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From: bls@sector7g.Eng.Sun.COM (Brian Scearce) Newsgroups: alt.folklore.urban Subject: Re: I did the mash Date: 8 Nov 93 17:44:59 GMT In article linden@positive.Eng.Sun.COM (Peter van der Linden) writes: >MONSTER EATS KILLED BY COMMENTS >vampire blood stake through heart afraid of garlic & cross > its image doesn't show in mirror > can shape-shift into bat, etc. The vampire myth is widespread, and details vary from place to place. Here's a handy list, courtesy of Cecil Adams' _The Straight Dope_: --- clip and save --- VAMPIRE DISPOSAL METHODS, BY COUNTRY OF ORIGIN SPECIES COUNTRY APPROVED METHOD OF DISPOSAL Sampiro Albania Stake through heart Nachtzehrer Bavaria Place coin in mouth, decapitate with ax Ogoljen Bohemia Bury at crossroads Krvoijac Bulgaria Chain to grave with wild roses Kathakano Crete Boil head in vinegar Brukulaco Greece Cut off and burn head Vampir Hungary Stake through heart, nail through temple Dearg-dul Ireland Pile stones on grave Vryolakas Macedonia Pour boiling oil on, drive nail through navel Upier Poland Bury face downwards Gierach Prussia Put poppy seeds in grave Strigoiul Rumania Remove heart, cut in two; garlic in mouth, nail in headVlkoslak Serbia Cut off toes, drive nail through neck Neuntoter Saxony Lemon in mouth Vampiro Spain No known remedy --- clip and save --- Keep a copy of this in your wallet (I do). When confronted with a suspected vampire, ask to see his passport (if it shows a birthdate in the eighteenth century, so much the better). Cross reference the place of birth with the chart. Wait until the daylight, when the vampire is dormant, and take him out with the suggested method. BEFORE STARTING THIS OR ANY OTHER VAMPIRE ERADICATION PROGRAM, CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR. Brian "van Helsing" Scearce -- Brian Scearce The above does not necessarily represent Sun policy. It's not Beavis and Butthead's fault that their viewers are as stupid as they are.


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