Date: Thu Oct 21 1993 21:39:00 To: All Subj: Houdini News P_SKEPTIC - UPn 10/21 1456 Annua

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Date: Thu Oct 21 1993 21:39:00 From: Anson Kennedy To: All Subj: Houdini News P_SKEPTIC ------------------------------- UPn 10/21 1456 Annual Houdini seance to be held in Cincinnati CINCINNATI (UPI) -- The annual attempt to contact the spirit of the late famed magician Harry Houdini will be held this year in Cincinnati. A select group of magic historians and experts will gather late Saturday, Oct. 30, at the former headquarters of the Union Central Life Insurance Co. The insurance firm held Houdini's life insurance policies when he died. Seance Director Sidney Radner of Holyoke, Mass., said past attempts to contact the world famous magician and escapologist have failed. But Radner, who has participated in seances for nearly 50 years, said although no contacts have been made, strange events have occurred. Seance participants will gather late on Oct. 30 for the event, which is not open to the public. At 12:01 a.m. Oct. 31, Halloween morning and the day Houdini died, the 1993 Official Houdini Seance will start. Henry Muller of the Houdini Magical Hall of Fame, located at Niagara Falls, Canada, will bring the famous Houdini secret message. Houdini was to decipher the code upon this return. Joining the Seance Inner Circle will be Dorothy Young, an assistant from Houdini's 1925 touring show. Others include Marie Blood, Houdini's niece; Ken Klosterman, world famous collector of magic apparatus; Dr. Morris Young, a Houdini biographer from New York City; Moira Thomas, curator of the Houdini Historical Center; Dr. Bernie Dolenz, a psychic researcher; and Sidney Chesley, a nationally-known attorney who will Verify the authenticity of any paranormal apparitions. An unidentified Cincinnati medium also will attend. "Houdini was a very determined man," Radner said Thursday. "We owe it to his memory to persevere."


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