A Call to Heresy - Second Edition Containing Biblical Quotations Regarding Women, Sex, Sla

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A Call to Heresy -- Second Edition Containing Biblical Quotations Regarding Women, Sex, Slavery, Race, and the End of the World, as well as a Collection of Contradictions, Atrocities and Absurdities, Biblical Facts and Commentary. Compiled and Published in this Second Edition by Trevor Blake in August of 1992, and Based upon the First edition, created in August, September, and October of 1991 e.v. (era vulgaris, the common era) which Was In Turn Based on No Small Amount of Research. [The word "heresy"] comes from a greek noun form (hairesis) of a verb in the middle voice (haireisthai) meaning "to take for oneself" -- to choose. This concept corresponds aptly to the conviction that there can be no faith without personal decision... There are... two principle ways people arrive at convictions. If a person's beliefs, however many or few, are to be really his, he should choose maturely which of the two ways appears the more sound and then apply its methodology to select or form such b eliefs. This is his heresy: his choosing for himself. The results of such choosing may also be heresy in the other, more commonplace, sense of the word... Therefore, if both the positive and negative meanings of hairesis are taken into account, every tr uely believing individual is heretical in the positive sense, whether or not what he has chosen to believe is heretical in the negative sense. - Bishop James Pike, _If This Be Heresy_. This document has been prepared as an ASCII text file for IBM and compatable computers, and may be reproduced and distributed by any means including BBS, disk or in printed form. If you find this document interesting, informative, useful or amusing then please consider sending a Postal Money Order made out to "Trevor Blake" for five dollars or more at the following address. Do not send any other sort of money order; send only a Postal Money Order, available at most post offices. Do not send checks or c redit cards. Well-hidden cash or mint U.S. postage stamps of an equal value are also acceptable. In gratitude, you will receive a free issue of OVO magazine (send S.A.S.E. for further information regarding OVO). Send all additions, corrections, amplifications and suggestions to the following address for consideration in future editions of this document. Trevor Blake Post Office Box 2321 Portland, Oregon 97208-2321 United States of America


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