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Objectivism Resource Guide (ORG) Archive-Name: objectivism/resources Posting-Frequency: fortnightly Last-Modified: 1994/09/19 Jay Allen's OBJECTIVISM RESOURCE GUIDE (ORG) VERSION 4.0 (Updated on 09/19/94) Copyright (C) 1994, Jay Andrew Allen, all rights reserved. See Section (2.2) for distribution agreement. CHANGES I have added an entry for the Americans for Free Choice in Medicine FTP site maintained by Douglas Meier. I have added an entry for Capitalism Inc., a company selling bumper stickers, Christmas cards, and other paraphernelia with an Objectivist slant. I have added an entry for Todd Goldberg's Ayn Rand Chronology. See Section (3.6)D for details. I have updated the entry for RIC Trading Co., making mention of their new line of t-shirts. I have moved the entry for American Renaissance for the Twenty-First Century (ART) to section (3.9). Dr. Mark Hurt's email address has changed. it is now <MarkHurt@aol.com>. See (3.9)F for information on his e-mail list for The Objectivist Health Care Professionals Network. I have given the ORG another complete overhaul. Many passages have been truncated and/or rewritten, making for a slimmer, meaner document. ====================================================================== CONTENTS -1- GENERAL INFORMATION (1.1) What This List Is, Why It Was Created -2- DISCLAIMERS AND LEGAL NOTES (2.1) Disclaimers (2.2) Copyright And Availability (2.3) List Sources -3- OBJECTIVISM RESOURCE GUIDE (3.1) The Philosophy of Objectivism (3.2) The Works of Ayn Rand (3.3) Books related to Objectivism (3.4) Magazines and Newsletters Related to Objectivism (3.5) Services And Products For Objectivists (3.6) Objectivism On The Internet (3.7) Objectivism Conferences And Events (3.8) Organizations Spreading Objectivism Through the Culture (3.9) Objectivist Community Clubs (3.10) Objectivist Campus Clubs ==================================================================== -1- PURPOSE OF LIST - (1.1) WHAT THIS LIST IS, WHY IT WAS CREATED - This list is a compendium of books, organizations, clubs, and businesses which promote and champion Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism. It conscientiously distinguishes between actual Objectivist organizations and those which merely claim to promote Rand's philosophy, but actually break from it in fundamental principles. Its purpose is to expose those interested in Objectivism to a rich source of Objectivist ideas and products that will further their intellectual growth and enjoyment. Good premises, All! -- Jay Andrew Allen, New York, NY 2/20/94 -2- DISCLAIMERS AND LEGAL NOTES - (2.1) DISCLAIMERS - This list is in no way connected to or endorsed by The Ayn Rand Institute or the Estate of Ayn Rand, although its author supports the former organization. That an organization appears on this list is no guarantee that it approves of its inclusion or of the description given to it. If the leaders/owners of any organization disagree with either, please contact Jay Allen at <org-comment@oms.com>. If it is a problem with description, a new description can be worked up; if it is a problem with inclusion, the organization has a right to request that it be removed. - (2.2) COPYRIGHT AND AVAILABILITY - This list is available for free distribution across the world-wide Internet -- but ONLY if it is reproduced IN FULL, and WITHOUT ANY ALTERATION. Campus and community clubs may make complete paper copies of this list for distribution to members who lack Internet access. This list is copyright by me, and is my property; copies containing additions, subtractions, etc. are violations of copyright law and will not be tolerated. If you ever find altered versions of this list, please contact Jay Allen at <jayallen@panix.com> so that the appropriate action can be taken. This list is sent to all Usenet newsgroups related to philosophy, as well as to the groups sci.answers and alt.answers, every two weeks. It is also available via FTP from the *.answers FAQ site, ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/Usenet/alt.answers/objectivism/resources, and from the FTP directory for Objectivism-related materials at ftp://ftp.rahul.net/pub/aradmin/Objectivism/info/. The list's contents are updated about every one to two months. - (2.3) SOURCES AND THANKS - The list is a compilation of organizations, etc. gathered by myself over a two-year period. Descriptions are mine, unless otherwise indicated. I would like to thank all the people who have helped in the continued maintenance of the ORG. The various updates and typographical corrections these people have provided me are key to keeping the ORG a readable, up-to-date inventory of Objectivist organizations, and I look forward to receiving more good information and advice from them in the future. -3- OBJECTIVISM RESOURCE GUIDE -(3.1) THE PHILOSOPHY OF OBJECTIVISM; (3.2) THE WORKS OF AYN RAND; (3.3) BOOKS RELATED TO OBJECTIVISM- Chris Walker's Objectivism FAQ contains a short summary of Objectivism. A fuller summary, written by me, can be obtained from ("ftp://ftp.rahul.net/pub/aradmin/Objectivism/info/rand-summary.txt">. Full lists of Rand's works, of works by other Objectivist intellectuals, and of excellent works written by non-Objectivists, are listed in the FAQ and in Todd Goldberg's Ayn Rand Chronology. See Section (3.6)D for more information. I must emphasize that a full, systematic statement of Ayn Rand's philosophy is to be found in Leonard Peikoff's book _Objectivism:_The_Philosophy_Of_ _Ayn_Rand_ (colloquially called OPAR), Dutton Books, 1991. Dr. Peikoff is Rand's material and intellectual heir; his taped lecture series on the Philosophy of Objectivism (on which the book is based) was the only such presentation to which Rand gave an unqualified endorsement. However, as Dr. Peikoff himself points out in the book's introduction, the definitive source for information about Objectivism is still the works of Ayn Rand, its sole originator and spokesman. -(3.4) MAGAZINES AND NEWSLETTERS RELATED TO OBJECTIVISM- (A) The Atlantean Press Review The Atlantean Press Review is a magazine devoted to printing the latest in Romantic Realism the school of art which depicts men "as they might be and ought to be." As one of its own fliers reports, the Review's discriminating selection of art works from various fields "brings readers a rare experience in today's culture: the vision of man as a hero, and life as a breathtaking adventure." Formerly an annual compendium, the Review is now a quarterly magazine. Subscription is $17 for one year and $30 for two years. Back issues are also available. For more information, contact: The Atlantean Press P.O. Box 361116 Milpitas, CA 95036 (If you are placing an order, make sure you address it to the "Order Department.") The Atlantean Press also publishes rare, hard-to-find works in the field of Romantic literature. Recent endeavors include _The_Man_Who_Laughs_ and _The_Toilers_of_The_Sea_, two novels by Victor Hugo formerly out of print. Future projects include a play by Edmond Rostand, author of _Cyrano_de_Bergerac_. Write The Atlantean Press for more information. (B) Atlantis: An Objectivist Symposium Described as "a medium of exchange of rational ideas." For more information, write: Axiomatic Productions, Attn: Editors, P.O. Box 94332 Seattle, Washington 98124-6632 (C) Foreningen For Studium av Objektivismen (FSO) Foreningen for Studium av Objektivismen (FSO), is a Norwegian association for the study of Objectivism. Newsletter "A er A" edited by Vegard Martinsen. FSO, PO Box 26, Blindern, N-0313 Oslo, Norway. Tel: (47) 2244 3683, email: fso@smaug.uio.no (D) The Intellectual Activist The Intellectual Activist began at the tail end of the 70's as a magazine dealing with contemporary political, economic, and social issues from an Objectivist standpoint. In the past few years, it has included essays on philosophy and philosophy-related topics, such as Leonard Peikoff's "Why Should One Act on Principle," Dr. Gary Hull's speech on the state of contemporary philosophy, and an article By Tore Boeckmann on motivation in Romantic and Naturalist literature. Subscriptions are $24 for one year ($30 for Canadian and Mexican residents, $39 for overseas residents). Full-time students need pay only $17 if they include a copy of a valid student ID. Write to: TIA Publications, Inc. PO Box 262 Lincroft, NJ 07738-0262 Or send e-mail to: tia@osg.com (E) Objektivistisk Skriftserie Objektivistisk Skriftserie is an Objectivist series of occasional papers in Swedish. Editor, Per-Olof Samuelsson, Finnevagen 5B, S-152 00 Strangnas, Sweden. (F) The Objectivist Forum (Defunct) The Objectivist Forum was a magazine edited by Dr. Harry Binswanger, with Ayn Rand as philosophic consultant. It discussed modern culture from an Objectivist standpoint and ran many philosophical articles and essays, such as excerpts from Leonard Peikoff's then-unreleased _Ominous_ _Parallels_. It contains articles by and interviews with Rand and Peikoff that are unavailable elsewhere. The magazine ceased publication in 1987, but is now available in a bound volume for $48 (American rate) from: TOF Publications, PO Box 1895, Murray Hill Station, New York NY 10156 (G) The Objectivist Newsletter; The Objectivist; The Ayn Rand Letter (All Defunct) These were the magazines owned and edited by Ayn Rand. They are all available in bound format from Second Renaissance Books (see below, section 3. ) -- THE OBJECTIVIST NEWSLETTER (1962-1965): Many of the articles have been reprinted in Ayn Rand's books, particularly in _Capitalism:_The_Unknown_Ideal_ and _The_Virtue_Of_Selfishness_. It does contain, however, many book reviews and interesting answers to reader's questions that have never been published elsewhere. -- THE OBJECTIVIST (1966-1971): This 1,120-page book is perhaps the richest of the three in content. Included: Ayn Rand's essays on epistemology, reprinted as _Introduction_To_Objectivist_Epistemology_; "Metaphysics in Marble" by Mary Ann Sures, an essay applying Objectivist esthetics to the art of sculpture; "To Whom It May Concern," Ayn Rand's explanation of why she broke all intellectual ties with Nathaniel Branden. The bound volume comes with a six page essay, "The Rational Faculty," which is Ayn Rand's thinking out loud" about the philosophical link between individualism and reason. --THE AYN RAND LETTER (1971-76): This volume is best known for applying philosophical principles to international issues of the day. -(3.5) PRODUCTS AND SERVICES FOR OBJECTIVISTS - (A) Capitalism, Inc. Capitalism Inc. sells many unique products advertising Objectivist positions on various issues. From a Christmas card entitled "Ebeneezer Scrooge Was A Virtuous Man" to bumper stickers with such daring slogans as "The Socialist Redistributes What The Capitalist Creates", Capitalism Inc.'s products offer convincing affirmations of Objectivist values. Capitalism Inc. 4231 Legend Lane Golden Valley, MN 55422 Phone: (612) 529-7046 (B) Peikoff Lectures (Out of Business) Peikoff Lectures rented Dr. Peikoff's taped lecture courses. Lectures included "Introduction To Logic," "Ancient Philosophy: Thales To Hume," "Modern Philosophy: Kant to the Present," and the perennial "Understanding Objectivism," a great course for those trying to overcome bad methods of thinking that stand in the way of understanding Objectivist ideas. It also rented Ayn Rand's Lectures on Fiction Writing, given by her in her apartment in the early 60's. Though Peikoff Lectures is now out of business, the lectures are steadily being made available for sale through Second Renaissance Books (see below). Contact them for more information. (C) RIC Trading Company "RIC Trading Company offers products that support and encourage rational conversation about the principles of Objectivism. The RIC Symbol (the company's trademarked logo) is a unique, visual reminder of an objective view of mankind and his relationship to the universe, including his relationship to himself and others." (Written by Kevin Watson, President, and Mark A. Hurt, CEO, RIC Trading Co.) RIC (which stands for: Reason, Individual Rights, Capitalism) sells shirts, pins, and other products bearing a unique logo: two human figures, side by side, holding a dollar sign in mutual comradery. Recently, RIC has initiated a new line of t-shirts. These new tees sport stylistic designs which powerfully complement the messages they seek to communicate. Especially noteworthy are the "Lasseiz-Faire" shirts, which depict a link of chains breaking from the force of the "Lasseiz-Faire" logo. For information on these and other available products, contact: RIC Trading Company P.O. Box 270743 Nashville, TN 37227-0743 Phone: 615-781-0080 Fax: 615-781-0083 E-mail: ric@attmail.com (NOTE from Kevin Watson and Mark Hurt: The RIC logo is not the official logo of the philosophy of Objectivism.) (D) Second Renaissance Books -- Ideas For the Rational Mind Second Renaissance, an Objectivist book service, sports the largest selection of Ayn Rand's writings and taped lectures available anywhere, and carries an extensive selection of books which, in the words of editor- publisher Peter Schwartz, "present...the efficacy and value of reason -- the benefits of free scientific inquiry and technological progress -- the virtues of individual achievement and its guarantor: individual rights -- the practicality of freedom and capitalism."** For the latest copy of their quarterly catalog, contact: Second Renaissance Books 110 Copperwood Way P.O. Box 4625 Oceanside, CA 92052 Customer information phone: (619) 757-6149 (*Taken from "Our Editorial Standards," printed in every edition of the SRB catalog.) (E) Values Mind Products Founded in Israel by Ohad Kamin, Values is "an international organization dedicated to the spreading of esthetic values and applications of Objectivism to various fields." ** In addition to proselytizing activities, Values sells prints of works of Romantic art. For a catalog and more information on Values, contact: Yaron Brook Values U.S. Representative 5829 Recife Way San Jose, CA 95120 Phone: (408) 268-6854 (**From a description in *Atlantean Press Review 1992*) -(3.6) OBJECTIVISM AND THE INTERNET- (A) Americans for Free Choice in Medicine FTP Site Douglas Meier maintains an FTP site for the ad hoc group Americans for Free Choice in Medicine (AFCM; see (3.9)A below). The site includes several documents dealing AFCM's position on the health care issue, written by physicians who are leading the fight against socialized medicine in the United States. The URL is: ftp://ftp.acns.nwu.edu/pub/afcm/ (B) Internet Relay Chat, Channel #AynRand The Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a world-wide electronic forum which supports conversations in real time (as opposed to posting to a bulletin board). It supports an unlimited number of "channels," which can be formed and joined at will by the user. One of those channels is #AynRand, originally started by Mark J. Gardner for the purpose of discussing the philosophy of Objectivism. The channel is usually active between 9pm and 12am (often later) Eastern time every day of the week. For more information on the channel, including a brief description of basic IRC commands, check out the #AynRand FAQ, maintained by Mark J. Gardner, at: <"ftp://ftp.rahul.net/pub/aradmin/Objectivism/info/aynrand-channel-faq.txt"> Recently, as the channel has become more active, other channels have popped up on an on-again off-again basis, all of them claiming to offer discussion of Ayn Rand's philosophy. However, the #AynRand channel is the only one I can fully endorse. Only it offers a growing amount of on-line information, as well as an intense and honest intellectual environment for the discussion of Objectivism. (C) Objectivism E-mail Archive Many of you have heard about the Objectivism activity that has been occuring on the Internet lately. You have heard about things like the IRC Friday discussion transcripts and the other information stored in the VORTEX FTP site. However, those of you on such services as Compuserve or MCIMail only have -gateway- access to the Internet; you are limited to electronic mail and, in some cases, Netnews, leaving a vast realm of the Internet--FTP, IRC, etc.--off limits. To help compensate for this lack, I have established the Objectivism E-mail Archive. This service lets you use your e-mail account to access files previously available only via FTP. You can retrieve IRC Friday night discussion transcripts, documents like Chris Walker's Objectivism FAQ and my Objectivism Resource Guide, essays written for public distribution, and information about other electronic services like Mark J. Gardner's VORTEX mailing list. Here's how you do it. Say that you want to retrieve the IRC #AynRand discussion transcript for February 25, on "How Does One Live a Rational Life in an Irrational Society." Since that file's name is disc.2-25-94.txt, all you need do it send mail to autofile@oms.com; with the subject "autofile/disc.2-25-94.txt" and with NO TEXT in the message body. Any text may be retrieved like this--all you need do is type "autofile/" (no quotes) immediately followed by the appropriate filename. If your request is successful, you will receive the file in a matter of minutes. To receive a list of all available files, send a message with the subject "autofile/files.list" (no quotes). (D) Objectivism FAQ Files An FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) file is designed to answer the most common questions about a particular subject. There are three FAQ files for Objectivism, each offering different kinds of information. Jay Allen's Objectivism Resource Guide (which you are reading) is a list of businesses and organizations which support and promote the philosophy of Objectivism. See Section (2.2) for availability information. Chris Walker's Objectivism FAQ is the definitive source of on-line information about Ayn Rand's philosophy itself. Besides answering such questions as what constitutes Objectivism and what the Objectivist position on Libertarianism is, it contains a list of articles and books written by Rand and other Objectivist philosophers. The FAQ can be obtained from (ftp://ftp.rahul.net/pub/aradmin/Objectivism/info/). Todd Goldberg's Ayn Rand Chronology is an exhaustive list of all of Ayn Rand's books and essays, ordered in the form of a chronology of her life's events. The appendices list all of Ayn Rand's and Leonard Peikoff's Ford Hall appearances and all of Ayn Rand's newspaper articles, among other things. The Chronology can be obtained from ("ftp://ftp.rahul.net/pub/aradmin/Objectivism/info/rand-chronology.txt"). (E) Objectivism FTP Directory The administrators of IRC channel #AynRand have recently established an FTP directory for documents and essays relating to Ayn Rand's philosophy. Currently, it houses my ORG file, Chris Walker's Objectivism FAQ, and transcripts from the Friday night discussion on the IRC channel #AynRand. The site is ftp.rahul.net; all Objectivism documents are located in the /pub/aradmin/Objectivism directory. The URL for the site is: <"ftp://ftp.rahul.net/pub/aradmin/Objectivism/"> If you have a document relating to Objectivism that you would like to place at the site, send e-mail to <org-submit@oms.com> containing a short summary of the document. Everything from informational files to original essays will be accepted. (F) Objectivism Study Group The purpose of this e-mail discussion group is to provide a forum for individuals to discuss Objectivism with others who are also seriously interested in ideas. The owner of this service, Bob Stubblefield, expects list members to adhere strictly to its charter. Although members need not be Objectivists, pseudo-Objectivists are excluded. The charter should be read, accepted, and *understood* before subscribing. To get a copy of the charter, send a message to info-osg@osg.com. You will also receive a membership form; if you qualify and want to join, fill out the form and e-mail it back to the appropriate address. Membership will begin soon afterwards. The first month is free; afterwards, the cost is $48 for one year ($24 for full-time students). (Write-up by Jay Allen, with editing by Bob Stubblefield) (G) VORTEX VORTEX is the Voice of Reason Textual Electronic eXchange. It is a free electronic mailing list administrated by Mark J. Gardner. A relatively new service, its members tend to be new to Objectivism, and the level of discussion is more informal than that of OSG. However, the same level of decorum and intellectual respect that exists on OSG is demanded on VORTEX. For more information on VORTEX. check out the FAQ at: <"ftp://ftp.rahul.net/pub/aradmin/Objectivism/info/vortex-faq.txt"> Or write VORTEX-REQUEST@oms.com - (3.7) OBJECTIVISM CONFERENCES AND EVENTS - The major Objectivism conferences are The Jefferson School, Conceptual Conferences, and Second Renaissance Conferences. THE JEFFERSON SCHOOL (TJS) is held for two weeks every second odd year in California. (1993's conference was held in San Francisco, at the Clarion Hotel.) Tuition price (between $1300-1800 for the two weeks) buys admission to all open lectures, room, and board. Lecturers range from established Objectivists to up-and-coming students and professors, and have in the past included Leonard Peikoff, Harry Binswanger, and Edith Packer and George Reisman (who both own and run the conference). TJS also holds talks in New York and California during non-conference years. For more information, write: The Jefferson School P.O. Box 2934 Laguna Hills, CA 92654 CONCEPTUAL CONFERENCES (ConCon), run by M. Northrup Beuchner, was TJS's East coast equivalent, its conferences being held every second even year. However, 1994's conference has been cancelled, prompting Sandra Schwartz to establish: SECOND RENAISSANCE CONFERENCES (a corporate entity distinct from Second Renaissance Books), which will take ConCon's place. 1994's lecturers will include Leonard Peikoff on Reading and Writing, Harry Binswanger on understanding Ayn Rand's ideas, and (for the first time at an Objectivist conference) an introductory course in Objectivism for new students, given by Bob Stubblefield. The 1994 SR Conference will be held in Secaucus, New Jersey, at the Meadowlands Hilton. For more information, write: SR Conferences 130 Federal Rd., Suite 56 Danbury, CT 06811 Other regional conferences and events include: (A) Texas Objectivist Conference (formerly Texas Objectivist Societies Conference) The Hill Country Objectivist Association has just issued a call for papers, workshops, and entertainment for the October 1994 Texas Objectivist Conference. The Texas Objectivist Conference has a reputation for providing an inexpensive, high-quality alternative to the larger national conferences. Its speakers consist of students of Objectivism who seek to apply the philosophy to a wide variety of fields, and who can present their material at a level of interest to all Objectivists. For more information, write: Hill County Objectivist Association 4815 West Braker Ln., Suite 502-112 Austin, Texas 78759 Or send e-mail to Brandy Rogers at <brandy@bga.com>. (B) Ford Hall Forum Every year, Ayn Rand would give a speech at the Ford Hall Forum in Boston. Since her death, Dr. Leonard Peikoff has carried on the tradition. (All of his speeches up until 1991 are reprinted in _The_Voice_of_ _Reason_: Essays_In_Objectivist_Thought_, which also contains many of Ayn Rand's old Ford Hall speeches.) Dr. Peikoff's latest speech, held on November 7 1993, was "Modernism and Madness," which discussed the close link between modern art and schizophrenia. For more information, call the Ford Hall Forum at (617)-437-5800. NOTE: Ford Hall is not an "Objectivist organization," but an independent organization dedicated to protecting free speech. -(3.8)- ORGANIZATIONS SPREADING OBJECTIVISM THROUGH THE CULTURE- (A) American Renaissance for the Twenty-First Century (ART) ART, founded by art critic and exhibit curator Alexandra York, describes its purpose as follows: "To promote and _advance_ established western art forms; realism in painting and sculpture; melody and harmony in music; grace in dance; structure, coherence, and meaning in theatre, poetry, and literature -- and the expression of Beauty in all." It is a staunch advocate of Romantic Realism in the arts. One of its best products to date is a catalog highlighting pieces from an exhibition called "ROMANTIC REALISM: Visions of Values," given to anyone who makes a $10 contribution to ART. To find out more about ART, contact: ART F.D.R. Station P.O. Box 8379 New York, NY 10150-1919 (B) Americans for Free Choice in Medicine (NOTE: This is not an Objectivist organization; however, its goals and methods are so much in tune with the Objectivist ethics and politics that I thought it more than fitting to place here. Hopefully, in the near future, more such groups will spring up, meriting a section of their own in the ORG.) "Americans for Free Choice in Medicine (AFCM) is an organization dedicated to the defense of individual rights in the realm of medical care. We uphold the values of individual liberty, personal responsibility, and non-coercive free markets. AFCM is a vehicle through which any individual can help introduce free-market principles into the medical market place. AFCM's main mission is to educate the public about free-market solutions to the problems in our health care system and about the dangers of socialized medicine." (Taken from the AFCM Mission Statement, available at <"ftp://ftp.rahul.net/pub/aradmin/Objectivism/activism/afcm-info.txt"> AFCM can be reached by writing or calling: Americans for Free Choice in Medicine 1525 Superior Ave., Suite 100 Newport Beach, CA 92663 (714) 645-2622 (C) The Ayn Rand Institute: The Center for the Advancement of Objectivism (ARI) A non-profit organization, ARI is the premier organization devoted to spreading Ayn Rand's ideas throughout the culture. Its many activities include: --The operation of a Campus Club Bureau, which keeps all Objectivist college clubs stocked with Objectivist literature and lends taped lectures for public broadcasting; --The operation of a Campus Speakers Bureau: past speakers have included Harry Binswanger on "Why 'Buy American' is _Un_-American," George Reisman on "Education and the Racist Road to Barbarism," and Peter Schwartz, Richard Salsman, and Richard Sanford on "The Case Against Environmentalism: Moral, Economic, and Scientific." --The sponsoring of auctions and banquets, such as The Fountainhead 50th Anniversary Banquet being held in Boston this November; --Two contests: A _Fountainhead_ Essay contest open to 11th and 12th graders, and an _Anthem_ essay contest for 9th and 10th graders. ARI's financial support comes solely from private donations. Donors receive ARI's quarterly newsletter, containing updates on events in the Objectivist community. For more information, contact: The Ayn Rand Institute 4640 Admiralty Way Suite 715 Marina del Rey, CA 90292 (D) The Association For Objective Law (TAFOL) An organization of Objectivist lawyers. Past events and projects include a class on the link between press freedom and defamation law, and donation of services to help fight mandatory _pro_bono_ in Texas and mandatory "community service" in Pennsylvania. For more information, write: TAFOL P.O. Box 1225 Purcellville, VA 22132-1225 (E) The Association of Objectivist Businessmen (AOB) Association of Objectivist Businessmen P.O. Box 579 Morreston, NJ 08057-0579 Rational newsletter about business issues from an objective point of view. (Information supplied by Mark A. Hurt) (F) Objectivist Health Care Professionals Network (OHCPN) OHCPN seeks to inform health-care professionals about the dangers of government force in the medical industry, and give them the philosophical weapons needed to fight it. It distributes pamphlets, fliers, and essays, including a "Health Care Professional's Self-Defense Kit," and has an email mailing list open to professionals and anyone else interested in fighting the growth of government-controlled medicine. To subscribe to the OHCPN Newsletter, contact: OHCPN Newsletter P.O. Box 4315 South Colby, WA 98384-0315 Phone: (206) 876-5868 To get the Health care Professional Survival kit, send $7 to: OHCPN 500 Metropolitan Avenue, Suite 453 Brooklyn, NY 11211 (make checks payable to Salvatore J. Durante) OHCPN also runs an e-mail list through the services of Bob Stubblefield. According to Mark A. Hurt, "The discussion should be primarily philosophical, i.e. on the five branches of philosophy. However, applications of Objectivism to specific scientific problems are also welcome. In addition, medical meeting news, discussion of legislation impacting on the health professions (perhaps for political action on specific issues), open questions, and a robust exchange of ideas are encouraged." To join, send a message to info-ohcpn@osg.com (the same address for Bob Stubblefield's Objectivism Study Group). For further information, contact: Mark A. Hurt, MD 36 Four Seasons Ctr., Suite 334 Chesterfield, MO 63017-3103 Voice mail: (314) 434-4878 Fax: (314) 434-3890 E-mail: <MarkHurt@aol.com> (G) The Society for Objective Science (SOS) President: Rick Sanford Newsletter: SOS Alert Membership dues: $35/yr. For information, contact: Society for Objective Science P.O. Box 579 Morreston, NJ 08057-0579 (609) 234-0330 -(3.9) OBJECTIVIST COMMUNITY CLUBS- This is a list of private clubs that discuss and/or promote Objectivism in their area. DISCLAIMER: While I try my best to verify the authenticity of each entry in this section, I cannot make any guarantees. If I do discover after the fact that a club I have included is of dubious nature (i.e., is sponsoring some sort of Kelleyite or "alternative Objectivism" activities), their listing WILL be removed. If you have further information on any of the clubs listed here, please send it to me so I can include it in the next update. Also, if any of these clubs have gone belly-up, drop me a line so that they can be removed. ************* ALABAMA OBJECTIVISTS Meets biweekly. Newsletter: Alabama Objectivist No contact information currently available. AUSTIN OBJECTIVIST SOCIETY (TAOS) "The Austin Objectivist Society (TAOS) holds monthly meetings on the third Sunday night of each month. 'The purpose of The Austin Objectivist Society is to promote the understanding and increased awareness of the Objectivist philosophy through educational activities in the Austin metropolitan area.' "It publishes the 'GoodPremises' newsletter, not to be confused with a newsletter of a similar name out of Chicago, on a monthly basis. "For membership information, please write to: "The Austin Objectivist Society 12300 Painted Bunting Austin, TX 78726" [Above passage taken from Chris Walker's Objectivism FAQ] AYN RAND ADMIRERS OF RHODE ISLAND Meets monthly. Call Harris Kenner at (401) 647-5387 CAROLINA OBJECTIVIST GROUP Meets monthly. Call David Baucom at (704) 365-9884 CHICAGO OBJECTIVISM SOCIETY "COS was organized in September, 1992, for the purpose of bringing Objectivists together for study, friendship, and promotion of the philosophy of Ayn Rand. "We hold monthly meetings (usually on Saturday evenings), featuring live presentations by members of the group with discussion following, or discussion of essays or lectures by Ayn Rand, Leonard Peikoff, or other Objectivists. "Membership is open to anyone who desires to understand and apply the ideas of Ayn Rand. Prospective members are given a full statement of purpose and principles, and are asked to complete a membership form, which gives us information about the backgrounds of the members. (We use the information to plan programs that will interest people, not as a membership "test.") Annual dues of $10 are required to remain on our mailing list after a three-month (free) trial period.... "Our newsletter, _Good_Premises_, is mailed monthly to all members. It features news of COS activities, appearances by Objectivist speakers at area colleges, and original articles by our members." Contact Thomas Shoebotham or Cathy Cretsinger 708-665-6073. (leave message), or send e-mail to: cretsinger@fnald0.fnal.gov (Write-up by Cathy Cretsinger, with minor deletions by Jay Allen) CHICAGO STUDENTS OF OBJECTIVISM Began as an organization devoted to listening to lecture courses from Peikoff Lectures, until the latter went out of business. According to Director William Breihan, "We are currently having classes, with Dr. Peikoff's permission, on UNDERSTANDING OBJECTIVISM [Peikoff's course on how to properly and fully understand Objectivist ideas]. We are dedicated to learning Objectivism as a non-contradictory, integrated system. We welcome participation from anyone interested in Miss Rand's ideas, but will not permit any any activities that compromise the integrity of Objectivism." William R. Breihan, Director 1550 Northwest Highway, Suite 108G Park Ridge, IL 60068 (708) 297-1616 DETROIT AREA OBJECTIVIST GROUP Meets every 3rd Wednesday. Call Paul Gruchala at (313) 563-9104 GOTHAM OBJECTIVIST CLUB A biweekly club in New York City. GOC hosts several lecturers throughout the year. Recent speakers include Andrew Bernstein on abortion and Richard Salsman on the Austrian school of economics. Newsletter: The Bulletin Call Albert Jakira at (718) 624-3388 HOUSTON OBJECTIVIST SOCIETY Meets bimonthly. Newsletter: HOS Newsletter Call Dwayne Hicks at (713) 879-0444 INDIVIDUALISTISK FORUM (INDFO) INDFO - Individualistisk Forum, is an objectivist organisation arranging, among other things, essay competitions. Klaus Nordby, Trondhjemsv 137, N-0570 Oslo, Norway. MARBLEHEAD OBJECTIVIST BUNCH (MOB) "Purposes: 1. better understanding of Objectivism 2. Support of Boston area student groups 3. Social interaction with Objectivists. "Hosts: Marilyn George and Ted Gray Meeting dates: every 4th Sunday. (Changes due to holidays are announced in advance but usually occur in Nov and Dec.) Time: 1-5pm. (Meetings usually are split between 2hrs social and 2hrs of some Objectivist activity. Occasionally we vary this routine with a party or picnic.) Location: 34 Chestnut St., Marblehead, Mass. (our home) Refreshments: pot luck (students excepted). Transportation: Pick available at 12:40pm at the Swampscott train station but call first. (There is a return train at 6pm.) More info call: 617-631-0692 or 617-594-2038." (Write-up by Ted Gray) METROPLEX OBJECTIVIST ASSOCIATION "MOS, the Metroplex Objectivist Society, is a privately run organization for the purpose of supporting and promoting the ideas found in Ayn Rand's philosophy, Objectivism. Dues are $15/year. Though we endorse the Ayn Rand Institute, we are not affiliated with ARI. "This organization is based in the Dallas/Forth Worth metropolitan area and encourages participation with anyone willing to arrive from further distances as well. "We do not currently have a regular news letter, but we do have a voice mail center with information of MOS events and general news. Contact MOS VoiceUpdate at (214) 949-0036. Our president is Michael Duus who runs VoiceUpdate and listens to messages left there on a regular basis. If you would like to send e-mail to MOS, contact Thomas M. Miovas, Jr. at: tmiovas@attmail.com." (From an OSG post by Thomas Miovas) MID VALLEY OBJECTIVISTS Meets bimonthly. Call Rinda Montgomery at (503) 623-4000 NEW MEXICO OBJECTIVIST CLUB Meets monthly. OBJECTIVIST STUDENTS BY THE BAY (OSB) Meets monthly in the San Francisco Bay area Contact: Patrice Larson 304 Central Ave. Half Moon Bay CA 94019 (415) 726-6054 (Information supplied by Steven Ansell) PACIFIC NORTHWEST OBJECTIVISTS: A blanket name for the following groups: OPAR STUDY GROUP Meets every 4th Sunday. Call Pamela Benson at (206) 876-6012 INTELLECTUAL MARKET PLACE Meets every 2nd Saturday Call Shrikant Ragnikar at (206) 649-9101 ART LOVER'S CLUB Meets every 1st and 3rd Sunday. Call Arrow Pride at (206) 742-5023 AUSTRIAN ECONOMICS STUDY Meets monthly. Call Amy Skaar at (206) 842-7806 All four groups are covered by the newsletter Passion for Reason. SACRAMENTO OBJECTIVIST SOCIETY Meets Monthly Newsletter: The Egoist Contact: Sacramento Objectivist Society 949 University Avenue, #210 Sacramento, California 95825 SARPO Swiss Society for the Study of Ayn Rand's Philosophy: Objectivism (French, German and Italian translation available upon request :-) "We meet fortnightly, on Saturday, rotating among various cities: Basel, Biel, Neuchatel. Current activities: studying OPAR, individual presentations, listening to taped lectures, watching good movies, eating good food. "Contact: Magnus Kempe, Croset 8, CH -- 1024 ECUBLENS, SWITZERLAND ph: +41 21 691 36 79" (Write-up by Magnus Kempe) SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA OBJECTIVIST ASSOCIATION (SCOA) "SCOA has a quarterly newsletter, a PhoneNet which announces fast- breaking (usually local) news, many ongoing activist projects, activities at The Jefferson School, annual Picnics, Christmas Parties, and Beach Parties, and chances to meet Objectivist intellectuals and discuss important ideas at our meetings. "We are beginning our seventh year and we have almost 300 members and a mailing list of over 600. "To get a copy of our newsletter and membership information, write: "SCOA P.O. Box 9941 Canoga Park, CA 91309" (Write-up by SCOA President Betsy Speicher) SOUTH FLORIDA OBJECTIVISTS Meets bimonthly. Call Howard Jeck at (407) 482-6912 STUDENTS OF OBJECTIVISM IN GEORGIA Meets every 3rd Sunday. Call Karyn Voss at (404) 432-9468 TAMPA BAY OBJECTIVISTS Meets monthly. Newsletter: Tampa Bay Objectivists Call Stuart Daw at (813) 573-0101 TORONTO OBJECTIVIST ASSOCIATION "The Toronto Objectivist Association (TOA) is dedicated to the study and promotion of Objectivism - the Philosophy of Ayn Rand - whose essential tenets are objective reality, reason, rational self-interest and laissez-faire capitalism. "TOA was organized to function as a permanent resource for Objectivists in the Toronto area. TOA will provide information about events and organizations of interest to Objectivists and, more importantly, will arrange educational activities and social events where Objectivists can meet in a rational environment. It is also TOA's aim to promote Objectivism more widely in the hope of bringing about genuine social change in our own time. "Currently scheduled activities include a quarterly newsletter, a monthly educational event and a monthly social event. "For more information please write to: Toronto Objectivist Association Suite 0116-195 65 Front Street West Toronto, Ontario M5J 1E6 "Or contact: Victor Greenberg 76260.1310@compuserve.com Steve Gedeon 73514.2513@compuserve.com (Taken from a general announcement received privately from Hugh Brown and posted publicly to OSG.) WASHINGTON (D.C.) OBJECTIVIST CLUB Newsletter: WAOC Newsletter Call Jack Crawford at (301) 946-3984 -(3.10) Campus Clubs- [Updated 2/23/94] Below is the latest list of campus clubs acknowledged by the Ayn Rand Institute. Each entry is taken verbatim from the ARI list, supplied to me by former campus club coordinator Ginger Clark. If you need information on how to contact a specific club, call ARI at (310) 306-9232 and ask for David Bombardier. ****************** Amsterdam Business School Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS Arizona State University Tempe, AZ Atlantic Community College Mays Kanding, NJ University of Western Australia Perth, AUSTRALIA Boston University Boston, MA University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC California State Polytechnic University Pomona, CA California State University Fullerton Fullerton, CA University of California-Berkeley Berkeley, CA University of California-Davis Davis, CA University of California-Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA University of California-San Diego San Diego, CA University of California- San Francisco San Francisco, CA University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA Carnegie-Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA University of Chicago Chicago, IL University of Chicago Law School Chicago, IL University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH University of Northern Colorado Greeley, CO University of Connecticut Storrs, CT Copenhagen University Copenhagen, DENMARK Cornell University Ithaca, NY Delft University of Technology Delft, THE NETHERLANDS Deuel Vocational Institution Tracy, CA Drake University Des Moines, IA Drexel University Philadelphia, PA Emerson College Boston, MA Florida State University Tallahassee, FL University of Florida Gainesville, FL University of South Florida, New College Sarasota, FL George Mason University Springfield, VA George Washington University Washington, DC University of Gothenburg Gothenburg, SWEDEN University of Illinois Champaign, IL Indiana University Bloomington, IN Jimma Institute of Health Sciences Jimma, ETHIOPIA Lehigh University Bethlehem, PA University of Louisville Louisville, KY University of Melbourne M elbourne, AUSTRALIA Michigan State University East Lansing, MI University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN University of New Hampshire Fremont, NH University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM Northwestern University Evanston, IL University of Western Ontario London, ON Oregon State University Corvallis, OR University of Oregon Eugene, OR Osgoode Hall Law School Downsview, ON University of Oslo Oslo, NORWAY Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, NY University of Richmond Richmond, VA Santa Clara University Siena College Loudonville, NY Stanford University Stanford, CA University of Stockholm Stockholm, SWEDEN Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Ecublens, SWITZERLAND Tel Aviv University Tel Aviv, ISRAEL University of Tennessee Knoxville, TN Texas Tech University Lubbock, TX University of Texas-Austin Austin, TX University of Toronto, New College Toronto, ON University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT University of Washington Seattle, WA University of Waterloo Waterloo, ON Wells College Aurora, NY Wayne State University Farmington Hills, MI Williams College Williamstown, MA University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, WI York University Downsview, ON --- END OF ORG --- -- Jay Andrew Allen jayallen@panix.com Maintainer, Objectivism Resource Guide (ORG); JayA on IRC #AynRand finger jayallen@panix.com for my PGP V2.6 PUBLIC KEY --


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