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Date: Tue Apr 26 1994 18:35:20 From: David Bloomberg To: Sweet Sue Subj: Skepticism & AIDS SKEPTIC ------------------------------- In a msg to Tyler A. Wunder on , Sweet Sue of 93:9706/4 writes: SS> To this end, there exists a video tape called "The Strecker Memorandum." SS> I don't know where you'd locate a copy or where the Strecker Foundation SS> originates from, but it provides much information -- scientific-type -- SS> about the origin of AIDS as a government-produced and 'omigod--it's out SS> of hand' phenomenon. SS> If anybody knows where someone can find a copy of this video, please SS> post for those who would like to review all available information. I don't know where to find it, but I have info on it. From _Return of the Straight Dope_ by Cecil Adams (authority on everything), pp. 371-2: A reader asked about The Strecker Memorandum. Portions of his reply follow: "Cecil is reluctant to spend too much time on this, because it seems so obviously nuts, but I've gotten a few letters about it and hey, we live to serve. ... The Strecker theory [on the origin of AIDS] ... is the work of Robert Strecker, an L.A. gastroenterologist. He claims that 'AIDS was a disease that was requested, manufactured, and deployed and does exactly what it was intended to do,' i.e., it's a weapon of germ warfare. "Strecker says scientists cooked up AIDS around 1972 from something called 'bovine visna virus.' He guesses that smallpox vaccine made from the lesions of BVV-infected cattle was injected into humans in Africa, where it transmuted into AIDS. ..." "Strecker's work has been expanded on by others. Among the claims (I rely here mainly on a 1990 story in _Essence_): (1) AIDS was invented by the CIA or (2) the Russians. (3) It was manufactured at the U.S. Army biological research center in Fort Detrick, Maryland. (4) It has something to do with Agent Orange. (5) It was intended to wipe out black people; gays were a pilot test. Crack cocaine also was invented to kill blacks. "Mainstream AIDS scientists say Strecker's a kook. From a micro-biological standpoint, AIDS bears little resemblance to bovine visna virus; it bears a lot of resemblance to simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), from which AIDS is widely thought to have naturally evolved. There may have been some proto-AIDS cases substantially predating 1972. And frankly, inventing a fatal disease that singles out minorities, gays, and drug abusers would require the CIA/Russians/U.S. Army to be a lot smarter a lot earlier in the day than there is any evidence of them ever being."


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