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93-01 (Issue No. 410) ----------------------------------- Find Out Who, |* REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS *| How Many Have In Fact, You |* The New Age Cosmic Newsletter *| You Served? And Really Are. ----------------------------------- How Well? Cosmic Awareness Communications Box 115, Olympia, Washington 98507 email: alex@spiral.org (subscription information available at end of this file) "Helping People Become Aware Since 1977." --------------------------------------------------------------------------- REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS is a cosmic newsletter, published by Cosmic Awareness Communications, Box 115, Olympia, WA 98507, a not-for-profit organization. Copyright 1993 by Cosmic Awareness Communications and the Aquarian Church of Universal Service. Reproduction is permitted, but no alterations may be made without express permission. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as "Channels" for the "Heavenly Father" and expresses itself once again as the world begins to enter the New Age of spiritual consciousness and awareness. This information is for those who desire to help in bringing in the New Age. Throughout the thousands of "readings" given, Cosmic Awareness tells us not to *believe* anything, not even Itself, but to question, explore, doubt, and discover through your own channel what the truth really is. Cosmic Awareness will only "indicate" and "suggest." Neither CAC or the Interpreter is responsible for anything Cosmic Awareness states in any of these readings, nor does CAC or the Interpreter necessarily agree with the statements of Cosmic Awareness. The Interpreter interprets the energies as they are seen in trance levels and are not personally responsible for what is said. The Interpreter has no connection with, nor control over the editorial comments, which are entirely the responsibility of the editor. Paul Shockley, Interpreter Avaton, C.A.C Editor Alex, OCR'er and NetPoster Vikki T., Office Manager --------------------------------------------------------------------------- IN THIS ISSUE: 93-01 (Issue No. 410): What's Ahead In 1993?; Take Advantage of the Unusual Calm; A Brief Post-Election Analysis; Russian Nukes Still a Concern; The Economy; Why Bush Failed to Get Elected; The War Occurring Between CIA Factions; Bush Family Had Claims to Russia's Land for last 70 Years; Were the Elections Honest?; Clinton Could Go Down as a Great President; Even a Scoundrel President Can be Great; Will Bill Clinton be Another FDR?; What His First 100 Days Will Not Be; Will Bush Pardon Weinberger?; The New World Order After Bush; That Rockefeller Endorsement of Clinton?; UN Troops Secretly Poised In Nevada's Area 51; Why Bush's Strange Behavior at the End?; Did Perot Influence Clinton?; The Cosmic Awareness Forecast for the Year 1993; The California Earthquake and Other Important Matters; How Clinton's Victory May Have Prevented the California Earthquake; How Consciousness Can Create or Lessen Earthquakes; You can Help Prevent California Earthquake; More Harassment for Alternative Health; Seeds of Great Change Now Being Planted; Welfare System to Change; The Banking System: Another Scandal?; The Ross Perot Movement; Police Brutality: A Sadistic Mind-Set; Clinton's 100,000 National Police Force; The U.S. Defense Budget Under Clinton; The Alien Threat; A Possible Coup in Russia (With U.S. Help); The Rise of Political Anti-Semitism; Are Jews More Loyal to Israel than to the U.S.?; Will Iran Attack Israel with Nukes?; Wars and Possible Wars; No Democracy Yet for Cuba; Canada and Quebec Province; 1993 A Time for New Beginnings; Be Attentive to Others' Needs; Is the Just- Spotted Planetoid Really Nemesis?; U.S. Officially Recognizes UFOs Are Real; UFO Dog Fight Released on TV; Can Reptoids Time-Travel and Alter History?; Was Nostradamus Influenced by Aliens?; Walter Kronkite's Abduction Experience; How Come a Roman Soldier Fell from the Sky?; Why it Sometimes "Rains Cats and Dogs"; The Rife Generator and the HIV Problem; The Frequencies of Various Implants: Why Awareness Can't Provide this Information; How to Operate a Radionics "Black Box'; "I Want Spirituality and I Want it NOW!"; What Awareness Can and Can Not Do for You; A Possible Banking Scenario. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- What's Ahead in 1993? TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE UNUSUAL CALM (Excerpt from a CAC General Reading, November 20,1992) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that it appears there is a kind of unusual calm during these times wherein entities may turn and focus on their own needs, their own spiritual pursuits and things that are important to them individually; that it appears this calm shall last for several months. There will be, of course, individual situations that require responses, but in the external world, it appears that this is a general time for people to re-examine their values, their situations, and to prepare themselves for further activities that are likely to come with this Spring. This Awareness indicates that it appears rather peaceful at present and entities may as well take advantage of this time to recoup their energies, restore their supplies and energy needs and reinvigorate their health. A BRIEF POST-ELECTION ANALYSIS (C.A.C. General Reading, November 17, 1992) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that the recent election has forestalled or altered many of the difficulties that faced this nation, particularly those that were hidden from view as plans for the general takeover of the nation by the international bankers. It does not mean of course that this plan or agenda for this nation has been terminated, but rather that it will require new plans and further time for such actions if it is to occur. This Awareness indicates that in a general sense, the change of administration creates a situation in which the new administration would have to be prepared and conditioned for any such future plans to occur. This alone forestalls and delays such intrigues and takeover plans. The "Hot August Night" scenario, for example, which had been previously put off until approximately the Spring of '93, has been re-evaluated and is seen as not being a viable plan for at least two years. This Awareness indicates that even then It does not see the plan as ever becoming a major concern in its present form, although there may be some alterations that will include parts of the plan at some future date. Russian Nukes Still a Concern This Awareness indicates there is however, there is one area in human affairs that began to come together during the past three years which continues without any change in regard to the changing of administration and will become a concern during the coming years, and the sooner it is focused upon and dealt with, the less danger will be brought from it. This is the concern relating to the fact that during the final years of the Soviet Union, many of their offensive weapons were placed in highly populated towns, around the various nations of the Soviet Union so that these weapons were scattered into different nations at the time the Soviet Union broke up, and these various nations may now have Soviet Union weapons stacked in highly populated areas. The purpose of having put these in highly populated areas was the belief that the United States would hesitate in attacking civilian populations, but this leaves a problem today in that many of these small nations that have now become independent of the Soviet Union, are holding the nuclear weapons, many of which are still targeted and aimed at the United States. This Awareness indicates the great concern is that if these nations should find the difficulty of becoming democratic nations too great, the old Communists may be reinstated into power in those individual nations and the potential that one or more such nations with reinstalled Communist leaders could use these weapons for blackmail or coercion, becomes a serious concern. It is something that needs to be considered by the new administration and by all people in general; that to simply ignore this group of nations because they are no longer united under Communism does not solve the problem. In fact it may create a situation that is even more dangerous than when they were united under Communism, for now you have individuals who may not act in a rational manner but who may have control of nuclear weapons. This Awareness indicates that this is something that is likely to become a major concern during the next several years of this administration. Economy to Experience a Slight Upswing This Awareness indicates that it does appear, in terms of the general economy, that these will be an upswing in the economy beginning around Christmas-time and continuing throughout the coming year. This is not likely to be a great upturn, but to be slight and steady for the years of this incoming administration. In other words, the downturn or recession and the loss of jobs is likely to be reversing, beginning in the Christmas season of this year. Much of this is not even dependent on policy making, although the policies can be helpful. Much of it is based simply on the belief and hope that something better is coming which will trigger more spending during the Christmas holidays, and this in turn will help to give a boost to the economy for an upturn that occurs during the Winter and Spring of '93. By that time, the administrative programs of the new president should take some control of the economy to bring better circumstances throughout this country. WHY BUSH FAILED TO GET REELECTED (A War is Occurring Between CIA Factions) QUESTION: A.J. in Vermont, asks: "Why did the conspiracy fail to get Bush re- elected?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates there is a war going on within the CIA between two factions: those factions that represent and promoted Bush into the White House to begin with, and another faction that seeks to get back to the basic values of the nation, whereby there is that faction in the CIA that considers the national philosophy and interest of this country to be based on a set of values that are not motivated simply by greed and power, but by values expounded by the Founding Fathers. In other words, there is an honorable side in the CIA and the more expeditious or dishonorable approach represented by certain others in the CIA. This conflict within the CIA is very strong, and during the last weeks of the campaign, the forces that were representing what might be called the "good side" of the CIA, began to release publicly more and more of the information linking Mr. Bush to the Iran/Contra arms sales, and other potential scandals. This has long been known, and the evidence has long been held back, waiting for the proper time for its release, and had the polls not shown Mr. Bush already well behind, much more information would have come out, and the information linking Mr. Bush to Saddam Hussein as a business partner would likely have also come out. That these two being partners in certain joint oil ventures, whereby both received kick-backs on the sale of oil together, was another scandal waiting to be released. This may not ever be fully released, now that it is no longer a necessary element of removing the entity from office. This Awareness indicates the entity Ross Perot as one who knew about these things also, and there is some indication that this entity may have been intended as an agent for releasing such information, though it did not occur, since Mr. Bush's standing in the polls dropped dramatically after the Republican convention. Bush Family Had Claims to Russian Land for 70 Years This Awareness indicates that there is also an area that has not been released in relation to the Bush family. This relates to the fact that George Bush's father and grandfather; the grandfather as having helped to finance the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, in exchange for claims on the real estate of Russia, which was held by the Bush family for some 70 years and which was still, through his inheritance, held by Mr. Bush, the President, up until the time of the attempted Gorbachev coup, when Mr. Yeltsin became the new Prime Minister of Russia. This Awareness indicates that once Yeltsin became the leader of Russia, and Gorbachev lost control, Mr. Bush also lost all rights and claims to the Russian real estate; the Communist party being outlawed, was no longer able to hold the land of Russia in trust for the Bush family. This is one reason why George Bush has ignored the pleas of Yeltsin for assistance in terms of loans or monetary help or help in terms of businesses and policies toward Russia. This Awareness indicates there is seen a probability that most of these stories will be released to the public in future publications; that during the presidency, much of this was withheld because of the editors and publishers feeling the need for national security obligations and pressures from administrative sources to keep these things from becoming public. Now that this is no longer a concern there is seen the strong possibility that these hidden stories will come out in some publications here and there during the next five years. WERE THE ELECTIONS HONEST? QUESTION: A member in New York asks: "Were the elections honest, or did Bush lose in spite of his ten percent votes that could have been cheated on?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears there was the expectation that these votes would be transferred, one for every ten, but that this did not occur. This Awareness indicates it appears that this election was relatively clear and relatively honest in terms of the counting of the votes. This was in part because the polls had been so very much on top of things right up to the last minute and to explain how they could be so wrong would be very difficult and could have created much suspicion, and also because it became increasingly clear that the American people were not supportive of the outgoing administration and that the entity Bill Clinton had already received the nod of the Rockefeller factions or cartel as a good candidate for the next presidency. This appears to have been seen as acceptable since this entity had already been accepted into the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberger groups. This Awareness indicates there are, of course, some areas in Mr. Clinton's life that did not come out to the public which could also serve as scandalous material; his involvement, for example, in allowing a landing of CIA airplanes in Arkansas airports for smuggling in drugs, as one who was working under Mr. Bush at the time, or in cooperation with Mr. Bush during the drug smuggling activity times. This could have not only damaged Mr. Bush, it could have damaged Mr. Clinton. This story is known to many newspaper journalists and reporters, in the sense of investigative reporters, but has not been made public in the mainstream press. This Awareness indicates it is also known to the Perot group, and there was some speculation that this might have been brought out before the election by the Perot group, but it was not brought out, and the story is likely to remain suppressed throughout Clinton's administration except perhaps from some of the more daring publications. This Awareness indicates It is essentially saying there are not only skeletons in the closet of Mr. Bush, but also in Mr. Clinton's too. Hopefully, these will not interfere with his performance as a good president during the coming four years and will not foreshadow future activities of a questionable nature. CLINTON COULD GO DOWN AS A GREAT PRESIDENT William Randolph Hearst Jr., a rabid Bush supporter for years, even in light of all the scandalous information he must have been privy to in his editorials in his newspaper chain; after the election he made a total about face, and in an editorial stated that after listening to Clinton, that he would not be at all surprised if Clinton would not go down in history as one of the greatest presidents the United States has ever had. Could Awareness comment on that? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that there is that potential. There is always, of course, that same potential for any new president. The potential can be brought out with cooperation from the Congress and with a good wholesome and well-planned administration. Whereby the challenges are analyzed and solutions found, and cooperation among the various branches of government brought into play, it becomes very possible that his leadership could be recognized as that of one of the greatest in this century. There is a certain spirit and inspiration that the entity generates which is reminiscent of the energies of John Kennedy, which calls forth a desire of many to cooperate and to work with this man, and this can in itself generate hope and enthusiasm for his programs. If the programs are well- analyzed, organized and developed, they can become very important in directing future activities of this nation in terms of each particular program's purpose, and this can lead the country to a revitalization. It will depend on character and honesty as generated by the entity and those around him, and whether there is a sincerity about his purpose or if it is simply for show and a facade to give the American people the belief that he is a good president. If this becomes the means by which the entity judges and decides things, such as whether it makes him look good politically, then the presidency is not likely to bring him lasting honors. If, on the other hand, his concern is for the welfare of the country and he is dedicated to detailed study and analysis and implementation of programs for that purpose, regardless of any political gain to himself personally, then there is the likelihood that he will be seen as one of the best presidents ever. This Awareness indicates it has been said that the leopard cannot change its spots. This Awareness indicates that this entity has had some skeletons in his closet in the past, and has changed his position many times. Much of this is part of the learning process and people can get into trouble while learning something and people can make bad choices. It is a question of whether the entity has learned from his past, or if these experiences are going to color him in his future. If the entity has learned from previous mistakes and is not ready to repeat similar past errors, then the entity may have the integrity to continue in a performance level that leads to greatness. EVEN A SCOUNDREL PRESIDENT CAN BE GREAT (Will the Office Bring Out the Higher Qualities?) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: It's been said that even if a scoundrel becomes president of the United States, that the mere fact that one finds himself in this office brings out the best in his character and somehow the energies of Lincoln and Washington and all the great statesmen we've had in that office in the past are influencing the entity. Is there any truth to that? COSMIC AWARENESS: There is some truth to this. This Awareness indicates that this does not appear to always be the case. It did not seem to be the case with Mr. Nixon, for example. This Awareness indicates that there is also that same postulate found in the employment office philosophies which say that if an entity has many of the qualifications needed in an occupation, by putting the entity into the job, the entity will rise to the occasion, to the demands of the job and become a better person, more capable of fulfilling that occupation than when he first entered. This is also true, some of the time. There is also that which is known as the "Peter Principle," wherein an entity is said to have the ability to rise to a certain level and no further, and if an entity is given greater responsibility than he or she can handle, then the entity, having reached the point of incompetence, comes to an impasse and cannot handle the responsibility. That this is also true, some of the time. This Awareness suggests that some people tend to adapt to the challenge, others tend to crumble when reaching a certain degree of challenge and find it impossible to continue. This Awareness indicates that it does appear that the Clinton administration will be valuable in helping to re-instill new life into the American system, economically, spiritually, socially and in terms of generating new opportunities for its people. This Awareness indicates the entity Bill Clinton has the ability to inspire those to whom he speaks and this is a quality that has not been seen in the White House for some time. Thus, the inspirational influence from the office of president through the chain of command and down through the masses can be of great significance and importance in helping to regenerate the basic enthusiasm and activities of the people of the nation. It can also have its effect in other nations of the world when the entity addresses them too. This Awareness would suggest that the entity will be recognized as the most inspiring president since John Kennedy, if not even moreso. There is the potential that he may be recognized as even more effective. It will depend so much on what cooperation from Congress and from the press and others is available to him, and it does appear that he will have considerable cooperation. WILL BILL CLINTON BE ANOTHER FDR? (What His First 100 Days Will Not Be) QUESTION: In the October 1992 issue of the McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, a pretty far-right publication, he states a quote from the Miami Herald, which recently carried an article entitled: "Is Clinton another FDR?" Saying, "He may fail, but the attempt, the brash, blind lunge toward greatness cries out to be made. The country, as it was in 1933, is frightened, weary, and mistrustful; it will follow its heart, not its head. It will go wherever the passion is, wherever it senses life, pulse, confidence and fire -- Is Bill Clinton another FDR? Roosevelt's first Hundred Days rolled like ball lightning across the bleak horizon of the Depression. There's always room for another gilt frame on the bed room wall. And in six decades, the need has never been greater." And McAlvany editorializes: "If the Establishment is to convert Bill Clinton into the "new FDR," what might his "First 100 Days" include? A State of National Economic emergency, a bank holiday, censorship of the financial press, gold confiscation, draconian controls on U.S. business, a massive devaluation of the U.S. dollar, giant make-work projects, huge new government bureaus and agencies, and a deluge of new socialist legislation. The new "New Deal" will be called the "New Covenant," but will simply be old European-style Fascism. If Bill Clinton is elected, the first four months of 1993 could be wild and woolly -- a total parallel to 1933." Does Awareness see that? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is not seen as befitting the plans of Mr. Clinton and his advisors, but it does appear that there may be some elements of this in a much diluted amount involved in some of the expressions of this administration. WILL BUSH PARDON WEINBERGER, etc.? QUESTION: Republican Senator Bob Dole is calling for Bush, while he's still in office, to pardon Caspar Weinberger and all the others involved in the Iran-gate scandal. Does Awareness see this occurring and what's the ramifications of it? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this does appear to be an attempt to put the issue to rest so that it does not continue because it will surely lead to the opening up of this information to include Mr. Bush. This Awareness suggests that it is very likely that if there is a way for Mr. Bush to gracefully do this without making it look as though he is trying to cover up his own involvement, that he will do so. THE NEW WORLD ORDER AFTER BUSH? (That Rockefeller Endorsement of Clinton) QUESTION: Does Awareness see what Mr. Bush will be up to after he leaves office, and what about his New World Order scheme? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this concept of the New World Order as that which, in the final analysis, is a promotion from the Rothschilds, through the Rockefellers, and that Bush was an agent or mouthpiece for this plan, and that the Rothschilds, working through the Rockefellers, will simply continue trying to find another way to promote the New World Order under one name or another. QUESTION: During the week before the election, full page newspaper ads appeared in the major papers of the country, endorsing Clinton and signed by David Rockefeller. What is the significance of that? Does this mean that the Rockefellers are going to work on Clinton to continue the New World Order, and other schemes? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates this is likely. It is also seen that the term "New World Order" may be dropped and that the activities leading to a World Government or World Organization may continue being promoted even without the name New World Order. However, it also appears that even without the Clinton administration promoting the term New World Order, other organizations could promote that term and promote the concept of New World Order in such a way that it continues to develop without necessarily being promoted by the new administration, using that name. "The New Covenant" Could be New Name The term "New Covenant" could actually be another term that would help promote some of the same concepts, ideas and organizational patterns that were started as New World Order programs. The idea of putting more control into the UN and taking away United States' independence is a promotion of that New World Order, regardless of what name is used in the process. U.N. Troops Secretly Poised in Nevada's Area 51 This Awareness indicates that it appears that Area 51 in Nevada is a place in which UN troops are presently being held. These are mostly troops of British origin and these troops could be released into the United States for any emergency requiring U.N. troops, therefore, it is not seen that the programs spoken of before are dead, but that they are still potential and may yet be implemented under the new administration, whether the administration is aware of them at this time or not. This Awareness indicates that, in other words, the so-called New World Order may have reached such a stage of development that its programs can be implemented without the blessing of the new administration. This Awareness indicates if there are sufficient precedents and laws on the books or precedents created to point to, the new administration may simply be led by advisors and influences from non-Constitutional sources to believe that there is no choice in the matter and that the United States is subject to United Nations rulings and controls. It would be very easy to surround the president with advisors, who thus advise the entity into thinking that the New World Order is already a kind of establishment that has greater control than the U.S. Constitution. It will depend on how naive or easily misled or how controlled the president is in his new surroundings. WHY BUSH'S STRANGE BEHAVIOR AT THE END? QUESTION: In the last days before the election, it appeared that Bush became sort of out of control, using language like "Bozos" and whatnot that seemed to be out of character. Did he really believe he was going to win, or what would account for his behavior during those last few days? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the entity actually believed that as the election approached, people would begin to have second thoughts about Clinton and would turn back to Mr. Bush as being more reliable, and as the polls began to show otherwise, he became more agitated or nervous inside and expressed himself more emotionally, using such terms, and saying things that were more blatant and direct to his feelings. This Awareness indicates the entity believed right up to the last minute in his conscious mind that he would win, but subconsciously, he was extremely fearful that he would lose, and this dichotomy of his emotions and his mental appraisal reflected these terms in his speech, and his apprehensions expressed through his words. DID PEROT INFLUENCE CLINTON? QUESTION: Likewise, it seemed in just the last few days, after Perot came back into the race, that around that point, Clinton seemed to be much more sure of himself, and inspirational, as though he had already become the president. I was wondering if the Perot influence somehow positively affected Clinton's work? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates it appears that Clinton felt Perot had strong ammunition in his arguments, but rather than Clinton attacking Perot personally, his approach was to recognize the validity of Perot's issues and simply take on those issues as part of his own campaign as much as was possible without appearing to plagiarize Perot's issues. This Awareness indicates that it appears that Clinton's approach in campaigning was to address the problems, deal with the issues, whereas Bush's approach appeared to be that of defending himself personally and attacking his opponent personally and in part putting issue in second or subsidiary places. This Awareness indicates that the entrance of Perot back into the race gave Bush the excitement and hope that those who went to Clinton when Perot quit would come back to Perot and that those who went to Perot from Bush could be won over by Bush if Perot were to be made to look foolish. Therefore, the personal attacks upon Perot by the Bush campaign were designed to bring Bush-backers back from Perot to Bush. This Awareness indicates the Clinton policy appears to have been that of ignoring Perot as a personality or as a threat and acknowledging his issues and adapting those issues to the Clinton campaign, addressing those issues and finding ways to show that Clinton was also dealing with the issues that Perot brought but that Clinton's approach to the issues was more viable than was Mr. Perot's approach to those same issues. Therefore, Clinton spoke of wanting to deal with the deficit, but in a way that did not hurt the present economy, whereby the present economy could be accelerated and also the deficit could be handled down the road because of the accelerated economy. This is what people wanted to hear because they did not want to go through any austerity programs that Perot advocated. They were interested in improving their finances now, rather than through later sacrifices. This Awareness indicates it is truly questionable whether the Clinton campaign will be able to do anything for the future deficit without a stringent and austere program as advocated by Perot, but it is nice for people to think it can be done that way, and therefore, those who want to see the present improve while hoping the future will also improve are likely to choose the candidate who espouses such a program, even if it does seem on the realistic side to be unfeasible. THE COSMIC AWARENESS FORECAST FOR THE YEAR 1993 (The California Earthquake and Other Important Matters) (C.A.C. General Reading, November 18, 1992) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that the year 1993 appears to be one which, in a general sense, will be more stable than the year 1992; that there will be a very slow and progressive growth in terms of economic improvement for this nation and for most other nations of the world. The beginnings of a more global cooperative system shall be seen emerging in '93 whereby countries in Europe begin to work more closely together to build a more unified European economy which should be favorable to the Russian and former Soviet Union nations. It is suggested that Japan will become more cooperative in terms of trade balance with the United States which will be helpful in smoothing relations between these two countries. A Possible Boycott of Overseas U.S. Companies This Awareness indicates that the various corporations that have become more deeply involved overseas, leaving parts of their plants in the United States without much to do, leaving people jobless from plant closures, will, in all likelihood, continue in this direction for most of the year, but it is seen that a backlash may begin to emerge during '93, whereby many of the people of the United States will refuse to buy products made by American companies who have transferred their plants to overseas countries. Many of these American manufacturers who move their plants into Mexico or other foreign countries for cheap labor may find that their products are being boycotted in the United States and that they have gained very little in terms of profits from their cheap labor. This Awareness indicates that General Motors appears to be one corporation that, through very careful restructuring, will begin to turn a profit from its plants within the United States and may serve as a kind of model for other countries, for other corporations and manufacturers. How Clinton's Victory Could Have Prevented the California Earthquake (How Consciousness Can Create or Lessen Earthquakes) This Awareness indicates that the general health of the economy will begin to be felt more completely during the late Spring of '93. This, of course, may be offset by any major crisis or circumstances such as the projected earthquake in California. This is still seen as a possibility, but that much of the energy that was previously fixed toward this earthquake has been somewhat diminished through a change in consciousness that has occurred due to the shift in power within this country. This Awareness indicates it appears that approximately 25 percent of the focusing energy in consciousness that would lead to this earthquake has been diminished; that the diminishing is of an amount approximately 75 percent. This Awareness indicates that this is an area that is difficult to explain in a way that can easily be comprehended, but there is in the etheric sense a kind of crystallizing action of consciousness, and action wherein consciousness crystallizes as it becomes more focused in a direction of polarization. This Awareness indicates that with the changing of the administration, the polarization that prevailed prior to election could not hold or remain intact. There is that which demands entities who were polarized to let go and watch to see in a more receptive mode rather than in a strong assertive manner. If one is polarized for something to be and the inertia remains strong, keeping that polarization strong, then whatever effect that polarization may have on the magnetic fields or grid energies of the Earth or on the aura of the Earth in terms of structuring the energies, then that focus in continuing to hold, may have its effect, if the energy continues as unwavering. But if there is a focus of energy, and that focus gets broken, then the energy goes into a state of receptivity, waiting for a new focus, or waiting to begin in a new direction or something toward which it can react. In this case, the focus of the Bush administration was being held and when the election switched that focus, the energies that were being held and frozen in a particular mode of consciousness went into a kind of receptivity, such as might occur with one who says: "What's going on now?" The entity is no longer focused; the entity is waiting, and receptive, curious, and wondering what to expect next. This kind of energy does not cause earthquakes. The receptive energy in consciousness does not cause earthquakes. It is the energy that is held in focus, unyielding, unwavering, that is strong and frozen. This Awareness indicates the only clear analogy is to compare consciousness energy in a metaphorical sense as likened unto water, which can be frozen and turned into ice and the ice may be sitting and pointing in as focus, such as an icicle, and this focused icicle can be so intense and so strongly frozen that the slightest pressure against it can cause it to shatter and to break. This Awareness indicates that likewise, with consciousness, its normal state is to be flexible, but it can, through though through prejudice, through desire, or through will, becomes so focused that it influences matter around it, and can be shattered so that when it breaks its focus, it also affects the matter around it and may cause earthquakes or other material breakup that results in significant events such as a riot or strike or social upheaval, or physical upheaval, as in the concept of an earthquake. You Can Help Prevent California Earthquake This Awareness indicates that It does still, however, foresee the strong possibility of an earthquake in early May in the vicinity of Southern California. It will watch this closely during the coming months, to help break this focus of consciousness that might lead to such an event, and to keep entities informed on the situation. This Awareness indicates that much can be done by entities in meditation, particularly those who look into this area and visualize greater fluidity and less structure and crystallization of consciousness in that area. This Awareness indicates that it appears the general movement of consciousness in the coming year as that which will be more flexible or relaxed and generally more able to adjust and be creative, to produce benefits for the masses in a way that helps to overcome the present economic slump. Confidence Will Come in the Summer This Awareness indicates there are seen some economic problems that will come to the fore, especially those relating to the S&L costs and expenses, but it appears that these will be offset somewhat by other programs that will help to diminish the stringent effects on the economy and to get the economy moving again so that benefits can follow, in terms of helping to make the country more profitable. This Awareness indicates that by summer, most entities will feel much more confident in the new administration and its approach to the problems of this country. This Awareness indicates that this entire year will be one of gradual acceptance of the new administration without too much real concern or criticism; that it appears the concerns about the new administration will not be fully experienced until about the third year of the administration when certain things will become known and considerable apprehension will be felt regarding the administration's policies, that by that time will become questionable. This Awareness indicates of course, this need not have to be, but it is seen as a strong likelihood at this time. It is quite possible that the three or four years of the administration will all be viewed favorably by the majority of Americans. It will depend on how the new president adjusts to his higher responsibilities to the people, and to the Constitutional expectations of a president. More Harassment for Alternative Health This Awareness indicates that it appears the health issue will become a major focus of attention during this year, as Alternative health is gradually developing strength and support from more and more people, even as it is also becoming recognized as becoming a greater threat to the American Medical Association, and because of this, the Food and Drug Administration is preparing to put greater pressure on alternative health programs and alternative health practitioners through Bills and through general harassment of these entities. This Awareness indicates that it is shaping up to be a major concern during 1993 and possibly into several years to follow. It does not see this being resolved clearly in this year. It does however, suggest that there are indications that the FDA will find it more difficult to eradicate alternative medical and health care programs and may have to settle for letting many of these programs coexist with the medical profession. The Weather Will be Colder but More Rain Coming This Awareness indicates that weather-wise, the winter is seen as being generally colder than usual, on the average, but that some increase in precipitation will help those areas that have suffered drought during the past several years, so that a benefit in that respect is recognized. It does not see the coming summer as being excessively hot, but as being warmer than last summer in the mid West and Eastern states. Seeds of Great Change Now Being Planted This Awareness indicates there is seen generally a slow down in new inventions and an acceleration of new laws, new legislation being passed in greater than usual numbers during this coming year. This Awareness indicates that It sees also that certain seeds of change will be planted during 1993 that will eventually lead to major changes in the next century. These major changes will have to do with social trends and directions as well as industrial and high technology changes and alterations. It appears this will include major changes in terms of transportation and in terms of social structure, the way things are managed in cities and in nations, but that it will not be obvious in the year 1993 that these changes are occurring. The seeds will be planted and the results of those plantings may be felt within 20 years, when entities look back and realize there has been a genuine change in society that began in 1993 and '92. This Awareness indicates that it will not be obvious or noticeable in '93, but from a viewpoint far into the future, when entities look back and discover these things that exist in the future actually began in '92 and '93. This Awareness indicates that this will be of great significance at some time in the future, the trend being that which gradually grows to become stronger and stronger and more and more visible as time passes. It will have much to do with high tech and the influence of high technology on the lives of individuals and it may also have much to do with robotics in the factory and the effects of robotics on society, none of which will be visible or noticeable in '93, but which will, in the future, be traced back to events that began in '92 and '93. This Awareness indicates this will also include tracking systems and organizational systems that are used in the management of goods and populations. In Education: Back to the Basics This Awareness indicates in the area of education, it appears there will be some progress that occurs by the government taking a real interest in studying ways to get back to the basics of education so that rather than simply putting forth more money for more schools or teachers, the method of education will be researched and improved upon. This Awareness indicates there is much that has been lost over the past 30 some years, wherein the educational system began to change, and there is much that can be restored to the educational system during the next several decades when entities review the best ways to teach and to inspire young people toward getting a better education. This too will be enhanced in the year 1993, with new methods being promoted in the schools after much research that occurs during 1993. Welfare System to Change This Awareness indicates that what is seen as the welfare system is likely to undergo considerable alteration during the coming several years whereby this system seeks to serve as a kind of emergency help rather than allowing it to become a way of life. It appears that there will be effort to create federal jobs to help people find work who are now unemployed and out of work. It appears to be that type of occupation similar to the Works Progress Administration (WPA) of the Roosevelt era, whereby entities who cannot find jobs elsewhere may be able to work for the government in specially created programs that are designed in part to help provide extra jobs for the unemployed. This Awareness indicates that this will not be as beneficial to the country as it will be to certain groups of individuals. It will be especially helpful to younger people, but it will be costly in terms of other people of society, and may not have the overall and general effect desired, therefore, this Awareness suggests that this program may be short-lived, but it does appear that it will have some general benefits in helping to bring the country out of its present recession. This Awareness indicates that the greatest welfare program of all, the Savings and Loans debacle, will require far too much money from tax-payers for its completion, however, it will be less costly than many have predicted, and it appears there will be some recovery of income from those who have profited, to offset some of the tax costs of this welfare program for the super rich. This Awareness suggests that other questions may be asked now. THE BANKING SYSTEM: ANOTHER SCANDAL? QUESTION: Ross Perot mentioned that after the election, a big scandal on the situation of America's banks would come down on the people who were supposed to bail out the banks. Does Awareness see this occurring? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that much of this information does appear to be that which will come out, whether it will have an alarming effect on consciousness or will be shoved into back pages of newspapers is not yet determined. It appears there will be an effort to keep all of this information from becoming too alarming to the masses for fear that it could trigger economic panic. This Awareness indicates that there is the desire by the new administration to keep the public hopeful. This Awareness suggests however, that there is also the potential that the outgoing administration could allow something of this nature to upset the apple cart for the new administration, by creating economic information and situations that leave it in a quandary for the new incoming president to have to straighten out. It is seen as possible that this could be done in a way that causes the incoming president so much trouble it will take several years to recover. This Awareness suggests however, that to do so would tend to, and easily be made to blame the event on the outgoing administration rather than on the administration that inherits the problem. Therefore, It sees this as a scenario that could happen, but would be dangerous to the outgoing administration because it could not manage the public opinion as well as an administration coming in and having more opportunities to explain how the events transpired and how the problems were formed under the outgoing administration. This Awareness indicates that, in other words, it could backfire on any effort by the Republican administration. Therefore, this Awareness does not see this as a truly strong potential, but It does see that there can be bank scandals which are given some publicity, but not exaggerated, and in fact being perhaps diminished, so as not to affect the economy of the nation in any significant way. This Awareness indicates that generally, It sees a slow and gradual improvement of the economy through management of the news and through programs designed to improve the economy throughout 1993. THE ROSS PEROT MOVEMENT QUESTION: In the recent elections, Ross Perot received almost 20 million votes, and he's using his own money to keep this new movement together, at least for awhile. Does Awareness see this Perot movement having any influence in the next coming years or so? COSMIC AWARENESS: This is seen as in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates it is seen as being that which serves as a kind of lobby for the American people. It is seen as that which can have some influence on the incoming administration, even from the beginning, through the voicing of their concerns. This Awareness indicates that it is likely to influence the incoming administration to eventually start doing some thing to take care of paying off the deficit. This being the major focus of the Perot program: to pay off the deficit, and it is seen as that which will be brought to bear on the new administration to influence them to pay off the deficit so that the future generations are not stuck with these multi-trillion dollar debts. POLICE BRUTALITY: A SADISTIC MIND-SET QUESTION: Recently, in Detroit, I believe it was, five or six policemen, mainly white, beat a civilian, a black man, to death, and several of them are being charged with murder. This is similar to the Rodney King incident. What does Awareness see in the area of racial strife for the coming year? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this reflects a general attitude of policemen everywhere, who are given power over the people, in which they are trained in these beating techniques for emergency situations, but whereby these situations may be classed by the police at their own discretion as an emergency. This Awareness indicates it is not seen to this Awareness as a racial violation as it is a police/civilian violation; that there are these violations occurring all the time, and in some instances entities are being beaten without much provocation. It is only rarely that they make the news. This Awareness indicates that the event being one wherein a black man has been beaten becomes classified as racially motivated, even though similar beatings of whites in a similar situation would not be classed as racially motivated. Essentially, it is the sadism of police mentality that prevails throughout the United States, and other countries, where the police simply have excessive power unchecked, or allowed by laws that protect them. This Awareness indicates that this is not to say there is no racism involved, for indeed there tends to be a mentality among police that the blacks have less protection against their police abusive programs or activities than would a white, and therefore, the beating of a black is seen as less threatening to the white policemen. They feel they can get by with this easier than if the entity were white, and it encourages their sadistic approach. This Awareness indicates it is also seen in the police attitude toward young men in general. There may be a truth that young men create more crimes, but this does not justify police beating on a young man who has simply committed some traffic violation, any more than their claiming the right to beat up on an older man who has committed a traffic violation. This Awareness indicates that youth are targeted and certain other classes who have what appears to be less defense available to them. It is more of a matter of these people being weaker in terms of their ability to defend against the sadistic police brutality, and the person who is Hispanic or who speaks a foreign language or who has no ability to speak at all, can also become a victim of police brutality, simply because they are more defenseless. This Awareness sees this police brutality as being more of a situation in which sadism is involved than racism. However, racism encourages sadism when the race appears to be less able to defend itself. This Awareness indicates that in this particular instance, there were blacks among the police and it is presumed, and logically so, that if they were present, they could have or should have made an effort to stop the police brutality. This Awareness indicates that this indicates a sadistic attitude moreso than a racial attitude. CLINTON'S 100,000 NATIONAL POLICE FORCE (The Sheriff is Rapidly Disappearing into the Sunset) FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: One of Mr. Clinton's promises to the people was to draw up his 100,000 officer National Peace Corps to fight increasing crime. Does Awareness see this happening, and what will the influence of this be? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this does have a dangerous ring to it. This Awareness will explain why. The concept of a sheriff is different from that of a police. The sheriff must abide by the U.S. Constitution. The sheriff is under the Constitution, but the police are not under the Constitution. They are simply under the administration that forms the police. If it is a state or Federal police, then they are under the Federal Government and get their orders from the Federal Government or the State government. The sheriff would have to have Constitutional rights in order to do anything. The sheriff would be subject to the Constitution. The police are not subject to the Constitutional Law, but only to the administrational statutes or laws of the state or Federal Government, whichever the police are subject to. This Awareness indicates that California has totally eliminated sheriffs altogether, and the state police and the municipal police are simply under the direction of the state or the municipality, and therefore they do not have to answer to the United States Constitution. Likewise, if Mr. Clinton brings in a Federal Police Force, these police do not need to answer to the U.S. Constitution. They answer only to the Federal Government. This Awareness indicates that this could create a very dangerous situation for Americans as the sheriffs of the nation are replaced by a police force under the control of an administration, either from state level, municipal or Federal levels. This Awareness indicates you may watch for other situations in other states where sheriff's departments are being phased out and replaced by police departments, for it is a sign of general takeover of the law enforcement agencies to circumvent the Constitutional guarantees and rights. THE U.S. DEFENSE BUDGET UNDER CLINTON (The Alien Threat Will be Explained) QUESTION: Mr. Clinton has promised the American people that he will convert the economy from defense to domestic, yet Congress already appropriated more money for National Defense than almost any time in its history. Does Awareness see Clinton changing that somehow, or simply going along with that defense budget? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that It sees the entity Clinton as being briefed in the information relating to the potential of alien conflict with humans, and that potential being clearly explained to him will be seen as sufficient to cause this entity to go along with the defense program already in place. This Awareness indicates that It does not see much change in this regard. A POSSIBLE COUP IN RUSSIA, WITH U.S. HELP QUESTION: There's been talk lately, that hard-liner Communists are planning a coup in Russia to oust Yeltsin and return to the old Communist type of government in these splintered states. How does Awareness see the relationship of the United States with Russia in the coming year? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it is seen that this coup will be a genuine effort and could be successful. It is seen also that elements of this nation are behind the coup, willing to help out. This Awareness indicates that in light of information given earlier regarding the Prescott Bush ownership of Russian land in exchange for his support of the Bolshevik revolution, and the fact that Yeltsin was involved in outlawing the Communist party and therefore, nullifying the contract with the heir to Prescott Bush owner ship of Russian land. It appears that this cost Mr. George Bush most of his fortune inherited from his grandfather and father and that he would benefit from a coup that would remove Yeltsin and restore the land to the Communists. This Awareness indicates that whether this will occur or whether it will be a failure is not seen clearly, and it does appear that even if it were to occur and be successful, there is not seen any strong indication that Bush would prosper from the land claims he holds, for the new Communist takeover would in all likelihood cancel out any contracts from before and simply reclaim the land anew as Communist ownership and property. This Awareness indicates that it does appear that this is a threat. It is a threat that carries considerable danger of occurring. The resurgence of Communist hard-liners into Russia is a very strong potential, particularly if the Russian need for economic assistance is not quickly recognized and responded to. This Awareness indicates there are actually many in the United States who would like to see the Cold War begin again. It helps to sell arms and certain other goods and there are many who profit from such an atmosphere. THE RISE OF POLITICAL ANTI-SEMITlSM (Are Jews More Loyal to Israel Than to the U.S.?) QUESTION: There was an article in the paper the other day that a survey, conducted by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith came up with the information that about one in five Americans, nearly 40 million, hold strong anti- Semitic views, but that number represents a decrease of almost 10 percent over 25 years. The study found that there is a hard core of people who embrace such stereotypes as "Jews have too much power" and "Jews are more loyal to Israel than America." Abraham Foxman, the head of the league, said that the survey was disturbing. He said the anti-Semitism expressed in a poll taken in 1964 was of a more social nature, a refusal to work and live with Jews. Foxman added that the new survey showed that "a political rather than a social anti-Semitism has begun to take hold". In light of what's going on in Germany and so on, in this area, can Awareness comment on this "political anti-Semitism" which has begun to take hold and its relationship in the next year in the United States? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that there are many publications that have been released, many of them quoting from Jewish literature, suggesting that the loyalties are more to Israel than to the United States, and this has helped to solidify that notion among many people. This Awareness indicates that some of this literature is more studious and well-researched than in the '60s when it was simply a kind of bigotry that was of a social or religious base when entities were anti-Jewish because of religious preference and beliefs or because of social prejudices. This Awareness indicates that this leading to political philosophy or assertions, does tend to put a new and more stringent attitude regarding Jews into the mainstream of thinking, and does appear to create a strong definition of Jews that could be seen as threatening. This Awareness indicates as It sees this, this kind of politicizing or intellectualizing in terms of the genuine criticism of Jews based on facts, assumed or collected or gathered, is more healthy in the long run than the prejudice and religious bigotry of the '60s. It formulates a kind of attitude that can be discussed more openly and freely without the emotional context, much in the same way that Democrats and Republicans can debate over their differences because of definitions that are clearly defined as disagreement between the two parties. Thus, the criticism that some Jews are more loyal to Israel than to the United States is an issue. It is an issue that can be debated and discussed without the fear of being labeled anti-Semitic. It is an issue that can be discussed without bringing in religion and concepts of good and evil and all the threats to one's emotional levels of religion. This Awareness indicates that it appears that these elements of debate in regard to the Jews can be brought out for discussion in a healthy way that allows both sides to discuss them without the inherent danger of becoming fanatically opposed to Jews simply because they are accused of some religious violation to the historic claim of Christians that their savior was killed by Jews, or because some entity socially despises Jews. These are not legitimate reasons for debate. They are based on knee-jerk emotions, whereas the concern about an entity's loyalty to this nation or to Israel can be debated in a logical and meaningful way to determine whether or not that entity has the right to be loyal to a country he does not live in, over a country that he does live in or whether the right of one expressing such loyalty is any one s business. This Awareness indicates there are many things that can be discussed in this regard, but it all can be discussed from a more reasonable level, when it has become politicized, than when it is a matter of religion and social prejudice, for these things are strictly emotional and have little to do with clear logic and mentality. WILL IRAN ATTACK ISRAEL WITH NUKES? QUESTION: There have been stories in the paper that Iran has secretly acquired nuclear weapons and Israel is still bombing Lebanon and acting aggressively against the Arabs. What does Awareness see for the coming year is going to happen in the Middle East between these Arab countries? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that It does not see this as occurring in this coming year; that an attack on Israel with nuclear weapons will occur. However, It does see that it may indeed occur, and this is a high probability, before the year 1996; that a nuclear attack on Israel will occur unless there is peace made in the region and that this is likely to occur at a time when the United States is incapable of coming to the rescue or coming to the aid of Israel, due to problems of its own. This Awareness indicates indeed it does appear that Iran has nuclear weapons. Whether it is capable of transporting those weapons is not clear, but they might actually be transported by vehicle rather than by rocketry. WARS AND POSSIBLE WARS QUESTION: What does Awareness see in the world for the coming year in regard to wars or possible wars among different countries? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the continuation of conflict in Ireland; that it does not appear to subside. There is seen a conflict continuing between Israel and its neighbors and this could escalate. There is the potential for peace accords, but this also could break down. There are seen certain conflicts that would flare up among the Russian satellite nations. The Croats and Serbs and areas around Yugoslavia will continue for at least six months. There is seen some possibility at that time for a settlement or negotiations to begin toward reaching peace accords. This is not seen as certain. The bitterness between these groups is extreme and the suffering so far has only enhanced the bitterness and has not led to any remorse. Until there is some experience of remorse in regard to the conflict, there is not likely to be serious efforts or settlements. There is still sporadic conflict in African territories that are commonly disputed by rival groups or beings seeking control. This Awareness indicates that It does not see in the coming year the United States becoming involved in war in a military way, though it may participate in efforts to reconcile differences among warring factions, or may supply arms or support one side over another. This Awareness indicates that It sees some political disturbances between the United States and China as being a strong probability, but does not see this as leading to war during the coming year. This Awareness indicates also that the so-called trade war is not seen as maturing or becoming a serious problem. It does see certain economic changes and movements that can affect relationships between certain countries in a way that may be considered adverse to harmony, but It does not see this as leading to war or even strong trade wars during the coming year. NO DEMOCRACY YET FOR CUBA QUESTION: There has been talk of an invasion of Cuba for some time, or talk of a faction in Cuba that could possibly overthrow Castro and kick him out and allow Cuba to become a democracy. What does Awareness see for Cuba in the coming year? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Appears to have only about 30 percent chance of occurring, according to present energies. It does appear that the Cubans will begin receiving more support from Russia, which will improve the economy and diminish the potential for this democratic overthrow. This Awareness indicates that it appears the Russians have made some concessions with Cuba in exchange for certain goods and products from Cuba to Russia and that this new arrangement designed to benefit both countries will take away much of the motivation for a Castro overthrow. CANADA AND QUEBEC PROVINCE QUESTION: One last question from M.C. in Quebec, Canada. She writes: "The CAC information is very important to me and I feel very privileged to have access to it even though it is not always optimistic. I think it is still better to be warned about bad things than to be taken by surprise. I hope most members feel like this. Right now, the English speaking residents of Quebec feel uneasy about living in Quebec because of the threat that Quebec may separate from Canada and even many French speaking whom are against the separation think that if it should happen, the economy will go down a lot more in the province and that there will be no more old age pensions left. When there are no urgent questions to ask Awareness, do you think you could sometime ask Awareness what It sees for Quebec and Canada now that in the referendum about the constitutional changes the 'No' vote has won? Many people seem to think the referendum was a waste of money. I still hope that things won't get as bad as it looks." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness does not see a great or major change occurring in Quebec for some time to come. It sees that there may be certain factions seeking to make these changes, but that they will not be successful. This Awareness indicates it appears the area of Quebec will remain relatively stable economically, in comparison to the rest of Canada. This Awareness indicates that within approximately six months, the entire economy of Canada, including Quebec, will have begun improving. 1993 A TIME FOR NEW BEGINNINGS This Awareness indicates that in general summary, the year 1993 appears to be a time when much information is passed and shared but whereby events themselves do not tend to get out of control, or become chaotic as has occurred throughout so much of the time in the past. There is still that potential threat of earth changes, particularly in the area of Southern California. This Awareness is less concerned about this coming to pass than It was last time when the information on this was first given. The energies have diminished somewhat and this Awareness suggests the energies may continue to diminish so that if an earthquake occurs it will be less powerful than previously suggested. This Awareness suggests that it is seen as a year of great release of information, truth, material of import and being released publicly and to the world, a time when entities will discover more things about the world, about life, and many of the Old World ideas will be discarded, and new ideas accepted. This Awareness indicates that it is also a time in which nations shall participate more in dialogue and less in terms of activities, conflict and violence. This Awareness indicates that it is also seen as time of new beginnings for new energies that will reach far into the next century and create new activities, new ways of living. This is in reference especially to robotics and computers. and high tech society systems that lead to a totally new style of society within the next century as different from today's society as today's society was before the industrial revolution. Be Especially Attentive to Others Needs (C.A.C General Reading, October 10, 1992) OPENING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that during times when there are difficulties and entities experience increased stress, such as difficult economic times, or political times that are stressful, it is important not only to focus on your own needs during such times, to try to find ways to improve your situation; it is also important to be aware that other entities likewise, may be under stressful situations that need special courtesies. It is important that, for example, members of your own family be given the extra stroke, extra courtesies, extra patience, so that while you may be on edge or under stress, they too may be feeling stressful and you don't add to their problems because of your own. This Awareness indicates that this may apply to many entities in today's society and It wishes entities to recognize this and think about this, and how it may apply to you individually, and to your family members. Be especially attentive to each other's needs during these times of crisis and difficulty. IS THE JUST-SPOTTED PLANETOID REALLY NEMESIS? QUESTION: Tom N. in California, sent in article from the front page of the Star Free Press dated September 19, 1992, with the headline, "Ventura High School Grad Makes Astronomy History With Finding." "If this pans out, it is absolutely fundamental to our understanding of the solar system. In some sense, it's almost comparable to finding another planet," Allen Stern, scientist, said. Briefly, the article says: "A Ventura High School graduate, Jane Luu, is one of two astronomers who say they have sighted the most distant object ever found in the solar system, a reddish comet-like rock orbiting beyond Pluto, about 4 billion miles from the sun. In a telephone interview Friday, from Hawaii, the 29 year Luu said: "We are very happy. We have been looking for this for five years. "This discovery could shed light on how some comets are formed, the nature of Earth's solar system, and whether other stars in the universe have solar systems like this one," according to another scientist. "If this pans out, it's absolutely fundamental to our understanding of the solar system." The object, about 120 miles across, is probably about a billion miles further out than the present position of Pluto, says discoverer Luu who is a researcher for the University of California. He said they first spotted the object August 10th, using a 7.3 foot diameter telescope, on the Hawaiian volcanic mountain of Mauna Kea. Luu said the comet is known as 1992 QB1, a scientific designation referring to it when it was discovered." The article is a long one, but his statement is: "Awareness has stated that the Reptoid-filled planetoid called Nemesis has entered our solar system and is parked behind Pluto. Awareness has said this planetoid would be visible to the naked eye during this past summer. I have been waiting to see if any scientists would make an announcement of a newly discovered object in our solar system. Lo and behold, this last Saturday, September 19th, 1992, my local newspaper, The Ventura County Star Free Press ran an article about 2 astronomers. One is a local High School graduate who made a recent discovery of a comet-like object that is behind Pluto. They discovered this using a powerful telescope that is located on Hawaii, on August 30th, 1992, and it is known as 1992 QB1. They are both very excited about this and say it will have very important ramifications for our understanding of the birth of comets. The object is about 120 miles across. I would like to ask Awareness if this newly discovered object is actually Nemesis, and is this article then a way of "letting the cat out of the bag," without causing any global panic about an imminent outer space invasion by flesh-eating Reptilian aliens, or are these scientists just observing what they believe is a natural body of our solar system? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears these scientists believe this is a natural body in the solar system. It appears that the body is actually closer than they realize, and of a somewhat different nature than they realize. This Awareness indicates that it is not the planetoid this Awareness spoke of earlier in referring to that which would be visible to the naked eye, which is visible in regions nearer to the Australian and New Zealand locations and that this has just become visible during the past few months. This Awareness indicates that the so-called asteroid behind Pluto is seen as another craft or body being used by aliens in the journey toward Earth. It is still a great distance away. It is beyond sight of the naked eye. This Awareness indicates that there are still opportunities or potentials for announcements relating to further sightings in the regions of New Zealand and Australia. The information may be covered up or withheld in some regions for some time, but still leak out in other areas or in certain publications. This Awareness does not see that any particular source has given information on this up to this time in regard to the planetoid that made itself visible this summer. This Awareness indicates that there were earlier references prior to summer wherein it was seen through telescopes and it did indeed, during the month of June, come into the range whereby it could be viewed with the naked eye, but this Awareness does not see that any further announcements have been made regarding this. This Awareness suggests entities continue to watch for this information. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: This asteroid is much larger and is beyond Pluto? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this being the one that had been mentioned previously as in the direction of Orion which contains frozen bodies of aliens in a cryogenic state; that this is considerably larger than has been suggested in the article. The planetoid mentioned in relation to the New Zealand/ Australia sighting as that which is more of a command station. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: So this isn't Nemesis, but it does have Reptoids on it. Nemesis also has Reptoid warriors, does it not? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the term has been used interchangeably at different times with different entities to apply to both the command station and to the planetoid in which the cryogenic army sleeps so that it is difficult to answer this question as to which is Nemesis, because of the interchangeable nature of the term, the name. This Awareness indicates also that it appears certain facts are often changed and distorted in a kind of misinformation project relating to these things and that some of the information given in the article within the question has been distorted to give the impression of something smaller and much farther away than it actually is. This Awareness indicates that the questioner's suggestion that the information of the article may be designed to defuse or alter the facts of the incoming object is a very keen observation on his part; that there is more to this than the article implies. It is closer and larger and the article is designed to help defuse future discussions of this craft so that entities can talk about it without disclosing the true facts surrounding it. This Awareness indicates that it is possible now for scientists to speak among themselves regarding this with out having to hide their conversations, and yet, they are still able to discuss it while keeping certain information silent and hidden from the public in regard to its true nature. U.S. OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZES UFOs ARE REAL (April 20,1992 Now a Historical Date) QUESTION: In June, Tom N. sent in a three minute tape along with this note: "I wouldn't have believed it until I heard it myself. On April 20th, 1992, on the NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, a segment was broadcast which discussed the "skyquake" phenomenon. NBC states as fact that the skyquakes, recently experienced in Southern California, and reported on local news media, are caused by the Black Project plane Aurora, which replaces the SR- 71 Blackbird. This alone is remarkable, as NBC is owned by General Electric and G.E. is involved in many super-secret government projects. NBC then reports on their attempt to film Aurora at Groom Lake on early Thursday morning when the skyquakes have happened previously. They don't film the Aurora, but something that "defies the laws of physics and is like a flying saucer." NBC stated this on a national Network News. I consider this the first official establishment recognition that flying saucers are real and this date is therefore an historical date: April 20th, 1992." Would Awareness comment on that? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this is indeed significant and that it is as close to an official acknowledgment as has ever been given up to this time, that UFOs or flying saucers are real. This Awareness indicates that as it is referring to the area of Groom Lake or Area 51, the reference is also confirmation of information given by Bob Lazar and others regarding the experiments and testing that has gone on in this area. This Awareness indicates that it appears to be quite significant that this would be announced on television and suggests that there is perhaps a gradual turning toward more release of information in this field of secrecy or that has in the past been considered as high priority secrecy. UFO DOG FIGHT RELEASED ON TV QUESTION: In a related manner, G.M. in New Jersey, on June 8th, writes: "On June 5th the TV program 'Hard Copy' broadcast a just-released NASA footage taken by an astronaut on the last shuttle mission of a UFO. From the shuttle window, the UFO moved at a sharp 90 degree angle, and accelerated away from the Earth. While it was leaving, what looked like an energy beam was obviously directed at the craft's just left position. The beam came from the ground. The TV analysis left do doubt it was an alien craft and that it was attacked. Which aliens piloted the fleeing ship? Was the attack Earth/USA originated, or from aliens on the Earth? That this was released by NASA indicates, I believe, that we are very near the long-expected revelation of aliens by the government." Can Awareness comment and add details? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears the secrecy surrounding UFOs is becoming more fragile and that the release of information is becoming imminent. It is only a matter of time. This Awareness indicates that these events or incidents are not by accident or without planning. It was intentionally offered and it appears that gradual continued release of similar type in regard to UFO information can be expected from time to time during the future until a clear statement is given regarding these craft and their purposes on Earth. This Awareness indicates that It sees this as coming when it will be to the greatest advantage of those presenting such information. This Awareness indicates that It sees such a time as possibly occurring before the elections, or if not at that time, prior to June of '93; that there could be other delays before such information is released. It does not appear that any absolute release date has been chosen for the disclosure of UFO presence on Earth but it does appear that there has been a realization that information should be released to the public under certain conditions, when proper. This Awareness suggests that it may still be deemed proper to release the information prior to election as the "October Surprise" that Bush has alluded to in the past; that it will be implemented only if Bush and his associates feel that such a release of information would help his re- election. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: The TV tabloid "Hard Copy" reran that bit recently, and I taped it and it definitely did show an object as described in his letter that shot off at an angle, and immediately, as it did this, a missile of some sort was fired and you could track it, and it just missed the UFO. Could Awareness explain who that was that was firing and what the nature of the UFO was that they were firing at? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this appears to be related to certain forces and having to do with the interference with the launch which included certain military concerns. It appears the launch of the satellite carried some military experiments along with the astronauts and that these were being monitored by those who are referred to as the Greys, because the military payload had some connection with the Star Wars program, which is really designed for the defense against alien invasion as its true purpose, and the Greys sought to interfere with the launch while certain military forces sought to protect the launch, and thus, the confrontation and missile firing which helped to ward off the interference while the launch was put into orbit. This Awareness indicates there appears to be more information surrounding this but the information does not come clear at this time and therefore, to say more would be reaching. It is likened unto reaching into fog trying to grasp something tangible. The energies are not tangible and clear on this to make any further statements will be risking error. CAN REPTOIDS TIME-TRAVEL AND ALTER HISTORY? QUESTION: A question from J.K., Hartford, Connecticut: "Is it possible for the Greys and Reptoids to travel back through time and manipulate events at key points or junctures in time or is the past in some way not easily altered?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that there appears to be a certain set of principles in regard to time-travel that allows for some alteration of the past to occur by time travelers from the future moving back into those energies of the past; however, it appears that these conditions allow only minor alterations which cannot affect historically the line of history in a sense that it moves or changes societies. It appears it can only alter in minor ways, perhaps the lives of certain individuals, so long as those individual lives are not key to the historical direction of the culture. This Awareness indicates that normally, the manipulation of the future by traveling back in time is not effective except in very limited and minor ways. It can be affected to change things for individuals when those changes do not affect the historical culture or the direction of a culture. This Awareness indicates it is not so much that there is some kind of physical or natural law guiding this, or enforcing this as a principle, it is more that the energies involved would be too great to move by an entity moving back in time. That even using the Law of Leverage, wherein an entity affects time at a crucial moment, giving energy so that he or she could turn history by a word or two this does not appear to be as easily done as it might seem, if history had not already been written. One can, in present time, with a word or two, alter the direction of energies to create a new direction for the future, but if that history line has already been written, to go back and change by adding a word here or there at critical times requires much greater amounts of energy to undo the already written history, than it would, had there been no history written at all. QUESTION: Another question by J.K. "Does Awareness ever tune into the technology of the aliens to see which way energies and consciousness seem to be moving? For example, the foreseen Spring 1993 California earthquake. Do the Greys have this already recorded and seen as done, as history, somewhere aboard a ship's computer, or would this be like tuning in to a frequency of a low vibration that does not encompass higher and more universal purposes? Can this ever be useful? I find the idea of this type of time travel fascinating." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the concept of creating a fixed future based on plans that are set in motion as that which has a certain limitation. One can create a plan and put the plan in motion and the energies in motion carry momentum, which help to bring about the outcome based on that plan, but to think of this as already having occurred because of some preordained fate is incorrect. Even if the plan had been well thought out and well energized and put into motion, it is still possible for events, energies and other plans in the future to be brought to bear as influences on those original plans and energies and to defuse or deflect or alter the planned outcome. This Awareness indicates in other words, the future is not fixed. The future may be influenced by plans and energies, but it is not absolute, for if there is any possibility of new energies being brought to bear, then these plans can be altered. This Awareness indicates this relates to the Law of Momentum; the Law of Inertia, where energy is in movement, it continues to stay in movement, even if it is a plan being promoted, until some other energy comes to bear to deflect, to alter that movement. It is related to the Newtonian Law of Inertia. WAS NOSTRADAMUS INFLUENCED BY ALIENS? QUESTION: One other question by J.K. "To what degree does Awareness see Nostradamus as influenced by the aliens? It is said he saw a severe quake for the West Coast in May, 1993." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the entity appears to have been influenced more by numerology and astrology and many of his predictions were the result of his particular version of numerology. The entity saw these numbers as relating to forces in motion and from these times, indicated by years and dates, he saw certain forces emerging during those times and would also use astrological interpretations for the times indicated, to help define what he considered to be events of the future. This Awareness indicates there was also an element of his own prophetic psyche involved wherein he had mastered the ability to project his consciousness into times of the future. It has of course required of him great sensitivity, a great deal of imagination, well controlled imagination, based on obvious and probable projections of future developments. This Awareness indicates that he could never be absolutely precise in making his predictions, and therefore, stayed within certain poetic and symbolic format for the expressions and thus, his predictions have a greater chance of accuracy when one is more general and vague, than if one became too specific. WALTER KRONKITE'S ABDUCTION EXPERIENCE (Did He Override His Implant?) QUESTION: J.G. sent in a question and a reprint of a story that appeared in "Confidential Reporter," December, 1991 which I'll read some of and then ask his questions. It's titled: "Walter Cronkite's Close Encounter." "Walter Cronkite, grand old man of the evening news and long time anchorman for CBS news, now finds himself in the news, much against his will. Close friends of Cronkite admit that he has become a member of the space age with a bang! Walter, they say, has had a close encounter of the third kind, that is, face to face with aliens. Walter told close friends that he was seated on his veranda with an aperitif, waiting for dinner. Suddenly the house and grounds were severely shaken. Cronkite felt himself passing out, and thought he was having a heart attack. Here's how the veteran newsman described the event to a close friend. "I came to," he says, "stretched out on something like an examination table, in a round, metallic room, perhaps 20 feet across. I tried to move, but was unable to. Several beings surrounded me -- humanoid, I would say, but fuzzy, indistinct. They seemed to be fading in and out. I couldn't see them clearly. It wasn't my vision, because everything else was clear. I was mainly conscious of large, searching eyes. For the next couple of hours, he said his mind was filled with events from his own past, and from many of the major news events he had covered over the years. "I think they were conjuring it all up and recording it in some way," Cronkite said. Walter's friend continued with more bits and pieces of their conversation. "Every so often, I get a powerful urge to go on the air with statements to the effect that the aliens are peaceful, law-abiding beings, who only mean us well, and can be very beneficial to us. But I don't KNOW anything, and I'm resisting every effort to become an apologist or propagandist for them. I'm in therapy. In the first place I want to know that I'm sane, and didn't hallucinate all this. In the second place, if it DID really happen, I want to know if I'm the victim of post hypnotic suggestion to 'prepare the way' for these-- whatever they are. I've never believed in UFOs, but now I have a great deal of indecision on the matter. I may be a great disappointment to them, but I am NOT going before the cameras to tell the world that they are our loving friends. Leave out the "r", and they could be fiends." The fact remains that for four hours, Cronkite was missing. Anxious calls were made to the police. The grounds were searched. He was later found by the housekeeper peacefully sleeping in the chair on the veranda. "I swear he wasn't there before. That was one of the first places I looked. I'm ready to take a lie detector test and swear that Mr. C was not on the property," she says. Cronkite had every hope of keeping his experience a secret for fear of damage to his credibility, but secrets have a way of being found out. Walter's extraterrestrial experience may seem unbelievable to him, but many claim to have had similar experiences. And it will come as a relief that at last someone with unimpeachable credentials has had a close encounter as well, That was the gist of the article, and he asks: "Some years ago we were informed that Walter Cronkite was replaced by a Robotoid or synthetic, either by Dr. Beter or CAC, I don't remember. Anyway, if this is so, then I'd like to know if he had an implant, and if he was able to break the effect of the implant, telling him what to do. The question is then: Is some one who has been implanted capable of overriding the compulsion, and coming through that implant? It looks like Cronkite did just that. Please ask Awareness as I'm sure others would be interested in the answer." COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it appears the entity was given an implant but that the main purpose for the encounter was to siphon off the information the entity contained within his consciousness. This information was an accumulation of many years of Earth history and was seen as valuable to these beings, FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: To extract a lifetime's worth of information out of his head in four hours, they must have some very sophisticated equipment or something to do that, do they not? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness reminds you, however, that this technology is not unique to the aliens; that in the creation of Robotoids and synthetics it was also used, whereby an entity's consciousness could be extracted and put into the double for that entity, allowing the double to remember everything the entity also knew. This Awareness reminds you that Dr. Beter spoke of this and this Awareness discussed this information approximately 10 to 12 years ago. HOW COME A ROMAN SOLIDER FELL FROM SKY? (Why It Sometimes "Rains Cats and Dogs") QUESTION: J.D. in Vermont asks: "It is well-documented among anomalous phenomena that in recent times a frozen, fully uniformed Roman soldier fell out of the sky. How did that come about?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that this appears to be an example of a kind of time traveling incident in which beings moving back in time abducted this entity, had the entity in deep freeze and released the entity during a time of momentarily attuning to this time period. This Awareness indicates it appears that the craft in progress, moved on toward another time period and what was left was the soldier in this time and space, and the craft moved on into a different time and space. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: That incident must be very unique. This sort of thing probably rarely happens? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that it is unheard of, perhaps, except once in a lifetime. It is extremely rare. There have, however, been reports of unusual occurrences of similar events; the entity Charles Fort spent his lifetime gathering such unusual reports in which animals would tall from the sky, and whereby there appears to be no rational explanation. Frogs, cats, even dogs would fall from the sky during certain rainstorms or during certain times when unusual phenomena occurred. It was from this type of event that the phrase "raining cats and dogs" came about. These events were at the time witnessed by prominent people and printed in newspapers of the time. Those who wish to research the works of Charles Fort will find many similar and very unusual stories. THE RIFE GENERATOR AND THE HIV PROBLEM QUESTION: Another question from J.D. "Of all the alternate treatments for serial converting HIV plus patients -- homeopathic, Rife frequency generator, etc., -- which are the most effective?" COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates the Rife treatment appears to be quite effective. There is also another treatment that appears effective in terms of the reduction of the virus involved, having to do with creating high oxygen content in the bloodstream; this through various means. In some instances entities have used hydrogen peroxide, which can itself become a dangerous activity, or EQ02, which is less dangerous but equally effective. There also are other methods for increasing the oxygen content in the blood including the use of ozone. There s also a substance called Natrearth. It is a black earth substance, mostly mineral, that entities have used in the treatment of so-called incurable diseases, ranging from diabetes and cancer to AIDS, and many entitles have had good results and cure. This Awareness indicates that there is also certain benefits from the K- Lonic substance, that helps to remove toxins from the system and in the removal of toxins, strengthens the immune system. This Awareness indicates also homeopathic medicine can be effective to some degree. This Awareness indicates that the Rife and the Radionics type treatments work with vibrations and attune to the vibration to counter the frequency of the disease. All things have their own frequency, including various diseases, and by creating a frequency that is in opposition to or counter to a frequency of a disease, one can diminish the effects of that frequency of the disease. This is the principle behind the Rife and also behind radionics treatments. All of these things are likely to meet opposition by the medical profession, particularly by the FDA which sees them as unproven and which rightfully classifies them as unproven because they have not been proven to the satisfaction of the FDA, since testimony is not a scientifically proven element of evidence. This Awareness indicates that the testimony of individuals is an evidence, but is not classed as the kind of evidence necessary to satisfy FDA requirements, and since the FDA was particularly created for the promotion and assessment of pharmaceutical drugs, it is not likely to approve of any of the alternative healing techniques that cannot or have not been evaluated by the FDA. FDA testing can cost millions of dollars and many of the efforts to test various healing techniques will go untested because of the formidable cost as well as other factors; therefore, many alternative and new methods of healing will not be legal by FDA standards. Support the Hatch Bill in Congress This Awareness indicates the entity Warren Hatch has recently introduced a Bill that would allow individuals to select for themselves, without interference of government or government agencies, the type of healing technique or method that they wish to choose. It is likened unto a freedom of choice in the field of medicine. It is of course being fought by pharmaceutical companies and allopathic medicine, but the fact that it is a Bill and entities have the opportunity to write and promote that Bill is, in itself, a very unique opportunity for those who seek freedom of choice in medical selections. THE FREQUENCIES OF VARIOUS IMPLANTS: WHY AWARENESS CAN'T PROVIDE THIS INFO QUESTION: E M. sent in some questions back in December that had some technical information in them and I answered his letter, stating that it was difficult for the Interpreter, without having previous knowledge in those areas to get a sufficient answer, so I'm going to read a little bit of his letter and see if possible Awareness, through this Interpreter, can give this information. He writes: "Guys, you never replied to my letter of last December, and the questions have not shown up in the newsletter in any form. The only inkling of a reply was a statement that you don't ask Awareness any technical questions. Edgar Cayce gave people detailed plans for the construction of healing devices, etc. The questions I asked were of common knowledge. Everyone knows what a frequency is, (light, sound, radio, heat, etc.) and anyone in the U.S. knows there is AM or FM transmissions on their radio. So, the Interpreter would have little trouble figuring out the numbers and symbols given. If you would ask the questions. I am in a public position, and would very much like to have just a little help to balance off the mass technical juggernaut I personally, and we, en mass are all facing. Please get this information out quickly, for physical self protection purposes to adjunct the Spiritual Protections, before (hope not) you are forced maybe to shut down. This information I am asking for could be very lifesaving important at a future date. What I am asking in the technical parts of my questions is as simple as repeating numbers, which the Interpreter does all the time in the writings of the newsletter. It is as simple as asking: "What is the number of cycles per second (frequency or frequency bands) of the transmitting and receiving waves used to communicate with implants? Are these communications in AM, FM, single sideband, burst, or some other mode? Please describe. Is there any electrical, optical or other emanations that are given off by clones, Robotoids, or synthetics that could be picked up by a receiving device that would distinguish them from humans? And if so, what would the number of cycles per second (frequency or frequency band) of these emanations be? Are there any special things that need to be taken into consideration to accomplish reception of any of the above?" Does Awareness see that these questions can be answered? COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that the information as that which is of a nature that does not come clearly in that the frequencies of electronics are those which are either available with the particular items being discussed, where by each electronic instrument carries its own peculiarity, its own design, and not all of these are of a standard and therefore, to attempt to standardize something which is not made by common standards would be to provide erroneous information. This Awareness indicates there are different kinds of implants at different frequencies and the frequencies vary from different cultures and their own peculiar use of electronics in those frequencies. It is not possible to give a standard answer for all types of frequencies used in these electronic devices. It would be to the advantage of this entity, if seeking information, to research what information is available in terms of the diodes, the frequencies the implants, beginning perhaps with those use in tracking animals which might lead to finding further areas relating to the tracking of humans through implants. It appears there were some articles written in this regard during the last decade, and during the last few years and also in the UFO literature, which appear not so much to have focused on the frequencies used in the implants, but on the technology used in the implants and the changes that were occurring in the field. The entity might gain information that would allow him to contact people who work on these things through names listed in the articles, and thus perhaps gain particular information on their own particular implant work, including frequencies involved and how these frequencies are used. HOW TO OPERATE A RADIONICS 'BLACK BOX' FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: In one of his questions, I recall that he described the movie "They Live" and all of the various ways that the public was being deceived by these entities, and he was focusing on the possibility that with the Robotoids and synthetics and doubles and all of these implants, that it would possible to construct some simple method so entities could see these entities around them. COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness indicates that there might be some electronic means whereby measurements could be obtained in terms of electronic frequency that would allow discrimination between one type of entity and another. This Awareness indicates that the field of radionics essentially does this kind of thing. The entity seeking to attune to another's vibration, uses a kind of drum with powder and moves the fingers around on this until they stick, while at the same time turning a knob which changes frequency on the machine and when the fingers stick, the frequency at a certain level is assumed to be the frequency of the person or individual the operator is attuned to. Once you have that frequency, then you set the dials to that entity's frequency and begin to do readings on the entity in terms of frequencies associated with illness or other concerns. You could use the same method for finding the frequency in a diode or implant that the entity may have within himself, or if the entity is a synthetic or Robotoid or non-human type, you might use this method for finding what frequency this entity is and thus, gain some understanding of the frequency level associated with synthetics. The only problem is you would have to know for sure the entity is a synthetic and there would need to be a great enough difference between most entities and synthetics that there would always be a standard level for synthetics shown by the vibration or frequency so that you could distinguish this entity is a synthetic because his vibrations are those that match other synthetics that we have tested. This Awareness indicates that it would require many years of research unless it has already been done and you would also need to have a control group of synthetics to measure and compare with a control group of real humans to determine if there is indeed a difference in the vibration and how much difference and if it is always present in synthetics and if the human vibrations never extend into the same areas as the synthetics. This Awareness indicates that it is an area which would require considerable commitment and long-term research and probably quite a large amount of time and money. A MAGIC WAND IS NEEDED CLOSING MESSAGE: This Awareness indicates that there are often things that on the surface would appear to be simple and one would like to see made manifest. For example, it would be nice to have a magic wand, whereby an entity could lift an automobile to change tires without having to jack it up. This Awareness indicates it would be nice to have a kind of magic wand whereby entities could wave it and have new clothing without having to change. Entities might say: "Can this be done?" This Awareness indicates anything of this nature can be done if entities understand all there is to know about creation and that all creation is the result of imagination, and if they have the ability to image clearly and hold that image with such vigor as to manifest, but then entities will ask: "How do you do that?" And this Awareness will have to say: "You just do it. You cannot understand how." The "how" of things does not get involved in the magic, but it is almost impossible for entities to do something without understanding how, because the brain, the mind, the rational mind wants everything laid out step by step so that it can follow logically, and if it does not follow logically, it cannot believe it with the strength necessary to cause it to come about. This Awareness indicates that there are entities who want to time travel. There are entities who want to regain their youth. They would like to rejuvenate. They would like to live longer lives with much healthier bodies. Any thing that entities can imagine, it seems that they believe it should be made possible for them. "I Want Spirituality and I Want it NOW!" This Awareness indicates one entity wrote that he wanted spirituality and wanted it now and did not want to work for it or have to do anything for it, and wanted this Awareness to give it to him, to let him be totally spiritual in the most absolute way. This Awareness could not fulfill the entity's wish because spirituality is not something that this Awareness can simply bestow. One has to develop spirituality, and if this entity was so anxious to have it now, he was not willing to work for it, then he was not ready to receive it. This Awareness indicates that this appears to be a problem for humanity at this time. Entities are anxious to effect miracles without dealing with the energies that are required for that effect to occur, and they want something bestowed on them without earning it, without working for it, without going for it. They are willing to hold up their hands to receive and in many cases that is the limit of their willingness. They are ready to receive; they are not ready to go out and act and do and behave in such a manner as to earn what is needed in satisfying their lives and bequests. What Awareness Can and Cannot Do For You This Awareness indicates that much to the dismay of these entities this Awareness wishes to inform you that you have to do it yourself. This Awareness can only direct and only give some hints and suggestions; It cannot bestow your needs, your desires in the way you would like. This Awareness can bless you and can send energies to you for your needs, for your healing, for your enjoyments, but you have to do whatever you can to help use those energies to bring about the manifestation of your request. This Awareness indicates there is more to life than simply wanting and getting. There is also the act of earning and working toward what you want and there is also the responsibility that is earned along the way which may be the greater gift when you sum up the entire journey. This Awareness suggests that those who learn to be responsible for their own needs also begin to take on responsibilities for others and to help share with others what they learn so that others can learn to take responsibility for themselves, and in this way, more and more entities begin to gain the power of their own creation, of their own world, and the self-empowerment allows them to move toward that which may be termed their own Godhead. (End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is Given.) BE ALERT FOR THIS POSSIBLE SCENARIO ED's NOTE: The readings in this particular newsletter were given in October and November, for the most part, and on the whole sound rather optimistic. However, as you know, Awareness does not tell us everything It sees for to do so could possibly energize what is seen, particularly if the energies are negative ones. However, in the December readings, which are not yet transcribed, we did ask more questions about the New World Order and other negative scenarios. In several cases Awareness stated that just did not wish to get into those areas again, that It has given the scenarios and entities should review them, particularly the "Hot August Night" scenario. It stated it did not wish to draw more attention to CAC or the Interpreter regarding these matters, that this could put those involved in grave jeopardy. The questions asked regarded U.N .troops spotted in encampments in the mountains of Montana and Idaho and possibly in Arizona, these number about 20,000, and spotted by deer hunters and other locals. They have been encamped since late summer, which makes us feel that these may be the troops that Bush would call in had the "Hot August Night" scenario not been exposed. Since Awareness has advised us that this scenario has only been "postponed" and could manifest in various ways, the end result would be the same: to find an excuse to bring in U.N. troops, suspend the Constitution and declare a national emergency, whereby the U.N. troops could then invade American homes at will, confiscate firearms, printing presses, fax machines, computers etc. in order to stifle the flow of information. Although we did not know of the following information in December in time to follow-up on it, I will pass this on to you anyway. We have heard from a very reliable source that the Federal Reserve Bank (which is owned by eight families, mostly foreign), has secretly planned to audit the banks in the U.S. and immediately shut down all of them which do not have the legal percentage of cash on hand compared to their moneys loaned. It used to be a bank had to have ten cents cash on hand for every dollar loaned out, the minimum is now three cents. It is estimated that 90 percent of the banks do not have this three cents for every dollar loaned out and they could be shut down. If and when you would get your money back from these banks is not known. The real purpose for shutting down these banks is to create rioting and anarchy, particularly in those neighborhoods where blacks and other economically deprived entities live. If the banks should be closed, it would not be long, in all probability, that the supermarkets, etc. would be broken into and raided, plus other stores and anarchy would reign. Since Bush has found a clever method to ship our first alert combat troops out of the U.S., it would seem appropriate to call in U.N. troops to stifle the rioting, which would be happening all over the country. There are at least 20,000 UN troops secretly stationed in various part of the U.S. at this moment, and there may be more. If you review the "Hot August Night" scenario in issue 92-12, you can figure out without further word from Awareness what could be coming down, should this latest rumor be true. Shutting down the banks, which in turn would probably create a stock market crash and panic is one of the scenarios the conspirators have waiting in the darkness. If it should happen soon (the first date leaked is Sunday, December 20, but this is not for certain for this banking scenario could be used at any time if the timing is right), if Bush declares a 'national emergency' and invokes the executive orders already in effect, then it is possible he could remain president (perish the thought!). Anyway, please keep this banking scenario in mind as an extension of the "Hot August Night" scheme, for it could be activated at any time. In the meantime we plan to question Awareness in January to see if there is any substance to the story leaked, and we suggest that those of you with any large amounts of money in bank accounts (savings or checking) that you contact your bank and have them produce the information on their cash on hand to dollars lent out, and if the ratio is not in their favor, remove your money out in cash and place it elsewhere. (Personally, I would suggest gold -- Kruggerrands or U.S.. Eagles, etc. These can be easily converted to cash. Also, safety deposit boxes in these banks that could be closed down should be emptied and vacated, should you have one. END OF ISSUE ---------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Get Electronic Copies of "Revelations of Awareness" by EMail: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- At this time, subscriptions are not available via the net. 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