To: Date: 21 Oct 93 11:28:08 EDT Subject: Geller in Austr

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From: James Randi --- WIzard To: Date: 21 Oct 93 11:28:08 EDT Subject: Geller in Australia Status: OR When Erich von Daniken (author of "Chariots of the Gods?" and other such trashy but highly successful stuff) visited Australia a few years ago, his promoter rented out a huge hall, advertised his appearance there, then suddenly announced that illness in von Daniken's family had called him back home, and the appearance was cancelled. Very few tickets had been sold, and the theory was offered that when certain artists showed up in Australia, someone in their family would fall ill just before the show. Just this last week, the Curse of Down Under seemed to have taken effect once more. Uri Geller showed up prepared to display his wonders in Melbourne. A sizeable hall was rented, and while Mr. Geller ranted to the press about how he was going to sue (again?!) someone in Melbourne who had made unsatisfactory remarks about him, the Saturday and Sunday show tickets went on sale. Lo! The producer of the show regretfully announced that Mr. Geller's party (including a rough-looking biker named "Riley") had to rush back home without making the appearance -- due to a sudden illness in the family. The NOVA program was a great success. The ratings were far beyond anything WGBH-Boston expected, especially in the middle of a World Series game. (Rating:5, Share:8) Calls have not stopped since the program. The program that followed, "Front Line," dealt with this bullpoop of "facilitated communication" as a means of helping autistic children. It was VERY effective, and I highly recommend it. I'll be on "Politically Incorrect", a program on Comedy Central cable TV channel, soon. No date announced, but I'm taping it Friday night. Watch for it. James Randi.


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