To: All Sub: 05-may-94 Nat'l Day of Fear (Prayer) Date: 10 May 94 11:29:02 - How I Spent M

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From: David Rice To: All Sub: 05-may-94 Nat'l Day of Fear (Prayer) Date: 10 May 94 11:29:02 -------- How I Spent My National Day Of Fear ----------------------------------- The company that I work at had an employee put together an employee prayer meeting during business hours, in one of the conference rooms. She put up a flyer a few days before to gather interested employees, and had reserved the room for three periods of 30 minutes each. So naturally I wanted to attend all three meetings! I called her up the day before and told her I was interested in attending her p\r\e\y pray meetin'. She said "That's great!" She then told me that she "just knew" I was a Christian and not an atheist like everyone says, because I am, and I quote her very words, "too nice." "But I'm not a Christian," I said. "Uh," she replied. "I'm a Pagan." "Uh," she replied again. "So. Which gods are we going to pray to? Will there be room for my sword, chalace, athamy, pentagram, and smoke?" "Uh," she replied yet again. "And do you think 90 minutes is enough to pray to all the gods? We wouldn't want to upset any of them by only praying to some and not to all." "Uh, is this a joke?" she asked. "You tell ME!" "Uh. Who is this?!" "David Rice, like I said. Shall we pray to them in alphabetical order? Who gets prayed to first? May I summon Lilith, my Goddess?" "Uh. Uh, uh, uh. . . ." "My boss isn't here, so I can attend all three meetings. Will there be wine and cheese afterwards?" "Uh, is this David Rice?!" "Sure!" "You're NOT funny! " -0- No doubt I'll be memo-ed shortly.


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