Date: 11 Apr 94 18:23:39 GMT Hi folks. Here follows the opening disclaimer from NBC's +quo

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From: (Dave Thomas) Date: 11 Apr 94 18:23:39 GMT Organization: BDM Federal Message-ID: Newsgroups: alt.paranet.skeptic Hi folks. Here follows the opening disclaimer from NBC's "Ancient Prophecies", which was repeated last night (4-10-94): ========================================================= The following is not a news program or a documentary. The people appearing on camera are not necessarily experts, and are expressing personal opinions only. Although significant opposing viewpoints exist, they are not included. The information presented represents unsubstantiated anecdotal accounts of events, interpretations of writings, and speculation about the significance of certain predictions. Some predictions by the same sources, though not mentioned, have been proven inaccurate. Events are dramatized, simulated, and re-created. It is not the intention of the broadcasters to suggest that any prophecies are true, and all conclusions about the future, drawn by persons in this program, are purely conjecture. ========================================================= That's it! IMHO, the *only* truthful part of the whole show! Cheers. Dave "Only on Internet till 4-22-94" Thomas


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