** We are in serious NEED of Submissions; give us a try! *** ** Eager to work with New Aut

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** We are in serious NEED of Submissions; give us a try! *** ** Eager to work with New Authors and Inveterates; *** RUNE'S RAG: An Electronic Magazine -- Filled Full from Finest ~~~~~~ ~~~ Fantastic Fiction -- Fantasy, SF, Poetry and more. RUNE'S RAG, % Rick Arnold, Managing Editor P.O. Box 243, Greenville, PA 16125-0243. Phone: 1-412-LUV-RUNE, (DATA, to 14.4B @ WRITERS BIZ BBS) GUIDELINES: ---------- 97.6933% freelance written. A monthly international electronic magazine (save your tree), publishing the best in fiction, sf, nonfiction, Poe_try, satire, reviews, religion, interviews, humor noire, fantasy, essay, (virtually anything relevant to our readers). Bio given. Publishes within 3 months of acceptance. Reports in 2-6 weeks on queries. Takes first North American Serial Rights, if an unpublished work, REPRINT rights, or One Time Rights. Negotiaties for additional rights as needed. Pays 90 days after publication, or sooner. We can potentially reach apx 20 Million readers - go figure. PAYMENT: $2.00 honorarium per article for over 1,000 words. ------- LENGTH: 1000-30,000 words prefer 2,000 to 5,000 words; will publish works over 30,000 words, and UNDER 1,000 words. Larger works will be serialized, or arrangements will be made to produce and publish the work in Electronic Book form. We do not pay for poetry at this time, but should start soon -- we have a dedicated poetry section. SUPPORT Authors and the ARTS -- Subscribe to RUNE'S RAG!!! TIPS: Send your ms(s) by MODEM, FIRST Preference, to: Fido Address, 1:2601/522, File Attach, or upload file to Sysop at WRITERS BIZ BBS, Phone: 412-588-7863 (LUV-RUNE). Fax should be same, try it. Second Preference, Mail: DOS Disks: 360, 720, 1.2, 1.4 unarced and uncompressed format, *PURE ASCII* text *PLEASE*. Place a minimum of two copies on the disk. On one copy, use your initials as the file name extension. LEAST PREFERRED medium: Paper, if near 1,000 words -- it'll be considered -- we hate data entry, but grudgingly DO IT! ****************************************************************** **SEND/INCLUDE a *SASE* or you WILL NOT receive your honorarium.** Please provide BBS & Fido number for NetMail, or E-Mail address, home phone, and Postal Address -- REPRINT requests from print pubs are possible, we need to find you. All ms(s) received will be considered Disposable -- for return include SUFFICIENT POSTAGE. ******************************************************************* LAYOUT: Standard submission format: FLUSH LEFT margin, Ragged Right, with 65 column Right Margin, blank line between paragraphs, spell checked, EDITED, and *PROOF READ*, yes Proof Read by YOU! Pure ASCII ONLY, please. We do virtually no editing to your ms, except for layout into the e-mag to fit format needs. PURE ASCII text please. RIGHTS: COPYRIGHT of each separate contributing article is held apart from the collective work as a whole, and vests initially to the author of the contributed article. The copyright holder of the collective work, RUNE'S RAG, acquires the right of reproducing and distributing the contributed article, as part of the collective, any revision of that collective work, and any collective work in the same series. FURTHER, ONE TIME anthology rights are acquired on all published manuscripts, but will not necessarily be exercised; if exercised, the copyright owner may, but not necessarily, receive further compensation. IN OTHER WORDS: The Authors retain copyright to their work! And have only released RIGHTS for publication in RUNE'S RAG, not ownership. Submit: the worst thing to happen -- . . . ? You may get published. RUNE'S RAG will attempt to remain a vehicle for new authors to demonstrate their works to their most valued critic -- the Reader. A semi-annual or annual may be produced in electronic and/or hardcopy. The "Best of" will be marketed, and proceeds applied to continuation of this publication and payment to authors. We hope to remain advertisement free -- but are wondering! RUNE'S RAG is released into as many bit streams as possible!!! ********************************************************* We are LOOKING for NOVEL LENGTH works for electronic publication -- paying well above print rates -- INQUIRE. ----------------------------- Also looking for ms of 5,000 to 30,000 words for inclusion in various thematic electronic ANTHOLOGIES -- INQUIRE: ********************************************************* Netmail, e-mail to: Rick Arnold, Fido (1:2601/522); or CompuServe: 75537,1415; Internet: rick.arnold@f522.n2601.z1.fidonet.org; or Internet: 75337.1415@compuserve.com (**NOTE: period in CIS address) ------------------------------------------------------------------- RUNE'S RAG: member of EPubNet, which supports Electronic Publishing More information on EPubNet - contact: Rick Arnold @ (1:2601/522) 412-588-7863; N.L. Hargrove @ (1:317/317) 505-865-8385; Tom Almy @ (1:105/290) 503-620-0307; or Dave Bealer (1:261/1129) 410-437-3463; Download or FREQ: EPUBINFO.ZIP & EPKIT01.ZIP, may be .ARJ extension. ====================================================================


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