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(word processor parameters LM=1, RM=70, TM=2, BM=2) Taken from KeelyNet BBS (214) 324-3501 Sponsored by Vangard Sciences PO BOX 1031 Mesquite, TX 75150 PMOTION3.ASC This is a story from a book called FOIBLES AND FALLACIES OF SCIENCE, written by Mr.Daniel Hering in 1924. History relates several types of perpetual motion machines. The inventor's motives range from the ideal of pure invention to an attempt to defraud the public. Perpetual motion machines have been traced back for several hundred years. As of this date there has been no known account of a working perpetual motion machine which can be built and demonstrated by anyone other than the inventor. Although, we have heard many claims, we have yet to see a working model. This does not rule out the possibility that one could actually be made and practically demonstrated. The U.S.Patent Office receives about one hundred applications a year on perpetual motion machines but they are usually rejected by the office, without research into their workability. The keywords which bring about the rejection are perpetual motion. contributed by Ron Barker ----------------------------------------------------------------- THE LIQUEFACTION OF AIR AND THE HOPES IT AROUSED ; PERPETUAL MOTION OF THE SECOND KIND ----------------------------------------------------------------- Why should a little matter like the second law of thermodynamics obstruct the path to perpetual motion when we consider what we might achieve if we could be rid of it? The boundless possibilities growing out of the achievement of perpetual motion were too fascinating, its unlimited and uncomplaining response to the heightened complexity and increased demands of modern civilization was too satisfying for it to be abandoned, and every advance in science stimulated the hope that a new principle would do away with the limitations imposed by earlier partial and imperfect knowledge. By 1895 gases had been liquefied by the so-called regenerative method with less difficulty and expense than had before been possible; Mr. Charles E. Tripler of New York had devised apparatus for the liquefaction of air in large quantity, and a popular article concerning Mr. Tripler's laboratory and his remarkable work was published in McClure's Magazine for March 1899. This article, written by Mr. Ray Stannard Baker, then of the editoral staff of the magazine, contained some startling statements and one especially which meant the refutation of the second law of thermodynamics and the achievement of the perpetual motion. Mr. Tripler said : " I have actually made about ten gallons of liquid air in my liquifier by the use of about three gallons in my engine. There is, therefore, a surplusage of seven gallons that has cost me nothing, and which I can use elsewhere as power." The very cold liquid air in the boiler of an engine would be vaporized and have high pressure under the heating effect of the atmosphere, without any other fuel, and the air thus under pressure would drive the engine which, in turn, would compress more air to be liquefied and employed for power purposes. The use of air for driving the engine constituted no difficulty either in theory or practice, but according to accepted ideas of science, as much work would be required in compressing the air and depriving it of heat as the air could possibly restore in again reaching its normal pressure and temperature. Still, there was Mr. Tripler's statement which he offered to verify in his laboratory. At the invitation of McClure's Magazine, through Mr. Baker, two professors, heads of the departments of Physics and Chemistry in a prominent university, visited Mr. Tripler's laboratory to witness such a demonstration. The visit, though made by appointment, proved to be not conveniently timed for Mr. Tripler, and nothing came of it except a brief comment from each of them criticizing Mr. Tripler's claims. This the magazine did not publish, and the exploitation of liquid air and its wonders continued. Those who had declared war to the death on the second law of thermodynamics were elated and exultant. Mr. Tripler resented calling his invention a scheme for perpetual motion - always insisting that the heat of the atmosphere was a furnace for his liquid air, and consistently refusing to admit that he lost any power in getting the air to a temperature below that of the surrounding bodies, i.e., denying the validity of the second law of thermodynamics. The promises of the liquid air scheme were alluring -bewilderingly so - and its friends were loath to give up the hopes based upon them. Posing as an exemption from a painful but inexorable law, this fallacy lingered for several years and died hard. Another example of the "second kind" of perpetual motion is found in a pamphlet entitled "Die Perpetuum mobile Theorie," by Franz Hoffmann, of Saalfeld Prussia. It was published in Leipzig, in 1912, there years after an international aviation contest at Rheims, in which the Germans were worsted and two years before the outbreak of the great world war. It is a rather involved scheme which winds up with this naive bit of patriotic sentiment : " Anyone who cannot understand that, there is no help for, - it will happen with him just as with certain gentlemen who, some ten years ago, had not been able to understand that a body that was essentially heavier than air could nevertheless lift itself free in the air. The consequence of this intellectual debility was that three years ago in Rheims we had to let Messieurs Frenchmen and Americans fly away from us instead of the Germans leading the remaining nations in flying. " Perhaps a gracious fate may preserve poor Germany from another Rheims humiliation that will come from the fact that not until other nations arrive in Hamburg or Bremen with their `perpetual motion' ships, will the German Michael awake from his lethargy." He implores every reader who still has any regard for Germany's name and honor to do what he can that, at least in respect to perpetual motion, Germany may remain in advance of the other nations! Submitted by: Ronald Barker, Vangard Sciences ***** SPECIAL NOTE ***** There are several other articles on the Keelynet BBS that you can download on perpetual motion. 1. KeelHoax.ASC = The Story of Keely being a Hoax. 2. Pmotion1.ASC = Overall history of Perpetual Motion. 3. Pmotion2.ASC = The Redhffer Fiasco Story. 4. Pmotion3.ASC = The Liquefaction of Air and The Hopes It Aroused: Perpetual Motion of The Second Kind. Jerry Decker and I will be working on some drawings that can be included into some of the articles. The current problem involves the time necessary to scan and edit the images as well as choosing the graphic formats (.PCX, .TIF, etc..) to use which will allow everyone to view them easily. Ron Barker


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