[This letter was printed on Sept. 12, with minor editing.] REALL Letterhead David Bloomber

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[This letter was printed on Sept. 12, with minor editing.] REALL Letterhead David Bloomberg P.O. Box 20302 Springfield, IL 62708 (XXX) XXX-XXXX August 25, 1993 The State Journal-Register One Copley Plaza Springfield, IL 62705 To the Editor: I read your August 23rd articles on alternative medicine (Health Fitness Section) with great interest. I feel that a few points deserve special attention. The existence of the Office of Alternative Medicine is not a validation of these therapies; rather it was created because, as you stated, billions of dollars per year are being spent on these methods. I am encouraged by the statements made by the Office's director, Dr. Jacobs, that these methods will be scientifically tested. This is the only way to end the speculation as to which therapies may work and which are just so much hogwash. However, it should be noted that some of the these therapies, such as homeopathy, have already undergone a good deal of experimentation. Proper scientific testing has never shown it to be valid. In fact, NBC's Dateline show did an expos‚ of some homeopaths a few months ago. Homeopaths claim to use "minute doses" to cure diseases. But those doses turn out to be approximately equivalent to a drop of medicine in the Pacific Ocean. NBC had a chemical analysis done on some of the homeopathic "medicine" and found it to be 85% water and 15% ethanol--no more a "medicine" than a gin and tonic is. Government-sponsored scientific tests are on the way. But until the results are in, let the buyer beware! David Bloomberg, Chairman Rational Examination Association of Lincoln Land


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