Fast Phobia Cure (also known as 6-Minute Phobia Cure) The basic pattern is as follows: Fin

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Fast Phobia Cure (also known as 6-Minute Phobia Cure) . The basic pattern is as follows: Find or select the earliest memory of the response (the triggering event, if known); dissociate two or more levels; replay event, marking a point before the start and a point after the end; replay event, stopping at latter point; associate and [immediately and quickly] run event backward; exit. . Select an event: the triggering event if possible, otherwise the earliest occurance of the response you can manage (use transderivational search, if you know it). . Dissociate: for example: think of your favorite moviehouse. You have the whole place to yourself. Find your favorite seat, and settle into it. Use all your senses. Once you are settled in, let your mind drift up into the projection booth while "you" remain in the seat. Look around the booth, noting the details of the wall and frame around the window. Look down at the person in the seats. . Replay event: As you watch that you in the seat, that person starts to notice a somewhat scratchy black-and-white movie starting to play, showing scenes preceeding the event. If this gets too intense for that person, you can adjust the projector to show only every third frame or so. The movie plays on through the event and on to a time well after the event, then fades out. As you watch the person in the seats, that person watches the movie start again and play through past the event as before, this time stopping on the final frame (well past the event). . Associate and run backwards: [Make sure that you understand all the instructions for this step *before* you start it. This sequence must be done quickly and seamlessly] Step into the frame, noticing that it becomes fully dimensional, with color, sound, texture, depth, and so on as seen through your own eyes within the scene. The instant you have noticed this the entire experience runs rapidly backwards through the entire event and past to the point when the movie started, at which point you find yourself back in the present. This step-runback process should take no more than 1 1/2 to 2 seconds at most. . At this point you might wish to test the results. While you may have a sort of "remembered" response, it should lack the immediacy and depth of the old response. If this is not the case, run the pattern again...making sure that you fully step into the scene in the last step and that the reverse playback is virtually instantaneous. . This pattern will not always work with non-phobic specifically addresses the structure of a phobia, and some of those fears have a different structure entirely. You may experience a sort of polarity response, seeking out that which you formerly feared. If so, take it slowly...remember, you have not yet learned to deal with it in a normal manner. . While you can run this pattern on yourself, I don't advise it.


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