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02/03 0243 AUSTRALIAN WOMAN DIES DURING FOUR-DAY EXORCISM MELBOURNE, Feb 3, Reuter - An Australian woman died from internal injuries during a four-day exorcism in a remote country town in the state of Victoria, police said on Wednesday. Joan Vollmer, 49, died in her farmhouse in the village of Antwerp in the state's far west during a demonic deliverance last Saturday, a police spokeswoman said. An autopsy revealed she had died of internal injuries, but police would not comment further on the cause of death. Her husband Ralph, a pig farmer, appeared convinced she was possessed by demons. "When they finally released the hold on her she was hissing and frothing and they (the demons) came out with a groan," he said, quoted by Australian Associated Press (AAP). He said his wife died groaning as the two last "male demons" were expelled from her body. "I do not know how many she had in her in the beginning, but at the end there were two strong men and they were very hard to get out," Vollmer said. Ralph Vollmer told AAP his wife's father was heavily involved in the occult and had dedicated her to Satan when she was three years old. In recent weeks she developed several personalities and had been acting abnormally, especially at night, he said. Victorian Homicide Squad Detective Paul Sheridan told Melbourne's Herald-Sun newspaper there were no candles, crucifixes or Satanic markings in the house. "There was nothing bizarre like that, it appears to be a case of a few people getting together and trying to rid her of demons," Sheridan said. Police are continuing their investigation. REUTER MP MS GD


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