look to one another for help and assistance rather than to compete. This Awareness indicates that the competition that occurs on international levels between countries or cultures is that which is somewhat of a different nature and will have its continued expression, perhaps for several years there after, before it begins to also take a more recessive expression and before the entities involved begin to recognize the need for greater compassionate expression toward one another. These things are seen as gradual changes that take place over the next two decades. WHAT ABOUT ALIEN ENSLAVEMENT? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In his original question, M.D. says he's having a hard time reconciling all this with the Cooper material and the messages from Awareness which make it sound as if the human race may soon be enslaved by an alien race. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the threat and the potential danger is there. By being made aware of this threat and potential danger, the chances of the fulfillment of the threat and potential danger decreases. This Awareness indicates that the purpose of warning entities of danger ahead is not to create a disturbance just for the sake of disturbance, but to assist them in knowing about the potential danger in order that they might be made aware and to therefore, be able to take any measures available to them in preparing for these potentials. This Awareness indicates that ignorance may be bliss, but the ignorant are the ones who suffer from the manipulative activities of others. It is much better that entities know what is going on. Their chances of out- maneuvering manipulations increase several hundred fold if they know what is going on, moreso than if they are not aware of the manipulations occurring. MOVING FROM DENSITY TO DENSITY FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Awareness has indicated before that this is a movement from the Third Density, into the Fourth Density, I believe, and there has been channeling from supposed extraterrestrials I read about who say they're in the Fifth Density, and there were some from the Fourth Density that were saying they were moving into the Fifth, etc. Do all of these densities, the entities there, have they all gone through this process, moving from one to the other? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that many entities move through various vibratory barriers which may be referred to as densities. That these different barriers are essentially the dividing points between frequencies in the electromagnetic scale of the Universe. This Awareness indicates that in order for entities to arrive at your density they must have moved through the various densities above. In order to arrive at various levels above your frequency, they must reach a frequency level that allows them to pass through the barriers that separate the various octaves in the electromagnetic scale. In that sense, these entities have moved through the various densities, if they have transmuted or traveled from one density to another, from vibration or realm to another. WILL 2012 BE "THE MILLENNIUM"? ("Good and Evil" to Play a Lesser Part) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Is this period, beginning 2012, the so-called "Millennium," as mentioned in the Book of Revelation? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this may be seen as a proper name for the period. That it will be a time of harmonious balance, wherein entities reach a higher level of consciousness that helps them to reconcile opposites more easily, and tends to diminish the polarizations that occur in lower vibratory rates. The concepts of good and evil will begin to have less and less importance in this higher vibratory rate, and the concept of reconciling conflict will become more and more important to entities in the higher vibratory rates. WILL EARTH ENTER THE "ASTRAL" LEVEL? (Mind Over Matter Will Become the New Science) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: This sounds like the whole Earth will be moving into an astral level. Is this so? And where on the astral scale will it appear, roughly? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this movement into higher frequencies is not to be perceived so much as an astral experience, although those who would not be in that frequency might have difficulty recognizing others who are in higher frequency levels. It appears that there will be an effect on matter itself as entities move into higher frequency levels, whereby the polarities that create the appearance of matter shall diminish somewhat so that matter becomes less solid and mind becomes more dominant over matter. This Awareness indicates that It does not necessarily see this as being a switch from the material world into the astral world so much as it is a switch from material reality to a consciousness reality, wherein entities begin to recognize more and more that their so-called "material reality" is actually but the creation of image being emanated from consciousness, and that as entities emanate their self images and the images of concepts into material form, that these things have less substance as matter and more substance as mind. When entities come to this realization, the frequency and vibrations take on more meaning, and the tangible qualities of an image become less important in the observation of that image, in the knowing or understanding of the image. In other words, as entities become more aware of the mental influence on an image, the physical qualities of that image seem less important to them, and changes in the mental aspects will have their effect on the physical aspect of the image. As this becomes more acceptable in human thought, mind over matter becomes the new science, the new basis for science, and an entirely new type of physics begins to operate on the plane through the consciousness of the masses and other experts in the field. WILL ENTITIES TRANSCEND PHYSICAL DEATH? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Awareness has indicated that entities who move into this new density at that time do not have to undergo physical death, and that they will find themselves more or less at the prime of their physical life. Am I getting that straight? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is seen as a valid concept within certain limitations; that it will depend on how advanced the entity's evolution is in regard to the use of mind over matter. As the entity progresses in his or evolution as a spiritual being this becomes part of that evolution and the entity would indeed overcome the concept of physical death, simply by raising the vibrations beyond the old vibratory rates that are associated with physical death; the decay that sets in to a physical form when the mind recognizes the physical form in its limitation aspects. This Awareness indicates that as the mind of an entity and those around the entity look upon the entity as being a concept, a creation from an idea, rather than from physical matter, the being of the entity operates more from the level of consciousness and is not as easily subjected to pressures of a physical nature. This Awareness indicates it is the combination that counts heavily, for an entity can by his own or her own thinking, see himself or herself as an individual composed of consciousness that has molded the consciousness into a physical form over the years, to create an adult human being. This is one personal view that an entity may hold. The entity who cannot see it this way will see themselves as a physical being that has been created to house consciousness, to hold consciousness, and the physical being will be seen as the primary agent of the human being with the consciousness in that human being as incidental to the physical aspects of the being. This Awareness indicates that if the individual who sees himself or herself as a vibratory being that is composed of consciousness which has formed a physical body for its use, if this entity sees the consciousness as primary and the physical body as incidental to the consciousness, then the likelihood of longer life and longer endurance increases, for the energies that give life to the physical body are seen as permanent, and are energized as such, and the physical body remains as incidental and obligatory to the consciousness that created the physical body. This Awareness indicates that in order for such an entity to have complete freedom from physical control, others who knew the entity must also recognize the consciousness as being the primary force motivating, moving and keeping the entity alive, with the physical body as being incidental or secondary to this primary consciousness of the entity. Thus, if all entities who see each other, see first and foremost the consciousness of each other, and then recognize this consciousness as having created the physical body which the consciousness uses for its expression, these entities then are energizing a consciousness and life- form that carries with it a physical body that is subject to the will of the consciousness, and this will help to ensure a greater life span for that physical body. This Awareness indicates in this sense, entities assist each other in finding eternal life or finding extended life through the imaging process, just as in present and past times entities can send another to his or her demise by seeing them with a wretched body that is decaying and falling apart, wherein the consciousness is seen as only incidental or an accompaniment to that physical body that is in the process of decay. It is likened unto the entity who energizes healing or energizes death to another through imaging, in focusing on the other entity's body. Energizing healing for an entity by a group of entities focusing, helps to visualize the body growing stronger, the health of the entity, and if this is Part of a group consciousness, it tends to improve the health of the entity. This Awareness indicates that if these focuses from a group on an entity see the entity as a spiritual being accompanied by a physical body that is responsive and healthy to that spiritual being this increases the energy for more spiritual and physical health. HOW DOES CELESTRIA AND HADES FIT IN? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: How does the information given on Celestria and Hades fit in to this new Fourth Density that the earth and entities will be moving into? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that Celestria is of yet higher frequency, a much higher frequency, and Hades as being a lower frequency than that which you presently endure. This Awareness indicates that entitles may choose to switch from one frequency to another in accordance with their vibrations at any time of transition from this frequency in which they presently reside. This Awareness indicates that it would be most difficult for an entity to switch into the frequencies of Hades if the entity is of a much higher frequency, though those entities of higher frequency do have some ability to diminish their frequencies for the purpose of passing into lower frequency realms. This Awareness indicates that it becomes almost impossible for an entity of low frequency to raise one's frequency on short notice to those of higher realms, simply to go there, to look around or to spy. Such entities do not have the ability to reconcile the polarities from lower frequency realms and move into higher frequencies as easily as those who are in higher frequencies who wish to visit lower frequencies for some task or purpose. This Awareness suggests therefore, that entities wishing to move into these higher frequency realms need to learn to reconcile polarities and extremes into more harmonious vibrations that are not dominated by extreme low or extreme high vibrations of a polarized nature. This Awareness indicates that the extreme polarity as that which is more dominant in lower frequency realms. The reconciled polarity tends to raise the frequency or vibration into higher realms. If an entity can reconcile all of the extreme differences within oneself, the conflicts and so forth, then the entity truly raises his or her own vibrations to much higher realms of expression. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: So essentially the entities who move into this new vibration, in the year 2012 or thereabouts, will find the opportunity for raising their vibrations even higher exists in that area much more than it does on this planet. Is that correct? COSMIC AWARENESS: This movement into these higher vibrations will become a new kind of reality shared by many who pass into those vibrations, and the more entities share the higher vibrations the greater acceptance will that reality acquire. If entities enter into a vibration experiencing a certain frequency that they find themselves alone there, they may perceive lt as an illusion, unreal; but if they find themselves in the company of hundreds of thousands or millions of others witnessing the same frequencies and vibrations and images within those frequencies and vibrations, they will consider it a reality that they all share, and this is what appears in the making with the new higher frequencies coming in 2012 and thereafter. THE PARALLEL UNIVERSE THAT IS COMING (Excerpt from a C AC General Reading, October 21, 1991) QUESTION: J.S., of Vancouver, Washington, writes: "There are some of us feeling we are moving onto other realms in the coming decade instead of restoring a system on earth; this is a very strong impression that we will not be here. Can you comment?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it does appear that there is that which may be considered as a parallel universe coming closer into conjunction with this known universe or realm. This Awareness indicates that when these two realms meet on the same vibratory field or rate, many entities will cling to the other realm, and when these realms pass through each other, some entities will remain with the known physical realm and others will go into the passing realm. It is likened unto vibrations that merge momentarily and screen those who are of a certain compatibility with the one vibration, while allowing others of the other vibration to be separated and go in that direction. This Awareness indicates that the frequencies or vibrations of these two realms, are not seen as being identical, but as being harmonic and compatible like octaves of the same note, but on different frequency levels, so that they play together in harmony and then move back into separated individualities. This Awareness indicates when this occurs there will be entities who move into the higher octave realm and others who remain with theoctave energies This appears to be that which will take place around 2012, wherein many will experience a major change in the world. It is likened unto the end of the world in a sense. It is essentially the end of a vibration and the beginning of a new frequency or realm. This may last for quite a long duration before these energies again come back together. This Awareness indicates that it is not clear to this Awareness whether the message just given was understandable or if it was too complex. This Awareness suggests if it does not appear clear, this Awareness can elaborate further. LOOKING AT THE WORLD THROUGH A MICROSCOPE (All those Spaces Between the Atoms) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: It's not too clear, this particular message, but if it's printed in conjunction with previous information Awareness has given on this subject, I would think it would be pretty clear, however we would welcome at this time, any additional information on this subject. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that It has previously suggested, that the year 2012 appears to be a time when the world as you know it will end. This Awareness indicates that if you can visualize the world as you know it in terms of vibrations and frequencies as though you were looking at this world through a microscope seeing all of the material parts of it as vibrating atoms with spaces between, you understand the world as you know it is full of holes, is full of space, much like a film or image that when viewed up close appears almost gaseous in nature, but when zoomed back and looked at from a distance, appears to be a solid mass. This Awareness indicates that your sense of sight and touch and so forth, your senses are used to perceiving the world as a solid mass of matter, when in actuality it is composed of unlimited numbers of vibratory particles: atoms and subatomic parts vibrating all in tandem, with spaces in between these subatomic particles, and that the world as you know it is not an absolute solid creation because of all these spaces between the atoms. Now, if you can visualize this world as you know it as a kind of band of energy that moves through space and comes in contact with another band of energy that is vibrating at a higher rate, and these bands of energy flow together and through each other without disturbing the molecular presence of each other, and then pass on through, even as light particles or waves can shine through each others' beams; if you can visualize this kind of merging of vibrations of two different octave levels in the form of frequency vibrations or energies passing through each other in time and space, whereby entities and their vibrations on this band of light energies have the option of switching identification from one set of frequencies to the other that is passing through, and in so doing, they find themselves moving into another realm of existence, another realm of creation. This Awareness indicates that other entities cling to the same vibratory octave and do not shift position, identifying with the same frequencies as before, the same lower octaves, and you can perhaps visualize that some entities will go into the higher realm or higher frequency realm, while others remain on the lower frequency realm, and this change that occurs becomes symbolic of the end of one age and the beginning of another in a kind of shift in the consciousness of frequencies or vibrations of beings along with the same shift in the frequencies of planets that are different realms and frequencies or vibrations. This Awareness indicates that the earth itself then eventually merges back into its same realm and frequency levels while energies and entities from earth are shifted into higher frequencies of the incoming realm that encroaches in a vibratory sense, into the harmonic frequency of the earth, but on a higher octave vibration, and entities then are moved into a new realm of experience, a new realm of existence, a new earth, a new heaven. This Awareness indicates that this appears to be likened unto a kind of "rapture" in which some entities will move into different states or realms of experience while others may remain on the earth and its same vibratory experience. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: If I'm correct, another way of saying this might be that since life is always in motion and vibrations are either going up or down all the time, at this time of 2012, the bridge to the next upper and lower levels will be in place to collect the souls to their appropriate vibrational levels of consciousness. COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. This is clearly explained. UNDERSTANDING REALITY WITHOUT THE SENSES CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that as entities begin to think more in terms of tangible reality as being, in fact, vibrations and frequencies that are in motion and not simply solid matter, and as entities begin to understand that the solidity of solid matter is illusion, and due largely to their own sense of perception of limitations, the limitations, for example, of the eyes to see the spaces between atoms; they cannot see between atoms because the eyes are limited in their function; the fingers cannot feel between atoms because they are too large, and thus, when they touch a group of atoms, it feels like a solid wall, or solid piece of matter; as entities begin to understand this more completely, that solidity of matter is but an illusion caused by the limitations of the senses, they can, through their imagination, begin to perceive a different kind of universe. By closing the eyes and looking at matter with the eyes closed, by imagining the ability to touch and reach through manifested matter with your fingers, reaching through the images of matter; as entities exercise this kind of imagination, they can begin to grasp the What Is or the essence of reality in the universe and not be locked into illusion and projections based upon the falsity of the senses. This Awareness indicates the senses do indeed lie. They deceive entities in regard to What Is. Ed's NOTE: For more information on this subject, please refer to "Revelations of Awareness" issues Number 92-6 (The Density Change in 2012); and issue 92-16 (Is the Earth Entering the Fourth Dimension?), $3.00 each from CAC. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE -- SOMETIMES! (MORE ON HOW MANIFESTING WORKS) (Why Many Fail to Make the Gods Into Servants) QUESTION: The other night there was a discussion of getting substance, manifesting money for New Agers, and I ran across a note from S.K. of New York. It wasn't a question but she brings up one. She writes: "Last year my husband and I hit financial bottom. He was out of work for months. Then I started claiming in the name of the Christ Consciousness, all our needs. Within a few days he was offered three jobs. We still have debts, but somehow the bills get paid and we didn't lose our house and car. I learned a lesson in faith, that we could never be destroyed." I'd like to ask Awareness in relation to that information given the other night, is this a valid method, at least for this lady, or was this just by chance that the three jobs were all offered at one time after being out of work for months? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it is possible to energize a bounty of wealth for oneself, but the energizing must be open to a fair exchange of energy for what is to be received. This entity did not receive or even ask for a lap full of money, she simply asked for the ability to earn money, and that is what she received. This Awareness indicates that in her request for whatever was due, she was given opportunity to earn to gain something. This Awareness indicates that there is a difference between the entity who is asking for opportunities to gain something of value and the entity who wants it for nothing, the entity who wants something provided by the gods without their having to lift a finger to receive it. This Awareness indicates that it is that attitude of trying to make servants of the gods that is often misused by entities in their pursuit of wealth through metaphysics. There are many who would like to have the gods do their work for them and provide them with wealth, so that they themselves can spend what they want on what they believe in, and though they may state: "If the gods will provide me with the funding, I'll do things for the gods!" and imply that they're willing to work for the gods, but only if the gods set them up in a situation wherein they have everything provided so that they can do this work for the gods. This Awareness indicates that this is the attitude which many have, and is the attitude which is not recognized by the Divine Forces as valid reason for providing bounty to entities. This Awareness reminds you that the gods seldom manifest out of nothing and when an entity receives a bounty, it usually comes from someone. If an entity wins the Lotto or some gambling bounty, that means there are others who are losing, and even If the entity says: "I will spend the money for good!" it does not necessarily give the gods the feeling of rightness about taking from others and giving to this entity on the basis of a promise that the money will be spent for good, for the gods could be better served by letting the money go to deserving people who have already been doing good for others. This Awareness indicates that there is a kind of warped logic in entities' thinking that they should have some kind of demands met by the gods in order that they might serve the gods. It is likened unto: 'Mommy, I'll be good if you pay me!" This Awareness indicates that this won't do it. THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH AND CONSPIRACIES (Is the Pope Really Behind All This?) QUESTION: In regard to conspiracies, we received an unsolicited batch of information from George A. Kleve, President of the Anti-Catholic League, 18620 McCracken Road, Maple Hts., Ohio, 44137. I wouldn't bring this up except that some of the stuff he says coordinates with information we've received before from Awareness. I'd like to read a little bit of this and ask if there's any truth at all to it. One of the things he says is: "Your rights will go up in smoke as soon as a proper crisis can be developed as a smokescreen for the coming military coup that will install a Communist regime to power in Washington. There will be a Communist takeover of our government not too many years hence. The Charismatic movement is one aspect of treason operating nation wide in this country. There are many aspects to this Roman Catholic conspiracy and each aspect or facet is nationwide in scope and in many instances is worldwide, involving many of our government agencies, if not all of them. Just as the Vatican was the co-adjutor of Jefferson Davis, Kaiser Wilhelm and Hitler, they will be even more deeply involved in this coming Communist takeover. Another tactic of the Roman Catholic conspiracy is gun control. At present the two most prominent gun control advocates are rabid Roman Catholics. They are Sarah and James Brady. They are stooges of their own religion. Without their knowing it, James Brady is also a victim of the Roman Catholic plot to murder President Reagan. The murder of President Kennedy was a case of the Pope eliminating a problem personality and at the same time using the notoriety of the murder to further the Pope's own agenda on gun control. The continuing spate of assassinations through the Sixties was merely a pressure tactic of the gun control group of the Catholic conspiracy to force Congress to pass ever stricter anti-gun laws to disarm the American people. The Pope and his henchmen were at that time ready to make their move in overthrowing our government. The failure to disarm the American people by the anti-gun group was a factor, if not the major factor, that prevented the coup from taking place. Crime is another aspect of the Roman Catholic conspiracy to subvert and destroy the existing order, not just in America, but throughout the Western world. It is the climate of crime, and violence engendered in this country by Roman Catholic involvement in the drug cartels, that gives impetus to the Roman Catholic gun lobby's strident call for stricter gun laws. And now Rome has trotted out its arch-stooge Ronald Reagan to add his weight to the bigoted fanatics of the anti-gun lobby. It is vital to the safety of the Roman Catholic Commissars that the average American be disarmed. Disarming the average American will in no way have any effect upon crime or crimes involving the use of guns. That issue is not relevant to the true intent of the anti-gun laws. The Catholic thugs and their stooges must have superior armament to keep the average Joe six- pack intimidated before, during and after the coming Roman Catholic Communist takeover. The Judicial system of the United States, being in effect a fiefdom of the Roman Catholic conspiracy, is helping in a major way to create a climate of fear, anarchy, brutality and bestiality in. order to inure the American people to the coming horrors of Communist rule and at the same time enabling Roman Catholic thugs, hoodlums and other Catholic fanatics to operate without fear of exposure, censure or long prison sentences. All of the above is evidence of the Roman Catholic success in destroying the faith of millions and supplanting that faith with Roman Catholic morality. Another aspect of the Roman Catholic conspiracy is in the financial world. Wherever money is to be stolen or accumulated in whatever fashion, the Pope will be sure to be represented at the trough. He will get his share. This is made plain by the Word of God (Rev. 18:9, 10, 11, 12, 13). Today the Vatican controls probably more wealth than the entire nation of Japan. Lately we have seen the HUD scandal, the S&L scandal, the junk bond scandal and no telling how many small town banks that have gone under, all because of the machinations of the Vatican. Another aspect of Roman Catholic intrigue is its involvement in American politics. The Vatican has always controlled the Democratic party and now after spectacular successes in subverting the Republican party, the United States has become a one party political system. That is why America is stagnating and in decline. Our political direction is controlled by the Vatican. We now have Government of the Pope, by the Pope, for the Pope. This will all become evident after the Roman Catholic Communist takeover. Watch in the coming months for the United States to bring great pressure to bear on Israel to give up land, land which they do not have, to make peace with the PLO. This is the goal of Rome: to destroy the state of Israel, and now the United States will be used more and more in an attempt to bring this about." It goes on an on like this. It seems like he's blaming everything on the Pope, but is there any validity at all to this man's claims? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that if you consider things from the point of view of left and right or Fascist and Communist as being in different directions from each other, the Catholic Church would fit more on the side of the rightists, or the Fascist connections. The Jewish influence would lean more toward the side of the Communists or leftist qualities. That does not mean that either side is in favor of Communism or Fascism, but the policies which are most generally associated with these two groupings tend to be more left for the Jewish interests and more right for the Catholic interests. This Awareness indicates that It sees the corporations in the United States, particularly those that have built around the Rockefeller dynasty, as being more toward the Fascist side of expression, and those in Europe, built around the Rothschild dynasty as being more toward the Communist or Socialist orientation. Thus, anything that the Fascists advocate, which are embraced or somehow linked with the Rockefeller dynasty, which includes CIA activities and many of the Republican party programs and anything of a right-wing nature in the United States, would be classed under a kind of Fascist label, if you have to label things, as many people do. Thus the Catholic Church happens to fit into this more conservative right- wing type of expression and likewise, Nazism as presented by Adolf Hitler in the Thirties and Forties also was seen as Fascist, and in Italy, Mussolini's Fascist party was in that same grouping. This Awareness indicates that it is very easy to label religions or groups or individuals or corporations or political parties by labels according to who they stand next to; thus, if you put Hitler on the right side of the scale, along with Ronald Reagan who is a Republican, some entities could think of these two as somehow being linked, or could label them both as Fascists, simply because they are both right-wing. This Awareness indicates that this labeling process is very unfair because it does not consider how far right, or how far left the entities are. It simply labels everyone on the right side as being Fascists and everyone on the left side as being Communists. This Awareness indicates that the more conservative types, who label those on the right side as conservatives and those on the left as liberals, and they assume in some cases that liberalism means Communism because it is on the left of center, but these entities may be very close to center and may be more like each other; the Conservatives and Liberals, than either is like the extreme on their own side. This Awareness indicates that it is unfortunate that entities label each other or label groups or label organizations; religious or secular, by terms that are not clarified or qualified or even appropriate in describing what they are or where they stand. This Awareness indicates that the Protestant may be classed either to the right or left of center. If to the left, they are classed as radicals and perhaps Socialists and even Communists, particularly if they are opposed to war. If to the right, they would be classed as conservatives or Nazi-types or Neo-Nazi, as occurs occasionally with those who are anti-abortion. This Awareness indicates that this labeling is a way of directing condemnation. If you have Saint Theresa as a guest and you hang a sign on her which says; "Neo-Nazi," and this entity walks out into the streets without knowing the sign is hanging there, many entities will automatically see her and despise her without even knowing who she is, simply because she has been labeled by someone, an unknown labeler, but they believe the label without any reason to believe it, simply because it is there. Entities who label others are being dishonest or perhaps misled, and misleading others in trying to produce a label for someone when that label may not be correct. This Awareness wishes entities to become more aware of the dangers and fallacy involved in the labeling process and how easy it is to be deceived by labels. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Is Awareness saying then that the Vatican has no role in any of these conspiracies? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness is saying that the Vatican, by this entity's labeling process, is being represented in a way that is extreme and unfair. It is not saying that the Vatican is perfectly innocent. It is not saying anything like this. It is saying that the entity is unfairly labeling the Vatican in these accusations in that it is not as deeply involved as the entity would pretend. It is to the right of center, therefore, it has some areas in which it may touch into these concerns. The Vatican does have some contacts into munitions production. It is not innocent, but it is not right to accuse it in total in this manner to cause entities to feel hostility and hatred toward the Vatican as though it were the cause of so many ills of the world. It does not mean it doesn't cause ills in the world, for indeed, any of the religions can cause problems. It is like Krishnamurti said: "One man's expression is another man's violation." The same can be said for organizations. One religion's expression is a violation to another's. This Awareness indicates that you cannot express without offending someone, but to be labeled as the cause of so many extreme ills for humanity is to misrepresent the facts. ROMAN CATHOLIC REGIMENTATION: HOW BIG A ROLE IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER? FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: The Roman Catholic religion appears to me to be the most regimented religion in the world and always has been. The other night, Awareness was talking about how the alien agenda, the New World Order, and so on, depends on regimentation. How big a role will the Catholic church play in this scenario because of the way they regiment people through their religion? COSMIC AWARENESS: The intention of the Roman Catholic regimentation is to keep the Catholics in line. It is perhaps a misguided process in that gentle guidance without so much regimentation could be a much more effective tool for the religion, but the very name "religion" is synonymous with regulating and therefore, it has a tradition of structuring the lives of entities toward a particular behavioral pattern. It has little to do with any real knowledge of the role of regimentation associated with the Ahriman qualities. The purpose of the Ahriman forces is to dominate and control individuals in order to keep everything under control, even as is the same purpose found in the Catholic religion. However, the Catholic religion's effort to keep every thing under control through regimentation is designed for its purpose of keeping Catholics good. This Awareness indicates that the same can be said for the Mafia, that they have certain regimental behavior required as Mafia members. The same can be said for certain schools, and certain jobs and certain military groups. The army is very regimental. Does this imply that the army is somehow Catholic, or that the army is somehow involved with Ahriman or aliens? To make that kind of mental leap is fallacious. Just because entities are regimental in their dealings with others does not necessarily mean that all entities who are regimental are like each other in other ways, or that all groups that use regimentation are part of all other groups that use regimentation. CATHOLIC CHURCH CONDEMNS MEDITATION (It Can Lead to "Moral Deviations" Says Pope) QUESTION: There's an article in the "Body, Mind and Spirit" magazine about the Catholic church denouncing meditation. I'd like to read this and ask Awareness if It has any comment. The Vatican released a "Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on Some Aspects of Christian Meditation" which denigrates such spiritual practices as Zen, Transcendental Meditation, and Yoga. Written by Cardinal Ratzinger and approved by Pope John Paul II, the document warns of the "dangers and errors" of "non- Christian forms of meditation." Implying a certain malign influence, the letter states that these "physical exercises automatically produce a feeling of quiet and relaxation, pleasing sensations...which resemble spiritual well-being," and cautions that to give "symbolic significance" to sensations of well-being from meditation could lead to a "kind of mental schizophrenia which could also lead to psychic disturbance and, at times, to moral deviations." In addition, the Vatican cautioned that these practices could "degenerate into a cult of the body." Aside from the obvious challenge to New Age spiritual tolerance, the letter has caused American Hindus and Buddhists to consider the official position of the Roman Catholic Church to be a condemnation of their religious beliefs. Dr. Chandora, a Hindu teacher in Georgia, complained of, "...Pope John Paul II's subtle and slanderous attack on the basic Hindu and Buddhist philosophies. He forgets that Hindus have 6,000 years of meditation and yet did not degenerate into a cult." Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation, expressed the gentle admonishment, "I have always appreciated the Pope, and I don't believe this came from the pious man." Swami Vishnu Devananda, in an editorial in the May issue of "Hinduism Today" wrote, "Many Communist governments have recently burst apart, failing to close the minds of people with guns and walls, and with mental barriers of fear and slogans. So also do religious groups fall into decline and burst apart when they attempt to enforce dogma at the cost of spiritual experience and spiritual progress. Let us not return to the days when Copernicus, Bruno, and Galileo were persecuted as heretics for disagreeing with the Catholic doctrine that the earth was the center of the universe." That was the end of the article. Does Awareness have any comments on this? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the general tendency of most Christian churches is to look upon meditation with suspicion. The Protestant churches are even more critical of meditation, often calling it a "tool of the devil." Many will say that the action of meditation opens the mind for demonic possession. It opens the mind for "anything," they say. This Awareness indicates that the act of meditation is emptying the mind of thought, but it does not necessarily mean that it is open for anything to come in. One can allow any kind of thought to enter, and when it does, the entity is no longer in a state of meditation. Therefore, it is not the state of meditation that allows the negative thought. The state of meditation simply empties the mind of thought. This Awareness indicates that the entity can empty the mind of thought and allow another negative thought to come in without even attempting to meditate, and if an entity's thoughts are negative, then is this any better because the entity took on a negative thought before, or without going into meditation? This Awareness indicates the very purpose of meditation is to rid the mind of thoughts that might be troubling. Most entities meditate in order to attune to spiritual energies, to harmony, and in that attunement, they seek only to restore themselves with things of a positive nature, of a spiritual nature. They are not looking for negatives or demonic energies to replace their thoughts that have been emptied, that have been thrown out of their minds. It is like cleaning a garbage can. To clean the mind and get rid of all garbage that is therein, and to allow the new more healthy thoughts to be brought in is much like cleaning d refrigerator or cleaning a storage place and replacing all the bad with only the good. This Awareness indicates that is the purpose of meditating. Of course an entity can say, "I must go meditate to Satan!," and if the entity meditates to Satan or to negative forces, this of course then becomes the thing that most Christian practitioners would consider as a negative action or as an evil action, but there are no entities who are serious about meditating in a serious sense who even would consider meditating to Satan. Those would only be the Satanic types, and therefore, to link meditation with Satanic worship is unfair and unwarranted. This Awareness indicates the Catholic warning given is very mild in comparison to those warnings given by most Protestants about meditation, but this Awareness suggests that even as mild as it was, it can still be felt as offensive to those who truly understand the meaning of meditation. The strict Hindu or Eastern Yogi, the one who practices Yoga meditations would not ever imagine meditating simply to get a "feel good" energy. The meditation is to reach harmony or to reach spiritual enlightenment or to find a connection with the Higher Vibrations of the spirit. This Awareness indicates that it is not unlikely that the Christian misunderstanding of meditation would occur, for they seldom meditate in the sense of attempting to tune in to God for the sake of tuning in. They generally instead "pray" to God, which is an act of requesting or petitioning favors from God, and this is much more common and in their philosophy is seen as a correct way of attuning to God. By asking for favors, they see this as being appropriate and it is called "prayer." But simply to think on God, meditate on God, would, by these statements issued about meditation, be wrong for them. This Awareness indicates it is too bad they do not understand that meditation simply means tuning in, and tuning in to God without asking something can be quite an experience which they might truly enjoy and gain spiritually from. GETTING THAT DREAM OFF THE GROUND (Opening Message, CAC General Reading, December 8, 1992) This Awareness indicates that entities should not forget that they have certain power to accomplish those dreams and goals in their lives, but that this power does not take action until the entity is ready to initiate and move energies to work toward those goals and dreams. This Awareness indicates the dreams will always remain in the distance unless you initiate the action to achieve those dreams and goals. This Awareness indicates that as you take the initial action, you will find that the power to achieve those dreams and goals begins to flow through you. to work with you in your quest. END OF ISSUE ---------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Get Electronic Copies of "Revelations of Awareness" by EMail: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- At this time, subscriptions are not available via the net. As hard copies are OCR'd by SPIRAL, they are cross-posted these Usenet newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors alt.conspiracy alt.paranormal talk.religion.newage Cosmic Awareness FAQ (when it becomes available) will be periodically posted to the above, as well as to: news.answers talk.answers Back Issues Lists, which include the topics discussed in each newsletter, are periodically posted. If you need a Back Issue list or a particular electronic issue of Revelations of Awareness, send e-mail to alex@spiral.org. 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