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Msg # 371 Date: 01 Jun 92 18:55:52 From: The Sage To: All Subj: Wicca Parts 1 & 2 ____________________________________________________________________________ [cross-posted from NEW_AGE_ECHO] [originally posted on 1:3800/17] Here's a small list of things taken from other RELIGIONS and then twisted to attempt to force the followers of those RELIGIONS to follow the dogma of Christianity.... : From the Celts (these are but a very few of a very many) : The Easter Egg - rites of Eostre, symbolic of Spring rebirth The May Pole - an innocent looking dance with brightly colored ribbons around a pole thrusting from the ground. what it truely is\was is a very sexual sensual dance of love sex lust. the pole is a phallic symbol of the male member thrust into the earth mother...there is deeper meaning than that, but thanks to Christianity's warping of the "truth" it's hard to find information about it, and I know very little about it... Halloweem (Samhain) - is the night of the "thin veil" where the "curtain" between worlds is it's thinnest, and the spirits of the dead are supposed to's also called Ancestor Night, where the ancestors ere honored for their memory.... Cinco de Mayo (Fifth of May) - is a Spanish festival which is really just a change of date for Beltaine...the Spaniards were Celtic before Rome thrust Christianity upon them... The Grail - from Bran's cauldron......I've nae found many tales of this, because the bookstores here (Southeast GA) are far from decent...too many christian watchdogs who won't allow anything that contradicts or disproves any aspect of Christianity... From the Norse : Days of the week - Thursday (Thor's Day), Wednesday (Wod's (Odhinn) Day), Tuesday (Tiw's Day), Friday (Freya's Day) the Yule log - burned in a rite of Thor...the meaning is partialy lost as a result of being so vehemently integrated, and then the "converting" of the "barbarians"...the "Converts" were "converted" by the sword or the purse (the purse bought the sword) The Heart symbol - Is a sign of Freya, symbolic of the buttocks and mons...suprising, huh? the sign of the cross - is the sign of the hammer...which dates back well into the Teutonic times or before...Christianity didn't use the cross as a symbol until after they had contact with the teutonic or descendants of the teutonic peoples... The crucifixion and ascendence of the Jesi to heaven - is from Odhinn's impalement onto the World-tree Ygdrassil for nine days and nine nights from his own spear to "find" the runes...he also gave his left eye at the well of knowledge to gain the secrets of the runes. The Grail - The Poetic Mead...Odhinn spent 3 nights with the etin-wife, Gunnlodh, to "win" it's return. From various others : The Pentagram - I forget what culture this symbol is from, if any particular one can be traced as the originator, this predates Christianity's concept of the 6000 year old creation... Christmas - was origionaly January 12th, but was re-located back a few days so it comes within the Yule-Tide fortnight. and also is very close to the winter solstice (12-21) Too many more to name - are from too many other things to name as well... Sage --- DB B1070/001027


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