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SCIENTOTLGY CRITIQUE SHEET A Publication of Apologetic Research Coalition INCORPORATED NAME: Church of Scientology COMMON DESCRIPTORS: Scientology, Dianetics, International Association of Scientologists Founding Church of Scientology (prior to 1966) Church of the New Faith, Inc. (Australia prior to 1973) FOUNDER: Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (born,13 March, 1911) CURRENT PRESIDENT: Herber Jentzsch CLAIMED MEMBERSHIP: 6 million world-wide, 3 million USA DISTRIBUTION: USA, UK, Australia, Western Europe HEADQUARTERS: International - Sussex, England USA - Los Angeles, CA, Clearwater, FL ('Flag Land Base') PERIODICALS: Freedom, The Auditor, RonNews Bulletin, Gold Info Letter, Theta Line, New Era Flag, News and Events (Flag Land Base). New Life TV & RADIO: None PUBLISHER: New Era Publications International EDUCATION INSTITUTION: Applied Scholastics International, Los Angeles, CA USA HISTORY Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, referred to as L. Ron Hubbard or simply 'Elron,' was born 13 March, 1911. As the son of U.S. Naval Commander Harry Ross Hubbard, he spent much of his early life traveling, especially in the Orient. It was probably during this period that Hubbard picked up much of his world view, like an impersonal Supreme Being and reincarnation. Hubbard claimed to have earned a B.S. in Engineering and a Ph.D. In reality, however, he never earned a single degree. He dropped out of George Washington University after his first year. His 'Ph.D' was issued by Sequoia University, which is a mail-order degree mill. During World War ll Hubbard served in the U.S. Navy, like his father before him. Although Hubbard claims that he died twice during the war (once for eight minutes), he never served in combat. In fact, he received 40% disability payments from the Navy not for any combat injury, but for arthritis, bursitis and conjunctivitis. And further, he collected payments for years after claiming to have discovered a cure for these diseases. After the war Hubbard became a successful science fiction author. In 1950 he switched from sci-fi to self -help with his book, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. Originally, he attempted to pass his counselling technique off as a new therapeutic science. Needless to say, it was rejected entirely by thel scientific community. Evidently, not satisfied as an author with "a penny a word," Hubbard said "lf a man really wanted to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion." Within five years, that is precisely what Hubbard did. After his 'Dianetics' technique failed as science, he repackaged it as a religion. And a very profitable religion it is. To begin with, membership in the International Association of Scientologists will set you back $300.00 per year. A single book, What is Scientology ranges from a low of $50.00 (paper back) to $10,000.00 (leather cover) to $12,500.00 (leather cover & signed by Ron L Hubbard). The hundreds of cassette tapes average about $40.00 each (the decimal is in the right place). A single 52 hour course, the Philadelphia Coures is $2,600.00. And the E- meters, the required machines with which you 'audit' yourself or someone else, averages over $3,000.00 each, with the high-end model, the Mark VI, going for $4,100.00. With this price structure, it is easy to see how some people have spent $30,000.00 getting 'Clear.' But at these prices, getting 'Cleared' takes on a whole new meaning. BELIEF SYSTFM GODHEAD: The Scientologist view of God is rather vague and inconsistent. When speaking of God they will use ambigious terms like "infinity" or "Supreme Being." Scientology maintains the highest drive man has is "the urge toward existence as...the Supreme Being." Yet, this drive or impulse is virtually ignored since only the first # drives are "known territory." CHRISTOLOGY: Since Jesus Christ is essentially shelved in Scientology thought, it can be presumed that He is little different than anyone else. Certainly that Jesus is the "Supreme Being" in human form is foreign to their world view. MAN: Scientology believes that man is a spirit ("Thetan"-usually residing in the skulls linked to a Body which he controls through his Mind. Although this "Spirit/Mind/Body" model bears some resem-blance to a Biblical model, it is in fact quite different. Each Thetan (spirit), according to Scientology, has existed for approximately 75 trillion years. Later, these Thetans decided to inhabit the physical universe. They began as single-cell creatures. But with each succeeding reincamation they worked their way up to man. It is the goal of the Thetan to eventually break out of the cycle of reincarnation. The billions of years between the moment the Thetan decides "to be" in the universe until the time he finally stops reincarnating is called his "time track." ATONEMENT: The official Creed of the Church of Scientology proclaims "that man is basically good." However, through the thousands of incamations that each person (read Thetan) has lived he/she has had an untold number of bad experiences. Each of these negative experiences has left it's impact on the brain, called "engrams". These engrams cause all the problems in the world today, from fibbing to nuclear wars. Therefore, Scientology has allegedly developed a method whereby these engrams can be dissolved and the person becomes "Clear" (no engrams). The process is called "auditing" and consists of a question & answer session while hooked up to an E-meter by two soup cans. An E- meter is a primitive lie-detector machine, which measures galvanic resistance of the skin. Auditing is also referred to as being "on the cans". Another goal of the Scientologist is to "exteriorize," that is, leave his body, since that's when a Thetan is "happier." CHRISTlAN RESDONSE GODHEAD: One of the ultimate goals of Scientology, to "discover the true 8th dynamic.' (the true desire to become God). is what brought about man's fall in the first place (Gen.3). The Bible clearly teaches that the idea that man can become a God originated with Satan himself. In stark contrast to Scientology, the Bible proclaims that there is only one God (Is.44:6). CHRISTOLOGY: The Jesus of the Bible is not just another Thetan, but true God (John 1:1) who has also become true man (John 1 :141. He lived a perfect life without ever being "audited" and died on the cross for our sins - not "engrams." Three days later He arose from the dead (John 201, making certain our resurrection (Romans 8:11) not reincarnation. MAN: God's word, in diametric opposition to Scientology, declares that we are created by God (Gen.1: 1, Heb. 1 :2). We are not 75 trillion-year-old Thetans. In absolutely denying reincarnation Hebrews 9:27 categorically says "it is appointed unto men to once die, but after this the judgment." ATONEMENT: God's word points up Scientology's fundamental error, "that man is basically good," by repeatedly underscoring man's fallen nature. All men have sinned (Rom.3:23) and are in rebellion against God (Rom.8:7). Likewise, the Biblical message of hope is far different from that of Scientology. While Scientology merely claims to erase negative memories ("engrams''), God's word proclaims new life (ll Cor.5:17), eternal life (John 3:15) and a peace that this world (read E- meters) cannot deliver (John 14:27). Even though Scientology claims to be the only "road to Freedom," God's word declares that "the Truth shall set you free" (John 8:32) and that Jesus is that Truth (John 14:6). Again, "lf the Son... shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed" (John 8:36). It should also be noted that the new life that comes through Jesus Christ is given freely to all who would come and drink (John 7:37-38). To be "Cleared" by Scientology will cost between $10,000.00 and $30,000.00. Finally, there is absolutely no Biblical support for Scientology's "exteriorization." In fact, it may very well fall into the category of sorcery (Gal. 5:20). +--------------------------------+ | American Religions Center | | Library of Information | | ------------------------------ | | Any information concerning | | these files should be directed | | to: | | ARC BBS | | (313) 535-0842 | +--------------------------------+ Brought to you with Love from: The International Christian Discipleship Ministries BBS:...........1-206-866-3621 (16.8/14.4 V.32b/HST) VOICE:.........1-206-866-3623 (Ask for Tomas Hood.) Post Office 2196 Olympia, Washington 98507-2196


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