Date: 04 Apr 94 03:20:30 To: All Subject: April 1994 _Acts + Facts_ The April issue of the

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Date: 04 Apr 94 03:20:30 From: James J. Lippard To: All Subject: April 1994 _Acts & Facts_ From: (James J. Lippard) Organization: University of Arizona The April issue of the Institute for Creation Research's _Acts & Facts_ arrived a couple days ago. Here are the highlights: 1. A report on Duane Gish's visit to Bolivia at the end of February. Gish appeared on television and radio and lectured at several universities, before businessmen, and at churches. 2. A report on the impact of the ICR "museum" and recent media attention from the SF Chronicle, LA Times, BBC Radio, CNN, a French PBS production team, and Details magazine. The Details article is scheduled to appear in May--the article is about anti-homosexual organizations. The ICR Museum has begun having rotating exhibits. The first was "Creation, Evolution, and Abortion," which concluded March 31. The next one is "Creation, Evolution, and Environmentalism" which will run from April 15 to June 30. 3. The ICR Radio Log for "Science, Scripture, and Salvation" says that a new magazine format has been adopted, beginning with the April 23 show. This means there will be multiple presenters giving shorter pieces. The first new show features creationist sleazebag Kent Hovind on "a Biblical history of the dinosaurs" plus John Morris and Ken Ham on other aspects of dinosaurs. 4. John Morris has published a new children's book on Noah's Ark, titled _Noah's Ark and the Ararat Adventure_, a revised edition of his earlier _Noah's Ark and the Lost World_. The new edition includes a debunking of the Fasold/Wyatt rock formation. 5. _Back to Genesis_ features an article by William A. Hoesch (described as having "an M.S. degree in geology," probably from the ICR Graduate School (or else they would have named the institution) on "The Hyper- Environmentalists." The article is about man's place in nature, environmentalists being "earth worshipers," and casts doubt on environmental dangers such as global warming. 6. The back page of _Back to Genesis_ features "Do Peppered Moths Prove Evolution?" by John Morris, to which he gives the answer "no." 7. _Impact_ No. 250, by Duane Gish, is titled "When is a Whale a Whale?" and is a response to the recent discovery of _Ambulocetus_. Gish claims that it's a wolf-like carnivore, not a whale, and he also says that it is younger than _Pakicetus_, the oldest cetacean. Jim Lippard Lippard@CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU Dept. of Philosophy Lippard@ARIZVMS.BITNET University of Arizona Tucson, AZ 85721


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