Back Page: summer 1993 do not debate the inerrancy issue in order to educate my opponents,

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Back Page: summer 1993 do not debate the inerrancy issue in order to educate my opponents, because their minds are almost always anesthetized to reason and logic. I debate them in hopes of reaching some in the audiences whose minds are still open to honest inquiry. If you are so certain that the truth is on your side, should you not consider my proposal as an oppor tunity not to reach me but to reach some in the audience who are not presently believers in Bible inerrancy but whose minds might still be open to the "many infallible proofs of the truth of Scripture," which you referred to in your letter? Viewed in this way, wouldn't a debate serve some "useful purpose"? Shouldn't you also consider the students at your seminary? I suppose that they are taught in their classes that the Bible is the inerrant "word of God," but you surely know that when they leave they will be exposed to other opinions of the scriptures. If while they are yet students, you should demonstrate to them in public debate that my position is completely absurd, which you could surely do if there are indeed "many infallible proofs of the truth of Scripture," would you not be strengthening their faith and preparing them for what they will encounter after they leave the seminary? Viewed in this way, wouldn't a debate serve some "useful purpose"? I trust that you were sincere when you said that you would happily accept my debate proposal if it would serve "any useful purpose." I have indicated to you at least two useful purposes that a debate would have, so I hope to receive an acceptance from you by return mail. Farrell Till ******************************** ET TU, McDOWELL? A letter similar to the one written to Archer was also sent to Josh McDowell, suggesting that a public forum on the issue of biblical inerrancy would be a practical way for an inerrantist of his reputation to demonstrate that his position is as sound as he claims. As this issue goes to press, McDowell has not acknowledged the challenge, which was mailed to him early in February. Could it be that McDowell isn't nearly as confident of his posi- tion as he appears to be in the books that he writes primarily for partisan audiences? ************************************ MYTH... prophesied in the Old Testament, we will publish his article simultaneously with ourresponse. I am going to prophesy that this will never happen. *********************************** DOBBS-TILL DEBATE As this issue of TSR is making its way to you through the slow process of bulk mail, editor Farrell Till will be on his way to Portland, Texas, for a debate on the issue of prophecy fulfillment. His opponent will be H. A. "Buster" Dobbs, editor of The Firm Foundation, a monthly fundamentalist publication from which we reprinted Clarence Lavender's article "Was It Moral- ly Right for God to Order the Killing of the Canaanites" (Winter 1993, pp. 6- 7). Mr. Dobbs is reputed to be one of the ablest debaters in the Church of Christ. He will affirm that fulfillments of Old Testament prophecies prove that Jesus of Nazareth was the son of God. Till will affirm that New Testa- ment claims of prophecy fulfillment in the person and deeds of Jesus of Nazareth were fabrications or misrepresentations of Old Testament Scriptures. 1 Scheduled for May 23-26, 1993, as part of the Gulf Coast Lectureship spon- sored by the Portland Church of Christ, the debate will consist of four two- hour sessions. All four sessions will be recorded on both audio and video tapes. For information on cost and distribution, interested readers should contact Thomas Gardner, 441 Souder, Hurst, TX 76111 (Tel. 817-282-2745). ********************************************** COMPUTER DISKS All articles that have been published in TSR can be copied to 5" or 3" disks in either Wordstar, WordPerfect, or ASCII format. Send one high density or two double density disks (formatted) and $1 for postage. ******************************** FREE SUBSCRIPTION: A free one-year subscription to The Skeptical Review can be obtained by writing to P. O. Box 617, Canton, IL 61520-0617. 2


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